Dogged, Determined and three points, just what the doctor ordered….

What a day yesterday was, still full of doom and gloom from Sunday, not feeling very confident about facing the dippers – but something inside niggled away, just something gave me hope that we would win.

My day didn’t start too well because the car wouldn’t start and I had to go out, but after a few phone calls and a set of jumps leads from a fellow Gooner, I was helped on my way. New battery in place, a few pounds parted with and off back home I went.

No matter what the distraction, the old grey matter kept thinking about the game against Liverpool.

Even an afternoon trip to the dentist was grim, he is a Chelsea fan and I dreaded the salt being rubbed into the deep wound I still suffered. I needn’t have worried though really, his son is a Gooner, and all he said was, we need a striker– not really something I didn’t know, all of us know that don’t we?

We talked about ‘that goal’ that you know who scored for Citeh, and he commented on how we needed a player like him – that was based on how he is playing now, not how he played for us during his final season.

So, onto the match – I felt sick with nerves – we needed to win…….

On top of the desperate need of the three points, I couldn’t even begin to think about the stick I would get from my nephew and brother in law if we lost – they are ‘Big Dipper’ fans ( I must take them to the next Fare that comes into town)….. 😉

Thankfully, that is now something I don’t have to think about, they do, but not me – when is the last time we did the double over the Dippers? Right now I don’t really care..

On a night when Chelsea lost to Everton and Manchester United drew with Aston Villa, maybe Arsene Wenger is right to still have belief. We have all agreed that the run in favours us and that points could be dropped by those around us – well tonight has proved that.

Tonight has also proved that there is a long way to go yet before any fat lady starts to sing.

I am not going to rate the players because I can’t – I just watched the game rather than study player by player, but the one thing I do think about is how many times I sat and thought something along the lines of ‘ Can’t believe you did that’ ; I don’t recall many…

Rosicky’s heavy touch when I was sure he was going to put us 1-0 up, but passed it to Reina

Nik’s blast over the net

Eboue’s – I have been shot – get me out of here…

And finally, Walcott’s – I am going to run down time by the corner flag; oops I have passed it back to Reina moment…

Maybe you can add to those mad moments, and please do – just remember that I am getting on a bit and the memory is not so good 😉

Knob of the Night

Howard Webb

Having seen Nik get booked when a penalty should have been given, Gerrard took a dive and got nothing for troubles – this man is not worthy to wear a referees shirt! Can you believe that he is the best this country has and he is off to the World Cup in South Africa? Lets hope he takes more cards with him than Graham Poll did, he may need them 😉

Please note – I am exorcising the right to remain silent over the Cesc handball in the last ten seconds of the match 😉

The player who stood out for me was Diaby. He has been on the end of a barrage of abuse by many, many fans and I am one of them but tonight I thought he showed a different side to his game, he attacked, tracked back, tackled and he scored our winner.

Diaby is my Man of the Match… very closely followed by Gallas…

Cesc – well, he seems cheesed off, not with us, but with all the paps hounding him about Barcelona, I just wish they would leave him alone. If he goes, it will be because of them, there is no let up for the lad, every day of every week the same old Barcelona stuff comes out… It must be hard.

Clichy, Almunia, Eboue – All played the best I have seen them in a long while (apart from the Eboue silly moment)

TV, Gallas, Song – Solid, just solid – that last ditch tackle from Gallas was worth a new two year contract on its own – hope you saw it Ivan..

Nik, well, a way to go yet, but it’s good to see the big fella back, and tonight I thought he did ok – at least he ran his heart out and did some defending …. Mind you, it was him that lost possession, so, so he should I say… 😉

Rosicky (on for Nasri) – Having watched him totally muck up a golden opportunity I was gutted, but the cross he provided for
Diaby was sublime, it had pace and precision and Diaby didn’t waste his chance…

Huggy Huggy Huggy – Oi Oi Oi – That’s what I was singing, I didn’t give a toot about the neighbours 😛

Then the nerves struck and I spent the rest of the game ducking a diving behind the laptop screen, volume muted, just staring at the face of my better half. The face I knew would give away anything that happened…

Thankfully it didn’t give away anything, neither did we – well done Arsenal, maybe you are right back on track, and our dream could still be, very much alive….

What I will say, last night’s result has helped me to get over the game against the chavs, big time ……

Bring on Porto….. Oh, and did I mention that Tottingham lost to Wolves….

70 Responses to Dogged, Determined and three points, just what the doctor ordered….

  1. rico says:

    Morning all, this is a good example of why I don’t do match reports 🙂

  2. i like it
    you didnt steal too much of the commentary
    and no stupid player ratings

  3. rico says:

    Morning RSD, thanks …

    A great result and it makes a change for us to get the rub of the green …

  4. feels even better now all the other results
    and to rub harrys nose in it
    “we should be above arsenal” LOL

  5. Soop says:

    Mate, Nik totally deserved his booking for “simulation”. Cheating, pure and simple, and absolutely pathetic and embarrassing too. He clearly knew he had been caught out too, with his sheepish expression after the incident.

    However, as is fast becoming the norm, Gerrard spent most of the night falling down and waving his arms at the ref, who in my opinion had an excellent game. Gerrard deserved a booking too though, especially when he collapsed onto the BACK of one of our players late on looking for a pen. He is truly pathetic.

    I’m just glad we don’t have to play those boring bastards again this season. They are the pits, and I hope they miss out on 4th spot. Attacking, positive teams should prosper.

  6. rico says:

    Harry is in cloud cuckoo land …

    I hope Aston Villa get fouth spot… or even Everton

  7. rico says:

    Morning Soop, welcome to Avenell Road..

    Nik was definately clipped, even old Andy Gray said it was a penalty and he hates us…

  8. city will
    @Soop The Dane just come back from injury he entiled to jump out of a challenge and if he wins a pen good on him.
    but we dont get pens anymore since celtic game.

  9. rico says:

    Adebayor is on fire for City at the moment, but he will fade again, just like he did with us…

  10. 4pigs says:

    Rico – i enjoyed the post. Like the “knob of the night”! lol

    What a great result for us.

  11. rico says:

    Hi 4pigs, thanks

    Great result, not the best we have ever played, but I hope it gets us back on track, confidence will have been lifted i’m sure..

    What is your avatar? It looks like a load of bicycles???

  12. fineboy says:

    morning guys..hey chill out.. did i just hear some people having a change in thoughts towards this team..what happened to all the grumblings right before the match…those kind of periods will come fans just need 2 be strong for me, i remain a gunner till i die.peace

  13. rico says:

    morning fineboy..

    defeats hurt and we all get down, victories change that, but reality is we still don’t have a squad big/strong enough…

    how long have you been a fan fineboy?

  14. fineboy says:

    i have been a fan since 2001…yes we all know our squad is not big/strong enough but that doesn’t mean we should slate them..its a decision by the board and coach to use this present philosophy…so what can we do??nothing but just support

  15. 4pigs says:

    Yes – they’re bicycles… i’m a bit of a cycling fanatic. I suppose it would be better to have something football related – I will get on to that!

  16. rico says:

    its not slating fineboy, its just saying it as it is. its so frustrating not to be winning trophies…

  17. rico says:

    😆 4pigs, bit too energetic for me

  18. fineboy says:

    i diyes its frustrating for me too..but like i said earlier. what can we do about that?

  19. did you guys see the bench last night
    not strong enough pahhh

  20. fineboy says:

    any links to watch skysports news?

  21. 4pigs says:

    i think it’s all “stages” we go through. We get frustrated and downhearted with a bad result. We have a moan to get it off our chest… then look forward to the next game with hope in our heart.

  22. rico says:

    RSD, I couldn’t see the bench, too many players were sat on it 😉 😉

  23. fineboy says:

    Morning all

    gr8 result last nite!!! i was so nervous…it was unbelievable. i was shitting my pants each time we lost the ball after we scored. i thought we were all over L’pool but just couldn’t finish them off.

    Bendtner had 2 gr8 chances. Nasri had 1. rosicky – what was he doing?? but he redeemed himself with a gr8 assist.

    Yes, Fabregas had an off day but i bet u if he was playing with a better striker he would have slipped an assist in. However L’pool were playing 2 defensive midfielders in Mascherano & Lucas who were out to close down our attackers.

    Bendtner performed his role well imo. he became a focal point for our attack and my only hope now is that he stays fit and gets sharper asap.

    Theo dissappointed me y’day bigtime when he was playing as a striker. he broke down so many moves which could have led to L’pool scoring. I’m not sure what it is..but his 1st touch is heavy, he doesn’t look/think before he passes sometimes and that puts us under pressure a lot. i’m not sure how long Wenger is going to tolerate him but he annoys me.

    i realised y’day that we need a winger with intelligence and skill who can bomb down the flank and beat the last man. Theo is fast but has no intelligence and not enough skill. Nasri is intelligent but lacks the pace to go past his marker…. he is a Central Attacking Midfielder.

    i thought Song played ok y’day but he was swamped in midefield and felt that our attacking players need to come and back and support the defenders much more often and faster.

    Diaby was good….he’s definately ahead of Denilson & Ramsey for me.

    gr8 results last nite thanks to Everton & Villa. However we need to get on a run and make sure we win all the games we have. Hope RvP comes back in April to help us in the final run-in.
    arshavin is a player without mentality..he needs to get his act together before not to long

  24. oskar says:

    Bendtner was clipped and it should have been a penalty. Just watch the replays and you will see that Agger takes out his left leg.

    Gerrard however should have been sent off for his antics. First the simulation in the penalty area and then for the last freekick where he ran at Diaby and collapsed without even being touched at all. Makes me sick watching him! He did the same thing last week against Everton. Surely the referees have to watch replays of the games and have that in the back of their minds before going out. Know the player, make the right decision!

  25. K-TR7 says:

    Morning bloggers and rico,still smiling after yesterday.diaby was a monster a real powerhouse who strides across the pitch like a tennis court.i have stressed the importance of mozart and yesterday showed it except for the miss he looked dangerous and his experience was vital in holding the lead.nik gave us strength in final third,clichy improved massively king gallas was terrific vermy played well and big al was composed for once.chavs and mancs will continue to drop points because the play similar to smaller teams with a bit of quality hence they don’t get counterattacks as they did against us whereas when we play smaller teams we just have too much for them which is why i said we will go on a long unbeaten run.could this be the year…

  26. Edmond Dantes says:

    Morning everybody

    A fine morning it is, now that the we have the victory and are back in business. O happy day! happy day indeed. Well done Arsene!

  27. Edmond Dantes says:

    Just a message to all those gooners who have been negative towards Arsene of late – Remeber that Arsene loves you. When in doubt, always ask yourself this question: “What would Arsene do?”

  28. rico says:

    Morning KTR7, Ed and oskar..

    KTR7, I thought that was one of Diaby’s best performances in a long while – finished off by a great header for the goal..

    Rosicky – you can tell he has been out for a long while, but for me he needs to start and take him off if he tires – the cross for the goal was just what we have been missing. Sagna and Clichy have been poor with their crosses this season.

    I bet next time when Tomas goes through on goal he will have better control and finish, just hope now that he stays fit for the rest of the season..

  29. rico says:

    Edmund – you were asked yesterday to keep the Abbe and songwriting off the blog, and for your information Arsene is not ‘God’ in everyones eyes – please keep that kind of stuff to yourself or you will be binned…

    Its up to you…

  30. rico says:

    oskar – my view was a penalty too, the dive that stevie me me took didn’t get a card, it always happens with him..

    Gerrard is a great footballer, but I cant stand him because he cheats time and time again and always goes unpunished..

  31. rico says:

    off for a bit, back in a while

  32. K-TR7 says:

    Tomas needs matchfitness and he could be a catalyst to our title challenge.cesc telling barca arsenal himself and the fans deserve more respect,tiny totts losing to wolves,can this day get any better?if rvp can have the same impact as he did for the dutch in the euros during the run in who knows maybe just maybe…

  33. Edmond Dantes says:

    rico – I do apologise sincerely if I have in any way offended any of the bloggers although I didn’t notice too many people complaining.

    Yesterday you only asked me not to talk about IAWAS and I have not spoken of it since.

    But once again, I would like to apologise to anybody who finds my beliefs too radical.

  34. Edmond Dantes says:

    rico – By the way its not Edmund. Thats a typical English way of saying it. It should be pronounced “Edmon” with the last syllable (mon) stressed. Now that would be the French way of saying it.

  35. Edmond Dantes says:

    I can’t believe that the song lyrics, which I posted, were erased from the blog. That was going to be a chart-topper. Can I please get the lyrics back on? We haven’t settled on a name for the song as yet so at the moment we calling it “Ode to Arsene” composed by Busoni/Dantes.

  36. Salsa says:

    hello avenell road – been reading but my first time to leave a comment. very nice result from last night now we have only six points to make up on the chavs.

  37. rico says:

    Afternoon Salsa – welcome to AR.

    Good results all round really, chavs lost, manure drew and ‘arrys gang got beat by Wolves …

    We need the chavs and mancs to draw when they play eachother, and hope that other teams like the dippers can beat them both..

    All we must do is keep on winning…

  38. Salsa says:

    hello rico and thank you. the fixture for us is better than the two at top. two or three difficult away trips but we all play to the best we are capable then we can win them.

  39. afternoon guys been busy all afternoon any news?

  40. rico says:

    Afternoon RSD, just reading that Song has knee ligament damage – Not Good 😦

    Speaking to Arsenal TV Online, coach Wenger revealed:

    “Unfortunately we have lost Alex Song with a medial knee ligament problem.

    “I hope he will be available for next week but it is not for sure. Arshavin looks to be a hamstring problem. We have to assess that too.

    “Nasri got an elbow in his face and he felt unwell. But that is no problem. He will be available.

    “So the questions marks will be about Arshavin and Song. We’ll know more tomorrow. Arshavin has a scan today and Alex Song has come in for treatment. He is very sore today so we’ll have to see how he responds

  41. so we wont know shit till tues press conferecne then

  42. let hope its only a 1st degree for song then

  43. Salsa says:

    tis not good te alexander song, really hope his scan says nothing too bad.

  44. but even that could be 3 weeks

  45. what did u think of my new post?

  46. rico says:

    RSD – sorry, I was out feeding my chickens and getting them locked in for the night..

    I read your post, do you want me to be honest??

  47. this is taking a while

  48. rico says:

    The lettering is rather large and because of it the lines split on the page. Then, it is hard to follow your report –

    I get the feeling there is a poet in you….

  49. cos me grammar shit
    so i just press return
    end up being sheer poetry or balls lol

  50. rico says:

    RSD, you don’t have to have good grammar to write, its a blog, not an English exam 🙂

    If writing makes you feel good, then its right to do, my grammar is pretty poor too, I always type into a word document and that helps a lot.

  51. but it gotta read right
    the typography etc

  52. rico says:

    micro word just checks the spelling that is all – we all write differently, i am a bit of a ‘story teller’, but most of what i write is s^^t, but i dont care really – as long as a few bloggers come on, chit chat about our club, dont get to extreme either way, then i’ve had a good day 🙂

  53. anyway enough about that
    i saw this in answer to harry

    “we should be above arsenal”

    on a facebook group

    what a c**!!!!

    Form is temporary, your twitch and dellusion are permanent you lillywhite cockbutler! Now f**k off to jail and give us all a break!

    made me spray tea on the screen

  54. rico says:

    Absolutely, back to footie..

    You don’t like ‘arry then 😉

    I heard he was still being investigated – maybe Pompey should sue him for ruining their club and stealing all the players on the cheap…

    Something isn’t right there..

  55. rico says:

    Just realised RSD, that comment was on facebook, not your opinion 😉

    Whoever left it though is telling the truth 🙂

  56. let just hope they go in to admin and not wind up otherwise we lose 6 with manu,chels lose 3 and dippers 1. so that aint gd

  57. not with that dribble

  58. rico says:

    i hope that is what happens too, we don’t want to lose points..

  59. no i saw what the table would look like on yogi’s blog

  60. If Pompey go tits up today, this will be how the table will look!

    Chelsea 24 17 4 3 +39 55
    Man Utd 23 16 2 5 +33 50
    Liverpool 24 13 5 6 +19 44
    Arsenal 23 13 4 6 +24 43
    Spurs 24 11 7 6 +19 40
    Man City 22 10 8 4 +12 38
    Villa 22 9 8 5 +9 35

    this was before last night results

  61. rico says:

    so we would be on 46 points, chavs stay the same and manure 51 points… not good, lets hope the judge is a footballing man, and not a southampton suporter 😉

    Off to cook supper, may catch you later..

  62. means we’re still 9 points of top

  63. rico says:

    Right now though we are only six points behind the chavs, a reachable target, if pompey gets binned, we suffer big time 😦

  64. rico says:

    off now, til tomorrow…

  65. morn
    9 with a game in hand tho
    giggs out and nani
    cole out
    and jenus is drive a ‘ackney cab with arsenal badge

  66. rico says:

    Morning RSD

    New Post is up

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