Robin’s in for ‘Six of the Best’ as Eboue and Theo go back to School!!

If the rumours are true we could very well see Robin van Persie back for the last six premier league matches of our season, not to mention the Champions League quarter final, semi final and final, if we get there of course!!

The last six games are:-
Wolves – H
Spuds -A
Wigan – A
Citeh – H
Blackburn – A
Fulham – H

The Spuds game could be postponed if they get through to the FA Cup semi-final!!

All we have to do is win our next six matches and Robin will be back with fire in his belly, gagging for goals and desperate to win something this season. We need to get passed a tricky away trip to Stoke City this weekend and then take each game as it comes. Play with ‘great belief’ that Arsene Wenger keeps telling us about and come the return of Van Persie the league and Champions League will still be a possibility.

What we mustn’t lose sight of though, is this news comes from the Dutch camp, mme, the very same camp who said Van Persie wasn’t badly injured so until he has his Arsenal shirt on and gliding over the green green grass in England, I won’t believe it! If ever there was a bit of news to lift the rest of the team though, it’s this.

Arsene will be saying ‘Having him back is like having a new signing’ 😉

No Arsene, have a new signing is like having a new signing and come the summer, let’s hope we see a couple. I’m not greedy, a couple would do!

Don’t you just love Eboue? Here he is helping kids in a local school learn to dance. (picture courtesy of

Ok, not really, he is in one of the local schools – all part of Arsenal in the Community’s 25th anniversary sessions with Hargrave Park Primary School in Archway which took place on Tuesday, February 23rd

Good on you Eboue, the kids are having some fun, and it looks like you are too!

Theo Walcott was another player who went back to school recently, no not soccer school! 😉
Theo is the Ambassador for the Junior Kit Scheme and he was in a North London Girls School handing over a new Nike kit to them. Its reported he then treated them to a peep at a few of his soccer skills. Guess he wasn’t there too long then!!

Yes, that was meant to be funny, its great to see Arsenal players out and about doing good in society, rather than lunchtime vists to Public Houses and other seedy joints..!
Theo said it was great to be keeping touch with football at ground roots level, call me an old cynic, I reckon he is on the look out for the young player on behalf of Arsene!

Finally, if anyone is registered on ATV online, An Audience with Tony Adams is on there, it’s worth a peep.. Boy do I wish we had a man like him in our squad!

That’s it for today, tomorrow we can start to look forward to a trip up to Stoke for a must win game – aren’t they all must win now …

Have a nice day you all….


110 Responses to Robin’s in for ‘Six of the Best’ as Eboue and Theo go back to School!!

  1. rico says:

    Morning Peoples 🙂

  2. nutcracker says:

    Good blog. Read it quite often and the humour’s good. Maybe you could just cut down the number of smilies in the post. 🙂

  3. rico says:

    Morning Nut, thanks, welcome to Avenell Road, your comments will go straight on from now

    I love smileys…

  4. rico says:

    There’s only two…

  5. rico says:

    Feel sorry for Cech, but him being out for a few weeks could just be good for us..

    Not that I would wish an injury on any player..

  6. nutcracker says:

    Now only if Hilario could make some blunders worthy of his name….

  7. rico says:

    They won last night didn’t they nut, i take you mean Gomes… ah, nah, you mean the chav no2

    Stoke dumped out Citeh too and Lardy got a straight red – now thats worth a smile…

  8. nutcracker says:

    Smile? I’m laughing my ass off.

  9. rico says:

    Looks like our away trip to the spuds will be postponed, who have they got next round, any idea?

  10. islington haye maker. says:

    Morning rico,
    The bad thing about greedy-byeor is,that he is now out against the chavs.

  11. islington haye maker. says:

    Aint it fulham,the spuds have got??

  12. rico says:

    Morning haye maker, good to see you back today, hope its a long term thing 😉

    That is the only downside, but can you see him scoring against the chavs? i reckon if Tevez is back and Bellamy they offer more of a threat..

  13. rico says:

    Talking of the chavs, Cole is soon to be a single man I see – Glad to see Cheryl is divorcing him, at least she has a bit more sense than Terry’s wife..

  14. rico says:

    Fulham on their day can be tough, especially at home.. The thought of the spuds winning anything mkes me cringe, but then its really only the chavs that could stop them, I dont want them to win either….

    Maybe Reading will surprise everyone..

  15. nutcracker says:

    What a shambles of a team Chelsea is. I’m sure their team will get behind such disgusting behaviour. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch.

  16. islington haye maker. says:

    As much i hate the guy,he still is a threat thou.
    But i cant say that i wasnt cracking up when watching the highlights lol.

    Yep about time she got rid of that rat..He is a really bad egg and deserves everything he gets.

    Between,did you see that cracker from Mark Gonzalez??.(cska)

  17. islington haye maker. says:

    What about villa rico??
    They are more than a much for our much loved neighbours.

  18. rico says:

    spot on there nut..

    forgot villa haye, now i wouldn’t mind a villa v reading final .

  19. rico says:

    i didnt see any footie last night 😦 just caught the news saying inter won and the chavs should have had a penalty (ha ha, now they know how it feels)

    got sky sports on so hopefully will get to see lardy’s red and a few cup highlights.

  20. rico says:

    Poor Erick can’t get on here for some strange reason beyond us both 😦

    Erick Says:

    February 25, 2010 at 8:55 am | Reply edit

    i have tried everything seem today i will watching from the sidelines say hi to al on my behalf

  21. islington haye maker. says:

    Yeah they should have had a penalty and a sending off lol.

    Not really a great night of football apart from that banger from cska…You need to see it.

    Stoke did look very strong thou…I hope we can deal with it.I think the stoke one’s the hardest out of them all.

  22. erick get a wordpress account then you can get on.
    morning all

    One man went to laugh…..

  23. rico says:

    Sky have just said that we have only won at Stoke once in 28 years, about time we made that twice!

    Ricardo Fuller is a big lump – very strong in the air. Surprised he is at Stoke really, no disrespect to them.

  24. rico says:

    Morning RSD, nice one…

  25. islington haye maker. says:

    I think the thing with Ricardo Fuller is,that stoke kinda suits his game.But i see what you mean.

    And yeah we really need to make that 2 in 28 years…There’s no way we can afford a mistake now.
    Ive just got this feeling we will stand up and with them playing 110 minutes of football that could be a advantage.

    Does anyone know if diaby is fit??

  26. rico says:

    should find out today about Diaby during AW interview, i will keep checking out, but you know how slow they are to update us..

  27. did you see the first goal stoke scored fuller can actually play a bit
    but the defending from shitty is almost as bad as ours

    am waiting on IHM
    for news on diaby
    wont hear till AW speaks to us on morrow

  28. islington haye maker. says:

    We really need him fit,He is a key component of our midfield,With out him we are kinda lightweight in there.

    Yeah needs to fix up lol

  29. W.A.T.H says:

    Mornin all…………. rubbish post as usual rico………… 🙂

  30. W.A.T.H says:

    bum I wasn’t supposeed 2 use a smiley…!

  31. i think we should have lock down on them personally

    smiley are embargoed

  32. rico says:

    Ok ok, I take the hint, no more smilies…

    Morning wath, no spam for you this morning …

  33. rico says:

    maybe just an odd one…

  34. rico says:

    nothing on about diaby yet

    but i agree, we need him, he is on his best form now ..

    dont know either if gallas is back, eduardo is..

  35. rico says:

    Just seen the Inter goals, Terry is all over the place at the moment!!

  36. think it ivanovic
    jt dont like playing with

  37. rico says:

    long may they stay together then RSD..

  38. we’re waiting on andrey as well will he make it?

  39. the best news is cech could be out for rest of season

  40. rico says:

    forgot him 😉

    we need all three back, but who plays instead of Diaby? Please dont say Denlson…

  41. rico says:

    and cole for the chavs, they will lose a few now. we just cant afford to slack off, stoke is a massive massive game..

  42. the crab will be the replacment you know that
    have you seen the new kit by the way

  43. rico says:

    seen bits and bobs, but no proper picture, you have any link to it?

  44. rico says:

    facebook…. arrrggggghh 😉

  45. you have to love fb no f5
    free wap page
    u at here at home should think about it
    prob is moderation but you can delete any twats

  46. islington haye maker. says:

    I would rather ramsey play…But i bet it will be denilson.

  47. rico says:

    Me too haye, any day of the week, but we know it will be the crab …

    i will take a peep RSD

  48. W.A.T.H says:

    Only spaks 4 me did you say Rico….. 🙂 Have a good weekdn all I’m off away for a few days, be good and try not to abuse another laptop Rico…..! Here’s to a hard fought win at the weekend…!.

  49. W.A.T.H says:

    Only spanks 4 me did you say Rico….. 🙂 Have a good weekdn all I’m off away for a few days, be good and try not to abuse another laptop Rico…..! Here’s to a hard fought win at the weekend…!.

  50. have a good one wath you going up too stoke

    @ IHM
    ramsey gets caught to much and is to willing to try stuff.
    tho i love the welshman
    more than tom jones
    he hasn’t got the displine that denilson does

  51. didn;t know the potters are on such a good run

  52. you know this smiley stuff is addictive ive just reading tho a draft and there’s one there

  53. did you catch chamkakaka then rico?

  54. UgGunner says:

    I’d have loved Man City’s strongest contingent against the chavs… and that would include Ade.

  55. rico says:

    have a good break wath, catch up soon

    i did RSD, not much to shout about, but lets wait til he plays at home..

  56. rico says:

    Morning UG, welcome to Avenell Road, Ade is on fire for Citeh, maybe they will appeal and he gets to play before him ban comes in ..

  57. UgGunner ade seems to have gone back to he’s form from last year.
    morning by the way

  58. r we watching the same game rico
    he’s looked crap in the last couple

  59. but shitty always play well v the big 4 fair weather team

  60. rico says:

    I just have that goal he scored after the pass from Paddy, I don’t watch him to be honest, he will never be consistent though..

    Tevez over him any day.. Is he still awol?

  61. im not sure
    depneds if his kid is stable yet i guess

  62. accordig to yogi’s site
    eddy says he’s gona make the trip too stoke

  63. right swedish school have a good day rico
    it snowing again 😦

  64. rico says:

    You have a good day too RSD, school, at your age ?? 😉

  65. islington haye maker. says:

    Denilson doesn’t know the meaning of discipline. ha ha

  66. rico says:

    ihm, i take it you are not a fan of Denilson either then? hope you don’t mind being called ihm.. 😉

  67. islington haye maker. says:

    Na i don’t mind rico…I like denilson,But i just don’t think he’s ready to be playing week in week out at a top club like Arsenal.

    I think the lad has he’s head screwed on and he might well be a great player in the future…But not right now.

  68. rico says:

    I can’t disagree with that, He could do with a spell at club that has to fight – maybe also with a defensive manager, Bruce could teach him a lot.

  69. rico says:

    Im off for a bit. catch up later

  70. rico says:

    I love the new kit 🙂

  71. you got that in one IHM
    squad players

  72. raif says:

    hello there 🙂

  73. what do say
    what do you know?

  74. raif says:

    ready for Stoke RSD?

    we really owe them one we do

  75. rico says:

    Yo raify, how’s it hanging 😉

    Afernoon peeps, sorryfor going awol, just been walking the mutts

  76. raif says:

    hello Rico,, not bad thanks…

  77. rico says:

    So what have I missed then, any injury news?

    Afternoon RSD, I saw the kit, I like it..

  78. if that is it i’m very happy with the 125th year commemorative kit

  79. tho i aint to happy about my new top that turned up today from AOS the badge is embroided

  80. rico says:

    Ah, you didn’t want that then…

    Radamel Falcao – news now gossip are touting this chap, isn’t this the same player you have been talking about for a while RSD??

  81. yeah the guy who scored against us last wednesday
    never gona happen he’s worth as much as villa

  82. new badge looks crap unless it not embroided

  83. rico says:

    I now see what you mean about him though…

    I always prefer the embroided badge.. must be a girl thing, nice needlework ..

  84. it just that new badge looks pony
    would be the other way round with old badge
    but lets hope we get that new kit and just have the cannon on

  85. rico says:

    ah, didn’t realise we had a new badge too, when did that all happen then? i need to keep up a bit..

  86. where is this story about falcao anyway

  87. we aint got a new one it just the classic 70,80’s cannon their using

  88. rico says:

    i dont mind that, its better than that poxy thing i have on my latest shirt!!

    it was on a newsnow link earlier

  89. link me………..
    the new badge aint for you oldies 😉

  90. rico says:

    Your right there, and you ain’t no spring chicken… 😉

  91. oi im still at school

  92. so on aclf they want helb back
    are you over le grove?

  93. be intresting to see if we could beat the debt bags to his signiture

  94. rico says:

    after his performance last week, it certainly would be ..i always thought he was a big small, but he’s powerful…

  95. rico says:

    Bit small 😉 its the laptop…

  96. rico says:

    Off to get dinner RSD, back soon.. hopefully

  97. wont be here we have guests see you on morrow

  98. rico says:

    night night RSD, have a lovely evening…

    I am going to say goodnight too now..

  99. goonerr says:

    wtf is soccer?

  100. Morning all
    eddy might be back
    gut everyone else crook
    Sol TV in
    looks solid

  101. rico says:

    Morning people..

    goon, welcome to AR, its a micky take, the Stan connection 😉

  102. Edwin van der sar is a legend of a goalkeeper! He is my favourite ever goalie! Can’t wait for him to have a starring role for Holland in the World Cup. Go Oranje!

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