Third or fourth, who really cares………


I do for sure…..

Over the last few seasons knowing we would be taking part in the following seasons Champions League was all that mattered by the time March/April came around. When we came fourth I used to convince myself that it was ok, knowing our season would kick off earlier with the Champions League qualifiers and along the way see all our new signings make their debuts. Exciting times I thought..

I knew I was kidding myself, we should be qualifying as Premier League Champions, not also rans! Signings were almost non existant and I dreaded us getting a tricky tie.

This season though is very different, none of us want to see an early start for our side do we and this is not because of the World Cup in South Africa, its because we would have finished our current season with a loss, a loss at home which would stick in all of our throats the whole summer. Even more important than that though it would also mean the team finishing third would be our most bitter rivals. Could you imagine ‘The Lasagne’ kind of kind of comments being thrown back at us!

Life would be hard, especially if you have friends/relatives who support that team down the road…

Finishing third cannot happen – can it?

I don’t think it will happen, we only need a point, but I see us getting all three and securing our third place, not with ease but with a convincing scoreline by the end. That’s not being cocky or arrogant, that just believing that Roy Hodgson (my manager of the season) will rest a few players as Fulham have a far more important game around the corner, already Duff and Zamora have been ruled out, I think we can expect a few more of their big players to miss out too.

What a sad state of affairs though, we have so many players out, confidence must be low after the last few games and here I am writing about hope that Fulham don’t field their best eleven. Not something usually associated with a home fixture against a mid-table club who sit over twenty points behind us….

On a brighter note, well done to the Bouldy Boys, they beat Manure yesterday 5-3, on penalties to reach the Academy League Play-Off Final. James Shea was the hero after saving two of the Mancs spot kicks and we converted all of ours!

Arsenal’s victory sets up an Emirates Stadium Final against either Leicester City or Nottingham Forest on the 11th May, hope its televised.

Couple of sippets from the paps –

Arsenal have had their end-of-season bash in aid of Great Ormond Street children’s hospital at their Emirates ground, Cesc outbid team-mates for a night with actor Orlando Bloom, before anyone panicks, the night out was for his sister Carlotta – who he claims is the actor’s biggest fan.

In the same paper, Arsene Wenger is going to try and get SWP for 5M from Citeh!!

May the silly rumours begin as our season draws to a close…..

139 Responses to Third or fourth, who really cares………

  1. rico says:

    Morning peoples…

  2. JonJon says:

    morning rico

    welcome back..

    i hope we get 3rd..imaging goin into next season having to start a fortnight early for the CL qualifiers on the back of a world cup..

    also imagine finishing behind spurs..

    doesnt bare thinking about..

  3. K-TR7 says:

    Morning rico.we missed you!we have been drowning in sorrow for about a month now so its good youve had your break.i promised an autopsy of our european campaign and i have so much info which will take a couple of posts.i’ll also cover the worldcup and what to expect i.e chile will play with a 3-3-1-3 formation which may yet revolutionise new tactics in the new decade.i’ll also cover how footy has changed over the past decade.before you say it i’ll sort out my wordpress issues…

  4. rico says:

    Morning jonjon,

    thanks and no, it doesn’t bare thinking about, for many reasons… AA and RvP should start tomorrow. If AA wants to go to Barca, he will have to play well tomorrow 😉

  5. JonJon says:

    if we do finish 4th though its only what we deserve..the table doesnt lie and 1 point from the last 7 league games isnt anything worth bragginig about…its relegation form…saying that 4 points from 7 games is relegation form ..

  6. Q8Gooner says:

    Well im the 3rd to comment and i can tell it doesnt make me happy

  7. Q8Gooner says:

    3rd my arse lol .. Morning guys

  8. rico says:

    Morning KTR7, thats good news, your help would be grately appreciated, looking forward to it ..

    wordpress – 😉 😉

  9. rico says:

    jj, i haven’t a clue how we have got up the table as far as we have, it sounds a dreadful thing to say but if it wasn’t for the heartbreak, i wish sometimes we wouldn’t get CL, wenger needs a wake up call..

    Morning Q8

  10. rico says:

    Sad that Bobby P is being let go by V’real 😦

  11. JonJon says:

    weve had alot of luck this season rico..

    alot of lasp gasp goals…chelsea and manu kept letting us back in the title race…other than the first game of the season we havent even played good football..

    i know the injuries are seen as bad luck but our secong string aint good enough for FA cup or CC so they not good enough for PL.

  12. JonJon says:

    he is 36 now..

  13. Erick says:

    Morning all 3rd or 4th sucks but i will sleep if we get third.

  14. JonJon says:

    i see wenger is trying to justify another unsuccessful season by saying we should celebrate 4th spot like spurs..

    gotta love the guy..hes a trier..

  15. Erick says:

    I hear Ac milans Dida being linked with us

  16. K-TR7 says:

    @rico since the start of the new millenium these are some of the changes:death of goal poachers,squad rotation,importance of pace,rise of false nines,fall and rise of passmasters,evolution from 3 to 4 man defences,change from 3 band formations(4-4-2) to 4 band formations(4-2-3-1),the decline of box to box mfs,the death and return of the sweeper,introduction of playmaking gks,death of no.10 role,emergence of specialist roles,decline of wingers…all covered in great the wc why dunga’s 4-2-3-1 is genius and different from the european version…we just have to finish the season and i’ll commence.

  17. rico says:

    still sad though jj, means he’s getting an old man 😉

    its been a strange season all round, especially seeing who sits 4th 😉

    Morning Erick

  18. JonJon says:

    i wonder if theos books any good??

    it probably costs 12 million and is garbage..

  19. Erick says:

    Theo should just shut up please he is just ashaming himself

  20. JonJon says:

    i wonder why he didnt write a book about football…probably cos he doesnt know anything about he dreamed up some fantasy for toddlers and wrote about that instead..

  21. rico says:

    😆 jj

    Theo is doing my head in, compare his progress to Bales…

    He has always too much to say, he should shut up and start earning his big fat wage!!

    In the CF role of course 😉

  22. Erick says:

    Hi Rico hope you enjoyed yourself

  23. JonJon says:

    he probably thought of all the ideas for the book while he was stood on the arsenal wing doing naff all..

  24. rico says:

    jj, books have to be more than 500 words, thats why he opted out of football as a topic 😉

  25. Erick says:

    Crapotelli did it again he claims Totti used the N word on him but italians are racist may be thats why he never made it to the italian squad 😉

  26. JonJon says:

    theo stating to make me laugh now…

    hes saying all the wrong things…he should just keep his mouth shut..

    how anyone can play like he has for the last 4 years and then come out and say what he has is just disprespectful to the fans…

    if he wants so say anything it should be ‘i need to learn how to play football first’..

  27. JonJon says:


    are we sure its not a colouring book? 😉

  28. Erick says:

    JJ and Nasir should be ambitious a trophyless season and yet he want credit Rubbish

  29. GMR says:

    Must admit I’ll be glad when the season is over now. Hopefully we’ll get the point/points we need and then we can all relax for the summer.

    It will be interesting to see what Gazidis has to say about everything come monday night. He said last year we must win a trophy for the fans so his excuses for the team not having done so should be good.

  30. JonJon says:

    Hi GMR

    top point..i remember not so long back when Gazidis said just qualifying wasnt good enough anymore..

    but in typical arsenal and arsene fashion he comes out and says we should be thankfull weve qualified..

    this club is a never ending spin of contradictions..

  31. rico says:

    I did thanks Erick, didn’t want to come home 😦

    Hi GMR, with you on that, just want tomorrow done and dusted….

  32. JonJon says:

    nasris interview was all thats wrong with the arsenal team erick..

    i seem to remember him saying its not all about the trophies…

    thats totally the wrong attitude…it should be all about the trophies when you play for a club like arsenal..

    then wenger says we have a squad of winners..

    once again its just another contradiction..

  33. rico says:

    Gazidis will just come out with a load of spin about us progressing and we have to be patient and how next season will be different… yawn yawn yawn…

    I bet Theo is colour blind jj, there must be a logical reason for his misplaced passing 😉

  34. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    Well done Rico..

    I really care if we get third or fourth.. How embarrassing for us to have to qualify when the Spuds are sitting waiting for their name to come out of the CL hat.

    I know we are the Arsenal and all that, but I am pleased to hear that fulham will field a weakened team tomorrow.. How low this season has become.

    Nice to see you on here GMR..

  35. JonJon says:

    the only thing the last 5 years has proved to me is that we need david dien back..

    i was one of those who wanted his head on a pole after what he did but after what happened to lady nina and the lack of ambition and overall lack of ‘arsenal’ we have in the club, im beginning to see all was not as black and white as it first seemed and we need him back..

  36. GMR says:

    It’s true Gazidis will try to spin everything. I just hope somebody actually has the guts to properly question him. He promised the fans a trophy as did Wenger, neither of them or the team delivered and now Wenger is claiming we have over achieved.

    I just hope someone questions Ivan about the broken promise and what they are actually going to do to change things to ensure the same mistakes from the past 4-5 seasons aren’t repeated.

  37. Erick says:

    I think they should follow Denilson way play crap and shut it. Rico we missed you 😦 When Ave gets a post up am blocked off don’t know why 😦

  38. K-TR7 says:

    @rico i’ll also include references from the following teams:mou’s porto,06-08 mancs,04 greeks,04-06 czechs,08 spain,02 brazil,euro 96 germans,scolari’s portugal,the current barca,mou’s inter,invincibles,ancelloti’s milan,Hiddink’s russia…and many more.i also forgot to mention another change in modern decade is emergence of wingbacks and decline of fullbacks.heres hoping AW takes a look…

  39. GMR says:

    Thanks avenell, it’s nice to have another blog to visit.

  40. JonJon says:

    hey ave..

    it doesnt matter what team fulham field..hodgson will still have them organised and disciplined..maybe to manutd or chelsea this would be a given but to arsenal this is just as tough as any other game..

    we have too many chinks in the armour and the lads have no pride..

    im one of those who thinks its going to be harder for us to win than it is fulham

    its a pressure game for us has no relevance to fulham at all and we all know what happens to us in pressure games..

    i think spurs are going to knick it

  41. avenell says:


    I have never blocked you and there was nothing in moderation.. so I don’t know what happened..

  42. Erick says:

    Howdy K-tr7 what a scope your covering thats great can’t wait

  43. JonJon says:

    GMR i think the delay of the AGM tells the fans all they need to know..

    the club dont want to be challenged..they dont want to explain anything..

  44. rico says:

    hi ave,

    jj, that what worries me too, Hodgson has done a great job at fulham, he doesn’t have big name stars, but what he has done is get the best from his players week in week out. we have too many who think they are great but aren’t prepared to put a full shift in every game for their club…

    like i said in the post, what a state we are in having to rely on playing a weakened fulham side …

    i don’t think we will lose, each and every player who wears the shirt of arsenal are playing for their future at the club… wenger has hinted that some may leave and if that means he raises money to buy a few grafters i’m all for it…

  45. th14 says:

    Gazidis out. Dein back. Walcott to Barnet. AW to therapy. RVP to win the World Cup. Wednesday blackest day if football history. Roy Hodgson nailed on for manager of season – oh no! They’ve gone and given it to the barrow boy from Shite Fart Stain!

    Tomorrow 3-0.

  46. avenell says:

    Got to pop out.. we have nicked a cash and carry card and they sell red stripe by the crate.. 🙂
    Back soon..

  47. rico says:

    Erick, thats you and ktr7 writing in the summer, i’m looking forward to both 🙂

    KTR7, thats a whole lot of writing for you, dont forget the wordpress 😉 😉

  48. JonJon says:



    none of them are playing for their futures at the club..wenger handed out 17 contract extensions to these lot..he also said there will be minimal additions

    they know they arent going anywhere..

  49. rico says:

    morning th14, that has just made me chuckle, great comment 🙂

  50. Erick says:

    I Know you would never block me Ave guess it was a hitch but liked your heading yesterday but would take Moyes anyday I like his style and you did not scares us just that I couldn’t get in

  51. JonJon says:

    dont get them mixed up with the umbongo’s ave 😉

  52. JonJon says:

    LOL th14

    walcott to barnet..AW to theraphy..


  53. rico says:

    jj, i read it somewhere a few weeks ago about the players being told their futures could be elsewhere if they dont buck up, not that it seems to have made a busting lot of difference.

    this summer we are in for the Cilla Surprise Surprise show…. i think a few changes will take place…

  54. Erick says:

    Yes Rico I will be doing some writing myself 🙂 will try my best

  55. JonJon says:

    wenger said on wednesday there will be minimal signings and there wont be alot of movement in the market..

    fridays press conference was cancelled, due to a ‘sore throat’ and the AGM’s been put back..

    theres going to be no changes rico..

    weve had years of the same script nothing will be different about this summer..

  56. Erick says:

    JJ got agree with you on that 2 players the most and that includes Chamaka

  57. K-TR7 says:

    @erick thats the whole point since i won’t be busy then.this will be the best blog in the offseason where we will discuss sensible footy the worldcup am not only watching the players and enjoying the occasion but above all we’ll see revolution of tactics and the return of 3 man defence and a sweeper…

  58. JonJon says:

    im not even going to bother getting excited about the summer..

    in going to sit back and the world cup and then see where we are when the season starts..

  59. JonJon says:

    erick i dont even think we’ll see a defender..

    it wont suprise me if gallas leaves and wenger anounces senderos has been given a new contract..

  60. JonJon says:

    chamakh will be the only signing..

    and wenger might spend 3mill on a teenager from the north pole..

  61. rico says:

    Ok, then you will all be surprised, and I’ll be gloating say i was right 😉

    I reckon we will get

    CH – two if Gallas goes

    Senderos has no chance in staying, he has blotted his own copybook…

  62. rico says:

    must go and do some shopping, back in an hour or two

  63. rico says:

    oh and as for wenger having a sore throat, what garbage, bet he just wanted to avoid any tricky questions before tomorrow…. 😉

  64. Erick says:

    True JJ Aw will do minimal changes and next season we will be lucky to finish in top ten 😦

  65. GMR says:

    jonjon – It’s Arsene that bottled the Q&A session, at least Gazidis has the bottle to front up on monday night (which he at least deserves some credit for). If Arsene thinks putting back his Q&A until August will make any difference to the black mood of the fans he’s very much mistaken. Of course if he does proper business in the transfer market then they’ll be a different feeling but if all we’ve got is Chamakh & a new defender then he’s kidding himself to think the fans will be optimistic.

  66. Erick says:

    GMR it will be as follows It will be a heated Q&A and after its over AW will be linked to Madrid and the fans will be 😦 and he will come out and assure the fans then we will be 🙂 and another trophyless season

  67. GMR says:

    Erick – this time Arsene won’t have that option, by August all the teams will have the managers they want in place. I’m hoping he’s put his Q&A back because he’ll actually make some signings this summer. I won’t hold my breath though.

  68. Erick says:

    GMR he is full of trickery he already has a plan may be another sore throat 😉

  69. Erick says:

    Am sure he is running out ideas

  70. JonJon says:

    That seems to be the general concesus GMR..that wenger will make his summer dealings and then hold the AGM when everyones happy..

    but ive got a sneaky feeling that by the time he holds the conference everyone would have spent all summer missing arsenal and just want the season to start and he’ll be able to charm his way through it..

    like you say though he’s kidding himself if this is his plan..

    wengers got to be really careful now..if we go into next season with the same script as the past few years and we end up with nothing again at the end of it wont matter if the baord want him to sign a 3 year deal or not..i dont think the fans will want him to..

    im slowly losing faith in him and its got to the point where i dont care if he stays…after all hes done for us he deserves to see out his contract but after that he can walk..hes a good coach but hes a rubbish manager and if hes offered a new deal then its obvious the boards agenda is all about making money at the expense of the fans….and if thats the case the club needs a overhaul at the top..

  71. W.A.T.H says:

    Evening all……………. 🙂

    Imagine what Cec and RVP are thinking watching this team the last month….? If I was Cesc i’d be on wenfers ear saying listen boss not telling you how to do your job but we need quality signings and I wanna win trophies and no buys and we will win nothing again next year pls buy otherwise I’m gonna have to seriously look at my future !!

  72. Erick says:

    Wath how are you? To be honest Rvp and Cesc must be feeling crap and its a matter of time before we say bye if Aw does not find players to support them

  73. K-TR7 says:

    Hi wath.i have said all the way that i expect chamack and maybe a cb nothing more.anything more than that would be a would be sad if he failed to strengthen considering how close we are to being the complete package.i would love him if he were to deal early and have a team settled by preseason…

  74. Erick says:

    Mr Sturbbon 😦

  75. W.A.T.H says:

    Mr Ego…. stubborn etc etc etc……….. We shall see…! I have very little faith in who he will buy I just hope I am wrong…!.

  76. W.A.T.H says:

    If we don’t get a new keeper b4 next season then we might as well give up b4 we start…!

  77. Erick says:

    He reckons it a position he is not looking to reinforce what rubbish

  78. JonJon says:

    howdy wath..

    im struggling to see how we can hold on to cesc much longer..he can say he loves us all he wants, which im sure he does, but why would he stay when he can go clear up somwhere else..

    the team that are chasing him are pretty much clearing up season after season and if he stays with us all he’ll have to show his grandkids are his medals for

    mental strength cup winners cup
    improvement every year shield
    made more money than anyone else league
    and lucky to finish fourth trophy..

    and all the ones he wins for spain..

  79. JonJon says:

    no chance on the keeper hes already said fabianski will be given his chance

  80. Erick says:

    Reality will be hitting real soon JJ, Xavi is 30 and Cesc is the ideal replacement for him. Xavi has been playing with an injury all season and thats a big worry for Barca next season will be our make or break with Cesc Xavi can play for the next two seasons injury free and at the highest level

  81. Erick says:


  82. W.A.T.H says:

    If he don’t buy a keeper then he is a delusional demented linatic simple as that….!. I’ll hold judgement til August…!

  83. Erick says:

    Wath even if he buys he will cheap and nothing special I say Chesney for NO. 1

  84. W.A.T.H says:

    rick I have no prob with him buying an older keeper to last 2 seasons while Chezney matures but if he thinks either one of the 3 clowns we have now will win us a trophy then as said lunatic….!

  85. Erick says:

    JJ what’s happening to our players God Nasir says their is not need to sign keep the crap we have Whats going on at Arsenal

  86. JonJon says:

    “Since we have gone out of the Champions League there was a little downer in our heads, but we have enough pride and quality to finish the season well and to secure the third place.

    thats what wengers said..

    whats wrong with that sentance???

    everything..thats what

  87. JonJon says:

    erick..nasris got problems..of course hes gonna say that hes one of those thats gone missing..

    like theo he needs to keep his trap shut..

  88. Erick says:

    David james Wath he has been crap this season. JJ he should also write a book on how he is blowing hot and cold the next Zidane what a joke

  89. K-TR7 says:

    Nasri has disappointed since the porto match.theo always runs at the defenders while his crosses don’t even beat the first man.its an insult to the fans that our big mouths(theo am looking at you) spout a load of tosh to the media regularly while they do absolutely nothing on the pitch.vermy/cesc/sol/rvp/clichy rarely talk to the media by letting their footy do it for them…my main concern remains the defence.we need to ensure we keep cleansheets.i love sol/vermy/gallas attitude since when we concede a goal they are furious!they value a perfect block/tackle/interception the same way strikers value goals.if we drill in this mentality and develop a solid unit at the back we will crush any obstacles ahead…

  90. rico says:

    Afternoon all –

    am i the only one who elieves changes will be made??

    am i really the only one who needs a shrink 😉

  91. W.A.T.H says:

    Allo Rico, glad ur hols were good…..

    I think Wengers looks a worried man and he is either telling porkies to make a smokescreen for the 4/5 signings he knows he must make or he truly is a demented lunatic who believes he has got it all right and we are ALL wrong…!

  92. Erick says:

    ‘Rico the stand alone’ a heading for tomorrows piece 😉

  93. rico says:

    Hi WATH, loved every minute thanks 🙂

    I’m going for the smokescreen, he going to give us all a big surprise and all within the next month 😉

    Erick, if I stand alone being right, we will all be pleased, I know though that I am maybe kidding myself 😦

  94. rico says:

    Lansbury may play tomorrow…

    what about these SWP’s rumours then, 5M would be a bargin wouldn’t it??

  95. W.A.T.H says:

    Another midget though Rico….! SWP i mean not Lansbury..!

  96. rico says:

    At least he is a winger WATH, maybe Wenger could turn him into a CH 😉

  97. rico says:

    I’d like to see Lansbury start instead of Diaby..

  98. W.A.T.H says:

    Any1 instead of Diaby…. don’t u fancy a game 2moro Rico.

  99. rico says:

    😆 WATH, i think Diaby just about edges me out, only because of his height though 😉

  100. rico says:

    Does anyone know why we finish the season on a Sunday and at 4pm, what is the point? Tradition of football is a Saturday 3pm.. stupid if you ask me..

  101. W.A.T.H says:

    Football and tradition Rico got ruined by sky… I’d take u over Diaby anytime….! 😉

  102. rico says:

    Oi Oi, now there’s an offer 😉 But I would hope you would 😳

  103. rico says:

    Don’t get me on the Sky debate, I hate giving them my money each month, money grabbing b******s, and all to listen to their love in for the English football cheats….

  104. W.A.T.H says:

    Well I def don’t think he my type and I like a lady with a bit of experience 😉

    Sky……….. hmmmmmmmm no comment

  105. Erick says:

    The Sailor is back 🙂 Swp thats just rumour we got Theo and Aw would not let his money go to waste, ma grandma for Diaby 🙂

  106. K-TR7 says:

    @rico its a girls nature to dream,we boys…to put it simply are a tad pessimistic.who knows maybe AW was finalising some deals…i would also love to ask what is everyone’s favourite formation.mine is the 4-3-1-2.when in control of the ball you can keep the ball quite well and in defence you can control the zones better due to close proximity of players.when you are completely dominant it can become a 3-2-5 as barca did so well at the emirates with a 5 man attack that we couldn’t can play the ‘sweeper’ role though traditional sweepers came from defence unlike in modern footy who are mainly dms.ill expound on this later…

  107. W.A.T.H says:

    Erck ur just jealous 🙂

  108. rico says:

    You old hussy you 😉

  109. W.A.T.H says:

    Says she……………… 😛 lol

  110. rico says:

    ktr7, lets wait until the WC starts, then we’ll all be happy….

    Erick 😆

  111. rico says:

    I may be the old part WATH, but hussy….. i’m a good girl 😉

  112. Erick says:

    Wath am a little jealous you got yourself Rico and AGAG 😉

  113. rico says:

    Erick, nah, you’re my favourite 😉 But don’t tell anyone else…. 😉

  114. Erick says:

    Rico that was supposed to be an Email 😉 Wath will be heart broken

  115. rico says:

    Ha ha Erick, sorry, i forgot we agreed emails 😉

    WATH will be pleased I think 😉

  116. Erick says:

    Rico 😉 😉 and am not going to add anything

  117. W.A.T.H says:

    Erick u bandit………… must be those milkshakes u offer the ladies 🙂

  118. Erick says:

    Mourinho and Ranieri are in a war of words he claims Ranieri showed Roma player the movie Gladiator to motivate them for the Coppa ittalia 🙂 Jose

  119. rico says:

    You two are sooooooooooooo funny 🙂

    Off for an hour, housework!! 😦 😦

  120. Erick says:

    Ha ha ha ha Wath and am taking your advice and winning then over a little GG in the milkshake 🙂

  121. W.A.T.H says:

    See its all about the GG Erick…! Gives urmilkshake a bit of pop 🙂

  122. Erick says:

    Wath 🙂

  123. JonJon says:


    in the words of the great mike bassett

    4 4 fucking 2

  124. JonJon says:

    sorry not erick..i meant ktr7

  125. K-TR7 says:

    @jj its a solid formation but i dislike it since it is too formation is sort of a 4-4-2 diamond anyway since footy is headed to 4 band formations to ensure players are abit closer to each other as sacchi said the distances between the bands aren’t more than 25 metres.@erick enjoy the glory before i bust a move…!

  126. W.A.T.H says:

    Formation on a pitch is a load of bollox…. 11 players all of whom can defend and attack a number on a shirt aposition is crap its the team and how they interact…!

  127. JonJon says:

    WATH your beginning to sound like wenger..

    next you’ll be saying we are lucky we dont win trophies and we should be thankful we let all the other top teams get them.. 😉

  128. JonJon says:

    but i agree its not all about formations ot set positions..

    what it is about is workrate though and getting tight to your man and sticking with him..

    wenger gives them too much freedom and room to inter-act when they play…theres no discipline to our game at all and when we lose the ball nobodies got a scooby what they are doing and when we have the ball they all get in eachothers way..

    sometimes when i watch us play its like watching football in a playground where everyone just chases the ball..execpt for the other team who know what they are doing…

  129. Erick says:

    JJ ha ha ha ha 4 4 what 2

  130. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ there are players with discipline who can play in any position and some who cant but i always say u should be able to play anywhere BUT know what to do and when and as u say its about graft and gettig stuck in and some who stick to doing a specific job and some to free range and do what ever…!

  131. Erick says:

    Wath the next Mourinho but its I believe Jose is the kind of coach we need he just need to spank Diaby and Denilson and they will be world class if the fail he will just throw them over a cliff that said Aw is too soft on this lads

  132. W.A.T.H says:

    Tell you what Erick those tossers would not of laid down n died the last month if i was manager…!

  133. Erick says:

    Thats the sadest thing abt Aw play crap and still get another game crap

  134. rico says:

    WATH, nor if i had been manager, that is arsene’s weakness, the only time i think he has shown spike was the dipper game, he seems to lack the ability to fire up the players….

  135. rico says:

    i’m off for the night folks, pooped, see you all tomorrow for the biggest game of season – we can not and must not let those swampies nick third spot…..

    stay safe and nighty night 😉

  136. Erick says:

    Gdnite all see you morrow Peace 🙂

  137. W.A.T.H says:

    Nite Rico……………..! sleep tite. Be good Erick.

  138. rico says:

    new post up

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