Hulk? Nah, he’s just another ‘Beast’………………


Hoorah, The Champions League is back this week and you don’t need me to tell you we are off to sunny Portugal to face Porto.

Porto, once managed by the old git Jose Moanrinho and once winners of this competition having got one over Old Red Nose on the way, but Porto aren’t going to have the same joy against this English side.

Porto have The Hulk, whether or not he plays though remains to be seen but so what if he does. Is he really that good?

09/10 App Goals
League 12 2
Cup 2 0
L-Cup 1 0
CL 6 3

Total 21 5

Is that the statics of a great striker?

No it’s not, but they do suggest he is better in Europe than his is in the Domestic League, but one man doesn’t make a team does he? Well, not unless his name is either Cesc Fabregas or Thierry Henry 😉

Talking Arsenal here of course, not any other club…

He reminds me a bit of Julio Baptista – he is fondly known as The Beast. He adopted his nickname whilst playing for Sevilla and to be fair, he probably deserved it then. He played 62 games for them and scored 39 goals, not bad for a midfielder.

But then he went to Real Madrid, got loaned to us and then back to Real Madrid and during all that period he scored just 14 goals.

Not what you would expect from a player know as ‘The Beast’

My point is, let’s not all be fooled by such extravagant names given to footballers, they mean nothing, and I don’t believe that the Hulk is as good as some suggest.

He could be though if he played in a team like ours……

In any case, I think we can fully expect Thomas Vermaelen and William Gallas to keep the big fella out

Another Porto player who is out to gun us down is Alves. No, not the Alves we would all love to see playing in red and white, this is Bruno Alves, the 28yr old defender who says if they can stop Cesc Fabregas then they can win. Let’s just hope he means ‘stop’ by playing football and not by cheating or hacking him down.

The way I see the game on Wednesday, if we can get by that big 6ft 3inch geezer Helton in goal, we will come away as winners. Obvious I know, but I don’t see an awful lot more in the Porto side to stop us getting something from this away leg.

It won’t be easy, but I think we will be ok.

Thats it on another boring no news day, other than well done to the Ladies who thrashed Doncaster Belles 5-0 in the Womens FA Cup. The win takes them into the semi-final.

Have a great day all…..


113 Responses to Hulk? Nah, he’s just another ‘Beast’………………

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadies 😉

  2. rico says:

    Spooky, this is in The Sun this morning, I promise I wrote my post yesterday afternoon 🙂

    ARSENAL have been warned to watch out for Hulk in Porto – although he is not the only native who could turn angry.
    Security for the Gunners’ Champions League trip on Wednesday will be stepped up after fans clashed with riot police during the 0-0 draw at Leixoes on Saturday.

    Porto hooligans went on the rampage and tried to break down gates keeping them back from home supporters.

    But Bruno Alves reckons Arsene Wenger’s men will need more than fences to contain explosive hitman Hulk.

    Porto skipper Alves said: “Hulk is a player with great ability. He’s strong and has very high technical quality.

    “He has a fabulous left foot. He’s very well prepared, he’s at training every day, he works very well and is very direct.

    “Hulk has what it takes to play at the greatest level.”

    Arsenal are favourites to beat Porto over two legs and seal their place in the last eight.

    Hardman defender Alves, 28, added: “They are a strong unit and a very difficult team but we can play the best football.

    “The strategy is to cancel out their strong points. It’s only with teamwork and a strong mentality we can beat Arsenal.

    “Cesc Fabregas is their most important player and we have to try to block him and play to the best of our ability.”

    Porto remain the only team in Europe who can still win the Quadruple this season.

    As well as still being in the Champions League, they are third in the league, face Benfica in the final of the League Cup and are in the semi-finals of the Portuguese Cup.

    Alves said: “At Porto, there is always pressure to win titles. The players must be competent, rigorous and have quality

  3. copy and paste hahhaha

  4. is a slow news day
    but are some unarsenal stories of interest

  5. Edmond Dantes says:

    Morning roadsters

  6. rico says:

    hi RSD, feel free to post away with them, as long as its sport ish 😉

  7. do i have to copy paste me blog
    or cant you just click on me

  8. rico says:

    i can click on to your site, i’ll take a peep now

  9. rico says:

    RSD, that is a very interesting article in the Guardian – do you want to put it on here or shall I do it?

  10. what do you reckon
    good idea
    bad idea

  11. rico says:

    The play off for fourth place is a strange proposal, but I can kind of understand the reason why it has been proposed.

    Mind you its funny really, all the money that we are supposed to raise from being in the CL, we don’t see too much being spent though..

  12. rico says:

    RSD, The post this morning was not copied/pasted by the way, just the Sun srticle..

  13. also who else do you want in the summer
    CH HM Gk and a striker

  14. i know just ribbing you
    bout the article heard you mention the draft yesterday
    so it aint straight from wapping

  15. wages
    i read somewhere compared to what we earn it lowest in prem maybe they dont take the academy in to account

  16. rico says:

    RSD – That four would do me 🙂

  17. rico says:

    I know very little about our financial circumstances, or what players get paid each month – I think you are right though in that we don’t pay the best wages but I think we pay the ‘kids’ a bit too much..

  18. you dont ask for much
    what about the youth program
    you binning it?

  19. rico says:

    RSD, not at all, but we need a bit of experience in there too, if we get that we would be winning and Cesc wouldn’t be thinking about leaving…

  20. rico says:

    Most of youth players are stil a season or two away from the ‘big time’ – so does that mean we have too wait wait wait, jeppers, we have waited since 2005 😉

  21. but song’s understudy is eastmond
    (i got round to watching the interview by the way, didnt he look nervous. ahh bless)
    gallas and tv understudy song or johan
    rvp– vela and theo
    rosicky- nasri

    i guess the only one i would say we truly need is

  22. rico says:

    Song’s understudy seems to be Denilson, he is useless

    Johan is injured, so its Sol and Silvestre – both who will be gone in the summer so if both TV and Gallas get injured we are stuffed, and Gallas could be off anyway..

    RVP will never stay fit for a whole season and neither Vela or Walcott are cutting it at the moment.

    Same with Rosicky, he wont get through a whole season without injury..

    We won’t get a new keeper, I am very confident of that, so a CH, HM and striker would do it really 😉

  23. but his stats 😉

    johan will be back in 7 weeks so that would mean a full preseason hoping diaby dont karate kick him

    sol will extend

    gallas is a possible mover

    walcott has still got a hangover from gotenburg
    losing in a final of euros is hard to take
    or hasn’t got over midsummer in se

    rosicky ok he has got sick in his name

    what about ramsey as well he’s pushing for first team place

    we prob have chamakakaka sign apparently 2.5 mil a year

    so i would say CH and GK
    buffon is supposed to be un happy
    but he is old even for a keeps

  24. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    You have dug another post out rico.. well done.
    I have been trying to think of if I have seen the Hulk play, I’m sure I have but he wasn’t that memorable if I did.

    Chamakkkkkkk scored again yesterday.. 🙂

  25. rico says:

    Lets take the defence first RSD

    We have :-


    Gallas, Senderos, Sol and Silvestre will all be gone, Sol will move on as he will be 36yrs old and his agreement is only until the end of this season.

    Its suggested that Gallas won’t be offered two years so if that is the case he will leave.

    Senderos is out of contract – he will go.
    Silvestre has said he will go

    That leaves us

    TV and Djourou – if my proposed moves take place, we will need two CH’s,unless the likes of Nordveit, Ayling or a.n other from the reserves are ready to step up?

    The latter I doubt, otherwise AW wouldn’t be dissapointed to have missed out on Smalling

    What was the name of that 21yrs pold who was on trial last week? I bet the deal for him has been done and he joins us in the summer..

  26. rico says:

    Morning ave, thank goodness we have a game in a couple of days, there is just so little news around..

    Chamakakakakak 🙂 🙂

  27. rico says:

    ave – didn’t he play in the emirates cup or something similar?

  28. rico says:

    Then – take the midfield

    Rosicky, Wilshere, Cesc, Nasri, Diaby, Song, Ramsey, Merida, Barazite, Eastmond, Lansbury, Coquelin, Watt, Randall, Frimpong…. oh, and Denilson

    That’s a whole lot of midfield players..

    Who out of those are honestly capable right now of covering for Song??

  29. you think chamakakaka will go on shooting stars?

    r we talking right now or next season

  30. avenell says:

    I don’t remember Porto being in the EC.. Do you mean for another team?

    Amsterdam tournament perhaps..

    The Emirates Cup went downhill last year when Rangers got the gig..

    The Wembley one takes the gloss off the EC now as well.

  31. rico says:

    Maybe we played them last season in CL group stage?

  32. rico says:

    Whats the Wembley one ave, is that what the spuds are in?

  33. rico says:

    2008 🙂

    Arsenal will play FC Porto, Fenerbahce and FC Dynamo Kyiv in the Group Stage of the Champions League.

    Arsène Wenger’s team will travel to Portugal, Turkey and Ukraine after beating Dutch side FC Twente in the Third Qualifying Round.

    Arsenal were among the eight top seeds when the draw took place in Monaco on Thursday.

  34. rico says:

    What do you make of the new kit ave/RSD?

  35. song cover eastmond
    adn i mean right now

  36. avenell says:

    I think we should stick to the basic red shirts, white sleeves. I don’t like the kit we have now.

    It stinks of money making and making the kit so different that last years shirt looks dated.

    I like the idea of Adidas taking over, but I am thinking of the cool late 80’s kits. I would hate to have shirts like the Chelsea Armadillo creation..

  37. that is horride
    trust a german to think that up
    look like a cyclist shirt
    next we’ll have the shorts with pads in the arse

  38. rico says:

    I’m with you on that, all it is is money money money, I love the old red and white ones, especially back in the Pat Rice days..

    Shorts with pads in the arse 😆 RSD

  39. avenell says:

    If we don’t use Nike, that leaves the two germans kit makers Adidas and Puma (who were partners, before ww2. usless piece of info lol)

    I would like to see an Italian company like Diadora or Lotto come in they do nice kits.

    Not Umbro lol.. The brand has been cheapened by the Newcastle boss selling the brand in those cheap sports shops, I think he owns part of Umbro as well..

  40. didn’t dalglish used to play with them 😉

  41. rico says:

    Who are the American based kit makers, bet any money Stan goes for them…

    Yonex?? 😉

  42. Diadora or Lotto kits are awful
    puma didnt they make a skin tight all in one for cameroon
    let hope we dont change otherwise it would mean
    new golf clubs and more shoes for the damn kids again

  43. nike r
    but rapids have addidas as kit makers

  44. it not a bad kit
    like the redcurrant

  45. rico says:

    The joys of football eh RSD

    I hope we stick to Nike and to proper red and white…

  46. not just red and white
    but bring back full white sleaves

  47. a skin tight one??????

  48. would like umbro tho just cos there english

  49. avenell says:

    Okay then.. what team other than us have a nice kit?

    I always like Real Madrid’s, some Newcastle ones, I like the Burnley one..

  50. avenell says:

    Umbro..based in Manchester owned by Nike..
    just looked on Wiki..

  51. liked the new england 1 retro

  52. dont trust wiki
    you can jsut go on and edit how everyou like you know

  53. avenell says:

    The new England kit was designed by a Gooner..(I read somewhere)

    Looks too much like a rugby shirt to me.. I don’t like collars.

  54. avenell says:

    Re wiki… yeah I know, I never read anything about players during the transfer window.

  55. what do people make of the Fellaini story
    15m the other year. 22 and playing well
    awful hair

  56. avenell says:

    I would like it to be true, but I just can’t see it.
    You know what Arsene’s like, if he never beat Moyes to him he doesn’t want him.

  57. then utd will buy him for 30mil then

  58. “i had a chance to sign him”

  59. avenell says:

    He would stunt Denilsons development.. 😉

  60. and the 39th game in paper today?

  61. avenell says:

    Makes the Premiership a lottery..

    Man U would get Portsmouth… we would get Villa..

  62. no the playoff for 4th in grundian today

  63. avenell says:

    Oh I see.. I did hear that on the radio this morning..

    As long as Spurs finish 4th after all those years of trying and then don’t qualify.. 🙂

    I don’t like it in all honesty, we play enough games.
    Then the league turns into a cup competition.
    They are trying to get more revenue in to pay for Wembley.

  64. that would be fantastic pmsl

  65. even better than lasagna all round

  66. Mental patient is in hospital when a nurse catches him with his willy inbetween 2 biscuits!”what are you doing?she asks,I’m fucking crackers”he replied..

  67. how is brazil and parry
    still talking BS

  68. rico says:

    sorry, i had to pop and sort our fence out, dogs got in with the chickens grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Phew, no damage done 😉

    RSD, I like that one :lol

  69. tanks to me irish friends for that one

  70. rico says:

    ave, that would be hilarious, spuds finishing 4th get get beat by 7th place Wolves 🙂

  71. you know a remedy for pink eye in dogs by the way

  72. rico says:

    We are after Dodo, will he be paired with Dudu 😆

  73. that would be nice to see the gold in europe again

  74. would only last till august

  75. right need to take the dog out
    catch you in a bit

  76. rico says:

    Dog RSD, do you want two more bad buggers 😉

  77. if you ay the passport and travel
    we can fit them in the flat
    what kind

  78. rico says:

    Only kidding RSD 😉

  79. the play off debate is spreading all over now

  80. oh joy another 18 year old striker dodo

  81. rico says:

    He is a defender RSD, manure are after him, my comment was just tongue in cheek because of his name 😉

  82. i saw the article was a bit lacking need more stats 😉
    i am on yogi site if you want dont wont the 1one1 by the way

  83. rico says:

    more stats – i hate stats… 😉

  84. so whats your line up for porto

  85. so what your line up for porto?

  86. rico says:

    Good question..


    Eboue TV Gallas Clichy

    Cesc Song Diaby

    Nasri Bendtner Rosicky

  87. has song gone to a mircle healer then

  88. almunia
    sanga gallas tv clichy
    ramsey diaby
    eboue/rosicky edu bendtner

    depends if rosicky feels up to playing over 70 mins in a week yet
    oh and bendtner and eddy swap V

  89. rico says:

    Song has yet to be confirmed as unfit

  90. true but if he has done damage to MCL and its grade 1 its 1-3 weeks min

  91. maybe he’s got some placenta tho

  92. what time is press coming
    in the morn or is late for CL

  93. rico says:

    Not sure RSD, probably the morning as they will be flying out to Portugal in the afternoon..

  94. what a pain
    usually club advertise the hell out of it

  95. rico says:

    They did say Song decision would be made on Tuesday so it will probably be in the morning sometime. I think and hope he is fit, otherwise stat man will play ..

    Didn’t realise you were an ACLF blogger, Yogi writes some really good posts

  96. sometime under different aka
    yogi can write some gems do like his quotes

  97. rico says:

    Very sneaky 😉

    Off for a while, stuff to get done..

  98. anyone know where the reserve match will be live streamed?

  99. no worries it on se tv quality

  100. thats gd natt from me

  101. thats gd natt from me
    the double over the pensioners.
    get in

  102. rico says:

    See you folks tomorrow….

  103. rico says:

    Morning RSD,

    New Post

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