The ‘Dreaded’ return of Johan Djourou!

Have you seen Johan Djourou – he’s grown his hair during his absence and has dreadlocks, he looks great.

Some good news on the injury front, Johan Djourou has said in an interview on that he should soon be back to full fitness, certainly by the end of this season. I’m glad to hear that, not only for him but if the going gets tough towards the final few games and either Gallas, Vermaelen or Sol get injured, we won’t have to see Silvestre in the defence – we might yet get to see a fit, fresh and eager to play, Johan step in.

Before anyone has a pop about ‘You should support the players who play for the club’ I would like to say, take a look at Sol and Silvestre – there is quite a difference in my opinion, Sol still has ability, strength and a bit of speed, Silvestre doesn’t have that anymore. Also, I’m of the opinion, if he isn’t good enough for the Mancs, then he isn’t really good enough for us either. Is he?

Brazil have been here in the UK playing a friendly match as we all know, Gilberto talked about the injury to young Aaron Ramsey. He said that Ramsey was in safe hands at Arsenal for his road to recovery. Straight away the words ‘Safe Hands’ made me smile – Don’t know why I thought of Almunia rather than David Seaman though!!

It is good though to hear one of our special old boys having kind words for his old club – I still miss him, he plays for his country, surely he’d still be able do a good job for us?

From old boys to young boys, Luke Freeman scored yet again yesterday for an Arsenal Xl against Republic of Irelands under 19’s. This kid loves to score; maybe that’s why he’s in the Champions League Squad? This is one lad who I can’t wait to see play a part in the first team. Somehow though I don’t think it will be for a little while yet.

On a day after the night of International friendly fixtures, unless Theo scores a hat trick I’m not going to bother mentioning last night’s games and he didn’t did he….

Oh, and I’m not going to mention the Melo to Arsenal rumour either, it won’t happen unless Juventus want Denilson in a swap deal 😉

Tomorrow we head towards to club football, our club football and a nice home fixture against Burnley on Saturday…

Until then, you’ve just got this to read..

108 Responses to The ‘Dreaded’ return of Johan Djourou!

  1. rico says:

    Morning rsd – how’s the back?

  2. when did me back become part of avenell road gossip?
    it as good as it always is.
    ie fine as long as dont stay in one place to long

  3. rico says:

    oops sorry, Erick suggested you had hurt it when clearing the snow, i will move on right back to footie.. 😉

  4. how’s your cock?

  5. rico says:

    Bloody noisey!!

  6. didn’t bother to stay up and watch international they fill me with as much interest as shoveling snow.
    i see sicky played 66 mins
    so that means he’s not playing saturday
    bendtner and sanga did 90 think bendtner needs more mins and he scored another header haven’t utubed it yet.
    guess eboue will start again on sat.
    cesc 45 so he’s in.
    haven’t missed anyone did i?

  7. stop playing with it then 😉

  8. W.A.T.H says:

    Oh my word now she’s into noisy cocks……….. Does it ever stop….???

    Mornin all….!

  9. W.A.T.H says:

    Is that swedish for Mornin RSD…? 🙂

  10. trumpeting cock first thing in the morning!
    remind me of me youth. 😉

    now i have to say
    “never waste one when you’ve got it,
    You never know when it could be you last”

  11. rico says:

    Morning wath, I won’t ask you how you are….

    I am not mentioning the cockerel any more, it reminds me of those down the road from our club…

    Footie today for me..

  12. just one handed typing wath 😉

  13. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico, the lot down the rd are just a bunch of useless cocks…! 🙂

    I am fine as well thank you for your concern….!

    Not sure about trumpeting RSD Rico seems to be after em 24/7…………… 😉

  14. anyone watch england last night
    to get back to footie

  15. W.A.T.H says:

    I was flicking between the England game and the France-Spain game….!

  16. rico says:

    I saw the David Villa goal, that’s about it for me from last night – He is pure class!

  17. W.A.T.H says:

    ur just saying that cos u fancy him….. 😛

  18. W.A.T.H says:

    out for a bit b back soon, behave you 2….!

  19. was it cesc who put him in?

  20. Mustang says:

    Morning folks,

    I worry for Theo’s world cup chances. Watched the game last night and he was great for 10 mins then that was it. Mind you if Lumpard had score with a glorious chance set up by Theo in the first 5 mins who knows, his confidence might have got better.

    I alway believed he shouldn’t have gone to the under 21s in the summer after playing for the seniors. He was burnt out and hasn’t fully recovered since.

  21. did theo do much?
    and whats with the eygpt celeberation?

  22. morn mustang he was obligated to go if called up
    but he hasn’t got over it yet buggered up his preseason

  23. Goonerman says:

    walcott is overawed at Arsenal and again last night

  24. rico says:

    Morning Mustang – I have the same view about Theo and the under 21’s – he should have represented one or the other of the England sides and not been involved in both.

    I think it peed of AW too..

  25. rico says:

    I actually hope he is not on the plane to South Africa, after his run of injuries the last thing he needs right now is to travel, only not to play again.

    He has a long future ahead of him and maybe a summer of ‘rest’ would do him more good, it would certainly be better for Arsenal.

  26. could exactly say no could he look how that buggered up bently career shame that

  27. rico says:

    Morning Goonerman, he lacks confidence in his own ability, that’s if he reaaly does have any ability…

  28. rico says:

    rsd, wasn’t Theo playing/involved in both England sides? That is why the club were annoyed with him. Bentley though just thought playing for the under 21’s was below him

  29. rico says:

    ‘Over the summer of 2009, Walcott participated in England Under-21 team’s European Cup campaign despite protestations from his club manager, Arsene Wenger. Wenger complained that Walcott’s participation in the tournament as well as matches with the senior squad would lead to burn out and injury’

    AW was right…

  30. bentley was asked to go the last u21 WC and he said no
    and took the summer off not sure if he had played for 1st team or not
    yes theo had been demoted which is fucking rude and would cut your confidence poor kid

  31. anyone got a link to bendtner goal haven’t been able to find one yet

  32. rico says:

    not me rsd, i haven’t seen it either

  33. rico says:

    crouch has got to be off to the WC

  34. PDT says:

    Good morning, all!

    Theo has ability, make no mistake. Give him a decent run of games and he will start doing well. He hasn’t got much match practice thanks to the injuries.

    All this stuff about his not having the ability to deliver the final ball is nonsense. He is so fast that when he arrives in the box, there’s no one with him. He has worked on his upper body strength to hold off his defender(s) till the cavalry arrive in the box, and he will do fine once he and the rest of the team, learn how to play together. If RvP was fit, he’d make Theo look really good.

  35. i guess he gives another option
    still cant see england doing that well
    did TV play last night?

  36. rico says:

    Did anyone see the team from Wales last night, they all wore training tee-shirts saying ‘get well Rambo’

  37. Mustang says:

    Bently’s problem was over confidence bordering on arrogance. He believed what he read in the sun that he was the new Beckham…and he wasn’t in the senior team.

  38. PDT says:

    And who was the “failed” winger who also wore 14 and became the club’s record goal scorer?

    Do we really want to judge Theo’s performance by what he does on the wing? Yeah, the Italians did that for Thierry!

  39. rico says:

    Morning PDT, Waddle is a pratt, and typical of an ex spud!!

    I have said similar before about his pace being too quick for our own players, i am hoping he soon plays as a striker, his proper position, thats when he has to be judged..

  40. what do you expect from a yid PDT
    bentley problem he lacked patience like most of the youth
    if could have stayed with us he could have been the next beckham but he thought it was all about 1st team football not about train week in week out with the best manager in world and the best players in the world.

  41. Mustang says:

    good point…. did you see how he ran past the 2 Egyptian defenders to set up a sitter for Lumpard? It was as if they were standing still….

  42. rico says:

    I didn’t see the game but was is same old same old ‘lets not pass to theo’? The last time i saw Theo play for England only two players really bothered with him, Rooney and Beckham, The chav and dipper players just ignored him..

  43. rico says:

    Its very similar to his goal at the weekend

  44. thanks rico
    keep forgeting to look at nn now days its slow

  45. it is he seems to be getting good at them if only we would aim for his head a bit more ay?

  46. rico says:

    My pleasure rsd, Its another great header again..

  47. rico says:

    If Theo gets his crosses in, Nik gets his legs moving, all would be perfect..

  48. we hope so thats 3/3 for nik
    who need rvp

  49. rico says:

    We need both….

  50. aa dudu nik
    this weekend v burnley?
    or who will we rest for tues?

  51. Goonergerry says:

    Nothing compares … Djourou!

  52. rico says:

    I hope the strongest eleven start against Burnley, get the game put out of reach then use the subs. If AW tinkers too much we could lose both games..

  53. rico says:

    Morning Goonergerry, I you saying you are a fan of Djourou?

  54. you would think both aa and dudu need a run of 60 mins or so AW seems to be running injury come backs by the book at the moment he’s pissed of with the amount of relapse’s me tinks.
    i expect
    eboue and gallas to be back in backline
    and nasri song cesc
    with aa dudu nik
    maybe diaby to come in for nasri?
    but with the squad injury list shrinking starting to get hard picking the team
    would like sicky to play more but he just to fing fragile anyway got to spin the dog and get ready for school!

  55. rico says:

    Catch you later rsd, Tomas could get a rest on Saturday as he played last night

  56. rico says:

    Vela picked up yet another injury last night and is now out for several weeks….

    Seems like its always, one player back, one player injured….

  57. think he’s had an ankle injury since xmas and cant seem to shake it just a recurrence i suspect

  58. rico says:

    AW said it was groin rsd, he came on for Mexico at half time, scored a goal then hobbled off… not good for him or us

  59. i guess he knows more than me 😉
    An audience with pele next on atvo that will be a laugh

  60. run im offski swedish school in sunny sweden
    shame its only -2

  61. rico says:

    I’m off too for a bit – catch up later

  62. rico says:

    Anyone around??

  63. rico says:

    I’ll take that as a no then 😉

  64. dont worry im home rico whats new?

  65. Coadsi says:

    hi rico

  66. afternoon coadsi
    injury news is a concern

  67. Coadsi says:

    yes it is realsoc, sol probably out so get ready for MS18 and D15

  68. Coadsi says:

    oh yea and vela is out too

  69. will hear more on the morrow from aw but is only
    and they do talk BS

  70. vela hasn’t been in for ages

  71. you got to like what brady says in his interview
    the guy talks sense walcott should listen to it to with all the crap in the papers today.

  72. Coadsi says:

    yes vela has been out but i think he should play ahead of theo. him being out just means less options methinks. rosicky wont start because he played 67 minutes yesterday. hope merida will be ok to play though.

  73. rico says:

    Bloomin heck – i only popped off for a few minutes…

    Evening peeps – so who is in and who is out for Saturday??

  74. rico says:

    Coadsi – my take is, something has happened to both Vela and Walcott – all I see is both have been injured and both lack confidence – Vela is such a talent, and I still believe Walcott has what it takes –

    That’s why I dont want either to go to the WC, they need to get really fit, have a great pre-season and then be played..

  75. sol 90%
    gallas out
    daiby 50:50
    AA in
    stato in
    vela hasn’t was even in contention cos he has to walk back from mexico

  76. vela needs to beef up a bit
    walcott is progressing

  77. think he needs the extra boost of going to wc rico

  78. rico says:

    rsd – that is not good news about sol and gallas, i dont want tweetie to feature in any game again!!

    Diaby will be ok, and good about AA

  79. rico says:

    They both need to beef up, I honestly still have faith in both, but don’t let JJ know 😉

  80. if it had to be a game burnley at home would be the one they have only managed 1 point away all season

  81. rico says:

    Theo goes to the WC, he wont play again… he needs to be at home resting and training – but rsd, he will go as Lennon wont be fit so he and SWP will be the wingers, Becks will hopefully go to, he would be good for Theo…

  82. does need the rest but the confidence it would give him would be as good as rest

  83. thought lemon was on his way back?

  84. Coadsi says:

    rico its a double edge sword. if he goes he will be crap for next season as he will be out injured. if he stays he will lose more confidence. but i would rather him staying rater than going, not playing and losing his confidence anyways. Vela i agree should not go but the mehicans depends on him big time so even he is on crutches he is on the plane. that simply menas no preseason for him, again the cycle continues

  85. dont worry if he goes will only be for the groups anyway so he’ll be back for 2nd week of june 😉

  86. Coadsi says:

    lol rsd, well even so wenger will give him time off. anyways it will be the first time in a long time that we dont have to play those pesky UCL qualification round.

  87. rico says:

    coadsi – leave him at home, if he travels and plays crap his confidence will be well and truly low.. he has many a world cup ahead if he is good enough, one day i think he will be, right now let lemmon and swp go off and get worn out 😉

  88. rico says:

    rsd – 😆

  89. rico says:

    rsd – lemmon is well and truly out of the WC the last i heard…

    Take Becks 🙂

  90. Coadsi says:

    leave him at home i agree rico. its better to not go than to go to two world cups and play no game, that would surely kill him off. i think SWP or Becks is a better call. no to lemmon too many spuds in the squad already.

  91. do you reckon burnley might rest some players seem as they have stoke and wolves next week?
    would be nice wouldn’t it

  92. rico says:

    Good coadsi, let them all be knacered come the start of next season 😉

    rsd, we will woop them regardless…

  93. i know but would be nice
    if they just gave us the bye and 3 points
    seem a bit unfair we have to play them
    some kind of rif-raf.
    what what…

  94. you think Merida will make the bench?

  95. Coadsi says:

    yes i do rsd

  96. apparently he was hot for spain in the week

  97. i didn’t know that AA scored on wed
    lets hope that continues

  98. rico says:

    im off for dinner

  99. rico says:

    hope so rsd, as well i hope we sort his contract out soon….

  100. rico says:

    something has cropped guys, I have to go.. hope to catch you tomorrow, night night and be safe..

  101. was justabout to sign off anyway
    you too

  102. Evo in Oz says:

    gday all,

    good result for you guys against Egypt. Watched the replay last night, i wanted to see the Crouchy robot dance again!

    How rubbish was Walcott again, whats up with that lad, why can he dribble the ball and control it and nutmeg guys, etc and score?

    As soon as SWP came on the game changed!

  103. Evo in Oz says:


    Vela vs the all Whites – you beauty!

  104. rico says:

    Morning all, new post up

    Hi Evo I didn’t see the game…

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