Arsene says ‘Captains role is overplayed’ – well John Terry has proved him right! ….

I know, a naughty heading, but Chelsea and England captain has over played, (well over played away from home) and now he has lost the England armband.

I personally think that it is the right decision, but to then give it to Rio Ferdinand, a player who is currently banned for what could be described as an assault on a football pitch and a drug testing dodger, is a bizarre choice in my humble opinion..

If that is the best England can do then how sad!!

I really hope all this Terry stuff causes him problems mentally, by that I mean I hope his concentration and focus on football suffers and he has a dreadful run of form – I also hope the rest of his team follow suit. Funny enough, I hope that begins tomorrow!!

Anyway, back to Arsenal and back to the captain’s role – I thought it was a strange comment for him to make and one that the likes of Tony Adams and Patrick Vieira would strongly disagree with I think!

They lead by example, when the chips were down they didn’t hide or let their heads drop did they? No, they stepped up and fought that bit harder and the rest of the team followed…

Maybe he is just trying to take the pressure off of Cesc a bit, letting him know he doesn’t expect him to suddenly turn into a big mouth in a game. I understand that once the players are on the pitch it’s down to them to perform as individuals but sometimes a bit of a gee up can pick any player up.

I recall when I played, even in the women’s game a captain with a big heart and mouth can help you out when going through a tough moment or two – and my word, our captain had a big mouth!!

But tactically, any change should come from Arsene, or his silent side kick who at times reminds me of the dog on the Churchill car insurance advert – nods a lot and just says yes and no!!

NewsNow have a few titbits about who we are looking at, who we are hoping to buy, but why bother? We don’t seem to buy anyone when we can so I say forget the rumours from now on, well, at least until the day the next transfer window opens!!

Talking of which, Arsene did try and sign a player, sadly though he didn’t realise the window opened on the 1st January. He thought it opened on the 31st and spent all day trying to get his player. Sadly it didn’t work out though and we didn’t get him – we will never know I guess who ‘that player’ was as the boss says he won’t tell us. Rumours are though it was either Remy or Sorensen..

If it is the latter, that has to be good news for us, hasn’t it?

Other little bits from this mornings news, young defender Savic will have to wait until the summer for any decision about joing us and Big Sol wants to go to South Africa – no, not to see the Big Four, but to play for England in the World Cup.

Why not I say, if he shows he is fit enough, what a ‘massive’ player for England to have in their dressing room 😉

Til tomorrow all – have a nice day

20 Responses to Arsene says ‘Captains role is overplayed’ – well John Terry has proved him right! ….

  1. rico says:

    Deco has been in the press saying we have no bottle….

    Well I hope Le Boss makes everyone playing tomorrow read the article over and over – surely that would enough to get them up for the game…

  2. stonroy says:

    so this site is back up again? Great news.

  3. rico says:

    morning stonroy, it is indeed, just 😉

  4. rico says:

    how rude of me stonroy, i didn’t ask how you were doing…

  5. stonroy says:

    Great stuff, keep it up, one of the best opinions out there.

  6. stonroy says:

    I’m fine, all is good in my world Rico 🙂 How are you?

  7. rico says:

    Thanks stonroy – all is good in my world too thanks 🙂

    Just need three points tomorrow to make the weekend perfect, followed by three more on Wednesday.

    Even a draw tomorrow wouldn’t be too bad…

  8. rico says:

    Arsene says

    ‘The team is mentally strong and dedicated. I see them every day and wouldn’t defend them if they didn’t have the right attitude. But they do have to find that final part to win the big games.”

    The final part Arsene is one or two players with experience, experience of having won something. That will then spread throughout the rest!!

  9. stonroy says:

    I sent Gazidis a letter, supposedly they sent it on, not holding my breath on a reply.

  10. rico says:

    good for you stonroy, i doubt you will get any response either – probably sitting in his ‘to difficult tray’

    i really don’t understand sometimes what goes on in the clubs mind – i know the CL brings in lots of money, but for us fans, just one trophy each year would be a start…

    he may trust in the players, but the players let him down so often in the big games surely he can see this!

  11. rico says:

    .Chamakh – I want to join Arsenal
    Moroccan reveals summer wish
    By Patrick Haond Last updated: 6th February 2010

    Chamakh: Set for Premier League

    My choice is to join Premier League and if I could choose, I will go to Arsenal.Marouane Chamakh
    Quotes of the week

    Marouane Chamakh has revealed that he wants to move to England this summer when he becomes a free agent, and has stated Arsenal are the club he wants to sign for.

    A host of teams have been chasing the highly-rated Moroccan international, who is out-of-contract at Bordeaux in the summer, but he has now revealed he wants to sign for The Gunners.

    Arsenal tried to sign the 26-year-old last summer but could not agree terms, but Arsene Wenger has retained his interest.

    However, in recent times Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Everton and Sunderland have all made contact with Chamakh’s representatives – as he is now free to talk terms with any interested clubs.

    Inter Milan, Juventus and Sevilla have also been in touch, but Chamakh has now confirmed that he wants to move to the Emirates.

    “My future? Well, I hold all the cards, I have no reason to be under pressure but everyday passing by, I am a little less a Bordeaux player,” he revealed.

    “My choice is to join Premier League and if I could choose, I will go to Arsenal.

    “Bordeaux has brought me so much. I will soon clearly state things so the club can prepare to find my replacement peacefully.”

    Camakh is full of praise for Bordeaux boss Laurent Blanc.

    “Laurent Blanc has brought us a winning state of mind, he has taught us how to hate defeat,” he told L’Equipe.

    “Both on mental and physical levels, I am at my best. Three years ago, I was still a little crazy. Now I can manage my efforts, which allows me to be more clear-sighted at the end of the match.

    “I have improved, but I can still improve. I am not only happy to play anymore. I have become someone who wants to win. I am more a scorer, but not enough yet. There are too many situations where I still do a pass for a player in a better position.”

  12. rico says:

    I am off for a few hours..

  13. SUGA3 says:

    nice writing rico 😉

  14. rico says:

    Thanks SUGA3…

  15. Alfa says:

    Rico, nice to see you back. Agree completely that Ferdinand is definitely no better than Terry.

  16. rico says:

    Hi Alfa, thanks, Rooney is better than both, and thats saying something 🙂

  17. rico says:

    I’m offski – til tommorrow….

  18. PDT says:

    Good to see this site back up and running! Well done!

    While I am hoping that we will win tonight, I have terrible feeling that we still don’t have enough steel to be able to step up and fight when our backs are against the wall.

    This same team was much stronger when they were younger and played without fear. But we (the fans) have loaded them with so many expectations that they play in fear now. I don’t see the joyousness in their game that we saw a couple of years back.

    I don’t think we need more players…this team is good enough to win the title. But we need a core of three or four players who can hang together and keep the team going when things start going bad. We have a core of such players now – Fab, TV, AA23, TR7 and RvP when he comes back, but except for Fab and RvP, I don’t get a feeling that the rest of them bond very well.

    I really do think that giving the armband to TV or AA would help. I would prefer giving it to TV.

  19. rico says:

    Morning PDT, I will pop your comment on the new post

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