Arsenal, get rid of some dross, and find a new boss!! Well done Reading…

Before you all shout and scream, declare undying love and appreciation for Arsene Wenger, I am not referring to him – Got it?

No, this is about getting rid of a few who we think will never come up to scratch, those who have been playing on borrowed time at a club that deserves the best.

This is also about what we miss, what we need to give us more clout on the pitch in the Premiership League, someone who can boss the game, lead the game and lift all the others around him!

What we need is a ‘New Boss’!

No no no, I don’t mean we need a new captain, Cesc is doing just fine – he shows he is boss by the way he performs, his goals and his celebrations – he just loves us..

But, on the day that Sol has supposedly signed, cast yourselves back to when Sol was at the heart of our defence – the way he shouted, organised the defence and along with it, most of the team. Oh how I wish Sol was ten years younger but with the same big heart.

So when I say Boss, that is what I mean, we need a Sol kind of a man, an Adams kind of a man just to keeps the teams focused and firing on all cylinders during each and every game.

I honestly think that Song one day could be that man, if he was to find his vocal chords, but I think he is more like Cesc, just goes about his business in a controlled quiet way but you can usually count on him to put his shift in.

That player has to be either a midfield man or a central defender – and apart from Vermaelen, we don’t have any other player who could ever fill that role, do we?

I thought the signing of Sol Campbell was one of the most stupid things Arsene has done in the last week, but having listened to others maybe it is not such a bad thing, maybe?

If he can bring his attitude, desire to win, his experience, blood and guts attitude to our changing room, then it may just turn out to be one of the most clever things Arsene has done in a while..

Like most things our manager does, time will tell!

But I still believe we need a CH and a HM with the same attitude that Sol and Big Tony had in their day!

On the flip side, I think it is time to ship a few out – On the day that Craig Eastmond has signed a new contract, we have to realise we also have a whole big bunch of players who are doing nothing other than taking a wage…

Do I dare list mine…… Well I am going to, and I know you will all shoot me down!

Eboue- undecided
Bendtner – not sure
Diaby – not sure

I am sure there are many more you want to add to that list, some you don’t agree on – why not name them?

But seriously, how much money are we wasting on these players. I am sure not all them have great big salaries, but they all chip away at our finances, and for what end result?

Just think, if we sold just half of those listed above, maybe we could pay David Villa, Torres, or any other great players’ wages.

Don’t get me wrong though, we also have many up and coming players that deserve all they get, and one man in particular is a lad called JET 🙂

Finally, Huge Well Done to Reading Football Club – they truly deserved what they got last night – I watched on my television, 22 miles from the Mad Stad, and I am chuffed to punch for them…. 🙂


170 Responses to Arsenal, get rid of some dross, and find a new boss!! Well done Reading…

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

  2. W.A.T.H says:

    Mornin rico………… Watch Av add Theo to your list.. 🙂

  3. rico says:

    Morning wath, I just knew soneone would ask that 😉

  4. W.A.T.H says:

    is watch my twin…??

  5. W.A.T.H says:

    cheat…………… 😛

    Agree with the first five apart from Hoyte who we really can’t judge just yet add to that Sendross and peanut head and I’ll make you dead right. Think Eboooie is a decent enough squad player so to Diaby for certain matches so would keep and as for Bendy the next few months will tell…!.

  6. rico says:

    🙂 All fingers and thumbs, have changed it now 🙂

  7. rico says:

    Havent seen much about how Hoyte is doing on loan either wath – i think his loan has been extended though

  8. Irishgunner says:

    Hoyte – not good enough

    Randall – did well when he came on against WBA but around a long time and not really progressing

    Denilson – WTF??? He is highly underrated by Arsenal fans. He bloody played a million times last season and cleared up at the back a lot when Song was not up to it. This season he is scoring as well.

    Almunia – Back up keeper at best

    Barazite – He was on loan and injured, how can he earn a wage when he has a broken collar bone?

    Eboue- Best 2nd choice RB in the league

    Bendtner – This old turkey again. He’s 21 and has got important goals for us and his workrate has upped no end.

    Senderos – Wants to leave himself, not his fault Wenger doesn’t trust him

    Silvestre – Fine as back up probably getting £20k a week

    Diaby – Finally proving himself

  9. North For Short says:

    Have you ever seen Barazite play. He is superb and still quite young. I feel that we need a decent keeper.

  10. johnny hoy says:

    I suggest we add the likes of yourself to such a list. All you do is talk s**t.

  11. Mustang says:

    Not sure about 2 names on your list Rico: Bendter made significant improvement this season and love him or hate him, Eboue puts in a decent shift as cover on the right since he exorcised his demons from last season.

    But I would add: Gilbert, Merida and it break my heart to say this, our beloved Theo!

  12. Irishgunner says:

    TBH it does get boring, every second day “Who will we get rid of?” – Is it only Arsenal fans or a general thing?

  13. W.A.T.H says:

    I think its a sensible question to ask of any squad and not nit picking at all it beats the blinkered idea that all players are good enough and if that’s what ppl think then they are in cloud cuckoo land…!

  14. Mustang says:


    Hope you are wearing a bullet proof vest, I have mine on because i can hear people typing vigorously to shoot you down! I know I will be shot at for mentioning Theo.

  15. Irishgunner says:

    Its a fine question, just don’t get why it should be asked every day on various Arsenal blogs. We know the fall guys, we know who people think don’t have it, hardly a new concept?

  16. rico says:

    Morning Irish 😉

  17. Irishgunner says:

    Mustang no you won’t be “shot at”, a lot think Theo isn’t good enough and have said it.

    Here I think we should get rid of Vermaelen, Arshavin and Fabregas – oooooooh I’m so controversial I’m off to get my bullet proof vest…

  18. Irishgunner says:

    Morning Rico 😀

    Do you like my new “I’ll be argumentative” style? LOL

    Seriously though there must be something else we can talk about… like lets laugh at Liverpool ha ha ha

  19. rico says:

    Its because it the transfer window Irish, we are in with a shout for a trophy or two, all this youth that AW says he doesnt want to kill, are they good enough, that is all I am asking

  20. rico says:

    Morning Mustang – I was thinking of going out now, I think the streets are safer that being on AR 😉

  21. rico says:

    Keep it constructive Johnny, or go elsewhere!

  22. rico says:

    😆 Irish

  23. rico says:

    wath – that is my point, so many are’t good enough, we have gone from a team of invincibles to a squad with quite a few second class players –

    Dont we want silverware??

  24. rico says:

    Its all clubs Irish, except those who are winning, the dipper fans want nearly all their players sold this morning…. 😉

  25. Charlie says:

    I think over the enxt few games, we will have our new “BOSS”. Diaby. With the run of games he is getting very confident and aggresive. He is giving so much energy to the team. The game against West Ham, when he cmae on, he tranformed the team, or boss them, using your term. And, after he was kicked on the shoulder, he glared at the culprit. He finally will be our new Viera, a more attacking, abeit.

  26. Denilson, Diaby? Two of the most talented young midfielders in the country?Both of whom are 3 or 4 years away from their peak? Bizarre.

  27. W.A.T.H says:

    The point is where do you draw the line in the sand that the ones that are there are not good enough and yet behind them there are another crop of youngsters who all need to shine and be given a chance as well. A few that you have mentioned are a bit older than the rest and are just not good enough simple as that.

  28. gooneryank says:

    “I thought the signing of Sol Campbell was one of the most stupid things Arsene has done in the last week”

    So you believe our manager is a bumbling fool, doing one stupid thing after the next, eh? Oh and your list…half the players on your list would start on most any team in the league. This blog is a poor rendition of that other negative nellie that writes Le Grove. You two should go cry in your beer together sometime.

  29. rico says:

    Morning Charlie, welcome to Avenell Road, You may turn out to be right, like in the post, I am still undecided on Diaby – time will tell

    Morning QoS, I know you are a big fan of Denilson..

  30. JonJon says:

    denilson is not talented,,hes shite…

    diaby is talented but hes a luxury player…

    and theo should be top of that list…

    morning guys 😉

  31. W.A.T.H says:

    Ah JJ and his Theo comments……….. I knew you would 🙂 Denilson is talented…. at passing backwards and sideways…!

  32. Mustang says:

    players are released by the club all the time cos AW doesn’t think they are good enough, and I don’t hear people complaining. We are not AW so all we have is our opinions and that is what this is about, opinions.

  33. rico says:

    wath – spot on, that’s what today is all about, who do we really think should move on for the sake of themselves as well as the club – its always good to throw in a few names like Denilson and Bendtner 😉

  34. rico says:

    Morning JJ –

    I thought you would be the first to mention Theo, but wath beat you to it.

  35. Daniel S says:

    Bendtner and Diaby will become world class players. Mark my words.

  36. rico says:

    Morning gooneryank, thank you for your compliments, I feel honoured..

  37. Seng7 says:

    I honestly believe that there is only one player that needs to get lost in the deepest Amazon rainforest and that’s Mooney. Just can’t see the logic in persisting with him, would much rather see Fabianski given his chance.

  38. rico says:

    Morning Seng and Daniel – welcome on board..

    Daniel – how long do we have to wait though?

    Seng, we all doubt Almunia, shame AW doesnt

  39. iain says:

    the club needs works in progess or otherwise we wouldnt produce players and would have to buy them same as everyone else. Theo however is more an athlete than a footballer for all appearances- I am not convinced anymore that he has anything to offer unless he can learn movement and the final cross- he is however are ONLY winger. As for Almunia,Hoyte,Silvestre- nope not good enough

  40. rico says:

    Morning iain, welcome to Avenell Road – for sure we need the youth to come through, but why waste wages on some who just won’t cut it..

  41. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Challenging post rico 😉

    You and I touched on this subject yesterday. The fact is that we have a huge wage bill and most fans would like to see us sign a couple more quality players – so in purely business terms it makes sense to balance the books. In a perfect world we’d collect an ‘academy’ of young talented players who were just happy to be at the club and don’t expect regular 1st team football …. but it doesn’t work like that. Each of us will have our own favourite ‘youngsters with potential’ and get upset that others should suggest we let them go, but the harsh economic reality is that it is part of the process.

  42. Richard says:

    AAAAHHHHHHHH!! What luxury!

    Here we are trying to work out which of our grand young squad won’t make it.

    The Liverfool fans are wondering whether they should, in fact, be walking alone.

    The Manc IOU fans are wondering why Looney is walking all alone.

    The Chelski fans are wondering if half of their team will be able to walk without a zimmerframe in five years time.

    The Spud fans are wondering if Ledley will ever walk again.

    And apparently the Man Shiek fans will be seeing a lot of their team walking around the city as Red wine is now on the lunch time menu!

    Isn’t it great to be a Gooner!

    Oh, and for my reckoning…


    should all go…

    And these fellas should all stay, at least for two or three more seasons…

    Denilson – will be great
    Almunia – will be a great back up (excellent attitude)
    Barazite – who knows?
    Eboue- who cares, he is well-liked in the dressing room and can teach young Theo how to dance.
    Bendtner – will be great – maybe.
    Silvestre (ok – for only 1 or 2 seasons)
    Diaby – I’d marry him if I wasn’t straight. The man is immense, a good footballer, and from what I’ve heard about him an all-round nice guy.
    Theo – He will be a late developer. He is too sensitive and will need time to adjust.

    That’s all folks 🙂

  43. Cesky says:

    Agree with your boss comment, but disagree with most on your list. I would try to keep this squad together as far as possible. Nik b and denilson are good players at their current ages, at their peak both will be world class if they continue to develop the way they have. Out of interest and no criticism intended, would you have had song on that list last year?

  44. rico says:

    Morning Rasp

    You were the inspiration to the post, and look what has happened 😉

    What I don’t get is that surely these youngsters want to play football, also they must have someone telling them whether or not they really have a chance to make it at Arsenal – if I was one of them and knew it wasn’t going to happen, I would look to play somewhere else. But I guess its the sign of the times, as long as they are getting paid…

  45. Cesky says:

    Oh and morning all! And didn’t Reading do well! Rafa sadly is clueless, Liverpool were pants yesterday!

  46. Rasputin says:

    Hi Iain,

    I agree that Theo is our only winger, but unlike Ronaldo at the same age, he hasn’t developed the trickery to compliment his pace. We lack width and expect the fullbacks to do the job of wingers (if only they could cross better) which leaves us vulnerable to the counter-attack. Vela has shown he is very effective wide right so that could be an option and before the injuries Nik (not a winger) played wide left on occassion.

  47. Spike says:

    You aint sure about Diaby or Bendtner???

    F**k me! You aint got much of a clue about anything! Silvestre gives us decent cover, but you have obviously taken your lead from others who love to scape goat… Probably the same who blamed him for the Hammers goal the other week. Denilson has just come back from injury, so thats well harsh. Almunia has been poor, though.

  48. rico says:

    Morning Cesky, Welcome,

    Not me no, I have always had faith in Song

  49. rico says:

    Morning Richard, welcome to Avenell Road

  50. Rasputin says:

    Morning rico,

    There are several types of ‘new blogger’. Some read a site for weeks to understand the ethos before joining in, others trawl NN looking at headlines and relish the opportunity to tell other bloggers that they are talking rubbish. I know you suppoprt the club, manager and players as much as anyone, but some folks feel insecure about the idea of change and react aggressively.

  51. Richard says:

    I’ve been here before, but thanks for your welcome.

    I tend to post only when I have something I feel is worth saying :))

  52. onthetrain says:

    I wonder how many Man Utd fans 4 years ago thought Ji Sung Park and Darren Fletcher should have been shown the exit door, compared to how many think it now? Some players just bloom late

  53. rico says:

    Ah, sorry Richard, you went into moderation…

    Thanks Rasp, I will bare that in mind, a new approach may be required 😦

  54. peachesgooner says:

    Morning rico and all – thought provoking post 😉

    As I see it Arsene has his own ethos on developing players and is contenet to maybe give them longer to prove themselves than another club would. Obviously its the high wages thats the problem here because many feel that the club are frittering money away on certain players that could be better spent on bringing someone else to the club.

    How gutted would we be if our own marmite player was sold only to become an amazing player 2 years down the line?

  55. rico says:

    I have an excuse though Rasp, I am new to all this 😉

  56. Rasputin says:

    You’re getting attacked from the left and the right rico …. well done :p

  57. rico says:

    Morning peaches – thought provoking, but i wish i had kept it in my thoughts and away from here 😉

  58. rico says:

    I feel like a politician Rasp 😉

  59. peachesgooner says:

    You’re doing really well – keep the tissues handy 😆

  60. John Radford BigLeggy says:

    I have no doubt that if we received a reasonable bid for some of those players on the list the club would let them go i.e. those not anywhere the 1st team.

    Not sure that I would even keep Al-Manuel as back up. Fabianski is a more talented keeper but not quite mature enough. We need to get a real top class keeper who’s capable of winning 12 to 15 points a season for us.

  61. rico says:

    Welcome onthetrain, SJP, he isn’t that good, but Fletcher is different, he is like Flamoney was before his good season 😉

  62. rico says:

    Thanks peaches, I am on the second box 😉

  63. Rasputin says:


    Thanks for sharing your opinion with us – why don’t you feel that rico is entitled to hers?

    You’ve seized the chance to make your point because rico has challenged your standpoint – you should be thanking her for the opportunity, not slinging insults.

  64. Rasputin says:

    Good point onthetrain,

    Its all about balance. For continuity, every team needs the correct blend of emerging talent, players at their peak and experienced campaigners. Some would say that we’ve been ‘top heavy with potential’. Arsene himself has blamed inexperience for some poor performances.

  65. rico says:

    Morning BL, welcome to Avenell Road

  66. rico says:

    Thanks Rasp…

    We are 86-4 in SA 😦 One referral the 3rd umpire even got wrong, he missed a no ball!!

  67. Tiki says:

    I usually like reading your articles. But lately you’ve become shite.

  68. Eddie K says:

    Welldone Reading!!!!!!!

    Denilson can always improve and indeed he will.

    Diaby is a good player, confident and will be a world class player soon.

    Guys take it or leave it I feel Eboue is better off than Sagna this season. Sagna likes taking the ball to the corner, tries a cross and hits someone for a corner kick, whereas Eboue likes taking diagonal through balls which AA, Fab can easily tap in. Hence, we still need both to stay.

    I also feel that Bendtner started very well this season. Lets give him a chance, he is a promising super star. There was a time last season when I did not know why AW was keeping the him, but now I have realised why. AW IS WISE AND SHOULD BE THERE FOR THE NEXT DECADE.

  69. rico says:

    Morning Eddie, a constructive reply, thanks 🙂

    I am thrilled for Reading too, they need the money and this will be good for them. The fact that they beat the dippers makes it all so much sweeter 😉

  70. Patrick7 says:

    Good morning Rico, Peaches, QoS and all. I wondered where you’d all disappeared to – just caught up! I’ve missed your warmer, constructive chat. Hope to contribute here when I’ve time. Is this run by Pedro?

  71. Patrick7 says:

    Sorry Rico. Just seen your name at the bottom. Congratulations on your site – another perspective!

  72. Rasputin says:

    Hi Eddie,

    Some very good points there. Of course Arsene is wise … he’s a genius …but he’s not perfect and he makes mistakes like every other mortal. His persistence with Almunia is ridiculous, it has cost us points and you know what points win!!!

    I think sometimes he worries too much about the effect his decisions will have the players emotionally and may even put their feelings before the need for results = leaving subs too late when palyers are having an ‘off game’ – although I think the timimg of his subs have been much better this season.

    I think his allegiance goes Board – Player – Fans, which is probably right but I don’t like it when he criticises fans for not being behind the team. We all suffer and pay for the privilege when things aren’t going well.

  73. Patrick7 says:

    Diaby, Bendtner & Denilson are just starting to prove themselves.

    Eboue is a good RB and utility player. Sylvestre LB& CB both good squad members & contribute to the team spirit.

    If Barazite & Hoyte don’t get a chance soon they may as well be sold.

    I’d sell Randall – can’t see a slot for him with acquisitions AW has made since unless perhaps Merida goes!

  74. Mr Dingleberry says:

    Butterfingers Almunia & Fabianski


  75. rico – “all this youth AW thinks is good enough”

    lets take a classic recent case in point….

    Alex Song – 2 years ago, this man wes derided by all and sundry.. including 99% of the arsenal fan/blog world.

    One man said.. trust me, you will all be wrong.. i see things in training every day that tell me he will be exceptional.

    I think we need to trust our gaffer a little more, granted last season was horrendous.. but that was caused by the unrest with hleb and flamini leaving.. the season before we challenged for the title.

    Yes we have not won nothing since 2005… but we aint been as naff as some would suggest.

    2006 we were within 14 mins of the champs league

    2007 the kids mullered chelski 1st eleven in CC final but got cruelly undone by you know who.

    2008 serious push for the title, eduardo leg break, cheated by paid ref at anfield and emirates.

    2009 poor season in the league… semi finals in the cup and CL

    2010? so far challenging for the title, in the cup 4th rd, in the knockouts of the CL

    So.. in the midst of blog world which has grown like no tommorow in our lean years coincidentally… our genius manager ( who has won 3 titles, 2 doubles and one unbeaten all season ) has now become “maybe” not good enough?

    i don’t buy it.. the more you look at what the other top managers have done, the more you understand how blessed we have been with such an astute manager.

  76. rico says:

    Morning P7, welcome to AR, its not my site, I just write a few posts.. Remember Avenell and JJ? They started it up nearly a year ago now.

    Its great to see you here, and glad you will pop back at times 🙂

    What about Lansbury, for me he is better than Randall and I think maybe next season we will start to see more of him. Randall always reminds me of a young Bentley and I can’t see him staying much longer – funny that he never seems to go out on loan?

  77. rico says:

    Morning SH

    I never doubted Song, many will back me up on that. He always had something about him..

    Also, I am not suggesting we have a massive clear out of players, all I am suggesting is that those who really aren’t going to make move on.

    I understand what you are saying about being so close, but in the season when Dudu broke his leg, a team with stronger players would have gone on and pushed themselves over the line, would have won the league just for Dudu.

    Instead we had Gallas sulking, Hleb and Flamoney looking for a way out and the team sunk… Where was the fight, where was the ‘boss’ to get them all up and fighting?

    Also, I know we have been nearly here and nearly there, but nearly has gone on for too long for fans…

    Hasn’t it?

  78. I agree rico.

    This season, especially considering where we now sit in the league, we have to deliver silverware.

    Nobody is perfect, wenger certainly aint..nor is fergie or mourinho or any othert top manager.. or human for argument.

    We all have our flaws… and over the years, even during the great years.. if we ever suffered a hard defeat ( villa park semi 99, 50th unbeaten old traff 2004, brum 2008 ) the gaffer seems unable to pick them up… but i see a difference this season, the players have matured, they are not now 18/19/20… they are 22/23/24

    and those are the years that a top player begins to consistently show he is top and not glimpses of it.

    for me.. song, cesc and diaby is the best midfield trio on the planet… if they all stay fit.

    they are 22,23,23 in age…. with ramsey at 19/20 more than able to deputise for any role in that trio (imo) as backup right now.

    flamini was 23 that year he was next level for us… prior to that he had a good stint at left back but was nothing special.

    for what ever reason too many have expected 18/19 yr olds to succeed.. they never do…

    remember that famous hansen line in 95? utd will nothing with “kids”

    well were they kids? beckam was 18/19 granted.. but scholes, nevilles and giggs were 21/22/23

    we are there now, the players wenger has trusted… the diabys, the songs, the walcotts, the clichys of this world are now at the right age to push on the extra mile to win things and not just compete.

    we have 5 of the most important months in our history in front of us.

    win the title this year.. and maybe win it 5 years on the trot… who else has a team of such young avg age? chelsea certainly dont.

  79. Davi says:

    A little harsh, your list there.
    The one you forgot is walcott. Could be a good player, but hes getting 60k a week for being injured all the time. And when hes fit hes not exactly reliable.
    Those you mention are not on massive wages to my knowledge. And to bring up some of those youngsters is just harsh.
    Barazite could easily make it here. Im a big fan. Hes been out all year though (not the same as theo cos hes not on 60k a week)
    And besides, youngsters like him, hoyte and randall may or may not make it. I think nacer is the only one of the three who really has a hope, but the whole point of the system is to make them as good as possible so they can repay us in the future. If they dont quite cut it here, theyl get sold on for a small fee, with a % of future sales coming to us. Randall is one in particular who could make us some serious money in th future. Hes pretty talented, maybe more so than bentley, and he made us millions from his sale to spurs. It just so happens we have quite a few youngsters who are even MORE talented than mark.
    Btw, eboue is a superb squad player. Id say on the few times hes played this season hes been one of our best players. Its not his fault wenger choses not to pick him any more. He lost his place to walcott earlier in the year for no reason. He played superbly one game, the next hes back on the bench to accomodate the golden boy. Its ridiculous.

  80. Davi says:

    What’s with all these calls for selling our players.
    As Im sure someone mentioned previously, players like song, flamini and diaby have been called “not good enough” many times in the past. They weren’t always brilliant. In diaby and song’s case they needed experience, and Id probably add that diaby is a late bloomer relative to some others, but his injuries didnt help. Flamini simply needed a run of games in the 1st team to prove his worth.
    So to write off all these players is so stupid when you consider the history of many others in the squad. If wenger thinks they cant cut it, or theres nothing to be gained from keeping them, hel get rid. If theyr here, its because he hasnt quite decided yet, or he thinks they still have a chance to make it

  81. rico says:


    Wasn’t Hanson silly 🙂

    Diaby has come good in the last few games, but he needs to maintain that level to totally convince me. Song and Cesc – first names on my team sheet every week ..

    I still just feel we are two maybe three players away.

  82. rico says:

    Hi Davi…

    Ah, thats why the list is as it is – not all written off, just asking questions…

  83. Davi says:

    Hi rico,
    Sure, but you could ask questions of pretty much every player whos not currently in the 1st team.
    I just dont agree with the idea of arsenal fans discussing who we should get rid of, unless its about a really disruptive player or something..

  84. Eddie K says:


    There is no manager on earth who would want to sell Theo. Ofcourse many would want to buy him, but he is not for sale. The guy is prolific, AW just have to work on the boy’s runs. Sometimes he runs too much so much so that he fails to stop properly and thats why he is having uncommon injuries, like rib, shoulder, back. We have a great player in him.

  85. rico says:

    But don’t all footie fans do that every now and again? Its just like discussing who you would love to see wear the shirt??

  86. rico says:


    Theo is 20 years old and some want rid, yet some who are a few months or a year or two older and still not playing well, some want to keep… ??? Does it make sense..

    I want us to turn Theo is to a world class player, and I think we will…

  87. avenell says:

    Morning Rico.. a bit a title 😉

    I think the point is is if a top player like Cesc is offered an extra £20k a week to play for Barca..
    Do we match it or keep this endless supply of youngsters that we cannot use.

    Would a smaller better paid squad be more stable than one that could have players poached because we don’t pay the going rate?

    People are saying this team can stay together for 5 years, what will happen to the players in the reserves they won’t hang around until they are 24?..

    What we need is competition for places, then when a player like Gibbs becomes as good as Clichy we can sell one or the other to fund the next layer of youngsters..

    This could mean okay players like Denilson and Diaby will be outed and we will have to learn not to fall in love with them..

  88. rico says:

    Hi ave, a bit a title ??

  89. rico says:

    Bloody title, I might just change it! 😉

  90. Alfa says:


    Hi there. Good post, got us all thinking. I don’t agree with quite a few on your list, e.g. Diaby and Denilson. What I do think is that a couple of top players coming in would help this generation along no end. Then maybe we’d see the value of some of them (Merida? Theo? Hoyte?).

  91. avenell says:

    Eddie Theo is prolific 😎 One run against the Scousers and 2 goals against Brum..

    The only thing prolific is his injuries. On a pay per play basis he is on a million pounds a game this season

  92. avenell says:

    Sorry Rico…my keyboards… ask Peaches, she phoned and Mrs Av told her about it.. 🙂

  93. rico says:

    Hi alfa,

    Absolutely, we don’t need youth bought every transfer window, just once or twice it would be good to see a player with experience bought into the mix.

    As we all have said, look how getting AA lifted the spirits 😉

  94. Eddie K says:

    Guys, we dont have to sell any of these players apart from PS who deserves first team football somewhere, though the best thing to do would be letting him go on loan but not to serie A not La liga. He should still be in the English Premier League. I have a feeling we will need him some day.

  95. Eddie K says:

    I am sure we will see one big signing this month. Remember, AW is capable of making a major signing we all never thought of. at a reasonable price for that matter.

  96. Rasputin says:

    Whether we like it or not, Arsenal is a business. The players and staff are the employees. They have to earn us money. A player can earn us money by performances on the pitch or by increasing in value on the transfer market. Selling a player who is not going to cut it on the pitch is common sense – it saves on the wages, and making a profit on the sale is good business.

    Winning earns us money. Getting into the CL earns us money. Having an overabundance of emerging talent most of whom will not make it to the first team is an expensive indulgence. All I think rico was trying to say (and ave’s point is the same)is that we shouldn’t forego the opportunity to buy a much needed world class player because we can’t afford it whilst spending money supporting a vast stable of players that bisn disproportionate to our needs. Identifying the players who shpould go and who should stay is, of course, very difficult and always carrise risk.

  97. rico says:

    That is it in a nutshell Rasp 🙂

  98. rico says:

    Maybe my error is the word ‘Dross’ – as I said, all part of learning 😉

  99. Rasputin says:

    Thanks rico – shame about the typos, 😦

  100. avenell says:

    Average doesn’t rhyme with boss as good though..

    Hi rasp..

  101. rico says:

    No it doesn’t ave, exactly why the choice of word, but the woodworm holes seem to have enlarged 😉

    Typo’s, what typo’s rasp 😉

  102. avenell says:

    I always leave them in… makes me feel more human.. 😉

  103. peachesgooner says:

    rico – I don’t think its wrong to question why Arsene persists with certain squad members, maybe Dross was a bit strong as I would say that only Adebayor last season was an embarrassment as his attitude stank and he was ‘Dross’.

    We’ve been lucky with players coming and fitting in quickly – Nasri and Vermaelen being recent examples but if you look at how the mancs,the chavs and the bindippers splash the cash on players that don’t make it I applaud Arsene for sticking to his principles – even though I accept that he’s had financial restraints and I’d love him to unveil a new signing that would make the others drool with envy 🙂

    Clearly I’m getting splinters 😉

  104. Rasputin says:

    Hi ave & peaches 🙂

    Alternative title suggestions …..

    “Prune the tree, but leave the fruit”
    “Clear out the spare room, we need the space for a VIP guest”
    “Throw out some ballast, we want the balloon to rise”

  105. avenell says:

    Man U have got to sell OT…. haha .. Rent a debt..

  106. rico says:

    I think i’ll let it be someone elses worry tomorrow morning 😉

  107. avenell says:

    I was hoping you would do our B/day post rico… a whole year since we wrote the first one..

  108. peachesgooner says:

    Missed your vocation there rasp 😆

    Thats ok ave they can share with manchavs can’t they 😀

  109. rico says:

    That should be yours ave, or JJ’s but at least Happy Birthday wont offend 😉

  110. Rasputin says:

    The problem over recent years has been that once an emerging player comes good, we then struggle to keep hold of them. Obviously we have stated that Cesc is not for sale and we can do that with confidence becaus ehe has been unequivocal in his wish to stay. But, if he’d said he wanted to go, we’d have to sell. He’d be far more honourable than Hleb was in the process. We have to accept that in the UK we are the 3rd largest club in terms of achievement and much lower in terms of available funds. With the European big boys we are 7th or 8th in terms of footballing attraction. Arsene is a huge asset in attracting players, but when we have lost talent that we have nurtured it has generally gone to one of those ‘bigger clubs’.

    It would be an absolute disaster to develop the likes of Song and Diaby into world class players only to lose them when they begin to peak – even if we do make a handsome profit. At least we would stand a better chance of buying / retaining world class players if we could compete on the wages front.

  111. rico says:

    Is that definate re Manure ave?

  112. Goonersan says:

    Afternoon All. Interesting discussion. For me, Cesc, Song, Vermaelen, Cliche, Arsh, RVP, Diaby, Gallas, Sagna, Diaby, Gibbs, Traore, Ramsey, Eduardo, Eboue, Nasri. are all locked in everybody else has to shape up or prepare to ship out. I know a lot of people will disagree and cite Theo, Wilshere Bendtner Denilson as worthy of keeping but I just don’t think they will ever be up to where we are hopfully heading which essentially leaves us needing a top Keeper A Minder in midfield (Viera) like and a bit of help for RVP up front. Lastly and I appreciate this Is an obvious point but we also need to attract more players that are robust like Vermaelen and less of the can’t play I’ve broken an eyelash variety.

  113. Rasputin says:

    Excellent comment Goonersan. I agree with your list – but I note you have no GK on there? I have high hopes for Coquelin as a midfield dynamo in a couple of seasons. He hasn’t the stature of Vieira but he is talented, tenacious and tough.

  114. peachesgooner says:

    Exactly rasp its a catch 22 isn’t it – we spend money developing them and then one of the other big boys wants them – we make money but lose their talent.

    There’d be an outcry now if someone came in for Song however much they wanted to offer whereas this time last year most were scratching their heads questioning why Arsene was persisting with him…….

  115. rico says:

    Hi Goonersan, I am surprised that you don’t rate Wilshere? Most think he is one of a few who will make it.

    Agree about the eyelash bit 🙂

  116. peachesgooner says:

    ave – doesn’t that mean that they’re looking for someone to take over some of the debt by splitting the assets?

  117. peachesgooner says:

    If X comes in and offers to buy the stadium and Y wants to own the training facilities in exchange for a share in the profits whats wrong with that?

    The sale of Anelka paid for our training ground but if Arsene had wanted to develop our facilities anyway we wouldn’t own it ourselves – it would be mortgaged like the Emirates Stadium.

  118. Rasputin says:

    United to sell off the naming rights to Old Trafford soon to be “Old MacDonald’s” ……. get your Fergie McMuffins here 😆

  119. Goonersan says:

    Hi Rico. I must say Jack is on my ” just not sure list” and if I were in a position of having to reduce the wage overhead to possibly bring in a bit of experience now. I think on balance I might just let him go. I know a lot of people will say he is young and needs to develop but all players were young once and they don’t all flourish into what we require.

  120. Rasputin says:

    Alternative sponsors for OT …..

    The Wrigleys Arena
    Extra Timex Stadium
    John Inne’s No.4

    …. help me out ave 😕

  121. peachesgooner says:

    Wrigleys have missed a trick there 😆

  122. Rasputin says:

    We should have been sponsored by Virgin going by the average age of the players …. OK I’ll shut up now ….

  123. peachesgooner says:

    Eddie are you lost? Have a look at aves link at 1.24 😉

  124. Rasputin says:

    Just enjoying manure’s financial strife Eddie, we’ll keep talking about the serious stuff too ….

  125. peachesgooner says:

    rasp 😛

  126. Goonersan says:

    No. I didn’t name a GK because we need to sign a keeper with our GK heritage. We have almost always had top keepers Wilson Jennings Seaman etc. I think Almu is ok as a back up but not “up there”. as evidenced by Evertoons second goal when he went down and made himself small rather than standing up and make himself tall. Next question is who. and that’s just what I don’t know. Anybody got suggestions ?

  127. Rasputin says:

    We won’t buy a keeper now Goonersan so I’d like to see Fab2 given to the end of the season. I’m pretty sure that Al won’t be happy as 2nd choice and will want to leave which will mean that by the summer we will know if Fab2 is up to it and also which keepers are available.

    I expect Arsene to persist with Al … because that’s what he does …

  128. Rasputin says:

    The trouble with the WC is that any player you are interested in will vastly increase in price if they have a good tournament. We wisely bought Rosicky before it started last time (although the injury made it a bit of a disaster)

  129. Goonersan says:

    Rasp. Not sure about Fab but I am sure your comment about AW persisting with Al is right and who am I to question his judgement. A top world class Gk is not going to come cheap though.

  130. avenell says:

    Sorry been out for a bit..

    Rasp I will have a think..brain isn’t functioing too well today..

    Peaches as regards renting.. What would the rent be on your house for a month, compared to owning it outright after the mortgage has been paid off..?

    Landlords are in it for money too..

    Short term renting is okay but long term the Arsenal way is best..

    But Man U are funny what the Glaziers did was unload there debts on the club now they want the fans to buy there personal debt off them in bonds..

  131. avenell says:

    I don’t see how a buisnessman could buy OT and rent it back to a football club for a share of the profit..

    You couldn’t guarantee there will be a profit, especially if Man U stop winning..It would have to be a set fee or the club could just buy players not to show any profit.

  132. kelsey says:

    Been a bit tied up,no other reason not to blog.
    Actually I am getting a little tired the way football is being run in England.

    There is no vetting of anyone by the FA to see if they are proper and honourable people to buy a football club,as football is a business.

    There should be a wage cap.On one hand you have a player earning 140K a week and at West Ham one or two are on 3K. Watford were hours away from being wound up.Crystal Palace and Portsmouth have both not been able to pay wages in the last few months.

    I would abandon the transfer window,also make sure every manager was given a season to prove himself.Abandon the ridiculous booking if a player celebrates a goal with HIS OWN FANS.

    The worst thing that has happened is City being taken over by the arabs,who know nothing about football and treat it like a game of Monopoly.Others will follow to join in.

    Basically to many clubs are trading insolvent.The Glazers borrowed all the money as did Gillett and Hicks and the glazers pay themselves a 30 mnillion pound bonus and the pool lot just a mere million each.

    Football is finished as we once knew it.Get rid of all agents,and try and bring loyalty back into the game.There is hardly anything left for the fans to identify themselves with the players anymore.

    At least we are a club who are running things the right way compared to others,yes there are faults but who knows in 3 or 5 years we might all be laughing.This cannot continue,people and especially young kids are losing interest.

  133. Davi says:

    Eddie K – Prolific? You’re the dingleberry.
    I never said i wanted rid of him, I think hes finally starting to look decent cos hes finally starting to pass to his teammates! He hasnt been good up till now and he doesnt deserve 60k pw.

    Rico – yes everyone discusses certain aspects of the team, who’s good and whos not, but compiling a list of who we should get rid of just seems a bit much imo. Especially when it includes fairly random youngsters like barazite and randall.

  134. Davi says:

    wow, should have checked BEFORE posting.
    Sorry eddie

  135. Rasputin says:

    Awww – what a shame ….

    …………. Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp has been charged with two counts of tax evasion.

    Mr Redknapp, 62, attended Bishopsgate police station to be charged with a £40,000 tax evasion.

    The charges relate to two payments totalling US $295,000 allegedly made from former Portsmouth City chairman Milan Mandaric to Mr Redknapp.

    Mr Redknapp will appear at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 11 February.

    A Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) spokesman said: “The CPS Revenue and Customs Division decided there was sufficient evidence and it was in the public interest to charge Mr Redknapp.

    “He is jointly charged with Milan Mandaric, the former chairman of Portsmouth Football Club, following an investigation by the City of London Police and HM Revenue and Customs.”

  136. Big Raddy says:

    Evening All,

    Good news about Harry, Rasp. He is a despicable waste of good oxygen IMO.

    Interesting discussion today, and contrary to some, I think it was a fine idea of Rico’s. A valuable change from impossible signings.

    I have to say that on reflection and reading other opinions, I have changed my mind about the Sol signing. I am persuaded that it a positive move from AW.

    Some of Kelsey’s suggestions are great and I am surprised no-one followed up on them. I particularly like the proposal that a manager gets a season to prove himself.

  137. kelsey says:

    I did say a few days ago to peaches I think, that Harry’s days were numbered.

  138. Big Raddy says:

    You know my opinion Kelsey !!

    The man is clearly a criminal, I said it the other day and was told there wasn’t enough evidence, but I was referring to the kickbacks he gets from agents, which is the reason there are so many transfers at every club he goes to…… an odious worm.

    But even if he is convicted, the Spuds won’t sack him because they have no morality whatsoever, and that is the difference between the N. London clubs

  139. kelsey says:

    well sais, Raddy.

    Further to that I bet they prove that mandrovich(or whatever his name is) the ex Pompey Chairman will also be caught and Redknapp will be involved as well.

  140. kelsey says:

    sorry I didn’t read what rasp had said.

  141. rico says:

    Hi kelsey and Raddy, glad someone liked it Raddy 😉 😉

    Been off for a bit trying to fit an anti pecking device on a naughty chicken, failed dreadfully so she’s now off to check in with a local cockrel 🙂 🙂

    I hope they have a strong case against the pompey lot and ex- lot, and throw the book at them!

  142. Big Raddy says:

    This is the tip of the iceberg.

    Harry will ask for 40 others counts of tax evasion to be taken into account !!

    What an idiot. Pure greed. He is a multi-millionaire so why bother not paying €40k of tax. It is a weeks salary for him !

  143. rico says:

    kelsey, I would bin the transfer window tomorrow, its just like the summer and winter sales in M&S !!

    Wage cap and purchase cap for players, how the heck can any one man be worth £80M!!

  144. Big Raddy says:

    I agree Rico, but the moneymen would never let that happen. It would create a more level playing field & that is of no interest to any of the EPL clubs. It is a closed shop.

  145. avenell says:

    Also as Kelsey says the tax rates are different… £100k here isn’t as good as £100k in Spain so the spanish clubs would have another advantage..

  146. rico says:

    You have hit the nail on the head Raddy, as kelsey said earlier, all the big money men have changed football and not for the best in many cases. I say go back to the leather ball with laces and the muddy pitches…. ahhhhhh 😉

    When you take a good look at it, maybe we are very fortunate to support a club run in the way it is..

    We are all starting to sound like Arsene Wenger 😉 😉

  147. Goonersan says:

    I think the point is it’s not 40k he’s thieved it’s undoubtedly a whole lot more but that’s all they can legally get on him. Not only is he getting it but his spanner of a son is taking it big time over his Thompson advert where he just confirms what we all knew. It just keeps getting better.

  148. avenell says:

    I hope the FA get involved too …then dock the Spuds just enough points to take them back out the top 4…

  149. kelsey says:

    Sorry if I keep disappearing but a lot going on here at the moment.I would love to continue this tomorrow.
    Night all.

  150. rico says:

    Night kelsey

  151. rico says:

    I have to go too, see you all tomorrow

    Stay safe

    Nighty night

  152. rico says:

    ave, docking points is what hurts most, and I am with you all the way re your last comment 🙂

  153. rico says:

    Arsenal centre-back Philippe Senderos is close to signing a pre-contract agreement with an Italian top flight club, according to a report from Sky Sports News.

    The Swiss international revealed this week that he was desperate to move away from the Emirates this season in order to find first team football ahead of the World Cup.

    The 24-year-old is apparently happy at Arsenal, but very frustrated at his lack of first team opportunities.

    He spent the bulk of last season on loan at AC Milan, but is is not yet clear whether it is to them that he will return when he leaves north London.

    His pre-contract agreement means that he will definitely leave in the summer, but there is as yet no indication as to what he could do for the rest of this campaign.

    Arsene Wenger’s signing of Sol Campbell suggests that there could yet be movement out of the Emirates on the defensive front this window.

  154. Goonersan says:

    Breaking news on sky sports!! Liverpool FC have just confirmed that they have sold the nameing rights for the new stadium to OXO. The new ground will be called the Laughing Stock!!

  155. can’t see spuds finishing above a rampant man city.

    liverpool, spuds, and villa will fight out the europa league spots imvho.

  156. avenell says:

    The dippers are not looking so good though..
    torres out for 6.. Benny Hoom 3 and for 2..

  157. avenell says:

    Shevo… you really do need to learn how to talk to a lady and a fellow human being properly.. Your not welcome here..

    Oh and you are wrong..rico has always backed Song..

    See you later…..much.

  158. Rasputin says:

    A very good late evening to you all,

    Just popped in to acknowledge Goonersan’s OXO pun – top drawer!! … you’ll do well on here 😉

  159. Irishgunner says:

    Anyone else notice that David James is on his way to Stoke?

    Its World Cup year so he’d only move to play which means Sorenson must be on the move – he’s a top keeper worthy of Arsenal imo.

  160. Alfa says:

    Irish, James would also move so he could get paid wouldn’t he?

  161. Irishgunner says:

    He could move to any club to get paid

  162. Irishgunner says:

    Sorenson has been linked with Bayern apparently, just think he’d be another keeper we might miss out on

  163. Big Raddy says:

    I like Sorenson – anyone would be better than Coco.

  164. Irishgunner says:

    My thoughts BR – my thinking is that James wouldn’t move to sit on the bench – not behind such a good keeper so Sorenson must be on the move

  165. Big Raddy says:

    Buy Sorensen, Simon Kjær from Palermo (CB) or Daniel Agger, play NB and we are on our way to glory !! The Danish way….

  166. Irishgunner says:

    Ha ha true – I’ve heard of Kjaer but not seen him play, how good is he?

  167. London says:

    New Post

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