Will Gallas walk the same walk as Flamini??

We all want Gallas to stay dont we?

Gallas had been having a bit of a tough time in defence, the Brum affair whilst wearing the captain’s armband followed by an outburst to the media, saw the armband removed. I thought he was heading for the exit door. Instead though, he found himself partnered in the Arsenal defence with a chap called Thomas Vermaelen.

Smack bang wallop, Gallas turned back time, rolled up his sleeves and got back to doing what he knows best. That is trusting the player alongside him and getting on with defending.

What a difference, we all saw a strong defender, a player who looked happy, a player that was back to his best…
I worry a bit though, Gallas is out of contract in the summer, Roma and PSG both want him and we are still to reach an agreement to get him to stay.

Come the summer, if he leaves, we will have Vermaelen and Djourou!! Big Sol and tweetie pie will have gone.
We need the Gallas deal sorted out, and quickly imho!

Wenger is confident Gallas will extend his stay at Emirates Stadium.

This is what he had to say,

“I am not concerned. He is under contract until the 30th of June. We have not found an agreement yet. I meet his agents again next Thursday and we will try to find a solution,” said the Arsenal manager.
“I would like to keep all that secret. I feel I have to respect both parties and not to come out about the details of negotiations.”
Wenger added on Roma’s interest: “I do not know if he has spoken to Roma, but he is out of contract and can talk to whom he wants.
“William is speaking to us and our desire is to keep him here.
“I think he wants to stay here.”

Sadly, those words don’t fill me with confidence.

Arsene Wenger said almost identical during the spring a couple of years ago about Flamini, in fact right up to the point before Sky Sports showed us all a picture of the money grabbing git in Milan having signed for AC…

Learn from that Arsene, if you want to keep William Gallas, don’t cut corners, don’t offer him less; just do whatever it takes to keep him, within reason of course 😉

Don’t let another great player walk away from our club – we need him!

One man who is not off to Roma is Eboue – both he and his agent have said he is happy at Arsenal and any rumours about his exit are poppy cock! See, thats the way to sort silly rumours out! I have to admit, I’m quite glad about that, Eboue has really started to grow on me. Just keep the diving for the RADA Emmanuel!!

Another who has also confirmed he is not departing, well not to Real Madrid this summer is Arsene Wenger, he has told the clubs official site that he has no intention of going to Spain, or anywhere as he has a contract with us until 2011!

Couple of tit bits, old Shagger Seamen got another quickie yesterday; this one though was in the divorce courts. Third time lucky David, when will he learn?

Sadly the ladies lost the first leg of their Champions League tie 2-1 against Duisburg, the second leg is on Sunday; let’s hope that they to get a 5-0 home win, just like the boys… I reckon they will!

Tomorrow is footie day again and we are off to Hull…… Bring em on I say


118 Responses to Will Gallas walk the same walk as Flamini??

  1. Erick says:

    Mornin Rico Gallas has been great this season it would be sad to see him because we have yet to find a reliable partner for TV hope he stays

  2. rico says:

    Morning Erick, but are you convinced he will??

  3. Erick says:

    Him + Go 🙂

  4. Erick says:

    I have a bad feeling Rico because he has an Ego but thats just me

  5. even if he goes we still need a CH for next season

  6. rico says:

    I think he will go too sadly.

    morning rsd, we need one if he stays, two if he goes..

  7. rico says:

    My thought is that he will go to PSG

  8. Charlie says:

    Yeah, Gallas will leave; he will feel that he ahd fulfil his obligations and did not walk out when he was stripped of the captaincy. Shows that he has got it.

  9. wenger said he was gona bash it out next thursday but i reckon he’s said that so no one asks over the weekend
    he’s probably sorting it out today hence the thursday press meet.

  10. Erick says:

    I am sure he still feels bad about the captaincy incident Rico your very right 2 CH if he goes and one if he stays

  11. if roma are after him does it mean mexes is off?

  12. rico says:

    Morning Charlie, I thought he would goafter the armband was taken from him too, but maybe the Kolo exit convinced him to stay

  13. rico says:

    We won’t have Senderos, Silvestre or Sol, we can’t lose three and buy no-one..

  14. Tsokan says:

    Morning all

  15. Erick says:

    Morning Tsokan you think Gallas is staying

  16. Tsokan says:

    Its his choice nw.we can only hope.

  17. rico says:

    Morning Tsokan – You are right and if I were he, I would be seriously think about ‘going home’, being back with his family. Thats why I think he will go to PSG

  18. Tsokan says:

    I think Sol would win himself a new contract

  19. i think he will decision will be if we win anything this year
    he obviously still want to win medals and knows he can compete at the highest level why would he go to roma for extra cash or psg and not win anything

  20. Erick says:

    I dont see AW handing Sol a new contract despite of what the out come will be with Gallas

  21. Erick says:

    The odds are he will go especially with the pay cut being half of what he earns meaning its around 40k but it will be so huge if he stays

  22. reports say he’ll get 500k sign on if stays for the second year

  23. rico says:

    Off for a bit, stuff to do

  24. Erick says:

    RSD I hope that helps good money

  25. sorry mate im getting stuck in to writting the preview and have been playing around with new software to link fb and twitter.
    does up the weekly to ~60k a week if stay for two but think us doing so well in the majors will help him put pen to paper

  26. Erick says:

    No problem mate i overstand what i like abt billy is his fighting spirit and how he hates to loose he gives alot both in attack and defence

  27. Erick says:

    Its a wait and see game but let throw our attention to morrows game another must win mate and injuries are not making it easy for us

  28. rico says:

    Tomorrow is three points, Hull are rubbish 😉

  29. Erick says:

    Rubbish you say 🙂 three points come on you Arsenal

  30. K-TR7 says:

    Whats new

  31. rico says:

    Quite a bit of news/iv on the afc site KTR7, bit from Clichy, Fab and AW re Gallas

  32. K-TR7 says:

    I think sol will play since he will have a week’s rest.anyone see hazard yesterday vs pool?he tore insua to pieces and is quite similar to cr9 though he needs to add some muscle.i also watched valencia vs bremen,david silva is class!i thought i was watching iniesta for a moment.

  33. rico says:

    I thought I read that Sol is a doubt, as is Tomas 😦

  34. it fatigue
    and tomas is a minor doubt i guess well see when he give the squad list out
    oh it is out

    Squad: Almunia, Clichy, Vermaelen, Campbell, Eboue, Arshavin, Denilson, Diaby, Nasri, Walcott, Bendtner, Fabianski, Rosicky, Silvestre, Sagna, Traore, Eduardo, Vela, Eastmond.

  35. i guess late tests
    on campbell and rosixty

  36. K-TR7 says:

    Why is cesc never fit to face hull?its the fourth match in a row he is missing:hull away,hull home(fa),hull home(epl)now tomorrow’s game.TR7,nasri and AA on the same pitch at the same time will destroy hull.we should execute teams porto style:first half game over!we slayed the dragons now lets tame the tigers!

  37. So he can wear his hoodie and scare brian

  38. rico says:

    Thanks for the squad rsd, not a bad one really considering..

    thats a strange one about Cesc and Hull KTR7

  39. K-TR7 says:

    Rico&rsd-what team do you think AW will start?

  40. al
    eboue sol/silvestre tv gael
    denilson diaby
    rosixty/theo nasri bendy AA

    for me fantasy wenger but would be surprised to see edu in the line up

  41. K-TR7 says:

    We have very technical players:AA,Nasri,fab,morzart&rvp.we have gritty players:sol,clichy,fab,song,sagna,verm,tr7,rvp.we have a very physical line up:sol,verm,bendtner,sagna,diaby,song,gallas.we have leaders:fab,sol,AA,TR7,verm,gallas(vc)&rvp.why should we not have faith?in terms of technical ability only barca may be ahead,with the right mix,we have a fairly physical line up.we have leaders in abundance in all areas of the pitch;why did chelsea and united batter us while we have better players than ballack,carrick…we need to revise our tactics and add abit of discipline to our game if we are to triumph especially in europe.if AW does that,we may surprise the manc and chav fans hoping to get us in cl quarters draw.cheers!

  42. rico says:

    Sorry KTR7, I went off to do some cooking..

    Sagna is also a doubt so I reckon


    Eboue/Sagna Campbell TV Clichy

    Eboue/Denilson Nasri Rosicky

    Walcott Nikki Arshavin

  43. Erick says:

    I think eboue will start instead of Sagna and Silvester instead of Sol but would be good to kill off the game in the first half then rest some players

  44. rico says:

    Erick, right now I think Eboue is playing well, Sagna is a doubt so he could very well play at RB.

    If Sol is fit I would start him, he can then have a week of rest before the West Ham game..

  45. K-TR7 says:

    I see eduardo featuring somewhere along with theo.from AW’s comments it looks like sol is fit to start considering we have a week free.i’m happy since vs porto we saw a classic counter goal the invincibles would’ve been proud of.i want us to finish them off early to give our fringe players game time.we are on 99 goals,we need to improve our goal difference.C’MON GUNNERS!

  46. rico says:

    I missed Diaby out, oops

    Ammended version


    Eboue Sol TV Clichy

    Diaby Nasri Rosicky (no order)

    Theo Nikki Arshavin

  47. evening ladies and gents
    do we think theo is ready to be unleased away from home?

  48. Erick says:

    Rico Denilson will play am sure AW like him RSD perfect game to hit them on the counter and with Theo playing we have pace

  49. K-TR7 says:

    RSD-I think theo will probably start with eboue on the same wing if sagna isn’t fit enough to start.hull will crowd the mf,eboue and theo will be useful outlets.sagna and morzart may be brought on to finish off hull while adding defensive solidity.eddy may come in for AA when the job is done.crabman scored the first goal of the season,what are the odds of him scoring the 100th?

  50. 4pigs says:

    Evening all
    Hope you are all well. I need to go and have a read to catch up.

  51. rico says:

    Hi rsd and 4 pigs – thought you had left us 4pigs….

    Theo has to start, the kid has just started to look good

  52. K-TR7 says:

    Bendtner is our best scorer away from home,i hope his scoring run continues.rvp had a hatrick of assists last season,hope AA takes the baton and scare the hell out of mcshane.Walcott’s pace will be essential to peg back mendy.

  53. 4pigs says:

    Hey Rico… no,not left, just a bit tricky to blog with a boss nearby … it’s sooooo annoying!

  54. theo isnt so great away from home tho hopefully he has built up enough confidence now. lets hope he dont miss the bus tommorrow or maybe might be good if he does you know keep the routine going.

    good news pensioners are starting with 3rd choice turnball between the sticks

  55. JonJon says:

    evening guys..

    good topic rico..nice post..

    i would like to say gallas will stay…but i really dont know if he will…if he really thinks we can win something and the club offer him a nice deal i reckon he’ll stay

    but we have the same problem with willy as what we had with flamini…

    weve let his contract run down and now we are leaving it to the last minute to tie him up..

    gallas isnt a gooner..but he is a pro and a good player to boot so we need to show him the money

    flamini was the same..he wasnt a gooner..but he’d loved milan since childhood..we didnt show him the money and milan did…easy choice..

    bottom line is if the player is good enough the club shouldnt let it get to this situation…and if gallas does chose to leave will he be branded a money grabber and a hate figure the sma as flamini is??? cos there really is no difference…

    i think wengers attempted bid for smalling in january was because he knows hes losing a defender in july…

    fingers crossed it aint gallas..

  56. K-TR7 says:

    Nasri is among the most talented players in the squad.bendtner said he is the best player with the ball at his feet.he needs to believe in himself more as he did vs porto.his ability can make him the best player in the league but he needs to take risks more like cr9 and eliminate hlebness.he also needs to improve his away form starting tomorrow vs phil orange’s mob.

  57. 4pigs says:

    so frustrating…

  58. Erick says:

    Hallo JJ interesting observation there so lets show him the money we have all been talkin experience and letting Billy go would be a step back all we can do is hope

  59. listen to atvo apparently aw says sol looks surprisingly fit so thats nice!

    evening jj

    would hope aw would have to go after smalling even if we had vidic, tv, gallas and mexes

  60. Erick says:

    K-TR7 Samir Nasir he got the goods all he needs is to deliver and constantly i must say best player with ball at his feet he got pace a good shot and very intelligent a quicker version of Cesc he will come good believe that

  61. K-TR7 says:

    Sadly i don’t think billy will stay,hope am wrong though.i think AW has in mind bringing a more physically dominant cb than gallas like sol hence the speculation of us being after tasci/subotic/sakho.

  62. JonJon says:

    hi guys

    rsd its a strong possibility that we will lose all four of sol, willy, silv and senderslow in summer

    so a cb or two was to be expected..i just dont know why he’d bid for someone so young..which was confusing..cos we got a couple of decent lads in the reserves with just as much experience…

    dunno maybe just a smokescreen..never know with AW

    but personally i hope we get keep willy and sol one more year and buy a new guy in jan…

  63. K-TR7 says:

    I think nasri is more of a breed between iniesta and messi.of our current players he,cesc and rvp are the most likely contenders for the world player of the year.AA&TR7 are superb players but due to agpe and low fifa rankings of their countries they are unlikely to win it.verminator will be a contender since belgium will be a footballing powerhouse soon with players like lukaku,defour,fellaini,witsel,hazard…in their ranks starting with euro2012.on current form nasri and diaby ought to start in the les bleus midfield to freshen things up.

  64. JonJon says:

    yeah ktr7 im not building my hopes up either over willy…

    ive got it into my head that hes off so im expecting the worst..

    that way im not super dissapointed if he leaves

  65. we need one even if if gallas stay
    cos senderos turn like the qe2
    sol altho he has been awesome and shows aw why we should give gallas what we wants he does struggle playing games will depend how he is this weekend next week before we say he can do the old in and out.

    are a few would like to see in arsenal shirt
    maybe the youngster Breno at bayern
    or criscito at genoa

    shame we missed out on De Silvestri to lazio

  66. rico says:

    Evening peeps, Hi JJ 🙂

    I didnt know Flamoney had a thing for Milan, i bet right now though he wishes he had never left, that’s if he loves playing football..

  67. K-TR7 says:

    I think we’ll lose Merida too and lil jack will climb up higher in the hierachy.

  68. rico says:

    Silvestre, Sol and Senderos will be gone, yes we can get sentimental of Sol, but all he has done is try and make ammends for the day he threw a tantrum, and he is doing well, I respect him for that!!

    Reality is though, Willy will go home and I for one won’t blame him..

  69. rico says:

    KTR7, I think so to and that pisses me off, Merida is going to be something, we keep the likes of Randall, but we have let Merida work towards a free move…

  70. JonJon says:

    thing is rico is that flamini wouldnt have expected to been on bench..milans squad are geriatrics…he’d have been told he was the new eraof player there

    and yeah..milan are his team…gattusso his favorite player who he modelled himself off..the other players at arsenal knicknamed him gattuso…

    if i play for milan..and im a good player and out of contract in summer and arsenal come calling with a nice little earner for me i know what id do…

    flamini gets a rough ride i feel off alot of gooners…

    rico..if gallas left this summer would you call him greedy or hold it against him??

    rsd ive heard of breno at hes rated by alot of ppl..supposed to be the new lucio im lead to beleive

  71. K-TR7 says:

    If we let merida go it will haunt us as barca regret letting cesc go,hope am wrong but he is special.jack should grab his opportunity to shine with both hands as i think he along with rooney,shrek and rodwell will form england’s backbone of players who rely more on technique.

  72. JonJon says:

    i think we could get 15 games out of sol next year..hope we keep him..if he keeps playing like he has done..

    it aint just that though sol gives the squad something we didnt have before…like the invincible huddle..its nice seeing that again..brothers in arms all for one one for all

    yeah..gives me goosebumps

  73. but did you see flamoney on wed he was crap
    denilson better than him now

  74. he comes with a big price tag that kid tho breno 21m for a 18 year old

  75. K-TR7 says:

    Flamini was unrecognisable from the player we knew,he was shit!all this crap about childhood dreams but these players will do anything to justify their moves.barca destroyed hleb among other players,the same is happening to flamini,hope players in our squad know the grass is not always greener.if billy leaves,i won’t berate him as he has been an absolute professional for us.

  76. helb is still good
    am watching him rip apast schalke right now as it goes

  77. JonJon says:

    thats two years of not playing for ya

    and id of said denilson is techincally better then flamini at his best anyway..technically flamini was shit..

    what flamini had was energy..no other player in the squad has that..he was a mad dog…they all look lathergic or too slow..you ever seen denilson trying to track back?? hes grabbing his inhaler after too steps…

  78. K-TR7 says:

    I loved hleb when he was with us despite his shortcomings.i hope he doesn’t go back to barca…

  79. talk of him going to shitty or villa ktr7

  80. JonJon says:

    flamini was a pro too..
    even when we tried to sell him to brum he didnt moan
    never demanded a transfer…kept his mouth shut and saw put his contract
    you neve saw bad press from flamini when he was an arsenal player…not once
    dont understand it

    hleb was a different story..he held the club to ransome..but i could see why he wanted to move..he was one of the best dribblers in the PL and he spent 3 seasons getting the shit kicked out of him..the refs dint protect him enough…hleb was close to joining diaby edu and rambo as the arsenal list of leg breakees..

    we miss them both equally..shame we lost em like we did..

  81. K-TR7 says:

    It would sicken me to see him join villa/shitty…he is a top player who deserves better.

  82. K-TR7 says:

    Anyway shava is superior to hleb and song despite not having flamini stamina he offers us strength and protection from setpieces due to his height.song is also technically superior to flamini.

  83. JonJon says:

    i dont know if he’d come back to PL..its too physicall for him..like reyes..

    maybe though theyd get better protection at another club but arsenal..

    ronaldo wouldnt have made it at arsenal

    its only cos the refs protected him that he did as well as he did…he wouldnt have lasted two minutes as an arsenal player

  84. rico says:

    JJ, good question about Gallas, a hard one to answer, but he is getting on and if I were him I ould want to play back in my roots. I would understand if he left and I don’t think I would hold it against him

    If he were 25yrs old, I would think very differently

  85. he was a immense dribbling but he just could shoot pass forward he only really had one good season
    flamoney was great as well one season was fine at lb for that champions league season but aw has replaced them.
    you reckon if tinker is after gallas could mexes be on his was?

  86. rico says:

    The title of todays post says how I feel – Flamini should have been sorted out long before he left – not left until the last few months – but, I think AW knew he wasn’t going to sign a new contract hence Diarra being signed..

    However, Flamini suddenley played well and Diarra couldn’t get in the side. Bad management allowed them both to leave.. AW thought that Flamini would stay so he sold Diarra, but it came back to bite him on the backside!!

    Now, both players are sat getting splinters I think, what a waste!!

  87. in the marca the saying that diarra will never be good enough to wear real shirt rico

  88. rico says:

    rsd, AW should never have dropped Flamini for Cole in the final, Flamini was one of the team who got us to the final, I would have been gutted if I was him, and really pissed off. Maybe that made his mind up to leave, just like Pires…

  89. rico says:

    rsd, i rest my case then… 😉

  90. JonJon says:

    do u rate mexes??

    i know he was highly regarded as a kid but hasnt really made a name for himself…

    or has he..

  91. rico says:

    JJ, Diaby would have crocked Ronaldo at Arsenal 😉

  92. rico says:

    What about Chivu JJ, doesnt he make Mexes look good 😉

    I know, get them both… Defence sorted 😉

  93. did you see him v us last season he was good jj

    sorry rico just watching schalke score

    if he was such a pro he would take it for the team

  94. K-TR7 says:

    Mexes is…girlish,he would be raped by bent.if i were flamini too i would be gutted if i were dropped in the final,we tried to flog him to birmingham but chose to stay till his contract was over but i will never forgive him for lying to us about staying.he fucked AW too and for that aw would never take him back.we are atleast better protected nowadays after ramsey incident.

  95. rico says:

    Did he lie though KTR7, or did AW just say then what he is now saying about Gallas, pop back and read the i/v from Wenger in the post, it is so so similar to what he said about Flamini, who is the kidder, the player who leaves, or the man who tells us the player is staying?

    That is the sad thing, sometimes the gist of the post can get lost, but its spin from Arsene again, I am sure Gallas is going…

  96. JonJon says:


    this is what i dont understand..i dont actually remember flamini saying he was staying…i remember AW saying he was staying but we all know that the majority of what wenger says is the exact opposite of what he means…

    i might be wrong..but im pretty sure flamini kept his gob shut the whole time he was here..

  97. rico says:

    JJ, that is my point too, I can’t forgive Flamini, just like I cant forgive Sol for his walk about or Hleb for his affair with Cornetto or any other player that has shafted us, but Flamini is a bit different, he was abused….

    Football is all about money and full of dishonesty!

    Just wish it was so different…

  98. K-TR7 says:

    We had the best midfield in europe that year:cesc,flamini,hleb and TR7.we lost hleb and flamini,we almost dropped out of the top four.we have taken two years to rebuild.it would be unwise to let it happen again;people also suggesting we sell clichy because of gibbs should reconsider;if we lose half of our defence,no matter who we buy we will struggle.lets not talk about the paris final,it still hurts…

  99. oh give over
    he played in the centre his postion in his last season

    he did the same thing to marseille

  100. K-TR7 says:

    Flamini screwed us too,two wrongs don’t make it right.he betrayed us as he did marseille.hleb insulted our intelligence by saying he was having ice cream on the eve of the milan game while engineering a move away.both players will have to live with the consequences of screwing us.

  101. rico says:

    KTR7, we need Clichy to stay, Gibbs is his cover.

  102. JonJon says:

    flamini gets more abuse than that tosser adebayor does…

    oh wellat least i got it in wen he played for us..spent two seasons slagging off that dickhead…

    dont care that he wore the shirt..i wont support anyone whose a dickhead..

  103. rico says:

    Imagine you were Flamini then rsd, you played at LB through most of the CL games, played a blinder and got to the final. Suddenly you get dropped because a half fit player is preferred….

    Would you sit thinking, hoorah I can watch from the bench?

    I know I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t forget it either…

    Dont get me wrong, I don’t want him back either, he should have told the club of his intentions and let afc get some money for him in the january before he walked, but like i said earlier, i think AW thought he would have either Flamoney or Diarra, he was left with neither..

  104. rico says:

    Ade is nowt like Flamoney JJ, Ade was a knob who f****ed up in his i/v’s, he said one thing and did another, he really took us for a ride…

    Thats the difference…

  105. not saying it aint hard to take but still at the time he would of know that ahole is a better lb than he is.
    it weren’t the carling cup final
    and ahole wasn’t his first game back

  106. rico says:

    I thought it was rsd…

  107. maybe in CL but im sure he played in the league
    correct me if im wrong
    not one those guys he can pull squad sheets out of his head

  108. rico says:

    maybe for 20 minutes rsd 😉

    right, time is pressing and i have things to do again..

    see you guys on footie day 🙂

    Stay safe, night all

  109. night rico see you pre game

  110. JonJon says:

    nite guys catch u 2mrw

  111. it been bugging me all night you opinion on flamoney that held a grudge
    Grudges are for girls and god.
    anyway await new post morning

  112. rico says:

    Its up rsd, went up just before 8am

    morning to you too

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