We need heart and Sol today…

January 17, 2010

Blow the transfer rumours, paps and press and lets put in a performance to make the football pundits start to believe that a big chunk of humble pie could soon have to be eaten!

I say lets get to Bolton, play the best eleven fit, make Coyle think he should have stayed at Burnley and we come home with three points.

Then on Wednesday when they turn up at our fortress the knees will be knocking, the confidence low and we can give them a lesson in football.

We have a midfield without Denilson, Ramsey and Song, great eh!! But what we do have which will make all the difference is our little magician back.

I don’t rate Denilson much anyway, so his loss is no big deal in my eyes, but the question is who does the boss play alongside Cesc?

Well on here and many other blogs, suggestion is to play TV there, I was all against splitting up the defensive pair but maybe today could just be the day to give it a try?

Let Sol play alongside Gallas and TV alongside Cesc…

Here is my team for today and we all know I am usually wrong so I expect to be again today 🙂

Sagna Gallas Sol Clichy
Cesc TV Traore/Rosicky
Nasri Eduardo Arshavin

We all know Manure and Chelsea won yesterday, today is about not letting them sneak away, keep the gap as it is and then pounce when they are not looking 🙂

Oh, and Happy Birthday kelsey….


Swap one Phil for another?? Galindo signing confirmed! ……………..

January 16, 2010

Our Big Phil wants out, we all know that, and rumours are still around that David Moyes wants him at Everton – and need another top notch defender to be there in case TV or Gallas get injured. I know we have Silvestre and Big Sol but if either Gallas or Vermaelen suffered a long term injury would they have the legs to play every two or three days?

Why don’t we be really cheeky and try and do a deal for Phil Jagielka at the same time, we could even offer another player in the same deal – maybe Almunia? Now I know I can’t go wrong with that suggestion……

Just a thought…..

Only a couple of days ago when discussing the ‘D’ word, someone mentioned that Mark Randall seldom goes out on loan, if at all – so spooky that yesterday he signed up for MK Dons for the rest of the season. Great move for him, playing under a tough old beast like Paul Ince, if he can’t teach him a good old fashioned tough tackle, I don’t know who can – this I think will be make or break – like Big Raddy I think it’s the latter, but I am all for being proved wrong.

He goes straight into the squad to face Hartlepool, so let’s hope he scores the winning goal against a side supported by Jeff Stelling, one of many Sky Sports pundits who think we have no chance of winning anything this season!

Also out on loan for the rest of the season, and going Posh is Kerrea Gilbert.

Suggestion is that Kyle Bartley, Craig Eastmond, Gilles Sunu and Sanchez Watt could all be following him out the door on loan – in order to allow the likes of Oguzhan Ozyakup and Ignasi Miquel to step up to the Reserves.

Just as we were all getting excited about this new kid who was supposed to be signing soon, Sergio Canales – our old boss has poured cold water all over the story when asked if it was true.

“No,” said Wenger at his press conference when asked about links with Canales. He added: “I can only say no because it is no.”

Anyone believe him? Me neither! Do you remember Jim on Vicar of Dibley? Me too, this story definitely has a yes to it!

Arsene has Cesc and Clichy are back in the squad for Sunday, that’s great news, Walcott still has an injury – I just wish the latter would get fit and get a good run of games – he needs it and so do all of us. I want us all to see that ‘Liverpool run’ a few more times this season, maybe the critics will change their opinion then, but not until then I guess…

No more than two weeks for Theo says Arsene – mme we will see 😉

During an interview on AFC.com, Wenger hinted that a need for new blood still remained.

“Let’s say that Bendtner’s return would put us less in a position of need, but if we still find a bargain you never know. With Robin van Persie still missing we just might be in need of somebody.”
Does that make anyone else think we could see a last minute signing? Might that just make you stay up until midnight on the 31st January?

Suggestion in that Nik is now out until February!!

We have been linked with:-

Osasuna defender Cesar Azpilicueta, he is 20yrs old and would cost around £12M, so I can’t see any truth in this one.

Ex Birmingham City forward Mauro Zarate, he is valued higher than Azpilicueta.

Milos Krasic – CSKA Moscow winger has turned down Citeh saying he wants to play for Manure or us.

Imagine if we got all three – would we be happy?

The signing of Bolivian midfielder Samuel Galindo from Real America for an undisclosed fee has now been confirmed on AFC.Com – but he will go straight out loan overseas.

Finally, yesterday an old boy of Arsenal finally signed on the dotted line until the end of the season and talking of old boys, one of our bloggers has become a year older today.

He shares his birthday with many, one is an ex spud, Martin Jol, another is a model, Kate Moss, but the most significant is Nikki ‘pink boots’ Bendtner….

Added to them, about a year ago Avenell Road was set up – so happy birthday to Avenell Road too, you have come a long way. That is down to all of us, owners, writers and bloggers alike. Here’s to another successful year ahead.

Last though, but not least Many Happy Returns Kelsey, he has been posting on Avenell Road since the beginning – 40th is it ??????? 😛

Who is Right?

January 15, 2010

Rasputin Says:

The problem over recent years has been that once an emerging player comes good, we then struggle to keep hold of them. Obviously we have stated that Cesc is not for sale and we can do that with confidence because he has been unequivocal in his wish to stay. But, if he’d said he wanted to go, we’d have to sell. He’d be far more honourable than Hleb was in the process. We have to accept that in the UK we are the 3rd largest club in terms of achievement and much lower in terms of available funds. With the European big boys we are 7th or 8th in terms of footballing attraction. Arsene is a huge asset in attracting players, but when we have lost talent that we have nurtured it has generally gone to one of those ‘bigger clubs’.

It would be an absolute disaster to develop the likes of Song and Diaby into world class players only to lose them when they begin to peak – even if we do make a handsome profit. At least we would stand a better chance of buying / retaining world class players if we could compete on the wages front.

London Says:

Can I take you up on your comment?

“The problem over recent years has been that once an emerging player comes good, we then struggle to keep hold of them.”

Can you name a player because I cannot think of a single example and I am sure you do not mean players that were sold because they were no longer wanted ala Henry, Vieira, Petit, Overmars etc?

“When we have lost talent that we have nurtured it has generally gone to one of those ‘bigger clubs’.”

Yet again struggling to think of an example, would you oblige?

“At least we would stand a better chance of buying / retaining world class players if we could compete on the wages front.”

We may regard Cesc as being loyal but he would not still be at the club if he wasn’t getting paid properly. So I ask once again who do you mean?

The problem as I see it is that these are myths perpetuated by other blogs; well, one other blog in particular, to improve their ratings where as the reality, as I see it, is that they  have very little to do with the truth.

Arsenal, get rid of some dross, and find a new boss!! Well done Reading…

January 14, 2010

Before you all shout and scream, declare undying love and appreciation for Arsene Wenger, I am not referring to him – Got it?

No, this is about getting rid of a few who we think will never come up to scratch, those who have been playing on borrowed time at a club that deserves the best.

This is also about what we miss, what we need to give us more clout on the pitch in the Premiership League, someone who can boss the game, lead the game and lift all the others around him!

What we need is a ‘New Boss’!

No no no, I don’t mean we need a new captain, Cesc is doing just fine – he shows he is boss by the way he performs, his goals and his celebrations – he just loves us..

But, on the day that Sol has supposedly signed, cast yourselves back to when Sol was at the heart of our defence – the way he shouted, organised the defence and along with it, most of the team. Oh how I wish Sol was ten years younger but with the same big heart.

So when I say Boss, that is what I mean, we need a Sol kind of a man, an Adams kind of a man just to keeps the teams focused and firing on all cylinders during each and every game.

I honestly think that Song one day could be that man, if he was to find his vocal chords, but I think he is more like Cesc, just goes about his business in a controlled quiet way but you can usually count on him to put his shift in.

That player has to be either a midfield man or a central defender – and apart from Vermaelen, we don’t have any other player who could ever fill that role, do we?

I thought the signing of Sol Campbell was one of the most stupid things Arsene has done in the last week, but having listened to others maybe it is not such a bad thing, maybe?

If he can bring his attitude, desire to win, his experience, blood and guts attitude to our changing room, then it may just turn out to be one of the most clever things Arsene has done in a while..

Like most things our manager does, time will tell!

But I still believe we need a CH and a HM with the same attitude that Sol and Big Tony had in their day!

On the flip side, I think it is time to ship a few out – On the day that Craig Eastmond has signed a new contract, we have to realise we also have a whole big bunch of players who are doing nothing other than taking a wage…

Do I dare list mine…… Well I am going to, and I know you will all shoot me down!

Eboue- undecided
Bendtner – not sure
Diaby – not sure

I am sure there are many more you want to add to that list, some you don’t agree on – why not name them?

But seriously, how much money are we wasting on these players. I am sure not all them have great big salaries, but they all chip away at our finances, and for what end result?

Just think, if we sold just half of those listed above, maybe we could pay David Villa, Torres, or any other great players’ wages.

Don’t get me wrong though, we also have many up and coming players that deserve all they get, and one man in particular is a lad called JET 🙂

Finally, Huge Well Done to Reading Football Club – they truly deserved what they got last night – I watched on my television, 22 miles from the Mad Stad, and I am chuffed to punch for them…. 🙂

Are You a Madman Arsene, or Just Pure Genius?

January 13, 2010

When I first heard that Sol was heading back to Arsenal, my first reaction was a shrug of the shoulders and rotate both hands from palms down to palms up at the same time. Really it’s like signing a new tea lady he won’t get many games anyway.

Morally this isn’t the best move.. A fair number of people were against Flamini coming back. when Jonjon did a post a week or so ago, but at least Flamini honours his contracts. First of all Sol did to the Spuds exactly what Mathieu did to us, which is funny when the boot is on the other foot of course.
He had a year left on his contract when he left us to move “abroad” to Portsmouth,  he owes us for that, a retrospective buy out clause perhaps.

Then he sets himself up for a lovely little retirement package at Notts County, not just for a while but they were prepared to pay him top dollar wages until he reaches 40 years old, not happy there he walks out after one game.
I think this is out of order really and sums up what is wrong with football, players have too much power. If Notts County sacked him and said sorry Sol no wages until the time the contract was to run there would be all hell to pay.

But then I watched him on SSN playing for the reserves on Tuesday night and I tell you what, I saw what Arsene saw in training Sol has still got it, I’m sure of it: diving headers, intercepting play, he looks twice the player that Silvestre has for us, okay some might say he is twice the size of Tweety, he has put a bit of timber on.. also it wasn’t that long ago he did a job for England when there was a centre half shortage.

Sol does have a bit of pedigree with us as well, play him against the Spuds, that should help the atmosphere and if the spud fans abuse him they could get docked points, just enough to keep them out of the top 4 😉

So I am coming around to the idea a bit now. I also thought in the summer Patrick would have been a good signing. It was funny the other day when big Tone said he had spoke to Paddy and he was going to jack it in or play in the States, then he got an offer from Citeh.. That reminded me of the Only Fools and Horses sketch when Boycie was going to scrap a lime green Cappri Ghia and Del phoned up with a couple of hundred quid in his pocket. “I have just the car for you Del Boy”..

To back up the signing of a 35 year old, Sky also listed Henrik Larrson he was the same age when he joined Manure and only a year younger when he took us apart in the Champions League final. Other notable oldies were Laurent Blanc and Vialli so perhaps Arsene does know!

The clown on Talk Sport in the morning suggested we lacked ambition and what would Djourou think.. Not ever researching the fact that Johan will be out for most of the season and it is out of respect to him that Arsene hasn’t signed a centre half in his prime and a more mature player won’t send him further down the pecking order..

Speaking of madness, what about this for a signing.. I am cringing as I write..

Take Berbatov off of Man U.. gulp.. I think he would be the ideal player to head our front 3.. He is lazy but he can finish in the air and on the ground and his link play is a teeny bit like the great DB10’s (of course not as good), he could come cheap as Fergie has dropped him a few times and their financial situation means they are a selling club now..

I’ll get my coat..

Why doesn’t Wenger Sign Fernando Torres?

January 13, 2010

Wouldn’t you want the chance to be jumped at if he became available? Well, if rumours are true that Liverpool are burdened with £174 million pounds worth of debt and the owners are at each others throats, over the spiralling costs of the play thing they bought but are now getting bored with, then the idea of them selling their most prized asset may not be completely out of the question.

I always find it interesting to read how much people value him at, Lewyd24 suggested 30 million and W.A.H.T went further by suggesting that it would be the best forty million we ever spent; I certainly agree with the sentiment, the only problem is that the plan is flawed.

If Liverpool’s owners agreed among themselves to sell Torres, then common sense dictates that they would want to get the highest price possible and no one, bar, no one on the planet can out bid Man City, so would there really be any point in even making a bid when the certain outcome would be that we lose the bidding war and have to suffer the embarrassment of being made to look inferior by financial comparison?

The answer to me is no, we can bid 40 million until we are blue in the face and we won’t get Torres; but, as they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat: we have a weapon in the armoury that should always be exploited to the max before we give up all hope of ever seeing Torres play along side Fabrégas at the Emirates – the weapon is, off course, the Wenger factor.

When it was fully realised that Van Persie was out for what is going to be the best part of the season Wenger made a statement the following day saying that he would be in the market for a new striker when the window opened. This seemed a reasonable statement to make; he later added the proviso that any potential signing would have to be better than what we already had. Personally, I didn’t think this addition necessary as it seems obvious that that would and always should be the criteria.

So how is this going to get Torres? There is only one way that this is going to happen and that is if he decides that he wants to leave Liverpool to come and play at the Emirates. Arsenal can afford forty million and I am convinced that they would pay it but it would need a statement of this nature which would make City back off as the last thing they need is another expensive star on their books who doesn’t really want to be there, ala Robiniho.

Wenger’s statement about entering into the transfer market sends a clear message to any top class striker who might be disgruntled with his present club that Arsenal are ready and willing to welcome them to the home of football.

I suggested, not too long ago, that the worst thing that could happen would be for David Villa to sign to another club only to later tell us that he would have liked to have come to Arsenal if only he had known that we were interested in him. Wenger’s early announcement makes sure that this scenario does not happen. So if you are reading this Señor Villa or Señor Torres, get in touch.

A regular blogger who I have a lot of respect for said that he found the idea that Arsenal need to advertise as being sad. It took me a while to work out what he meant before remembering that there was, of course, a time when the name Arsenal was powerful enough to attract the crème de la crème of British strikers, considering it as a privilege and an honour to play at the home of football: just listen to Malcolm Macdonald and Charlie Nicholas, if you need proof, when they talk about how highly they regarded the opportunity to play for Arsenal.

I suppose it is sad that things have changed but changed they have and not all for the worse. We were big fish in a small pond back then and able to attract the UK’s finest. The biggest change is that we are no longer just competing with Man U, as we always have, we are now also competing with the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona for the signatures of Europe’s, if not the worlds, finest players which clearly indicates to me just how far we have come. We may not have the financial clout of Man City but if by advertising Wenger can increase the possibility of attracting players of Torres or Villa’s calibre then I say — do it.

Saha? nah, it’s more likely to be Watt!

January 12, 2010

So its day twelve in the Big Transfer House, and still nothing – is anyone really surprised? No, me neither, but I’m sick and tired of wondering who we will /won’t be buying, checking NewsNow every hour in hope that news will sneak in.

All we get is TV saying we need to tighten up the defence and the Fran Merida saga goes on… and on! AA says we need a miracle to win anything, Saha could leave Everton, Carlton Cole could leave West Ham and Joe Cole is set to leave Chelsea on a free – phew, that’s a lot, but we all know that none of them will be snapped up by our leader!

The Daily Mail are stepping up their story about us getting Saha – again, time will tell!

I thought today I would take this opportunity to write about something different, the England Cricket Team…!

Ok, only joking!!

Seeing as our fine leader trusts so much in our youth, I want to write about one of the players tipped to make it at Arsenal – we have seen a little bit of him in the first team, but mainly he is still employed in the Under 18’s.

The boys name is Herschel Sanchez Watt, born 14th February 1991 in London, England.

Typical Arsene, his position is midfielder/striker, and a bit short at 5’11”!!

Sanchez first played for us when he was seven years old and he has taken the usual path through the ranks until his debut for the first team, September 22nd last year, the match was against West Bromwich Albion in the third round of the Carling Cup – a game we won 2-0 and he scored! In doing so he became the 85th player to score on their debut for us!

Can anyone name the previous 84??? 😉

In September 2008, Watt broke a bone in his leg which kept him out of the first half of the 2008/9 season – four months he missed in total, but returned just before the Academy’s winter break. His career from that day has got better and better. During the same season, he signed his first professional contract.

Some reports say he has been a lifelong Gooner, but others suggest he was a Liverpool fan in his younger years and his dream was to score at Anfield for them in the Premier League. I think we will all believe the first bit there, after all, why would a kid born in London support a team up north somewhere – mme, maybe I should get my nephew to answer that one

Steve Bould rates him very highly, he says that Watt’s biggest asset is his physical ability; he is quick and pretty powerful and can score good goals!

Steve – Any goal is a good goal 🙂

Bouldy does also say that he needs to work on his one touch game, link play and learn to bring others into the game a bit more – despite that, he is a very exciting prospect.

Watt says the best side of his game is his work rate, his worst being his right foot! Another lefty in a team of lefties! And after his little chip in the FA Youth Cup Final Bould is right, he can score good goals! The week he was part of the side that won the double as the Academy Premier League title was won. Not a bad season, eh?

The question is, will he be the striker to step forward, will he be given his chance if the likes of Eduardo, Nikki B, Vela and Theo keep failing (I know some are injured) and if he is given his chance, do we think he is good enough right now to take it??

We have seen a few cameo appearances – are you convinced? Or, what about Sunu or JET?

What do you all think, who is the best player in the youth/academy to step up and make his mark if injuries persist and we don’t sign anyone?