Injured, overplayed, risked – or are they just off??


Here’s my theory,

Some may think its the medical staff, some think its the diet, but for me there is something else, another possible reason as to why we suffer long-term injuries, especially when they occur after a player has just come back from a little injury….

Hope that makes sense!!

Take these three players who have been injured –




Straight away its easy to spot a common theme, all three have been rumoured to be leaving us in the summer haven’t they?

The same three have been injured but then risked in an early come back, only to hobble off again and end up out for months!!

I know it’s only three, but compare them to Song, Walcott and Nikki B, all who have themselves been injured but have they ever been brought back after injury by Wenger, too soon to then suffer ‘a setback’?

I’m not suggesting I’m right, but it may just be that when Wenger gets whiff of a player leaving, he takes risks and plays them knowing if they end up crocked long-term, it won’t be his problem. Going on from that, maybe that is also the reason that many Arsenal players don’t go on and such ‘great’ careers elsewhere, in fact some have retired not long after leaving us.

Anyway, it’s just a thought!!

Yesterday was a great day for the under 18’s as they retained the Premier Academy League beating Nottingham Forrest 5-3 at The Emirates. Benick Afobe was the hero after scoring a hat-trick, Luke Freeman scored the other two.

No doubt we could see one or two of the Academy players play in the Carling Cup competition next season.

Ivan Gazidis has said that we are now debt free on Highbury Square, this time last year there 120M of debt there, so that’s where the money has gone 😉

Also, Queensland Road on the south side of the Stadium, the affordable housing part of that development has been sold to a developer so we are entirely debt-free on the property side. Ivan said that this means the sales on the remaining property developments that we have in and around the south side of the stadium will be pure profit to the Club that will come into the group and be available for use!!

He also spoke about The Emirates –

“This summer we are moving into phase two of that. That will take that Arsenal feel to the upper tier and to also to Club Level, which we will be redeveloping as well. “We will be changing the current quadrant system and will be bringing something more meaningful, renaming the stands so that there is a sense of belonging in the stadium.

“We will be bringing a clock back into the inside of the stadium. Those changes are already in motion now and those developments have already started being implemented.”

So that should mean we can now spend money – shouldn’t it?

I’ve given up trying to be positive publicly, I’m just going to sit back and watch the goings on in the transfer window quietly! 😉

Finally – yesterday Fabio Capello confirmed Theo Walcott will be on the plane to South Africa in June, on the same day Samir Nasri was left out of the squad for France…

Strange one that…….

Have a good day all and good luck to Fulham tonight…..


136 Responses to Injured, overplayed, risked – or are they just off??

  1. rico says:

    Morning all

  2. Q8Gooner says:

    Morning rico

  3. rico says:

    Morning Q8, quiet old day on the rumour front…

  4. A says:

    Both Bendtner (especially, remember december?!) and Theo have been brought back early and gotten injured, though Song hardly ever gets injured so we don’t know!

  5. rico says:

    Morning A, were their seconds injuries a result of a bad tackle though?

    Cesc’s, Gallas and AA just ‘pulled up’ if i remember rightly..

  6. Rinseout says:

    Good morning. Not sure I agree with your theory. Isn’t it just that they are all top quality players and he was over-eager to get them on the pitch? He’s brought Robin back early for him to suffer knocks in previous seasons – was that because he was leaving?

  7. rico says:

    Song has recently been injured and has missed the last few games…. I wonder what would have happened had he been rumoured for an exit? Like you say, we won’t know…. but.. 😉

  8. rico says:

    Morning Rinseout, please don’t think Im saying I’m right, just food for thought..

  9. brdgunner says:

    I am not sure about this. Hopefully the player with the mysterious injury that is going is Almunia. He would make a good number tow and allow us to loan Fabianski however, I don’t think he would want to be. And knowing our luck whatever keeper we sign will break his legs and we will end up with Almunia again.

  10. Q8Gooner says:

    True m8 ..
    I don’t really think Wenger was risking them cos they’re leaving or I just hope you’re not right.
    I’m renewing my ATVOL today as I want to see the young guns in action, Afobe seems to be a great player along with some other players. I personally think that England National team in 5-10 yrs will have at least 3 to 4 arsenal players.

    As for Nasri, it wasn’t really surprising. Dominic is as stupid as (don’t know who) but he’s just stupid! Mexes also isn’t on his list.

  11. A says:

    No rico, Theo just did shoulders, and Bendtner pulled up two or three times after coming back to training early.

    Cesc’s was a kick, though AA and Gallas weren’t bad tackles.

    It’s just that the more important a player, the more eager Wenger is to get him back onto the pitch.

    Clichy and Denilson also had set backs after longish injury.

  12. rico says:

    Morning brdgunner – i hope both Almunai and Fabianski go and use the money to get an older class keeper, chesney no2 and bobs your uncle…

  13. rico says:

    Clichy was rumoured to be of to Real Madrid, sadly though no rumours about Denilson…

    Cesc’s last one was after he took the penalty against Barca A..

  14. A says:

    Nah rico, Cesc injured it winning the penalty, in the challenge, but just took the penalty anyway because he’s a double hard bastard!

    Q8 Afobe is a weird one, scored a hattrick and set up two, but missed a couple of sitters, and looked pretty retarded a couple of times.

    Always scores ridiculous numbers of goals, but I’ve never been overawed by him. Always been more impressed with Freeman overall, who isn’t as prolific

  15. Q8Gooner says:

    that might be true, that’s why i’m renewing my ATVOL. It’s been a while since I last watched the boys play. You can still download matches can’t you?

  16. SD-London says:

    Rico Rico Rico, Your argument started well with good observation but concluded rather sinisterly.

    I agree with you on how Gallas , Fabregas and Arshavin where brought back early from injury.It is simply the fact we were in a crucial stage in two competitions and there were limited quality players therefore Wenger was desperate and not a desperate act to get them crocked for the team that buys them.

    Seeing how Barcelona killed us off in the second leg, you wouldn’t blame him for risking Gallas ,Fabregas and Arshavin in the first leg. Their qualities shown through and we got a draw and if the three had played the 90minutes fully, we might have won the game.

    What this season thought us was that we lacked dept of quality players and not just numbers.(See second leg vs Barcelona)

    Going forward i hope we buy more quality players so we can rest injured players more till they fully recover physically and match fitness wise.

    Seeing how Barcelona killed us off in the second leg, you wouldn’t blame him for risking Gallas ,Fabregas and Arshavin in the first leg.Their qualities shown through and we got a draw and if the three had played the 90minutes fully, we might have won the game.

    What this season thought us was that we lacked dept of quality players and not just numbers.(See second leg vs Barcelona)

    Going forward i hope we buy more quality players so we can rest injured players more till they fully recover physically and match fitness wise.

  17. SD-London says:

    Sorry for the repetition

  18. SD-London says:

    Rico Rico Rico, Your argument started well with good observation but concluded rather sinisterly.

    I agree with you on how Gallas , Fabregas and Arshavin where brought back early from injury.It is simply the fact we were in a crucial stage in two competitions and there were limited quality players therefore Wenger was desperate and not a desperate act to get them crocked for the team that buys them.

    Seeing how Barcelona killed us off in the second leg, you wouldn’t blame him for risking Gallas ,Fabregas and Arshavin in the first leg. Their qualities shown through and we got a draw and if the three had played the 90minutes fully, we might have won the game.

    What this season thought us was that we lacked dept of quality players and not just numbers.(See second leg vs Barcelona)

    Going forward i hope we buy more quality players so we can rest injured players more till they fully recover physically and match fitness wise.

  19. rico says:

    Morning SD, your comment was so good it came up twice 🙂 Good to see you here

    A – I thought it was the pen kick that finished him off, but you are right he is a hard bugger

  20. rico says:

    Q8, I miss Setanta and our own channel, used to love watching the youth/reserves, the only way to see ho good/bad these young ones are.. Freeman was in the latter CL squad and does seem to score pleny of goals, Sunu is another one…

  21. A says:

    Q8 it isn’t anywhere near as good as it used to be, can’t see highlights of even the semi final yet of the youths, or at least couldn’t yesterday. I think MTV had the rights to it, and don’t show reserve games live now. It’s very annoying.

    We really need Arsenal TV back, missing a trick with that.

  22. rico says:

    A – it was yesterday, but its hard to see whats what on a pc – like you say we are missing out not having our own channel, maybe we will get something sorted out with ESPN soon..

  23. Erick says:

    Morning all Rico what a theory;-) mmmmh you are a scholar aint you nwy comedy in the international front Diaby to WC and Nasir staying home 🙂 🙂 and Denilson misses out because of bloggers

  24. rico says:

    Arsenal legend Tony Adams has been appointed as the new manager of Azerbaijan side Gabala FC.

    The 43-year-old has signed a three-year contract and takes up his first post since being sacked by Portsmouth in February 2009.

    The Azerbaijan national league consists of just six clubs and Gabala FC are currently bottom of the division. But Adams is looking forward to the challenge which awaits him

    “I was looking for a project. I am too young to retire,” he told the BBC.

  25. rico says:

    Morning Erick… 🙂

    Denilson misses out because of bloggers, top one, very very funny 🙂

  26. Erick says:

    Where did Spanner go to Rico he makes us laugh 🙂

  27. rico says:

    No idea Erick, he was just on a mission that day i think and chose Avenell Road… He was funny though 🙂

  28. K-TR7 says:

    Morning.hope the GPS system works since our injuries aren’t funny can maradona leave out zanetti and cambiasso.its sad nasri won’t be going…

  29. rico says:

    Morning ktr7, is GPS like a satnav system 😉

    Sad for Nasri, but at least we know that TV and him will both be fit for the new season 😉

  30. Erick says:

    True Rico and he did accomplish his message K-tr7 am sure Maradona will hear something from Mourinho

  31. K-TR7 says:

    @rico AA,TR7,TV,Nasri…will rest

  32. Erick says:

    Message = Mission

  33. Erick says:

    K-TR7 Crap (Denilson) too, Dudu

  34. rico says:

    Forgot the russian queen was staying at home too 😉

    Oh and denilson, of course …

  35. Erick says:

    Rico any word from AGAG am sure WATH is missing her so very much 😉

  36. rico says:

    WATH said that she was on holiday Erick, not sure how long for though…

  37. SD-London says:

    Is the number of Arsenal players that didn’t make the provisional World Cup list a reflection of lack of quality in their path or what?

  38. Erick says:

    Yap Rico she was on holiday seems she is having a good one 🙂 SD London that can’t be far from the truth we need those additions we are truly short

  39. rico says:

    It is if you look at the England squad SD 😉

    Can’t believe Diaby is in and Nasri is not for the French…..

    Maybe we are all wrong about Diaby after all 😉 😉

  40. SD-London says:

    No we are not wrong about Diaby , i dont think he will make the last 23.

  41. michael amuakwa says:

    I am sorry to say, i do not agree with your theorem on the cause or causes of the long term injuries to our players. The actual cause lies in the fact that, Arsenal as a team does not take it’s chances early in their games, hence they go in for some reckless tackling during later stages of their matches, when every body is tired.

    To buttress my point, you only have to do a season by season analysis on the extent of arsenal injuries, and you will realize that, during the time of the invincible team, arsenal as a team suffered less injuries because that team had clinical finisher’s amongst its rank. Most arsenal wins were over by the end of the hour mark. In contrast to the invincible team, the current team only scores in the dying embers of its games, hence the rush and haste with which they need to win back the ball from the other side. Let us acquire good finishers and we will witness a sudden decline in arsenal team injuries.

  42. rico says:

    SD, neither do I, no doubt they will be injured Frenchies who will come in once fit – its only provisional isn’t it…

    Maybe Nsri will get a place in the end to, I think he deserves it..

  43. rico says:

    hi michael, you don’t have to agree, its just a thought of mine, not suggesting for one minute i am right…

    but maybe if we see Cesc, AA and Gallas all leave, maybe i won’t be too far off the mark.

  44. SD-London says:

    On a second thought , i believe Domenech is the worst French coach ever, afterall he dropped Nasri.Therefore in his bunkers mentality he might pick Daiby in his last 23.

    Domenech couldn’t even get France to qualify with ease.How he is still the coach i don’t understand.

  45. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s a good job your not working for the Sun Rico you could of sold millions this morning with that theory….! 🙂

    Think when you look at all the top teams with their top players they have al rushed players back 2 soon you only have to look at the dippers and how they rush Gerrard n Torres back ALL the time…! Even fergie has done it…!.

  46. Hugo says:

    I like this site but I have to say that’s an absurd theory! What else do Gallas, Cesc and Arshavin have in common? They’re all key players Arsene would have been desperate to play in key games. What do Theo, Nik and (admittedly to a lesser extent) Song have in common? They are all players we can live without.

    I know it’s becoming increasingly fashionable to criticise the manager but to suggest he would deliberately risk his key players becasue he thinks they may leave so doesn’t care if they get injured is absolutely ridiculous!

  47. SD-London says:

    I think Walcott got the nod for the England team because of the goal he scored against Barcelona.

    Walcott as an ability to shine in big games and i hope he plays well in the friendlies to make the final 23 because outside Rooney he can spring up surprises

  48. W.A.T.H says:

    Hugo………… You think we can do without Song…….? think the last 3/4 weeks has blown that thought out the water as well….!

  49. rico says:

    Morning WATH and Hugo

    Hugo, thats a bit harsh 😉 I know AW takes risks as do all the other clubs, and trust me I am not trying to suggest Cesc or anyone else is off…

    Look at when Cesc came on against Villa, yes he got us the win, but at what long term cost?

  50. rico says:

    Do without Song Hugo??? He has been one of best players this season, and Nik has saved our bacon a bit too – if any comment is a tad absurd???

  51. W.A.T.H says:

    I think a lot of risk is based on managers wanting their best players on the pitch when simply put the other options clearly are not good enough…!. I think there are different risks associated with different players…!

  52. rico says:

    SD, if Walcott is going to have any chance Capello needs to tell the rest of the team to pass to him first…

  53. Erick says:

    Howdy Wath, Funnly even the media does not mention Flamini anywhere another player getting wasted sad. Diaby or Lassana Diara I would bet on Diara he can defend and attack but lets just wait for the 23 man squad

  54. rico says:

    WATH, AW never used to take such a risk though in the Paddy era, did we have so many injuries and further setbacks then?

    Maybe its all down to pressure on the managers to win, not of course with ours, 3rd place is ok it seems 😉

  55. W.A.T.H says:

    Diaby in the frog WC team is piss funny..! maybe if he goes someone will abduct him…! We can but wish…!

  56. SD-London says:

    Yaahp we basically crashed after Song’s injury.

  57. W.A.T.H says:

    In the Paddy era Rico we had other layers who stepped up and carried the team, far more leaders and better players hence no need to take as many risks dont you think…?

    Erick ya bandit, how’s those GG milkshakes..?

  58. rico says:

    Without sounding like an old worn out record, if we have depth and strength in our squad, just maybe the players in for the injured would take some of the pressure away and let the recovery be right and proper…

  59. Erick says:

    Hugo we have ONE SONG. If walcot make it to SA it wont be on merit pure luck

  60. rico says:

    Spooky WATH 😉

  61. rico says:

    I wish we had two like him Erick, the second being just a tad quicker 😉

  62. Erick says:

    Am OK Sailor when is Mrs WATH (AGAG) coming back you must be lonely. Rico we are a first eleven team the bench has jokers no depth at all and no leaders too.

  63. Erick says:

    Rico and he could shoot from distance 🙂

  64. Hugo says:

    My apologies for coming across as harsh rico! Let’s put it down to the outlandish nature of certain other blogs making me irritable, as I said I do like yours!

    Obviously Song has become a very important player for us this season, and I’ve been one of his biggest advocates all year and even when he was showing signs of this ability last year, but he’s not yet in the same bracket as Cesc and Arshavin. They are match winners.

    My point is that they are rushed back before they are 100% because we are desperate for them. We are not so desperate for Song because (in Arsene’s eyes at least) we have adequate cover for him in Denilson and Diaby- Cesc and Arshavin are irreplaceable and that is why they are rushed back, not because The Sun’s gossip column says they might be leaving in the summer!

    And if anything Cesc’s performance against Villa (bearing in mind it was in December- a little early to be tossing away players who might leave in July) backs that up. It was a risk which backfired in the sense off his injury but paid off in the sense that he won us the game. Basically it can all boil down to this question: would Song have won us that game in the same situation?

  65. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico i’d settle for another Song don’t care about speed just want bit of heart and another to put his foot in and put his body on the line…!

  66. SD-London says:

    Concerning the injuries we suffered, over-playing is a suspect but i do suspect the modern gears as well, especially the playing boots of now a days. They feel like wearing rubber socks.

    I don’t know how players feel comfortable and protected. I looked carefully at major injuries this season(not just Arsenal) it involved the players wearing those Nike boots(they are the lightest in the market).Just a thought.

  67. Erick says:

    Hugo Song has won us lots of games when TV was sent off against Westham he played as a CH and DM he could take care of Danger as well push the ball forward in the first leg of CL he made Messi anonymous. Winning games is not only about scoring but stopping the opposition from scoring and Song has done thats very well

  68. rico says:

    Hugo, don’t worry, but i have to diasagree re denilson and diaby being good cover for Song 😦

  69. rico says:

    Song and a bit of speed though would be the perfect middle man WATH, but like you, another Song would make me one happy bunny…

    Erick, spot on, i know Song makes some ‘clumbsy’ tackles sometimes, but I think its clever really as he sees danger, how many of us watched Giggs score his goal in the FA Cup semi, Song would have stopped him running, thats for sure!

  70. Hugo says:

    Erick- of course winning games is about stopping the opposition scoring. My point was that Cesc was rushed back against Villa because he was capable of coming on and turning the game and getting us the win in 20 minutes- which he did. Song would not have been rushed back under similar circumstances because he is not the sort of player who could have done what Cesc did.

    And rico- I’m with you there but it seems Arsene (at least publically) isn’t, and it is he who picks the team!

  71. rico says:

    SD, its probably a mix of lots of changes – I say bring back the beer and chips, the boys in the 70’s didn’t do too badly 🙂

  72. rico says:

    Isn’t it annoying though Hugo, why does AW think they are so good? I rather see Frimpong, Lansbury, Merida, Jack, Coqelin, Eastmond….. before either of them…

  73. Erick says:

    Rico for me him and TV would get my player of the season they were great hope we can get help for this players quality keeper , nice partner for Djorou and a partner for Song in mf we can be a great side .Am also proud we failed to get Smalling we need a proven defender

  74. rico says:

    Thats another thing that pees me off, again i am repeating myself… How can Jack be at Bolton playing against the same sides we do, yet he isn’t ‘ready’ to play for us??

    Why is he not good enough for us but is good enough for Bolton?

  75. rico says:

    Hugo, that’s a harsh comparisson – Song is a defensive player where as Cesc is Captain Creative 😉

  76. Erick says:

    Hugo true Song would not be rushed because of the two clowns but in reality Song has no cover both Diaby and Denilson are not DM and they will never be in my book that said we are becoming a one man team Nasir can not fill Cesc shoes and if one of our starting eleven is injured we start to struggle

  77. Hugo says:

    To be honest I don’t know enough about Coquelin and Frimpong to know whether I’d rather see them or not, but it would be nice to Eastmond, Lansbury, Fran and Jack get their shot.

    The really frustrating things is that Diaby is capable of almost single handedly destroying any team on his day. But he’s so inconsistent and he doesn’t seem to care enough- he just looks too comfortable.

  78. Hugo says:

    On another note, I don’t normally go in for speculation but the Buffon story appears to be gathering pace. Surely it couldn’t happen…could it??

  79. Erick says:

    Hugo we just need to resign Flamini he is the missing link in midfield do away with Denilson and let Diaby warm the bench may be that will make him concerned

  80. rico says:

    I hope the Buffon story holds some credit, he would be a great stop gap for Chesney…

    I would rather Diarra Erick, not Flamini 🙂 🙂

  81. rico says:

    Got to pop out for an hour, back shortly…

  82. Erick says:

    Hugo true I would love Buffon he is world class just what we need before Chesney come of age

  83. Erick says:

    Diarra is hated by Ref Rico but he got heart and a winning mentality

  84. Erick says:

    Cheers Rico 🙂

  85. SD-London says:

    Wenger wouldn’t buy Diarra again because we might not be able to afford because Manure might be interested in him and being stupid spenders i hear they might be readying £20million.

    Falamini would be a no no because i believe he betrayed Wenger when he left and being human I don’t think Wenger will forget. He sold Diarra because he taught Flamini would extend his contract. Mistake-Big.

  86. Erick says:

    Sol’s come back SD London has made me a believer anything is possible 🙂

  87. SD-London says:

    Sol came on a free and we sold Diarra for £6million therefore i dont see Wenger paying more than £10Million for him .We all know Real Madrid will not take £10Million

  88. Erick says:

    SD I want Flamini back but if it means giving 10mil for a Flamini kind in that Diara wha the heck Aw has lost it its not abt business its about getting the best group of players together

  89. rico says:

    Afternoon, have i missed anything ?? 🙂

  90. SD-London says:

    I admire your passion Erick, but we all know Arsene Wenger will look at the business side of things first.

  91. rico says:

    I dont mind the players he gets, as long as they are very good footballers, want to play for Arsenal, don’t hold the club to ransom and play with fire in their bellies and will shed blood sweat and tears to win 🙂

    Not much to ask…. 😉

  92. W.A.T.H says:

    I want someone who isn’t 5 foot 6………..!!! Want a big tall strong midfielder who is hopefully taller than 6ft…! We got far to many midgets….!

  93. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, Rico. Nah, you didn’t miss anything. But I see Erick has been busy with some mischief making. How have you been?

    AW rushed our injured players back (Cesc, Gallas, AA), because, let’s face it, when our great ones go missing, their understudies fluff the lines. Nasri was breathtaking against Porto, but he is not quite Cesc yet. Of course, those are sizeble boots to attempt to fill, but Nasri, who has made no secret of his preferred position (the middle) has to do more to be seriously challenging Cesc for that spot.

    We did well for some period in the tail-end of 09, but the going got tough, and the second-stringers fashioned a noose with which to hang our title hopes. I haven’t quite forgiven them for last month’s debacle.

  94. agirlagunner says:

    Hola, SD London, Erick, WATH!

    I don’t want Flamini back. He was great just that season before he left. And he knew his absence would cripple us, so it makes his move to Italy something which years on, still smarts.

  95. rico says:

    Goes without saying WATH, big strong lump 🙂

    Hi AGAG, good to see you back

    I must go walk the dogs, won’t be long

  96. Erick says:

    AGAG mischief me 🙂 🙂 nah how was your holiday you were missed in here but one of us was missn you more 😉

  97. Erick says:

    Agag Flamini left sweat and blood on the pitch, he was a fighter even though not a gooner I would choose him over some clowns

  98. Erick says:

    SD Did you catch yesterday’s post? this transfer period was make or break for Arsene if he stick with this team without additions and doesn’t win anything it will be time for him to step aside and get someone more ambitious

  99. SD-London says:

    Arsene is not going anywhere and he is not getting sacked and he will not spend ridiculously for a midfielder.

    You know him to be a man of his words he will buy players but at a reasonable price , if Flamini begs , he might take him back maybe at just £6million or so.Diarra is a no no.

    He will buy a midfielder but not at an expensive price .I suspect he is looking more into the defence area , wether that includes a goal keeper or not we will have to wait to find out.

  100. rico says:

    SD, Maybe he won’t be sacked, but the club just may not renew his contract next summer…

    Mind you, the way Ivan Gazidis speaks it all but a done deal..

    I honestly don’t care if the players don’t cost mega bucks, as long as they tick all the right boxes 🙂

  101. W.A.T.H says:

    A big strong lump rico…………. hmmmmm I suspect your not thinking of a midfielder then……. 😉

  102. agirlagunner says:

    Erick, I’m sure Santa won’t get you anything for Christmas. The holidays were good if a bit hectic. I need another vacation to recover, I am afraid.

    I don’t think AW is off, Rico. I rather like that. I want him to still be at the helm WHEN this youth project bears fruit. And I agree, I don’t care that players cost a fortune either if they’re the best out there. Like Liverpool No.9, say.

    I’m not sure, we’ll get a keeper, but let’s hope the Jeepers Keepers situation is sorted out.

  103. W.A.T.H says:

    AGAG I see GG sales went up 50% last week i suppose you had fun………..

  104. rico says:

    Cough WATH, of course I was, I was thinking Paddy like 😉

  105. SD-London says:

    Yes he will get a new contract but i just hope as everyone else that Wenger buys the right players.

    It has being confirmed this season that he doesn’t see things during the game anymore but we can only hope he can see where we are short after games/season.

  106. rico says:

    From a fans point of view though AGAG, if he doesn’t sort this squad out this summer, we are in for many more barren years, I can’t cope with that…

  107. W.A.T.H says:

    Ah have first hand knowledge Rico lol………..

    We all know this summer is make or break…!

  108. rico says:

    John Terry has suffered what is believed a serious injury in training, he’s been taken to hospital for scans….

  109. SD-London says:

    yes broken foot

  110. W.A.T.H says:

    Hussey 😛 😉

  111. agirlagunner says:

    Only 25% of GG sales increase is attributable to me, WATH. The other 25% is traceable to your “We’re third WE’RE THIRD!!!” celebrations.

    I would be really upset, Rico, if despite all this talk of available money, we don’t buy quality. If we’re empty-handed next season, why would our great players want to stay?

    Amen to SD London @ 3:54.

  112. agirlagunner says:

    I’m trying to feel suitably sorry for Terry…

    I just failed.

  113. W.A.T.H says:

    I def didnt celebrate a third place AGAG I did though celebrate the end of having to watch anymore rubbish this season 😉

    Ok ok I accept the 25% upsurge in sales..!

  114. SD-London says:

    Nice one AGAG , itried feeling sorry for him as well but coudn’t.Ledley King and Carragher will be happy right now.oh and Wayne Bridge

  115. rico says:

    AGAG, if he sorts this squad out this summer, I’ll be glad if he extends his contact, but if he doesn’t…. then lets go get someone who will….

  116. agirlagunner says:

    That’s a good reason to celebrate, WATH. We have been subjected to too much of our two-bit ‘world beaters’ Diaby, Denilson, et al., I was more than relieved to see the lap of (dis)honor.

    SD London, I can’t stand Terry. I think he’s scum. I hope Carra has a good WC. The dippers were woeful this season.

  117. W.A.T.H says:

    U’ll be pleased to know AGAG I got out b4 the lap of what ever it was supposed to be…. An insult to see them walk round to celebrate what exactly…! They should appreciate the fans more after every game not the last game of the season.

  118. agirlagunner says:

    We’ll get back to winning ways, Rico.

    Or we won’t. In which case, there will be several heads on a big platter…

  119. rico says:

    Starting with Wengers AGAG 😉

  120. agirlagunner says:

    WATH, hahaha. What a poor way to end our season. Celebrating against an understrength Fulham. Sigh.

  121. agirlagunner says:

    Rico, I was thinking Abou’s or Denilson’s. Hahaha.

  122. rico says:

    And them AGAG, plus, Almunia, Fabianski, Randall…. I’m sure there’s more 😉

    Spot on WATH, celebrate what exactly?? lovely turf!!

  123. W.A.T.H says:

    Think they wanted to all wave us goodbye….. 🙂

  124. Erick says:

    AGAG Santa came early this year 🙂 SD London If Aw fails and get a contract extension he will face the fans displeasure and it won’t be pretty

  125. rico says:

    😆 WATH, except Gallas, he stayed away didn’t he..

    Where did you spend your hols AGAG?? Bet it was warmer than where I was 😦

  126. rico says:

    One defender says Arsene…. What a twerp, we need two unless Gallas is staying, sure as heck don’t want Silvestre hanging on!!

  127. W.A.T.H says:

    Pls dont mention peanut head ever again Rico….!

  128. agirlagunner says:

    Erick, I rather think our last month was all Black Fridays.

    Rico, AW is playing mind games with the fans. Argh. Perhaps, Gallas is staying then? Or maybe he’s expecting Djourou to suddenly be fantastic after a year without playing. Knowing what we know of him, that won’t be a surprise.

    I needed a reprieve from the heat, and Seoul it was. The weather was lovely. But my skin is now dry and patchy from the cold. 😦

    How’s the weather in England?

  129. rico says:

    I hope not to WATH, until its about him having gone 😉

    I don’t think Gallas will stay and in all honesty I dont want him to, he didn’t show up on the last day unlike every other player and he’s he’s crocked, we have too many of them now, he’s a waste of a huge wage…

    Chilly weather AGAG, but sunny and ok for May, roll on the summer though for me 🙂

    See, the cold is not good for the skin, just like too much sun 😉

  130. Erick says:

    Wath Peanut head 🙂 🙂 its least unlikely he will stay Agag I know this was our yeaq of the EPL our name was written all over it 😦 😦

  131. rico says:

    Folks, i’m off to cook dinner, may catch you later, if not hope to see you all tomorrow….

    Be good, especially you Erick 😉 😉

  132. rico says:

    All quiet then??

  133. rico says:

    Night night then all….

    Be safe

  134. rico says:

    New Post up

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