We need a ‘Bould’ player……

 How desperate are we to see us stop giving away cheap goals and they don’t come much cheaper than those we gave away on Wednesday do they?

The first was about the lack of ability of Almunia, the second though was a bit of a mix of dreadful defending followed by another Almunia howler…..

We have Thomas Vermaelen, but what he needs is a great keeper behind him and another centre half alongside him other than Gallas. Hey we all know that, even Arsene Wenger confirmed that yesterday..

We need a defender, but not any old defender –  we need  a ‘Marks & Spencer’ defender……  🙂

We need another Steve Bould in my humble opinion – (its my opinion not the rule…)

Bouldy is and always be an Arsenal Legend in the hearts of most fans. He came to us in 1988 and spent the next eleven years being part of the rock solid back four of Arsenal. That same back four was the heart of our side, the side that often got teased about ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’.

Right now I wouldn’t mind us playing 38 games a season in the Premiership, winning all of them by that same scoreline, would you???

Along the way in Bouldy’s playing career with us, he help the team win the league in 1989, 1991,and 1998, the FA Cup in 1998 and the European Cup in 1994 – pretty good, eh… Isn’t that just what we need now, a centre half that is a tight as Arsene Wenger and the rest of the board are with their money?

Would Steve Bould and Tony Adams together have let half the goals scored against us over the last few seasons be scored? The answer is simple, No, they wouldn’t, they would have shed blood before conceding goals, that’s the way they played!

That’s why we need a mature, ready-made player to bolster our defence and I would be even happier if that player was English. I know Bouldy wasn’t born and bred in London, but he knew what a local derby meant…

Bouldy didn’t join us until he was 26 years old, by which time he was ready, entrusted by George Graham he made his mark at Arsenal, to this day he remains a very trusted man, though this time it’s under a very different kind of coach in Arsene Wenger.

When his days with Arsenal ended he left to go to Sunderland, after just 21 games for them in the Premiership, he retired, but, in 2001, Steve Bould re-signed for Arsenal, this time though as part of the coaching staff, not as a ‘Sol Campbell’ comeback….

Since then he has proved just how good he is in his role – in 2003 he said that it was hard coaching the under 13-15 year olds, weighing players week in week out, just knowing that it was a hard route for the kids to get into the first team as that first team gets better and better (maybe back then!!)

He also said that as the rewards (wages) have got better, kids are more focussed. What are the players today more focussed on though? Earning more money or playing football to the highest standard? Are they committed to giving all in every game they play or just thinking about what big flash car they can buy next, I don’t know the answer but in the last couple of games it seems more like the latter.

Bould always thanks Liam Brady for bring him back to Arsenal, without Brady hearing the rumours about him wanting to get back into football, he wouldn’t probably had his chance to coach, let alone at Arsenal. Bouldy also made reference to Arsene Wenger and how he was grateful for extending his playing days and supporting him then, something which Wenger still does today..

Me, I think Bouldy is one of the best centre half’s Arsenal have ever had, and right now we need another like him. We need to sign one,  maybe even two! Not only was Bouldy one of our best players in his time, I also happen to think he is one of our best coaches. he’s been there, he’s done it, he’s got the medals to prove it. What he can teach our up and coming crop is second to none. Not only in the world of defending but he can drum into them what its like to be a winner.

Thankfully he was and still is at Arsenal and its our players who will benefit from all he has been through.

Bouldy’s youth side have all but wrapped up their league title before tomorrow’s game and brings me to ask one question.

With all Steve Boulds experience, quality and attitude, isn’t it about time this great man was given a chance at a higher level at OUR club……??

Would you like to see him back in the Arsenal dug-out?

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  1. rico says:

    Morning all

  2. Chaplin35 says:

    I actually fancy winning all 38 games with a scoreline 1-0, not just 36 as the author stated 🙂 But nice article anyway, well done

  3. rico says:

    Morning Chaplin, welcome to AR, what do you mean 😉 😉

    Thanks for your comment

  4. rico says:

    MANUEL ALMUNIA had his Arsenal future thrown into doubt last night when boss Arsene Wenger refused to back the under-fire keeper.
    Asked if Almunia was too weak, Wenger said: “I don’t think it is the best moment to talk about that.

    “I never said he will be my long-term No 1.”

    HOORAH 🙂

  5. Suhail.TV says:

    Morning rico

  6. The referees would never allow a one-nil all season to happen.

    Unfortunately th one thing we can count on is a referee error at some point awarding a dodgy penalty or offside goal or such like!

  7. MikE says:

    yep a bould or a younger sol or an adams — someone who will live and die for the club and put their body in where it hurts……. top be honest, i think a british player.

    also experienced dm cover.

  8. Only Brit players have heart MiKE?

  9. The 70’s called, they’d like their attitudes back.

  10. rico says:

    QoS, Maybe the refs wouldn’t but my point is it would be good to win, and 1-0 wouldn’t bother me if it meant we started bringing in a few trophies…

  11. rico says:

    Mike, agree, one born and bred in London would be nice too, a true gooner who knows what beating our local rival means….

  12. eggman says:

    How on earth was almunia at fault for the second???!!

    Amazing that confidence in him is so low that everyone looks to blame him for every goal we concede regardless of whether he was to blame or not!

  13. rico says:

    Morning eggman, personally i thought he was beaten a bit to easy inside his post – he goes to ground to early – yes, dredful defending but Almunia could have done better as per usual…

    I don’t blame him for everything, he kept us in the game against Barca at home, shame he couldn’t do that every week…

  14. Suhail.TV says:

    Almunia is not the only one blame, there are 2-3 other players. I dont really want him to go next season, instead the fabianski. But he should be no.2 or no.3 behind manone.

  15. eggman says:

    Yeah was beaten on the near post but find it touch harsh to blame him in a 1 on 1 situation like that.

    Agree shame he can’t reproduce barca first half performance every week – that’s what separates decent/good from the great, consistency. All keepers make great saves from time to time but it’s the number of mistakes they make that count

  16. rico says:

    Morning STV, I like Almunia, he has been patient to get his chance, but we are a top club and we need a great goalkeeper. I can’t see Almunia improving now, I honestly hope he moves on and takes Fabianski with him…..

    eggman, he’s a big man, he could have been quicker out and smothered himself over the ball and Bale… Or at least look as if he was trying…. 😉

  17. Suhail.TV says:

    Is Almunia a good goal keeper ? Eggman?

  18. Madd says:


  19. rico says:

    I think he’s a good keeper STV, but not a great keeper, and we need the latter..

  20. GunnerPete says:

    100% top article and about time too! Sir Steve Bould was with out a doubt our best centre back since Pete Simpson 1970+. Since SB left we have had a nothing defence full of either blokes who want to be CF or blokes who have no idea where to stand for a corner??

    Arsene has the worst record in the UK for finding defenders inc goalies. His whole great success story was built on the fab 6 he inherited…and our failures all started when the last one left us.

    I would love to see SB given the number 2 and another role of working with George Graham as our UK defensive scouts. GG had the best record since Herbie Chapman for uncovering defenders and moulding them into impenetrable units. Arsene will only win the lot again if he admits this gap in his make up.

    Basically…Almunia is very average and when I hear fans raving about his saves against Barca..I wince because any world class goalie would have done the same….it was his night until unlike any world class goalie he chucked it all away immediately the second half started. This he has done on at least 8 occasions this season and about the same for the previous two seasons before. IF we had had Van D Sar or Reina or Loris AFC would now be winning their second title in 3 years even with our shocking defence.

    As for the defence…well Sagna is OK but not world class..Gallas will never be a great centre back but would have been a great DM….VM is WC…Clichy is patchy….Gibbs looks as though he will be a great player, Eboue is good…not great. Sol has a great heart but is now to old. I will not comment on Sylvestre as he ranks alongside Cygan & Stepanovs as a typical arsene buy.

    I feel now that AW must either take advice re; defending or step aside if we are to buy the correct players in summer. Deep down I feel that AW has a mental block about UK players because he never went for Johnson £7mill and many others and lost out on Smalling and others because of doubts.

    Yet he sticks by Denilson, Vela, Traore, and others who are not good enough for our bench but get a lot of games, mainly due to injuries.Which is another area he should have sorted by now!

    The time is coming for a radical and truthful look at the past five years and someone should enforce a big change before we emulate the run I remember only to well of 18 years without a trophy!

  21. Chris Redmond says:

    Hey guys, my 5 choices to replace Almunia would be: 1)Joe Hart; 2)Hugo Lloris; 3)Manuel Neuer; 4)Diego Alves; 5)Wojciech Szceszny.

    Any thoughts? Would you have Szceszny step up to the first team?

  22. eggman says:

    I don’t think Almunia is a terrible keeper but I do think that the goalkeeping position is one we need to address. I would be happy to keep him as a second choice keeper – he is much better than Hilario for example in a back up capacity.

    Thing is there aren’t many outstanding keepers out there – Cech hasn’t been totally convincing since his injury at Reading but has the benefit of playing behind an excellent back 4. The likes of Lloris all have excellent reputations but fact is I don’t see enough football from the other European leagues to comment on the worthiness of a potential successor.

  23. eggman says:

    … btw I was using Cech as an example not saying he would be a realistic transfer target!

  24. rico says:

    Morning GunnerPete

    Thanks for you comments – do we have a defensive scout right now? It seems that other than TV we have mainly employed dross in the centre of our defence, Stepanos (spelling) Cygan, Senderos, Silvestre……

    Ok Sol and Gallas have been outstanding at times, but they were proven, not some ‘maybe’..

  25. rico says:

    eggman, thats half the problem, also to go and get a great keeper we will have to pay big money to get him..

    I can’t see Almunia being our No2, we have Chesney and then Mannone – if we don’t buy i would rather Chesney gets thrown in at the deep end, i am sure he will cope, look at what he is doing at Brentford. Also, as long as our defence is made stronger in the summer, Chesney wouldn’t be quite so busy 😉

  26. rico says:

    Morning Chris, yes to Chesney, I also like Hart, would Citeh sell him to us though??

  27. Chris Redmond says:

    That’s a fair point, Rico, although it’s hard to see him dislodging Given as number one. Maybe an offer of 10 or 12 million might tempt them, not that they need money! What I’ve seen of Szceszny looks highly promising, and Arsene has twice spoken about his potential to be long-term number one. He reminds me of a young Cech in his calmness under pressure, and also his considerable presence and shot-stopping abilities. If we sign an Akinfeev or Lloris, it would be unlikely that Szceszny would ever make it at our club.

  28. Suhail.TV says:

    Song in CB. Haart as goal keeper and toulalan in DM.

  29. rico says:

    Good point chris, we need a top keeper who has 3/4 seasons left in him, have chesney as no2 and bobs your uncle…

    wenger won’t spend big money, especially in the defence/keeper, massive error in my view…

  30. rico says:

    Troble is though STV, if Song moves back we still have the same problem in midfield. If we get a HM/DM and he gets injured we end up seeing Denilson…

  31. Suhail.TV says:

    We had a kit of 30M on winter and now around45. We will have 55M in winter window and 70M next summer. Go on..dont spend.. We are misers..

  32. Suhail.TV says:

    Rico in that case djorou at back and song to be pushed… Ah who knows.. What abt james milner looks good eh..

  33. rico says:

    😆 STV, you know i am quite looking forward to the transfer window now – AW comments about the keeper on afc.com, his comment about the defence, maybe he has just been saving his pennies for a rainy day…..

    Maybe we are in for a few shocks, a few bick bucks to be spent…

    Has Chamakh signed or not?? Anyone know..

  34. JonJon says:

    morning all..

    howve you been rico??

    im abit in two minds about the post..yes i would like bouldy to be number 2..but i dont want wenger to be number one..

    not after the derby..ive stood by this squad all season saying they would win the league even though i knew we werent really good enough but thats it from me now…

    the problem is that manure,chelsea liverpool were all there for the taking..this had to be our year cos next year they will all strengthen and so will spurs and citeh

    will wenger??? the answer is no he wont..

    the performance on weds was pathetic…no heart or soul..sol was our best player and at 35 thats unnaceptable..if certain players cant get motivated for a north london derby they dont deserve to wear the badge and how can we rely on them to keep the motivation for a title charge..they cant..we dont have enough winners and we dont have enough local lads

    its time to ask the question where are we actually going with all this..wengers spent 5 years building this side and only cesc song and clichy have made it from the youth team..nikkis getting there but the rest?????

    we need to spend some money now..enoughs enough…players like alumia diaby and denilson are not good enough to sustain a title challenge and if wenger wont drop them we get a new manager who will..

    time for change..

  35. rico says:

    Morning JJ, I have missed you 😥

    I’m good thanks, you??

  36. JonJon says:

    rico..wenger also said he never said manny was his long term choice..well if thats the case why has he kept him in the sticks for 2 years of clangers and not bought a top keeper in the meantime???

    the mans full of shit..we all know for a fact manny will be number one next year…

    cesc will leave the money will be pocketed and denilson will be asked to step up…

    wenger will spend all summer saying we need this and that and get fuck all and robin, tv, jd, and the likes will be our new signings

  37. Chris Redmond says:

    Apart from the obvious additions we need, I would love to actually see us with a fully fit squad, or at least something resembling it. You saw how close we’ve come this season with all the injuries and lack of depth in certain areas. Imagine if we made the few additions we so obviously need, and coupled that with a less-injury plagued squad…things would be looking very good. I believe whatever happens, next season we will be even closer – Chelsea have so many players over 30 and Abramovich does not have the money he once had; United look in trouble with their lack of funds, dependence on Rooney, and continued aging of Giggs, Scholes, Neville and Van der Sar. Even Ferdinand and Vidic don’t look as strong as they used to. Plus, I can see Barca going for Vidic this summer.

  38. JonJon says:

    good to here rico..ive missed you too.. 😉

    had to take time out…things have not gone sweetly 😦
    but are looking up thankfully..

  39. rico says:

    I can’t disagree with most of what you have written JJ.

    I can’t see AW quitting or being sacked, but, his contact is due for renewal soon so it will be interesting, especially if we get taken over in the summer.

    What I hope doesn’t happen though is that we become a manger a season club like the chavs and citeh will be..

    To replace AW it has to be someone who loves the club, Bergkamp and Bould would be a good mix 🙂

  40. rico says:

    Just glad to hear things are looking up, was having a worry….

  41. JonJon says:

    chris we will never have a fully fit squad because we over train our players…

    then wenger doesnt trust players like vela, merida, jack etc and he runs our key players intio the ground..

    defence is the perfect example..we have no backup watsoever for tv and gallas and we expect them to play 70 games a season

    not going to happen with the pace of the game today,…gallas never lasts and tv has broken down too at the end

    the injury problems are self inflicted

  42. JonJon says:

    i think wenger will walk rico..

    hes spent 5 years building a team who no heart for a north london derby..the games v barca proved we are 5 years behind…unless he spends money he wont win anything again…

    and i think we need a fresh approach..someone with something to prove

    i want guardiola..he knows how to win and he teaches his players the importance of work rate

    we need a manager that wont watch almunia denilson and diaby play like shit all season and then sit there in the stands with his head in his hands wondering were it all went wrong..

  43. rico says:

    guardiola – now your talking JJ, Cesc would stay, Messi would join us as would Torres..

    I even have their keeper right now 😉

  44. rico says:

    As for wednesday, im only just starting to get over it, it was an utter disgrace, what really pees me off though is Jack getting rave reviews at bolton and giving JT such a hard time during their match with the chavs, lansbury is doing well, simpson still scoring and chesney getting rave reviews….

    they would have done better than the shower of s***e we watched….

  45. JonJon says:

    the takeovers going to happen rico

    i think dein will buy ninas shares and team up with usmanov and take the club..

    we need something..we need a fresh approach..

    wenger costantly bangs on about winning menality but he rewards failure and gives pats on the back for poor performances…he throws the domestic cups and its all the attitude of a loser..

    his philosophy is a contradiction in itself..its his achilles heal…you cant breed winners this way..

  46. rico says:

    my jury is still out on nik too, he is scoring and looking better yes, but so would i amoungst that lot… 😉

  47. rico says:

    i don’t think dein is the right man to come back though, he started all this takeover stuff off….

  48. JonJon says:

    we didnt dictate that game at all..

    for all our possession spurs contained us and dictated the pace…we had 70% of the ball and had 1 shot on target until robin came on..

    we were ran ragged in midfield and diabys contract should be burnt

  49. rico says:

    did you see my comment the other day by chance jj, the one about a guy i was chatting to who knows a bit about stocks and shares and stuff – he said the dippers were going up for sale, two days later it happens, he also says that he ‘thinks’ neither stan or AU will end up buying us, it will be someone else…

  50. rico says:

    i don’t think we have dictated a game for a while, other teams have sussed us, and we have made no effort to change our own tactics..

    be more direct i say, theo is wasted on the wing, play the poor bloke in a central role, that is his position, he knows where the goal is, the reason he runs up alleys is because we have no-one in the box! I would love to see him play up front with Nik tomorrow, then we will all see how good/bad he is..

  51. JonJon says:

    theos not good enough rico..

    he needs to be shipped out along with


    and we need changes

    a world class gk with chesney as number 2
    a cb..2 if we lose gallas
    2 midfielders who can run and tackle for 90 minutes and love doing it
    a proper winger
    a finisher..

  52. rico says:

    I want him to play in his right position first JJ, he is a striker not a winger, its like Eboue, he is a RB…

    We can’t knock a player when Wenger persists on playing him in the wrong place, he does it all too often…

    Whats he going to do tomorrow, no Song, Gallas, TV, Djourou??

    Sagna in to CH with Silvestre and Eboue at RB??

  53. rico says:

    I think the spuds will beat the chavs today and citeh will beat red nos lot….

  54. JonJon says:

    with out cesc and song our midfield is piss poor..

    denilson has the vision of a bat,the energy of a geriatric asmatic and the strength of a toddler

    diaby for all his skills is thick as fuck..he thinks 11 a side 90 mins is the same as training..all he wants to do is run past 10 players..turn round and run back towrds his own goal taking them all on again…losing the ball in the process..and he doesnt defend..

    and these two are regarded as first teamers???

    how we let the likes of palacios and flamini slip through our fingers for the likes of those two muppets i’ll never know…

  55. rico says:

    😆 JJ – Bring back Bishcoff 😉

  56. JonJon says:

    theo doesnt fit the system one bit..no matter where he plays..hes just not good enough..

    teams play us with 10 men behind the ball and smash n grab us on the break cos we have no defensive abilities as a team and a shit gk

    theo wouldnt get the space he needs to perform if he played centrally in a 442 and he doesnt have the skills to create space…

    he doesnt have the attrubutes either to play centrally in a 433…we need a rvp or a berbatov

    the wing is the only place theos game comes alive and he still cant do it…

    as for defence..its gotta be eboue sagna sol clichy..

    although wenger will probably play denilson and diaby at cb

  57. rico says:

    Sol should be fit for tomorrow – phew….

  58. JonJon says:


    that was the season that cocked it up rico..we were almost there..but that summer was a disaster and set us back 3 years…

    ive got a feeling the same willhappen this season cos cesc is off

  59. rico says:

    you and me will have to agree to disagree on theo jj 😉 😉

    you wait, he will be one of the best players for England in the WC 🙂

    i would rather see him in the middle with Robin and let Nik sit on the bench – nik has too many flicks and tricks that go nowhere… 😉

  60. rico says:

    cesc won’t go this season JJ, but if AW goes and we don’t bring in a top coach he will go then. My theory is that both cesc and wenger know when cesc and wenger are going and thats why wenger has ‘risked’ cesc in the big games…. next summer both will leave..

  61. K-TR7 says:

    We have only seen our best eleven once vs blackburn when we hit them six and it could’ve been more.the interplay between AA,cesc,rvp and rosicky was orgasmic.henry was there too.we are the only team who fail to see our best eleven on a regular basis…on AW’s comments big al will be dropped and chamack arriving.

  62. JonJon says:

    i hope he is one of the best rico..then we’ll get 30 mil for him

    cescs off..world class players want to play with world class players

    hes done his bit..had 5 years of nothing and then that dickhead hillwood says cesc wont make it at barca

    wengers comments about cesc going to barca are the sign of a man thats shitting himself..

    cesc has told him he wants to go..barca made enquiries during the cl game…

    wengers doing his best to keep him here but he wants to go..he loves us for sure and would never put in a half arsed effort but he loves them too and wants silverware

    we cant give him that

  63. rico says:

    Hi KTR7 – you got on to wordpress yet 🙂

    Think we may see Mannone in goal tomorrow??

  64. JonJon says:

    we dont have a good enough squad ktr7

    theres no other team in the league who have their best 11 all season… the mancs had no defenders for 8 weeks after xmas and were playing flecther and carrick there and they still maintained there challenge

    we lose two players in that position and we cant cope…we cant defend as it is nevermind getting an injury there…

  65. rico says:

    Hope you are wrong jj, but maybe then that is the reason AW has over played him maybe he doesn’t give a darn about him being crocked as it will be barca’s worry….

    doesn’t bode well if you are right though does it 😦

    wenger says that he didnt think phw made that comment, not quite as it came out anyway.. nether the less, phw should keep his big fat red nose out of the paps..

  66. rico says:

    jj, have you checked your emails in the last six months 😉 😉

  67. JonJon says:

    cesc will be be legend in whatever team he plays in…

    but will he want to be a legend who wins medals to prove hes one or a legend who doesnt???

    if wenger would put some quality around him we’d be as good as barca but he loves the shit at the club too much and cesc has to carry us and it goes to shit when hes injured..

  68. JonJon says:

    no rico..but i will now youve said..u no me i need a nudge 😉

  69. JonJon says:

    i dont even know why phw is still here..he has no shares..he has no influence on the club whatsoever

    so whats he playing at..hes just sticking round for a big fat executive payout when we sell up..

    hes a tosser..he needs to fuck off

  70. rico says:

    well put 😆

    ignore the email when im moaning! 😉

  71. rico says:

    what do you make of the rumour that we have already signed two wigan players JJ??

  72. rico says:

    Oh, I also think Gallas will leave for PSG….

  73. JonJon says:

    i think its shit..

    i hope its shit..

    wenger would never spend 22 million in one go and if he did i would of hoped it wouldnt be for players that play for the mighty wigan

    nzogbia is the left footed version of eboue and who the hell is rodellaga

  74. rico says:

    thought you might say that 😉

  75. K-TR7 says:

    @jj-we may not have the strongest squad but tell me another team that has seen its best 11 once,suffered 7 fractures and has had upto 6 of its first 11 players injured in crucial fixtures?we have our shortcomings i agree but give the team some credit!make no mistake AW should improve but from your post we seem like we are languishing in midtable mediocrity.on cesc what do you expect from AW?they keep on asking him the same question over and over,cesc is even tired of it;has cesc ever made you question his loyalty?he played with a broken leg for us for gods sake!let the lazy media construct conspiracy theories but i cannot stomach it from our own fans!rant over!

  76. JonJon says:


    i dont want to make excuses anymore..winners dont make excuse..

    excuses are for people who dont mind losing and thats why we havent won anything in 5 years

    we need a new attitude..the attitude of this is not good enough…sol campbells interview the other week was perfect…

    yes we have been unlucky with our injuries but the GK was a problem at the start of the year and so was the back up defenders yet nothing was done..

    our GK has cost us 10 points on average id say this season were a top gk would have saved us 5..

    we run our CB’s into the ground cos we have no backup to the point where they dont last the full season and we do it year after year…

    rvp is our best striker..our game breaker…yet hes lasted one full season in 6 years…

    the problems are there at the start of every year but we dont do anything about it…

    even with the loss of robin…we would have won this league with a decent gk…which wenger refused to adress

    the problems are self inflicted cos our squad is top heavy in some departments and not so in others..

  77. Erick says:

    Hot hot howdy all JJ its been a while hope things are ok AW has just one chance next season if it fails he should go abt Cesc true K-TR7 we cant question his loyalty and Henry’s too so we have a genuine concern over his future. Rico missed me too 🙂

  78. rico says:

    back in a short while… chickens to feed 😉

  79. JonJon says:

    i dont questions cescs loyalty for one minute…but anyone who thinks cesc will stay at arsenal all his life and be happy not winning anything is living in fantasy land

    the only reason we kept the likes of henry and vieira for so song is cos we were winning things…as soon as the trophies dried up henry was off…

    loyalty is too over hyped in football..top players want to play with other top players and win things..thats what footballs about…

    winning…if footballs not about winning then why do we keep score???

    and the media pick on us cos we have a manager who is stubborn and wants to do it his own way and hes proved them right the last 5 years…if we win something we will shut them up but until then expect the same…

  80. K-TR7 says:

    @jj i agree with you about the need to improve our squad but we tried our best with what we had.project youth has enabled us ride the financial storm,we will reap rewards from that sacrifice.now we have cash AW HAS TO imrove our deficiencies this summer,i hope he does.we are closer than some may think.if we spend 80% of our kitty in defense and maybe improve our defensive tactics we will be AWESOME with the solid base we have.cheers!

  81. JonJon says:

    howdy eric..

    i think this year was wengers big chance…as soon as this seasons over he needs to say certain players were not good enough and changes will be made before world cup..if not we need to ask the questin where is this man taking us now

    2nd in the league is still achievable but even for me that wont be good enough…

    not after the spurs game..

    title hopes aside the spurs game is our biggest game of the season…we should have been up for that whether we wre 3rd or 13th…and certain players couldnt even be arsed…the performances of almunia and diaby especially are unforgivable in a game of that magnitude

    fuck them..sellthem and buy players who knows what it means to play for arsenal against the spurs..

    if they dont know what it means they dont deserve the privelidge to play for arsenal..

  82. JonJon says:

    cant argue with that ktr7..of course u are correct as u normally are

    but the question you have to ask your self is will wenger spend any of the kitty???

    ppl bang on about how he spent 25 mill on tv and AA..but he made 40mil on kolo and ade…

    i went to see us spend the whole kitty and whatever money we make on sales then spend that too…

    then we are ready..and if we lose we no excuses…

  83. K-TR7 says:

    Re cesc-if he wants out let him go i say.he is the base of project youth,we didn’t buy a star to replace viera so he of all should understand.if he starts to think he is bigger than the club then farewell to him.i don’t think cesc wants to go but we have to start winning too since iniesta and co will tap him up in the wc displaying their array of medals.he will be envious so AW has to act fast since if fab leaves it will be too much to handle.

  84. JonJon says:

    ive been thinking hard about project youth ktr7 and other than cesc, clichy and now song im struggling to name any others who have made it..

    it all goes back to that winning mentality..

    cesc and clichy grew up with the invinsibles and you can see the desire when they play…

    the rest have talent but they are rewarded with failure and gain there experience by getting smashed in the cups and finishing 3rd and 4th every year…

    wenger breeds a got crop of youngsters but he doesnt breed winners…

    barca have the model bang on cos they breed there youngsters to be winners by putting world class players around them…

    we will never reach that standard until we do the same..

  85. JonJon says:

    if cesc leaves then we are down the toilet..we have to keep him..and give him better players to play with

    if wenger thinks a midifield containing denilson and diaby will be fruitfull hes losing his mind…

    helen keller would do a better job than those two..

  86. Erick says:

    Diaby seem to be playing well when we face relegation threatened teams he should not play tomorrow I wont talk abt Silvester true Song , Clichy and Cesc are the only success story

  87. rico says:

    Erick – for sure i missed you 🙂

    There are a handful of players who are and have been loyal to our club, Cesc is one of them right now, but he was born and bred in Barcelona, we all know that one day he will want to go home. That day though will be bought forward if Arsene Wenger doesn’t take drastic steps NOW – yes the transfer window is shut, but he should have the deals ready IF he hopes to convince the likes of Cesc to stay….

    Tell you something else I reckon will happen this summer, one of the big clubs in europe are going to try and get Alex Song….

  88. JonJon says:

    the thing with diaby erick is that he has all the skill in the world..but he has no brain..

    he has no idea about positioning, he has no awareness to where his team mates are he has no intentions of working hard without the ball..hes lazy

    all he wants to do is get the ball and dribble all day

    against the tiny teams he may look a decent player and dazzle them with showboating but ask him to do a disciplined role in the centre of midfield agianst a hard working unit and he becomes a loose cannon..

    1 good game in 5 is not top class

  89. Erick says:

    True JJ he should be on the bench come morrow we need to change things up or even play Rosicky in the middle. Rico hope the Sailor doesnt catch that all beautids are his 🙂 🙂 🙂

  90. Erick says:

    Oh Song Belongs Rico he has done good this season i wouldnt be suprised but he is staying

  91. rico says:

    You mean the old grey goose Erick 😉

  92. JonJon says:

    i havent wanted to say this erick but rosicky has been pretty garbage all year

    hes passed it i think..hes got no end product..gone are the days of the beautiful triangles and pin point through balls and the rocket shot…the injury has made him another average player im afraid..hes not arsenal standard anymore

    if we want to win things we have to be tough on the players who arent good enough and rosicky now falls under that category

  93. rico says:

    Not saying he would go Erick, but people are now beginning to see how good he is… 🙂

  94. Erick says:

    Meant to say beauties yap Rico that one. RVP could start morrow

  95. JonJon says:

    i’ll tell you who would fit our system perfectly..


  96. Erick says:

    The injuries are giving has poor players JJ my oh my may be give him a new role the left side thing is not working for him. Rico we miss him Denilson is no match to the Song what a season 😦

  97. Erick says:

    Berbatov mmmh too slow he needs to play along a second striker like he did with Keane

  98. rico says:

    JJ, wash your mouth out with soap and water 😉 😉

    Berbytoff!!! ?????

  99. rico says:

    I’d rather Bent, Cole or Pavlyonchenkko before Berbytoff 😉 😉

  100. rico says:

    Bollox, schloes has won the game in the 93rd minute!!

    So much for over 30’s….

  101. Erick says:

    Man luck damnnnn the title Race is a two horse race the Media will start tomorrow

  102. rico says:

    not yet Erick, mancs have got to face spuds, chavs got spuds later and dippers next week….. it could still go down to the last day yet… 😉

  103. JonJon says:

    play berbatov centrally with robin and AA…

    he’ll be like bergamp used to be with all the tricks and flicks and when robins out we still have that presence up front

  104. Erick says:

    Rico am a keep the Faith addict but with the attitude our players are showing mmmmh 😦

  105. W.A.T.H says:

    An old grey goose am i………… Hmmm i show ur puppies a thing or 2 😉

    JJ how’s the pvc fella..? All good I hope…!.

    Rico, good article but not a hope in hell of Wenger appointing any1 as his number 2 who might disagree with him and challenge his decisions….!.

  106. JonJon says:

    hello wath..

    im wearing my crotchless undies now…its started to chafe now though with the weather today

    hows tricks with u?? still simmering after the spurs debarcle or did you see a dif game to me???

  107. JonJon says:

    i dont want chelsea to win today cos my heart still says we can win the league but i dont want spurs to finish in top four..

    wheres the razor blade…

  108. W.A.T.H says:

    Not really JJ still frothing………….. Gutless fuckers…! Was disgraceful end of…!
    Shame we didnt have 10 Sol’s playing and RVP……….!

    Try the talc mate works wonders with my leather thong..! Cue the comments from Erick…! He’s just jealous he not got any but I can see him in Anne summers pretty soon 🙂

  109. W.A.T.H says:

    I am thinking more n more I want the fuckin mancs to win the league cos sure as shit we aint and the rent boys winning the double would do my head in…!

  110. rico says:

    Good point Erick… sadly 😦

  111. W.A.T.H says:

    Oh and to spread good cheer I have been told SOng out 4 the rest of the season as well…! Don’t shoot the messenger if wrong BUT……………!

  112. rico says:

    Hi WATH, how’s it hanging 😉

    I would rather the mancs win than the chavs, i want us to nab second and the chavs lose all their games now and end up 4th!

  113. rico says:

    Ah, summer’s here then and the old grey goose has got up….

  114. JonJon says:

    wasnt it just wath..

    ive said it pretty much all today but thats the nail in the coffin for me with some players….no more..they need telling they not good enough and off they trot to another club

    how the fuck almunia gets rewarded with the captaincy after the last two seasons is a joke..

  115. Erick says:

    Sailor whats happening, thanks for the cheer up message we might even finish tenth whats with this injuries 😦 😦 😦

  116. W.A.T.H says:

    The waiter as captain is an insult to the fans and the shirt simple as that. Wenger is to stubborn to admit players he has brought in aint good enough to now we have to put up with him telling us they young and getting better…! Do piss off with that crap. Funny how every may we get told he buying just as season tkt renewals go out…. Then fuck all playres in August……….!!! Pay the highest tkt prices on the planet to put up with the club shopping for players in Lidl instead of Harrods…! Utter bollox.

    Always up for it Rico you should kno that 😉

  117. W.A.T.H says:

    Having problems Rico, it’s nearly on the floor and got nowhere to put it 😛

  118. Erick says:

    True JJ its about time do or die. How reliable is your source grey goose aka Sailor

  119. W.A.T.H says:

    Normally pretty good Erick so am not happy….!

  120. rico says:

    You talking about your chin after Erick’s cheeky comments 😉 😉

  121. Erick says:

    Funnly i would rather pensioners bag it some Mancs fans wouldn’t let me sleep

  122. W.A.T.H says:

    Shit u got me Rico………….. 😉

  123. rico says:

    Thats bad re Song, we are going to struggle tomorrow to field eleven….

    Bet we see a few reserves, still, at least they may be proud to play and put in a hard shift ….

  124. W.A.T.H says:

    Erick the rent boys mentality is they can buy what ever they want… I can put up with Mancs, just tell em to sex n travel….!

  125. W.A.T.H says:

    Thing is Wenger will persists with crabman and Diaby and not let the young ones show a bit of passion…!

  126. Erick says:

    Sad Sailor might need the Vodka after all 😦

  127. Erick says:

    Mancs fans here can talk for ever about Rooney blah blah blah just can’t stand them WATH

  128. JonJon says:

    denilson and diaby dont give a shit cos they get chance after chance…they aint fussed cos they rewarded for being losers

    its like the wife that cheats all the time and you stay with her expexting her to stop and be the perfect wife..

    what do u do …REPLACE THEM…

  129. rico says:

    You mean Cheryl Cole JJ…..

    Eastmond wouldn’t have needed to be told what wednesday was about would he?

    I hate both mancs and chavs Erick….. just the chavs more..

  130. Erick says:

    We might after all need a holding midfielder Diaby and Denilson dont look like getting us any where

  131. JonJon says:

    yeah we need to blood a few of the local lads now rico..if we are going to use youth players then use the ones who give a shit

    sol proved on weds its not about skill or age in some games its about desire…

    jet and eastmond would have done a better job than those two muppets…

    the only reason diabys still an arsenal player is because hes french..

  132. rico says:

    I think your right about diaby, all about where he comes from…. bloody wrong..

    have to pop out, run out of wine and theres a match later i may just sneak a peep at…

    catch you in a little while

    wath, stay off the goose 🙂

  133. David says:

    We are in agreement change is needed.

    Great Article.

    However I believe change is needed at the Managerial position.

    New ideas, new challenge, with the new season.

  134. W.A.T.H says:

    Off out lata all be good, chat lata or 2moro… I am awefully thirsty 😉

  135. fuck just caught up and you all piss off

    berbtoff is too lazy having him and aa in the team would be a nightmare

    we do need to spend to mix with the youth project as barca did started to do in 03

    how fitting that the alternative scarf turned up on thursday.

  136. JonJon says:

    hello rsd

    yes how fitting…but wenger will probably throw his rattle out of his pram and flirt with real madrid again to teach us all a lesson..

    to be honest though i dont care whether he stays or goes now…

    hes done his bit hes laid the foundations we’ll be ok for the next 100 years…

    as the years go on im beginning to feel hes not got what it takes to take us to glory anymore..just happy to stay as we are..

  137. JonJon says:

    and that goes for the baord too

    changes need to be made and if we have to right the way through the club to do it then so be it

  138. JonJon says:

    new owners,
    new manager (guardiola)

    and off we go

    does wenger think we are all stupid enough to believe that guardiola would persist with half the squad weve got if he wanted to win the CL..

    he needs to wake up and make changes this year

    perry groves ( who still works behind the scenes for arsenal) says we will be debt free totally in 2011

    that 15 years ahead of schedule…we are raking the money in and it needs to be spent…two billionaires arent fighting for control of the club for nothing..were a money making machine and it needs to start going into the team…

  139. Erick says:

    JJ Barca went 5 to 6 years without winning but they have bought world class player to upgrade the youth Eto’o, Alves, Henry, ibrahimovic, Yaya, Abidal but AW want to sell Ademoney, Toure and get TV only thats a big joke he needs to buy or go thats it

  140. well we have aa brought but he wast proven

    you thought that we were gona show finally the finacial muscle

    nasri is ok you can see the boy is gona be quality

    i just want a real top quality defender all this talk of vidic being unhappy imagine him and tv

  141. by the way jj any news on kid?

  142. JonJon says:

    yeah rsd but theres been complications

    its why i havent been around…but i’ll reviel all once the dust has settled and everthings ok…

    cheers for asking

    agree AA was probably our biggest name but when you look at the money weve spent on nasri theo and ramsey its 30mil!!!!we could have two worldies for that money ready to play now…

    of course i think theo stinks and im not saying we shouldnt have bought nasri or rambo but when you look at it carefully wengers not really as carfull with the money as he makes us all believe..if anything he spends too much when it doenst matter and not enough when it does..

  143. JonJon says:

    yeah erick i looked into that

    barca went 6 years and cut their losses…they had the foundations in place they kept the best ones iniesta xavi puyol and they sold all the crap…

    bought the players they needed like ronaldinho and deco and etto and cleared up…

    then they do it again by bring through pedro and bojan and messi and buying henry and ibra and clear up again…

    a patterns emerging

    wenger says barcas youth setup is 10 years ahead but thats bullshit..barca keep the best ones and develop them with the best

    wenger sells all his best and brings them all through at the same time..even if they arent good enough..

  144. rico says:

    Boo, I’m back, beer and wine in the fridge, the cupboards, everywhere 🙂 🙂

    off to catch up on the comments..

  145. Erick says:

    Sorry JJ Re Kid. yes we bought AA who this season has been poor I read he is still complaining abt hotels and parking space he talk too much instead of letting his footie talk for him crap AW has to buy and as JJ said spend all the transfer kit

  146. Erick says:

    Aw should find the courage or whatever it is to show player the door who can,t handle we are the Arsenal not some midtable club the we need top top quality enough with the Average

  147. cant blanme him for talk safari he’s the biggest player in russia.

    you just think that emirate was built to compete but was only to compete with utd

    then money bags came roman now shitty

    spurs 1-0 🙂

  148. you reakon wenger is getting to attached to the kids and not being able to see when to let them go.

  149. rico says:

    Hi rsd..

    Erick, that’s another weakness of Wenger, he lets the likes of Edu, Gilberto, Pires, Campbell go for free, but he keeps the s***e…..

  150. dont think he wanted edu or campbell to go rico.

  151. yey mikel injured and looks in pain

  152. re kid hope your out of the woods jj

  153. rico says:

    He didn’t do a busting lot to keep them though rsd, Campbell was still under contract and he didn’t play edu enough…

  154. yes but campbell had to much cum in his brain to think straight (excuse the pun)
    and wenger thought he would go aboard like he said and then twittcher came in said come to pompey it another country.

    can take your point re edu but he wasn’t really world class.

  155. JonJon says:

    rsd youve hit the nail on the head

    hes not ruthless enough anymore…and its more damaging than beneficial..he protects them to much and makes them think they are better than what they are…

    we can all say we have an amazing youth team but as stated before only cesc clichy and song have established them selves..the jurys still out on the rest and they are not kids anymore..

  156. JonJon says:

    if he wanted edu to stay he should have paid him the wages he wanted

    same with flamini…you gotta pay the wages to keep the players

    i know we have a wage system but it just defeats the object…in trying to save a couple of million a year you end up losing 30 mil of talent

    flamini was worth at least 18mil at the time..and we lost him over a few grand…

    the further you look into things the more backwards they are..

    wenger doesnt have his house in order as he likes to make out…

    his philosophy has so many contradictions its untrue…and not winning any silverware doesnt help matters

  157. JonJon says:

    if only those twats on wedsnesday would have turned up

    this just makes it worse

  158. rico says:

    rsd, we will never know about Edu, I have always said, well he went off and got crocked so AW was right, but the more I see things the way i am doing now i am beginning to wonder..

    I wouldn’t have let Gilberto or Bobby go, and don’t care what was in Campbell head, the club should have sat him down and helped him… Football is about mentality aswell as the body…

    I bet there is a shrink at the club being paid an awful lot of money??

  159. drogba is injured

  160. lol and the’ve mad all there subs pmsl

  161. rico says:

    just seen your score update, great news, lets hope they get battered, it won’t erase our loss, but sure as hell it will make me feel a bit better…

    the thought of the scum fans gloating hardly makes me happy though…

  162. and terry get red if only maybe it aint over

  163. JonJon says:

    its over

    how are we supposed to beat citeh with the shit weve got in midfield..???

    we wont even get passed wigan..manny will throw the ball into his own net…

    i think both teams are too far ahead now and even if we do catch up the GD is too big

    dont forget cesc TV gallas AA are out for the season

    its done..

  164. its been done for ages jj

  165. JonJon says:

    ive had my mother mentioned in a debate on another blog today… lol

    the standards of some bloggers are unreal.

    its something you’d expect on a blog full of school kids but this blog is full of the self proclaimed crem de la crem..

    doctors lawyers accountants..none trolls.. 😉

  166. JonJon says:

    yeah i know mate but we all love to believe while we can

    i think the birmingham game was the catylist and after barca we didnt have a chance…

    but just think even with all the injuries weve had its been mannys cock ups that has cost us the points we now need…

    if wenger would have seen the importance of a top class keeper at the start we could have been top…

    injuries or not

  167. rico says:

    where were you jj, let me at em…. 😉

    peep at my post for tomorrow jj, and add to it what you want if you have time or the inclination 🙂

  168. rico says:

    the chavs could still be beaten in the next three, the scum beat the mancs next week and we sneak in to win…. 😳

    wake up rico, stop dreaming…

  169. JonJon says:

    its not going to happen rico..

    denilson and diaby aint good enough to beat citeh..we’ll lose that one as well

  170. rico says:

    i know jj, i know, sadly 😦

  171. rico says:

    Thats me done peeps, got a few soaps to catch up on 😉

    see you all tommorrow i hope

    stay safe and sleep well – jj, special wishes to you and all yours 🙂


  172. rico says:

    New post up

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