Cesc says Fab’s Dopey! Gilberto’s coming home, again…


Did I laugh when I read ATV Online yesterday afternoon? For sure I did.

Cesc was talking about Fabianski, this is what he said:-

“He is strong and we have to be there for him,” said Fabregas after the game.

“We haven’t seen him because he is doing doping [tests] but we have to be next to him. Sometimes when you are young in a big game, these things happen to you. You can be a little bit down but the team will be 100 per cent behind him and help him in the next game to come back to his best.

So it’s true, we really do have one (maybe more) of the seven dwarfs in our squad, Lucas Fabianski is Dopey!!

It’s sad though really for Fabianski; imagine how he felt trudging off the pitch, knowing he had such a shocker?

Even the authorities thought he had been on ‘something’ to play so badly! 😉

Talking of goalkeepers, James Shea has signed a new contract so the future looks very much like Wojciech Szczesny and Shea who will be our numbers 1 & 2 – there is also a Norwegian-born kid called McDermott who is meant to be good, but at seventeen years old it’s hard to judge him.

McDermott has represented the Republic of Ireland at both Under-16 and Under-17 levels but I wonder if when he gets older he will choose to play for his country of birth, a bit like Frimpong who now want to play for Ghana.

So on a day where the defeat to Porto still hurts, let’s think ahead to the weekend…

We are at home against Sunderland and the good news is that Alex Song is back, so too is Almunia. The latter is a strange one as if his finger was so bad, how come he is suddenly fit again.. I guess we will never know the truth about that but I maintain Almunia was dropped for the Porto game and right now I wish he hadn’t been!!

But as always with us, a bit of good news is often followed by bad, and today it’s Diaby, he’s out for the game on Saturday 😦 There was a time I would have been glad to hear that bit of news, but I’m big enough to admit that just maybe I got it wrong – I say just maybe as he needs to play the way he has been, add a more defensive side to his game and you never know, he could be good…..

Lorik Cana has suggested he was all set to come to us on trial when he was sixteen years old but visa problems prevented it happening!

Blimey, I didn’t get a Visa Card until I was in my twenties, but I did pay it off every month 😉

Another snippet is that Giles Sunu is ready to leave us at the end of the season – what utter garbage, this story came out ages ago and it’s a case of sour grapes by Bordeaux after we have sorted a deal for Chamakh (maybe)

Sunu will be very aware of the fact that if any club gives a kid a chance, it’s Arsenal, so why go and start all over again at another club – only to be left to warm the bench for the next few years…

Right now he is going off on loan to Derby for the rest of the season, but trust me, he’ll stay at Arsenal..

Finally, Gilberto Silva is coming home and he is looking forward to it:-

This is what he said-

‘I’m really looking forward to coming back to London and play once at Emirates Stadium. Although it’s Brazil against Republic of Ireland, and Arsenal will not be playing there, I’m sure I’ll see many good old friends from Arsenal. Of course, it will be great to play on the very good pitch and in the great stadium again’.

Right now, how would you all love this Brazilian in our squad?

I know I would prefer him than the one we have….

Over sensationalised heading maybe, but isn’t that just what all the paps do…..??

And yes, it gets people to read! Some may come back, some may not……

But we’re doing ok, it’s a footie blog, it’s meant to be fun!! 🙂

151 Responses to Cesc says Fab’s Dopey! Gilberto’s coming home, again…

  1. how very wapping of you!

  2. rico says:

    Morning RSD..

  3. what are the other six by the way?

  4. rico says:

    wapping 😆

    Think there is more than six RSD, AA being the smallest one 😉

  5. aa would be grumpy
    eboue happy
    almunia sleepy
    just leaves doc sneezy and bashful?

    anyway sunderland if all there players are back
    could be tough and there are some
    ‘orride stat is they haven’t won since they played us
    omen’s errrrrrrr
    we are at home tho so should be ok

  6. rico says:

    what about the book…

  7. rico says:

    It won’t be easy thats for sure against Sunderland but as you say at home, thousands of fans behind the team – its a must win game, they all are now..

  8. Mustang says:

    Morning folks,

    and who is grumpy?

  9. rico says:

    Morning Mustang, Gallas 🙂

    And me still….

  10. Mustang says:


    Good shout for grumpy!!

  11. Mustang says:

    Morning Rico,

    any one know what our physios are up to? How come some players play one or two games and the off for a couple of weeks? Only Gallas & TV have had a consistent run of games this season

  12. Mustang says:


  13. rico says:

    Because some of the injuries are spin Mustang, its AW’s way of dropping players I think..

  14. wenger the spin doctor
    so thats “2 princess” then?;-)
    morning mustang

  15. is richards & ried back for sunderland?
    i nb reading somewhere but didn’t tag it

  16. rico says:

    RSD, Bruce has all his defenders back for the game 😦

    Lets hope he chooses the wrong mix 😉

  17. rico says:

    Jones and Bent up front too, not a bad pairing…

  18. who always gives wenger problems brucey
    you would think its unfair that so many ex utd players or scottish are managing in the league
    frankly i think the premier league should do something about it. 🙂

  19. rico says:

    The two get on pretty well off the field I think, remember Palacios was on trail with us and AW phoned SB and offered him the player.. the rest about him is history….

  20. Erick says:

    Mornin every one game on tomorrow and Song is back 🙂 🙂

  21. rico says:

    Morning Erick, I need to appologise, you asked about my chickens yesterday and I thanked Mustang for asking – sorry 😉

    Blame my ageing old brain…

  22. no i mean tatically
    i sure there good friends brum have been a training ground for many a loanee

  23. rico says:

    Ah, Sunderland have often been a pain tho, Kevin Phillips in particular when he was there..

  24. he was
    he certainlly knows when where the back off the net is
    seems strange some dont cos it hardly a moving target

  25. Erick says:

    No prob Rico good to know they are doing good, RSD tomorrow we will on a revenge mission they downed us last time out

  26. r we expecting news from colney @ 2:30ish

  27. we were over confident last time and away

  28. rico says:

    Diaby and AA out tomorrow…. The rest should be ready to seek revenge for earlier in the season…

  29. rico says:

    We usually are against teams further down the table,thats when it goes horribly wrong..

  30. Erick says:

    Still no Billy, AA, Diaby gosh injuries are killin us but am confident Arsenal can go thru’

  31. 4pigs says:

    Morning all

    You must enjoy writing Rico and you always provide a good read. If people dont like it they can make a constructive comment in the blog. As you say – it’s fun!

  32. rico says:

    Forgot Willy Erick, Big Sol against Big Bent then…

  33. rico says:

    Morning 4pigs – thanks, I try 😉

  34. Erick says:

    I feel this season the fixture was favouring us but we let ourselves down we just needed draws from our top 4 opponents damn! KEEP THE FAITH

  35. rico pmsl “big sol v big bent”

  36. Erick says:

    I totally agree with 4pigs Rico ur articles are cool

  37. rico says:

    We have the best run in, you are right Erick, as long as the team don’t become complacent everying in the Pl is still to play for..

    It will only paper over the cracks though, we need some change of faces in the summer…

  38. rico says:

    Thanks Erick 🙂

  39. rico says:

    RSD 😉 Battle of the Biggies 🙂

  40. rico says:

    Have to go for a bit, Friday = family visiting day …

    Back shortly

  41. It is great to have avenell back it was the one of the top blogs out there.
    you kind of didn’t know what to read when it was missing. (Well moderated and gd and relavent posts)
    big thanks to rico for pick it up.

    enough of the love in
    The Safc website is fancy init

  42. Erick says:

    We need three new face atleast and i promise we can dominate for a decade RSD am realy relaxed abt the defence even though Gallas is out big Sol

  43. two games in a week tho
    is gona be a test for the big guy

  44. Erick says:

    Totally RSD i liked the way he celebrated his goal against Porto it meant alot to him his physical presence is amazing

  45. he does dwarf some of the flying midgets in the team.

  46. 4pigs says:

    Is Cana fit?

  47. yes (shit)Reid Nosworthy Ferdinand Richardson are apparently out but would take that as gospel till the morrow

  48. Erick says:

    Any prediction for tomorrow

  49. but least ried is out which is nice:)

  50. 4pigs says:

    Thank you

  51. wenger doing a early conference

  52. Erick says:

    So anything new from AW

  53. the man speaks sense

  54. Erick says:

    Yap he does very intelligent

  55. new
    a great take on the playoff rubbish thats been going around (the uefa co-efficient).

    Ref being incompetent on wed he rule checked the media
    apparently a quick freekick can only be taken if the ref hasn’t walked over and given a point where it must be taken from.
    luckily wenger didn’t see henry’s freekick v the pensioners on youtube
    im sure there was another one

  56. Erick says:

    The ref’s keep blowing us up but a good team should be able to get around thats but Arsenal have not been at their best this season

  57. Mustang says:

    We can’t always get fair decisions from refs but it the school boy errors that proving to be a problem. Can you see the top 3 teams making those errors as consistent as we have? On the other hand manyoo are getting 10 own goals in their favour, stark contrast.

  58. Erick says:

    True Mustang hard luck it is for us but morrow i feel we can close the gap on Chelski and Manure both away tricky fixtures

  59. rico says:

    Afternoon peoples, whats been happening..

  60. Erick says:

    Nothing much Rico jst talking abt tomorrows game how was the Family reunion 🙂

  61. rico says:

    Afternoon Erick, I get nervous just thinking about tomorrows game 😦

    Just three of the family – thats enough, but all ok thanks 🙂

  62. Erick says:

    Am in need of a fix (arsenal game) i cant wait for tomorrow, so whats your prediction for the game

  63. rico says:

    I think we will win Erick, either by 3 or 4, or just nick it with a 1-0..

  64. rico says:

    I am need of a win fix, just to take away the pain and dissapointment from Wednesday…

  65. Erick says:

    4,3 am an optimistic guy am going for a 6-1 score line so am hoping you will be ready for your Fix

  66. Erick says:

    Rico do you reckon its ok to start Vito i feel he can be a real asset

  67. rico says:

    Big Al will start tomorrow Erick

  68. rico says:

    Ave will be pleased that Wolves have been fined for fielding an under strenght side against Manure 🙂

  69. Erick says:

    So he will be playing with an injured finger my oh my why cant AW Just start Vito very sad indeed i hear Ramsey may start tomorrow

  70. Mustang says:


    Thinking about a fix (arsenal game) I think I will have to do with the tripple pack of legends DVD I got for my birthday – wrighty, bergy & titi…

    Not a bad substitue eh?

  71. Erick says:

    Mustang mmmmh brilliant wat a subtitute 🙂 🙂 any prediction for tomorrow

  72. rico says:

    Hi Mustang

    I love your last comment….

  73. Erick says:

    Evenin RSD

  74. rico says:

    Hi RSD, busy day 😉

  75. Had to take the kid to the park. Snow Day.
    Slow news day really.
    Did wenger give a squad list out or was that only to wapping?
    how good is the safc website i thought we had the best.
    but have to say trust a geordie to make such a good site.

  76. rico says:

    😉 wapping, you picking on me again RSD 😉

  77. avenell says:

    Good evening guys.. how’s tricks?

  78. Mustang says:

    Hi Erick, Rico,

    I am reliving the good ol days of players with real passion to play for us. Yes the money helped but these players put the current squad to shame when you talk about real passion for The Arsenal…

    Erick you mention prediction – I hesitate to say what I really think because I may not like what my head is trying to tell me after my prediction for the Porto game…… So I’ll go with my heart instead and say we win by a 2 goal margin – 2 nil or 3:1.
    What do you think?

  79. touchy are we rico

    evening ave

  80. avenell says:

    HI RSD.. How long have you been running your site?

    You must be mad..lol

  81. avenell says:

    Not much Arsenal news about.. Wenger has been talking sense again, is about it..

    Does anyone know if Almunia passed his fitness test?

  82. rico says:

    Hi ave, both Al and Song have tests in the morning…

    RSD me, touchy – never 😉

  83. no idea dave on almunia
    we launched in 2010
    you just wonder why the premier league rules exist
    is there just gona had out poxey fine’s
    fuck i could paid that.

  84. Erick says:

    Mustang what i would sacrifice to have the same passion passed to this kids so your heart has spoken 3,2 nil any idea if Ramsey will be starting tommorow?

  85. i thought wenger said after training today but i only watched it twice.

  86. avenell says:

    Dave??? I feel like Rodney on Only fools and horses ..

    I’m not Avenell dave from that other site lol..

  87. rico says:

    I was about to ask who Dave was …

    RSD, I didn’t watch it at all, I read his bit on AFC.com, your more likely to be accurate, my brain is fuddled today 😦

  88. avenell says:

    lol.. You are not the first..

    I’m not sure if I had the name first or not..

    Do you get over here to see any games?

  89. to be honest no but we just set up here so now that we’re settled will have talk to my brother about a civilised night at the grove. 😉

  90. rico says:


  91. i hadn’t got you mixed up was just a typo

  92. avenell says:

    Do you come from from good old blighty then?

  93. avenell says:

    Rodney Charlton Trotter.. lol..

  94. rico says:

    Thats me done guys, I have some serious soap watching to do 😉

    Ave – I have done a bit for tomorrow, its in the drafts, please take a look and see if you want to add anything..

    OR – if you or JJ have anything, please dispose of mine in the Trash Bin ;)…

    Be safe all, nighty night

  95. avenell says:

    Cheers Rico .. I was going to ask if you had it sorted?

    Have a good evening..

  96. was born in nw5 geez
    but spent most of me misspent youth
    in the pubs along the harrow road

  97. enjoy rico
    soaps on friday what has the world come too

  98. Erick says:

    Guyz am off to bed tomorrow is d day grateful 4 the updates thank you all Peace

  99. any way back to scudi and sir dick

  100. avenell says:

    Cheers Erick..

    RSD.. It has to be a woman that took you away.. 😉

  101. evening erick is late for you i guess

  102. you know what the sweds are like
    brown eyed brunette

  103. avenell says:

    Not well enough.. 😉 I had to settle for a Cornish surf chick..

  104. Erick says:

    Yap it RSD very late Cheers Ave

  105. oh no dont tell me your stuck on the west coast looking for swell. I used do a bit in croyde.

  106. avenell says:

    tbh.. I don’t like the sea a lot, too bloody dangerous.. I like being near it.. the sand in my toes is a bit stressfull too.. 😉

  107. when ever a good nor-wester blows
    i like sand between me toes
    i do enjoy being near the sea an’ll
    bring out something terrible british in me
    like “something on me heal”

    “I believe he is incompetent or dishonest, so I prefer to believe he is not competent.”

    “they must have a good lawyer”

    Quote’s of the day from AW

  108. avenell says:

    That RSD is very clever.. I had never heard of that poem..

    One of those blog moments.. thanks

  109. Sorry Ave
    thats just the way i write
    cant help it
    apparently me rico reckons there a poet in me
    fuck knows why
    i didn’t pass a english O till i was 18

  110. avenell says:

    Alan Alexander (A. A.) Milne

    I went down to the shouting sea,
    Taking Christopher down with me,
    For Nurse had given us sixpence each-
    And down we went to the beach.

    We had sand in the eyes and the ears and the nose,
    And sand in the hair, and sand-between-the-toes.
    Whenever a good nor’wester blows,
    Christopher is certain of

    The sea was galloping grey and white;
    Christopher clutched his sixpence tight;
    We clambered over the humping sand-
    And Christopher held my hand.

    We had sand in the eyes and the ears and the nose,
    And sand in the hair, and sand-between-the-toes.
    Whenever a good nor’wester blows,
    Christopher is certain of

    There was a roaring in the sky;
    The sea-gulls cried as they blew by;
    We tried to talk, but had to shout-
    Nobody else was out.

    When we got home, we had sand in the hair,
    In the eyes and the ears and everywhere;
    Whenever a good nor’wester blows,
    Christopher is found with

  111. was only talking about the off shore’s on the west coast
    for the surfing nor westers
    stop wiki-ing me

  112. JonJon says:

    evening roadsters..

    nice poems guy..very cantona-esque!!!

    wen ze zeegulls follow ze trawler

  113. hows u ?
    been plastic bashing have we
    or are you still bottling it up

  114. im trying to get Trig back on football but hes a stubborn………

  115. JonJon says:

    lol…im good mate…hows u

    plastic bashing.. 😉

    no im ok..wanted to slap the ref for a few days but porto are cannon fodder at the emirates…

    just a bit concerned about morale at the minute..and denilsons stats..

  116. JonJon says:

    whos trig???

  117. ave you know “mr wiki”
    who’s morale?

  118. im ok just about defrosted from today
    carmer than yesterday dont feel the need to do so much plastic bashing. just staying @ the blogs that know

  119. JonJon says:

    hehe.. ave? lol

    the team morale mate..they gotta be down after that..and cesc didnt seem to happy..and hes the captain…

    yeah i dont really blog elsewhere…go on yogi’s from time to time but never hang around too long nowadays…dont get along with the locals but its a top blog though..nice write ups..

    i like wrightys too but i havent been on for a while..might pop over and say hi when he does his next write up

  120. people are starting to wave
    even the points in case
    and the moderation is just none existent

    As for this guy morale!
    Eboue came on atvo
    is apparently talking sense
    yet to watch having problems with me hearing
    or the speakers have packed up on both computers

    but that means i’ll have to be down the pub on the morrow.

    zee zeegulls follow zee traller
    still laughing me and the misses saw only last week

  121. JonJon says:

    eboues always smiling though..he just loves being at arsenal dont he..got it pretty kush..

    sunderland are in a poor run of form though..should be 3 points to us but i said the same about porto..lol

    i always liked cantona..need ppl like that in football..

    nutcase..a few sarnies short of a picnic but i though he was a top bloke..even if he did play for manu

    that kung fu kick was hilarious

  122. avenell says:

    I’m trying not to think about tomorrows team.. In fact I am dreading it..

    Playing Eboue could make it better.. How desperate is that?..

  123. more like just the basket
    but boy could he see stuff on the pitch

    no win since us
    now there’s a scary stat
    omens an’ll

    we got the away goal at porto and thats all we really wanted
    you know the travel as good as there wine

    u got a playing fantasy this year?

  124. JonJon says:

    id play eboue for his energy..but as soon as hes played 15 mins and fallen over 5 of his own step overs id want him off

  125. he prob will play on the morrow an’ll
    home and sanga had a night of running on wed
    why r we playing on saturday by the way thanks sir dick

  126. avenell says:

    When are the thursday night channel 5 dippers playing?

  127. again dont know
    but they made a meal of it
    can see them going through
    torres is back this weekend in’e

  128. Erick says:

    Manchester City Vs Liverpool is on Sunday at around 3pm

  129. morning erick
    think ave was talking about in europa

  130. Erick says:

    Morning RSD your already awake guess ifs Europa i have no clue when
    You feeling we will be lucky today???

  131. Erick says:

    IFs = if its sorry

  132. on thursday if you go to there website
    RSD never sleep if a balls being kicked in the world
    he has eye’s

  133. Erick says:

    he he he i thought i was an addict i aint even close friend

  134. i think we’ll win but
    what the score could be?

  135. where you watching it today?

  136. Erick says:

    i will hook up with some of my friends and probably catch it at a local pub i think it will be a high scoring game

  137. Erick says:

    got to go RSD catch you later before the game i have a class Peace

  138. i have trip to the me brother inlaws
    so i should be able to find access to the game
    they dont get anything out of me while its on anyway.
    arn’t you watch abroad

  139. Erick says:

    In Kenya we have one pay channel that shows the matches a bit expensive but i cant miss an Arsenal game. Ones the game is on i switch my phone off nobody gets anything for me either 🙂 🙂

  140. rico says:

    Morning Erick & RSD

    New one up..

  141. p2p.eu
    is free
    is the best one

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