Tomas is happy, Diaby’s a maybe, and Obi’s out to shut down our attack… What attack??

The latter makes me smile somewhat, it wouldn’t several days ago mind you, but from the evidence of last Sunday, we don’t have much of an attack right now, do we?

I thought I would reflect back on this same fixture from last season, well, more like the result, the one that put a huge grin on many a Gooner’s face. We went to Stamford Bridge with every football pundit and fan bar ours, not giving Arsenal a hope in hell of getting a draw, let alone a win, but we shoved it right back in their faces and came away with three points and a whole lot of dignity.

They didn’t even score against us that day either, Djourou scored for them and Robin finished them off with two quick and very stylish goals. 2-1 to us, three points in the bank….

That’s just what we need on Sunday too!!

This is how the two squads lined up that day – 30th November 2008

Chelsea – Cech; Bosingwa; Ivanovic, Terry, Ashley Cole; Mikel; Ballack, Deco, Lampard; Kalou, Anelka.
Subs: Hilario, Malouda, Bridge, Ferreira, Mineiro, Alex, Stoch.

Arsenal – Almunia; Sagna, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy; Denilson, Fabregas, Song Billong, Nasri; Adebayor, Van Persie.
Subs: Fabianski, Vela, Ramsey, Silvestre, Wilshere, Bendtner, Gibbs.

The big player missing for Chelsea that day was Drogba, but otherwise their squad is very similar this season. Of course Bridge isn’t part of their team anymore – good job as well after a certain John ’Thomas’ Terry antics have been aired – I digress! He is supposed to be meeting up with the FA and Fabio before the weekend, so let’s hope the pressure on him rises and he needs to go on gardening leave, wouldn’t it be great if he misses the game….

Funny enough, our squad is very similar to last season too – except we have lost Robin, Djourou, Vela and Gibbs through injury, Wilshere on loan and some big lump for £25M.. !

But my worry is who will play the role that Robin played last season in this game, will Bendtner start, will Theo play through the middle or will Arsene stick with who played against the Mancs – I hope the latter is not the case as I can’t see us getting much joy again!

Saying that though, had the first two opportunities against the Mancs been converted who knows what would have happened, my guess is we would have won. But as we all know, if ifs and buts were pots and pans…….

I am not a fan of Nikki but maybe it’s time to play him alongside Arshavin and see what happens, the little and large combination could just be the solution. Nikki isn’t a clinical finisher, but on his day Arshavin is – Nikki can use his height, knock the ball down into the path of the little man and let him finish in the way we all know he can… Purrrrrrrr

Even back then, despite Djourou scoring the goal for the Chavs, back then the pundits blamed Almunia – I guess some things never change, do they?

So I am hoping for change, maybe we will see this side turn out and bring home all the points…

Sagna TV Gallas Clichy
Cesc Song Diaby
Rosicky Nikki Arshavin

Bench – Walcott, Sol, Traore, Almunia, Nasri, Eastmond, Ramsey

Vela and Eduardo are definitely out, so if need be, we can throw Diaby up top to play striker if changes are needed

Also, if anyone wonders why I leave Denilson out – well, in this fixture last year, 92 minutes into the game and –

‘Bendtner robs Bosingwa and plays it inside the defence for Denilson, running through on goal. It’s a glorious chance, but an excitable first touch is too heavy and Cech is out like a shot to smother the, er, shot’ –

That’s the reason why, along with many others 😉

Tomas Rosicky has said again that he is a very happy man having signed his new contract so now he is fit and happy, let’s just hope his play gets better and better – he is a quality player and maybe he will be the one who has a big part to play in what we win or don’t this season. Just pray he stays fit!

Finally, and stealing updates from Young Guns – we are yet to make a decision on the two players currently on trial, Galindo and Savic – we will have to ‘watch this space’ on that…

I am sure Avenell Road will sneak a ‘get us up and ready’ post on Sunday..

Have a nice day you all – thanks for that Stan….


47 Responses to Tomas is happy, Diaby’s a maybe, and Obi’s out to shut down our attack… What attack??

  1. rico says:

    Good morning…

  2. kassa says:

    sagna Tomas v. W. Gallas clchy

    cesc song Diaby Nasery

    wallcote Arshvin

    Bench Eboua, Rosiky, sol camball. Ramsy, almunia.Bendetner.

  3. Song is King says:

    I don’t know if hoping for John Terry miss this Sunday game would give us lots of benefit. Man Utd was without Vidic and Ferdinand for f**k sake yet, we failed to beat them. That says a lot about our attacking front. It’s hard to see us beat Chelsea this weekend but I hope the lads will prove me wrong.

  4. rico says:

    Welcome to Avenell Road Song and kassa

    I forgot Eboue is back and playing..

  5. rico says:

    Terry is due to meet the FA today, any action they take against him could have a huge impact on him mentally – if he is ‘down’ about it, it could also carry on through the Chelsea camp – fingers crossed..

  6. Gunners forever says:

    sorry guys if u disagree with me … but .. clinchy,denlison, arshavin, galas should b rested oh plus almunia , so it leave only

    sagna, Tv, sol, traore,
    on bench: arshavin,eastmond,eboue,walcott,gallas,fanbiaski,diaby.

  7. scottygooner says:

    Ramsey on instead of Diaby, Nasri instead of Rosicky

  8. rico says:

    GF and scotty – welcome aboard..

    GF, five in midfield? not a bad five, but I can’t see AW going on the defensive personally

    scotty, i think if Diaby is fit, AW will risk him, with Song alonsgside he offers a lot going forward..

    wouldn’t surprise me if Diaby even plays in the front three..

  9. Edmond Dantes says:

    Morning all

    Recently we have been humiliated by Chelsea and Manure. This has to come to an end sooner rather than later. I hope that its on Sunday. But it will be very difficult.

  10. rico says:

    Morning Edmond

    Can’t disagree with that, we have to stop losing against them, the dippers are up next and what would be better than a win against the rich kids to get our confidence up sky high..

  11. Edmond Dantes says:

    We need some variety in our attack for Sunday so I hope Bendtner and Diaby are involved. Against Manure there was too much like for like. Arsenal need a proper plan B. The injury to Rvp is unfortunate though.

  12. Edmond Dantes says:

    Hopefully the Chavs are preoccupied with the Terry saga. Afraid that he may bone more wags.

  13. rico says:

    Ed, the Terry saga could really fly today, if Capello hoofs him out 😛

  14. terry bull says:

    Mannone ? Ok…. (one swallow doesn’t make a summer – he had one good game v fulham and about 7 dodgy games where he was always at fault for a goal)

    He is very poor – the weakest from 3 average goalkeepers.

    Almunia should stay in between the sticks as he is the best of a very bad bunch

  15. rico says:

    Morning Terry, but we didn’t lose a game with him in goal…

    Almunia and Fabianski are having a really bad time at the moment, they need a wake up call…

  16. Minimum Backlift says:

    Alright lads. Also being an idiotic optimist, I fancy us getting something on Sunday. We’ll need Diaby and Bendtner to play though. I bet no-one expected anyone to say that a year ago.

  17. rico says:

    Hi MB, welcome to Avenell Road

    Spot on, I wouldn’t have said that about either player, still have my doubts about Nik too..

  18. rico says:

    MB, and lasses 😉

  19. Minimum Backlift says:

    Oh, of course. Sorry girls! Yeah, we’ll see Nikki looks good as a central striker for Denmark, but I just hope he’s not afraid to get stuck into Terry and Carvalho, so they can’t just stroll around like they did at the Grove.

  20. terry bull says:

    rico – good morning.

    too true, but bar the fulham game I could have played in goal and the team would have won !

  21. GD says:

    1st line-up:
    Sagna T.Ver. Gallas Eboy
    Song Diaby
    Rosicky Cesc Arshavin

    Bench: N.B,Nasri,Ramsey,Eastmond,Sol,Traore,Fabanski

  22. rico says:

    Thats me today MB 🙂

    Do you think Terry will play?

    I would start Nik – he needs to start doing something and spot on about getting stuck in.. I really hope Diaby starts too, he could cause all sorts of problems for them, his pace, height etc, just hope he knows which goal to aim at 😉

  23. rico says:

    terry – well get your boots on 😉

    I know we all moan and groan about signings that haven’t happened, but if we just had a class keeper we would be 50% better imho..

    Chesney looks to be the man in a few years…

    I think though we all know he will stick with Almunia…

  24. rico says:

    Morning GD, sorry for the delay, welcome..

    Eboue at LB – I don’t think he is a left sided player, last time he played on the left he came on from the bench and was then subbed after all the boos.

    He is good cover for Sagna, but I personally wouldn’t chance him of the left ever again..

  25. GD says:

    Thank you Rico,

    I know well that but I believe he is better than current performance of Clichy in that place.
    Would you remember last year away match with Man.Utd and Champions league games before last year?

    Good stay

  26. rico says:

    GD, Clichy is a nightmare right now, Nani made him look silly, we will have to agree to differ on the Eboue playing left 😉

    I sure do recall those games… why?

  27. rico says:

    I think if Diaby isn’t fit, AW will go for Eboue on the right side of Song, in hope that he can keep tabs on Cashley..

  28. rico says:

    Thats if he sticks to three in the middle..

    He may very well of course revert to the old 442

  29. GD says:

    Hello Rico

    Yes, Eboue contributed a good performance on those games in terms of defending and attacking activities.

    I will agree with you (with your opinion: other than Clichy and Traore)


  30. Minimum Backlift says:

    Yeah, I reckon Terry will play no matter what happens with him today. But he might be effected. He’s rubbish anyway. Also, i’ve heard a lot about Roger Chestney recently, just wondering if anyone’s seen him play, for the reserves or for Brentford, and what was so impressive.

  31. rico says:

    🙂 GD, we don’t have to agree, we all see things differently, that’s healthy – its only our own opinions…

    MB, haven’t seen him play, but the reviews about him from B’ford have been good – still only 18 as well I think.. Didn’t he break his hands/arms in a freak gym accident last year..

  32. rico says:

    Wojciech Szczesny – ah, he is 19 years old, not 18..

  33. Minimum Backlift says:

    Yeah only we can have a team whose best keeper is 19, plays in League One and broke both his arms!

    Oh well – Up the Gunners!

  34. rico says:

    🙂 MB, could only be us…

  35. GD says:

    Rico,that’s good.

    But I am full confident Eboue can well perform in the left back also as I saw before.

    Regarding Wojciech Szczesny, he is not accessible for the rest of the season since he is at a loan.However,I hope that he may be Arsenal No.1 for next season.As a result, the competition will be only between the ‘Little Buffon’ and him. Let the other average keepers terminate Arsenal.


  36. rico says:

    know he is on loan for the season, but MB was aking if we had seen him play as his reviews are very good..

    there is suggestion that AW tried for sorrenson on the last day of the window – i have stolen that news from LG

    Szczesny will be our no1 eventually, i am sure ..

  37. Edmond Dantes says:

    Le Grove is responsible for most of the Anti-Wenger propaganda out there. I had the misfortune of posting comments on that site a few times. Let me tell you that my pro-Wenger stance was attacked incessantly.

  38. avenell says:

    Hi Edmond..

    I’m not saying I agree or not.. 😉

    But some Avenell Roadsters came from LG. It is a bit radical to some I suppose, but to be honest I prefer it to the site that just shows blind faith.

    We try not to discuss other sites on here because it has ended up in a blog war, we like to talk Arsenal and not about other blogs.

    We have picked a few up who have had a few problems on there, but they come on angry, like this is a place to slag LG off, which it isn’t.

    Also rico still blogs there so it makes it a bit awkward for her..

  39. Edmond Dantes says:

    Hi avenell

    I also don’t really like the sites that advocate “blind faith” in Arsene. Constructive criticism is important even if it be directed at Arsene. He is after all, charged with the task of bringing trophies to the Arsenal (which has not happened in a while.)

    I am an ardent supporter of Wenger but I don’t think his sole mandate is to only win trophies. So thats why people can’t be too harsh with him.

  40. Edmond Dantes says:

    AW’s problem is that he believes some of the players are better than they actually are. His transfer policy is the biggest debating point and thats what seems to be dividing fans.

  41. avenell says:

    Exactly.. Arsene has nearly taken us through a very difficult period in our history.

    No other club has moved ground and stayed so successful, If he had the Dippers or the Man U’s budget on top to buy players we would probably be in £600million debt now. With no guarentee’s of a trophy.

    I just hope fans have the patience to let him see this project reep fruition.

  42. rico says:

    I’m back 🙂

    But I have to add, I can also see why fans are calling for the axe to fall of the boss.. I am not one of them by the way…

    The headline on stinks, it’s an insult to all of us fans imho…

  43. rico says:

    Terry has been sacked ….

  44. rico says:

    Thats me done – night night to anyone reading…

  45. SUGA3 says:

    good ‘un rico 😉

    would love to see Szczesny becoming no.1 sooner rather than later – fella has more talent that the other three combined 😉

  46. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    You’ve made more come backs than Sol Campbell. Well just as many actually 😉

  47. rico says:

    Morning george, good to see you – more than Take That too 🙂

    New post

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