The morning after the morning before……

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a sneaky feeling that I still feel pretty much the same as you all do. Bit like a wounded animal who desperately needs a vet, but can’t get to one.

I hurt from that defeat, or rather embarrassment against Chelsea and I just can’t seem to shake it off. Maybe half the problem is that it followed the defeat against the Mancs on our own turf, being knocked out of the FA Cup by Stoke.

Had the defeats been spread out through the season, maybe it wouldn’t feel quite so bad, but it does.

Not only is it hard enough to stomach, but then you have to read all the comments from the likes of Ballack who says we are too soft, Deco, who says we are bottlers and then the only thing our leader can say is we were ‘Naive’ – how can he say that?

Arsene, you are the one being naive, you are the one who thinks that all of our players are good enough – you are clearly very very wrong. Ok, we can’t do anything about it right now because the transfer window has closed but come the summer things have to change, and quite dramatically in my mere humble opinion.

I won’t jump on the ‘Arsene Wenger out’ bandwagon just yet, but I have to say that I don’t think it will be too long before I do – probably right at the end of the summer!!

Listening to some of the pundits yesterday, some of them are now questioning how he has been allowed to continue as our manager when things have gone the way they have for so long. I haven’t really heard them say that before, but of course, they are right.

Then to hear Nigel Winterburn – he made it sound so very simple; he echoed the opinions of most of the fans. He said we need to bring in experience – a keeper, defender, midfielder and a striker.

Well said Nigel!! Maybe he could call Arsene Wenger and give him his views, and why not get Winterburn to pop along to the training days and help Clichy get back to the way we all know Clichy can play.

Walcott says we need to find a killer instinct, well I say to Theo, why don’t you start by finding it yourself!! Clichy says ‘Don’t write us off’ – I say to him, try staying on your post for corners and stop going for a wander!!
I could go on, but what’s the point…

Little bit of news – Luke Freeman and JET have been added to the Champions League squad. JET being added is not too much of a surprise, but Freeman, now that is interesting. He does like to score, but hanging our hopes on such a young footballer is not the best place to be in really. Like I said, it could turn out to be very very interesting…..

On loan Jay Simpson isn’t happy having been replaced by Marcus Bent – why not get him back, he is a striker and right now we don’t have one… Do I sound desperate now 😉

That’s it, not much I know, maybe tomorrow especially at 10pm, I will feel a little brighter…

I hope we all do…


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  1. rico says:


    Not much I know 😦

  2. gooner in belfast says:


    I’m feeling the same way and agree with Nigel.
    But the down side is that to buy worldclass players in these positions will cost around £60 mill (£15 each). I don’t think Wenger will pay that sort of money out in one summer transfer window.

    I believe that if Wenger doen’t then the writing is on the wall for him and we will be looking for a new manager….but who is better out there…not many and the clubs will not let them come to us….

    When we buy players they should not be to replace the subs..we have good subs..they must be to replace first team players..the striker must be able to replace RVP and not NB52..this will be a waste of money…

    In the summer could end up with only one central Defender as the rest are out of contract. So we could need 2 new Central defenders.

    The midfielder must be better than denilson or again a waste of money.

    Love and Kisses

    Gooner in Belfast….

  3. rico says:

    Morning gooner, welcome to Avenell Road

    Great comment..
    I am unsure what is happening with Gallas, it is suspected that Arsene will give him the two years he wants – so we should have him, TV and Djourou next season – but definately need one CH

    Denilson is only a sub, and you are right, we need much better than his standard.

    As for Almunia, best I don’t get started 😉

  4. gooner in belfast says:


    Sorry I forgot to talk about the keeper but something are best left never said…

    Love and Kisses

    Gooner in Belfast…..

  5. think your just reading too much media hype.
    And the mountain of bullshit we get these accepted truths which are really nothing of the sort, more like cliches. Such as, Arsenal need to buy players, Arsenal can be bullied, champions win games when they’re not playing well.

    It’s basically all because football ‘experts’ are idiots. And they are feeding a demand for endless football. They make it appear easy, while sat in their armchairs, and make us believe stupid things like if we didn’t win our last game we’re out of the title race. And therefore it’s because we need to buy a keeper (ours made a few mistakes), we can’t defend, and we need to buy a striker for the big games. All these things aren’t obvious. It is Wenger’s job to make decisions about his squad, and what you may glean from a game and the football opinions of some uneducated retards is a tiny proportion of relevant information for making his decisions.

    The margins between winning and losing a game can be tiny. You may even not deserve to lose, but you do. Yet that gets ignored. Well, we lost, so there must be something wrong, here’s what’s wrong, FIX IT! It’s media-led idiocy.


  6. DPT says:

    Well said RSD!! I

  7. DPT says:

    Well said RSD!! I Could,nt agree more! Like Rafa said to Souness “what did you do at liverpool” yet he sits there slating him saying “you should do this…and you should do that” its so easy i hindsight is,nt it!! Most pundits said we wouldnt finish in the top 4 this season yet we are doing better than most of them predicted (even going top a couple of weeks ago)but all they do now is pull Wenger down for doing better than they said he would do in the first place!! Where’s the logic in that?? Yes we need a couple of players to make us a truly great side but FFS come on……we are not that far away!!

  8. Don’t think we even need a couple of players we just need a couple of players to step up and show their the player we all believe they can be.


  9. rico says:

    Morning RSD, take away the media hype for one minute – look at the game against the mancs and the russians – we lost, and now we have been well beaten by both teams twice… something is wrong, we can’t cut it with the top two right now…

    As JJ said yesterday, bar a miracle we will possibly play one of them again in the CL if we beat Porto, I personally don’t relish that thought, do you?

  10. rico says:

    Hi DPT – that is exactly what we are saying, players with experience to come in, but more like 3/4 imho

  11. rico says:

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has hit out at the media, as he claims they keep twisting his words.

    Wenger was quoted on Sunday after their 2-0 defeat to title rivals Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, insisting his side were the better team.

    A number of people, including Chelsea’s Michael Ballack, have hit-back at Wenger, claiming he was a bad loser.

    But the Gunners boss insists that his press conference was not accurately reported.

    “I just would like to say that I was full of praise and compliments for Chelsea,” Wenger stated on Sky Sports News.

    “I find it unfair from the press that you take one word from my press conference and turn it in a kind of hope [of a big story], you did that at Aston Villa, you did that at Chelsea.

    “Every time if you look at the intent of the press conference it is positive to the opposition, if you want I can say nothing.

    “I am in England long enough to know that if the team wins you can say what you want, it is my job to take a distance from that but I analyse it in a cold way and look at what is right and wrong.”

    Wenger again refused to concede the title despite the recent defeats to Chelsea and Manchester United.

    “What is important is that we win, we will see who wins the title – there is a long way to go, 13 games to play and 39 points still to take,” he said.

    Wenger also hit back at claims that he did not try and add to his squad in January, with many Arsenal fans calling for a striker to be signed.

    “We tried to sign players, but it didn’t work and we have to accept that,” Wenger continued.

    “We have lost players and unfortunately we have three strikers out and the way the fixtures are, you lose one player and you lose three big games, but I believe we promised to fight to the last game of the season.

    “There were positives in the last game and we will fight to the last second of the season. But again everyone is negative with Arsenal and we have to live with that and prove them wrong.”

    Wenger remains coy on Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh, refusing to even admit that he is in talks.

    Chamakh admitted over the weekend that he wanted to sign for Arsenal, seemingly shunning a switch to Premier League rivals Liverpool.

    “I believe he is talking to many clubs which he is entitled to do, we are just focussing on the [Liverpool] game,” Wenger said.

    “He is free to sign wherever he wants

  12. K-TR7 says:

    Walcott speaking about killer instinct!man he needs to sort himself out first.RVP is recovering well and one can only hope…

  13. Morning Rico,

    Course i would love to play utd or chels in Champions league.
    Would be great to see what would happen if we actually scored first.
    NB utd only won the old trafford match by an own goal and soft pen.

    Are we not good enough on past performances yes, but in the future??????
    like wenger said to the press you can only write about the present.

    You’ll see it when you believe it

    p.s. how the fuck did you transcribe that so quick?

  14. rico says:

    Morning TR7, spot on there!

  15. rico says:

    😛 RSD, hey you check out our blog roll 🙂

  16. Thanks
    but dont think readers ever look at that
    newsnow is where u need 2 b
    am still waiting

  17. rico says:

    Copy and Paste RSD 😉

  18. ?????
    Ctrl C & Ctrl V
    Or just google auto fill
    Anyway back to The Aresnal
    would you real not wont to face a top team in champions league you’d rather us go out to porto

  19. K-TR7 says:

    Morning rico and rest of the bloggers.if gibbs was playing he would be first choice by now because he has a midfielder’s football brain i really hope he fully would be interesting to see how big an impact RVP would have in cl(fingers crossed) if we play united or chelsea again with the players back from injury(fingers crossed) gaining form .we went to cl final in 05-06 with eboue big phil kolo flamini in defence ah well one can only hope if we beat porto…

  20. rico says:

    TR7, Gibbs would be mine too – RvP is heading for an April return, should be match fit for the CL Final 🙂

    RSD, No no, I mean the miracle if Manure or Chavs get beaten and we get to face a side not in the EPL.

    We will beat Porto I am sure over the two legs…

  21. morn ktr7

    He might have been
    but think clichy just need a run of games
    to get his head on right.
    song has forgotten his postion as well.

    i dought RVP will make it back for us
    but will probably be rush back by dutch fa for world cup.
    we can hope that chels get knocked out by inter
    we’ll prob get bordeaux as we know the draw is fixed

  22. rico says:

    RSD, then show Chamakh just why he should choose us 😉

    Have to pop off for a bit, catch up later

  23. K-TR7 says:

    Rvp’s presence scares defenders leading him to being manmarked tightly creating spaces for arsh cesc and diaby to run into’false nine’.There is always an air of inevitability when he plays that he will score especially in big games remember his goals against city and fulham,thats what he brings to the table.he will want to be fit for wc finals and he will also want to lay a mark in the cl if he is to join europes elite of world class forwards.

  24. PDT says:

    Hi everyone!

    Lots of comments today….nice!

    I have to say that I don’t think we need to sign a striker. RvP coming back with NikB and Dudu as cover works for me.

    The big two for me are getting a goalkeeper and a defensive coach. Arsene will never be able to teach anything to our defensive team. We need someone to come in and teach this defense how to handle counterattacks. That’s how ManU beat us and that’s how Chelsea beat us. That’s how Porto will plan to play us also.

    I think we need to get Martin Keown or Tony Adams to join us as a defensive coach.

    Plus, I keep seeing reports that Buffon is restless.

    Finally, we need to get some cohesion in the team where they fight for each other. I don’t see that. Much though I love Cesc, I think it is time for the armband to go to either Vermaelen or Arshavin. On current form, I wouldn’t mind it going back to Gallas either.

  25. rico says:

    Hi PDT, good to see you..

    I really hope for a striker, a different kind of option up front, Dudu and Nik are yet to convince imho..

  26. K-TR7 says:

    Dudu and nik don’t scare defenders so our midfielders don’t get space to run into leading to goals drying up

  27. K-TR7 says:

    AW has just said nik isn’t fit enough which can only mean AA will lead the line again.Eddy to return for porto.

  28. rico says:

    KTR7 – well that is not good news…. I hope he sticks Diaby up alongside side AA then… Dippers won’t know what to make of that! 😉

  29. rico says:

    Manure play Villa tomorrow, fancy a draw or Villa win?? I do 🙂

  30. K-TR7 says:

    Chavs go to goodison, mancs to villapark if we win against the dippers…stevie me has again laid down their game plan and we all know what it will be i hope aw was listening.

  31. fineboy says:

    we need to support our team..because we cannot turn them down now..gunners till death

  32. rico says:

    KTR7, that is exactly why we have to win, I can see both of them dropping points tomorrow, but not us 🙂

    I hope 😉

  33. rico says:

    The dippers will fear our little midget of a striker 🙂

  34. rico says:

    what is their game plan – hoof it up to dirk kite …

  35. if you look at the pool away form it pretty bad
    2 wins in 6 and last 2 where draws to wolves and stoke.
    Plus AA loves to score against them and he must be due so luck soon he keeps hitting the target.

  36. rico says:

    Sorry fineboy, you went into moderation and i am not sure why…

  37. rico says:

    RSD, thats what i mean, they must be the only team scared of our dwarf – he has been a bit off but maybe tomorrow, just maybe…

  38. K-TR7 says:

    We need to score early to unsettle them and am sure the extra space will be of advantage to us.AA owes us a mom performance at the very least

  39. rico says:

    Would you start Theo?

  40. fineboy says:

    this is the best arsenal blog i have been in in da past week.. not actually negative about the team and coach like others… i’m very sure that we will win the league this season or the champions league..who knows?

  41. K-TR7 says:

    I remember a while back when we were scoring for fun cesc said they would dry up and then the team should not be condemned which is happening now,the media is feeling the unrest among gooners and is feeding on it to sell papers.we should be united.Tomorrow morzart should start in walcott’s place and maybe eboue in for sagna.i don’t see anymore changes.

  42. rico says:

    Maybe Fabianski in for Almunia?

    Eboue Gallas TV Clichy

    Cesc Song Diaby

    Rosicky/Nasri Nik/Theo AA

    I think Nik will start, regardless what AW says…

  43. rico says:

    fineboy – are you switching computers, your ip changes hence you going into moderation, or are you just an under cover blogger 😉 😉

  44. K-TR7 says:

    Theo should only come on as a sub tomorrow.a win is vital before we head to the dragao lets hope aw has a solution to our vulnerability in counter attacks.we are going through a difficult period and our experienced players(tomas aa gallas)have to guide the younger players to victory tomorrow which will be a huge psychological boost

  45. theo need to earn a start first
    even if it is pool
    and his boyhood team
    rosicky aa bendtner
    diaby cesc eboue

  46. scrap that
    aa bendtner eboue
    diaby song cesc

  47. eboue tracks back better
    and nasri and rosicky just arnt at the races

  48. rico says:

    I wouldn’t start Theo, but if we are struggling and need a goal I would give him at least twenty minutes from the bench..

  49. rico says:

    Tomas is starting to get better, I hope he starts..

  50. tommy was but he cant play 2 games in a week anymore.
    just has gone missing in the last 2 games like nasri.

  51. gd news pools aa is out Aquilani
    got a belly ache

  52. K-TR7 says:

    In 07-08 seaason tomas was a revelation,he hleb and fab opened up the best of teams including chavs at the emirates in one of the best pl games played at the grove.if he can get close to that level again,the midfield will benefit from his cool head leading to less panic hence fewer goals will be conceded.I believe AA is superior to hleb except passing and dribbling but should impose himself more.A midfield of morzart cesc diaby song and AA is one of the best as it contains strength,aerial dominance,technique,athleticism and flair.some minor tweaking,tactical review and luck in injuries could very well serve us better in the cl and don’t be surprised to see some memorable european nights this season.

  53. we have had glimpses of how good he can be but.
    i just think we wont see it till he gets a proper pre season under his belt.
    same goes for theo.

    i really hope we can do the CL.
    Paris was such a nice week away.(barring result)
    Madrid would be nice an’all.
    Hope this belly ache spreads to the whole team must have been eating that scouse. ERRH

  54. rico says:

    RSD, that’s funny about the belly ache, maybe it could turn out to be a portion of lasagne that did it 🙂

  55. Yeah forget the scouse
    lasagna all round
    did say that on me facebook group

  56. rico says:

    TR7 – Hleb was great at holding on to the ball etc, but sometimes his final pass let him down, often due to the ‘one pass too many’ syndrome. AA is far more direct and like to run at the opposition, he isn’t afraid to shoot either, unlike hleb. Sadly his shooting boots have been off target the last few games..

  57. so just reading another blog we only have 2 away trips to top half teams. spurs and brum.
    When you look at it that way the run in looks mighty easy.
    where pool utd and chels
    all play each ther plus villa spurs and everton brum.
    the run in even nice for the champions league.

  58. rico says:

    RDT, there is certainly a long way to go yet and the run in certainly favours us, but we will have to play better than we have been doing. I am just hoping it has been a blip and we get right back on track, starting tomorrow…

  59. JonJon says:

    well done rico..i can see your still too…

    i still dont think we’ll win tomorrow

  60. it a new dawn its a new day.
    fuck if we dont believe
    how the hell are they going to.

    just think we gone behind in them games
    which usually means you lose.
    especially when you’re lacking real pace and width.

  61. K-TR7 says:

    Arshavin is more direct compared to hleb but hleb got more involved while arsh doesn’t seem interested.hleb’s dribbling was surreal though only nasri has such close control but doesn’t apply himself often which frustrates us.keep faith with morzart he will come good considering he has barely played for us in cl playoffs which may be the catalyst to take the extra step which we have never made to become champions.

  62. JonJon says:

    on paper we look superior..but every year we play liverpool they outplay us…no matter whos in their lineup…

    its going to be tough..liverpool are in form 17 from 21 points taken..we havent won in three league games…

    were a confidence team who collapse under pressure situations…

  63. KTR7 is a good comparsion of helb and AA.
    Rosicky just think it gona take till next year to produce week in week out.
    tho he is special.
    Would love him to prove me wrong

  64. jj but away they’re pretty shit.
    and we arnt and the performance at chels
    was great one even tho we lost
    cech pulled out a couple of saves which stopped it being a match winning one

  65. rico says:

    Evening JJ, only a win tomorrow could begin to ease the pain, I understand how you feel too, its ‘Orrid 😦

    KTR7 – I can’t work Arshavin out, in fact his attitude reminds me a little of Henry – Henry could so often look totally disinterested in games then suddenly out of nowhere came 1,2 maybe 3 goals – He was real class and could turn a gam on its head.

    Arshavin – well for me he is living off his goals against Liverpool, we all know what he can do, just wish he would do it a bit more often…

  66. JonJon says:

    i dont think we were that great against chelsea..they let us play knowing there was no chance of breaking them down…even the chances we created werent great chances..they were half chances…

    they played in 1st gear all game and still beat us was no was tactics…

  67. rico says:

    JJ, what do you make of Luke Freeman being added to the CL squad? In fact what does anyone make of that, I wonder if he is planning on putting him on the bench tomorrow – at least he can score…

  68. rico says:

    Mancs and Chelsea – we were p*** poor, and lucky not to have lost both by bigger margins – imho 😦

    Will you lot stop it, I am trying to forget the last two results 😉 😉 😉

  69. JonJon says:

    hi rico..i have a pre match for tomorrow..i spoke to ave last night and he didnt know if he would be able to do one so ive drawn one up just in case…i’ll put it into drafts later… ok???

  70. The great i’m talking about is when we lost the ball
    we pressed high and hard
    think we won alot of ball off them when they tried to counter (especially diaby)
    we just wasnt quick enough with passing
    they are so well drilled chels and mancs

  71. rico says:

    JJ, that is bloody fab, thanks – I was just thinking about that – now I can sit and watch the soaps without worrying 🙂

  72. JonJon says:

    i honestly dont know what thats about rico…re the freeman thing..


    a..were short of strikers..transfer window wasted, relying on kids

    b..hes going to throw the Cl too

    c..hes underestimating some of the teams in europe and he thinks the tie will be over after the first leg and he can play the kids in the second…

    i think its a combination of a and c but its not the right attitude to have in either case…

  73. rico says:

    I thought it showed a sign of desperation, Eduardo is back for the Porto match and Nik should be fit enough to start, maybe its just a taster for him – I havent a clue either…

  74. JonJon says:

    agree with that chelsea and mancs are well drilled..

    doesnt matter about personell really if the tactics are bang on…

    manure have played the majority of this season without their top choice keeper and cb..

    for a month they had no defenders and a reserve keeper and they still pushing for the title because they are tactically sound..

    i think we need to go back to basics and think about defending as a unit a bit more…attack wise we are pretty much sorted..and if we could counter teams more we’d be lethal..but to counter we need to be able to defend first and we cant..

  75. JonJon says:

    i really dont know rico..its a wierd one…

  76. Wasn’t jet supposed to play in greece
    but his registraion wasn’t right
    doubt he’ll play them unless it a dead rubber
    it just for the experience and acknoledgement to freeman that he’s playing well

  77. clichy just been away with the fairy’s
    for the last few games.

  78. JonJon says:

    the thing is rico that manure and chelsea beat most teams…but its the way we lost that gets me..

    manure just made us look like un organised muppets and the chelsea game reminded me of a boxing bout..

    chelsea being the bruiser and us being the dancer and the bruiser just stands there and lets the dancer prance about in circles throwing weak unaffective jabs, until the bruiser sees an opening and bang, right hook, one punch, good night…

    and we are supposed to be competing with these teams..hull and burnley gave them more problems than we did..our style is so predictable and although the little teams struggle because our class shines through the bigger teams have us by the balls every time…

    both fergie and ancelloti told the media how they were going to beat us before the games started and they did just that..


  79. JonJon says:

    agree rsd…theres something wrong with clichy…hes not well

  80. JonJon says:

    love the name by the way RSD

    are you from spain???

  81. rico says:

    Spot on JJ, it is how we lost, it hurts….

    Off to have my dinner, back in a while 🙂

  82. it the drills jj
    they just dont lose there shape
    we try and pull teams out of postion with the passing
    but they just didn’t move
    chels more than utd

    there was like 5-10 mins in the chels game when they didnt know where we moving the ball too. but after the goal we never passed it that quick again or they didn’t have to commit going forward any more so the space was gone.

    utd game was more open.

    let just hope we can score first.

  83. voto negativo
    but the old man is on the costa del crime
    it just a good one i over heard a few years back

  84. JonJon says:


    costa del crime..

    agree if we could score first tomorrow its pretty much game on..

    i think we go after the goal too early though and leave ourselves vunerable from the off…

  85. K-TR7 says:

    I love AA but he infuriates me.talent is there but i think his attitude is wrong.i wish he would apply himself more abit like messi who is involved in all major attacks.Rosicky is so talented i hope he achieves his full potential i love the triveta skill is a delight to watch.wilshere though looks like a crossbreed of AA&hleb

  86. We dont push to hard from the off it only after we concede we start to push to hard

    big jack think he’s more of a brady player

  87. JonJon says:

    AA is naturallly a loose cannon..but thats what makes him special…

    he likes to roam and pretty much do what he wants but hes being asked to play a disciplined role as lead striker and its effecting his form and pissing him off..

    play him off a big man and he’ll be back in form again

  88. big jack starts for bolton
    this could be worth staying up for

  89. K-TR7 says:

    Regarding walcott i think despite what you say about him he is vital in our system especially in counter attacks where we seem too slow nowadays.remember the days we concede a corner and 10 seconds later we score in the other end i would love to see that again.TW14 also makes very intelligent runs and when in the groove scores the odd spectacular our players please!

  90. would love to have a in form theo
    it is what we miss pace and width
    but dont think he can get over playing in the u21 this summer he still got a hangover
    plus losing in the final
    he just lost all confidence and is running in to cul de sacs all the time

  91. rico says:

    KTR7 – I like Theo, did you know he went to the same school as me? Many years apart though 😉

    Like RSD and probably most, I just hope that one day soon he shows us what he is really made of, I think he will – what we can’t forget though, the lad is still only 20 years old…

  92. rico says:

    JJ, thats just it, that isn’t his position and we all know that – that is why I am so cross with Arsene, why leave it until the last day to try and buy a striker? He should have been doing that long before the last day of the winter sales…. grrrr

  93. rico says:

    What a load of clap trap!!

    Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has reportedly reached a verbal agreement with Barcelona to sign for the La Liga giants at the end of the season, according to Spanish daily Sport.

    Reports emanating from a Spanish radio yesterday stated that Arsenal and Barca still need to agree on a fee for the 22-year-old, with the Gunners obviously reluctant to part with their star midfielder.

    Meanwhile, Sport suggests that Cesc ‘wants a change of scenery’ and a ‘return to the club that he grew up at’. The article also says that his decision is strongly influence by two factors: trophies, and the fact that former Arsenal players such as Henry, Hleb and Flamini have gone onto win things.

  94. K-TR7 says:

    Theo’s pace scares defenders and i would love him to threaten once more especially in europe where he tends to thrive but i did notice he is slowly improving.young jack is having a good game vs city

  95. JonJon says:

    i havent really blogged with you guys properly yet, but every one who knows me knows i want theo sold…

    i know im outnumbered here.. 😉 but basically i think he cant play footy at all..take his pace away and he has no attribute whatsoever..

    its ok using his pace on the counter but he cant dribble, pass, cross…his first touch normally goes out of play or straight to the opponent so hes pretty much useless to us…the only time hes done anything good was against liverpool…thats it…60k a week for that one bit of luck in four years…

    but hey thats just my opinion

  96. rico says:

    KTR7 – He just needs to add a little more control, look up and put a decent cross in, then he will be very pleasing on the eye 😉

    Good to hear that about Jack – i’m not watching it 😦

  97. rico says:

    JJ – I didn’t know you felt like that about Theo 😉

  98. rico says:

    Arsene is threatening a media silence – aka Red Nose v the BBC – good on him I say 🙂

  99. yeah what balls about cesc

    i can see where you coming from with theo
    but he must be doing something in training
    otherwise why start him on sun

    big jack is looking gd tonite
    so if cesc does go least we’ll have him
    till he gets to 23

    see you guys pre match

  100. rico says:

    RSD – You enjoy your evening, see you tomorrow

  101. rico says:

    I’m going to call it a night too folks – sleep well, tomorrow is another day and a kick start to our final third….

    I hope…

    Stay safe..

    Night JJ 🙂

  102. JonJon says:

    thanks guys..see ya tomorrow

  103. fineboy says:

    no rico…i just used a computer at my school library..cos i didn’t take my computer to school

  104. rico says:

    ah, i see now fineboy, thanks

    Morning all…

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