Individual errors prove costly..again!!!

I’m not normally one to hide behind excuses when the lads get beat. To be honest I find them all incredibly boring. Every year we hear the same things such as our injuries hampered us, we’ve got no money, the media are against us and the referees are anti arsenal. After so long I lose interest in debating with these people because that’s what footballs about. You are going to get injuries but you have to build a squad to be able to cope with them. You may have no money but you have to work with the resources you have. The media have always been the same and will say anything to sell a story or attract ratings, only the very feeble minded will listen to washouts like Redknapp, Hansen and co (who themselves were never good enough to make managers) and believe everything they say. Then of corse you’ll always get the odd ref who acts like a total spaz. No matter what it may be, excuses are for losers. It’s a way of hiding behind your deficiencies and pointing the finger at someone else always appears to be the best option, but it doesn’t help. Excuses just lead to that smug attitude and complacency and it doesn’t solve the problems at hand. I find a bit of constructive criticism better. Sod the excuses. Like I said it’s for losers and quitters. Winners tackle the problem head on and evaluate where THEY went wrong and pull all the stops to fix it.

I could adopt the latter attitude to last nights game but i wont. Why?? Because it’s probably one of the biggest acts of football corruption I’ve ever witnessed in recent times. Quite simply we were robbed. This is not an excuse, it’s a fact..

Ok. I’ll admit that some of our players didn’t turn up last night but neither did the ref. We still controlled large parts of the game and we deserved to take at least a draw..

I found the first half very entertaining. Both sides going after each other from the off with Big Sol rolling back the years with some super tackles and a nice little goal..

Fabianski’s mistake to concede an early opener for the home side was very school boy and the second goal we conceded was just a comical farce, can’t really totally put blame on him for that. All I’ll say is next time that happens kick it. Don’t take the risk, if in doubt give it a clout.

What is it about our lads and own goals recently?? Why don’t we have a keeper who has safe hands and not butterfingers?? Maybe it’s a problem for Wenger to address in the summer, but for now we are stuck with what we’ve got. There’s an old saying in football that a good keeper will win you matches. Our keepers gift the opposition goals at ease at the minute and its very concerning. How can we expect to win medals when our top 2 choice keepers look barely capable of tying their own shoelaces?? These individual errors need to be cut out, or at least cut down. Every player makes mistakes but our players are making massive ones in crucial games and they are all leading to goals.It’s got to be said it’s not a sign of a team challenging for silverware..

I know this is a bit different from a match report, but seeing as though the ref thought everyone was there to watch him I’d really like to concentrate on his contribution and give him a rating. Wouldn’t want to steal the limelight from the players now would we???

1..Cesc was getting hammered left right and centre. It was obvious to most neutrals that after a bright start by Porto, they had become tired from matching us blow for blow by the end of the first half, so proceeded to what can only be called assault our star man. Constant foul after foul, the majority from behind and from one man in particular, Fernando. I counted at least 5 times he hacked down Cesc so why did the ref only give him a yellow in the last ten minutes when Diaby got carded for his first clumsy tackle in the first half???

2..How the hell did the ref not see the foul on Rosicky in the box? Every man and his dog saw it was a pen. You didn’t need a replay to make sure it was it was stone wall. Stevie wonder would have seen it but I guess after ‘Eduardogate’ we are never going to get another penalty again..

3..Within 30 seconds of the penalty that was, that wasn’t, but really was and would have been if it was any other team but Arsenal, Porto hit a long ball that brushed of Big Sol’s toenail and Fabianski picked up. Now even on the replay you couldn’t really make out if it had even hit Sol, nevermind him intentionally passing it back, because thats what I thought a pass back was – intentionally passing it back to your keeper. So how the hell the ref could see it touched Sol from 30 yards behind the play and he couldn’t see the Rosicky penalty I’ll never know. Not ending matters there, the ref demanded the ball off Fabianski and gave it to the cheating Porto player and before anyone knew it the ball was in the net. The ref wasn’t even looking at the play, how can he allow it if he aint looking? Not only that but he was interfering with play by blocking Sol and it was supposed to be an indirect freekick. You might as well have given them a fucking penalty into an open net you prick…

Martin Hannson..10..Well done son, wonderful display. Man of the match and as Rico would say- you were the ‘knob of the night’ and you ruined what started off being a decent spectacle of football, you corrupt tosser.

Anyway I think we’ll still win this tie. We’ve got a good record against Porto at home and we’ve got that crucial away goal. With the return of a few walking wounded and with the absence of Porto’s star play (Hannson) we should knock 3 or 4 past them with ease…

Oh and by the way. What did anyone think of Cesc’s comments after the match?? Frustrated or frustrated with how things are going at Arsenal???


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  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Great write up JJ, couldn’t agree more – I am still so angry with that knob of the night!!

  2. absolutly fantastic jj
    loving the stevie wonder quote
    morning all

  3. rico says:

    Morning RSD, we will show them what for at home..

  4. you would think rico
    with song and AA back

  5. was nice to see AW
    smile about it
    you can but only laugh sometimes

  6. rico says:

    Absolutely, roll on 9th March, hopefully we will go into that game having beaten Sunderland, Stoke and Burnley..

  7. Slater says:

    I thin k AW / Arsenal better play anti soccer and win. I saw the Chelsea game onvideo. When the gunners ran to the box,their indecision proved very costly.You contrats that with Chelseas. They play anti soccer stop Arsena passing which is abhorrnt to Aw.
    But Chelsea don’t care. They won and and could have scord more gaols.
    Over to you AW.

  8. rico says:

    I don’t know how he managed that, the ref’s performance was enough to make a saint go crazy..

  9. Erick says:

    Morning friends.. holy cow wats up with our keepers and the Ref who doesn’t see clear hand balls God why is Fifa still paying this Cheat

  10. DPT says:

    Fabregas’s attitude in the post match interview suggets to me he is going to Barca at the end of the season!!

  11. Mustang says:

    Good piece JJ

    But when are we going to stop relying on refs being fair? This is The Arsenal, we have a huge number of haters, the print media, sky – the smug look on Jeff Stelling’s face or Richard Keys when we are losing. I have come to expect nothing less from these idiots. But we should know that by now and not be supprised…..I digress.
    The key point for me is the blind faith Wenger puts on some players….and before you say it, some faith is warranted, Song being a case in point but when will Wenger do something about our goal keeping situation??
    Like I said last night, I did feel very jittery about the game but that wasn’t quite how I thought Porto’s 2 goals would be scored, gift wrapped!!!

  12. because Uefa is such a fix
    manu v ac
    pensioner’s v inter
    barca v Stuttgart might as well have given them a bye.
    talk about warm balls

  13. rico says:

    Morning Erick & DPT

    I haven’t seen the interview of Cesc or AW but it seems that many views are that Cesc is off 😦

  14. where are you reading cesc comments in the sun!
    becuase most of the papers have altered what he said to stir it up.

  15. Cesc Fàbregas had “no complaints” about Arsenal FC’s 2-1 defeat at FC Porto. “When you concede these sort of goals, you cannot go anywhere,” the Arsenal captain said. “They were schoolboy [errors] – what can you do? There are no complaints. After the second goal we went down; we are still a little bit soft in that aspect, sometimes we are not strong enough to lift ourselves. Until the second [Porto] goal we were having a good game.”

  16. rico says:

    JJ’s post talks about corruption, just how many times have we seen referee’s give decisions against us that are so poor..

    Especially in the CL, its almost like we are not meant to go through, remember the dreadful penalty decisions that we given against us and the obvious ones that weren’t given to us..

    Just makes me wonder if this funny old game is not a pure as some think

  17. you know it aint about football no more
    its about creating interest for sponsors
    Sadly the CL is worst for it
    let hope one day these decisions even themseleves out
    maybe the ref will header one in for us at the grove

  18. Mustang says:

    I thought Sol played very well by the way….

  19. tommystout says:

    morning peeps.
    i thought sol was about our best player last night i was gutted for him with that freak (cheat goal)… his good performance won’t be remembered now.

  20. is good to sing his name again mustang (sally);)

  21. rico says:

    Mustang – its their job to be fair, but I see what you are saying though..

    This ref was a joke, he should not be allowed to officiate such big games..

  22. DPT says:

    Yeah cesc was very wound up in the interview and I think he gave away more than he intended to because he was clearly very angry & frustrated with the team.
    I might be reading too much into it but he also had a bloodied mouth and I got the impression that he might of had a bust up with one of his teamates after the match(fabianski??)

  23. Lady Arsenal says:

    Fabregas has no right to be pissed off with his teammates. He wasn’t Jesus last night, giving it away on the cheap more times than the whole of year 2006. Maybe it’s his tough love captain persona. If it is, I like it.

    Most frustrated about the last 20 minutes when they were out on their feet and there for the taking. We just stopped moving, and Diaby appeared to lose control of his legs. Still, a pretty good team performance and every reason to fancy the tie.

    And saturday’s massive, I reckon we can cut the gap to 4 maybe. And I fucking love Sol at the back.

  24. rico says:

    Agree re Sol Mustang, for an ‘old geezer’ he was pretty darn good, his goal was pleasing on the eye 🙂

  25. didn’t see that dpt
    but could have be rubben to cheating ****

  26. Erick says:

    Cesc statement were exagerated but its normal to feel like he did after the gifts @RSD i also have issue with eufa Morning Rico how are your Chicken 🙂 🙂

  27. Mustang says:


    Yeah I enjoyed shouting: double…..double last night. Memories flooding back :o)

  28. rico says:

    Morning LA, if your name says all, they its great to have another Lady in the house 🙂

    At home we will bury them I am sure, I had hope AW would sub Cesc last night, he was getting hacked over so many times.

    Thankfully he didn’t suffer injury, and to be fair, it must be hard every time you have the ball to get fouled.

  29. rico says:

    They are good thanks Mustang 🙂

  30. he must be sore today tho rico

  31. dont think cesc is really having a go LA
    just giving his assesment as asked to if you read it with a cold head
    you would say he was right even echoed in your comments

  32. rico says:

    Morning TS and Slater, welcome to Avenell Road

    Liam, you are held in moderation right now, please take a peep at about us, we don’t slate authors or bloggers, if you keep within the rules you can come on, we value your views, honest 🙂

  33. Lady Arsenal says:

    I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t want Denilson for protection either. He should never have played 90 minutes in the Stoke game, that’s taken its toll, poor lad. More just glad to hear that someone is shouting at them sometimes.

  34. rico says:

    I bet he is RSD, I don’t know how Porto ended the game with eleven players on the pitch..

  35. Aziz says:

    From ‘ESPNSTARSPORT’ site:
    Despite the manager’s reluctance to fix problems with fresh signings, this cannot go on. To have one dodgy keeper is unfortunate, to have two is careless.
    Nothing to add !!

  36. tommystout says:

    that god damn interviewer got on my nerves last night

  37. cesc could have had could have had bravo 2.0
    round him last night
    and he still would have kicked to a inch of life LG

  38. it still’s on mustang we just got to keep believing

  39. rico says:

    Morning Aziz, welcome to Avenell Road

    ours keepers are a nightmare, Fabianski mad Almunia look world class last night and we all know he isnt!

  40. Erick says:

    Crab was Crap and Sol’s physical presence was great he did not have to move a muscle just standing infront of an opponent and he can not even see the field

  41. rico says:

    LA – I think Cesc is best when he knows Song is there with him. I am not a fan of Denilson I don’t think he is strong enough to play the holding/defensive midfield position..

    If only Eastmond was a year or two older..

  42. only prob with last night how deep we played we invited the game on to us
    i know we had to cos sol is lacking pace
    this will or change when gallas is back

  43. rico says:

    Erick – ‘crab was crap’ 😆

  44. Lady Arsenal says:

    Wait for Coquelin. The boy’s a monster.

  45. tommystout says:

    i love wengers policy with kids and sustainability and all that, but its something you cannot do with keepers… i think we must invest in a world class keeper.
    if a keeper makes a bad mistake it generally leads to a goal. Where if an outfield starlet makes an error usually it doesn’t.
    Should’ve got Given. I’ve been bigging Fabianski up all season and i was gutted for him last night, he will be a great keeper one day but i don’t think it will be for us.
    I think we will beat them at home and progress. But now its gotta be sleeves up for sunderland.

  46. he did try tho rico
    can nb at least 4 tackles where he won the ball
    and cesc like denilson as offensive partner imho

  47. rico says:

    LA, wait for Coquelin, trust me, I cant wait, he is like a terrier..

  48. Lady Arsenal says:

    Rico, not sure why, but he reminds me of a young terry henry. I heart him already.

  49. rico says:

    Back pass – Law 13….

    The referee indicates it is a direct free kick by raising his arm above his head’

    Watch the incident again – that tosser of a ref raised his arm, AFTER the Porto player had kicked the ball, then stood in front of Sol Campbell.

    What a joke..

  50. and intentional passback
    that was a dummy by sol did he actually touch it

  51. Erick says:

    I always feel like we are a man down when Song is not playing, he protects the defence and does not invite them in he goes at then Men! We need Song back ASAP

  52. rico says:

    Its the French Connection LA 😉

    RSD – I know he tries but he just frustrates, like a few others last night too. Nik was dreadful imho,

    I do think a coupld of goals for Nik would raise his confidence levels, and i know he has been out for a while but he should be better than he is right now.

  53. i watched Coquelin on monday night he didn’t put a foot wrong but pensioners weren’t too much of an attacking threat.

  54. GD says:

    Good morning,

    First of all, I hope that things will be reversed in the home tie but our Club must take a great care since we have had a bad test of PSV I.

    To come the game,Fabianski’s mistakes were almost similar to some Africans Keepers in 2010 Cup of Nations of Africa-like Angola’s & Zambia’s. In my opinion, though he is good at standing balls, Mannone is by far better than him but I don’t what he has been showing at training ground.

    Despite the referee’s wrong decisions on the 2nd goal and not awarding Arsenal at least one of the penalty incidents ( the handball and the foul on the Rosicky), Arsenal should have beaten Porto since they were not good enough.But Fabianski, Nasri, Clichy, Saga,N.B(2nd half) and Denilson (2nd half) were not at their best.

    The main problem was AW took a long time to make valuable substitutes and they couldn’t get sufficient time to bring positive effect.
    I would like to see Walcott to be central striker and Mannone to take the stopper position.

    In the absence of Song,Diaby should be given the role though it is obvious that he is mainly offensive.
    Eboue should be selected a head of Sagna.And Clichy should be assisted with strong left wing midfielder.

    Now let’s prepare ourselves for the EPL fixture. We have 20 days for the European CL next match.

    Good day!

  55. he was very close that shot which caused the goal corner was a screamer shame someone got a block in

  56. rico says:

    RSD, but Fab should have just hoofed it, also it was what the boys did after, why not just throw the ball away not to the point of a booking, but give players time to sort themselves out..

  57. hh says:

    you cant win a match with dennilson on your team. fact. no excuses last night. wengers fault. we have needed a decent keeper for 5 years. they always cost us. so its only 1 mans fault . wenger

  58. to quote jj’s post
    “the ref demanded the ball off Fabianski and gave it to the cheating Porto player “

  59. Lady Arsenal says:

    Correct me if i’m wrong, but wasn’t denilson the youngest player on the pitch last night?

  60. Roquentin says:

    The good thing is this: losing 2-1 is actually not a bad result. Porto are NOT good away from home – they weren’t even that good at home last night, as we all could see – and I don’t see them keeping a clean sheet at the Emirates. And sooner or later, we will stop giving presents to the opposition (won’t we?), and then we might actually go on a long winning run. We might as well start against Sunderland. ManU will drop points against Everton.

  61. we’ve been trying to find a decent keeper for since seamo left hh
    they dont grow on trees
    we had cech ready for a medical and then the pensioners came i with mega money and his agent went cher-ching

  62. rico says:

    Morning GD

    They were there for the taking last night..

    Diaby has found form in his current position, I think when he has to play defensive he is out of his ‘comfort zone’ and it goes wrong.

    Personally I would be reluctant to chenge him right now.

    I think we should get a HM in the summer who has maybe two seasons left in him. Someone to cover for Song and to help the likes of Eastmond, Coquelin, Lansbury..

  63. i think he was lg was his birthday on tues
    but thats as far know

  64. rico says:

    Morning hh, sadly our best keeper is on loan at Brentford… 😦

  65. rico says:

    Roquentin, Morning to you and welcome to Avenell Road.

    I think some would have taken that result from the off, but we should have come away 1-0 winners at least

    But you are right, the away goal is crucial.

  66. rico says:

    LA, I thought the youngest was Sol 😉

    Is Nikki not younger?

  67. the dane birthday was last month rico
    no pants down on that night tho

  68. Lady Arsenal says:

    RSD I respect you and all, but I take personal offence to your last comment.

    Jeremy Toulalan is an insult to me, to my family, and to my country. I have watched him drain away all the life and enthusiasm from a pretty exciting national team. He can’t pass, he’s slow, and i don’t like his face. He is Raymond Domenech. If he signed for Arsenal, I’d kill myself.

  69. right,
    gd debate 2day people
    have to go get some food
    for the drains on me resources

    hows the moderating going rico i dont envey you plastic’s must be out in force
    see you later

  70. rico says:

    LA/RSD – Have I missed something??

    RSD – Nik and Denilson are exactly one month apart in their age, now there’s an interesting stat 😉

  71. GD says:

    Thanks Rico,

    But, as observed for about the last 2 months, he has contributed a lot cover for our defenders much better than Denlison has. I know he is more offensive but he is all rounded.Even he could strike in better way than our current strikers.
    Otherwise, AW should take a risk on Eastmond 1st option and Coquelin as a 2nd option.

    Nice Time

  72. rico says:

    Catch you later RSD, its all going ok thanks..

  73. Lady Arsenal says:

    Oops sorry, I scared him off. I do really hate Toulalan though.

  74. my brother live’s in lyon
    and is always banging his drum
    about this guy
    i watch him when i can and he has to be doing something right for the club
    but thanks for you comment
    and hope dont happen then would miss the banter 😉

  75. i am not mr stat right off-ski

  76. Lady Arsenal says:

    You know what we’re like then. C’est la passion!

  77. rico says:

    GD – A couple of months ago I was all for getting rid of Diaby, I don’t know what has happened to him but suddenly he has changed his game. I think its since he has grown his hair 😉

    If he could just let go of the ball a split second earlier though.

    Him or Denilson, Diaby wins hands down, but Diaby is as strong as Song.. Hope that makes sense..

    Denilson, Eastmond or Coquelin, again I would go for either of the latter two 🙂

  78. rico says:

    RSD, just teasing you, go and have some lunch and see you later..

  79. Lady Arsenal says:

    Diaby is Sir Francis Drake. Worth listening to the Alan Davies podcast for that alone.

  80. by that assumption rico we should sign Marouane Fellaini then lol

  81. Lady Arsenal says:

    That, and ‘Sunday Monday Habib Beye..’

    I love geordies

  82. rico says:

    He’s quite good isn’t he RSD 😉

  83. Lady Arsenal says:

    RSD Ask your brother about Hugo Lloris.

    He is the answer to all our keeper troubles.

  84. Erick says:

    I think AW should give Vito a chance, after all wat can be worse than we have witnessed

  85. rico says:

    Chesney Erick, next season he will be our keeper 😛

    Off for a bit, chores 😦

  86. Erick says:

    Catch you later 🙂 🙂

  87. now that is a good young stopper LG
    but have always wanted Sebastien Frey

  88. Samuel says:

    The biggest problem with Arsenal is ballwatching incomp
    etent defenders ,Campbell,Gallas,Clichy and Sagna who won,t or can,t cut off the crosses into the Arsenal box as evidenced against Trash.United recently and Porto last night ,Don,t backpedal furiously but step up and commit a foul far from the Arsenal goals ,stopping the opposition attacks or breaking up the momentum ,what,s the problem?

  89. rico says:

    Seen the reports that Sunu could be off to Bordeau… 😦

  90. Mustang says:

    Lady Arsenal, Lloris? Now that is some goal keeper, great shout!! I have always rated him…..

  91. rico says:

    Morning Samuel, welcome to Avenell Road

  92. no really he took his goal well on mon
    if he thinks he can break in to first team there goodluck to him
    what sort of compensation would we get

  93. what is the rules from fifa next regarding homegrowns etc…
    will still be 8/25
    or is there something going on i aint heard about

  94. rico says:

    RSD, he won’t get in there, he has more chance staying with us as AW won’t spend any money. It kind of suggests that the Chamakh deal is done and they are after revenge 😉

  95. rico says:

    The Premier League have introduced a home-grown player rule which will come into effect from next season, alongside a limit on squad sizes.

    From the 2010/11 campaign, the 20 Premier League clubs have voted to introduce measures which will see all teams required to have eight home-grown players out of a squad of 25.

    Chief executive Richard Scudamore confirmed the changes, with clubs only able to make alterations to their squads during the two transfer windows.

    “As of next season clubs will be required to have a squad named of up to 25 players, of which no more than 17 can be over the age of 21 and not home grown,” Scudamore said.

    “The definition of home grown is trained for three years under the age of 21 by somebody in the English and Welsh professional system.

    “Clubs will have to declare their 25 at the end of August when the window shuts and then again at the end of January.”

    Players who are aged under 21 are eligible over and above the limit of 25 players per squad.

  96. rico says:

    We should be ok, we haven’t got seventeen players over the age of 21 😉 😉

  97. back to long haired midfield then LHM

  98. rico says:

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger looks set to lose Gilles Sunu to Bordeax for nothing after paying £1m for the France striker three-and-a-half years ago.
    The 18-year-old has made just two appearances for the Gunners since joining the club on a four-year deal in 2007.

    If he signed a four year deal in 2007, he is not available on a free until 2011??

  99. but able to sign this year and pay compensation due bosman and who’s the new rule they like so much

  100. rico says:

    Did anyone know you can get an Arsenal version of Monopoly 🙂

  101. rico says:

    Ah, hence the compo comment, as long as we get more than 1M we will be even, he won’t go though…

  102. webster

    yeah i did
    but what is mayfair and bow street

  103. he has got alot of people in front of him
    not like Szczesny

  104. right back in a while have to spin the dog

  105. rico says:

    This is worth a read if you need a good laugh…

  106. rico says:

    RSD, I have to go again too, laters…

  107. raif says:

    sake the goalkeeping staff

  108. raif says:

    i did Rico.. but i didnt know if it was worth gtting

  109. bring back bob then ey raif

  110. raif says:

    i agree. RSD.. i would offer him the world to come back and be our keeping staff

    how is the main keeping coach now days any ways? is it lukic? or Poom or somone like that

  111. raif says:

    just for the record RSD.. i havent copyed your avatar mate 🙂 this is the one i have always used

    i just switch it to the Arsene Knows F*** all picture when im angry about our lovely team

  112. dont mind if you did love the art deco crest

  113. does look odd with black behind it
    but you where using before i’d got me own pic anyway

  114. any selections for a new stopper this summer

  115. raif says:

    no no you dont need to change it RSD.. by all means keep it i think its a excellent crest im suprised i havent seen anyone else use it other then you. and ive been using mine for a few years now

  116. raif says:

    as for a new keeper i would love us to get that Russian Keeper Akinfeev. but we would have to break the bank for him and wenger wont do that will he..

    im expecting Manu Utd to get him instead or one of the spanish teams..

    but im sure they are other decent keepers out there better then what we have right now.. i also expect after the world more keepers to come on the market

  117. rico says:

    Hi raif – I only saw the Arsenal Monopoly on This Morning, the presenters husband has it – not sure if its any good…

    I suspect if we played it we would have no money to start the game off 😉

  118. raif says:

    hahahahahahaha Rico.. you have me in sitches hahahaha 😀

  119. dont pass go dont collect £200

  120. raif says:

    Take a Chance or go back 3 spaces

    Takes Chance —-

    “”one of your players has left on a free””

  121. what about celtic’s boruc
    he didn’t look so bad in august

  122. rico says:

    🙂 peeps

    Chelsea, Dippers and Maunure would have their players going straight to jail….

    Terry would be the only one with the get out of jail free card.. 😉

  123. do the dippers play tonight then

  124. rico says:

    😆 raif

    They do RSD, hope they get beat too…

  125. rico says:

    Off again, back later..

  126. sorry rico was researching me stats;-)

  127. bobbygee says:

    Stevie Wonder could have done better in goal than Fabianski. Still it is only 2-1. We have the away goal. Shut em out and home and it is on to the next round. Fabianski needs to be drawn and quartered for stupid play. So does the entire team.

  128. evening more injuries and some back

  129. rico says:

    Whats happening boys and girls….

  130. just that diaby is out for 2 wks

  131. rico says:

    hi rsd, just written the post for tomorrow with that bad news in it 😦

  132. sunderland have alot back as well

  133. JonJon says:

    evening all..

    still abit pissed off so havent bothered watching the telly…any injury news???

  134. JonJon says:

    ah need to press f5.. 😉

    diabys no big loss..prefered it to be denilson though..

  135. JonJon says:

    im guna stick my neck out here and do a prediction….our season is going to collapse..

    cesc is the captain and his attitude after the game wasnt the best..shades of gallas..but the team nead a real leader and we dont have any…

    season ends in turmoil of 4th place alone and cesc and wenger leave…

  136. rico says:

    Hi JJ, to be fair on Diaby he has been better, a bit like our keeper situation really… best of…

  137. rico says:

    JJ, bet you a fiver you are wrong….. 😉

  138. JonJon says:

    diaby was pretty poor last night really..but he wasnt the only one, alot of the players had bad nights…

    not out of it though..but we need a pick me up..

    ive worked it out..were very bipolar..on our day we are unstoppable but when the chips are down the playerd look like slitting their wrists…

    chelsea and manure have that in between mentality..they dont get carried away and they dont get phased easily..

    until wenger sorts that little problem out we’ll always have the same troubles..but thats what you get by building a squad with naff all experience..

  139. JonJon says:

    thing is rico if we dont get near any trophy this year whats wengers excuse going to be for not signing any quality after making 40mil on transfers in the summer…whats he going to say???

    he said last year to judge him next year..whats he going to say?? im off to madrid cos youve hurt my feelings???

    pressures on rico

  140. JonJon says:

    wenger would rather leave than admit hes wrong..and if we lose cesc we right back were we were when we moved to the emirates…

    wenger will basically have to start again and he wont spend the money..hes too stubborn..but hes not stupid enough to know he wont get another 5 years of dust..

    i think he has to deliver this year or gazidis could be offering him a move upstairs…

  141. evening jj you’ve been bottling it up all day haven’t u

  142. JonJon says:


    wanna chin the ref..

  143. JonJon says:

    but it will be ok cos weve got denilson theo and fabianski tied down to 20 year deals…

    we will be a force very soon.. 😉

  144. JonJon says:

    i gotta nip out boys and girls..just a quick hello…

    speak to yall properly tomorrow night..

  145. i’ll double that bet rico

  146. rico says:

    JJ, you gone and I was about to spill my heart out about our club 😦

  147. rico says:

    RSD 😆

    Wenger won’t go and I don’t think Cesc will either…

    What I think may happen is a huge heart to heart between Wenger and the board, Cesc and the board and Cesc and Wenger – Like JJ, I think Cesc has had enough but I dont think he is a quitter!

    Summer will be here and Cesc will say, sort this pile of shite out or I am off, then I think the pile of shite will be sorted.. to a degree

    All it would take is David Villa, a Yaya Toure kind of midfielder and another CH – thats it…

    We won’t get a keeper unless he is a freebie, because I think Chesney wil get the gloves next season…

  148. rico says:

    Thanks RSD 😉

  149. why all the doom and gloom anybody would think we just got kicked out europe and were sitting in 18th.
    i dont have to tell you the stats of run in blah blah yaker-de-smackerdey

  150. on a lighter note am playing best all time gooner 11 on me facebook group
    u have to keep the kids amused

  151. rico says:

    Its just the Cesc thing RSD, we all love him… I know I do 😉

    I have to go for the day sadly,

    Stay safe all, RSD you enjoy your evening on facebook 😉

    Nighty Night

  152. wont be late there asking for mine see u fri

  153. morning all
    has cecs done something wrong?

  154. rico says:

    Morning RSD

    New Post

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