Many wanted a new manager at Arsenal, well now you’ve got one! …….


No, Arsene has not left us….. 😉

Yesterday, Arsenal Ladies confirmed that they had appointed their new manager, Laura Harvey.

The new boss takes up her position after Terry Gervaise stepped down after just eight months in charge – he wanted to give all in his role as Academy Director.

Laura, assistant academy director, joined the Arsenal Ladies set-up in the summer of 2008 as first team coach working alongside Gervaise and now General Manager Vic Akers, after which time she also fulfilled the role of Reserve team manager.

29-year-old Harvey is assistant coach for the England U-19s, having previously worked at Under-15 and Under-17 level. On a domestic front Laura’s last club was Birmingham City Ladies, where across a six year period she took on numerous roles including centre of excellence director and first team manager.

Laura said: “It’s a really proud moment for me. In women’s football, especially domestically, it doesn’t come any bigger than Arsenal. When you set out to coach and you know this is your dream and your love, you want to make it the best it can possibly be and in my eyes it doesn’t get much bigger than this. I’m looking forward to my new role also the challenge of taking on the responsibility of the team, which starts with our FA Cup Quarter-Final fixture against Doncaster on Sunday”.

Some of you may wonder why have posted such news, well, we are Arsenal and the ladies are part of our club..

Good luck to you ladies….

They sit four points off the top of the league with six games in hand – not bad, eh! They are still in the FA Cup and Europe….

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if the men were in the same position in the Premiership and FA Cup…..

Well we are not, but after the win against the dippers, we are still in with a chance, an outside one, but a chance and now it’s up to us to win all the games and watch others around drop a few here and there.

Concerns for me right now though are the reports of injuries to both Song and Arshavin

Speaking to Arsenal TV Online, Arsene Wenger said:

“Unfortunately we have lost Alex Song with a medial knee ligament problem.
“I hope he will be available for next week but it is not for sure. Arshavin looks to be a hamstring problem. We have to assess that too.
“Nasri got an elbow in his face and he felt unwell. But that is no problem. He will be available.
“So the questions marks will be about Arshavin and Song. We’ll know more tomorrow. Arshavin has a scan today and Alex Song has come in for treatment. He is very sore today so we’ll have to see how he responds – that was yesterday so we could find out more today.

Let’s hope its good news; surely we have had our quota of injuries for this season.

Talking of injuries, how sad is it for Cashley – written off for three months with an ankle fracture! Yes I do have a smirk on my face at the time of writing, much as it pains me to say, he is one of the best left backs in football right now, so lets see how the chavs deal with such a massive blow!


142 Responses to Many wanted a new manager at Arsenal, well now you’ve got one! …….

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters..

  2. gd news torres is back for dippers

  3. hh says:

    cole out for4 months puts cappello in an interesting position with bridge the number2 left back

  4. rico says:

    Morning RSD, thats good about Torres, maybe he can score a few goals against the top two 🙂

  5. rico says:

    Morning hh, welcome to Avenell Road

    Bridge has been sort the Terry rift out or risk missing out on the WC

  6. rico says:

    Very sneaky headline RSD 😉

  7. rico says:

    Morning Gordon, welcome – 2nd??

  8. rico says:

    Ah, 2nd to comment 🙂

  9. hh says:

    i thought you had packed the site in rico

  10. rico says:

    Its funny how the game changes, Anchelotti wrote us off again after the defat to them, now he says we are still in the race… Cole will be a huge loss for them, I hope they suffer a few defeats now

  11. that aint fair
    be mobile on fb today
    catch u up in evening
    have a gd 1
    positive energy to song and aa

  12. rico says:

    hh – i pleaded with ave for a few days and back it came… glad you found us again 🙂

  13. rico says:

    Have a good day RSD, catch you later

  14. i’ll try kids shoe shopping joy!

  15. rico says:

    not so exciting then, good luck 😉

  16. hh says:

    i think its ours for the taking if we show some character and just go for it. time to stand up lads. this is the third chance we have been given by the top 2. we will not get another one

  17. rico says:

    Spot on hh, I just hope the injury to Song is not bad one – he would be a massive loss, also AA, but at least we have cover if he is out

  18. hh says:

    i think eastmond can do a job if songs out for a few games. hope songs injury doesnt hail the return of dennilson.hes had his chances. never be good enough

  19. Mustang says:

    Morning Rico,

    well said. I think AA probably needs a rest. He hasn’t been himself lately but let’s hope he is not out for too long. The Song injury worries me more.

  20. rico says:

    Morning Mustang – I think Song has been very good this year and Cesc seems to enjoy playing alongside him.

    With AA, we have Tomas, Traore, Nasri, Vela, Theo who could step in – personally I would like to see Tomas in there..

    hh, i like Eastmond and would prefer him to Denilson, but I am not convinced he is ready for the pressure, just yet..

  21. fineboy says:

    morning rico..bad news on song injury

  22. rico says:

    morning fineboy – not good, lets hope the scan today says its not so bad

  23. Edmond Dantes says:

    Morning everybody

    Anybody know whats the latest on the Pompey story? Will we lose 6 points? If it came to pass it would effectively rule us out of the title race I reckon.

  24. fineboy says:

    don’t think eastmond is capable of taking the position though

  25. ceeky chunt says:

    Eastmond is rubbish , and although Song has been a huge improvement on previous seasons he still aint good enough . Since when did Traore play wide on the left anyway. Ramsey is being lined up to take the role of Vierra / Song and the sooner wenger does that the better. Diaby has been playing well but he cant cut it either at the top level . Only players we can keep at Arsenal for the future are Cec , RVP , AA , Vermalen, Gallas [ for 2 years max ] Ramsey , Nasri , Wilshere and Djoro. The rest are donks or injury prone and simply not good enough . Wenger has a great eye for talent but also picks some real losers too ! Why didnt we buy Given ,Cudiccini , Gudjonson, Saha , Huntelaar ????
    We are becoming so reliant on AA or Cec to pull off huge match winning performances its unfair on them and not a formula to win anything , when we do scrape a dodgy win Wenger comes out all smug and says ‘ see i told you we are a great side ‘ and gives us all that false hope !

  26. Edmond Dantes says:

    I have new song lyrics that I would like to post. But I would like to ask permission first. I don’t wish to offend anybody. Will it be ok?

  27. rico says:

    ceeky chunt – your comment is in moderation right now, but please just take a peep at the rules and as long as you don’t have a pop at other bloggers you can come on..

    your views are important

  28. ceeky chunt says:

    OK dude wasnt trying to offend , just very passionate about Arsenal at the minute………. 30 years of loyal love , i need to vent !!! lol so are you not going to post my previous comment

  29. Edmond Dantes says:

    Thank you. Its really nice to feel appreciated here at Avenell Road.

  30. rico says:

    Morning ceeky – welcome to Avenell Road, I will put your last one up, thanks, I understand the passion for the club and the frustration with the many who are not quite good enough

  31. rico says:

    Edmond – no, stick to football please

  32. Edmond Dantes says:

    My good mate, the Abbe Busoni, has had his memoirs published recently by “Random House”. Its entitled “Forbidden Lust.” It was all the rage in the U.S. Its been translated into 7 different languages so far. It details his amorous adventures at the Vatican when he was a high-ranking priest. Here’s an interesting excerpt about a highly lascivious nun he encountered:
    “Here she took my hand, and in a transport carried it where you will easily guess. A spreading thicket of bushy curls marked the full-grown, complete woman. Then the cavity to which she guided my hand easily received it; and as soon as she felt it within her, she moved herself to and fro, with so rapid a friction that I presently withdrew it, wet and clammy, when instantly Isabella grew more composed, after two or three sighs, and heart-fetched Oh’s! and giving me a kiss that seemed to exhale her soul through her lips, she replaced the bed-cloaths over us.”

  33. rico says:

    CC – I wouldn’t say Eastmond is rubbish, he is just still young, and Song is the one holding the midfield together right now with Cesc, but I agree we need another HM who is as good as if not better than him.

  34. fineboy says:

    who thinks cesc is leaving??

  35. rico says:

    not this summer fineboy, but i am sure one day he will return to barca

  36. avenell says:

    Morning roadsters..

    Another fine post Rico.. good title 😉

    Fineboy, the only worrying thing for me about the new Cesc rumours is the comments by his father (I am hoping he has been miss quoted) ..
    I think he is going to be offered a new contract and a wage increase at Arsenal well hopefully anyway. The new tax laws in Spain mean that he would not be financially better off over there now either so fingers crossed.

  37. 4pigs says:


    I love the post Rico. Refreshing to hear news about the ladies team – they are doing so well and deserve more appreciation.

  38. rico says:

    Morning ave, 4pigs – thanks

    He has unfinished business with us, after he has won something he may return home, but he looked peed off in his i/v the other night, the press are to blame for that..

  39. avenell says:

    Hi Rico.. What pissed me off with the Cesc i/v after the game was even though it was given to Sky and he told them they were disrespecting Arsenal.. An hour and a half later on SSN they were still showing the rumours, but they wern’t showing Cesc’s post match.

    4 pigs, It’s a shame that the Arse TV went down with Setanta, we miss out on the Ladies and what I used to enjoy watching, the reserves.

  40. rico says:

    That is so typical Sky though ave, and I wouldn’t be suprised if AW and the players do a Fergie and stop talking to them soon – let Pat Rice take on all the i/v’s…

    I miss the Arse TV too – it was better than watching Eastenders 😉

  41. Arseboy says:

    thats not fair on cole, yes we dont like him but we would not want players braking legs/ankles (would rather he ad some hamstring injury) look Dudu and Samir both broke their legs and as we experince it first hand, we should not wish this kind of injury to a fellow human being, I mean what are we becoming.

  42. avenell says:

    I don’t know about him not giving i/v’s ..

    He is above all that, it makes Fergie look a dick. He was getting pissed with the misquotes about Villa the other day though.

    Clockenders over Eastenders all day long.. 🙂

  43. 4pigs says:

    Blimey… I didn’t realise that Pat Rice could speak. Short interview – lol! Interesting thought Rico.

  44. avenell says:

    I meant Arsene 4pigs… sorry..

    Hi Arseboy.. I nipped a bit off the end of your comment, Lets not get sued. lol.

    As for A Cole.. I don’t like to see a player injured, but at least it evens up the playing field with all our injuries that we get. (that sky don’t like to talk about)

  45. rico says:

    Arseboy, my smirk is about him being out for three months, not for his injury

  46. rico says:

    Sky don’t talk about the Nani red card either, but if that had been one of ours the bad tackle would have been played over and over

  47. rico says:

    4pigs – said a few days ago, he is like the Churchill dog… Its about time Rice was replaced by Steve Bould imho…

  48. avenell says:

    I am a bit Arsene on the Nani tackle.. “I didn’t see it”

    They are milking the Giggs injury though. As for the Gerrard dive????

    He has a waxwork model being unvieled at Anfield (weekend) someone phoned into Talk sport and asked if it was horizontal and looking at a ref.. lol..

    Still I can’t stop I own a Toyota.. 😉 ..

  49. avenell says:

    Pat Rice is a top bloke I did speak to him at Borhamwood a few years ago..
    I don’t know if anyone with a strong opinion sitting next to Arsene is the best idea. Perhaps they compliment each other. Behind the scenes he may have very strong views, we don’t really know what goes on behind closed doors.

  50. 4pigs says:

    Yes, i’m sure that Mr Rice has hidden talents, a bit of an enigma to most of us i would imagine.

  51. rico says:

    ave – I agree he is a really nice bloke, from the way he comes across, but he just sits there while AW strops – but as you say, AW doesn’t strike the kind of man who would take being told what to do in any case…

  52. avenell says:

    Get Mark Hughes as Arsenes right hand man.. That would be interesting.. 🙂

  53. rico says:

    Edmond – there is no place on a football blog for religion – there are so many bloggers of different religious beliefs your views may offend – hence your comments are moderated….

    Maybe your songs and views on religion are better suited to a religious blog… 🙂

  54. rico says:

    😆 ave, I want to see Bouldy take over, learn from AW and then become manager when Arsene leaves.. Then get TA in as his No2 and suddenly we will start to defend again 🙂

  55. avenell says:

    Edmond… if you want your songs sung at the Emirates google the red action blog.. they are the ones who are supposed to start all the singing at the ground..
    Ask them..

  56. rico says:

    off for an hour, few chores are calling 😦

  57. Afternoon guys

    just got in

    What do you hear?
    What do You know?

  58. K-TR7 says:

    Hey guys,too bad AA is out for porto which means TR7 will deputise but i hate seeing an attacking line containing both samir and tomas as the goal threat is minimal although we will command the midfield id rather eddy starts along bendtner and one of samir or tomas but it being an away tie in europe i can see it is a strong lad im sure he is fine.

  59. avenell says:

    Cole has had a ankle op.. That will write off his season.
    6 points is getting narrower.. 🙂

  60. lets hope it aint 9 and pompey find a buyer

  61. avenell says:

    I cannot see the FA letting it happen, it would be an embarrassment to them in FIFA’s eyes.

    Also the VAT that Pompey owe is under review for 6 months or so and not definate, so the courts may have to postpone it.

  62. rico says:

    Back on, what’s the goss then??

    I’ve been along time ave, took the Toyota and kept going round and around 😉 Took me a while to catch on to your earlier comment, sorry 😦

    How are we all

  63. slightly lighter in wallet?
    any news on song?

  64. would have thought so on pompey
    unless judge is aa saints fan
    but not much gooner news 2day

  65. rico says:

    Oh dear RSD, shoes, shoes and shoes 😦

    Heard nothing more yet about he or AA, although AA says he will not be fit for Porto..

    Where do go for your shopping? Tell me to mind my own if you like 😉

  66. nordstad

    damn feet never stop growing

    thought we would hear nothing till tues
    thats if wenger gives another invite to press
    the offical site looks like it closing ranks

  67. rico says:

    RSD, you have an avatar, what is it?

    Now I am going to show my ignorance, where is Norstad?

  68. bout 1000miles from berkshire

    feed up of being locked out so thought i best get 1
    it the art deco crest

  69. rico says:

    Ah, not in the UK then 😉

  70. nah we moved out last year couldnt afford the day care anymore

  71. rico says:

    Am I right in thinking you live in the land of one of the first pirate radio stations?? I used to listen to it when i was very young ….

  72. if your thinking where the u21 euros was
    then your right

  73. rico says:

    Now I am lost, never mind 😉

    AC Milan are going to compete in this years Emirates Cup..

  74. just cos they hav the same sponsor?

    in gothenburg

  75. dont the go to states pre season

  76. rico says:

    Could very be an Emirates connection RSD – but its good to see them want to participate, the EC is a good warm up for us – its usually when we get our ONLY bit of silverware..

  77. plus would be nice for the boy to hurl abuse at flamoney

  78. rico says:

    I think Flamoney will have left them by then, he isn’t playing much for Milan and isn’t happy. He will move on in the summer…

  79. wont be 2 us cos much like john grant
    “we cant afford his wages” prat

    guess he thought he was better than gattuso

    6 starts and 11 subs is bad

  80. 4pigs says:

    Sweden! – a port?

  81. rico says:

    I don’t want him back with us, but don’t tell JJ 😉

  82. rico says:

    I’m off for dinner now, see you folks in a while..

  83. dont think flamoney would work in our system now anyway
    maybe its a discussion for the brain
    possible in some games

  84. JonJon says:

    evening boys and girls..

    well done on the report rico..loved the knob of the

    nice to see the ladies getting a mention too..

    dont get me started again on flamini..i think hes exactley what we miss in the middle at the minute..

  85. rico says:

    Hey JJ, great to see you, and thank you, I actually enjoyed writing it 😆

    The ladies are doing so well, and its the only way i can re-live my playing days, not that i was anywhere near as good as any of them 😉

  86. JonJon says:

    i had a 5 a side recently with a group of ladies..boys v girls and some of them played for doncaster belles back in the day and one even played for england…

    they whooped us big time..think it was 14

    i dont know i stopped counting after abit..gave up playing too really…just had the hots for one of their players and spent the match marking her and trying to chat her

  87. rico says:

    Bloody heck JJ, I used to play in a tournament in Clacton, at the time Donnie Belles were the team to beat.

    I also played against Hope Powell when she played for Milwall, she p****d past me time after time 🙂

    Womens football is not given enough credit imho…

  88. rico says:

    JJ, you are a bad bugger, fancy chatting up the oppo 😉 😉

  89. 4pigs says:

    ….womens sport, in general, is not given enough credit – you’ve only got to look at the prize money in top sport which shows this – thankfully times are changing. I bet Annika Sorensen has not earnt as much as Tiger Woods and yet she has been around much longer. Then again – i bet Gillette dont wont to sponsor her 😉

  90. rico says:

    😆 4pigs re the Gillette..

    You are right though, look at the years in tennis when Martina Navratilove and Chris Evert dominated the ladies tennis – they didn’t even earn half of what the men earned..

    Thankfully, those two have fought for better winnings and now the ladies are winning better money..

  91. 4pigs says:

    Bloody hell Rico -you are showing your age!!! lol

  92. 4pigs says:

    Martina though…. what a star and inspiration to all sport players… what commitment that lady had. Ahhh

  93. rico says:

    But its true, perfect example is that twat Terry, 170k a month and he still can’t keep himself in order – compare him to say Kelly Smith, she has to work a proper job on top of football, oh, and the odd appearance on Question of Sport ..

    Pisses me off, big time..

  94. avenell says:

    Women earning the same money as the men is fair enough, but they should play the same number of sets.
    Also in golf how is it okay for women to play in the mens competition and not vice versa?

    Things have gone a tad to far the other way imo.

    The woman ref has been getting some stick on talk sport in the last few days.. tongue in cheek a bit.. 😉

  95. rico says:

    and what stick she took for it too, i remember once she was asked the ‘obvious question’ – her reply was classic… It went something like this…

    Why don’t you go and ask Michael Jordan the same question? No you wouldn’t, because you would get a smack in the choppers 😆

  96. 4pigs says:

    I’d rather be paid 100K a week like Bridge than be that tosser Terry.

  97. avenell says:

    Rico.. your post is at No6 on NN lol..

  98. rico says:

    ave – its because people see women as the weaker sex, so for a man to ‘lower his standards/strength is never going to happen…

    The five set for women has been tried, i am not sure why it stopped, Martina would have had the stamina, maybe today the Williams B******S 😉

  99. rico says:

    Wey Hey ave, thats bloody fab 😛

  100. avenell says:

    There is a lot of prize money to be won if a man was able to compete in womens golf.. I don’t think the lady golfer did women any favours competing agaist the men..

    Lady tennis players are pretty fit nowadays.. 😉

  101. rico says:

    That talk s***e station, is it on all day or just at certain times, i must tune in as it always talked about…

  102. avenell says:

    Rico.. I’m still trying to think of the radio station you listened to when you was younger.. was it Radio light?

  103. rico says:

    But she was good enough ave…

    You are such a bad man, i know what you are implying 😆

    So didn’t think Anne Jones was fit then, she was of your era 😉 😉

  104. avenell says:

    Talk shite is 24 hr, but from 10@ night until 6 in the morning isn’t sport related.
    Brazil (ipswich) and that cricketer Arani are on from 6 till 10 they hate Arsenal.
    Tomorrow 8 until 10 they have that scouser quinn he is the worst Arsenal hater..

  105. 4pigs says:

    Hail Rico…. NN No. 6. It was a great post, something different that we should all be aware of – rather than trudging over the old news. A breath of fresh air!

  106. rico says:

    Bloody heck ave, they all hate us, why do you listen to it??

    Why were they slating the lady ref??

    4pigs – thats football, going over and over the same old crap, and we still have five days before our next game 😦

  107. avenell says:

    They didn’t think a lady ref could control Premiership players..

    4pigs That avatar reminds me of that old queen vid, when all those naked bodies were on a cycle ride.. cannot think of the song.

  108. rico says:

    i think a women can control you bloody stroppy men better ave 😉

    I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike…

    Bicycle ave, that was the name of the song…

  109. avenell says:

    Haha of course it is, what a pillock..

    Oi oi I never said a lady ref was crap.. in fact for her to have got as high as she has she must be half decent..

  110. JonJon says:

    sorry guys phone rang

    hi 4 pigs..

    ey up ave you good mate? good result tother night eh??

    and i love womens sport..i dont know why..i find the technique spell

  111. avenell says:

    Keep off the women vollyball jonjon.. 😉

    I did say things ain’t as bad as some made out before the dipper game didn’t I..

  112. rico says:

    Tart JJ, are you talking beach volleyball 😆

  113. JonJon says:

    she gets in the showers with the guys too..we had a lady ref for a sunday match once and she hopped in the showers with us all after..

    i was disgusted..

    but i couldnt turn away.. 😉

  114. avenell says:

    I can read your minds .. lol…

  115. JonJon says:

    beach volleyball it is..wonderful sport..not given enough air time imo

  116. rico says:

    Ha ha ave, great minds 🙂

    ave, things are as bad, we got lucky again 😉

  117. rico says:

    You two 😉

    Vic Akers tried to get me in the showers at Highbury, what put me off was the Head and Shoulders Shampoo – I’m a Tea Tree kinda girl 😉

  118. JonJon says:

    claim to fame their

  119. avenell says:

    Vic is a full body kit man.. 😉

  120. 4pigs says:

    Hello JJ – spell binding ****
    I think i can see where you’re going with this…and Ave you are just as bad… but I am lol!!!! Stop thinking about beach volleyball – it will end in tears!

  121. avenell says:

    With the beach volleyball, I seem to be more interested in the tactics……… close up.. 😉

  122. 4pigs says:

    Ave -you will go blind!!!!!!

  123. avenell says:

    It’s worth the risk.. 😉

  124. rico says:

    JJ – its true, i went with a ref’s accessor to the west ham game a few years ago, the one when lauren scored an own goal and they were not given the goal when cashley ‘cleared’ off the line (not)

    i even walked on the famous turf and shook the hand of Mr Durkin 😉

    It was great to walk through the big doors having parked the care in the players car park – at the end of the night I talked with Calamity James about the Emirates project …

    One of the best evenings I have had to do with football

  125. rico says:

    Right you bunch of old tarts, I am off for the night -need to catch up with Eastenders and Corrie 😉 😉

    You guys stay safe.. Nighty night

  126. avenell says:

    Cheers rico.. night..

  127. jj says:

    Didnt this site stop?

  128. 4pigs says:

    Night then Rico – catch up tmrw

  129. avenell says:

    jj.. I missread the situation.. I never had time to run it but rico has took the bull by the horns and put life back into it..

  130. rico says:

    jj, only for a short time, its back for good now..

    definately off now, night ave 🙂

  131. 4pigs says:

    oh …all gone .. will catch up tmrw.

  132. raif says:

    ohh the site back.. im glad to see that,,

    hope all is well over at the road 🙂

  133. 4th on NN impressive did say it was sly

  134. oh and dont listen to talk shite

    They really are the worst

    only H&J show is worth a listen

    it aint big and they aint clever

  135. rico says:

    Morning RSD

    New post up

  136. rico says:

    Hi raif, good to see you, pop on the new post later if you can 🙂

  137. JonJon says:

    morning guys..

    raify me ol mucka..hope things are well…loving the avatar sure weve talked about that before on a certain blog of feelings one stuff

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