Twenty one minutes and it was all over….

Basically that is what happened – after Nikki scored from a dreadful pass by Theo I was elated, for a split second I thought to myself, one more, come on you boys, one more…

Who am I kidding, I was f-ing and Jeffing, screaming at the television in excitement. For the first time yesterday I believed we were in with a chance….

Within a minute or two Messi got his first, within twenty one minutes he had scored his hat-trick, the dream was over….

I’m gutted, just gutted, but Barcelona are one heck of a side, they have a great young coach, they have great players and I am sure they will go on to win the Champions League now.

Andy Gray, for the first time in my opinion, said something so right last night. He said something along the lines of Barcelona and Arsenal play such similar football, but Barcalona are way ahead of us at closing down and getting the ball back – I think he is right.

He also said that without Song, Cesc, Gallas, Arshavin, van Persie, Ramsey maybe people would be harsh to criticise….

It matters not right now, we are out of the Champions League for another season and it hurts….

I will leave you all to discuss how good or bad individuals were if you feel like it, right now I can’t even think about it….

I won’t even say have a good day, I know you won’t…. Neither will I..


114 Responses to Twenty one minutes and it was all over….

  1. Edmond Dantes says:

    Mourning Gooners

    No pun intended!

    Anyway the premier league should have been our priority. Wenger should not have risked players last week. For what?

    Now we are disadvantaged in the title race. Our 5 best players were missing so really its no disgrace losing to Barca. Messi is like Maradona on speed.

    Imo, England should be conquered first before Europe.

  2. rico says:


    I disagree, if we had won and gone through, would you be thinking the same??

  3. Edmond Dantes says:

    Its no surprise we got rolled over by Barca. Maybe with a full team (each player 100% fit) we would have been able to match them.

    They can afford to leave 15-20 million players on the bench. Just compare the benches to see the difference in squad depth.

    Arsenal have lower transfer and wage expenditure than most of Europe’s elite. So we are punching well over our weight division. Now that is some achievement in itself. But it does not lessen the pain of defeat.

    Given the injuries, that is why one trophy should have been prioritised and the team should have gone for it full tilt. We could have lost the title on Saturday. Then we would have been left with nothing to fight for. Our season would have been over. But theres still life left…

    Ok I admit Im going on a bit of a rant.

  4. Edmond Dantes says:

    Rico. The odds of us going through were very low. I would have thought we’d have a better chance in the EPL.

  5. Erick says:

    Morning All Silvester cost us the game how dare he play give and go in the box he brought Barca back we need CH Sol has been great but the fairy tale is over we have to compete at the highest level Diaby Nasir Rosick Walcot 3/10 poor poor you have to ask yourself if they will ever have a big game mentality damnnnnn we started so well we could have played on the counter and killed them off Clichy 8/10 he is the only that seemed concerned Denilson 6 his touches were perfect and closed down Messi well Sagna 5 TV 4 Almunia 5 Nikky 7 just for the goal and working his socks off Subs no impact at all

  6. rico says:

    I believe when we are in a competition we should always play our best eleven Edmond, Messi was the difference and I dont think many defences know what to do to stop him – Wait and see him rip Inter apart…

  7. Edmond Dantes says:

    Barca had no height up-front. Maybe Sagna should have partnered Vermaelen in central defence from the start. He would have been better in one-on-one situations and he is faster than Sol. Eboue then could have played RB.

    I was not too pleased with Rosicky’s performance. But then again if we were pinning our hopes on him having a blinder then that spells trouble as far as Im concerned.

    I thought Denilson played ok. Many people have been doubting him lately.

    Maybe Walcott should have started on the bench. But I will not criticise Arsene for being positive.

  8. rico says:

    Sol didn’t play Edmond, it was Silvestre..

    Its easy after the game….

  9. rico says:

    Morning Erick, I didn’t see you sneak in back there …

  10. Edmond Dantes says:

    Rico. I hear what you saying. I agree that we should always play our best team in the CL. ie. If they 100% fit.

    It backfired last week and we were run ragged. The closing down was better last night. I think we manged to get 10% more possession than in the first leg. It didnt matter because Messi was on fire. But if we could have played Gallas and some others in the 2nd leg, the result could possibly have been different.

    But lets look at whats been going on recently. I accept that Wenger uses the CC to blood in youngsters but recently we have been sacrificing the FA Cup too. This is probably down to lack of squad depth and injuries.

  11. Edmond Dantes says:

    What I meant was that Sagna is faster than Sol and Silvestre and Barca had no aerial threat. So why not start him at CB?

  12. Edmond Dantes says:

    But I agree that its easier to argue these points with hindsight.

  13. Edmond Dantes says:

    Anyway I got to go.

    God bless Arsenal football club.

  14. a quick hello before i check out

    shit ground no fans

    bring on spurs

    we gona win the league….

  15. rico says:

    you still in barca rsd??

  16. Erick says:

    Yes Rico am gutted we cldn’t keep a lead until half time

  17. K-TR7 says:

    Morning all.i am preparing an autopsy report of our failures in europe,expect it soon rico.watching messi dismantle us ruthlessly made me miss rvp.after his injury we have no cutting edge in the final third,we scored 55 goals in 19 games when he was fit.he was the best player in europe according to castrol.he and not AA is our ‘messi’.i would take a whole season of rvp over any new signing.he would have scored/created a couple last night.

  18. rico says:

    nik goal gave us all false hope i think Erick, had Diaby played his ball through to theo or into the path of nik instead of behind him we could have gone 2-0 up, then i would have started to think a dream was alive…

  19. rico says:

    Morning KTR7, I look forward to it. I have emailed avenell about getting you access to wordpress, i’ll let you know when it goes ahead….

  20. DPT says:

    What a shower of shite! what a fucking embarasement we were last night! What happened to the fast start Wenger spoke about the game?? It must of been that fast I never even saw it…………………….
    Why did’nt we press them and close them down quicker? we did it once in the whole game and scored from it!! Why did we not carry on doing this?? WE COULD’NT CLOSE DOWN WOOLWORTHS FFS!!
    Did we not learn anything from the first game??
    Wenger must know now that we need 3 or 4 quality players adding to this squad and GET RID of WALCOTT -what a bag of SHITE!!

  21. Erick says:

    But the goal was out of nothing and i dont get all the hype around Messi he isnt that good believe with Song playing it could have been a different story believe that

  22. Erick says:

    DPT this Arsenal side dont seem to learn but the injury didnt help us at all

  23. le foxe says:

    Morning all.

    First of all, I actually feel quite proud of the lads from last night. We put in a decent scrap against the best footballing team in the world.

    Looking through various blogs etc its amazing how many fans are coming out and slagging off Wenger again! Last night he put out the best team he could and granted, some of them probably could have put up more of a fight. But to criticise him for playing some of the lads last week who then got injured is just ridiculous. He is criticised for not prioritising the carling cup, but is then criticised for not prioritising the league over the champs league!

    We cant buy any more players before the end of the season so its pointless moaning about the fact he hasnt done so. Its pointless talking about what Wenger should have done in terms of formations etc. We all know he has ‘areas of development’, we also know he wont change.

    All we can do is look forward to the game next week and the remaining 4 games which may lead us to winning the league.

  24. DPT says:

    Erick – i agree the injurys did’nt help but its about time players like Diaby, Nasri, Walcott etc stepped up to the plate and perform when really needed to, otherwise they are just not good enough for our club!

  25. cheap Aaron Lennon says:

    Over 180 minutes, you probably played 20 mins of football. Totally outplayed and an embarassment to EPL

  26. Erick says:

    sad sad DTP we need the 4 experienced players we have been crying for please Boss

  27. Erick says:

    LF true we can only use all we have but in the summer we will need to do something

  28. rico says:

    Morning DPT LF

    DPT, you have brightened up my mood a tad ‘ Couldn’t shut down Woolworths’ 😆

    A new spine is what we need, 100M should do it…

  29. K-TR7 says:

    Rosicky was poor…

  30. Erick says:

    K-TR7 Very poooooooooooooooooooooooooooor

  31. rico says:

    Its all very well some of the fringe players having a good game every now and then but that is not acceptable, not for a club like ours..

    Most of the top clubs have their players highlighted when they have an off day, thats because the rest of the time they play to their capability…

    We need to be very careful, if we don’t get the right players in the summer we could start to struggle big time, and with that players won’t want to play for a side in the UEFA Cup….

  32. rico says:

    LF, I thought we showed them too much respect, we didnt shut them down and just looked on as Messi glided by…. …

  33. Erick says:

    True Rico with Citeh likely to invest Fool looking for investors and pensioner looking to change almost all of their squad we need to do something am sure even if Gallas is to renew his contract he has to be sure we will be doing something in regard ot competing at the highest level

  34. rico says:

    Morning Cheap Lennon, a very apt name….

    And when did your team last play against Barcelona in the Champions League?? In fact when did you team ever play in the Champions League??

    I think you will find the answer to both is a big fat NO!!

  35. DPT says:

    rico – the closest the spuds will get to the nou camp is on a STADIUM TOUR!!

  36. rico says:

    😆 DPT

  37. le foxe says:

    Rico, i totally agree. We should have definately seen more fight from some of the lads. For example Diaby looked like he was just plucked from the crowd and given a shirt to put on. Same as the first leg.

    Just been thinking though; yes, we do need to buy some quality EXPERIENCED players in the summer. But we need to look at Barcelona’s work ethic of closing people down and harrying them into playing the ball. We did it at the beginning of the season and seemed to have lost the way somewhat. But if we took that on and combined it with our technical ability we would be awesome!

    Again – as i have mentioned before – is that down to the coaching set up or the players?

  38. rico says:

    Erick, what also concerns me about Gallas is he seems to now be prone to injury, he said he was ok, the medics said he was ok before last weeks match but he got injured again… Even if he stays, and I dont think he will, we can’t rely on him for a whole season.

    If we had the right squad he could have been rested in the right games, but he wasn’t and who is to blame for that?? AW…

  39. DPT says:

    Imagine what Barca would do to the spuds!! I mean, they are a tiny bit better than SUNDERLAND and all that!!

  40. W.A.T.H says:

    And were u not supposed to be watching eastenders cheep aron lennox……….? You can only dream of playing champions league you swamp dwelling pikey…! Come back when your out of our shadow one of these decades….! Means we wont be seeing you again eh…..! Muppet….!

  41. Erick says:

    DTP 🙂

  42. Erick says:

    Morning WATH he he he he he

  43. rico says:

    Ah, where did you spring from wath, top comment 😆

    And you DPT 😆

  44. rico says:

    LF, it has to come from the player, if he is good enough he should know what his job is, that pass from Diaby to Nik last night was woeful and just about sums him up..

    Yes he has been better recently, but we cant afford to keep players who play well against sides fighting to stay up….

  45. rico says:

    I think we scared him off, maybe its Lasagne for lunch for the cheap one 😉

  46. Erick says:

    True Rico we also struggle so much to win a match nowadays when did we last kill off a match in the first half

  47. K-TR7 says:

    It was really sad since our worst perfomers were our most experienced players.clichy was the only player who looked up for it,sagna didn’t put a foot wrong and bendtner tried his best.if we had only rvp and song yesterday the result would’ve been different.we need one x factor player to rise up,sadly rvp was the one but got injured,AA well…

  48. W.A.T.H says:

    The “non” pass from Diaby to Theo shows that Diaby has no footballing brain what so ever….! he turns up and plays when he feels like it and half the time strolls around like he just can’t be bothered…! SO much talent no brain and sooooooooooo frustrating…!

    I was lingering Rico…….. swamp dwelling pikey giving it large…. yeh right like they done anything in 49 yrs….! lowlife muppet…! Must be school holidays…!

  49. DPT says:

    Diaby has shown signs he could be a decent player but when you really need him to step up like last night – he lets you down!

  50. Erick says:

    Nasir had a bad one too couldn’t dribble past 2 players

  51. rico says:

    It is, another week or so yet too wath… I thought it would be fun to let him/her on, sad they didn’t stick around 😉

    DPT, but its always against sides near the bottom of the league, when does he step up and play well in the big games??

    KTR7, agree re Clichy and Sagna, both have had their fair share of stick this season, but last night they were top notch..

    Nik needs to cut out his flicks and tricks imho, he did well to score though, Theo’s pass was shocking…

  52. W.A.T.H says:

    TR7 prob wasnt fit and got played despite that… Why when Ebooie was on the bench………..? Diaby was just Diaby and flattered to deceive as usual….! And Nasri didnt have enough around him to make any worthwhile contribution..!.

  53. DPT says:

    Rico – i agree, its always against the lesser sides! therefore he should be nothing more than a squad player! What this team needs is some real STEEL adding to the midfield!!

  54. rico says:

    Spot on DPT, we need a mouthy player too, someone to raise the game when needed, we lack that right now, in fact we lack a fair bit at the moment…

    Five games left to win the league, are we going to do it??

  55. Erick says:

    but the ods were against us guys with 5 of your regular missing that a tought one dont you think

  56. rico says:

    I would have started with Eboue yesterday, TR7 is now probably out for the spud game now…

    At least Sol will have had a rest, bet your life he will be up for that game

  57. Erick says:


  58. rico says:

    Erick, but we all need a rant to get it out of our system – 🙂

  59. W.A.T.H says:

    Yes Erick injuries didnt help BUT look at the attitude of a few that played last night….! they had the opportunity to shine yet they sank without trace……! A few injuries and we may of lost by the odd goal but their work ethic also put us to shame and there no excuse for that..!

  60. Erick says:

    true Rico am still try to get some steam off

  61. DPT says:

    we do lack a fair bit at the moment and when 3 or 4 of our starting eleven are missing it really highlights the problems! Alot of the players after our first eleven just are not good enough for a club like Arsenal.

    Rico – its a Gatusso type player we need and like you say someone with a mouth on them aswell! someone with a bit of aggression who can tackle!
    If you think about it how many players in this current team can actually tackle?

    As for the league rico – my heart says yes but my head says no!

  62. Erick says:

    DPT the League will be tough i hope the Mancs get past Bayern because if they dont it will be ugly 3 teams will scrap it out for sure

  63. DPT says:

    erick the league will be tough and knowing Arsenal they will win all the games up to the last home game against Fulham and then f**k it up at the final hurdle! I hope the mancs get beat tonight, I can’t stand the f**kers!

  64. Erick says:

    me too but they will be coming fo the league and we need them destructed a little bit

  65. Kipmonster says:

    Knee jerk reaction rantings after this defeat are unnecessary but it really is time that the repetitive mistakes & weaknesses were once & for all addressed. It’s pathetic Arsenal are in a situation where the useless Silvestre (Fergie would NOT have sold Arsenal an asset !!) is deputising for the old free transfer who at this late stage in his career (Well though he has played in his appearances) is unable to play 2 games in a week. He himself is deputising for a player who has been unable to have a lengthy injury free spell since arriving at the club at 16/17 years old & who is at such a young age is ridiculously so fragile he has several times withdrawn from the team/squad during pre-match warm up. A PATHETIC situation !!

  66. rico says:

    DPT, my heart and head are like yours…. who is there out there who could be that heart, soul and have a big mouth 🙂

    Hi kip, its not knee jerk reactions, its real, we are not good enough to compete at the top. dont take this the wrong way but you are almost contradicting yourself by then saying we need to address weaknesses and mistakes…

    That is all we are saying, we need a few changes in the side, not many, just ten 😉 😉

  67. Erick says:

    Kipmonster Its truly time we need to add 4 strong player we wont mind the cost just add quality

  68. Erick says:

    Ten Rico 😉

  69. K-TR7 says:

    We need that air of arrogance international players have.inter have the likes of lucio,cambiasso,maicon…who won’t allow messi a sniff at goal.our internationals like eduardo,nasri…don’t have that.if we had our best eleven playing like we did at the start of the season barca would’ve struggled to beat us;barca had more of the ball yet they covered more ground than we did,it was was the reason messi was quiet in the first leg.

  70. rico says:

    Just checking you were reading Erick 🙂 🙂

  71. rico says:

    Song is my player of the season KTR7, if he was a little bit quicker he would be the perfect midfielder.. Agree to about it was he who shut out Messi, Song doesn’t seem to give a toss about who he is up against, he just does what he does best…

  72. rico says:

    Off for half an hour, don’t go away 🙂

  73. W.A.T.H says:

    Ok that’s ur half an hour up…………. Where r u..?

  74. W.A.T.H says:

    Hmmmmmmmm so quiet everybody must of run off to slit wrists drink arsenic etc etc etc………… Could be worse we could all support the swamp dwellers down the rd in middlesex…!

  75. rico says:

    I’m here………………

  76. rico says:

    Arsene admits that he needs to add to his squad in order to compete next season…

    Same old Arsene, Always fibbing 🙂 🙂

  77. Kipmonster says:

    Wenger is lucky this season that his continued stubbornness which after so long borders on a contempt for the fans that the hierarchy of Arsenal FC already show to us, not to spend money to address the persistent obvious weaknesses has been masked by our ‘amazing’ position in the Premier League currently due to the weakness of the league overall.
    Liverpool way overachieved with their 2 man team last season & selling Alonso & buying an injured player was bound to see them decline this season.
    ManUre have been dragged along virtually single handedly by an inspired Wayne Rooney. Without him for any long period of time & with Ronaldo sold, they would have struggled this season.
    Chelsea should have walked the league this season but they are a creaking team age wise & it’s been unlikely heroes such as Malouda who have been inspired for them.
    Aston Villa & Everton – No Change really.
    Spurs have improved but they could hardly do otherwise could they ? Redknapp is no magician.
    Wenger has given veiled threats about leaving or not signing a new contract IF he believes the team do NOT look like winning silverware imminently !! …… SORRY !! ……. The blame falls to you for stubborn refusal to buy ready made quality players to enhance the strength of the team & squad in positions that for years now have been weak !!
    A top class keeper, at least 1 more top class centre half, strong midfielder & scoring striker are obviously required & the fact that not even all of the transfer income raised has been spent is for a club of our stature who moved to new stadium on the basis of competing at top end of transfer market a disgrace. The club continue to employ executives on massive salaries who have to date shown no added value financially to the club.
    Wenger who has obviously been great for the club remains in a rare position of strength, influence & domination of the club & is only matched in world football by Fergie in this regard.
    No matter what promises Real Madrid make to Wenger about time to develop a team, if in 6 months the team were not where the fans wanted them to be he would be out & paid up. History proves that with in recent times Capello & Del Bosque.
    Arsene Wenger has lost the focus of what the main priority of his job is to win trophies. No Arsenal fan asks him to bankrupt the club to do so but ask he replaces devotion to his pet project with some pragmatism.

  78. W.A.T.H says:

    Your a right positive fella you eh klipmonster….! what was that about jumping on the bandwagon…?

  79. rico says:

    Kip, so do you want Wenger out, unless he buys the right players??

  80. rico says:

    Kip, earlier you said we shouldn’t make knee jerk statements??

  81. K-TR7 says:

    We are just so close to greatness,if only…

  82. rico says:

    That is just it KTR7, we are, each summer and january all we ask for is a few additions, quality ones, not a silvestre or bishcoff kind of signing….

    Last chance saloon for the boss this summer me thinks…

  83. K-TR7 says:

    Rico-did you know barca won nothing in between 1999-2005?they were in transition breeding in xavi,messi,iniesta…but look at them article in the guardian said with only few additions especially on defensive drills we may go to the nou camp and look barca in the eye.AW is building another invincible side,with a bit of polishing we will dominate while breeding in ramsey,wilshere…the same way barca are with bojan,jeffren…we are the closest to barca in europe in playing style we only need polishing.yesterdays game also showed why AW doesn’t play nasri in the middle often.

  84. Erick says:

    Rico am very alert Kip got a point there we play for trophies that should be the main focus Ademoney and Toure should have been replace atleast he could have use 7mil to get Chamaka but its all if but this time AW will have to buy experience if we are to stay in the Champions League position and improve our trophie Cabinet

  85. Erick says:

    K-tr7 intresting view there but you mean to say we can’t built and still get them trophies??

  86. rico says:

    Ha ha Erick, I know you don’t miss anything 😉

    Thats a good point made there KTR7, I didnt realise that – do you think though we have the same standard of player in our up and coming lot to be the new messi and co…?

    Maybe that is worth looking into and studying more but its hard now that Arsenal TV has gone, I used to watch the young uns…

  87. rico says:

    AW has said he needs to add to the squad, sadly though he says that each transfer window 😦

  88. rico says:

    Popping off again peeps, back in a while..

    Be good …

  89. K-TR7 says:

    Barca were even worse rico,madrid had their galacticos winning cl and spl doubles with benitez’s valencia being the closest rivals.we have talent in abundance even barca fans know it,even andy gray said it.the difference is what we do off the ball is what sets us and barca apart.this is also our first season using the 4-3-3 and it has worked.a full preseason for eddy,tr7 and hopefully new players will see us terrify europe.rvp is our attacking general,if AA can get the freedom messi has at barca tacticswise i believe pep wouldn’t want to face us.if rvp and AA can stay fit and be on the same wavelength…

  90. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, all. I was in some temper the entire day. Arsenal losing is never good for people around me. Summer purchases, please. We cannot keep playing minnows (however talented) v. barcelonacudas.

  91. Erick says:

    AGAG the same here not the best of days

  92. agirlagunner says:

    Erick, And even if some of our players have a good preseason, I’m sure the key ones would return a little jaded or injured.

    A lot of if only’s. RvP, come back!!!

  93. rico says:

    Hi agag, join the grumpy club 😦

    Bloomin Sky Sports have gone on and on all day about Messi, they love us getting knocked out, I hope the Mancs go out later then they can talk about that all day tomorrow….

  94. Erick says:

    AGAG totally agree RVP can not last a whole season same to Gallas. AA is crap nowadays and Diaby and Nasir are not big game player We need to reinforce in the summer

  95. rico says:

    KTR7, re your last, I dont think AA has what it takes to perform like Messi, in fact I dont think any player right now could, he is different class. I hope AW signs him in the summer 🙂

    The only way milan will stop him is to foul him…

  96. rico says:

    i agree with you Erick, who agrees with agag about RVP and and Gallas – I though RvP had gotten over his injury prone days, however… we miss him, big time..

  97. agirlagunner says:

    Hi, Rico. I haven’t turned on the telly the entire day. For sure, it would be Messi this, Xavi that, Barca, Barca running riot, Barca passsing masterclass, Barca, Barca, Barca ad nauseam.


    The Mancs have to go out! Then the headlines would be all about what a one-man team they are. (As if there was ever any doubt.)

  98. agirlagunner says:

    RvP has been sorely, sorely missed. Sometimes, I really don’t care for these international competitions. Even Cesc labored after Spain’s Euro triumph.

    I think AA needs to realize it’s a privilege wearing his Arsenal kit. He’s quality sure, but he’s been unbelievable wasteful with clear-cut chances. How many deliveries near goal has he skied this season?

  99. Erick says:

    Rico I don’t agree with you about Messi he is good but not better than Drogba Ronney or Torres we just gave him too much space and Mourinho wont allow that just wait and see we will hold him and may be allow others to score but not him

  100. Erick says:

    AA has been poor no commitment no team work just a disinterested face

  101. agirlagunner says:

    And the players label AA the biggest moaner. Could he have peaked v. Liverpool w 4 goals?

  102. rico says:

    Don’t blame you agag, wish i hadn’t been watching 😦

    Erick, I would much rather Messi playing for us than Drog, shrek or even torres – the player i would really love us to get would be David Villa – but that dont mean i am right though 😉 😉

  103. rico says:

    agag, AA just seems to be a tad moody, he performs when he wants, i just wish he could play as we all hope he can, week in week out

  104. rico says:

    when you saw the goal AA scored away at the dippers this season, it takes your breath away, but….

  105. rico says:

    off for a bit now, dinner to sort out, catch you later

  106. Erick says:

    Messi wouldn’t make it in the premiership he is “too soft” did you see how he was diving and how he avoided contact

  107. rico says:

    Fair comment Erick, thats why Ronaldo left the mancs i think… wouldn’t mind him giving it a trial though, with us of course 😉 😉

  108. K-TR7 says:

    Watching AA’s goals at anfield seems like a distant memory,what happened to him?if he had messi’s enthusiasm he would be toe to toe with him in personal awards.rvp has really been a huge miss…

  109. Erick says:

    Shrek starts for the Mancs gambleeeeeeeee

  110. Erick says:

    K-TR7 True with RVP am not talking about AA anymore

  111. rico says:

    Bloody mancs are winning 2-0 – not what i had hoped, oh well a while to go yet ……

    I’m off for the night peeps, see you tomorrow, might be a later one…

    night night and stay safe all

  112. Erick says:

    Gdnite Rico 3-1 Mancs got a mountain

  113. K-TR7 says:

    Mancs are out!

  114. rico says:

    Morning all, NEW POST

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