Balls Arsene, ’bout time you showed you had some!!

I thought yesterday here was pretty darn good, most of us have a similar view on what we think we need.

This ranges from getting quality players in, shipping crap players out and even, if Arsene doesn’t soon show some balls, then he can take a hike with the players we want out.

I’m not quite there on the get rid of Arsene Wenger just yet but, if we get half way into the transfer window, just before  the start of World Cup and he hasn’t got the players we need then I will change my view. There is no point it waiting until the World Cup as any half decent player representing his country will have an extra few million added to his price tag. We know then that he will use that as another excuse not buy player X,Y or Z…

Nothing we can do about any of that right now, lets wait and see what happens….

What also materialised yesterday that the majority of voters want Pat Rice replaced, some even want a whole new beginning in the management of our club – again, nothing will happen until the end of the season.

Today though we head off up north to face Wigan, today is about not only the players who wear the shirt of our club showing balls, it’s about Arsene Wenger showing some too.

If I were him I would drop a few, I would leave out Almunia, Denilson and Diaby, replace them with Manonne, Eastmond and I was going to say Merida, (but reports are out that he has signed a five-year deal with Atletico Madrid, i don’t know if that’s old news or for real) so why not throw in Barazite?

I would even think about having Sunu and Freeman on the bench…

Is it the right time to make drastic changes? Why not, we are playing Wigan, not Real Madrid…

Sadly though we all know that won’t happen, Eboue will play left midfield, van Persie will be at CH, and Theo will be in goal, that’s what Wenger does so often, sticks square pegs in round holes and then he wonders why we struggle!

Its spooky that we play Wigan today, just a few days after strong rumours did the rounds that we have already signed two of their players in a joint deal worth 22M – best we all keep an eye on them just to see how they come to be valued quite so high. The two players are Charles N’Zogbia and Hugo Rodallega.

Interestingly though,  Martinez hasn’t denied this rumour, Wenger has had nothing to say either!

We have four games left, four games to finish our season with a winning run and a bit of credibility, and if we can’t beat Wigan and that is not meant in any way to be disrespectful, but I might go back to concentrating on Reading, at least they won 6-0 yesterday…

Of course I am kidding, Arsenal are too deep in my heart to leave now or ever….

But we need a great, gutsy, dogged, determined performance, we need to play with a purpose, that purpose is to win and win with ease. Forget the fancy poncie football, we have to be ruthless and score goals, plenty of them aswell!!

To do that though we need the right players on the park to start with and then we will win, give anything less and it’s another crap week ahead for all true Gooners…

Would you stick with the players you’ve criticised for most of this season, or would you start with a few fresh faces?????

Couple of rumours this morning, Arsenal are looking at Joe Hart for 8M, Lyon are showing interest in Eduardo and Wenger has said there is a good chance Chamakh will join us in the summer!!

Oh, and Robin should start today….

Have a great day all, the sun is shining and three points this afternoon will keep it that way…

291 Responses to Balls Arsene, ’bout time you showed you had some!!

  1. rico says:

    Morning all 🙂

  2. rico says:

    Wenger on… Gives hope really, maybe he has finally seen the light, or is it just ST time 😉

    Attention has now turned to how the Emirates Stadium side can bridge the divide. Speaking at Friday’s press conference. Wenger was in bullish mood.

    “I think we can overcome [Chelsea],” he said. “For a while we were not investing maybe because we had built the stadium but I think our financial situation is now becoming much stronger and we will be capable to buy the players we need to buy.”

    “No we cannot [compete] on wages with Chelsea. That is simple. I believe what is not normal is not our wage bill but their wage bill because that should not be allowed.

    “However they cannot all go to Chelsea, it is as simple as that. There are top players outside of the ones Chelsea want to buy who are good enough for us.”

  3. K-TR7 says:

    Morning rico.Now we know that AW’s hands have been tied for five years.he looked optimistic and it looks like chamack is in the bag and maybe more ‘deals’ to be announced in close season.AW should really be credited for keeping us in top level with shortage of finances;he is not stingy as his earlier years at the club showed.

  4. rico says:

    Dibble, if you think its that bad, push off somewhere else and shut the door behind you!

  5. W.A.T.H says:

    Morning Rico…………

    I see AW at it again with “deals” in place rubbish just like he has said the last few seasons and then we end up with noone in August…! As said previously all the talk is around the time of people having to renew season tickets…!. Will they fall for it again or will a lot actually wait and see if we actually do buy anyone before they hand over a grand to watch kids fail again when it really matters..?

  6. rico says:

    Morning WATH

    He is pretty consistant with his comments this time of the year isn’t he. If I were aST holder I think i would wait and see what happens, couldn’t bare the thought of paying so much money to watch some of the players we have..

    Its bad enough paying 9.99 a month for ESPN 😉

  7. rico says:

    Song has said he thinks Cesc will be here next season…

  8. agirlagunner says:

    Morning rico, KTR7! I’m posting early for a change. I missed yesterday’s discussion. Shame. AW does have to buy. That he’s said it in several consecutive interviews should mean that he realizes that we missed out on a great chance winning the league this year because we did not strengthen the team when we should have.

    We have too good a team to be perpetually striving for third or second. We’ve waited long enough. It’s time Arsenal FC repaid our faith.

  9. K-TR7 says:

    @rico-chavs were battered last night,they couldn’t get out of their own half while having their best team out.we had half our team out but we perfomed better;spuds couldn’t get out of their own half all we lacked is the cutting edge.i have said it several times that we’re not far off,if AW stays true to his word the next pl title will be ours and we will strongly challenge for the cl.a couple of seasoned internationals to give us that aura of top clubs like inter and we’ll be laughing…

  10. rico says:

    Morning agag, ms early bird 😉

    Morning KTR7 – we were dreadful against the spuds, all the ball yes, but no end product 😦 all the defeat to the spuds does is help the mancs, unless of course we go on and cause an upset…. 😉

  11. agirlagunner says:

    We were indefensibly terrible against the spuds, rico. The one good thing about that game was that maybe, a big MAYBE, AW was forced to confront the fact that our line-up, once shorn of Cescy, AA, TV5, Song, Gallas, all at once exposed us as a team direly in need of reinforcements by way of world beaters not a gaggle of teenagers.

  12. rico says:

    If that’s what comes out of that defeat then maybe, but sadly agag, we have seen displays far too often like that, wenger hasn’t learned yet though 😦

    I have to go out for a couple of hours, get the dogs walked before it gets too hot, didn’t think i would be saying that in april!!

    Back in a while..

  13. Erick says:

    Morning all K-tr7 we are not far at all we need the 3 or 4 players top quality then we can win something I felt the spuds had great team effort thats what we lack the skill is there but the spirit is wanting

  14. JonJon says:

    morning rico

    good post….the game v spurs was the final straw fo me with some of these players

    id blood the new players in this game

    alot of fans are having orgasms about chelsea losing last night…but even if we beat wigan we will still lose against citeh…

    we can still reach second…but winning the league will be a fluke of the highest proportions

    denilson almunia diaby dont deserve to play again ever after the spurs game..wenger said himself certain players didnt have the right attitude in that game to win the league

    so do something about it..dont reward them with another game..give some of the up and coming lads a go..the lads with hunger…they cant do much worse than the crap we saw v spuds…

  15. stonroy says:

    Great post as always. Hope all is well Rico.

  16. striker says:

    I saw the Spurs Chelsea game on tv.The Spurs players were like terriers snapping at the heels of any Chelsea player with the ball.
    Their defence was equally good with two lines of defenders.The only way to play such team is thru the bye line .
    In truth if AW will observe how other teams defend against the big guns the better. He will insist his way is the only way and best way. Yeah with everybody attacking and the gaping holes at the back.
    No wonder the red faced expresses delight in playing the gunners. The amount of space is laughable.If Arsenal intend to go the title next ,make sure the defence is tight other wise the red faced will be like a pirate on a plundering mission.

  17. Erick says:

    JJ what team would you put out today?

  18. Erick says:

    Striker very true plus a bit of passion some players are just so disinterested they are so cocky

  19. JonJon says:


    eboue sagana sol clichy

    eastmond nasri coq

    nikki robin vela

  20. K-TR7 says:

    We should tighten our defense,the spuds showing in defense was admirable.with chamack hopefully we can be a threat on the counter invincibles style;we could score a goal 10 seconds after conceding a corner…i miss those days.

  21. le foxe says:

    Morning all

    Reckon Joe Hart would be an awesome signing but I cant see Man City letting him go.

    I personally think Shay Given is coming to the Arsenal….lots of rumours were doing the rounds in Jan that the deal was struck for him and Bellamy to come but he changed his mind at the last minute.

    Wouldnt say no to Given though, got plenty of experience and is happy to shout at his defence, something we have lacked since Mad Jens.

    Listening to Wenger use the word ‘deals’ has made me a happy man today though….just hope he doesnt mean new contracts for some of the shite we have at the club at the moment!

  22. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ what you smoking………..? Not the pvc i hope…! You know crabboy n dire-by are gonna play…! As 4 the Don in goal maybe if we put flapianski and the waiter in with him between the three of then they maybe able to keep a clean sheet…. Wouldn’t bet on it though.

  23. W.A.T.H says:

    Joe Hart is Arsenal h’e jump at the chance to join us but will citeh let him..? Also where would that leave Chezney..?? As no2..?. If Wenger wants Chezney as no1 then Aw will buy an older goalie who could give us 2 good seasons if he buys a younger keeper then maybe he also thinks Chez won’t be good enough although having had the waiter for 2 and a bit seasons my gran would of been better and she 90…!

  24. K-TR7 says:

    I wouldn’t want given at all.he has good reflexes but he doesn’t command his box especially on setpieces;he stays rooted to the goal line.i think AW should target a goalkeeper who can command his box and make matchwinning saves.i reckon AW wanted sorensen in jan but who knows?lets wait and see hoping for the best…

  25. agirlagunner says:

    It’s galling to say this but the Spuds were good last night. They even reminded me of our players, fluffing 3 or 4 really good chances. Haha.

    I think I’ll scream if Manny starts tonight and wears the captain’s armband. It really would not be well-deserved.

  26. JonJon says:

    hahaha wath

    i know mate..

    crabby McHuffnpuff and Dire-by will play…

    joe hart is a good keeper and would probably do well for us…but for me the GK situation has got that bad i expect nothing less than a world class GK next year…

    although manny will still be number 1..

  27. Topgunwenger says:


  28. Erick says:

    JJ i woudn’t object on bit some players need to feel the heat of 19 year olds playing instead of them. Sailor we might just sign her as our 1st signing or is it second 🙂 🙂

  29. le foxe says:

    JJ – reckon you are right. But are there any world class keepers out there?

  30. JonJon says:

    hello AGAG..

    first time weve spoke i believe..

    yes spurs are on fire but they are playing like they want that 4th means the world to them and they are fighting for it…

    it pains me to say it..but i wish some of our players would show that desire for the pisses me off how certain players can just stroll around the pitch with something of this magnitude on the line..

    defeats are expected and normal in football but defeats with no desire to even play is totally unacceptable…title race or not…we should be up for every game and not go into it like a training match…

  31. Erick says:

    AGAG your up early whats up, K-TR7 did you see Cech’s ooe handed save of Bentley’s volley world class mate Pensioners should have been beaten by 6 to 7 goals but Cech did good

  32. JonJon says:


    hugo lloris has been getting rave reviews by almost every manager in the universe..

    rumour has it that we are to use eduardo as a makeweight to try get him in the summer but i cant see it..

    wenger doesnt understand the importance of a top quality keeper…manny will stay

    the GK position is under more scrutiny now then ever..its a hard position to play as the balls are now like plastic fly aways you get on the beach

    but…a good keeper would adapt and still know how to command his box…

    mannys just a mute second rate drama queen whos too busy thinking about what colour hes dying his hair while 40 yard free kicks are flying past his near post..

    he’d never catch a ball…it would ruin his manicure..

  33. Erick says:

    JJ ‘ To dare is to do’

  34. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, JonJon. I’m sort of new here.

    I thought the spuds performance v. the Arsenal was a one-off but the way they’re playing, I wouldn’t be surprised if they get a good result v. the mancs.

    It’s awful how certain players look like they’re playing a training match; Diaby has undone in the last five matches the progress he has made this season; and Denilson, I do not know what to make of him.

  35. W.A.T.H says:

    I still like the russian Akinfeev…….. Top Goalie..! But as you said yesterday JJ I’d take anyone over the waiter. I’ll have a word Erick and see if she’s keen…!

    You’d of thought wednesday our lot were playing for their summers hold cos it def didn’t matter..! Only Sol Gael n RVP anyway..!.

    Afternoon AGAG…. I thought of you last night I even poured you a GG and then drank it 4 you 🙂

  36. Erick says:

    JJ 🙂 🙂 🙂 we truly need a keeper manicure and hair dye what are footballers getting to 🙂 Hugo would be great JJ have seen him several times he is good

  37. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, Erick. I have work to do later so I’m dropping in early. Pav’s miss made me laugh. Three on one and the ball couldn’t find the back of the net. Classic Arsenal.

    Cech saved Chelsea’s blushes and their scum captain found his comeuppance at last.

  38. JonJon says:

    denilson is rubbish AGAG..hes been rubbish from the beginning…certain fans reckon last year was his best year and hes a good player but if last year is all hes got and hes the future of arsneal after cesc leaves then we are in the shit…

    wenger once said denilson is a cross between gilberto and rosicky..i think he must mean he has the attacking instincts of gilberto and the defensive insticts of rosicky 😉

    as for diaby..hes always been useless too…hes probably the most skillfull player we have but hes dopey as shit…every games like a training match to him..hes just a show pony and a luxury player but in a game that requires team ethic diabys attributes make him nothing more than a liability.. hence why we get one good game in 5…

  39. Erick says:

    WATH the ladies man 😉 If we got beat today Wath am having Vodka 😦

  40. W.A.T.H says:

    Will be interesting to see you slurring on the pc Erick…. Don’t forget add some nice lemanade or cranberry so it’s nice n sweet 🙂

  41. agirlagunner says:

    Hola, WATH. You can pour me another drink after we win tonight. Everytime I see the GG advert on the telly, I raise an imaginary toast to you. We’ll convert Erick and Rico yet!

    Manny had a fantastic first game v. Barcelona but that’s about it for him. I’m finding it hard now to understand why he’s assured of that post.

  42. JonJon says:


    id take stephen hawkins over the waiter

  43. Erick says:

    AGAG on sunday thought it was a resting day 🙂 If Denilson is not a dm why does AW play him there Eastmond should be ahead of him AW totally contradicts himself. Wath or the grape Juice 😉

  44. W.A.T.H says:

    I’d take douglas Bader JJ……….. 🙂

    Your on AGAG a bottle for us and a sip each for Erick n Rico and a beer for JJ cos he’s a bit of a heathen…! He likes pink boa’s as well 😉

    First half the waiter woz ok AGAG 2nd he was back to his normal self…! Crap…! Why wenger has stuck with him for 2 yrs is beyond me and most other fans…!

  45. Erick says:

    JJ stephen who? Thanks Wath hope it gets past my throat AGAG wouldn’t mind Fabianski or Vito today am sick of Al

  46. raif says:

    morning Roadsters,,

    nothing but 3 points will be enough today..

    lets hope the team selection is a logical one

  47. agirlagunner says:

    JJ- wenger once said denilson is a cross between gilberto and rosicky..i think he must mean he has the attacking instincts of gilberto and the defensive insticts of rosicky.

    Haha. I’ll drop this in casual conversation and sound smart. I wonder how many goals Gilberto scored for Arsenal. Denilson will improve this year. He was woeful this year and he can’t possibly get worse, can he?

  48. rico says:

    Hi all,

    Good comments again, especially the alcohol related 🙂

    Good to see stonroy pop in earlier – come back you old bugger 😉

    agag, i saw the pav miss to, it was worse than any theo has missed 😉 😉

  49. JonJon says:

    thats the thing with manny tho AGAG..

    he his a good shot stopper..but to be honest the barca finishing was woeful..

    but when it comes to lobs, crosses,freekicks and general positioning hes one of the worst keepers ive ever seen in an arsenal shirt..

    what pisses me off is that wenger had a good keeper in manninger..but he let him go and kept seaman for too long…weve never really put it right since then

  50. JonJon says:


    google stephen hawkins

  51. agirlagunner says:

    Erick, Stephen Hawking may yet beat Manny. And he’s been in a wheelchair for 40 odd years.

  52. JonJon says:


  53. rico says:

    What about Stuart Taylor, had he stayed and been trusted more, he possibly would have been better than Almunia is now – agree re manninger jj, athletic and confident. same old story though, he persists with the crap and lets some of the good go….

  54. rico says:

    Hey raif, nice to see you, a bit of jigging around with a few of the reliable should do it… 😉

  55. JonJon says:


    denilson wont get any better than last year..

    hes got the vision of a bat, the strength of a toddler and the pace of crippled slug..

    his best attribute is that he trys to read the pass and intercept is..but we need players who get stuck in and not stand off and thats just what denilson does

    by the time hes got his bearings the play has passed him by and he cant catch up

  56. rico says:

    think your being a bit kind to denilson jj…. 😉

  57. JonJon says:

    gin and tonic for me WATH..with a straw..plenty of fruit.. 😉

  58. K-TR7 says:

    Cech really saved chavs blushes or else they would’ve been hammered wiganesque.spuds finishing reminded me of our finishing vs the chavs in 07-08 at home a game which we should’ve hammered them but we ended up winning one nil…

  59. raif says:

    hi Rico,,

    thats true,, but Wigan have been strong at home this season,, so we cant go in expecting to win by just showing up,, somthing our boys seem to be doing of late

  60. W.A.T.H says:

    Lata u lot the pub is calling and I have to go drink for Erick Rico and have a few for AGAG as well….!.

    See ya bit lata…!

  61. JonJon says:

    to be honest Gilberto was over rated

    ive always said the invincibles never won more than they did because we had passengers in that team

    lehmann, kolo, lauren and gilberto were not good enough and the rest carried them…

    i always preferred edu to gilberto..he fitted the system more and we played better..there was a time too when edu was ahead of gilberto on the pecing order but just at that point wenger let him go…

  62. agirlagunner says:

    JJ- I thought long and hard about Denilson and came up with two good things about him: he can shoot from distance and can dance a mean samba.

    There. that’s the sort of “DM” that Arsenal thinks is world class.

    WATH, a bottle of San Mig for JJ, and some milkshake for Erick.

  63. JonJon says:

    see ya WATh

    raif i can see the pitch at wigan being shit again too

    it will need more than pass pass pass today… we need 11 sol campbells

  64. rico says:

    See you later wath, tonic water for me please 🙂

    thats why i think get a couple in like eastmond and coquelin raif, they wouldn’t assume they have a right to play, bet they’d be proud and put in a shift instead of denilson and diaby going for a sunday afternoon stroll..

    but we know aw we stick with his favs..

  65. JonJon says:


    yeah hes a sexy little dancer aint he..too bad he doesnt put as much energy into his running

  66. Erick says:

    They beat Liverpool and you might say who doesn’t but they also out played them Raif am with you on that Thanks AGAG, JJ re Stephen being too soft on Manny

  67. JonJon says:

    raif we need a good furniture performance today.. 😆

    i wonder what raif thinks of denilson??? 😉

  68. JonJon says:

    even a cardboard cut out of manny would be better than manny.. 😉

  69. rico says:

    glad you said that about jens jj, he never did it for me, i still blame him for our cl defeat in 06,i know almunia let the goals in but he wouldn’t have been on the pitch if jens had not a one of his many mad moments!

  70. K-TR7 says:

    Isn’t it weird that robin has never scored a hatrick for us?even nik has one…

  71. Erick says:

    See you Sailor and just incase order the Vodka for me. AGAG now you talking 🙂 🙂 🙂 get one for Raif too

  72. rico says:

    Erick, you are having a milkshake 😉

    KTR7, he’s never fit long enough 😉

  73. JonJon says:

    henry was at fault rico

    he missed 3 sitters when we were 1-0 up that in PL he would have put away with ease…

    it came back to bite us..

  74. Erick says:

    K-tr7 interesting very but am calm now that you mentioned it and he will be in the starting eleven may be just may be 🙂

  75. rico says:

    One thing I was pleased about yesterday was Phil Dowd having the balls to show Terry a red card, that has been along time coming….

  76. JonJon says:


    robins not a clinical finisher..thats why..but you’d have thought hed of had one by now though

    like you say even nikki has one..

  77. rico says:

    funny how that happened and then he ended up at barca…. call me an old cynic!

  78. JonJon says:

    haha i know rico

    although i think terrys been sent off 4 times in his career and dowds gave him 3 of them…

  79. le foxe says:

    Reckon RVP will get a hatrick today now you’ve said that!!

  80. Erick says:

    Down to ten men cost us so Jens 😦 gets the blame

  81. K-TR7 says:

    Jj-we bought rvp as a winger but aw sees him better closer to goal.he had started being clinical at the beginning of the season lets hope he continues to improve…

  82. raif says:

    hey JonJ,, good furniture is needed indeed,..
    as for denilson he needs to be taken outside to the carpark and have him promptly shot

  83. iluvafc says:

    I don’t think Wenger is tough enuff to offload a player who is under contract, doesnt want to leave or no other team wants him. He wants to keep everybody happy, like a doting father.

    Therefore as much as it pains me to say this be prepared to see the likes of Denilson, Almunia, Walcott etc playing for us next season.
    We chose to let Merida go so we can play Eboue, Diaby & Denilson in midfield. What a stroke of ingenuity by the gaffer.

    Who we will actually buy in the summer is a prodigy from the surburbs of a little town in Kenya, an experienced veteran released on a free by a 3rd division team in France, & new wallets for the board directors.

    But not to worry, we will still be able to compete for honors for a good 3 quarters of the season, just like every season.

    Go Gooners.

  84. JonJon says:

    yeah rico..

    funny how he took a 10 mill payoff with him for his last season too

    i dont get that me…he wanted to leave ..why did we have to buy out his contract…we only got 6 mil for him in the end..we were robbed..6 mil for one of the best strikers in the world..ffs

    and ian wright gets some right stick but henry was no angel either…just cos he says he still loves us and keeps his gob shut on other things dont mean he didnt kick us in the bollox cos he did…

    at least wrightys honest…

    both legends though…love em both

  85. raif says:

    Along with Almunia mind you

  86. rico says:

    Erick, that mad dash of his was….. mad ;)I take it you were a Jens fan…

    never knew that about dowd v’s terry – lets hope he refs a few of our matches against the chavs over the next few seasons 😉

  87. rico says:

    raif, along with almunia, silvestre and diaby 😉

  88. rico says:

    no doubt there was some clause in his contract jj when he stayed that last year – i expect aw promised him that he would buy two world class players or buy out his contract – denilson signed and henry went 😉

  89. JonJon says:

    yeah ktr this season has been the one were robins really come on…

    hes lost his way a little in recent years but i think its cos he has a viciuos edge that wenger tried to take away…

    seems wenger has let him have it back and hes become the animal we knew he would be…

    did you know that robin used to play cage football in rotterdam??? hes a nasty lil bastard…

    he plays better when he uses it…but hes more mature now so the red cards dont come…

    rooney was the same..only injuries havent hampered his deveopment..

  90. rico says:

    See the sunday mirror have us linked with Gary Cahill again, maybe little jack has had a word in his ear …

  91. agirlagunner says:

    I didn’t know RvP has never scored a hat-trick for us. Interesting. I loooove Henry, but his finishing was terrible that fateful night.

    rico, amazing how many yellows were shown. And it shows promise that Phil Dowd wasn’t cowed by the thugs. I love it when things don’t go the chavs’ way.

  92. JonJon says:

    yeah almunia got beat at his near post..twice..

    tut tut..sign of things to come..should have known he was gonna be shit for two years then

  93. Erick says:

    Yes Rico liked him he made some great saves 🙂

  94. raif says:

    rico, ahh yess duaby to..

    as for silvestre he aint worth the bullets so what i would do with him is bury him to the neck, and stone him to death.. and then let the vultures take care of the rest

  95. Danish Gooner says:

    We could easily sell a couple of our non competitive players like Rosicky,Eduardo,and diaby and have 25 mil in the bag but will he do it ?? off course not !!.Only at Arsenal are you allowed to perform crap season after season and be awarded with a massive pay increase.

  96. Erick says:

    AW says RVP is serious lad no discos and trains his socks off

  97. K-TR7 says:

    Rvp’s body movements are incredible when performing dragbacks and scoopturns,he can turn a defence inside out as we have seen many times just ask savage.unfortunately what makes him special is his weakness kinda clark kent and kryptonite…

  98. agirlagunner says:

    raif, that’s quite a gory mental image. But let me make of record that I have no objection.

  99. JonJon says:

    henry wanted to leave after the CL final..he knew the policy wenger was taking would mean no more trophies for 100 years so he wanted out…

    but we were moving into the new stadium that year and wenger needed to keep henry to ensure the club filled the stadium and sold all th tickets..

    there was no way we would have filled 60k a week playing with our youth team..ppl wouldnt have wanted to pay over 2 grand a year to watch a bunch of unknowns…so henry stayed for a year but wanted a payoff for doing it..

    wenger agreed..but he was injured that season anyway..wenger should have just sold him there and then..he was still 28 so we would have got 30 mil for him…

    kept 10 mil and bought torress.. 😉

  100. Erick says:

    Raif ouch, Danish gooner AW must get the courage to show the door crap players

  101. rico says:

    Erick, he made some gaffs too, didn’t he tread on Defoe/Keanes foot once with a bout 3/4 minutes to go, we were winning 1-0 until the penalty 😦

  102. rico says:

    ruthless raif, just what some of our players need to be 🙂

  103. rico says:

    Hi DG, thats what is so chuffing annoying, we all can see it, but he can’t, worn a bit thin now though eh…

  104. rico says:

    and how much of that was about his passport jj? saying that, i think his marraige split had a bit to do with his final decision…

    fans are paying now though 😦

  105. raif says:

    thats the wring with our team. Rico,, no one is ruthless, not wenger not the board, and never the players.

    people are just there for the ride. and be carried by others, not to mention reward failure at our club,

  106. Erick says:

    True Rico, JJ Henry knew no more trophies and pushed the eject button listening to AW interview he is admitting that we couldn’t compete at the highest level because we could not invest there he was playing us by saying this team can grow blah blah blah

  107. Erick says:

    Any team news?

  108. rico says:

    Fabianski, eastmond in, Sol and Silvestre in defence and Robin on the benc…

  109. Erick says:

    Atleast Manny gets the bench y y y y RVP we need him in the starting eleven AW

  110. rico says:


    Lukasz Fabianski
    Bacary Sagna
    Sol Campbell
    Mikael Silvestre
    Gael Clichy
    Craig Eastmond
    Tomas Rosicky
    Samir Nasri
    Abou Diaby
    Theo Walcott
    Nicklas Bendtner


    Vito Mannone
    Armand Traore
    Emmanuel Eboue
    Fran Merida
    Conor Henderson
    Robin Van Persie
    Carlos Vela

  111. rico says:

    Why Merida I wonder, the kid is leaving….

    Good to see Vela is still around..

  112. rico says:

    No place on the bench for the waiter, must be because of the ‘lunchtime kick off’ – he’s busy dropping trays 😉 😉

  113. JonJon says:

    well at least wenger showing his ruthless streak

  114. Erick says:

    Manny not even in the bench thats a new one

  115. Erick says:

    If I may ask the story about Fran is it in because have been there and don’t seem to get it

  116. JonJon says:

    the story about fran is an old one erick

    he was meant to have signed for athletico back in december but he never went…

    hes prob gone but until he actually moves wont comment..

  117. JonJon says:

    why the fuck are we playing 5 men in midfield against wigan

    weve got vela on the bench play him at start with two strikers…

    the boy plays well with nikki so why dont he get a chance

    and mannys not injured..hes been dropped

  118. raif says:

    fran has gone.. and vela will be sent packing aswell if he dont step up

  119. rico says:

    raif, he needs to be played to step up, i feel for him, he’s better than some of the s***e we have seen, i also think he has been naughty 😉 international games when being told not to springs to mind…

  120. Erick says:

    Raif let me in the secret. True JJ we should be on them from the word go and y is RVP not starting???

  121. rico says:

    jj, today he has shown some balls in his selection, wenger is smiling his ‘smile’ when asked about almunia – i think he’s gone too!!

    are we at last seeing a man under pressure make a few decisions…. bloody hope hope so, but wont get my hopes up..

    big game for fabianski.. and theo…. 😉

  122. raif says:

    Erick.. with the injurys we have had in the middle fran would have been a sure bet to get a game.. but he hasnt kickd a ball for the first team since all that stuff about his contract came out.. wenger dosnt play players who hasnt committed to their contract, so that says to me Fran has already signed for another club,,

    Vela on the other hand hasnt done anything with when ever he did get a chance earlyer in the season, but i do beleive what JonJ says about stuff going on behind the scenes

  123. rico says:

    Erick, robin was always a doubt to start, unless theo plays out of his skin, it won’t be too long until he’s on imho 🙂

    off to watch…

  124. Erick says:

    Thanks Raif but at Bolton he won us the match may be alot is going on behind the scene

  125. rico says:

    Talk about out of the frying pan….. fabianski does not fill me with confidence…..

  126. Erick says:

    Froze on the corner

  127. rico says:

    iluvafc, sorry for the delay in letting you on, you were in moderation, comments will go straight up now, hope you come again…

  128. rico says:

    He did Erick, and why oh why didn’t diaby shoot….

  129. rico says:


  130. Erick says:

    Come on

  131. JonJon says:

    im going to sleep here this is poor…30 mins and not 1 shot

    451 doesnt work without natural wingers it leaves nikki to play 4 defenders by himself..

    and diabys shit

  132. raif says:

    what a ball by Sol lol

  133. raif says:

    fucking hell Theo shoot for god sake

  134. Erick says:


  135. JonJon says:

    fucking hell

    someone fucking shoot

    and rodelagas shit..sol just outpaced him..

  136. raif says:

    diaby is a squad player at best. i hate his consistent run of shit form

  137. raif says:

    whats so ment to be great about this rodelaga??

    i wouldnt want him if im to be honest

  138. raif says:

    finally a shot.. after 35 mins

  139. JonJon says:

    vela on at half time..take diaby off

    rvp on after 70 take theo off…

  140. raif says:

    eastmand, our best player so far i say

  141. raif says:


    thank you for that goal

  142. Erick says:

    Walcot Get in

  143. rico says:

    sol and eastmond doing well, eastmond is so so calm, hes obviously been watching Song 🙂

    Theo has just scored JJ 😉 😉 🙂

  144. agirlagunner says:

    Yay! Theo!

  145. raif says:

    theo hat trick anyone?

  146. rico says:

    now show you have nutts theo!!!

    three from him today…

  147. Erick says:

    Eastmond 4ever Denilson please

  148. raif says:

    as wigan will have to come out now

  149. rico says:

    me raif, me 🙂

  150. rico says:

    poop, that was close to being his second…

  151. agirlagunner says:

    Eastmond’s a revelation. I like. Theo to score another!

  152. rico says:

    i like Kirkland, never knew why the dippers let him go…

  153. JonJon says:

    bwt time

    raif would you be happy if wenger spent 22 mil on nzgeboue and rogalaga??

    weve got enough crap at the club

    spend 22 mil on a keep then we talking

  154. raif says:

    rico – he was always in the treament room thats why, so i wouldnt have wanted him with us.. as we would never see him,

    JonJ.. i wouldnt Touch them with a Platic Barge pole with swine flue on it for that price

  155. JonJon says:

    eastmonds alway been good..and hes local..and he can play rb..

    puts denilson and diaby to shame

    kirklands backs bad rico…he cant train with the rest of the squad

    while the rest are running drills and doing weights kirkland goes swimming..hes done well to last as long as he has but thats why hes at wigan and not a top team

  156. JonJon says:

    lol raif

    i like that one..

    its almost as good as ‘i wouldnt touch her with a stolen cock’ lol

  157. agirlagunner says:

    I think I’ve seen Eastmond play just thrice, JJ. But I like that he keeps it simple.

  158. Erick says:

    We don’t need to sign any player who is mentioned in the same sentence as injury

  159. JonJon says:

    hes a good little prospect AGAG..

    he just needs the chance that denilson and diaby have been given

    what worries me though, and it aint a dig at wenger..its a fact, is that he never gives the english lads long enough…

    where the likes of denilson get 5 years he gives the local boys 5 minutes then shows them the door..

    i hope he doesnt do that with eastmond

    or jack or jet for that matter

  160. rico says:

    Telling ya, the kid is so cool and calm, he’s another Song but with the English factor (not that i am in any way against overseas players before i am acussed of being bias)

    I know i won’t convince anyone here but Theo is a striker, not a winger, our play has been sussed and in games like this we need to play two up top and be direct – stop the poncie passing… look who is their defence…

  161. rico says:

    fair doos about kirkland, but he’s pretty good when fit 😉

  162. JonJon says:

    the thing is rico is that when we play 433 theo is a striker…

    hes scored 2 goals in 19..he aint good enough..he can score a hattrick today and he still wont be good enough

  163. rico says:

    JJ, and add to that Frimong, another player who will be better than Diaby and Denilson…

  164. rico says:

    Frimpong not Frimong….

  165. rico says:

    too flippin casual by diaby!!

  166. Erick says:

    Saw Eastmond play against Bolton and he was Average but he is getting there. Rico Theo needs time before he goes central thats what i think

  167. rico says:

    bollox, hope that goal doesnt mean a new contract!!!

  168. agirlagunner says:

    flabbergasted. silvestre?

  169. raif says:

    Rico,, and thats not very often.. even more so for one of the big clubs with the amount of games we play. (Kirklands Fitness)

    Oh look who scored!!!! Stone him the wanker.

  170. iluvafc says:

    Hope that 2nd half Silvestre & Fabianski dont create any comedy. Clearly no communication at the back.

    Diaby is such a brainless & lazy t*at. Even Rosicky & Nasri are tracking back more than him. I don’t care if Diaby is made out to be “very skilful” or “technically gifted” or whatever, he’s fecal in my books, alongside Almunia & Denilson.

    Eastmond has been very good thus far.

  171. rico says:

    Erick, was that the game which Coquelin played too? They both had a dreadful game in that one 😦

    Thats his position though Erick, why let him struggle on the wing when he can struggle in a central role 😉

  172. Erick says:

    Silvester ha ha ha ha

  173. rico says:

    good to see you back iluvafc, sorry about earlier 😦

    nice comment 😉

  174. agirlagunner says:

    Hello, iluvafc. Fecal, hahaha. Knowing Fabianski and Silvestre, we may yet concede a goal. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  175. rico says:

    Sol has been a rock again so far today, he’s amazing…

  176. raif says:

    Diaby has Never had a Footballing brian and never will..

    if you dont have a Footballing brain. then it dont matter how skillful you are..

    he is a waste of space when he dosnt have the better players carring him

  177. rico says:

    anyone think Sagna looks similar to Whoopi Goldberg 😉 😉

  178. JonJon says:

    yeah erick eastmond is average at the minute

    but hes 5 years younger than diaby and denilson and there just as average

  179. raif says:

    since sols been with us his been great,, i feel sorry for him tho as his normally been on the wrong end of the result..

    im sure today will be a diffrent story given our 2 goal lead, i hope i havent spoken to soon tho

  180. rico says:

    he’s shite raif, just now he had the ball in the middle, eastmond was shouting, he was free to push on…. but no, diaby kept it and funny enough went on to lose it….

  181. Erick says:

    AGAG I feel that Aw is giving Fabianski a chance but we will buy a keeper

  182. agirlagunner says:

    What’s going on with Diaby? Poor.

  183. rico says:

    Cracking comment Smudger…

    Keys, ‘Don’t think Lee Mason will be holidaying on Wigan Pier’…..

    Smudger, ‘ You wouldn’t anyway would you’ 🙂 😆

  184. rico says:

    agag, he’s not at his best 😉

  185. JonJon says:

    mannys been told hes out the door

    fabs been told hes got 4 games to prove hes got what it takes..

    either way were signing a new keeper and fabs got to prove he can be relied as number 2…

  186. raif says:

    looking at our squad. i would seriously consider any decent bids for these players.

    Almunia – (give him away)
    Rosicky – (Past it)

  187. agirlagunner says:

    We need a world class keeper, no doubt, Erick. Here’s something from atvo

    STAT: Just over a year ago (April 11, 2009) Arsenal registered a 4-1 away win over Wigan. Theo Walcott scored first and Mikael Silvestre added the second. Lukasz Fabianski was also in goal that day.

  188. JonJon says:

    id keep vela clichy and sagna raif..

    and id add silvestre and sendershit and theo

  189. raif says:

    Silvest and Senda are out of contract so ive counted them as gone already.

    Theo i would keep as he does add somthing the others cant,

    its the direct play we lack so much..

  190. JonJon says:

    really AGAG??

    good stat attack

  191. rico says:

    agag, that’s spooky, very spooky ….

  192. JonJon says:

    diabys been bollox

  193. raif says:


    yyou can always count on that clown to fucking shock you even when you expect it

    Get him off i would rather play with 10 men than have him in the team

  194. rico says:

    raif – i’d keep theo to..

  195. Erick says:

    AGAG what a coincidence ha ha ha

  196. raif says:

    you can always count on that clown Diaby to shock you even when you expect it..

    get him off right now wenger

  197. rico says:

    i’d keep vela and eboue if sagna goes..

  198. JonJon says:

    the thing with diaby is that he plays like this all the time..but then he’ll dribble round 5 players and half the gooner nation thinks he’s world class..

  199. rico says:

    I would sell Bendtner though…

  200. Erick says:

    Rico me too Nikky not the best and won’t be world class

  201. agirlagunner says:

    Yes. A bit creepy. I got it from the live commentary at atvo. But I’d take “creepy” over “stirring comeback by wigan” anytime.

  202. rico says:

    Fabianski will show why we should never trust stats today, every shot he has had at him so far he has saved, but all the shots on target today one of my guinea pigs could have saved, and they are both blind!!

  203. raif says:

    Sell Nikki,, you gotta be crazy. his been doing more than his bit for us over the past month or so.. his got a decent record under his belt, and scored some important goals for us.

    still 22 aswell so theres alot more to get out of him

  204. rico says:

    raif, no, i’m serious, i would sell him to help fund David Villa…

  205. raif says:

    naa i wouldnt. i would keep him and still try and get villa.. selling Vela and eduradoand anyone else from the list i have posted could fund that deal.

  206. rico says:

    Erick, you and me against the world i fear 😉 😉

    agag, cracking comment, made me smile.. 😆

  207. agirlagunner says:

    More than a few of you have said it. Abou is a luxury player. Raif, we can’t sell Clichy. Gibbsy isn’t ready. I’d also keep Eboue, Dudu, Rosicky, Vela.

    I can’t be a football manager, obviously.

  208. JonJon says:

    what people forget with nikki is that no he’ll never be world class

    but hes 4th chioce striker and has 9 in his last 11..

    what other 4th choice striker will get you 15 gaols a season..

    most 1st choice strikers dont get you 15 a season..just look at theo

  209. rico says:

    i’d rather vela raif, nik has flicks tricks and height…. against spuds he was just shocking, it took a threat from robin coming on to wake him up…

    never have rated him, sadly, probably never will…

  210. JonJon says:

    sell theo and dudu and try get villa..

    nikki is the only player with height we have..i wouldnt swap him for theo if you paid me..

  211. raif says:

    and look at the fact Nikki has had a big injury aswell, if was fit his tally would have been higher.

    please diaby. get him off

  212. rico says:

    jj, thats harsh, theo is being played as a winger…

    here we go then, 2-2 or 4-1….

    Time for Robin to enter center stage i think…

  213. JonJon says:

    niki was playing as a lone striker against dawson and king with no support from the midfield all game

    the game changed when robin came on cos we had BOTH nikki and robin up front

  214. JonJon says:

    and nikki scored

  215. raif says:

    that goal was diabys fualt for giving the ball away and sanga not looking at the runner..

    theres been to much of that from our full backs.. thats why i would sell him/them if a good bid came in

  216. JonJon says:

    what a great idea arsene..put eboue on and give him a free role???


    we wont win this

  217. rico says:

    what stupid bloody subs….

    jj, you and me will never agree about two things in football, theo and nik 🙂 🙂

  218. raif says:

    did you just see that from sanga.. ?? his not as great as people think.. and cant cross to save his life

  219. agirlagunner says:

    What’s Sagna doing? Crap.

  220. raif says:

    and were the fuck is robin???????????

  221. JonJon says:

    lol rico wouldnt matter who are fb’s are our midfield isnt good enough and puts them under uneccasary pressure

    like wat diaby just did

  222. rico says:

    we lose everything in the air in midfield, everything!!

  223. raif says:

    Jonj if thats the case then they should anticipate there mistakes and not count on them to make there life easier

    if i was playing in that team Diaby i would ALWAYS expect a mistake so im ready..

  224. agirlagunner says:

    raif, Sagna has made ONE great cross in his career. Against the Wolves earlier this month.

  225. rico says:

    we are shot to pieces, get the f*****g ball and keep it….

  226. raif says:

    what a Joke.

  227. JonJon says:

    told ya

  228. raif says:

    haha i cant help but laugh

  229. rico says:

    FUCK, another shite keeper looses us three points, shocking, just shocking……

  230. JonJon says:

    dont get mad raif

    we expected this

    and the good thing is that wenger HAS to spend

  231. raif says:

    haha im actually laughing, what a joke

  232. rico says:

    I don’t flippin believe it, just dont believe it

  233. agirlagunner says:

    Oh god. A ‘stirring comeback’.

  234. JonJon says:

    fabianski career over

    and diaby

  235. raif says:

    i can Rico..

    i can..

    thats our squad for you,

  236. agirlagunner says:

    Unbelievable, just unbelievable.

  237. raif says:

    im glad this has hapend.. this will show up some players in their true light,,

    not to mention wenger has no place to hide now..

  238. JonJon says:

    i knew we’d get beat…

    thats why i never got happy when we scored cos i knew it

    then i seen the subs and i knew it again

  239. JonJon says:

    wenger cant run now..

    injuries or not you dont throw 2 goals away at wigan

  240. raif says:

    not only that i want Hull to go down, if we have to lose for that to hapen then so be it. as we wasnt going to win the lague. i was hoping for 2nd spot but thats not going to happen either now,

    lets just hope we dont get sucked in that top battle crap

  241. rico says:

    I’m numb!!

  242. JonJon says:

    cant wait for wengers interveiw

    fabianskis gone with almunia

    diaby too

  243. JonJon says:


    dont worry

    cl is secured…we needed to get our arses kicked so wenger will finally wake up

  244. rico says:

    too true jj, shocking error, just shocking….

  245. JonJon says:

    cant defend this…

    not after the spurs defeat…

    wenger tell the truth in the interview and say it as it is…they are not good enough and i will make change

  246. Pritpal says:

    im giving wenger 1 last chance this summer to prove he has the balls to do sumthing. for too long iv been patient, for too long ive been waiting. man u and chelsea will sure spend in the window and how far will we be behind them wen they do. this is the weakest they hav ever been and we still couldnt win the league. some players just dont hav the heart to play for arsenal. i pay week in week out to see arsenal and for what. this isnt the same arsenal i fell in love with when they played the beautiful football. that was a team of winners, and its a shame the only player, apart from robin, who had any passion the last 2 games was 35yr old sol campbell. i hope wenger is reading this because there is no excuse, no excuse whatsoever, 2-0 up = game won for champions, conceding 3 goals to wigan in 10 mins = major concern! wouldnt blame robin or cesc leavin after 2dai, after all, what we got to offer them? top 4 finish every year, yeah right even that will come under threat with city next year.

  247. rico says:

    maybe that is what the club needed, a massive wake up all over the pitch, doesn’t make it easier for us fans though…

    big shake in the summer is on – dredit to wigan though, they showed great heart and soul, we just died like a wilted old flower..

    theo coming off stopped them hanging back because of his speed, and not bring on robin earlier was an error…

    but hey, yes we are in the cl next season, a win today and a glimpse at the title would have made the club believe we are close, we are not, we are miles away…

  248. rico says:

    Pritpla, summer is it for me to with wenger….

  249. JonJon says:

    no more chances pritpal..

    he either starts signing players or he fucks off before the season starts and we find a manager who doesnt experiment and likes to win every game 6-0

  250. rico says:

    Let me throw a spanner into the works here….

    Take yourselves back to Bruce Grobelaar….

    Wenger wants two Wigan players, he knows CL is secured and Wigan needed a win to stay in the PL….

    I’ve said it before, and the more I see football, I think its all a bloody fix!!

  251. rico says:

    i meant the beginning of the summer for me, if WC gets here and nothing then its Taxi for Wenger!!

  252. rico says:

    JJ, are you up for the match report or would you rather i did it, i know you have other things going on?

  253. Pritpal says:

    the sad thing is wenger is developing players from a young age for the future, he has done with robin and cesc who are both world class now. but after this result they wont want to stay past summer would they, and who would blame them for leaving. it’ll be back to square 1 after that. lets see if wenger will make a bid for villa just like he said he was gonna do in january(never gonna happen tho).

  254. Pritpal says:

    im looking at the table now, man city next, play like the last 2 and we’re beat for sure, saying that the spuds could be 4 points behind with a game in hand!!!

  255. JonJon says:

    we dont need players from wigan

    we have the money our standards should be higher than wigan

    we need some top top quality…not crocks kids bargains or swapsies…

    we need some fucking winners

  256. JonJon says:

    can you do it rico??

    i’ll be around more next week and i’ll fire a couple of posts up then if you dont mind my dear.. xx

  257. raif says:

    were playing to stay in the top 4. we can get draged in to that with man city and spurs. so we need to secure some points in our remaning games
    on that note im off out to enjoy some fresh air and get a new keybord as mine is starting to fall apart

  258. rico says:

    Pritpal – they were a different age group, now though we will have to wait another 2-4 seasons, other than Jack, JET and one or two others….

    we need proven great experienced players, as well as youth, unless he does that I am done with him….

  259. agirlagunner says:

    I hope our players take a good hard look at themselves in the mirror. They are an embarrassment to AFC. I’m all out of excuses. And believe me, these last five years, I’ve shored up hundreds of them. I skipped ‘gutted’ and I’m just livid right now.

    Fire sale! Every average player must go. This is not some Sunday league team they’re playing for, for crying out loud. I hope Fabianski’s happy with his hat-trick of clangers. Happy birthdy to him. The last time he plays for our shirt I hope.

  260. rico says:

    of course jj, it won’t be to your standard though 😦

  261. rico says:

    i’m with you on that agag – you happy for me to email you about something agag???

  262. JonJon says:

    hhahahaha raif

    fall apart or smashed to bits..

    laters mate

  263. agirlagunner says:

    I haven’t been this angry since… I don’t even remember when. Yes, please email me. I need something to get my mind of Fabianski and Sagna and Diaby.

  264. rico says:

    give me five minute agag, don’t go away

  265. rico says:

    emial sent agag, pefect timing i say 🙂 🙂

  266. rico says:

    see you soon raif …

  267. agirlagunner says:

    That’s so cool, rico. I have emailed back. I am off now. My head is pounding; Fabianski and our back 4 gave me a migraine.

  268. rico says:

    Thanks agag, I am really really pleased, have replied to you too… rest well…

  269. JonJon says:

    ooohhh secrets i love it…tell me tell me lol

    bye AGAG

    you feeling ok now rico…took the piss that result didnt

    its ok trust me that was the best thing that coyuld have happened..reality check..eye opener…

  270. David says:

    We lost to Wigan Athletic??

    Fuck me.

  271. W.A.T.H says:

    Ok so where you all gone………………? Is anybody there or must I just talk 2 myself..?

  272. JonJon says:


    our team of gallent brave warriors were undone by the mighty wigan

    if i hear any more talk of how much this team are ready mentally im slitting my wrists

  273. JonJon says:

    im hear WATH

    im going to count the amount of swear words once our conversation is over.. 😉

  274. rico says:

    I’m here too…..

  275. David says:

    So whats next then?

    Are we free falling? Or is this team so shite without Alex Song?

  276. rico says:

    Both David…..

  277. David says:

    Its beyond a joke now isnt it?

    I mean Eastmond came on today and made Wenger look like an outright muppet for persisting with Denilson.

  278. David says:

    Whose looking forward to playing Mancitty?

    All of the hard work of the season undone by 1 half of laziness.

    We shouldve just cocked this up earlier.

  279. JonJon says:

    we in free fall…

    citeh will make it 3 on the bounce

  280. rico says:

    The only thing I am looking forward to is the end of the season…..

  281. rico says:

    I’m off to get some dinner cooked, not that i feel like eating, i cant believe what has happened in two weeks…. actually, make that several seasons…..

  282. its the hope that kills you

    why was he in goal i missed the whole day has to see my new niece.

    what happened heard we didn’t turn up in second half

  283. JonJon says:

    we got sloppy rsd

    got cocky and stated to piss about..didnt close the game out…

    fabianskis been taking lessons from alminua and heads dropped and we got schooled

  284. raif says:

    not only that JonJ. our only threat was Theo and when he came off we had nothing, he should have left him on,, and put on rvp sooner.. ratehr than resting him for the man city game

  285. rico says:

    off for the day all, see you tomorrow 🙂

    stay safe

  286. W.A.T.H says:

    JJ wanna pint of vodka mate……..? Mines proper….!

  287. JonJon says:

    anyone about??

  288. W.A.T.H says:

    I’m here ur prob gone now 🙂

  289. JonJon says:

    haha no mate i was trawling the blogs…

    i cant believe wengers still being defended after the last two displays…

    if he wants me back on his side as soon as the season ends i want to hear the words

    im sorry to the policy hasnt worked..there are certain players in this team who i have put my trust in and they arent good enough..they will be replaced..i have the money to spend..ive always had the money to spend and i will now spend it and go for all the trophies next season..heres fernando torress and hugo llorisi will sign a defender a midfielder and a winger next week before the world cup starts..

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