This Game is More than just Three Points.. It’s Our Bragging Rights.

I don’t like to kick a man when he is down, but I love it when we do the Spuds. Even after a promising start to the season they are slip sliding back down out of Champions League contention. I got the pre match phone call from my Spud mate today, he always gets it over with before the game. I won’t hear from him for another month.
But if we were to lose (god forbid) we would never hear the last of it, the Cellnet aerials around London would melt under the overload of text messages from the success starved Spud supporters .
The amount of times when we go a goal down, my phone will start to bleep. I always ignore it, because  we always come back to at least get a draw and I never text back because I want those Marshlanders to know that they are just not important enough to even worry about them.

They are not our rivals anymore we have moved up a tier..
They compete against the likes of Everton and Wigan now, we have moved up in stature we compete against the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona . Not dreamers who have not seen the Champions League, yet they still think they deserve a mega stadium for the good successful years when they make the Europa Cup.

But out of all the time I have been  supporting The Arsenal the Spuds have given me some of the best and worst times.. I will do the bad first.. Losing 5-0 at the Lane in about 81”,
Gazza’s free kick against Seaman in the Semi at Wembley in 91”.
That ex-spud Nayim in the last minute of the Cup Winners Cup in 95” (Who can lob Seaman from 50 yards? Haha good joke that.)
And that humiliation a couple of years back when we didn’t take it seriously enough and we got knocked out of the League Cup.

But on the plus side,
I can also remember winning the League at W(s)hite Hart Lane twice. 71’ and 04”.
Being at the Lane in 78” when we beat them 5-0 “We all agree Brady is better than Hoddle”
The semi finals games of the League Cup in 87” when we beat them at there place twice in a week with players like Ian Alinson.  the Henry solo goal.
This one could be a fixture that we could remember all our lives (but don’t tell your Spud “friends”)

But if we were to lose  this one today it will rank among the highlights of their sad lives, by ruining our chances of the Premiership.

Also the game is set up perfectly, RvP back from injury, although he probably will be sitting on the bench unless Arsene does what Fergie did with Rooney but I cannot see that happening. Sol is going back to the Lane for the first time in 5 years wearing the Red and White. Robbie “stag nite” Keane has headed west who was our jinx in previous years. Palacios got booked  in the FA cup semi on Sunday so he is banned Kranjear is injured as is Jenas, so they are depleted as we are.

We are still smarting from being humbled in our Champions League game against Barca and the Spuds are trying to bounce back from losing to Pompey.. lol.

Will ‘arry play £17 million quid Bentley so he can have his game of the season out of revenge?

One thing for sure it is defiantly hotting up for a good one tonight, so best wishes to the Gooners and I will catch you all later.


61 Responses to This Game is More than just Three Points.. It’s Our Bragging Rights.

  1. rico says:

    Morning all

    The time has come……

    Big Sol up for a Big game…..

  2. rico says:

    Nice one Ave, too right its about more then three points, forget the three points I say, they will come, this team needs to show the world just why we all believe them to be the best team in London.

    As its a footie blog, i won’t say what I really feel 😉

  3. rico says:

    Bollox, no Song tonight or at the weekend….

  4. W.A.T.H says:

    Morning Rico,

    No Song but we got Thor’s left foot back 🙂

  5. rico says:

    Morning WATH,

    What do they have in the middle apart from Modric??

    Me thinks Robin will start and Theo will replce him when King is knackered…

  6. rico says:

    Did you manage to get any sleep last night?? Or were you too ‘excited’…

  7. le foxe says:

    Morning all

    Its shaping up to be an awesome game!

    Predictions anyone??

  8. rico says:

    Morning LF, away win, Robin to get straight back into scoring mode and Theo to come on with twenty minutes to go to make the win a big one 🙂

  9. rico says:

    Its our midfield that concerns me and I am glad Palacios is out for them…

    Who to play in the middle??

    Eboue Denilson Nasri Diaby??

  10. W.A.T.H says:

    This is def a game for Eboooooooooooooooooie…! Yes I’d start RVP and bring Theo on last 20mins…! Need Diaby to have his normal good game when we play shit opposition…!.

    Rico, sleep…? what’s that..?

  11. rico says:

    🙂 wath, tell me about it, dogs whinging all night…. hardly any sleep and i got to try stay awake now until 10pm…..

    Re Diaby 😆

  12. rico says:

    ‘Arry says Spuds are closing the gap on Arsenal…..

    Are they extending their car parks or something, that’s the only way they will get closer to us….

  13. le foxe says:

    Eboue and Sagna on the right, would keep Rosicky on the left.

    As the game goes on i would then drop eboue to RB, stick Walcott on the right and take rosicky off, move Nasri on to the left and bring RVP on and play him up front with Bendtner.

    Nasri, Diaby and Denilson in the middle to start off, changing to 4 4 2 as above.

  14. W.A.T.H says:

    RVP must start !!! We need a match winner on from the start play him til he tired after 60mins and being 3 up won’t then matter when we take him off !.

  15. rico says:

    LF, I think RvP will start, i also think we will start with 4-4-2 with nik and robin up front, try and get the goals to kill the game off..

    Eboue on the RM will be able to whip the ball in onto Nik’s head and Robin will finish anything that comes his way..

    I am not sure AW will risk starting Rosicky, but…

  16. rico says:

    RvP isn’t imho an impact sub, he grows into the game, that’s why I would start with him..

  17. le foxe says:

    I just think he will go there with a similar set up to the Barca game – soak up the pressure for the first 60 mins and then bring on the subs to stretch the game out.
    Spurs will be playing on tired legs and will know that they have to try and kill us off in the 1st half. Come the 2nd half they will feel like they have lead shoes on and seeing RVP and Walcott coming on will just scare the shite out of them!

  18. rico says:

    pressure LF, pressure…. Its the spuds 😉 😉

  19. rico says:

    Its very Q on here today….

  20. rico says:

    I’m off for a bit, catch up later….

  21. W.A.T.H says:

    Enjoy the game ppl…! 🙂 Chat 2moro the pub is calling……… 🙂

  22. rico says:

    You enjoy the game to Sailor 😉

  23. W.A.T.H says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm that bloody Erick has a lot to answer for…………..! lata………….

  24. rico says:

    😆 he has…..

  25. rico says:

    Six years ago, this fixture won us the league after a 2-2 draw, I wonder if the same fixture will see us win and get the three points we need to go on and win the league again??

    I hope we batter the spuds tonight, but then i hope they manage to get at least a point against the chavs at the weekend….

  26. rico says:

    The Mancs could be sold in the next few weeks…. A company called ‘The Red Knights’…. Sounds more like the Barron Knights 😉 😉

  27. rico says:

    Im off again as no-one around, see you guys and gals later…

  28. agirlagunner says:

    Good one, Ave. Hi, all. It’s that time of the season where every game has a real finals quality to it. Hope we win and win by a big margin!

    Easy on the tipple, WATH!

    It should be a sweet return for our favorite chocolate leg! Go win this for us, RvP.

  29. agirlagunner says:

    Hola, Rico! Catch you later. I’m fully expecting us to get results to feel smug about.

  30. rico says:

    Yo peeps, who’s about??

    Sorry I missed you agag, no doubt you are resting before an early alarm call 😦

  31. rico says:

    Has anyone else heard about Barclays Bank are going to buy The Dippers for 500M…..

    I heard this afternoon….

  32. rico says:

    Oh and the Bg Man from Russia has bought 37 more shares, the same person who told me about the Dippers reckons Stan won’t eventually takeover, it will be the Russian….


  33. rico says:

    I’m off for dinner as all quiet…

  34. agirlagunner says:

    Uh-oh.(head in hands)

  35. rico says:

    Hi raif, agag

    Dont believe what I am seeing, a dreadful bit of keeping and then TV goes off, probably out for the rest of the season…..

  36. agirlagunner says:

    I am convinced I haven’t yet woken up and that this is all just a nightmare. Pinches self.

  37. rico says:

    Tomas… SHOOT!!!!

  38. raif says:

    we looking really flat upfront,

  39. agirlagunner says:

    Rico, almost halftime, and nothing to show for it. Oh my. Frankly, we are a mess! Somebody shoot!!!!

  40. rico says:

    So much of the ball agag, but like you say, nothing to show for it… nikki seems to be having an off day, eboue is poss our best player at the moment…

    Diaby looks the most like to score, he is a split second away from getting his brain and feet to work at the same time…

  41. rico says:

    Swap Rosicky for Theo ten minutes into the second half….

    Wenger needs to get a rocket out and fire it up the players bums!!!

  42. agirlagunner says:

    This is NOT what I wake up at 3 am for. Our players look like they’re the ones who played ET in the Cup. Where are all the fresh legs?

    Diaby had better wake up. What on earth?

  43. raif says:

    Diaby, rosicky, nasri, and eboue,, all playing SHITE!!!!

  44. agirlagunner says:

    raif, exactly. I hope Wenger goes missile at halftime a la Liverpool, and gives our players an earful. Our entire season hangs by a thread…

  45. he looked pissed didn’t he

  46. agirlagunner says:

    RSD, who wouldn’t be? Poor, poor game. First purchase of the summer: world-class keeper.

  47. agirlagunner says:

    We are screwed.

  48. raif says:

    shocking, just shocking defending from silvest and sanga playing him onside

  49. rico says:

    Crap, just bloody crap… Dont anyone try and tell me Silvestre is good enough… TV would not have let Bale get that goal, Silvestre is too bloody slow….

  50. rico says:

    raif, i thought eboue was ok, shows how crap the rest are… nik is having a mare…

    get robin on..

  51. agirlagunner says:

    I feel physically sick. What cheap goals we’ve given away. RvP in.

  52. raif says:

    disgracefull performance

  53. agirlagunner says:

    RvP in. Sniffs.

  54. agirlagunner says:

    Two more goals!!!!! Just two more goals.

  55. rico says:


    Nite all

  56. rico says:

    Spot On raif, bloody spot on, they were a disgrace…

    Big Sol was the best player on the park, Clichy was up for it to, the rest (rvp apart) were shite!!!!

    See you all tomorrow sometime…

  57. rico says:

    New Post will be up arond 10am, got to go out this morning….

  58. rico says:

    new post is up

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