Hasta La Vista Bolton.. (mucho)..

We went into this easy game full of confidence and knowing that a win by two clear goals we would be on top of the League. Unfortunately as per usual, we were too full of confidence, Bolton were never going to be voluntary lambs for the slaughter.

We picked a strong team, even if a couple of the players picked were not my favourites, the options were not that great and they should have been up for the job in hand.

We started off as we normally do, lethargic and after a poor attempt at a header by Diaby and a mix up from Vermaelen and Clichy we was a goal down.

After we make a few chances mainly from Cesc including Bolton’s Davies heading on to his own bar. Bolton get the ball in our box and Denilson makes the most stupid of tackles from behind and gives a penalty away, only for Almunia to do all the hard work, diving the right way, but goes too far and the ball skittles in through him somehow.. 2-0 down.

We needed a goal before HT and sure enough Tommy Gun rattles the ball past Jaaskelainen at his near post, I thought Tommy deserved more credit for the power in the shot as the keeper was rooted to the spot.

Second Half Bolton tried to fire themselves up again, but Arsenal was the dominating team now and Cesc should have had another penalty that was the carbon copy of the one at the Reebok on Sunday. but blah, blah. Blah.. so what.

After some determined runs the ball breaks for a 50/50 between Gallas and Davies. Gallas produces a 12 bore shotgun and shoots the Bolton player, well not really but the way the press are reacting this morning he may as well have done.
He was late in the tackle and fouled Davies a yellow at worst, but the ref who was about 15 feet away waves play on.
Arsenal should have taken no notice of the ref and should have kicked the ball into touch. Instead the dirty cheats score a goal through Cesc..

From a corner the next goal came TV jumped up for a header that he never won cleanly, the ball broke and he allowed the ball to come on to his strongest side and he clipped it into the goal.

The last goal came from a rampaging run from four of our most technical players straight through the middle, the quick footed Arshavin buried it 4-2 the comeback was complete.
It could have been 5 but on another break Arshavin decided not to pass to substitute Walcott who was free in the penalty area deciding it was a better option to go it alone.. Is Andrei saying something about our 60k a week man?

Almunia… 7.. Today he managed to do a few great saves but disappointing on the penalty.

Sagna.. 7.. Solid performance, Neither of the goals came from his side of the field. Didn’t offer too much going forwards.

Gallas.. 7. A few years ago when men were men his actions would have been condoned for the way he protected his vulnerable team or indeed if it was the great JT, but no today he is a public enemy and the UN are thinking of invading France.

Vermaelen.. 8 .. The coolest centre half in the whole wide world.

Clichy 7.. Good to have Gael back, I forgot the energy he brings to the team, even though not yet match fit.. Committed himself too much, but at least he tries.

Denilson.. 5 .. Better in the second half.

Diaby.. 6.. I still don’t really know what he adds to the team or his actual role, he loses the ball then chases back and wins it again.

Cesc Fabregas.. 9.8.. The heartbeat of the team again, the best midfield player in the whole wide world..

Rosicky 8.. We should have sacked Tomas when he was injured we were idiots keeping this sick note. He’s back you doubters.

Arshavin..7.5 .. He never seems to look like he is playing that well, then bang the damage is done a frustrating player, but he’s our frustrating player.

Eduardo..7.. A lot of people are saying this guy as lost a yard of pace, I’m not sure if that was ever his game, he makes space with his quality and that is coming back with his confidence.

I didn’t see the subs play much so I cannot really comment..

I loved the smug Arsene after the game in his interview, That’s why we support the Arsenal, against all odds and the will of the media we will succeed.

What a great way to go into the hardest 4 Premiership games of the season.


91 Responses to Hasta La Vista Bolton.. (mucho)..

  1. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters… sorry it’s late today but we don’t get much time after the highlights..

  2. Rasputin says:

    Morning ave,

    I agree with your assessment except for AA, I don’t find him frustrating at all. I am always excited when he’son the ball because he is always likely to produce some magic like the turn that left the 2 Bolton defenders looking sooooo stupid in that late chance.

    We may not rate Diaby that highly, but he’d be one of my first names on the team sheet with the current list of missing personnel. Diaby over Denilson every day for me.

  3. avenell says:

    Morning Rasputin..

    Yeah I have no problem with him, I just want him to turn it on all the time, but it cannot happen like that I know.
    As long as he keeps trying.

  4. rc says:

    the next few games we need to “hold back” the defenders as we will be hit by counter attack, especially villa away. for this part we may need to have diaby fit quickly from the calf injury from last night.

    we are missing song and it has shown his true value to the team whilst away in africa, i have a feeling if cameroon are knocked out we will not buy a midfielder, but if they go through you may well see somone come in to help the sudden influx of midfield injuries

  5. Rasputin says:

    You heard it on here first and from meeeeeee

    ….. “Klaas-Jan Huntelaar’s agent has confirmed to Soccernet the AC Milan striker is attracting interest from the Premier League and that a deal could be possible in what remains of the transfer window”

    I love the purposeful way ‘The Verminator’ struts around the pitch … wouldn’t it be great to add ‘The Hunter’ with some more Scandinavian attitude ….

  6. wandarah says:

    mark for diaby seems ludicrously low.

  7. avenell says:

    Morning rc.. you are free to blog now..

    Rasp.I have a feeling the dippers and Man U are more desperate than us, although skint they will be skinter if they drop out of the top 4 or don’t win anything so I am not buiding up hope yet..

  8. avenell says:

    Morning wandarah.. Did Diaby do anything then?

  9. avenell says:

    Oh Bollox… I forgot the HAPPY BIRTHDAY rico.. 😳

    Happy Birthday rico.. enjoy your day.. 🙂

  10. Rasputin says:

    You’re probably right ave … but have they got any money?

    Davies won every header last night, The Hunter vwould do the same for us and unlike Bolton, we’d have the players around him to capitalise.

  11. Rasputin says:

    ricoooooo….. I didn’t know it was your birthday …… MANY HAPPY RETURNS … 😉 🙂 ;P

  12. aidan daley says:

    I was reading blogs before the game, as I have read many times before, that Arsenal always whine and moan about the over physical approach teams, especially teams such as Bolton, employ when playing Arsenal. There was one in particular from a Bolton blogger who
    was clearly saying Arsenal are afraid of playing against hard men in a hard game. It is unfortunate that Davis has a broken ankle but as all the other fans of HARDMAN teams have pointed out…..ITS A MANS GAME.
    I am sorry Davis is injured but it’s about time Arsenal fought back and played dirty when needed because plenty of teams have been doing that for years against us. Well done Arsenal and F*** Off
    back to the Championship where you belong Bolton

  13. avenell says:

    Morning aidan.. good comments mate and welcome to Avenell Road.

  14. Rasputin says:

    Maybe the likes of Mickey Quin (or is it quim) will give us some credit now for competing in ‘a man’s game’ 😕

  15. Freddie says:

    Whats up Bolton? Dont you like it up you? Arsenal are not a punchbag – We bite back – hahaha

  16. avenell says:

    Hi Freddie… The refs never protect us so sometimes you have to deal with the bullies in your own way..

    Mind you I don’t think Gallas meant it.. he was just running and tackling at the same time. and his weight came down on davies’s ankle..

    They were saying on the radio that it was a lot worse that Taylors on Dudu.. ????

  17. Rasputin says:

    Kieron Gibbs is out for the rest of the season…

  18. avenell says:

    That’s a shame.. but I don’t think he would have got many games now Clichy is back..

  19. Rasputin says:

    Gallas was mad that he’d given the ball away and lunged in .. I think he was more angry with himself than trying to injure the player.

  20. AndyW says:

    The problem is that Wenger would want to see tackling taken out of the game. He whinges about how other teams play and there was not a single bad tackle coming from a Bolton player in either game. They were hard and physical but not dirty. Gallas meant to do an injury. I really believe it was his intention. That’s the difference. Playing hard and intentionally going into a tackle to do an injury to a fellow professional is totally different and Gallas over stepped the mark.

  21. Rasputin says:

    As regards to kicking the ball out of play, Everton didn’t do that when Denilson went down, the FA rules are clear …. it’s down to the referee to stop the game if he deems it necessary.

  22. Rasputin says:

    This is good news ……

    ……. Arsenal defender William Gallas will not face retrospective disciplinary action from the FA following his late tackle on Bolton’s Mark Davies in the 4-2 Premier League win at Emirates Stadium.

    However, it is understood referee Alan Wiley at the time viewed the challenge as two players coming together, and so allowed play to continue. No separate disciplinary proceedings can be implemented, as the FA do not re-official matches.”

  23. hh says:

    morning. cant believe the gallas shit in the papers. bad tackle , so what. it happens.

  24. avenell says:

    The difference is like it or not Arsenal are big news and it sells papers.

    When Bolton do it it makes the Bolton Parish Advertiser.

  25. avenell says:

    Rasp… it would make Wiley look stupid if the FA took it up..

  26. Rasputin says:

    Hi AndyW,

    You may be correct in your assessment, but I would argue that we are far more sinned against than sinners. The last player to do that kind of damage was Diaby also against Bolton, but he’s just clumsy … he broke Nasri’s foot too…..

    We saw how Hughes got Ade wound up to the point of being out of control when they played against us. Our players showed great self control I thought particularly Cesc who was knelt on and had his face pushed into the mud. They have had to take a lot of flak from the ‘macho brigade’ and they have reacted to that. Rosicky’s little kick was in response to 3 unpunished fouls on Diaby.

  27. avenell says:

    You cannot be top of the fair play league and be disliked by everyone by being a dirty fouling team..

    Where are Bolton in that table again??

  28. Rasputin says:

    One thing’s for sure, we will have some ‘history’ next time we play Bolton … perhaps it would be a good idea if they were relegated 😆

  29. Rasputin says:

    In 2009 Arsenal were top of the Fair Play League and Bolton 19th out of 20 – only outdone…surprise .. surprise… by Hull.

  30. Rasputin says:

    Hahaaa … priceless, just have a look at all the posts from gooners in response to this whinging article from a ‘northern pussy’


  31. avenell says:

    Yeah I read that yesterday….
    I keep looking at the picture of there fans on there and think of the 600 away support they brought to the Emirates last night.. lol..

  32. Rasputin says:

    It’s been re-written ave and all the repsonses are from gloating gooners…

  33. alfamilano says:

    Ave, morning. You asked what Diaby did. What about his box to box run in the first half, starting with his own tackle, that almost led to a goal? What about all the cover he gave Denilson before pushing back up and screening across their penalty area. He is (relatively) a bit clumsy at times but he’s got 5 years before he hits his peak yet. OK he isn’t Song defensively but nor was Song last season. He covers so much ground, defending and attacking and he uses his head.

    I’ll repeat what I posted on the previous blog; I’m euphoric today :D. We had spirit, talent, cutting edge, bravery, teamwork, speed. We looked like champions – winning because we had to. OK it was Bolton but they came to win and they will damage a lot of teams under Coyle in the next few months.

  34. alfamilano says:


    that site is hilarious 😆

  35. Mustang says:

    Football is the winner over the 2 games. Sorry for M Davies but you cannot tell me that Gallas meant that tackle. If you think Gallas meant it then you have no knowledge of the game. The like of Bolton openly admit their strategy of “getting in the faces” of Arsenal, what does that mean exactly?

  36. avenell says:

    Morning alfa.. The only backtracking I saw Diaby do was when he lost the ball in the centre circle and ran back out of guilt.

    Bear in mind I have to do a match report after watching the game on streams that break down and 20 mins of highlights. that’s why I try to get someone who atttends to write a match report..Like London 😦

    Also notice I gave Denilson a lower mark because I get fed up critisizing I never commented much and thought he was worse than diaby..

  37. alfamilano says:

    Fair enough Ave. Denilson was pants at the start, slowly improved during the match to tolerable. Defintely our worst player last night. Almunia did make some good saves but a couple of times just left the ball in the area – TV and Gallas clearly got frustrated with him,

    London seems to be up a mountain in Albania judging by his post last night 😕

    Chaf was at the match. His comment at half time: ‘Some people are so fickle – they should go and watch a play instead, that way they’d know what the ending was going to be’ 😆

  38. K-TR7 says:

    Glad we won last night.am happy especially for lilmorzart who for me is better than nasri since he takes more risks hence high rewards.nasri prefers the safe option though he will come good with age.

  39. avenell says:

    Hi K-TR7… People forget he was a £20 million plus player..

  40. K-TR7 says:

    I know and its such a shame we demand 20mil plus players forgetting we have some in our ranks.TR7 and FAB4 have telepathic understanding only comparable to xavi and iniesta

  41. avenell says:

    The thing with our youth/buying unknown system as well is the value of players goes up without us reconizing it.

    Players like RvP and Song are worth fortunes now, yet whan we bought them they hardly caused a stir..

    If you compare our squad against Man U’s or the Chav’s and what was paid and what they are worth now, the VFM that we get is superb.

  42. K-TR7 says:

    I totally agree!its such a shame RVP11 is injured,heres hoping to see RVP FAB4 TR7 AA23 in the cl final at the Bernabeu!!

  43. Rasputin says:

    ……. Bolton have been boosted by the news that Mark Davies did not suffer a serious injury against Arsenal.

    Coyle described it as more of an ‘assault’ than a tackle, while Bolton defender Paul Robinson called the incident ‘disgusting’.

    But it has now emerged that the damage to Davies’ ankle is not as bad as initially feared.

    The midfielder has not sustained a fracture but it remains to be seen whether he will still face a short spell on the sidelines.

    ……. now shut the %$*% up all you lovers of ‘the man’s game’

  44. Rasputin says:

    He won’t be out any longer than Merida who got kicked within a minute of taking to the pitch ……

  45. alfamilano says:

    K-TR7, who would you want to see us playing at the Bernabeu?

  46. K-TR7 says:

    I tend to think we have a very good team despite what pundits like cascarino say.TR7 and RVP orchestrate attacks,cesc midfield general and WG1O the defence.TR7 takes us to a new magical level when on song,he got us out of jail against everton, pulled one crucial goal back yesterday.His xperience is vital and keeping him fit may well be crucial in the r un in.keeg him fit u win the lottery.His injury in 07-08 season was massive and was one of the main reasons wd bottled it

  47. gazzap says:

    we could actually have what I consider to be our strongest team available for chelsea. Song would be back. he could potentially join up with Cesc and Rosicky. then Bendtner would be back as well hopefully, and he would play with Eduardo and Arshavin. lots of good players there. clearly RVP would be included in the very strongest team but even so we could be pretty strong.

    I think Rosicky simply has to stay fit – massive player with lots of experience.
    I dont rate Denilson, so for me he would not get near our strongest team.

  48. K-TR7 says:

    Id love us to play realmadrid since the media would overhype their ‘stars’ while we go about our b\s quietly.Imagine the headlines when RVP scores a scorcher to clinch it after an injury ravaged season and cesc doing the cry baby impression while lifting the trophy with big ears CMON GUNNERS!!

  49. alfamilano says:

    gazzap, that’s a good point. Maybe at their place we can take the game to them. We’ve got the best away record, they’ve got the best home record. Going to be a hell of a game.

  50. alfamilano says:

    Real Madrid would be good for us.

  51. gazzap says:

    As for Diaby. he has proved again, that he can only do a few games before he gets another strain. its a calf strain again – I think he has had that already this season.
    I think his future at Arsenal needs to be considered. Eduardo and RVP both have long term injuries – that is bad enough but having a player that comes in for 4 or 5 games then picks up a strain time after time is actually more disruptive to the team’s flow and momentum. If I were wenger I would think about selling Diaby as good as he has been lately. he would need replacing with another big player – we dont want to lose too many tall players from the squad.

  52. K-TR7 says:

    Barca would be good too but my only hesitation is that they want to make history by winning it twice at their greatest rivals place.it would be a tight game which would be decided by a lapse in concentration which we tend to do often and i dont want to be broken hearted again after the paris final where my fav player Bobby p was substituted due to the red card and we ended up losing ending his spell at the club.never have i been so gutted and till today i hate wednesdays,maybe the final being on a saturday is a good omen?

  53. avenell says:

    I don’t ever think we are going to get there then it sort of creeps up and like in 06 we were..

    I don’t know who i’d want, I would like a big foreign name, so when we win and win well it makes a statement.

    If we was to win do you all think Arsene may retire a bit earlier than he would if we was still CL wanabee’s?

  54. goonersan says:

    Afternoon all,
    Good stuff on here lately but been busy busy trauma busy. Made last nights game though and after what can only be described as a sloppy start going 2 down, mind you not THAT sloppy that it required the toenail behind me somewhere to immediately start ranting and calling for AW’s head for which he was rightly rounded on and and told to sit down and shut the feck up, I am sure you all know the type, as soon as a terrific piece of play breaks down he goes into a tirade about why we dont “just hoof it ” I told him he should get a Conference team season ticket it would make him happy and richer !
    I definately got the feeling that AW had told the chaps to get stuck in 2nd half and take no more nonsense from the Bolt-ons.
    Gallas Tackle. Saw it live couldn’t make a valued judgement at the game. It didnt appear to be that bad, Ref played on, and we didn’t kick the ball out (rightly) and it wasn’t a great talking point in the pub or on the train amongst supporters afterwards. When I got home watched it all again on Sky I couldn’t believe the ranting about how bad it was etc! so I watched it over and over slower and slower and I conclude that WG went for the ball in a 50-50 with his foot at centre of ball height as did Davis. Davis just pushed the ball away and followed through as did WG and Davis got caught. The ranting of Coyle sums The B’s up old story like giving can’t take. End of, may or may not have been a foul, thats the only point to debate for me. It was certainly not a yellow or Red.
    As for Andy W’s comments I cant make out whether he is spoofing or he actually means what he’s written.
    aidan daley wrote that it is a hardmans game and with that I agree but it should also allow play to flourish without resorting to being “dirty” as he has suggested we were which I certainly dont think we were or are. I am not saying we can’t leave our foot in or stand up for ourselves but honestly do not believe we go out with the intention of mixing it.
    Oh and happy birthday Rico.

  55. avenell says:

    Nice one goonersan.. are you a season ticket holder?

    Top of the League and we need to sack the manager..lol
    I’m sure it’s a form of tourettes and people just can’t help themselves..

  56. K-TR7 says:

    Id want us to stuff one of the big two spanish teams in the final.wenger wouldn’t retire since many coaches win it as pure luck(istanbul anyone?)he would want to be remembered as one of the greatest by dominating (ac milan)with a team created from scratch on some memorable european nights.btw imagine if we win cl and pl and cesc to impress in south africa he would be a fav for ball on dor which AW would be a jewel in wenger’s crown and he would love to produce many more like SAF with CR9

  57. K-TR7 says:

    Cameroon one nil down against tunisia.song had an injury scare but nothing serious

  58. goonersan says:

    Hi Ave I am.
    Your right it is some form of disease. We are top of the League, had almost season record number of injuries, scored the most goals in the Premiership with hardly a recognised CF for most of the season and he’s complaining. I have always thought he must have the human equivalant of Predictive Text because whats coming out surely cannot be what he intended.

  59. alfamilano says:

    Goonersan, spot on, good summary. The bloke behind me was all for leaving at 0-2. We’re all used to him otherwise he would have been offered some assistance ;).

  60. avenell says:

    K-TR7.. Does that mean that Cameroon will be out if they lose?

  61. K-TR7 says:


  62. avenell says:

    Will Song come home do you think?.. It was said on here the other day that players tend to hang around for a while after they are knocked out.. for some extra activities etc..

  63. K-TR7 says:

    It depends on the player and the manager’s agreement.for ex chelsea players are due to report a day after they complete their ACN duties.

  64. avenell says:

    That would be a massive bonus if he was to get back here.. We would only be short on strength in one position.. in the big 4 games..

    c’mon… er Tunisia..

  65. avenell says:

    What does a draw mean to Cameroon?

  66. K-TR7 says:

    They have equalised!a draw is enough 4 them to qualify

  67. avenell says:

    😦 don’t tell me bloody eto’o.. he doesn’t like us..

  68. K-TR7 says:

    Bloody 2-2!

  69. Rasputin says:

    From arse.com ………Arsène Wenger may ring the changes for the FA Cup Fourth Round tie at Stoke City on Sunday.

    Speaking to TV Online on Thursday, the Arsenal manager was only able to confirm that Abou Diaby would be out with the short-term calf injury he picked against Bolton the previous night and Bacary Sagna will be rested because of a shoulder problem.

    However, the manager will assess a number of players in the build-up to the game at the Britannia Stadium and said he would “make use of his squad”. With a crucial run of games coming up in the Premier League, the new leaders may feel a need to protect their key players.

    “Diaby has a calf problem,” said Wenger. “The first news is not bad but he has a scan tomorrow [Friday] and we will know more from there.

    “Of course, he is out for Stoke and certainly for the Villa game. There is hope he might be back for Manchester United but we don’t know yet.

    “From last night no [we lost no-one else]. But some have played on the fringe like Bacary Sagna, who has a bad shoulder. He will absolutely need to be rested. I will assess the situation on Friday and Saturday. But we will certainly make use of the squad.”

  70. Big Raddy says:

    I wrote recently about impact injuries v muscle injuries. The point being that impact injuries are unavoidable, whereas muscle injuries are invariably down to lack of condition.

    As far as I can remember the only impact injuries are RvP and Gibbs. The others are all out the strains of some kind, and these are preventable with correct exercise…. stretching, pilates, etc.

    Why the hell hasn’t our medical and fitness teams addressed this. For Diaby to go down with a calf strain is ridiculous.

    Being an old timer, I cannot understand why players who got clogged every week by TA and Bouldy (prior to the banning of tackles from behind) never missed a game, yet today the boys are out for a month if they have to play in the cold.

  71. avenell says:

    Song’s mob are through….

  72. K-TR7 says:

    Cameroon qualify to q/finals after 2-2 draw with tunisia

  73. K-TR7 says:

    With no diaby and song 4 villa what is the likely midfield will we see?

  74. avenell says:

    I would pick Fabregas, Nasri and Rosicky/Ramsey. But you just know Denilson will join Fab and Ramsey.

    Nasri and Rosicky have good energy to cover Cesc going forwards.

    In a ideal world I would have liked to have seen TV in as a DM.. In a less important game first.

    The good thing about playing Villa is they rely on wingers so the full backs will be the important defenders..

  75. Big Raddy says:

    Will Nik B be back for Villa? He should be on the bench.

  76. London says:

    Evening Roadsters

    I got to see the game thankfully, and what a game. I watched it in a bar that had two giant screens next to each other, one was showing our game and he other was showing spuds……yes right next to each other and there was a lot of them shouting Yid army as much as they could which got louder when Bolton got their first and went into screaming ridicule when we went two down……..but oh how sweet revenge is, so so sweet, at the end we were singing our heads off “We are top of the league, say we are top of the league”

    They looked so gutted..hahahahahahaha

  77. avenell says:

    I forgot Ramsey is out for a week after the Villa game.. as is Nasri.. Rosicky will have to drop back and dare I say Theo will have to start..

  78. London says:

    Happy Birthday Rico

    I hope you are having a relaxing day.

  79. London says:

    I have just read everything above, I like Aiden’s comment.

  80. London says:

    It must be dinner time for everyone, see y’all

  81. London says:

    Ok, you didn’t like that idea, lol

    It meant much later (mucho tarde)

  82. K-TR7 says:

    Rosicky is good defensively but mid of fab,mozart and denilson is lightweight and tiny.balance is key lets hope aw has a solution or hardwork will be undone.hope diaby is fit for manure and has a blinder to make up for his horror show at oldtoilet earlier in the season

  83. K-TR7 says:

    Have to say song was impressive today,he bullied tunisia all day long.man do we miss him…

  84. alfamilano says:

    ‘Same old Song, just a different meaning since he’s been gone’

  85. avenell says:

    London… no worries it was an old saying we used on people we hated at work…

    “see you later” then when there back was turned. “much”

  86. rico says:

    Hi all, busy day, thanks ave, Rasp and London for the b’day wishes 🙂

    Its not good being as old as ave 😉

    Off again – early post to do ave 😉 😉

    Night all

  87. kelsey says:


    Happy Birthday 40 is it 😉

  88. Big Raddy says:

    Happy Birthday Rico !!

    What a lovely puppy you have. Spaniel?

  89. rico says:

    Thanks kelsey and Raddy

    Thanks Raddy, we have two Cockers, 15 weeks old and nothing but trouble 😉

  90. peachesgooner says:

    Hi rico – sorry I missed you, Happy Birthday – hope you’ve had a lovely day 🙂

  91. rico says:

    Morning all – thanks peaches

    New Post

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