Arsenal Win End of Season Pre-Season Friendly.. (yawn).

Arsenal XI   4-0  Fulham XI..

Well to be fair there was a lot more depending on this game than a friendly, but anyone looking in from the outside would not believe that judging by the lack of effort and commitment from both teams.
Fulham rested players and to be honest I don’t know there first team apart from Hangerland and Zamora, Oh and Duff and Murphy, the team that they put out lacked commitment and was a insult to the Fulham support that turned out.
These guys pay for a ticket by giving their employers five hours of there life just to walk through the turnstiles yet they couldn’t even be bothered to put a tackle in.

This was typical Arsenal, glossing over all that is wrong with the team, we can roll over average teams all day long, yet when we come up against any team who dare close us down and match us for skill we are shown up.

We started out with a Keystone Kop of a goal by AA, he chipped the ball over the Fulham keeper and instead of over passing the ball into the net turned selfish and decided to score himself .. So Arsenal always want one more pass then Andrey is too selfish.. make your mind up you commentators.

The next goal had a bit of luck too. van Persie managed to get in a shot that was too close to the Fulham keeper Schwartzer so he got his hand on it and deflected it onto the bar, the rebound found Robin’s head and get in!

Theo was running around like the headless chuck, and showed he perhaps has potential, yet it all seems a bit false.
At one stage he did create a great chance for RvP yet again though Robin is not clinical enough and allows the keeper to save twice.

Just before HT we managed to get a OG off Baird, this never happens to us in important games, Is it fate or karma? Who knows but we never get the rub of the green when anything depends on it.

We backed off the throttle a bit second half, which is understandable and we got a fourth goal from an exquisite chip from the sub Vela, another mystery of an Arsenal fans life.. Good enough for Mexico, yet only 2 starts in a season for us..

To be honest, we couldn’t gain anything from our performance yesterday as Fulham just went through the motions of a game, yet if we had of played a team of northern cloggers or a top 8 team we wouldn’t have had such a convincing result. It may of been better if we lost at least the fans could have shown their unhappyness and Arsene may  have to act upon it.
We had a scare this year with the Spuds getting a tad too close and this need to be amended in the close season.

St Totts day was far too late by Arsene’s very high standards sort it please..

Fabianski.. 4   Hold your hand up who wanted him as Arsenal No 1!!

Sagna . 7.. No defending to do really and his attacking is average.

Campbell, 8 He must be a contender for our player of the season.. what does that say when a 35 year old not match fit player can even come close.

Silvestre.. 6 .. I just hope.. thanks goodbye.

Clichy.. 7.. Good not great. But not a game for defending.

Diaby.. 5  I am sure I saw him once or twice, he is so frustrating because you know he is capable of doing it.

Nasri.. 7  Just okay, needs a few more team players around him.

Enid Walcott 7.. Good and bad, Some times he looks great then does the most stupid errors, I would unload him and use him as bait in a deal for a better player.

Eboue. 5.. Sick of his diving and antics, I said it last year and I tried to like him. Name his best moment this season, I can’t..

Arshavin.. 7   He is class, I am unsure of his attitude, should he shut up or demand better from the Arsenal, is he selfish or a realist?

RvP… 7 . Showed he is a good player, scores goals but should have scored three times the amount he did. Oh and give some of the free kicks up unless you are bullying Nasri etc..

Djourou.. Great to see you back, you should sue the Sky commentator who likened you to Senderslug..

Lansbury… Didn’t see too much, you could tell he was from the Arsene’s acadamy..

74 Responses to Arsenal Win End of Season Pre-Season Friendly.. (yawn).

  1. rico says:

    Morning all

    Nice on ave, don’t agree about Eboue yesterday, I thought he was ok, many have him as MoM, I didn’t think Theo was that bad either…

    AA is a gonner i think, as will be Gallas who has asked for two year extension and a pay rise…

    AA = Selfish in my book, he isn’t as good as he thinks he is..

  2. rico says:

    I would get rid of Diaby, Denilson, Silvestre, Gallas, Flapinaski and Almunia and a couple from the reserves like Randall..

    That should give us about 40-50M including the 35M from Lardy and Toure….

    Old good keeper to work with chesney, 2 x CH’s, 1 CM and Chamakh on a free….

    If AA goes, get a winger

    Simples 😉

  3. avenell says:

    Morning Rico..

    I thought I gave Theo quite a high mark.. he just looks too lightweight with little conviction.

    As for eboue, the diving should take all his marks away, and Arsene his contract, I cannot stand it.

    If Gallas goes he goes, Campball needs to be kept though and Djourou given a fair rub of the green.

  4. rico says:

    Hi ave, I think Eboue is a useful player to have in the squad, at least he trys, unlike the missing man yesterday…

    Most of the time Theo had three players on him, you’d have to have feet like messi to get through, he’s on the plane to the WC and if he plays many games and stays feet we could see the best of him next season…

    Is he really any worse than Arshavin? How many times have we seen him run into players this season but just because he is who he is he doesn’t get the slating…

  5. rico says:

    Gallas is gone, if AW gives him a pay rise and a two year deal he has really lost it, I would much rather we get a younger player who has hunger and fire in his belly, Richards or Cahill or both would be ideal imho…

  6. Q8Gooner says:

    Morning Ave and Rico,
    Nice post. What a relief yesterday!
    I agree with you performance wasn’t what we were hoping for but we got what we want (3 pts).
    I agree with you Rico re Eboue .. we shouldn’t let him go. I also agree that there is a big list of players that must leave because they’re not entitled to wear the red and white.
    There is also one important issue that I really wish it’s taken care of for next season, which is the beautiful game that we play. Well, I don’t find it beautiful anymore. What’s the point of having the ball in possession, passing like there is no tomorrow, and have 3 shots 1 on goal at the end of the game? This has become very frustrating and I for one don’t see our game attractive anymore. Oh, and infront of big oppositions, I don’t that style would work (at least with our current squad). Something must change as I’d take an ugly win any day!

  7. charybdis1966 says:

    Hi all, I’m sure I saw the sky commentator look flabbergasted as to why Eboue wasn’t awarded a penalty as he said it was a “clear trip” and a “stone wall penalty” so I respectfully disagree that he indulging in his “diving and antics” yesterday. I think his improvement and attitude has shown with effort players can win fans back.
    As for his best moment – his terrorising of the Sunderland back line, where he laid on the cross for Bendy’s tap in to put us in front; and important win after the Flappianski induced defeat at Porto in the previous game.

  8. avenell says:

    Morning Q8/Chary..

    It wasn’t so much the penalty it was what went on before with Eboue, if you dive and spread your arms everytime you get tackled, when you do actually get touched the ref won’t have any of it.
    His attitude has got better.

    AA’s attitude stinks but at least he has put something solid into our season.

  9. charybdis1966 says:

    Avenell – I think he’s sowing the seeds of previous dives, funny how the refs are so quick to forget about Shrek dives and yet rarely give penalties to us because of our perceived diving. I recall we went for 6 months or so without getting a peno after Eduardo-gate.
    Eboue is out of contract so you may get your wish to be rid of him anyway.

  10. avenell says:

    If a few leave it won’t be a bad thing. The squad needs a freshen up, it’s all too stale.

    The players coming in for the first team should be showing effort to become first choice week in week out yet they come in and show less commitment than the first choice.

    I think the refs have caught up with Gerrard’s antics now though.

  11. charybdis1966 says:

    Avenell – there are about 5 I’d like to see leave before Eboue: Fish head, Almunia, Flapianski, Vela, Diaby..

  12. W.A.T.H says:


    I cant see Arsene selling any of that dead wood thats been mentioned cos he brought em all in and that admits he was wrong so best case scenario is they become squad players IF yes and thats a very very big IF he buys 3/4 very good players. We al know we need a goalie a centre half prob 2 if gallas on his bike, a hard man in midfield and striker.
    Theo was ok yesterday but shows far more through the middle than out wide and it uses his pace much better than when he has 3 defenders round him and just wastes the ball. Also Nasri was prety good too and just needs better around him. As for AA be honest and admit to most of the things he says we all think as well so why is he so selfish or arrogant..? i think he tells it as he see’s it and mostly is spot on.

  13. Lower East Stand says:

    Eboue had a good game, he went forward and took the game to Fulham and his attitude this season has been spot on since the crowd got on his back last year.

    Theo walcott a 7?????? it is amzing that just because he is from England he can do no wrong he did not deserve anything better than 2 or 3, If he was foreign he would get the same treatment as Fabianski

  14. rico says:

    Hi chary, Q8 and WATH

    I didn’t realise that Eboue is out of contract too, thats bad news imho – what happens if he goes and Sagna gets injured??

    I agree with chary too, Eboue is now paying for previous dives, probably just because he is not English…

  15. charybdis1966 says:

    Hello Rico, I’m pretty sure Eboue is out of contract, but I could be wrong.

  16. Q8Gooner says:

    Rico do you mean that Eboue must have been given a pen yesterday?

  17. rico says:

    This is from, new page isn’t it…… interesting though

  18. rico says:

    Q8, I thought it was a penalty but have only seen it once..

  19. rico says:

    chary, i hope you are wrong on this occassion 😉

  20. rico says:

    Oh, I also though Flapianksi was lucky to stay on the pitch, but for it being the last game he would have seen a red card…

  21. Q8Gooner says:

    rico I see .. well it wasn’t imo and if Eboue has continued his run and managed to pass the ball we couldve had 5 goals yesterday , he preferred to fall instead.
    But I still love this guy! lol

  22. W.A.T.H says:

    I thought the foul on Eboooooooooooooooooooie was a pen….. Some of his other antics though were piss funny…..! I kno why he winds Av up though and he not wrong… BUT he does get stuck in he does put in a shift and so many others don’t…..!

  23. avenell says:

    I have to go and do some work, I will catch up with you laters..

    Hi WATH..

  24. rico says:

    no worries Q8, i only saw it the once and the commentators say it should have been one, maybe i should have hung around for the replay 😉 😉

    He’s grown on me since Lardy left 🙂

  25. rico says:

    That’s the thing WATH, he does give everything and now you can see he has heart, he loves the club to which you can see, we don’t have too many who feel that way judging by the way some play…

  26. rico says:

    Good to see you Lower East, i didn’t think Theo was that bad…

    I thought RVP reaction after his goal said a lot too, he showed fans what he thought of Theo…

  27. roger says:

    It may have been better if we had lost…What a twat you are

  28. rico says:

    steady roger, no name calling please 😦

  29. K-TR7 says:

    Morning.Aw blew akinfeev deal according to reports…

  30. rico says:

    Hi KTR7, where did you see that one?

  31. donald says:

    eboue’s dive was pathetic, and not for the first time or last. dont know why he dived when he was past the last defender and heading for goal.
    clearly no touch, just like CL final. how many times will he be allowed to embarras us like this. im sure AW didnt see it again AND AGAIN AND AGAIN

  32. K-TR7 says:

    Owen coyle thinks the world of wilshere.he really believes in the kid…rvp says we need to play both rough and good footy…@rico though its just a load of bull…

  33. rico says:

    I think the world of him too KTR7 😉

    Off for a bit, catch up in a while

  34. rico says:

    Afternoon, we signed anyone yet 😉 😉

  35. W.A.T.H says:

    Yes we signed a painter…………. red n white over all that concrete at the bowl….!

  36. rico says:

    Afternoon WATH – which bowl, Milton Keynes 😉

  37. W.A.T.H says:

    Soup bowl………….. 😉

  38. rico says:

    😆 WATH, its quiet today, guess we all have the end of season grumps….

  39. W.A.T.H says:

    I won’t have the grumps if we go buy Buffon, Cahill, Sissoko, Hazard and Torres ;-)oh and that Kjaer as well…! Hmm as a betting man I make that 20 billion to 1 though…! Akinfeev turned down in Jan window…. Hmmmm don’t even bare thinking about if that’s true…!

  40. rico says:

    I won’t have the grumps either if he buys three players, we know we can’t afford everyone, but I would be happy with Kjaer, Cahill, Subotic and Chamakh…

    Even though we all know we need a keeper, I don’t think he will get one, not unless there is a freebie out there…

    A few are off so we will save a few pounds on wages, especially Gallas…

    I don’t believe that Akinfeev stuff, do you ?

  41. rico says:

    Torres is too crocked for us WATH, thats my justification for us not getting him, even though i am lying big time….. 😉

  42. W.A.T.H says:

    If we went and got Torres I’d even put up with crap in goal all season 😉

  43. rico says:

    But he’s a crock WATH 😉 I dont want him, weve got Chamakh………..!!!

  44. K-TR7 says:

    Anyone going to shareholders meeting?id love to know what will happen…winterburn has said AW has a gk as top priority;maybe wenger is ready to hurt his ego and spend.i have a strange feeling about this transfer window but i can’t put my finger on it…

  45. JonJon says:

    evening all…

    good post ave..i watched the game on football first last night and it was pre season kickabout..fulham had other things on their mind and didnt want anyone to get injured so played in first gear..

    i wasnt surprised to see empty seats everywhere in the was more like 40ooo than 60ooo…then about 4 ppl stayed for the lap of honour..

  46. JonJon says:

    ktr the share holders meet has been put back til august..if we dont see no signings by then they wont be any at all

  47. JonJon says:

    torres aint a crock..he just cant get fit cos rafa needs him every game so he brings him back too soon and he ends up injured again

    torres needs a 3 month rest and then he’ll be fine

  48. K-TR7 says:

    Evening jj.maybe just maybe we will get a few.i love rvp!we just look dangerous when he is on the pitch!its a shame since his twists and turns are spectacular to watch but they always make him vulnerable to injuries.i hope he lives up to his potential.he looks captain material and he has said we shouldn’t allow us to be bullied anymore!savage would bully all players bar rvp(checkout youtube),he would leave him floored…to all arsenal fans just pray for him since the longer he stays fit the scarier we look upfront…rvp!rvp!rvp!

  49. rico says:

    Hi JJ, of course Torres is not a crock, its me holding on to justification for wenger not buying him 😆

  50. rico says:

    KTR7, i have that feeling every transfer window, sadly i have always been wrong 😦 😦

  51. K-TR7 says:

    @rico i don’t mean to brag but my instincts are pretty the past windows i never expected purchases but this time…im a bit pessimistic nevertheless…

  52. rico says:

    Fingers, legs and everything crossed that you are right KTR7 😉

  53. W.A.T.H says:

    Torres a crock Rico………… have you been on the scrumpy…?? 😛

  54. rico says:

    nah wath, hes not, it just helps me mentally 😉

  55. JonJon says:

    ive finally come round to arsenes way of thinking…i give up being ambitious im just happy with what weve got..

    ive accepted that its going to be along time before we win anything again and we should be satisfied..

    ive also accepted that we wont spend alot of money on signings and i dont expect to see any..

    i build my hopes up and get caught up in the excitement every year and im not doing it to myself anymore..

    im drained

  56. JonJon says:

    weve got a squad good enough for cl qualification but nothing more..

    were not a cup team either

    weve got the ambition of a club like everton,villa, spurs, citeh..

    and ive come to terms with that

  57. K-TR7 says:

    Stop being grumpy jj.its not good for you!if this helps when the going gets tough just look at the spuds,they just find us a way of making us feel better,play up Burnley!…rvp-torres-AA upfront would scare teams to field 10 defenders and 1 defensive striker like kuyt and big al/fabianski will become worldbeaters…

  58. JonJon says:

    im not grumpy ktr7

    im just not expecting anything anymore..

    i know our limits and ive accepted it

  59. JonJon says:

    gazidis conference today..that should be interesting

  60. rico says:

    well i haven’t jj, come on, dont be so down hearted…

  61. JonJon says:

    im not down hearted im just not building my hopes up

  62. rico says:

    just you make sure you are around for tomorropws post then, i hope you will like it 😉 😉

  63. K-TR7 says:

    Jj you are of my fav here…oops!you are usually a realist and i respect that.hope aw can surpass all our expectations,stranger things have happened.we deserve better!

  64. JonJon says:

    cheers ktr7.. 😉

  65. Erick says:

    Howdy Friends is Torres a done deal 😉

  66. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ…………. K-TR7 just fancies you in those pvc strides 🙂

    Yes Erick Torres is a done deal he’s going with Spain to the world cup….!

  67. rico says:

    Bollox, and i thought i was your fav ktr7, now i’m sulking 😦 😦

    😆 😆

    Evening Erick 🙂

  68. rico says:

    Soaps are calling me, eastenders I mean, not a bar of Imperial Leather 😉 😉

    See you fine folk tomorrow,

    JJ, you stay away from any sharp knives, they are no good when you feel down ;);)

    Nighty night all….

  69. W.A.T.H says:

    Nite Rico must I come rub your back 4u 😉

  70. K-TR7 says:

    Rico…you’re such a doll…don’t worry it seems i hurt your feelings…oh well you are on the shortlist.@wath i don’t know what to say to you…i’ll do a wenger and just ignore you…!

  71. K-TR7 says:

    Night all…

  72. W.A.T.H says:

    K-TR7 just say you didnt see the comment 😉

  73. rico says:

    Morning all

    New Post Up

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