Where are you now then?????

I’m still so so peed off after Saturday …..

Why is it so many fans see one good display and think that’s enough??? That’s enough to secure that players place in the side for the rest of time?

Well, I don’t and most don’t but sadly a few do, when they do they like to make sure we all get to hear about it, no doubt those people were gloating at the time of making clear their own views…

Last week ond of the regular posting here on Avenell Road took the time out of his day to day life to write a post about what to do in the summer, should we buy, do we need to by, do we sell to buy or just stay the same….

In that same post the author mentioned Denilson and how average he has been, me, I would say poor! He also mentioned the need for a new goal keeper.

The day before the article was posted Arsenal played, Denilson scored a great goal and had one of his best games in a long long while, Almunia saved a penalty and the team won!

Well shiver me old timbers, two of the worst performers of the season chose to have a great day and on the same day, how spooky! Jeepers Creepers, it was well overdue in my opinion.

Becuause of that though, the post here on Avenell Road attracted a few, thankfully not many contributors who laughed in the face of the author – one actually made reference to the post must have been written prior to the game because of their performances…… Well, one swallow does not make a summer!!

For me, it wouldn’t have mattered, I don’t think it would have made any difference to the thoughts, opinions of the author. It’s his view and he has the right to share it.

As it turns out, not that most of us needed convincing, Erick was spot on in what he wrote. We have a dreadful goal keeper who on Saturday,  not only cost us not only two points but possibly the league and a midfielder called Denilson who unless he has the rock of Song alongside him, continues to look very average!!

Where are those same fans today then??

I bet you one thing though, none of those who took the piss the day that post went up come back an apologise?? For sure they won’t, after all  both Denilson and Almunia wear an Arsenal shirt, they have to be good don’t they…… regardless!!!

Well, I am sorry, come the summer, that should cease!!

Top it all, last night I had a call from a friend of mine, known her for 35 years and she is a big Football Fan. She hates the Chavs and has to follow the Mancs as one of her two sons suuports them. Deep down though she holds a soft spot for Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and the way we play football. She asked one thing having watched Bolton  – ‘How the hell can Wilshere be allowed to go on loan when players like Denilson are in the first team?……..



164 Responses to Where are you now then?????

  1. yon says:

    DISAGREE! Denilson isn’t a great player (far from it), but I have seen enough to show he will be great in near future. Remember… Song, Diaby and even Eboue were “trash” until just a couple of months ago. Today they are some of the first names on the team sheet (especially Song). Denilson has won us a few games this season and has done his fair share.

    We need to criticize the whole team for falling asleep when it really mattered (the last 3 minutes). We invited them to come on to us and it cost us. We missed chances to extend our lead. What we need in the future… is a new goal keeper to challenge Almunia and maybe even take his spot (Fabianski has failed us every time). We need a striker (work class goal getter), we need a midfielder for competition, we need a central defender. 4 NEW PLAYERS!.

  2. Bradski says:

    Agree with pretty much all of that. But a slightly different slant on it. nasri 1 minute before puts the ball in the net gamer over. If we go right back to the FA cup final v Liverpool in Cardiff numerous chances squandered then late on a 2 sucker punches game over. Why oh why can we not be more clinical in front of goal. This piles so much pressure on in the fact that we only have a one goal advantage the smallest errors mean dropped points.
    Its nothing new with us i know but really do we get fined if we take more than one shot on goal in a game?????

  3. Chukwudi says:


  4. rico says:

    Mornin youn and brad, welcome to avenell road

    yon, i am angry and bitter still, when denilson plays its not only his performances sometimes that are poor it stops cesc from playing his true game

  5. rico says:

    brad, agree re the ‘shoot’ – that is why we all keep saying we need a gola scorer, we also need CH, HM, GK, we are so close yet some players don’t have the cutting edge in too many games imho

  6. rico says:

    morning chuck, we also have chesney in goal, sell both almunia and fabianski and get a ready made quality gk, chesney as no2 and vito no3… why oh why doesnt aw see what is so clear to most??

  7. Le Foxe says:

    Funnily enough I was discussing Wilshere with a few friends on saturday night after the Man U game. He had a very good game and perhaps this loan move could be excellent in his development – first touch, turn and overall game was brilliant. I should imagine Wenger has done it in order to get him ready and prepared for the 1st team squad next season…new signing and all that!!

    I just wanted to raise a few points about the game the other day and specifically about Denilson. Each player looked like they had an eye on wednesdays game, they werent going in for the tackles or seemed to have any urgency in what they did. Denilson was a prime example – at least 4 or 5 occasions in the first half he stood off his opponent, not even bothering to put him under pressure. For a player that is supposed to be holding the midfield that is simply not good enough.

    But, and its a point I have raised a few times now, is this not a result of the coaching style at the club?
    Almunia is a brilliant shot stopper but is pretty shite at everything else; again, is he being coached to improve on his weaknesses or just having his sensitive ego rubbed?
    I agree that we need to make some signings and a new GK and CB should be priority; but nothing can be done about that until the summer. However, Wenger can and should be looking at the coaching set up and wondering why we concede sloppy goals and why we insist on passing a ball when 3 yards away from goal – i.e. Nasri!
    Address some of these issues and we go some way to re-capturing our early season form.

  8. rico says:

    Morning LF – Good comment, lord only knows why Denilson would be looking to the game on wednesday as with TV back, Song will be back in the midfield with cesc and denilson will probably not feature 😉

  9. Amos says:

    “We have a dreadful goal keeper who yesterday cost us not only three points but possibly the league” A frustrated piece which I suppose is why you can claim that Almunia cost us 3 points in a game that we drew. That’s the problem with frustration – you tend to lose perspective very easily.

  10. rico says:

    Morning Amos, what is with some bloggers, just go on to a post to point out the errors, well done you, top comment!!

    You get the drift if you have read it all, or are you happy to sit and watch Almunia week in week out – go count how many points his school boy errors have cost us – trust me, it will be more than three!!

  11. rico says:

    Cesc, Diaby and Arshavin are all doubts for the Barca game…

    I hope this is mind games…

  12. drew10 says:

    Rico, are you seriously saying that Denilson was the reason Cesc had a bad game?

    Even before he got crocked Cesc was not playing well, actually he has been slightly off colour for the last few games if we are honest. To blame Cesc’s form on Denilson is frankly ludicrous.

    I think we need to get off Denilson’s back the lad has quality and okay so this season he hasn’t been at his best last season he was excellent. He has been dogged by injuries and the emergence of Song this season but he is still a very good squad player and has scored some very important goals for us lately.

    In one breath the article claims we don’t shoot enough, then lambastes the one player in our team who is not afraid to pull the trigger from outside the box.

    As for Almunia, he isn’t the best keeper in the world, far from it, but he is the best we have. He made a mistake, get over it move on! If we had taken our chances at the other end the game should have been over long before that. Arsharvin should have made it 2 with the best chance of the lot, nobody is claiming we should sell him are they?

    Szczesny is a good keeper and possibly the best of the bunch we have but is still young and if he made a few mistakes you lot would want shot of him, same as you would Wilshire if his form mirrored that of Walcott for a few games.

    These are young men and we need to support them not get on their backs, their form will be erratic at their age and our support is vital. After all we are ‘supporters’ are we not?

    Come on Gooners if we truly want to win something then our boys need us to be together as one!

    Up the Gunners forever!

  13. Le Foxe says:

    Rico – on a plus side, it looks like Iniesta is out too

  14. Amos says:

    Still frustrated I see! It was a schoolboy error not to get the points tally right too. I’m not defending Almunia or Denilson though I think both are better than you give credit for. But it was a fluke goal. Almunia might have done more to keep it out and if Diaby had shown a modicum of defensive awareness and not naively been drawn to the ball Philips wouldn’t have had the space to run into and Almunia wouldn’t have had a save to make. Fault can be found where you look for it and in this piece, like so many others, you have just picked the targets you want to pick. There were many other points in the game, involving other players, where 2 points were sacrificed.

  15. rico says:

    Hi Drew, what I am saying which is MY opinion is that Denilson hinders Cesc….

    Almunia – which mistake do i need to get over, he does it so often, too often imho…

  16. rico says:

    LF, i think another couple of the barca players are a doubt to…

    Amos – you are being padantic aboutthe points and i am still very angry about saturday, if you are happy to watch that kind of error then good on you 😉

  17. Erick says:

    Mornin all Nice one Rico in all fairness we do not need average players we are tired of evarage AW should splash it and get 3 minimum and 4 just better. The keeper, striker and CH shld be top top priority. We are on an unbeaten run and the invicible started by a narrow miss of silverware and came back to greatness if AW could make some early summer signing and let the team adapt early my friends we are capable of winning the 4 competition we are in at the start of the season believe that.

  18. rico says:

    Morning bluenose, you are the first person i have read that thinks that, interesting

  19. Amos says:

    It’s ‘pedantic’! 🙂

  20. rico says:

    Morning Erick, good comment, I’m tired of watching average too….

  21. morning all
    wouldn’t say denilson had a shocker he just was none entity for most of the game.
    as for almunia for some reason his confidence for the last 10 mins of the game disappeared and forgot the first rule of keeping “if in doubt punch.”
    but i dont think it is right that we should knock him now
    before the a game like barca
    when he’s gone need to be in top form.
    We can slag him off all summer
    but now we need to get his chin up.

  22. Erick says:

    If Denilson is not a defensive midfielder why does AW play him there and please we don’t need to get started on Al but Alex even though i don’t approve of some players inclusion 90 minutes i will support them

  23. rico says:

    Amos, how did i know you would do that 😉 😉

  24. Erick says:

    RSD If we do not point out this mistakes they will cost us 😦 Almunia should have done better

  25. rico says:

    Amos, forget the muck up on the points – tell me, are you really happy with some of the players…

    Don’t get me wrong, if you read here often you will know that when players (even cesc 😉 have poor games we make comment, when they play well (denilson included) we compliment them – but saturday was just a crule ending to what should have been three points in the bag and still on the tails on the chavs and mancs…

    one silly error cost us…

  26. Erick says:

    Its evident one player will be leaving in the Summer any guesses 😦 😦

  27. rico says:

    Morning rsd, thats what we do – almunia won’t be reading this so it won’t make any difference to his game 😉

    If denilson was not in the game, i rest my case – he should have been…

  28. rico says:

    I saw that too Erick, wasn’t it rumoured at Theo’s bash?? JJ reckons it could be AA if there is any truth in it, apparently we will be very sad whoever it is ….

  29. yes rico but you know the fans will and the hacks and do to cos they need to find inspiration it all builds.

    anyways with all this talk of iniesta bing out i almost missed that yaya came off injured as well so xavi had to come on. on saturday.

    fab cant be that bad otherwise he wouldn’t have played on.

  30. rico says:

    Are you going wednesday rsd or to the away game??

  31. rico says:

    I reckon all our three who are doubts will play, its just games…

  32. Erick says:

    If its AA it would be such a blow again Jack would get in i guess apparently had a great game against the Mancs

  33. K-TR7 says:

    Morning.i hear iniesta may not be available on wed.he usually plays the am role ahead of xavi.he is more of a mix between xavi and messi;dribbler and passer.he mainly links the play from the left.he and henry prevent opposition attacking the fragile maxwell.with him out xavi is forced to play further up where he isn’t as effective hence he looks lost.keita is a different proposition since he brings a more physical and goal threat.

  34. rico says:

    Erick – that fiend of mine said he was really good, bigger, stronger and not scared to ‘get stuck in’

  35. Erick says:

    Rsd any word from the spy 😉

  36. rico says:

    Morning KTR7, thats good news then, I think we will win, TV is back and as long as Sol is fit and not tired we can do it.. 2-0 at home then a 1-1 draw away would do nicely…

  37. c gander says:

    what makes me laugh ,how some fellow arsenal fans believed we were actually going to win something,we should have strengthened ill tell you now denilson bendtner almunia are definitely not good enough we need 3 QUALITY PROVEN INTERNATIONAL players to replace them. with the pre tax profits we announced this year the money is there. unfortunately though wenger or the board DONT CARE what the fans want.im telling you had we bought a striker in summer i.e chamachk,dzeko,villa, and or wes sneider ,van der vaart,yaya toure we would have cruised leaue but again wengers stubbornness costs us

  38. Erick says:

    We miss that kind of player who can cause nightmare to defenders AA can do that but he seem lost Wilshere always wins one on ones

  39. Alec McClichy says:

    That’s what we need. good positive vibes. Shame we have nothing left to play for this season, now that we’ve lost the league and are going to lose against Barca.

    There are highs and lows in every rollercoast

  40. W.A.T.H says:

    Morning all,

    Nice post Rico….

    Basically spot on…..! If ppl can’t see the need to point out that players have cost points and are not good enough then these same ppl will be walking round all summer happy knowing we not buying anyone. If we made mistakes in our daily jobs like certain players on a regular basis we would get fired…! FACT….! A freaky goal someone says… well sorry catching a ball as a goalkeeper is a prerequisite…! Most important player on the pitch is the goalie and we have one of the worst in the league simple as that AND that’s not the goalies fault he isn’t good enough it’s the managers for not buying one good enough FACT..! Not nice to admit to but true…!. Yes we don’t score enough of the chances we make and who wants us to walk the ball into the net…? the manager…! Everyone has also ignored the waiter running to the edge of his box five mins b4 they scored trying to punch a free kick away that he got away with as well…. He’s a total liability FACT…!.

    Denilson was poor he can’t hold the midfield on his own just not good enough, he may improve over time but def nothing more than an decent player even if he does get better. Theo was also very poor and a game that didn’t suit him and was a no brainer all week that Ridgewell would kick him and Theo would hide which of course he did. I’m sick of thinking about the whole game 2b honest…. Just bugs me to listen to AW going on and on and on about faith and players being good enough when we are not blind…! Don’t keep on with trying to pull wool over our eyes GO FIX whats needed…!.

  41. rico says:

    c gander – you won’t see me arguing with that, other than while we are in with a shout the fingers are crossed we get something…

  42. rico says:

    Got to go for ten minutes, back shortly…

  43. Erick says:

    C gander totally agree but still feel we can win it we need to improve the Squad ASAP Chamaka may not be striker we need the is more like B52 we want our own version of Torres or Didier

  44. rico says:

    Alec – where is any of that written in the post!!

  45. bergy says:

    Why didn’t you write this last week then?

  46. rico says:

    Morning WATH, didn’t see you sneak in, thanks re the post.

    Top comment, my patience has worn as thin as it can, yes we play beuatiful football at times, yes we can score for fun on the right day… But those days are not week in and week out – AW hasn’t got to do much to make us world class – i think this is the summer he will make changes, he has too…

    Stan will takeover then and he won’t accept second best…

  47. rico says:

    Hi bergy, you have lost me??

  48. rico says:

    back in ten – i shall go this time…

  49. Erick says:


  50. Erick says:

    Bergy check the Archives its all in black and white

  51. lots of knocking today well done rico

    shame the plastics have come out in force in the papers too
    always trust a game like barca to do that.

    nah not going on wed did have the offer of two in norf bank but the flight and all that and being in london. yuk

    so away i must go.

  52. W.A.T.H says:

    Mornin RSD u ok fella..?

  53. you know stiff but still here
    hows home?

  54. W.A.T.H says:

    You know what it’s like mate same shit nother day 🙂

  55. rico says:

    Thanks rsd…

    Erick, you are right, its not just a one off…

  56. Edmond Dantes says:


    Its not over yet! If Manure fail to beat Chelsea we back in it again.

    Agree about Almunia. Sure he’s good at saving spot kicks and sweeping up when the back 4 push up. But so was Lehmann. I would prefer Lehmann any day of the week.

    I’ve said it for a long time now. We need a top class keeper. We can do without any of the second-rate ones we have currently.

  57. rico says:

    same shit alright wath, i still feel that way after saturday, just can’t believe what my eyes have since seen!!


  58. rico says:

    I bloody hope Almunia is better on wednesday than he was the last time he played against Barca 😦

  59. you know i never watched that game properly
    dont nb him playing that bad

  60. W.A.T.H says:

    Saturday gone rico……….. leave it be… Only way…! Just bugs me cos I reckon gonna have to listen to the same old twaddle in the summer about we have quality only gonna buy if better than what we got etc etc etc and then we linked with Chmuck who can’t score in a brothel scores LESS than what we have buy we gonna buy him…? WHY… Cos he’s FREE !! Please please please no more bargain basement specials we pay enough so keep your promises and BUY TOP PLAYERS…! We don’t need 6/7 like some say thats just rubbish but we 2/3 away from being an awesome team but we also 2/3 away from being just above average as well…!

  61. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico…………. Stop it…. I have wiped from memory the last time he played em…!

    Right, isnt it a lovely bright hot sunny day 🙂

  62. Edmond Dantes says:

    Everybody seemed to be excited about the Barcelona game. Maybe the gloss has been taken off slightly because of the weekend result.

    Honestly, I was not really interested in the Barca game in the first place. That may seem strange but all I wanted was the Premier League title. Now it appears to be slipping away.

    In terms of importance, this is how it goes:
    1. Winning Epl
    2. Winning Cl
    3. Cl qualification
    4. FAC
    5. LC

    You could argue that 1 and 2 have an equal weighting.

  63. rico says:

    😆 wtah….

    But its raining here 😉

    Ok, I shall not mention B’ham again, for my own sanity and all yours 🙂

    Morning Edmond

  64. rico says:

    Looking to Barca

    Almunia – albeit i wish it wasn’t

    Sagna TV Sol Clichy

    Rosicky Cesc Song Diaby



  65. W.A.T.H says:

    WTAH………….. Who’s he… is this another one of your men u keep locked away…? 🙂

  66. rico says:

    😳 so sorry WATH 😉

  67. Edmond Dantes says:

    Hi Rico

    When we lost the back to back games against Chelsea and Manure, I thought at the time we will need to win all our remaining games except maybe 1 game, which we could draw.

    So now we need 6 wins to stand a chance. Anything is still possible.

  68. swap rosixty for diaby and i think your close unless wneger gona suprise us with eboue sanga on right?

  69. W.A.T.H says:

    Tell you what Rico, I think Ebooooie will play wednesday and I hope he does, he can hurt them….. They crap at the back and we HAVE to get stuck into them….! If he don’t thats our chance of winning gone cos they don’t defend well at all we all know that so get into and bury them…!. Eboooie gives us that option which is why I’d play him over Rosicky or Theo, Theo last 20 mins impact sub..!

  70. rico says:

    But now Edmond we need both the mancs and chavs to lose one and draw a couple, we will still need to win all of our remaining games just to have a chance…

  71. Edmond Dantes says:

    This weekend we will have to support Chelsea. If they get a draw or win it will be good for us.

  72. rico says:

    I hesitated on Eboue then opted out, but i see where you are coming from… It makes a change to actually think of Eboue as starting anywhere other than RB.

    What worries me with Ebooooie though is his ability to perform for RADA 😉

  73. W.A.T.H says:

    Well he will be playing against 11 other performers who also on a par for RADA so he won’t stick out so much…! We all kow how they like to perform….. And not in the way u like Rico 😉

  74. Edmond Dantes says:

    Another negative is that the Chavs and Mancs have a far better Goal Difference than us. That is as good as an extra point.

    But as Journey says: “Dont stop believing”

  75. utd

    Chelsea H
    Blackburn A
    Man City A
    Tottenham H
    Sunderland A
    Stoke City H


    A Manchester United
    H Bolton
    A Tottenham
    H Stoke City
    A Liverpool
    h Wigan Athletic

    it looks tough all round but who ever does do it gona wil have to earn it

  76. Edmond Dantes says:

    I believe in you Arsene. Even if you throwing f-words around.

    I read an interesting story in The Sun about some Brit economist who was hailed as the messiah. He denied it and the prophecy even said he will deny it. No surprises there.

    My point: Arsene is “the one.”

  77. Edmond Dantes says:

    The trouble is that if Manure are in pole position by the time they have to face Sunderland and Stoke they will fancy their chances.

    If their boat gets rocked, it probably has to occur before those last two games.

  78. here’s an annoying stat
    PL points per game in April since 2004-05: Chelsea 2.36; Arsenal 2.00; Man Utd 1.81.

  79. Edmond Dantes says:

    I will be back soon. g2g

  80. W.A.T.H says:

    I think rent boys need to beat the mancs and mancs to lose 2 citeh…. then chanvs lose to swamp dwellers down the road and the dippers… thats the only games I can see em both dropping points….! Can’t see it 2b honest…!

  81. maybe just world war 3 will break out sat at 1245 and they will all been banned from playing as well.

    not likely but we live in hope

  82. W.A.T.H says:

    Can we assume points docked for major crawl as well RSD…? oops 4got its the FA no chance of them docking them 2 any points………..

  83. well maybe point docked but wont be till 2020 you know what there like

  84. rico says:

    sorry all, bloody door bell rang again, i knew i shouldn’t have fixed it… 😉

  85. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s fine Rico, used to you neglecting me 😛

  86. rico says:

    Dont you pick on me again wath 😉

  87. rico says:

    Barca trio fit to face Gunners
    Gerard Pique, Xavi and Yaya Toure have all been declared fit for Barcelona’s Champions League quarter-final first leg with Arsenal on Wednesday.

    The reigning champions were already planning without key midfielder Andres Iniesta, who sustained a thigh injury against Real Mallorca at the weekend, and had concerns over the trio.

  88. W.A.T.H says:

    Oh as if I pick on you……….!! Who cares who they got fit….! I don’t…. You gotta beat what they put on the pitch simple as that..!. Glad Pique playing he’s a yard dog…!

  89. K-TR7 says:

    Rico-who is writing the barca post?

  90. rico says:

    I reckon we will win 2-0 on wednesday and like you wath, i don’t care either who they put out. And Messi will not even ‘turn up’ ….

    KTR7, its yours if you would like it???

  91. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico, dont care what messi does we must just do it better….!

  92. rico says:

    i think we will, henry was one of our greats but how many times did he go missing in the big games? messi will be the same i think..

    this game is about song, tv and nik – if that spine is on form and on fire we will win.. oh and if almunia can play to his best…. 😉

  93. rico says:

    just got to pop out for half an hour

    back shortly..

  94. W.A.T.H says:

    C’ya in a bit……… Don’t 4get my sarnies…!

  95. messi always does go missing in the big games

  96. W.A.T.H says:

    That’s a bold statement RSD….. I think Messi is the bollox…. He is always up 4 it…. I just think we make sure our players are up for it and cause them double the problems…!

  97. tied on the brass one today
    if you look back at big games he goes missing
    due to the blinkers he wears
    you might say great goal scorers do
    but i reckon he aint

  98. K-TR7 says:

    With iniesta out,xavi will have to push up more since keita is more of a cm than am but he does score.the best way to beat barca is to stay organised and close them down,this limits the options for xavi who will be without iniesta.if you watch them regularly you’ll realise that xavi struggles without iniesta just like cesc did without hleb/rosicky.iniesta breaks teams down with his subtle dribbling in tight matches and in my mind it is a big big blow for them though some may not see it.i think nasri and AA will start as forwards with eboue and rosicky coming on as subs.im more wary of pedro though,he pops up in big games while messi gets all attention.

  99. W.A.T.H says:

    Well u prob see more of him than me…….. Missing or not we just gotta be collectively better than them AND our flair players need to perform… yes AA that’s you little man… the stage is set..!

  100. much like osasuna did last wed ktr7 but couldn’t hold out for the full 90

  101. ever f-ing swede is barca fan or a dipper.

  102. oh the becks law has been introduced in spain haha
    we can get all the players back

  103. K-TR7 says:

    WATH-its not that messi doesn’t show up in big games;he is tightly marked with mf congested.if clichy forces inside towards tv and song,messi will have a quiet game.

  104. W.A.T.H says:

    K-Tr7, Messi has to go inside its onto his left foot he rarely goes round the outside off the fullback….!
    Song – Cesc – Diaby in the middle AA and Nasri then Bendy…! I said I’d play Ebooooie but not sure who for..? maybe Nasri with Cesc n Song and Ebooie flying down the wing 🙂

  105. W.A.T.H says:

    Where’s the sarnie lady I am starving……… Off galavanting again she is….! total liberty..!

  106. rico says:

    Oi Oi, heard that 😉

  107. W.A.T.H says:

    About bloody time too……………. U not been playing with that pole 4 lunch have you lol 😉

  108. rico says:

    😆 Nah, garden centre and post office, monday is pension day where i live 😉

  109. W.A.T.H says:

    You should of sent someone else down with ya pension book then………..

  110. rico says:

    i like to count it all for myself 🙂

    i did get you a sandwich though 😉

  111. W.A.T.H says:

    I saw the sarni thank you 😉 so u were gone so long counting all that dosh……….! hmmmmm

  112. rico says:

    not really, just a few parcels to go off… its all a bit quiet here now….

    Did you know snow is forcast for wednesday??

  113. W.A.T.H says:

    Snow……………… where……….. Antartica..??

    Ur messing…??

    Weather is just mental…! Mind u, snow… hmmmm Barca wont like that one bit…. Mind you nor will half of out lot either lol….

  114. rico says:

    For here in the uk wath, saw on the beeb earlier 😦

    ireland have it today apparently… if its cold though they won’t like it…

    gloves will be on instead of off 😉

  115. W.A.T.H says:

    We need to kick em up in the air a bit so they rolling around on the cold pitch… they won’t like that 🙂

    More snow….! madness…!

  116. rico says:

    Will be interesting to see who the ref is, we could do with that bald guy coming out of retirement, i can never remember his name, begins with c and hes italian?? Colina??

  117. W.A.T.H says:

    There are a couple of good european ref’s but also some very poor ones who alwasy fall for all that diving and cheating hence we may want Eboooie on the pitch just to even things up a bit…!

    Lets just hope all the injuries are not to bad and all the little niggles clear up b4 wednesday and then go out and celebrate remembering Rocky in style..!

  118. rico says:

    we dont want the one that let porto kick cesc to pieces in the away leg, the second one was a bit better if i remember right?

  119. apparently there’s snow in munich. cough…

  120. W.A.T.H says:

    Norti RSD 😉

  121. who’s that lying on the runway…

  122. rico says:

    i’m staying out of that one…

  123. cos they cant get the plane to go. lol

  124. since spurs beat ARSENAL in the league there have been 10 seasons of Big Brother & 7 Celeb BB

    Saddam has been defeated

    Jonny Depp has made over 21 films.

    There have been 3 summer olympics, 3 winter olympics and 2 world cups.
    6 minutes ago ·

    and Theo Walcott was 9yrs old

  125. you know i missed you lot for the game on sat shame you couldn’t turn up on the terrace we had a good turn out 32 not bad

  126. W.A.T.H says:

    RSD………… u ok……….. what r u smoking…??
    Terraces been gone a while now mate 🙂

  127. smoking gave up golf balls a long time ago wath

  128. rico says:

    rsd, next 3pm ko, i am going to join you on the terrace…

  129. cant do the grove the seat are too small thought you were suppose to be safer i get more injuried in seats then i ever did in terraces

  130. W.A.T.H says:

    Seats are for new age fans RSD………. nothing wrong with terraces they can also charge more 4 seats dont forget….! one big con…!

  131. read tomorrows post one for the british rail fan.

    we’ll be online from 7 BST on wed as well rico.
    any surgestions for the half time entertainment.

  132. rico says:

    rsd, i’ll be watching the match on television so poss won’t get there, but next saturday game at 3pm count me in…

    half time entertainment – now let me think….

  133. apart from wath doing the full monty

  134. but you’ll still be blogging on wed wont you during the game?

  135. you heard about the New italian cheese to hit the east-end of london,

  136. rico says:

    i will be rsd, only at half time though…

  137. W.A.T.H says:

    Me doing full monty at half time………..!! Nobody would notice a thing eating their prawn sarnies n drinkin chablis 🙂

  138. W.A.T.H says:

    RSD………. Rico says snow wednesday as well what you trying to do to me…???

  139. didn’t know you’d be available on you tube doing the full monty

  140. rico says:

    wath, you don’t want to be doing that in the cold, wait for the sunshine like in spain, then you could bare all 🙂

  141. W.A.T.H says:

    They call me super dooper RSD u can find me anywhere on utube doing the full monty…! As 4u Rico… least if its cold other around me wont feel so inept 😉

  142. RoyVasey says:

    I believe some “first team players” appearance money makes it’s way into someone elses account.
    Please make Almunia, Fabianski and Denilson disappear!!!!!

  143. thats your excuse is it
    it was cold

  144. rico says:

    im off to get dinner … see you in a while

  145. Arsenal (Official Site) >> Fabregas fighting for place against Barca http://bit.ly/9p9dHp

  146. rico says:

    Hi Roy, if i could, i would…..

  147. RoyVasey says:

    Please rico, do it!! 😉

  148. W.A.T.H says:

    RSD…. cold warm makes no difference mate… 🙂

    Thats funny….. Players appearance money goes to others….! I know they make extra washing for an otherwise clean kit…!

  149. rico says:

    roy – you still around???

    wath – i like that expression 🙂

  150. W.A.T.H says:

    What one’s that Rico..?

  151. rico says:

    the kit one wath…

  152. rico says:

    anyway – i’m off for the night, spent too much time talking footie today, i’m in the dog house 😦

    Stay safe all, nighty night

  153. W.A.T.H says:

    Ni nite…. sleep tite….! dog house is good long as u got comfy pillow 🙂

  154. rico says:

    Morning peeps,


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