Arsene its simple – You’ve blown it, again!!

Oh dear oh dear.. I thought we were mentally strong? I thought we were good enough? I thought we’d learned our lesson? I thought wrong.

What gets me is that this hurts just as much as the Manure game. We were shite in that game and we were shite in this one. Utd humiliated us in a different way, they showed the desire and hunger you need to win titles. Chelsea humiliated us in the way they that beat us without moving out of first gear. We threw absolutely everything at them and Chelsea let us and they still  looked comfy.

The game was over inside 10 minutes. Another set piece, another display of crap defending riddled with errors.. TV and Diaby let Terry have a free header from a corner. Clichy, for some unknown reason decided he wanted to have a little wander away from his post into an area where he was neither use nor ornament, a wee bit like something you see in an under 5’s game, and Song let Drogba ghost passed him for the tap in on the knock down. There’s no point blaming Almunia, I never expect him to save anything anymore anyway.

1-0..Game set and match.

Chelsea went into defensive mode. They sat back with 2 banks of four with the wide players infield, allowing us the useless, disadvantage of the wings, asking us to show the world how shit we are at breaking teams down with our slick passing, possession football with no end product against top class, organised defences. To which we didn’t disappoint.

With a team full of pygmy’s, no lead striker and our insistence of bombing everyone forward, it wasn’t long before Chelsea used it to their advantage and hit us for another on the break. Another feeble Arsenal attack was broken down as we once again tried to walk the ball into the Chelsea net with our entire team all getting in each others way in and around the Chelsea box. Lampard found himself with the entire centre of the pitch to run into and threaded the pass through to the immense Drogba, who in turn made TV and Clichy look ridiculous again and banged it passed the frozen Almunia.

2-0. Outdone by another counter attack, with Clichy not knowing which way he was running and it was looking easy. The possession  we were having made us look like the better team, but we weren’t. Chelsea were letting us play. They were under no pressure whatsoever, letting us wear ourselves out and look incredibly stupid. We played right into their hands. Everyone was talking about tactics before the game and Wenger got it badly wrong..The big team managers have this man sussed.

What makes me wonder if Wenger’s losing it, is when he starts his post match spin and gives excuses that Chelsea are the much more experienced team. Well then Mr. Wenger, why the hell do you insist on buying 15 year olds instead of the experience we so obviously lack and then tell us we can win trophies. If we want to win trophies we’ve got to beat these big teams in every competition we play. The recent record shows we just can’t beat them so no, we aren’t winning anything….
Player Ratings

Almunia..2..It’s becoming boring now. No top side can expect to win anything with a second rate ‘keeper. Almunia’s just that. Chelsea had 3 shots I off the bar and two in the net and he wasn’t near any of them. He didn’t even dive for two of them. Poor

Sagna..6..I don’t think he played that bad, but that’s probably because Chelsea were targeting Clichy.

Clichy..2..And that’s just for turning up. Poor. Piss poor. I used to love Gael, a lot like I used to love Kolo, but I love Arsenal more and this guy has lost it. He’s a shadow of his former self and the sooner we sell him the better. He’s lost a good 5 yards of pace and he still can’t cross for shit. What makes it worse is that he’s a defender first and foremost and he can’t defend..Stupid, schoolboy error to allow Drogba the opener and his mistakes are becoming costly in every game he plays..Time to go this summer I think and give one of the young lads a go.

Tommy V..5..Not one of his best games. A lot like the Manure game. I’ve got a feeling he’s playing with an injury.

Gallas..6..Not at his best but you can’t expect one man to hold a defence together when your playing a team like Chelsea. It was all over the place and the famous Gallas stare explained everything..

Diaby..5..I still don’t see what he offers, he either turns up or he doesn’t and I don’t think he did in this game.

Song..6..Looks tired. The curse of the ACN strikes again????

Cesc..6..Leads by example but he’s no captain when the chips are down. His head drops too easy when it’s not going his way and he looked frustrated.

Nasri..5..In and out of the game really. Doesn’t look like he’s developed too much, but he’s no wide player..Wengers killing him.

AA..4..Starting to look pissed off..He’s one of the most explosive players in the PL and Wenger insists on playing him out of position as a lone forward against 6 foot plus defenders.. The guys 2 foot and a tab end.. What’s he supposed to do against a team like Chelsea?? He’s been saying for months that we need a couple of new players to compete in the top games and Wenger just lets the transfer window pass by. Again. We’ll lose this man this summer. He won’t put up with this shit much longer.

Theo..2..I saw the reason why Wenger started him and the lad tried hard and actually ran about for a change, but he really is shit at football isn’t he. I can’t understand why Wenger insists on giving kids like Theo massive contracts and lets players like Cole and Flamini go for the sake of a few quid..


Bendtner..5..What was he supposed to do? The game was over before he came on..He should have started, he’s the reason why we didn’t buy a striker, so whats he doing sat on the bench? If he’s fit enough to be sub he’s fit enough to start.

Rosicky..5..same as Nikki, what was he supposed to do?

Eboue..5..My oh my, just shows the desparation of the situation when we are bringing Eboue on to try get something from the game..

In conclusion i think the title has gone. We’ve totally lost momentum and our heads are down. 1 point from 9 isn’t great reading and we’ve still got Liverpool, Citeh and Spurs to play. So we will drop more points. We are now in a situation where we are relying on our rivals to drop points, but we can’t even rely on ourselves to gain them.

We are out of the domestic cups and I don’t believe for one minute we have a chance in the CL. The CL is a competition for the big boys and we don’t know how to beat any of them so we can forget about that..

Wenger has nobody else to blame but himself. His stupid selection against Stoke cost us dearly and we lost momentum at the wrong time. If he was going to play Cesc he should have played the rest of the 1st team and started off this run of difficult fixtures as he meant to go on, with a win, then played the kids in the next round..

He also knew that we had these run of fixtures and he let the window pass him by without even lifting a finger. Lying to us saying he would buy but once again letting us down..

Mr. Wenger. A goalkeeper who can’t keep, a forward line of munchkins and a defence that can’t defend, may work against the ‘lesser’ teams but when you play the big boys you need a commanding goalie, a solid defence and a Rooney or a Torres or a Drogba to make the difference..

Although we are good enough to make 4th and make a massive financial profit every year so I suppose thats good enough, right??? I cant wait for that open top bus parade at the end of the season celebrating 4th place.

39 Responses to Arsene its simple – You’ve blown it, again!!

  1. rico says:

    Morning peeps

    I don’t know how you had the heart to write that JJ, Good on you…

    Why do we have to be 2-0 down to suddenly show some character and I thought at times we did.

    Clichy was on the post and then went awol when the corner came in to leave Drog an open goal!!

    Why do other teams defend as a team, how many times do you see attackers back defending for them, where were ours on the corners… Why the heck is Drog not marked, how can Almunia get beaten at his post…

    If Nik is fit to be on the bench, why did he not start and take him off when he tires –

    We have nothing up front and right now I don’t feel confident about Wednesday..

    Arsene looked really down hearted in his interview afterwards…

    All I can say is, I don’t know why as its all his doing, a striker bought in January may have just won us the game yesterday…

  2. rico says:

    58% possession, and we still lose, now that just about says it all!!

  3. Womble says:

    Excellent summary. You are honest and realistic but not over the top. Best I’ve read so far. Ta

  4. fineboy says:

    morning very sad..i thought arshavin was simply useless…he had a chance to draw us level but he wasted it.those are the kinda goals rvp scores by chesting first..even diaby would have done better….nasri was utterly useless

  5. Edmond Dantes says:

    Morning guys

    For a minute, I thought I was reading an article from the world famous blog called “Le Emirates.”
    Anyway, that said, I can’t argue with any of the points.


    These guys tried their best but who is the striker to finish the job. How long are we going to wait without strikers? I tired. Wenger is making us to slip to all these club that were afraid of playing arsenal before. What is board really doing to restore the lost glory? With wenger, he is not ready to effect changes but only believe in the set of 19 years guys @ 1.5m ponds. Go for better striker, formidable defender and attacking mid-fielder. Up gunners!

  7. Edmond Dantes says:

    I agree with JJ especially on the FA Cup issue. That was our best chance of winning something with Manure and Chelsea out of that competition. PL and CL glory will always be a long shot. But its all over now.

  8. Ege says:

    Ehm…the statistics and the game in it selves ewas clear: Arsenal WAS the better team. We were extremly unlucky – now that you cant argue.
    The first goal was a team effort from Clichy (who left his post) and Song (who left his man).
    The econd goal was a clear offise on Drogba, when receiving the ball, watch the re-run if you don’t believe me.
    I addition the ref did’nt gave us an obvious penalty, and they forgot to book both Terrys elbow, and Ivanovic sabotage on Fabs run.

    Yes, Drogba outpowreded us, but when we play with 4 men less than Chelsea (the referees)…well, there is not much to expect.

  9. Edmond Dantes says:

    “…never forget that until the day when God shall deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is summed up in these two words, — Wait and hope.”… The Count of Monte Cristo

    We have been doing that for 5 years now and still no end in sight.

  10. rico says:

    Hi all,

    Me too fineboy..

    Ege, welcome to AR – what about AA, he was faffing around on the edge of the box, if you coming back that far, why not mark a player?

  11. rico says:

    Ade R – GK, CH, HM, CF – if we had ‘real ones’ in those positions we would be looking down on all in the league..

    Agree totally with the FA Cup, we should have gone all out to win that competion, had we and ended up winners maybe the young ones would get the taste for silverware…

  12. rico says:

    fineboy – AA’s chance bought out a top class save, Nasri missed a sitter, he forgot to shoot 😦

  13. rico says:

    sitter = great chance 😉

  14. Edmond Dantes says:

    After last season’s CL semi-final humiliation against Manure, a Kenyan Arsenal fan hung himself. The noose is tightening on our season. We will wait and hope for the best. Up the Arsenal!

  15. what a negative piece
    tho have to agree with some points
    But diaby had a good game and the reponse to going behind was good and we were winning the midfield battle
    it just we didn’t have enough penitration.
    For a while chelsea didn’t know which one of us had the ball.
    cheer up ave you’ve only just come back
    roll on wednesday
    with the league being so competive this year you never know

  16. rico says:

    RSD, not so much negative, just the truth sadly 😦

  17. Edmond Dantes says:

    This must be the most negative-Arsene piece I’ve read on this site. Not that Im complaining or anything. Everybody’s opinion should be respected. I thought AR was a pro-Arsene haven. This piece should be sent to the blog, “Le Emirates.” I think it has the sort of flavour that they like over there.

  18. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    Good post Jonjon.. I can see you are hurting.

    Edmond, we have 3 or 4 writers on here It gives differing views on Arsenal. You are welcome to write a headline post if you ever feel like you would like to put over your opinion.

    Joe.. Please read the rules and try to come on again without the name calling.
    Your opinion is very welcome.

  19. K-TR7 says:

    Tactics and poor defending cost us again.on the counter again!we defended poorly for first goal.chavs never got out of first gear,they let us play after being two nil up so dont let possession fool you.nasri again was disappointing,alot of tippy tappy with no end product he couldn’t even shoot.AA for all his brilliance has been poor for the entire season even before playing cf role.last year he played left midfield and was unstoppable,this year he is played further up the pitch and he is so pissed off right now!

  20. rico says:

    Morning ave

    Joe – aren’t you just a little bit hurt by yesterday? Dont you feel frustrated that Arsen has bought just one or two players that would have been able to see games like yesterdays go in our favour?

    Its not negative, its the truth, and that is what hurts, we just write what we see and yesterday showed that when it comes to the other big two, we get pushed aside too easily..

  21. rico says:

    K-TR7 – I know exactly how you feel…

    If we don’t beat the dippers, its going to be a race for 4th again, a win is a must now on Wednesday…

  22. Edmond Dantes says:

    Does anybody read articles from “Untold Arsenal”?
    That blog is the absolute opposite of “Le Emirates.”

    Anyway, had Arsene signed Chamakh in the summer, I think we would have been ok. It would definitely not have hurt. He would have been a typical Wenger buy too. Not too pricey. With Adebayor leaving and RvP’s injury record, another striker would have been ideal. Walcott has not developed well enough. Vela is still inexperienced and Bendnter’s exaggerated self-confidence is sadly misplaced. However, I still like Bendtner. He can give us what we desperately need – a plan B.

  23. Edmond Dantes says:

    *We would have been ok foing forward – more variation in attack. As for the defence – now thats another matter.

  24. fineboy says:

    i’ve never been this down in my entire life

  25. fineboy says:

    i cried for about 30 minutes alone after yesterday’s game.b/4 i realized my tears were of no use

  26. JonJon says:

    im sorry if the post offended…but thats how i feel inside

    im seriously hurt right now…

    i see no positives in taking one point from 9 and getting spanked by the same tactics time and again…we just cant beat the big teams…

    never in all the history of arsenaldom have i seen such a shit, disorganised hurts..

    and it aint the players either..gallas and tv are probably the best in the business…its the tactics that are rubbish…and the muppet between the sticks and LB…dont we work on defending or something??? why the hell in satans toenails did clichy leave his post???

  27. Edmond Dantes says:

    That is some mystery… Clichy leaving his post like that. Also why was Drogba not picked up early enough. They all seemed to be drawn towards Anelka’s diversionary run. TV could have stepped up to play Drogba offside on the second but with the whole defence in disarray, Im not going to blame TV.
    The defending was simply awful.

    We were 2-0 down and I was absolutely devestated. I thought about the time we beat them 3-2 at the Bridge when Kanu scored a hat-trick. Instead of lifing my spirits, that made me even more depressed. Just compare that Chelsea team to the one they have now and vice versa with Arsenal. Enough said.

  28. Edmond Dantes says:

    I wish Arsenal could win things with the current style of play. Its an absolute joy to watch. However, it has been ineffective against Chelsea and Manure of late.

    Even Barca struggled against Chelsea in the CL last season. They only got through to the final with the last kick of the game (thank God for that), or else we would have been bored to death with another Chelsea-Manure game. Im not saying Arsenal are as good as Barca, its just that their styles are similar.

  29. rico says:

    Hi JJ

    Its not negative, we got beat and some of the players let themselves down yet again, they are all frightened by Drogba…

    All you have done is tell it as it was, and very well imho 🙂

    What the team needs to do is pick themselves up, brush themselves down and start all over again, beginning with 3 points on Wednesday!

  30. K-TR7 says:

    Let me tell you what will happen:we will beat the dippers on wednesday then go on a long unbeaten run in cl & pl hope will be raised only for us to fall short in pl and catipulation in latter stages of cl by similar tactics.Eboue deserves a start on wednesday,nasri should be benched and nik should start.we usually need two defeats to wake up.we now hope for RVP to recover if we stand a chance in europe its sad…really sad,but you never know liverpool won the cl with a poor team albeit tactically astute.

  31. rico says:

    K-TR7 – I love your optimism 🙂

  32. K-TR7 says:

    You will see it happen as we destroy teams like burnley and porto at the emirates.if we don’t win vs pool i dread the trip to dragao where we have never won and in my opinion the week break doesn’t help due to loss of momentum.losing at stoke was the beginning of the downfall as was fa cup at trafford in 07-08 fa vs chavs last season.when will arsene learn we are a confidence team?

  33. rico says:

    Lets hope you are right K-TR7

  34. JonJon says:

    to be honest i dont think we have a chance against pool..

    we were lucky to beat them before and they were playing rubbish then…that was the game where wenger told the players they didnt deserve to wear the shirt remember…?

    its different now..rafa has got liverpool playing again, theyve taken 17 points from 21..and we havent won in four…confidence smashed…

    rafa is a master tactitian, especially at putting men behind the ball and hitting on the counter…manure and chelsea have shown the rest the way…

    liverpool will beat us on wednesday..sorry to say..

  35. rico says:

    I was going to say JJ that we are better at home, but the way the mancs ripped us apart…

    Just hope Dirk Kite leaves his boots at home….

  36. rico says:

    I am off for the day, off to night school with the puppies, I am dreading it!!

    I’ll try and get a post up sometime tomorrow, but sadly I don’t have a lot of inspiration after yesterday 😦 😦

  37. Coadsi says:

    Evening all, good post jj. the following is an excerpt from another blog

    A Prediction: How The 2010/2011 Season Will Go
    It’s the same old story every single season, so to make things easier, here’s a check-list of what will happen next season:

    1.The club tell us Arsene has money to spend.
    2.In the summer, we will sell 4 players, bring in 2 and be ’stronger’.
    3.We are told by Arsene Wenger that Arsenal will mount a real title challenge this season, as our squad is more experienced and stronger.
    4.The club are happy that we’ve made a profit.
    5.After a positive start, we will lose a big player to injury before Xmas.
    6.We don’t need to sign anyone, as players returning from injury are just like ‘new signings’.
    7.We don’t bring in anyone in the January Transfer Window.
    8.We throw away the FA Cup.
    9.We’re told that challenging for the league is better than any FA Cup.
    10.Our form suffers and we’re out of the title race by Spring.
    11.We’re told a Top Three finish is better than any FA Cup.
    12.We get to the Quarter/Semi Finals (delete as appropriate) of the Champions League, but go out.
    13.We’re told a Top Four finish is better than any FA Cup.
    14.‘Real’ Arsenal fans tell us that we should be grateful for a Top Four position and all these expectations are unrealistic, we don’t really support the club and we’re spoilt, despite Number 3.
    15.Arsene Wenger tells us finishing in the Top Four is like winning trophies.
    16.Lather, rinse and repeat.
    See you next season.

  38. rico says:

    Hi coadsi, sorry your comment was missed –

    i think everyone is still down hearted

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