Sol’s a ‘Top Gun’……

Still happy after our 5-0 drubbing of Porto, yesterday I had to go and pick up some bits and pieces that had been kept in storage when I moved. Lots of DVD’s, video tapes and newspaper clippings were part of the ‘bit and pieces’

The newspapers were all about tennis and football, the tennis being Martina Navratilova, who remains the greatest female tennis player of all time, despite some thinking it is Serena Williams. Navratilova still holds the record for singles wins and I think doubles as well. It’s a record that I can’t see being beaten either, not in the women’s game and certainly not in my lifetime!

Picked up the first newspaper and just like I still do today, went straight to the back page for the sports news. I wondered why I had kept it.

The paper was dated May 12th 2002 – yes you know where I am going.

Sports news was about Kieron Dyer’s injury that threatened his World Cup place; David Beckham had finally signed a new contract with Manchester United, Alex Stewart has just been picked again for the test squad, Aston Villa had thrashed Chelsea 3-1 at Stamford Bridge, Manchester United had drawn 0-0 at home with Charlton and Leicester, yes Leicester had thrashed Tottenham Hotspur 2-1!!

Best result though that stood out was that Arsenal had beaten Everton 4-3 – a goal from Dennis Bergkamp, two from Thierry Henry and the fourth was scored by Francis Jeffers! Henry had secured the Golden Boot award, and we had just won the Premier League. In fact we had not only won the league but we had added that to our FA Cup win – the double was ours again!

I remember it so very well, I am sure you all do too.

The small headline in the paper that caught my eye read like this,

Adams: ‘Sol is Top Gun’

Tony Adams celebrated the Double win with gusto and then declared that Sol Campbell had become the New Rock of Highbury!
Adams said ‘Sol has been instrumental in what we have achieved. He has taken a load off of the rest of us and has made a big difference’

Big Tony was not only Mr Arsenal, he was an outstanding centre half and part of one of the strongest English defences football has ever seen. He may have been known as a donkey by some, but there weren’t many strikers who took him for a ride. To this day he knows what defending is all about and back then he used to show the world just how good he was. He was right in his judgement of Sol.

When Sol re-signed in January, I was very surprised! I have always loved Sol Campbell, well since he donned his Arsenal shirt. I was bitter and angry about his walk about after West Ham, but he did make a difference to our side.

He was, and still is a great defender who had the football brain equivalent to Einstein – you know what I mean 😉

My point is Sol is still a top gun, he isn’t perfect, but he isn’t far off. Against Porto he was solid!
With Gallas being out I am always nervous to see who plays alongside Vermaelen. Silvestre makes me twitchy, but Sol is still able to give me confidence. Crazy really as his is the elder of the two, but Sol still ‘has it’!

Tony Adams was right back in 2002 about Sol Campbell, but then he said he had become the ‘Rock of Highbury’

If we carry on and get the right results over the next few weeks, Big Sol Campbell could very well find himself being

‘The Rock of The Emirates’.

Now there’s a thought….

60 Responses to Sol’s a ‘Top Gun’……

  1. rico says:

    Morning peoples..

  2. Erick says:

    Mornin all

  3. Erick says:

    Rico Sol is Soul of the gunners defence his physical presence is amazing against Porto he struggled a bit but still they wouldn’t get anything from him

  4. rico says:

    Morning Erick, Sol has surprised me, but its great to have the big guy at the back again 😉

  5. Erick says:

    Its actually Lunch time for me Rico Morning to you 🙂 🙂 saturday seems far away i need a fix and Realmadrid were knocked out of the Champions league you got to love Aw

  6. rico says:

    ha ha Erick, i forget the zone difference, good afternoon to you 😉

    good news about real going out, shame the mancs didn’t..

  7. rico says:

    Not long til the Hull game, sadly I have to miss it on television as I am out, but will watch it when i get back – its a tricky one away, but we should be just fine..

  8. Erick says:

    Rico are you Camping or what 🙂 anyway enjoy yourself we only live once back to footie Cesc still 50:50 for the Hull game and Nasir had a problem any news

  9. rico says:

    I take the dogs to a social class on a saturday, sadly i am not going away on my hols 😉

  10. i guess sol is showing wenger why we should offer gallas the 2 years he wants

    I do hope with all this Porto 5-0 result and Real Madrid going out we are not losing sight of one important fact…….

    Phil Brown is still a massive orangey tosser!

  11. Erick says:

    Morning RSD true dat i feel we should offer Gallas the contract extension or else Roma will sign him

  12. rico says:

    morning rsd, the gallas one is difficult, would you rather we pay him a massive wage etc, or get a younger TV type of ch..

  13. Erick says:

    If we don’t extend his contract we will have to buy an experienced Defender no youth project please

  14. JD come in?
    or song moves back
    still we need to sign some one
    and gallas has been one of the best CH in the league this year
    why go and spend ~10mil
    when we can get gallas ~3m contract

  15. rico says:

    Song has to stay where he is imho, I hope ewe keep Gallas, but we won’t have Sol or Silvestre next season. TV Gallas and JD don’t give us enough cover.

    I can’t see the one of the youth/reserves stepping up and Nordveit has been played in the midfield on loan i thnk.

    Either way, we will still need to buy a CH imho

  16. musher says:

    Sol has cherish every moment he put on his Arsenal shirt now, he is so focus and determine. In fact, I feel he is better than Gallas.

  17. rico says:

    Morning musher, welcome to Avenell Road

    That’s why I think its difficult to call, we concede goals with or without Gallas/Sol. I know the keepers have gifted a few but we don’t have the big strong tall CH to cut the ariel threat out. Sol is doing well, but he is too old to play two games each week.

    We need Gallas to stay but we also need another imho

  18. Erick says:

    I dont like Song playing at the back but if we push him back we will have to sign a DM coz Denilson is 😦 😦

  19. rico says:

    I agree Erick, Song is best left where he is,

    That is just one though rsd, we need two who can play like him…

  20. intresting to see what jd does when he returns he cant be to far away now 3 weeks or so

  21. rico says:

    I like JD rsd, but we won’t really see him until next season I think, like i said, next season if Gallas stays we will only have him, TV and JD which isn’t enough.

    Who is there in the reserves ready to step up?

  22. Nordtveit
    or bartley
    the former being better
    so what if he’s been playing in midfield

  23. Erick says:

    We need to sign a defender thats for sure RSD the Lyon goal keeper would be a great addition to our Squad he made Superb saves yesterday but Ronaldo took some shine off him with the opener

  24. he did pretty much put them through but would take alot of money to get him and everyone in europe will want him
    no chance

  25. rico says:

    i think it was afc who have asked for him to played in the middle, if that is the case, AW could be looking to turn him into our new hm for next season…

    just a thought.

    Ayling was the name that came to my mind

  26. Nordtveit was so good when he captained the reserves the other year
    you thought he would have stepped up already
    just some disappointting loan moves

  27. rico says:

    Big things were expected from Nordveit, its a shame it’s gone a bit wrong for him. He should have stayed in England and gone off to the championship on loan imho ..

  28. Erick says:

    We can also get Cris from Lyon nice defender very Solid he made Ronaldo have an off day

  29. Erick says:

    Am yet to see Freeman in action how would you rate him

  30. only saw him once but he looks up and can shoot so…

  31. he’s to old AW would never sign him erick if gona let gallas go

  32. K-TR7 says:

    Morning,what about for that guy who was wearing the number nine jersey in white?15 mil will do,ivan get on it asap!seriously,how can you spend a quarter of a billion only to get eliminated at the round of 16 for 6th consecutive year?cr9 must be crying as manu demolished ACmilan,he was the only player who looked like he cared,kaka was pooooor!

  33. morning
    what you spending your winnings on ktr7

  34. K-TR7 says:

    Real players were so whiny it was unbelievable!platini must be punching the walls of his office right now as we and the mancs strolled into the quarters without too much effort.chavs progressing will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.EPL may not have the stars but when english teams play,they hit a tempo the continental sides can’t match,the teams are so aggressive and beat opponents to submission as witnessed in the week.we may dislike the stokes of this world,but the difficult fixtures against them has exposed us to a variety of play and the reason english teams are dominating in europe.

  35. right im off see you guys later

  36. rico says:

    Morning KTR7, I didn’t see any of the footie.. Might watch the Chamakh second leg, guess thats next week..

  37. rico says:

    See you later rsd, have a good day

  38. rico says:

    I have to go too, more ‘bit and pieces’ to retrieve, see you sometime later..

  39. K-TR7 says:

    RSD-My winnings are still there though i’ve not decided yet.bendtner made me earn a good fortune on tuesday and we should learn that the fans who applauded him vs burnley gave him confidence to perform vs porto.people seem to have not seen how influential diaby was vs porto.i was impressed by the way he covered for song and the fullbacks,winning headers,setting up counters and putting in crunching tackles.if he and song can be fine-tuned a bit to add discipline to their game,teams will not even try going through central midfield when attacking us.

  40. diaby did do some good grunt work ktr7

  41. rico says:

    Afternoon peoples, see AW has spoken about his intent to keep Gallas..

  42. no sound rico fill me in

  43. rico says:

    Its on Sky Sports rsd, he says he wants Gallas to stay, he doesn’t know if Gallas has talked with Roma but is free to do so as he is out of contract.

    AW also says he is meeting with Gallas’s agent nest Thursday but as yet no agreement has been reached.

    AW is confident he will stay…. Didnt he say the same about Flamoney!!

  44. rico says:

    ‘I have spoken to Ramsey and he is bored’

    Arsène Wenger spoke to Aaron Ramsey earlier this week and says the Welshman is already finding himself bored.

    The midfielder suffered a season-ending broken leg in the Gunners’ 3-1 win over Stoke City last month. Prior to that the 19-year-old had been enjoying a run in the first-team and had scored four times this season.

    But Aaron now faces a lengthy spell on the sidelines and Wenger says that is frustrating the teenage sensation.

    “I spoke to him on Tuesday before the [Porto] game,” said the manager.

    “You are bored when you are flying on the pitch and then suddenly you are lying on the bed. You can only be bored.

    “He is confident that he will come back. He is determined, but at the moment it is a problem of patience, and when you are 19-years-old, patience is not your first quality.”

  45. rico says:

    Tomas Rosicky has been added to the list of ‘doubts’ for Arsenal’s visit to Hull City.

    On Thursday morning Arsène Wenger told Arsenal TV Online that Cesc Fabregas (hamstring) would probably miss Saturday’s game while Sol Campbell (fatigue) and Bacary Sagna (ankle) might not make the trip.

    Having assessed his squad in training, Wenger gave an injury update when he faced the media at his usual pre-match press conference. The news on Campbell was more positive but Rosicky’s groin is now a cause for concern.

    “We have a little doubt about Rosicky, but we will check that tomorrow morning,” said Wenger. “Nobody else is back, but we will lose Alex Song, because he is suspended.

    “Everyone else has recovered quite well from Tuesday night. Campbell looks better than expected today. Sagna has an ankle problem but we will assess that tomorrow.

    “We will see how it develops and who is available, who I can play. We know we have 48 hours to prepare for this game and it is quite needed.

    “But [Fabregas’] chances of playing are 0.5 per cent – that means unless a miracle happens, he will not play. At the moment, he is out of Saturday’s game.”

    William Gallas (calf) plus long-term absentees Robin Van Persie, Kieran Gibbs, Johan Djourou and Aaron Ramsey will not be available for Saturday.

  46. rico says:

    no-one around so off again, busy bee me… 😉

  47. sorry rico school run at 3:30

  48. rico says:

    no worries rsd, its a quiet day..

  49. Do you think the dippers are happy playing on a thursday
    cos they can pick up there giro before the game? 😉

  50. re earlier discussion a new CH
    It’s a shame we missed out on that young iti who signed for lazio in summer De Silvestri
    have you seen that kid who plays for genoa Criscito a lb he looks like he could be a star tho juve already part own him.
    What about metzelder who’s unhappy with real?
    and what about sanga i nb when he sign it said he could play right along back

  51. rico says:

    😆 rsd re the Giro..

  52. avenell says:

    Evening all.. Dippers lost and no away goal.. 🙂

  53. rico says:

    Hi ave, so they are out then… 😆

  54. rico says:

    Just seen its a first leg, fingers crossed Lille stuff them in the return 😉

    I’m off for the day folks…
    Stay safe..

  55. avenell says:

    Just missed ya.. They were lucky Lille hit the post as well..

  56. Sid says:

    sakho is the other option and frederico fazio.. both of whom will be very hard to sign and will need to be fed a pretty penny to be coaxed in our direction..

  57. Erick says:

    Good Morning all

  58. rico says:

    Morning Sid and Erick

    New Post up

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