Don’t like Mondays? I don’t like Saturday’s……


Not when it’s the weekend of FA Cup games and we are not in it!

Yes, we should be in it and as many have said before, this competition is important to us fans, we want to win it again.
Remember how you felt after being outplayed for the whole game in 2005, then going on to win it on penalties – I still do.

I’d just returned from a two week holiday in St Lucia. Having landed at some unearthly hour that morning, knackered to say the least. Off we went – rounded up all of our animals from their baby sitters – got them all sorted out and went to the pub for a very late lunch.

Matchsticks firmly in place under the eyelids at kick off, we watched the game, I was in total disbelief that the team I support could be battered the way they were getting battered. We held on though and when Paddy stepped up to convert the winning penalty, I didn’t give a hoot about how bad we had played, all I could see then, was the big Frenchman lifting the cup, boy was I happy, oh, and a bit tiddled!

The so called big guns are out and I am still sad that we missed a golden opportunity to win the cup, an opportunity to give our young side the feeling of being winners, to finally lift a trophy…

This was our chance, and as said before, we blew it, big time….

So on to a positive side to all that, we have just won our first game after the spanking by Manchester United and Chelsea, the bore draw at Aston Villa and of course the game against Stoke, the one that knocked us out of the FA Cup.

We have a restful weekend, a time for Song and Arshavin to put their feet up and heal properly. We have the perfect warm up week before we travel to Portugal to face Porto.

Porto, the team that hoofed Manchester United out of the Champions League a few years ago, but now they are very different, they are not managed by one Jose Mourinho…. No, Jose is off to face another English side, let’s hope he wins that one too!!

I get slated sometimes because I don’t support the British teams in Europe – Does anyone else get that too?

I don’t give a flying fudge about the other English teams who play in Europe, all I care about is Arsenal, that’s it! In fact, I would go as far to say, I hope they all get beat, we play better against the European teams and with non English referees marshalling the game!

I don’t know much about Porto, but we know it won’t be easy – guess I best do some homework before the pre match build up…

What we do know though is that Arshavin won’t be playing in that game 😦

So yesterday we plugged the ladies.. but what about the youth/reserves……

On the same night that we were watching our first team ‘batter ‘ Liverpool, the young ones were away at Stoke City. Nacer Barazite scored the only goal in a 1-0 away win.

Isn’t it great to see Barazite back playing, and Merida?

The starting eleven consisted of…


Look at that squad, how many do you think will make it at Arsenal?

Tell you what, make it easier, how many do you think will NOT make it at Arsenal?

They are second in the league behind Aston Villa, so all is looking good, not sure about you guys and gals, but the future ain’t looking too bad, is it?

That’s it on a day with little news…..

Have a good one..


64 Responses to Don’t like Mondays? I don’t like Saturday’s……

  1. rico says:

    Morning all

    Bit late, I didn’t hear the alarm 😦

  2. JonJon says:

    morning rico..i hate saturdays too without footy..

    i like the band the saturdays though..i wonder if they play beach volleyball… 😉 but we wont go there its too early.. lol

    i wondered what happened to nacer..what was his injury…hes a big lad, and skillful too…

  3. rico says:

    Morning JJ – bit early for those naughty thoughts 😉

  4. JonJon says:


    i know this was talked about yesterday but i think cescs off…

  5. rico says:

    No JJ, he can’t go, not yet….

    But sadly I have to for a while – back in an hour or so.. 😦

  6. JonJon says:

    seeya soon rico..

    im nipping out for a while back this after

  7. porto r very different and not even in top 2 and keep losing to top oppo.

  8. JonJon says:

    we should beat porto…should

    but we aint playing well its gota be said..hopefully a little confidence has been restored after the pool result

  9. you would think

    but there striker look hot

    didn’t watch the games they played v chels
    so have no idea what set up they use

    is hulk out for CL too??

  10. balls

    could the keeper have a more masucline strip for cardiff

  11. rico says:

    Afternoon peeps,

  12. rico says:

    JJ, if you are around, why do you think Cesc will go in the summer?

    The handball bit at the end of the game against the dippers was bizarre and very unlike him. It reminded me a bit of the Hleb slap before he left. Was he looking for a second booking? A sending off?

  13. JonJon says:

    yeah there is that rico..

    but its what he said after the game..the whole ‘arsenal are bigger than any player’ line..practically said dont cry when i leave..

    then is dad made those comments…

    i think its 80-20 in favor of barca

  14. rico says:

    I took it more like he was cheesed off with the same old question being asked – and the respect comment thing was telling them to shut up and leave him alone…

    He is right though, the club is bigger than any one person, but if he does go, I think that could spell the end of Arsene too.

    Has his dad not clarified that though JJ saying he will return to spain but not yet?

  15. bobbygee says:

    Rest is good. This will help when we face Porto on Wednesday. This should be a good one.

  16. JonJon says:

    his dad gave mixed messages…it was like he was saying cescs not going anywhere so leave him alone but he will be joining barca in the summer…

    i was hoping he was misquoted but its looking like the ronaldo situation last year…

    they all denying it but they all no hes off..

    i know we go through this every year but somethings not right about it this year..i think this summers the one…

    i think cesc told wenger we either win something this year or hes off…thats why hes been playing his heart out…he obviously loves us but world class players want to play with other world class players and win medals…

    cescs played around 300 games now and hes won naff all..he wont stay much longer

  17. JonJon says:

    as for the interveiw it was more like mind your own business…the summer is the time to tell us not in the middle of a title race..thats what he meant by respect..

  18. rico says:

    I would be peed off if I was him JJ, he is world class and look at some of the players around him, they are just never going be be in his league, I know we can’t ever have a team full of top top players, but two or three would be nice 😉

    He got the taste for winning with Spain, and now he wants more..

  19. rico says:

    Can’t believe John Terry’s wife has taken him back, what silly woman..

  20. JonJon says:

    thing is rico is that who are the actuall world class players to have come out of this youth project…

    probably cesc..thats it…hes come through the ranks since he was 15 and hes probably the only player we can say the youth system has worked for…he’ll be aware of this…

    so he either stays and plays with players like denilson and walcott or he goes and plays with iniesta and messi,

    the only thing that will keep him here are medals, just like henry and vieira…they would have gone sooner than what they did if we went this long without anything…

  21. rico says:

    Hi bobbygee, welcome to Avenell Road

  22. rico says:

    That’s what I mean JJ, he is a cut well above the rest in the kids – maybe Merida, Coquelin could one day be world class but age for age, Cesc has always been way ahead of all of them..

    A few weeks ago so many slated a blog about getting rid of some dross (not you i know) but that has to happen and soon, otherswise we are just wasting so much money paying wages to players who are not better than championship level.

    How many of them are on say 20,000 a week and are just not good enough now and never will be…

    Add them all up and they could pay the wages of David Villa and Yaya Toure for example..

  23. JonJon says:

    keown said that he thinks some of these players are playing for their future…and i have to agree…

    we do have an excellent squad but id swap at least for of them for one world class player…

    wenger has been defending them every season and every season he says to the fans judge me in another year…so we do…its his team, so if they dont do the business when he says they will its bound to look bad on him..

    i think they’ll be a bit of money this summer and if the players dont do it i think something will give..

  24. JonJon says:

    and if cesc leaves they’ll be could be the end for wenger cos the fans will not take it..

    losing our best players every year cos of lack of ambition starts to get a bit boring when you lose your very best at the age of 22…

    nail in the coffin

  25. rico says:

    The way I see it JJ, the bulk of the squad is good, but each player knows that if he is fit he will play – None of them have to really fight for their place – Wenger has to play them because the alternative player is not good enough –

    When I played if I was shite I was dropped next game without question, I knew it and would run my socks off each game… I still get dropped though 😉

    Almunia is the perfect example…

  26. JonJon says:


    are others who get too many chances…

    jacks had to go out on loan cos wenger gives players like theo more chances than what terrys wife gives terry

  27. rico says:

    Exactly.. If Gibbs was fit I wonder if Clichy would still be first choice?

    Have you been watching the Wales v Scotland rugby JJ??

    Bloody fab come back…

  28. JonJon says:

    if gibbs would have stayed fit and shown the form he was showing last season then i would have been suprised if clichy got back into the team..

    i dont think theres much difference in the two..only gibbs can beat a man and cross a ball…gaels that little bit quicker, or at least he used to be…but as with seen with theo pace dont mean shit..

    no i dont warch union rico..hate it..dont get the point..espescially when they just kick it to eachother..leagues better..tougher..proper rugby..smash n grab..none of this kicking it before i get crunched business

  29. rico says:

    Would you be sad if Clichy moved on? A few clubs have shown an interest in the last couple of windows..

    Its the six nations JJ, the only time i watch, that and i cant bare to watch the other football today..

    The French play the Irish now, should be a good one, sadlt though, I don’t understand the rules 😉

  30. JonJon says:

    no rico..i think weve seen the best of clichy…im not really a fan of his anymore..the way we play demands the fb’s act as wingers as well as defend..he cant defend and he cant attack..the lb spot is well up for grabs

    hes one of those playing for his future and with the emmergence of gibbs and traore he could be one to make way in summer..

  31. JonJon says:

    i dont think sagnas much cop either…

    hes more defensively sound but just as crap as clichy at going forward…

    i think the fb’s are the main reason why we conceed so many goals from counter attacks and the keeper is the main reason why we are weak at set pieces

  32. rico says:

    I thought Sagna was the mutts when he burst on to the scene, but his crossing is woeful, he is to the left what Clichy is to the right..

    I can understand Sagna’s dip in form, its since his brother died…

    I like them both though 😦

  33. JonJon says:

    yeah sagna was on the verge of world class in his first season..combining attack and defence effectively..

    but like you say since his bro passed and since clichys backs being playing up theyve both gone down hill…

    its a shame, but theres no sentiment in football..they either do it or they dont and if they dont they need replacing…

  34. rico says:

    You’re a hard man JJ 😉 😉

    Thats me done for tonight, if you are up before me JJ, there is a post in the drafts ready to go up 🙂

    Have a good night… Stay safe..

  35. JonJon says:

    ok rico

    evening mate…

  36. cant really say that jj about the clichy and sanga
    with the new system does help the express themselves going forward not as much space
    and last season we where pretty awful all round

  37. JonJon says:

    they leave us open at the back though..they both bomb forward with no purpose…neither can cross and i cant remember the last time we had a FB that scored…

    they get caught out of position and with the lack of a mobile energetic midfielder it leaves the CB’s exposed…gallas and TV end up trying to mark wingers, CF’s and attacking mids all by themselves..get pulled all over the place..

    its why our defence isnt vey organised..looks all at sea for most onsloughts

  38. only when we are trying to press for a goal after going behind.

    clichy scored v’s sunderland when lost last year. i think. ha

    what fb does score loads?

    yes they both need crossing practice but crossing from the line would help an’all

    but how many times has sanga defensive skill helped us out?

    how times as clichy knocked one of the line? when he dont go wondering off.

    have watch the chels first goal a few times and worked out he was doing he saw drog make a move for front post and saw that the near post was gona need extra help so he ran over to help then drog ran to back post.

    let me remind you they where voted best fb’s by pfa
    awards in 08

    playing the 433 gives them less space to attack going forward

    i think the prob is they both can go sometimes
    leaveing as prone to attacks on counter if done wings

    but who would you want to come in now

    yes eboue is better attacker as a fb
    but not better defender

    would you want to break the tv gallas partnership?
    ie tv left as u surgested

    i wouldn’t.

  39. JonJon says:

    i dont really fall for that claim when ppl say that they were in the team of the year 2008..

    thats just like saying owen was world player of the year in 2001…or whatever it was..hes still playing but he’ll never be in that position again..and eboue was in the cl team of 2006 but we allknow whats happend to him

    if they in the team of the year every year id understand and i couldnt argue with that point but one hit wonders dont mean anything..

    id keep with sagna for his defensive soundness but i would tell him not to bother going forward..he dont offer nothing

    clichy needs replacing gibbs to be given a run..

    it dont matter what drogba was doing…theres 9 other players to pick him up..clichys job was to stay on the your job and let the others do theres..if you try do everyones thats when mistakes happen..need to work as a team and not individually…if you dont trust your team mates then thats a fundamental flaw in your own game…

    and my point about goals wasnt implying that all fb’s should score goals..but if weve got two fb’s who cant cross, hardly ever get an assist, and never score,so why do they continue to go forward…they might as well stay back all the time…

  40. JonJon says:

    i just think if the front 6 are all interchangable and take up alot of space going forward we dont really need two extra players bombing needlessly down the wings to help them..

    the space aint there and it compresses the play even more and leaves us dodgy at the back..

  41. hence we play 433 so the dont have to some much anymore

    gibbs is out till next season so rather a mute point

    that is the rule when your on the post but was just trying to work out what the fuck is he doing and this what i concluded.

    but sanga could cross in his first season what happened?

    the team of the year says you have quality over a year.
    you wouldn’t say owen was shit now would you?

    Dont worry Gael Force “The Hurricane” Clichy will be a katrina soon, just you watch.

    Sorry i just love little french bastard.

    they prob dont get many assist cos they cut the ball back so much.

  42. JonJon says:

    i was thinking gibbs long term but for now id put traore back in..wasnt doing much worse and can only get better

    i think theres also the problem what rico touched on earlier…players are ppl also and go through life changing experiences…sagnas brother has obviously got to him..has he recovered?? not at the minute…

    and clichys back has obviously changed him too…back problems are difficult to shake off…come and go…which doesnt help…

    i just think that when wengers promising trophies every year its not the best idea to keep playing players off form…players obviously have dips but two year dips???? its abit much

  43. dont think sanga in a dip you’ve just got used to him.
    in an interview he says he plays for his brother so would think he’s giving it 100%

    clichy i know only to well what a back injury can do to you career.
    traore looked like he was going backwards maybe cos he knew his time was up when clichy was getting fit.

    If your saying this about clichy you prob one of the ones who told us to sell rocky too when he had his injury problems. ha

  44. by the way dont you get scheduled on wordpress

  45. JonJon says:

    hahaha..touche RSD touche

    i dont know mate you’ll have to ask rico or not to brilliant with the pc side of things

  46. so reallyy reckon cesc is off

  47. just read the eduadro interview in telegraph
    u think wenger just gives them a script
    “if we can all stay together”
    blah blah blah sounds just what wenger said when helb and flamoney left

  48. JonJon says:

    yeah mate..unfortunatley..

    every year it gets boring but theres something not right about it this time..

    if it does happen i’ll be upset..its starting to do my head in getting close to a shit hot team every year to lose a couple of them and then starting again

    if cesc walks there could be a couple more to follow..

    fingers crossed tho..but its got a sence of ronaldo about it last year

  49. I got a feeling he’s gona stay
    did you see nuts interview?
    also this on a barca blog i thought was good

  50. by the way is the porto game on anywhere?

  51. right that me for night mate
    have a gd 1 valentine
    and remember thats 1-0 hahahahahaha

  52. JonJon says:

    sorry mate..bloody phone hasnt stopped ringing..

    that blogs pretty interesting…you do do some deep research dont you..

    have you got a link for that nutts interview??

    im interested to see the team for the porto game..wonder if walcott and denilson will start..

  53. JonJon says:

    lol…i dont fold under pressure i prefer to be chasing the game… 😉

  54. JonJon says:

    night mate

  55. im going for ramsey diaby if song aint right
    porto line up for tonight looks like first team
    hold try and find cesc and gerrard interview not in me read something favs

  56. JonJon says:

    cheers..bit of bedtime reading

  57. not really just fucking NN
    You’ll see it when you believe it

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