Rix and Brady = Gibbs and Wilshere??


A couple of days ago Arsene Wenger had this to say on afc.com

“I have definite transfer targets and I have been talking to people but I will not tell you to who,”  he told the Arsenal Matchday Programme.

The Frenchman then revealed there was a desire to bring in players ahead the summer tournament. He went on: “I believe the earlier you settle your team the better it is and the less anxiety you have.”

Wenger added that he would not sign a player on their strength of their performance in South Africa “unless there is an exception there that nobody knew before. Also post-World Cup the prices are always artificial.

“Overall I feel it is very dangerous to buy on the strength of the tournament because sometimes there are players who are fresh and have not played the whole season. Everyone can have three weeks of glory as a football player. Ten years is a bit different.”

Being realistic, of course Arsene isn’t going to tell the world who he ‘is talking’ to, I wouldn’t either, no shrewd business person would.

If you read NewsNow and believed every story about who is top on list of transfers for our club, we would have to sell most of the team to make way those players we are meant to be buying… Mme, would that be such a bad thing, ok I am joking!!

Here’s a list of some of those we have been linked to:-

Jack Rodwell

Philippe Mexes

Sebastien Frey (after going on a diet)

David Villa



Lassana Diarra

Phil Jones

Steven N’Zonzi

Felipe Melo

Stephen Ireland

Hugo Lloris

Arda Turan

Nevan Subotic

There are more, and the transfer window hasn’t even opened yet. I think Subotic is the only real possibility from that list, I’m assuming the Chamakh deal is all but sorted out.

As Wenger said, he wants a player who can play to best for ten years, not just three weeks! Blimey, shock horror, who was the last player he kept for ten years?

Yesterday, our boss then added this, and it’s from afc.com – He said, 

“Certainly, we will announce one player before the World Cup. After that we will see.”

I think that player will be Chamakh.

Later on the website he added this,

What is for sure if Gallas doesn’t extend his contract we have to go out and strengthen this position,” “For the rest we will see.

“There is a cut off point for Gallas. It doesn’t depend only on me. Gallas can come and say ‘Boss we will stop the talks because I signed somewhere and that’s it’.

“I could set a deadline for us and that will certainly be before the end of May because we then have to look for someone else. We have more talks planned.

The World Cup kicks off on the 11th June 2010 – so I now expect us to see Chamakh, Torres, Villa and Subotic all signed up by then and paraded  in their new red and white Arsenal Shirts – then Arshavin might shut up, he will have great players around him, sadly though he’ll be watching from the bench as he won’t get in the side – careful what you wish for Mr Arshavin – its seems you have now peed off your boss and we all know what happens when you do that!

Being serious we should see one if not two new players signed by the time the little tournament gets going and reading between the lines maybe another one later on. I honestly think Gallas will go as will Silvestre but as long as Wenger keeps his promise and strengthens the defence, I’m not bothered about either of them leaving, just a shame we won’t get any money for them!

Kenny Sansom made reference to Kieran Gibbs yesterday, he said he is like Graham Rix, in footballing terms I mean, not someone who ends up in prison for being naughty!! Sansom thinks that Gibbs should be played as a winger.

Rix was a good player for us,originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire, he joined Arsenal as an apprentice in 1974 and turned professional the year after. His first game was against Leicester City on 2 April 1977, and made his mark by scoring the opening goal. He instantly became a regular on the left-wing, replacing George Armstrong – he and Liam Brady formed a very impressive attacking midfield pairing.

Possibly his worst game for us was against Valencia, the game finished 0-0 and Rix missed his penalty, we lost!!

But during a week when we have talked about the kind of player we need, Rix is another – we have the next Brady in Wilshere, all we need now is the perfect out-and-out winger to form the same kind of impressive attacking midfield – could that be Gibbs, or maybe even Traore….

It sure as heck is not Diaby!!

He says he believes in youth, as I’ve said before, start playing the ones who are good enough and stop playing those who clearly are not…

Finally, if you didn’t support the mighty Arsenal, would you rather be a Liverpool fan or a Fulham fan this morning. I know my answer and I’m still smiling after last nights results.

Have a good day all, not long until kick off 🙂

127 Responses to Rix and Brady = Gibbs and Wilshere??

  1. David says:

    I think subotic’s not coming
    Watzke was quoted in the Bild newspaper as saying: “If Manchester want to have him, they have to sign over two oilfields to us. Or cart over at least two big lorries tightly packed full of English banknotes …”

    After Chamak comes we will sure bring in a CB and a GK as I am sure Gallas is going to leave

  2. JonJon says:

    hi rico..

    both gibbs and jack should be in the 1st team next year without doubt..

    and with all the noises about wenger have a trillion quid to spend..like we said its all spin to sell tickets

    the signing before the world cup is a freebie
    and if gallas leaves then we’ll see a a defender…no more than 10mil…

    but i bet we’ll make 15 mil first

  3. rico says:

    Morning JJ

    We need to sell a lot of our players to make 15M 😉

  4. rico says:

    Hi David, Subotic is wishful thinking I know, he will cost an amount way out of Wengers league

  5. JonJon says:

    we wont see a new keeper

    wengers got four curently..and he wont spend big money on a keeper…he doesnt recognise it as an important position…

    almunias no 1 still next year

  6. rico says:

    I actually think what is more likely to happen, Citeh will get Subotic as they are one of few clubs who can afford him, they will then offload Richards and we may get him…

  7. rico says:

    I don’t think we will see a new keeper either, interesting though to hear Bob Wilosn say Almunia is running out of chances, I seriously think Chesney will be played…

  8. W.A.T.H says:

    Evening…………. ur all up early 😛

    I am sooooooooooooo upset about last night Rico…. 😉

    AW on the trasnfer spin again cos its that time of the year and the usual crap about faith in this squad bla bla bla…. so much faith in the squad that has done what exactly…? bottled in every big game and lost everytime it really matter, think thats blind faith Mr Wenger…!. Open ur eyes and see the real world and go buy what we truly need. Yes think we all know it’s not gonna happen sadly.

  9. rico says:

    Morning WATH, great isn’t it – not sure when the final is for Fulham, just hope its three days after our home fixture and we end the season on a real high…

    Fulham will be sure to rest the best for their final 🙂

  10. JonJon says:

    morning WATH

    the problem with wenger is that he thinks his first team will stay fit 70games of the season..

    we all know our best 11 apart from GK is a match for anyone..but as soon as we get an injury or two the wheels fall off..

    wengers persistance with the squad players is frustrating because they simply are not good enough..

    the squad itself is incredibly weak…

  11. JonJon says:

    well done fulham..

    what was the dipper score..? i watched the fulham game instead.. 😉

  12. rico says:

    injury time goal i think jj, forlan and the away goal rule 🙂

  13. rico says:

    I think Dudu is off, wenger says he will sit down and talk with him… why?? he has not long signed a new long contract…

  14. JonJon says:

    i wouldnt blame dudu if he wanted to leave…hes now a target for refs as well as players in the PL and his reputation as a top scorer is in tatters becuase of it..

    the new contract enables us to get decent money for him still..

  15. Mustang says:

    Good post Rico.

    JJ & WATH, spot on on AW spin, it happens every summer when it’s time to renew season tickets and memberships and we still end upwitg no real activity. Unfortunately we the fans continue to buy the spin, have our hopes raised and rush out to the Armoury and spend a fortune in anticipation of the promises that never materialise.
    For the fans it is an emotional attachment we have with the club and the summer is a period of emotional roller coaster on all things Arsenal but for the manager and the board it is spin season.
    AW said “we will sign a player before 11 June”. But as Rico said. That is on a free and we already know who it is so it’s not news….tell us something we don’t already know.

  16. rico says:

    i feel for him to, sad though isn’t it, all because a horrid horrid tackle by a player who suffers nothing other a three match ban….. oh, and crap ref’s…

    Have to take the dogs to the vets, see you all a little later..

  17. rico says:

    Morning Mustang, thanks 🙂

    Back in a bit 😉

  18. W.A.T.H says:

    As much as I like Eduardo I think a move would do him good…! Yep ur right JJ wenger always spouts on about when everyone is fit………. We have never had everyone fit for the last 5 seasons so cover all options and buy players knwing we gonna get injuries and if by a miracle we don’t get injuries then more scope to rest players BUT put out really strong teams not average ones that lose to Stoke in the cup etc etc etc…!

  19. W.A.T.H says:

    Same old bollox every end of season Mustang….! As you say he now going on about a def signing b4 the WC and yep we prob all know it’s in the shape of Chmuck and it’s free how’s that setting the transfer window on fire…??? We been fed such lies and bullshit for long enough whilst paying the highest tkt prices on the planet…. About time they spent “OUR” money on the world class players we were promised years ago…!

  20. JonJon says:

    morning mustang..

    the clubs attitude is disgusting towards the hardcore fans..they price us out of the market and then tries to bribe all the suits into buying boxes

  21. Mustang says:

    What surprises me is that Wenger is huge on statistics, why doesn’t he look at our injury stats of 5 seasons? If he does he will realise that the most he can have all 11 first team players available is 3 or 4 games. He will also realise that once we get 2 or 3 of those first teamers injured for more than 2 weeks our season is over.

  22. JonJon says:

    the only statistics that matter is that we make CL every year and dont spend a penny doing it…

    if we want to make that extra leap to be winners we have to spend some money but the club lacks ambition..

  23. W.A.T.H says:

    Wengers statistics are there to suit him when he feels like it… look at the shit he talks about Denilson and stats thing is we all know most of those 85% successful passes etc etc are backwards sideways and no further than 10feet….!

  24. W.A.T.H says:

    A sad fact is that we are a very successfully run business one of the best run fooball businesses in the world but where success actually matters on the pitch we are merely also rans….!

  25. JonJon says:

    denilson takes the piss..
    hes about as much use as a cock flavoured lollipop…
    the only manager that rates him is wenger…and becuase of that the arsene fans think denilson is the best thing since the invention of the wheel..
    but stepanovs amongst many was only rated by wenger too and we know how that turned out..wenger doesnt always get it right its just hes not ruthless anymore..

    gone are the days a player was given 6 months and then shown the door…wenger likes to give them 500 appearances before deciding they dont fit the system..

    unless they are english..

  26. JonJon says:

    thats where the clubs gone though WATH

    theyve become that infactiuated with the money side of things theyve forgot about the football side..

  27. W.A.T.H says:

    Spot on JJ the business is the priority football not important anymore it seems as they are totalyl consumed with money…! They will soon see a successful team brings in far more money that an average team in a huge stadium, won’t be long b4 ppl actually realsie why pay top dollar to watch average players on a pitch when ur paying top dollar you should get top players with a top squad….!

  28. JonJon says:

    it wont continue wath

    fans wont put up with being lied to year after year…
    its only a matter of time

  29. Mustang says:

    I know it’s only ifs and buts, but what if they had spent 8-10 mil on a striker in Jan window? The answer to that we will never know but that could have been the difference between our season ending on April and ending on the 9th of May.

  30. JonJon says:

    mustang thats a question thats been raised a few times but aparantly with our wide range of scouts and the pulling power of our manager we couldnt find one..

    the way i see it though is that even with a striker we still wouldnt have done it becuase the real problem areas are the midfield and the GK…

    we dont just concede goals we gift goals..

  31. W.A.T.H says:

    How many times have we said that Mustang……….. IF….! AW made the same mistake last three Jan windows and has yet 2 learn from the same mistake.

  32. JonJon says:

    but we still finish it top 4 wath

    4ths the target so its seen as success

    i said other day the only time wenger jumped into action was when we were 100 points behind villa for 4th and wenger shit himself and we got AA in jan

  33. Jay says:

    I say get rid of Almunia,Fabianski,Denilson,Eduardo. Get a world class keeper. Make Chesney#2 keep Mannone for backup. new Center back. New CM, new winger new front man other then Chamakh. Give Vella more playing time let clichy go to Barcelona if he wants to promote Gibbs as the new left back, give arshavin his 1 year of Barcelona glory get senderos off the payroll And we have enough money to buy our selves some new talent. looks like next season is gonna turn out to be another disappointing one boys. Lets pray to god Wenger opens his eyes before the world cup starts and BUYS PLAYERS FOR ONCE.

  34. Mustang says:

    …..and oh, just remembered Gazidis comment that “4th is not good enough” so I suppose he sees this as a successful season….

  35. Mustang says:

    agreed we have way too many areas that not even championship level let alone the prem, but AW had faith in his squad all the same. But to me the one that stuck out like a sore thumb was the fact that we did not have a recognised striker to p**s on when we were is desperate need. But guess what AW was even using that for spin making statements like “we are scoring a lot of goals without an out and out striker” with his chest puffed up.

  36. Iyce says:

    If all minds can be one,like mine no buying of ticket next season untill we see new good players not just footballers but world class players cos the boards are taking us to be fools.

  37. K-TR7 says:

    Whats up gang?anyone see reyes last night?he was on fire!he would’ve been better than cr9 had he not screwed up.i really rated him,its sad what happened to him…i am proud of fulham and hodgson for their achievements too.

  38. JonJon says:

    hey ktr

    reyes was a good little player..just couldnt settle..

  39. K-TR7 says:

    Morning jj.reyes had the potential to be a world player of the year,his downfall started with the prank calls,being kicked to lumps by neville and Aragones fueling a feud between him and henry.he and rvp upfront would’ve won us at least 2pls and 2cls by now…i really loved him especially in our 06 cl run.he really shone at the Bernabeu…

  40. rico says:

    Boo, i liked reyes to, shame the whole of england was against him 😦

  41. JonJon says:

    what makes me laugh about the whole reyes thing, is that we could have got ronaldo for 12mil and the year before ronaldinho went to barca from psg for 22mil..

    we didnt even go for either but then got reyes for a deal worth 22mil..

  42. rico says:

    but that goes back to what you were saying yesterday jj, wenger spends money but not always on the right player..

    look at how much we wasted payin bischoff for a year, and he only did that because he was free, for such an intelligent manager/man, he sure has made some serious errors when spending.

    not quite as bad a Rafa though… 😉

  43. JonJon says:

    AA interveiw on SSN next…..

    clearing up his future

    here we go..could be ADe part 2

  44. rico says:

    Wenger isn’t pleased with him jj, he doubts the translation of what AA has said, but i get the feeling there is a bit more to this now…

    Maybe he is that player who is supposed to be leaving in the summer, 20M and he gave pee right off

  45. W.A.T.H says:

    Henry ruined Reyes………… Along with the Nevilles sisters of course, he was never the same after that game…!. Whats AA got 2 say then JJ…?

  46. rico says:

    has he been on yet, iv’e just switched on

  47. rico says:

    what does anyone think of the sansom view on gibbs??

  48. W.A.T.H says:

    As u and I agree Rico between Gael, Traore and Gibbs we got a good left back and a good midfielder/winger somewhere in those 3…..! All young all quick and all pretty good, still think Traore should be tried left midfield infront of Gael…!

  49. rico says:

    Mmmmmeeeee – can’t think who it was who mention this man a few months ago 😉 😉

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger could look to Kasper Schmeichel – the son of former Manchester United legend Peter – to solve his goalkeeping crisis ahead of next season, it has emerged.

    He is free, here’s our new keeper then 😉

  50. rico says:

    Thats who I would try to, Traore is not defensive enough to play LB week in week out but his pace and cross is the best of all three.

    Traore, Diaby, Rosicky??

    Doesn’t take long for me to think on that one right now 😉

  51. W.A.T.H says:

    With the two games left I think he should be trying a few different combinations for sure, bet he don’t though…!. JJ has now gone all quiet…. What did AA say or he not been on yet..?

  52. rico says:

    Been watching sky, but other than team news, nothing on AA yet WATH, Djourou and Gibbs are back in full training, maybe we’ll see Djourou with Sol tomorrow?

  53. W.A.T.H says:

    Djourou next week maybe along with Gibbs…? I dont reckon he will throw them in on Monday….!.

    I just want this season over with but then again not much to look forward to for next season either cos resigned to the fact that the signings will be non-existant…!

  54. rico says:

    Bollox, i forgot its monday, i thought it was tomorrow at 5.30 😦

  55. rico says:

    Its better to think like that, then you can only be pleasantly surprised 😉

  56. W.A.T.H says:

    I am beyond thinking of pleasant surprises anymore

  57. rico says:

    😆 – you will ok once the signings are announced…

    AA has said he is happy and grateful to be at Arsenal….

  58. W.A.T.H says:

    oh gee great just really make my day Rico… excited about Chmuck………… oh woppee doo……!!

  59. K-TR7 says:

    Hi rico still dreaming?AA has said what he said was lost in translation pretty much like cesc in spain…despite his lazy nature you can see how toothless we look in attack.now that he has a full season and a half in the pl i hope he is now well adjusted to fire on all cylinders next season hopefully with some new signings.

  60. rico says:

    just trying to keep hope, i will really peed off if this summer wengewrs spin is just that again!!

    why is AA grateful, he should feel bloody priviliged and proud!!!

  61. JonJon says:


    they said it was on next..i waited that long i fell asleep and now i dont know what he said

  62. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ………….. AA said……….. I am amn from Russina I love men in pvc who dance like people of village…. He was obviously referring to you mate…! 😉

  63. JonJon says:


    well thats all right then…i hope wenger makes him captain and gives him a wage rise..

  64. K-TR7 says:

    I would love us to be as solid as Inter…but its a pipedream…

  65. K-TR7 says:

    AW has just said we need to be tighter at the back…

  66. JonJon says:

    we will never be solid like inter..wenger doesnt know how..unless we get a manager like jose..

    which wont go down well with some fans as they are still proud at the fact we play beautiful football but the truth is we dont anymore…its boring and its negative possession..

  67. JonJon says:

    hahahaha ktrt7 he said that last year too and went and bought a new defender thinking the problem would fix itself

    forgetting the fact we have a playing style were 10 players bomb forward at once, a midfield with the energy and drive of the canteen in an old peoples home and a goalkeeper who cant do the basics…

  68. rico says:

    jj, ive been watching, no interview in my house 😉

    he has said something on afc.com though…

  69. JonJon says:

    they lie…i heard them specifically say does Arshavin really want to leave arsenal?? we’ll hear what he has to say next…

    that was about 2 hours ago…

  70. K-TR7 says:

    AW is a puzzle:in 05-06 we had a solid defense in the cl,even barca couldn’t break us down with 10 men,we have at times kept out even the best attacks in europe.that shows he knows all about tactics,you cannot fluke your way to where he is through luck.the problem with him is his love for attack over defense at times.i love our footy but i also love great defensive perfomances;you saw the passion lucio+samuel had when they made a great tackle,it was almost equivalent to them as a goal.i would love us to have that passion but sadly only vermy has it…

  71. rico says:

    they are always doing that jj – sky are idiots!

    and Sol ktr7 😉

  72. K-TR7 says:

    As much as i love our footy id also love to see 4 touch counters,diving headers,long range scorchers,setpiece goals…these are all part of the game.what mourinho did wasn’t antifootball and i enjoyed the game since footy is composed of defense and attack.most teams that park the bus vs barca get raped;you need discipline and organisation to pull off what mou did.he had EXPERIENCED INTERNATIONALS who followed their gameplan to the letter.i enjoyed watching the maldini,stam,nesta…marshall defenses and i just WISH we will at least improve on this aspect since every attack needs a solid defense behind it…

  73. K-TR7 says:

    @rico sorry i forgot to mention big sol…

  74. rico says:

    i’d love to see all that to ktr7, freddie used to throw himself at anything to get a goal when he was in his prime, we don’t see nik, aa or anyone really other than tv and sol do that now.. 😦

  75. W.A.T.H says:

    Is it back to 2 much money Rico and not enough pride and passion cos bottom line they really dont give a shit… not prepared to spill a little blood 4 the cause ???? All about a pay cheque not the shirt anymore.

  76. rico says:

    I can’t find an arguement to that WATH, you just hope one day we will get someone who has both. That though only comes from within the player, TV and Sol obviously love football and playing to their best week in week out, but in all honesty, I dont think we have truly seen that kind of player in numbers since our best back four finally parted company 😦

  77. K-TR7 says:

    I think we will play a 4-3-1-2 next season with rvp and chamack upfront and AA will take the trequarista role’no.10′.i believe this will happen because eddy and vela will play better next to bendy and chamackh while AA will get his preferred role since he is better suited there than cesc.this is because in big games when cesc is manmarked and he isn’t the quickest or the strongest he is ineffective there.i feel he is better suited deeper where he can dictate the game abit better like the milan games,bernabeu,dellealpi where we won with him playing there.he can also make runs from deep areas like lampard does which are difficult to track.for this to happen we need a strong cm to partner song to assist in covering for our fullbacks since they will provide width.this change in tactic will integrate vela and eddy more;wouldn’t it be worth it to see our fox in the box back slowing down time to cooly slot past van der sar…

  78. W.A.T.H says:

    I think that also comes with a love of the club and an attachment to the club and the fans as well and very few players have an loyalty anymore and that deep rooted love of the club that they play for.

  79. W.A.T.H says:

    Problem with that 4-3-1-2 formation K-TR7 is there is little or no width what so ever and the minute a team gets behind the ball we go back to passing them to death with everything going through the eye of a neddle pass and no width left or right…!

  80. rico says:

    Back to too many overseas players then WATH, Jack has a little bit of an edge to him as does Frimpong, lets hope Wenger doesnt get them to lose that side to them…

  81. rico says:

    4-4-2 for me, good old fashion football. When we are top of the game, it will be 1 -4 -6 🙂

  82. rico says:

    Added to that, proper players in their proper positions, thats half our problem imho, too many square pegs playing in little round holes…

    All because Wenger is tight!!

  83. rico says:

    Off for a bit, back in an hour …

  84. JonJon says:

    it doesnt matter how we line up wenger gives them too much freedom to ‘express’ themselves and everyone wants the ball so we end up with everyone in the midfield and nobocy in the box…

    when you watch us play its pretty much a 2-8-0..

    theres no cohesion and no discipline everyones given a free role…and without cesc and robin we have no creativity whatsoever

  85. JonJon says:

    wenger doesnt see it as square pegs though…he thinks all his players are intelligent and skilfull enough to play wherever he puts them…

    but theyre not..5 years of watching diaby and eboue and denilson should of rammed that home to him by now..

  86. W.A.T.H says:

    I think he likes a challenge of turning a player from one position to another and yet most fail dismally…!
    Ur right about 2-8-0 JJ thats why teams sit back and then say come on then what ya got… the answer is pretty football no end product cos noone to hurt em in the box…!

  87. K-TR7 says:

    @Wath our 4-3-3 has no width whatsoever especially with nasri,rosicky…out wide.our fbs will have to provide the width as with the case of 4-3-3.

  88. JonJon says:

    ive got a feeling jack will be allowed to move to bolton..

    and if that happens i give up..

    we wont see any signings but a freebie..and maybe a replacement for gallas…although it wouldnt surprise me if senderos was our new signing

    and the only players who will leave will be the prospects like jack…

    thats the worst case scenario and it wouldnt suprise me with the way this club is going…

    and if it happens i’ll want wenger out…

  89. W.A.T.H says:

    I totally agree K-TR7 its why our form of 4-3-3 dont work cos basically we got 5 midfielders and one striker and all midfielders are very similar not 1 winger in that 5 at all which is why we struggle to break through teams who get everyone behind the ball

  90. W.A.T.H says:

    The club dont give a shit what the average fan does JJ if I dont go there r still plenty to fill me seat in the short term BUT when the boxes dont renew and club level is half full only then will they realise they have fucked up and only then might they spend some money although I bet by then the club would of been sold onto someone who will more than likely put us back into debt again to make a fortune for their own pocket.

  91. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, all. Intense stuff going on in here! 🙂

  92. JonJon says:

    weve got no width cos we dont have wingers…no matter what formation we play

    even if we play a 442 everyone comes inside and we need our fb’s to push forward but neither have a final ball…

    and even if they do nobobys on the end of it cos everyone sits on the adge of the box wanting to pass it some more…

    pires and freddie werent wingers but were exceptional cos freddie would cut inside with menace and go directly for goal and pires would always have an end product whether it ws a goal or an assist…

    the players who play wide now dont have a clue what they are doing…theo and eboue are useless on the wing nasri doesnt like playing there and rosicky has totally lost his edge…

  93. JonJon says:

    hello AGAG… 😉

    WATH..nail on the head..its not a 433 its a 451 with no wingers and a striker who comes deep…

    everythings through the middle and the better teams just compact there defence and give us the wings knowing full well we cant use them and then hit us on the break when everyone pushes forward..

  94. JonJon says:

    hleb was the next generation of wenger ball winger cos of his ball control and his ability to take 2-3 players out of the game…

    nasri has good control and can do it as we saw v porto but he turns back on himself too much and the ball ends up back where we started..

    we need a proper winger like robben who will offer a natural threat out wide and make the opponents spread there defence so we have room to work the passes in the middle and if you allow him inside he shoots…

    we currently spend too much time getting to the byline and then passing it back to the fullback

    i know i use this phrase alot now but its just negative possession..

    70% possession and 1 shot on target is not being all over anyone..its being comfortably contained knowing full well they will get a chance to score 2 or 3 if they break, get a set piece or shoot from 40 yards…

  95. JonJon says:

    to top that off we also need a proper lethal finisher who likes to live in the box and will shoot no matter how much of the goal he sees…

  96. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ agreed on the wingers and yet RP7 could go round the outside of a fullback if he wanted to and was quicker than ppl thought and Overmars well he was just overmars…. when ever we have done well its been with a proper winger which we are sadly lacking… Evenin AGAG…!

  97. W.A.T.H says:

    Exactly we play 4-5-1 and then half the time the fuckin forwrd is in the centre circle insteaad of playing off the last defender and leading the line..! Is that cos thats what they are told or is that cos thats how we wanna play. Nasri should be on the right he is right footed although we all know he wants 2b in the middle and back to round pegs into square holes far to many out of position for no real reason.

  98. rico says:

    If there is any discussion about Jack Wilshere going to Bolton within the Arsenal Boardroom, I want Wenger sacked before he’s sold!!

    Wilshere is the brightest youth player to come thorugh since Cesc, and Cesc we stole from overseas….

    He cannot be sold at any cost….

    Afternoon AGAG

  99. rico says:

    Which goes back to why the F*** does Wenger not play Troare as a winger, he played there for Pompey and that’s he true position…

  100. rico says:

    Troare of course should read Traore 😉

  101. rico says:

    And our CF is often played on either of the wings?? Nik I mean…

  102. JonJon says:

    if jack was given the same chances as cesc diaby eboue song denilson he’d be going to the world cup..

    he just hasnt had enough games and it takes the piss cos we sit watching the same crap week in week out..

    jack might take a few months to settle but he wont do no worse than the crap we see now and once he gets going he’ll be on fire..

    id wait happily for jack to find rythym..ive been wiating 5 years for the others to find theres and they still think as shit so lets give jack a bash…

  103. JonJon says:

    wings centre circle makes no difference rico none of them are where they should be

    henry was an exception..a once in a life time player..who could get to the box from the wing or the centre circle in the blink of an eye all by himself…

    the fact of the matter is wenger still tries to play like weve got vieira pires bergkamp and henry in the squad and we are falling short…

  104. agirlagunner says:

    Gents, our loose 4-3-3 (seemed 4-2-3-1/4-1-4-1 to me) did not work over the long haul because we have no pressing game. None. Only Song sitting deep seemed perfectly comfortable with it. Our FB’s certainly had a torrid time. Clichy at the start of the season, anyone?

    We haven’t played a fantastic winger in ages, unfortunately. Robben has been sensational for Munich… but he’s also a sensational diver.

    Rico, we would be up in arms if Jack were sold. He’s too great a talent to let go.

  105. rico says:

    I think that is where the problem lies, wenger had the one off in hery and now he expects erevry player to be able to do the same, nik, theo, vela, dudu even robin, they can’t and never will be able to do. play them, don’t try to change them….

  106. W.A.T.H says:

    4-4-2 with PROPER players…! I’d of taken Robben any day AGAG don’t care how much he dives fella is quality he would not of dived so much for us I’d also of got Van Bommel when he left Barca and Lucio when he left Bayern how come we didnt get these players when BOTH left on freebies….?!?!?!?

  107. rico says:

    I’d get Robben too, and Forlan….

    Van Bommel, just for his ‘Spurs aren’t a big enough club’ would have been enough to buy him a few years ago, but didn’t he cripple one of ours, or at least try to?

  108. agirlagunner says:

    Robben, WATH? I just remember him tumbling down over the faintest contact when he was with the Chavs. He went to drama school and specialized in diving. And he did it indiscriminately. Against big teams, small fry, in the 04 Euros, 06 WC…


  109. rico says:

    agag, re Jack, that is what wenger does to british talent, just hope this new rule makes him think a bit more.. not that he should need to think to much about jack…

  110. W.A.T.H says:

    Van Bommel is a horrible nasty pig EXACTLY what we needed and so to Lucio….. Didnt see drogba throw him round did we…. he took no shit…! Just the kinda players we missing when our wimps vanish when it gets a bit tasty….! Robben would be awesome AGAG ur just being pedantic…!

  111. agirlagunner says:

    Rico, Jack is staying put, don’t worry. He has that poster boy quality about him that AW would be a fool not to recognize.

    WATH, hahaha. I could never like Robben. He’s as distateful to me as van Nistelrooy. Remember, he was booed at the Bridge? Even chav supporters (and that’s a team of divers) were repulsed.

    And I don’t want any nasty pig in our red and white…

  112. W.A.T.H says:

    We need nasty pig’s in red and white ones who dont take shit ones who dont whither when they get a little kick…. we had that before players who stood up for themselves and their mates now we just lay down and die….!

  113. rico says:

    I understand where your coming from agag, its horrid to see cheating, but is robben any worse then Eboue??

    trouble is with us girls, we are too nice and think the whole world should be the same 🙂 🙂

    where as you boys…… 😉

  114. rico says:

    Horsey….. agag, i can’t stand him,what he did to paddy …. grrrrr

  115. rico says:

    WATH, would you describe Paddy as being a nasty pig??

    Thats the kind of player we need imho….

  116. W.A.T.H says:

    Yes Paddy was…………. so to Petit…..! Take no prisoners…! put it about win the midfield then you can play your fancy football…!

  117. agirlagunner says:

    Well, we have Sol and TV5! They’re scary. And Gallas gives his teammates the eye sometimes. That’s scary.

    Now if only we could do something about Theo’s crap moustache… I give up on the fear factor in our midfield midgets. They look like boy band boylets.

  118. W.A.T.H says:

    See there you go AGAG TV has that bit of steel so to Sol and so to Willy when he feels like it…. Song is pretty hard although not PV or Petit level but at least 2 more like Song and we wouldn’t be such a team of pushovers….!. Theo’s muzzie just makes the opposition laugh…!.

  119. agirlagunner says:

    I knew you’d bring up Eboue, Rico! I have no defense for him, except that (small voice) he seems to have done it less this season?

    Paddy is irreplaceable. And I will always love Keown for his constant taunting of van Nistelrooy.

  120. rico says:

    AGAG Eboue 😆

  121. rico says:

    You all gone and left me ?? 😦 😦

  122. agirlagunner says:

    Nite, Rico! I have another three-day weekend! Yay. Time to hit the shops tomorrow.

    I do heart Eboue, theatrics and all.

  123. rico says:

    Who couldn’t agag, at least he does his best, he makes me smile, but……. you sleep well, enjoy the three day weekend and see you soon, nighty night..

  124. rico says:

    dum de dum 😉

  125. rico says:

    So then, its goodnight from me, and its good night from…. me…
    Good night, be safe…

  126. rico says:

    New Post up

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