Rodwell To Arsenal And Is Arshavin Doing An ‘Ade’??

With the season dwindling out into another year of pathetic nothingness at Arsenal, Arsene Wenger has now conceded that changes need to be made within the clubs playing staff. Le Gaffer has stated that for years his hands have been tied in terms of bolstering the squad with top class talent, even though the evidence suggests otherwise. In seasons passed we have seen signings such as Theo Walcott-12 million, Samir Nasri-12 million and Aaron Ramsey- 5 million, all come into the club. This suggests that Wenger has always had funds to play with, yet has proceeded to go down his ‘youth experiment’ route when signing players..

After 5 years without silverware, Wenger seems to have woken up and finally realised that spending money on top class talent isn’t ‘Championship Manager’, it’s an amazing little invention otherwise known as footballs transfer market.. Something where all the clubs get together and sell their deadwood and top the squad up with quality players from other teams. For a small fee of course… When we lived at Highbury there was nobody better than Wenger in this field..How I miss that Wenger..

After witnessing a certain number of his protegés once again fail at the final hurdle and show they can’t even fight their way out of a wet paper bag, Le Gaffer has officially come public and said there is now more funds to spend than ever before and he is already in talks with the players he wants to improve the squad with next year.

A name that is persistently being linked to us is Everton’s ‘wonderkid’ Jack Rodwell..I like Rodwell and I think he’s going to be a top player. He’s got a good engine and he’s big and strong with two good feet..He’s a player who likes to drive the ball forward and glides across the pitch. I think he would be good for us, in a few years time anyway..But heres the dilema..Rodwell would no doubt cost anywhere between 15-20 million such is Everton’s reluctance to let their young players leave..We saw with Rooney and to a certain extent Lescott that Moyes doesn’t take any rubbish from any team with financial might and he digs his heels in until they give up or he gets top dollar..

Do we really need another under 21 player who costs a fortune who will take 3-5 years to start performing consistently? When what we really lack is experience and proven quality at international level? I’d love to see Rodwell in an Arsenal shirt and I would kick myself if he goes to Man Utd or Chelsea and turns into a top player, knowing we had the chance to sign him. But I think the days of spending big on young players should be over..We have more than enough young players, and whats wrong with our own academy? Are we not developing players like Rodwell?? The answer is yes we are, but we don’t have enough experienced players to compliment them..So although I like Rodwell I think we should leave him at Everton to develop some more and spend 15-20 million on some experience..

Other rumours that seem to be circling the club is that Russian Motormouth otherwise know as Andrey Arshavin, seems to be trying to make himself Arsenals new enemy number one,  jealous of Adebyewhores status. He seems to be rather unsettled at Arsenal and is trying to manufacture a move to Barcelona..

If this is true then let me speak on behalf of all Arsenal fans and say ‘F*ck Off then’..If you don’t want to play for us then pack your bags and off you trot.

But to me it doesn’t appear as cut and dry as it seems..

The difference between Ade and AA is that Arsenal made Ade..Without us he would have been an unknown still getting splinters on match days in the French Leagues. Ade’s words were also his own. They weren’t only newspaper reports. Ade’s scandalous and stupid comments came from his own mouth on national TV..We all remember the interview on Sky Sports don’t we? Where one minute he was staying at Arsenal and the next Milan were after him and he wanted to talk with Wenger about his future. After one good year?? Pillock..

On the other hand Arsenal didn’t make Arshavin..Arshavin made himself, coming to the worlds attentions by tearing teams a new one in Zenit’s UEFA Cup win and also single handedly tearing Holland apart in the Euros..He was Russia’s player of the year a zillion years on the trot and when we signed him he was ranked 6th best player in the world..Arshavin was a somebody when we signed him and he didn’t come to Arsenal to wait patiently for all the babies to develop sacrificing trophies in the process..

His ‘recent’ comments about Barca seem to be old news. Theres a familiarity to them. They appear to be the same comments he made before he joined us and although the tabloids are adamant its a new story, I don’t think any of us have heard the words come from AA’s mouth..So far its all been paper talk..

The reports also say he doesn’t rate Wenger in his top managers, but if we cast our minds back, Wenger also said AA wouldn’t make it in the PL..Then we signed him.

We all know he wants to win trophies and we all know he wants Wenger to sign some top  class players, but Cesc and RvP have said the same thing and the majority of fans agree so I don’t see a problem..

Arshavin’s situation is nowhere near the same as Ade’s and until I hear Arshavin actually say he wants to leave I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt..One thing is for sure though. If Wenger sticks to his side of the bargain and gives AA some top quality players to play with, then AA better pull his socks up and play better than what he did this season..Or I’ll carry him to Barcelona myself..

71 Responses to Rodwell To Arsenal And Is Arshavin Doing An ‘Ade’??

  1. Andrew says:

    no he’s just trying to be honest he’s a very simple guy
    he not the next adebayor because he’s honest same goes for his agent for a change

  2. rico says:

    Morning All

    Nice one JJ, I don’t believe all these ‘new stories’ about AA right now, they have just been dragged up and jigged around before reprint.

    Like you, until I hear it from him or the club I will ignore the paper talk, its always the same just before a transfer window.

  3. rico says:

    As for Rodwell, I watched a bit of him in the game against manure when he scored the winner. I think we should get him, i know he’s young, but i think in a rooney kind of way rather than a theo kind of young 😉

    He would have to be assured of first team footie though to agree any deal, he wouldn’t leave everton just to park his bum on the bench..

  4. K-TR7 says:

    Morning jj.its great youre hoping AA didn’t say it but i wouldn’t put it past him.i won’t change my stance on him,he is the WHITE ADE!no matter what happens i have no RESPECT for him.he drags us through mud all the time,blaming our failings on his teammates while he is as lazy as prima donnas come.he is an infection that needs to be culled or else our youngsters will be infected!end of…

  5. rico says:

    This is from a Blackburn site..

    Arsenal Target Rovers Duo??
    Blackburn Rovers midfielder Steven N’Zonzi and defender Phil Jones are understood to be attracting attention from Arsenal.

    An Arsenal scout (who had been watching us in preparation to the meeting on Monday) is understood to have been impressed by N’Zonzi and Jones and has recommended the Rovers duo to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, urging him to make a double swoop in the summer.

    21-year-old N’Zonzi (who has previously been labelled the next Patrick Vieira) has had a superb season following his bargain move from Amiens last summer and the defensive midfielder is expected to pick up the Player of the Year Award for Rovers. 18-year-old Jones has broken through into the Rovers first team and the central defender is set to have a superb career ahead of him with comparisons to John Terry (the on the field Terry!!) drawn.

    Personally I think it’ll be hard for us to keep hold of players such as N’Zonzi and Jones if teams like Arsenal do become interested, however, I don’t think that either will be leaving Ewood Park just yet. The Zonz might be the more likely too (personally I think he’ll be here next season though) but Jonesy would benefit more from continuing his development as part of the first team at Ewood rather than being a substitute at the Emirates.

    Before the Wigan game we were linked to two of their players and we know that result, hope it doesn’t go the same way at Blackburn 😦 😦

  6. JACKIE says:

    For 15-20M you will get Rodwell’s right leg.

  7. rico says:

    Morning Jackie, nice to see an Everton fan here..

    Moyes is a very clever manager, I think you are not far wrong on your valuation of Rodwell, he is a great young player who won’t be allowed to move for a small figure.

    Looks like he got it right with Lescott though, I don’t think he has been the same player since he left Everton

  8. Tony Ateman says:

    Rodwell still has 4 years on his contract. Start the bidding at 30 million.

  9. rico says:

    Hi Tony, sadly only a club like Citeh or the Chavs will be able to afford your player imho… as said, i cant see Moyes lettimg him go in any case..

  10. K-TR7 says:

    I enjoyed inter v barca last night;watching barca squirm after sergio’s theatrics was a treat.barca players were also diving alot vs us.inters defending was epic.their organisation and discipline was admirable and i loved it.

  11. rico says:

    Just for you KTR7 🙂

    Arshavin set for Arsenal stay

    Agent assures supporters over Russian’s future

    Arshavin: Staying at Arsenal

    ..Andrey Arshavin’s agent expects the Russia international to remain at Arsenal for the rest of his career.

    The 28-year-old playmaker admitted earlier this week that he would relish the opportunity to play for Barcelona.

    He had previously been linked with a move to Camp Nou in the summer of 2008, before eventually joining the Gunners from Zenit St Petersburg the following January.

    But Arshavin’s representative Dennis Lachter has now assured supporters that it would take a ‘dramatic’ turn of events for him not to stay at Emirates Stadium until he hangs up his boots.

    Lachter admits that Arshavin might have to consider his future if manager Arsene Wenger were to leave the club.

    “Unless something extraordinarily dramatic happens, he will finish his career at Arsenal,” Lachter said in the Daily Telegraph.

    “Andrey staying depends on one man.

    “We would like to know that Arsene Wenger will be at Arsenal next season.”

  12. John says:

    I’m just repeating what some have already said. Rodwell would cost you considerably more than £15-20m. We don’t need to sell him. Moyes wants him to remain at Everton for our future. The price would be circa £30m.

  13. Carl says:

    Hi JJ, I’m a blue and of course your linked with top players your a great club with great supports and top class manager but I’m afraid you have as much chance of signing him as I have of playing for Everton myself! And buy the way I’m even shit in goal. Saying that every player has a price but we value him as good as once a blue always a blue so I’m afraid your going to have to double the 15m valuation you have on him.

  14. Le Foxe says:

    Morning all

    Rodwell would be a fantastic signing and as someone has already said, he appears to already be well into his development. I think if Wenger was to go down that route, he would have to offload Denilson and/or Diaby first. With Ramsey likely to be back by August – touch wood – Song, Fabregas and most likely Wilshere available in midfield there wouldnt be much point in keeping them.

    Collinson at West Ham would also be worth a look at. Would be available for a lot less than Rodwell, although admittedly he has a bit further to go in terms of his development.

  15. GunnerPete says:

    I have only seen Jones (Blackburn) 3 times and he is definitely what we want & need. More Tony Adams than Terry and with Rodwell and Dorrans it would bring back to AFC the class and fight we have been missing. If we are correct and have signed Chamarkh for free then we will only need a great exiting winger & Goalie..Angel de Maria who Arsene thought he had signed two years ago would be fantastic although expensive. Cost is relative as great players always add to their value. Then between the sticks? Well AW has always wanted Frey…but I would prefer Hart.yes I know he is young but so what? With Sczezney as number 3 and on loan for one more half a season…I think we will have THE SQUAD we have prayed for.

    I still do not trust AW to have the guts to clear out the nearly men ie; Denilson, Fabiansky, Rosicky, Vela, Bortello, Simpson, Gilbert, etc etc. But I hope he he continues with the emphasis in OF UK kids in the stiffs and youth teams.

  16. rico says:

    Morning LF and those just joined

    GP, the only one I would keep out of your list is Vela, but would add Diaby to it and even Almunia.

    I doubt we could afford Rodwell, also he is an Everton fan playing at his own club, I hope he stays there and proves that footballers are not always after better money….

  17. rico says:

    I have to go out for a couple of hours, catch you in a while

  18. K-TR7 says:

    @rico lachter is no longer AA’s agent.even if AA stays and remains lazy id rather he went.

  19. roger says:

    Dont understand ur opening paragraph..cause hes spent the odd 12 million means he’s had funds available, whats all that about..he hasnt had the funds to spend and thats why he’s done brilliant up till now..given the funds (which hopefully the board will)he’ll make us top class again

  20. Suhail.TV says:

    We are never going to win any thing if we cant “afford” the players we want… Same old stuff..

  21. James Connolly says:

    I’ll echo the sentiments of other blues on here. Jack Rodwell would cost at least 30mil. He has the tag of ‘Everton’s future’ so Arsenal (who I love to watch) will have to look elsewhere!

  22. Suhail.TV says:

    Ktr7 agree with you.. Arshavin just got a bigger mouth than him. He let us down when we were winning. And after that we’re suffering..

  23. JonJon says:

    nice to see some everton fans on here..

    the 30mil price tag the put on him shows how much they rate him…

    and i do not want those players from blackburn..why are we looking at players from blackburn to bolster the squad..??

  24. robert says:

    We don’t have to sell Arshavin, he has a long time left on his contract and i doupt that we will sell him unless we get ALOT of money or a good player in return…

  25. JonJon says:

    roger..he HAS had the funds to ive already pointed out hes just chosen to spend the majority of it on babies…all part of the youth experiment..

    why when we have a brilliant academy does he spend 12 mil on a 16 yr old, 5 mil on a 17yr old and another 12 mil on a 20 year old…

    denilson cost 4 mil at 19
    diaby cost 5 mil at 18

    why has he spent a tonne of money he supposedly doesnt have on youth players when our academy is supposed to be the dogs bollocks????

  26. JonJon says:

    sagna – 6 mill
    TV- 10mil
    rosicky- 6mil

    want me to carry on?
    wengers spent almost 100mil on this squad…
    100mil he supposedly didnt have??
    almost half of it on babies?? (when we develop our own?)

    anyone else wanna tell me wengers had no money to spend???

    he just hasnt bought wisely….the emphasis has been too much on youth even in the transfer market…and it hasnt worked

  27. rico says:

    Afternoon all

    I don’t think Wengers ever had any money to spend 😉 😉

  28. JonJon says:

    i think its funny rico how before we played wigan we wanted 2 of their players and now the same is happening with blackburn

  29. rico says:

    Me too, JJ, spooky, bloody result better be a whole lot different…..

  30. rico says:

    Arsenal favourites to land former French international, Frey according to some reports…

    If true, why are we going for a ‘former’ french international, and he also looks a bit chubby these days 😉

  31. W.A.T.H says:

    Evening all……… 🙂

    Former french international cos he better than what we got and give Chezny a yr to mature as well….!

    AA going nowhere I reckon and as for the rest of that post I was just waiting for the “and lets just Flamini back” line…….. 🙂

  32. rico says:

    Afternoon WATH – have you seen him, his a big chunky lump!! 😉

  33. W.A.T.H says:

    R u insinuating he’s fat Rico 😉

    That mean he gonna be able to dive well cos he got more weight to get him down quicker ? 🙂

    As for Rodwell good player but can’t see Everton getting 30mil for him those days of big transfers are on teh way out and only rent boys or rag heads will pay that money for a player and they would prob go for a better known player with more experience for 30mil…?

  34. rico says:

    I wouldn’t dare be so rude wath 😉 😉

    I dont think they would sell him anyway, he’s a toffee at heart and why would he want to move… Everton are on the way up, i thought they would be the team getting 4th this season..

  35. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, all. Great article JJ. I had forgotten Theo cost that much and I was appalled to realize what we shelled out for Denilson.

    I am not AA’s biggest fan, but I am almost sure his statements were a scissors-and-paste selection. In its entirety and in context, I would think his latest interview would be innocuous. He is a bit clueless, but he is not stupid.

    Rodwell would be a credit to any team. And he looks like he’s the business from what I’ve seen.

  36. rico says:

    Hi agag

    Turn the post around – look at those we have let go in order to finance the youth project..

    Pires – Free
    Edu – Free
    Gilberto – Free
    Sol – Free u/d
    Freddie – £3M ??
    Petit –
    Paddy –
    Overmars –

    All quality players and as far as I am aware, we only made money on Anelka??

    All to fund the kids club…..

  37. agirlagunner says:

    Ugh. We look like such a selling team. Got these figures from The Telegraph:

    1) Patrick Vieira: Signed from AC Milan in 1996 for £3.5 million. Sold to Juventus in 2005 for £13 million.

    2) Thierry Henry: Signed from Juventus in 1999 for £10.5 million. Sold to Barcelona in 2007 for £16.1 million

    3) Nicolas Anelka: Signed from Paris-St Germain in 1997 for £500,000. Sold to Real Madrid in 1999 for £23 million.

    Where’d all that money go again?

  38. rico says:

    agag, but compare that to those we paid for and let go on freebies, Sol, Pires, Edu, Flamini, Gilberto, Merida(this summer) –

    Dreadful management of contracts, and Edu apart, all are still playing at top clubs.. 😦

    We could have easy got 30M together for all of those, that would pay for David Villa 🙂 🙂

  39. W.A.T.H says:

    Money went on a new training ground a new stadium and some flats at a little ole place called Highbury….!

  40. agirlagunner says:

    That is poor contract management. And Pires on a free? Oh my.

    Could’ve funded Villa, definitely… or Torres. 🙂
    Haha. Wenger did say that Spanish players/players in Spain were calling him.

    Hey, WATH!!

  41. W.A.T.H says:

    Hi AGAG, how’s you….? All good I hope…!

  42. rico says:

    If we got both Torres and Villa we wouldn’t need to worry about how poor we are in defence 🙂

  43. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico ur such a tart 😛

  44. agirlagunner says:

    I’m good, WATH. Hope you are too.

    Rico, that’s the ultimate football fantasy! Villa, Torres, RvP, AA, Cescy, TV5… We’d break the hundred goal mark halfway through the season.

  45. rico says:

    Me WATH, never 😉

    Wouldn’t it be just heaven agag, I’d even start looking forward to watching us again. No way would Cesc look at leaving then would he…

  46. W.A.T.H says:

    I’m fine thanx AGAG…………

    I still think we need a destroyer in midfield…! another centre half 2….

  47. agirlagunner says:

    On some level, I’m sure Cesc recognizes that he has much to do, much to live up to etc. etc before he earns his stripes at Barca. Xavi looks nowhere near done and it will gall Cesc to warm the bench when he’s the superduperstar, ‘talismanic captain’, ‘midfield maestro’, ‘engine room’, ‘creative heart’ of our Beloved Club? (It is a testament to obsession about all things Arsenal that I can recite at will every other thing he is called…)

    In Barcelona, he could very well be a waterboy. A high-paid one, but a waterboy nonetheless.

  48. GunnerPete says:

    Hi rico…actually mate we made £6 mill clear on TH, 6 mill on Overmars…£14 mill clear on Petit,£8 mill clear on PV4,The rest you know. The project looked looked like the biggest bargain ever until AW turned blind half way through it and could not see that in 3 areas we were not improving…Goal, Centrecback and the time we had a great Eduardo, VP, Ade etc etc. The club decided to sell of and cut & run to pay off debts. This I did not mind at all and Im sure all Gunners would have been proud of AW if they had been up front with us and stated that AFC could not pay out more than 20% on new players of and fee we get in.But they kept lying until now!Is it too late for Aw I hope not.

  49. agirlagunner says:

    Anyone, but not Sneijder or Fletcher (shudders) in MF, WATH.

    We can put Rodwell back in centre half if we buy him…

  50. rico says:

    Hi gunnerpete, agirlagunner put the figures up earlier, but don’t you think we sold them on the cheap, especially Henry…

    I hope you get my drift though, look at how much money we lost by allowing players to walk on a freebie, and we are a club who claims to be broke, things like freebies should not happen anymore….

    You are right though, he lost his sight and should have had his eyes lasered a long time ago… 😉 😉

  51. rico says:

    agag, what about a lonely dolphin who is in the rumours 😉

  52. K-TR7 says:

    Whats new…

  53. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, Gunnerpete. I noticed the statement “… at the time we had a great Eduardo…” Haha. He’ll, be back you know. In the foxiest fox in the box form.

    If AW buys rubbish, let’s picket London Colney and The Emirates!

    Rico, which lonely dolphin?? Will I like this lonely dolphin?

  54. rico says:

    Diarra, the one who left us for…. drum roll…… POMPEY 🙂

    Don’t think he is happy at Real Madrid, the rolling stone is gathering its moss…

  55. agirlagunner says:

    Hahaha, Rico. AW got quite a scathing putdown when Diarra said he learnt “nothing” from AW. I wouldn’t mind having him back if he’d have us again. I just get the feeling he won’t want to return.

    I remember how proud Diarra was of that “big club move” move to Pompey. Seems insane now, doesn’t it?

  56. W.A.T.H says:

    will u 2 ladies stop talking dolphins…..! poor old Diarra will get a complex…! 🙂

  57. K-TR7 says:

    Calm down ladies!hi wath.if AA knuckles down and makes us proud again i will support him because to be honest apart from rvp he is the only player who can dominate big games:uefa cup final,EURO08,Anfield games,supercup final…he is quite brilliant.hope y’all ladies are happy since i know you adore him.cesc can dominate big games too but to a lesser extent…

  58. rico says:

    I’d rather the dolphin than Flamoney AGAG 😉

    KTR7, we can all dream 🙂

    WATH, you know what they say about Dolphins 😉

  59. rico says:

    AA won’t dominating the World Cup though – he’ll be at home 🙂

  60. rico says:

    What about Cesc KTR7?? or Eboue 😉

  61. agirlagunner says:

    Diarra already has a complex, imho, WATH.

    KTR7, AA is a big game player which is why I like him. I’d like him more if he actually rolled up his sleeves and got the dirty work done. It’s not just Bendtner who missed a number of sitters this season. I love Cesc but he’s never had a great game v. MU, now that you mention it.

  62. rico says:

    why is it so many big players dont have big games against big clubs??

  63. agirlagunner says:

    I don’t know, rico. Cesc folds against the chavs and the mancs almost regularly. But he does have outstanding games against the European elite. Juve, Milan, Madrid, even Barcelona, considering he was nursing a knock in the first leg.

  64. rico says:

    maybe it comes back to having lumps kicked out of him here, oh, and against porto 😦

  65. K-TR7 says:

    @Agag cesc is shackled by essien/fletcher/mascherano in the pl because they follow him all over and we know cesc isn’t the my view AW wants to play AA in big game in the no.10 role while rvp and chamack lead the line.cesc can drop abit deeper to dictate the tempo and making intelligent surges into the box.AA is perfect for no.10 since he is the complete package and so unpredictable…

  66. agirlagunner says:

    Cesc is an easy target because he is slight of build and not likely to be effective in retaliation (except that statement tackle at Stoke while shhhing Pulis). I mean, physically, he is no Drogba, so other players feel like they can have a go at him.

    I am off to dream about a big transfer kitty and contract signings involving El Guaje and El Nino. Rico, doesn’t it sound promising that their monickers are in keeping with our youth project?!! Good nite lady and gents!

  67. agirlagunner says:

    Interesting point about AA on a 10-ish role. Injury barring, and Chamakh adapting to our style quickly, that could work. Cesc is very effective when he drops in deep because that seems to be his preferred position. He was almost our striker this year, he played so near goal.

    I still don’t like Fletcher, but Essien, I really rate highly.

  68. rico says:

    I’m off to guys and gals – i’ll see you all tomorrow,

    Stay safe, nighty night…

  69. veebot says:

    Arshavin has no right (even thought I dont Believe all the rumors) He didnt do his his part. there is enough quality around him for something to happen. I dont want to hear another word about barca from his mouth. Score 20 goals a season then we will say he has done his part.

    @Roger.I know. People seem to forget that Wenger is employed. He cant just take shit and do what he wants with it. You think he was just looking for an opportunity to be restrained from buying big players cos he’s some kinda crazy? Outta line man.

    Oh yeah people dont forget that big honking stadium when askining silly questions like where did all the money go. Seriously.

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