Why doesn’t Wenger Sign Fernando Torres?

Wouldn’t you want the chance to be jumped at if he became available? Well, if rumours are true that Liverpool are burdened with £174 million pounds worth of debt and the owners are at each others throats, over the spiralling costs of the play thing they bought but are now getting bored with, then the idea of them selling their most prized asset may not be completely out of the question.

I always find it interesting to read how much people value him at, Lewyd24 suggested 30 million and W.A.H.T went further by suggesting that it would be the best forty million we ever spent; I certainly agree with the sentiment, the only problem is that the plan is flawed.

If Liverpool’s owners agreed among themselves to sell Torres, then common sense dictates that they would want to get the highest price possible and no one, bar, no one on the planet can out bid Man City, so would there really be any point in even making a bid when the certain outcome would be that we lose the bidding war and have to suffer the embarrassment of being made to look inferior by financial comparison?

The answer to me is no, we can bid 40 million until we are blue in the face and we won’t get Torres; but, as they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat: we have a weapon in the armoury that should always be exploited to the max before we give up all hope of ever seeing Torres play along side Fabrégas at the Emirates – the weapon is, off course, the Wenger factor.

When it was fully realised that Van Persie was out for what is going to be the best part of the season Wenger made a statement the following day saying that he would be in the market for a new striker when the window opened. This seemed a reasonable statement to make; he later added the proviso that any potential signing would have to be better than what we already had. Personally, I didn’t think this addition necessary as it seems obvious that that would and always should be the criteria.

So how is this going to get Torres? There is only one way that this is going to happen and that is if he decides that he wants to leave Liverpool to come and play at the Emirates. Arsenal can afford forty million and I am convinced that they would pay it but it would need a statement of this nature which would make City back off as the last thing they need is another expensive star on their books who doesn’t really want to be there, ala Robiniho.

Wenger’s statement about entering into the transfer market sends a clear message to any top class striker who might be disgruntled with his present club that Arsenal are ready and willing to welcome them to the home of football.

I suggested, not too long ago, that the worst thing that could happen would be for David Villa to sign to another club only to later tell us that he would have liked to have come to Arsenal if only he had known that we were interested in him. Wenger’s early announcement makes sure that this scenario does not happen. So if you are reading this Señor Villa or Señor Torres, get in touch.

A regular blogger who I have a lot of respect for said that he found the idea that Arsenal need to advertise as being sad. It took me a while to work out what he meant before remembering that there was, of course, a time when the name Arsenal was powerful enough to attract the crème de la crème of British strikers, considering it as a privilege and an honour to play at the home of football: just listen to Malcolm Macdonald and Charlie Nicholas, if you need proof, when they talk about how highly they regarded the opportunity to play for Arsenal.

I suppose it is sad that things have changed but changed they have and not all for the worse. We were big fish in a small pond back then and able to attract the UK’s finest. The biggest change is that we are no longer just competing with Man U, as we always have, we are now also competing with the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona for the signatures of Europe’s, if not the worlds, finest players which clearly indicates to me just how far we have come. We may not have the financial clout of Man City but if by advertising Wenger can increase the possibility of attracting players of Torres or Villa’s calibre then I say — do it.


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  1. London says:

    Morning Roadsters

    I thought as Sol has been blogged to death that I would approach things from a different angle.

  2. brendan says:

    you speak about these things as if wenger just has to click his fingers…torres turned down arsenal, united and chelsea…i’d concentrate on how your going to keep fabregas

  3. John says:

    They’ll never sell him, both the owners and manager have said they wont sell players because of the debt, the debt is manageable, that’s what people don’t seem to get, interest payments are only £16 million, they may not have the cash to bring in loads of players, but that doesn’t mean financially they are in trouble.

    Torres himself has said countless time he loves LFC, it feels like home, and he’d never go to another premier league club, just like he said no to Real Madrid countless times because they were Athletico rivals.

  4. Mustang says:

    Morning London,

    good piece, but, but….. It is highly unlikely that Wenger will go into a bidding war even for a world class striker like Torres or Villa. The reason is that as soon as they are on the market clubs like Chavs, Citeh, RMadrid, will bid and I cannot see us out bidding them. Don’t forget that they will also command huge wages as well and we just don’t have the funds to allow us to put possibly £60m in one player, but we can wish though.

  5. Martin says:

    Torres at Arsenal…. dont make me laugh.

  6. oskar says:

    I definately think we could get Torres or Villa. The club can’t sell to a club the player doesn’t want to play at (ie Man City). Whilst teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid have all their star slots filled we still have a few open. We have Arshavin, Fabregas and Robin Van Persie so we could easily slot in 2 or 3 more without anyone making a fuss about it. Why would you not want to come to a club and know you will play every game in front of 60.000 people and every year be in the title race and in the CL play offs?

  7. Bill says:

    Why would Nando want to play for Arsenal? He has a long contract at Anfield and Rafa has no intention of selling him, he was just winding up the journos and they all fell for it like lemmings.

  8. Milktruck says:


    This is hilarious

  9. Martin says:

    Oh how deluded you all are…. ha ha ha

  10. Mike says:

    Torres merely needs to say he won’t go to Citeh, sorted.

    Charlie Nicholas = creme de la creme of British strikers……………I’m old enough to have been on the terraces when he signed and I’m afraid you’re way off the mark there mate!

  11. rouman says:

    what a laugh torres will never leave, liverpool for arse or anyone. if he goes it will be back to spain plus wenger won,t pay the money city offered 70 mil, arse cannot compete. and liverpool won,t sell as torres said liverpool is my home now, and i will stay till they no longer want me. london does not appeal to me it never has. so there you go gooners you have no chance….

  12. Martin says:

    Let me just point you all to this article…. http://www.tribalfootball.com/purslow-liverpool-will-never-consider-gerrard-torres-sales-570971?

    Maybe this will dispell these rediculous ideas.

  13. ArsenalThru&Thru says:

    I mentioned this in another blog yesterday funnily enough! Torres would want guaranteed champions league football & would he actually refuse to play for a team like Arsenal’s to go for more money & play for Man City?? I don’t think so – although a few ‘professional footballers’ have proved that money does sometimes work over good football (ala adebayor etc etc). I for one would approve of them spending whatever it takes to get Torres, he’s the 1 player out there who would suit us down to a tee – lets hope it does happen – probably just a distant dream though…

  14. spanner says:

    Torres is for me the best striker in the EPL but he is too long injured in each season, and we don’t need any more of those thanks.

  15. rico says:

    Morning all, nice one London and thanks…

    Interesting peice I think – especially as the rumours this morning are that Liverpool have secured Chamakh for 25M pre contract agreement. He is reported to be joining them in the summer – maybe then Torres will be sold. The figure though, if he stays fit until then would be way out of our price…

    Barca or Madrid will come knocking with a stupid figure, just like Ronaldo… imho of course 😉

  16. Tony says:

    There is no way Torres would play for another English club he has said so on numerous occasions.Forget it

  17. David says:

    As seen in the Alonso Real saga Liverpool will demand a high price and stick to it, you’ll need to match the 80m Real paid for Ronaldo, simply because if he became availiable City will bid 100m to get him. Plus Torres won’t leave Liverpool, he’s said so many many times. Though i think Torres in an Arsenal side would be quite something, it’s simply not going to happen

  18. rico says:

    Morning to all just let on – I think a few of you are Liverpool fans, you are all welcome on Avenell Road, BUT please keep the comments constructive – this is a friendly site and any abusive comments will be edited and you will be spammed…

    Many thanks 🙂

  19. rico says:

    London – if you are around, would you be able to keep an eye on the dashboard as well as me – you have attracted a few newbies with your post 😛

  20. GB says:

    I think the only way Torres will leave is if he is forced out by the owners. They would only sell for a large amount of money (40 Mill is small in the current football climate). I think you could get berbatov on the cheap.

  21. Lewyd24 says:

    Hey People

    Chamakh signing for Liverpool is rather dissapointing.

    What about Obafemi Martins? I forgot about that guy. I saw him on the bench for Nigeria yesterday.

  22. rico says:

    Morning David, welcome to Avenell Road, have I seen your picture on another site which you run??

  23. rico says:

    Morning GB, Welcome to Avenell Road, Berbytoff is rubbish though 😉

  24. Shiraz says:

    I somehow doubt that 40 million would be enough to buy Torres, I think Liverpool will demand easily in excess of 75 million. Wenger will never pay that for 1 player, so drop the whole idea right now. In any case, Torres has stated his desire to remain with Liverpool.

  25. rico says:

    Hi Lewyd –

    do you think the Chamakh deal is real or just speculation, the player said yesterday that he would be making his decision over the next few weeks and could still stay in France

  26. rico says:

    Morning Shiraz, welcome

    We can all dream can’t we??

  27. Dublin Gunner!!! says:

    Hey guys, just wondering would u be happy to get van nistlrooy (spelling) fox in da box!! Just what we need! I no he is a muppet but if he got us 10 goals from now till may I’d be happy?!

  28. rico says:

    Welcome DG

    Some say yes and some say no to VN here, I am on the no side, just because of his history…

  29. jack says:

    This article has at least given me a laugh. Pie in the sky dreaming would be an understatement. Also LFC are looking for investors to drive down their debt. If this happens then I would like to see how even City or Chelski can bid for him. by the way how can Torres go for £40million if Ronaldo went for £80 million. I’d say close to £60 million the least. Also I hope all you guys are enjoying the fact that Man U are in financial troubles. They only made profit due to the selling of Ronaldo. Who wants to bet they will make a loss in the next financial year.

  30. Dublin Gunner!!! says:

    Cheers Rico, I no I understand I’m not a big fan either but if we were on top come may I wouldn’t really mind who we got, do u reckon he will sign any one?

  31. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Response provoking post London 😆

    There should be a button on the keyboard prints a symbol to indicate ‘this is a fantasy but don’t shoot me for dreaming’

    As you know I have said that Campbell will be our only signing and everything else is spin as we have never had the intention of buying a striker … but if there was one in the world I could have, it would be Torres followed by Drogba after plastic surgery and a personality overhaul…

    I’m not surprised pool and other clubs are sniffing around Chamakh, we’ve been doing a great PR job for him and his agent publicising our admiration – we’ve probably put another £10m on him thanks to our promotion of his interests 😦

  32. rico says:

    Hi jack, it may be pie in the sky, but isn’t there a player you would love to have at ‘pool who you know you couldn’t get – it called having a dream 😉

    Everyone bar a Manure fan will be smiling about the problems they are having.. 🙂

  33. In the current climate, with Benzema the last big name striker moving clubs for £30M

    you would imagine Torres would fetch at least £45-50M

    he is most definately the best striker on the planet right now.

  34. rico says:

    Morning Rasp,

    Its not so much fun behind the scenes though 😦 😦

    I am sick and tired of the snow now, more overnight!!

  35. rico says:

    DG, thats what I keep thinking too, but I dislike him too much 😉

  36. rico says:

    Rasp said :-

    There should be a button on the keyboard prints a symbol to indicate ‘this is a fantasy but don’t shoot me for dreaming’

    Please Rasp, tell me how to put this addition on 😉

    I haven’t forgotten ITYS Headline, just waiting for ave, then we can mention it

  37. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters.. and visitors..
    Good post London, a nice thought.

    There may be a few ways that Liverpool will have to sell Torres, not finishing top 4, Gillete and Hicks not being able to raise funds, but I feel that is flawed as if the banks refuse to re-finace Liverpool they would be mad to force them to sell Torres or Gerrard..

    But the main reason for having to sell Torres could be Platini and his new rules that each club must make a profit. It’s okay for liverpool to get new backers but chucking money at a club is no longer the answer (silly old Arsene’s way is)..

    Man U are only showing a degree of loss because Ronnies sale softened the blow and Abramovich has moved no’s to show Chelsea don’t owe any thing so this could be a real threat to clubs that are run badly or have suger daddies..

  38. Rasputin says:

    Morning rico,

    Snows quite bad here too. It took me 2 hours to get to work in a van with no brakes as I’ve totalled my car 😦 happy days!

    I hate RVN, but I’d take him as opposed to nothing. Any player around the age of 30 who wants to get into a world cup squad is going to give his all up to the end of the season. What we want is a Henrik Larsson – type signing … only problem is that RVN is the only one I can think of. It won’t happen because there is too much bad blood beyween him and Arsene.

  39. Robbie says:

    Wish I could get paid for writing such tosh!

  40. Dublin Gunner!!! says:

    Is there any rumours off wenger looking for a keeper?

  41. avenell says:

    Morning Rasp and Rico…

    Not trying to wind you up, but it is like a sunny spring day down here today…. (after a day and night of heavy rain)

  42. avenell says:

    RvN should go to Man City and play alongside Vieira (after what Paddy said in his book).. Training sessions would be fun..

  43. Dublin Gunner!!! says:

    I reckon these are players that would do well with us,
    d James- pompy need d cash
    s Ireland- not really getting a look in this season
    Santa cruz- not getting a look in

  44. avenell says:

    Morning Robbie… so do we..

  45. kevin herring says:

    god some ppl need to stop dreaming arsenal have large debts themselves and if torres was available the bidding would go past what man ure got for ronaldo and wengar doesnt pay big money or big wages for players and he cant compete with the likes of man city/chelski or the other big clubs when these world class players come on the market lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Rasputin says:

    Good call on RSC DG, I wanted him in the summer as Ade’s replacement but they ended up together at citeh. He is a class striker but has never really had the chance to play in a top side to show what he can do … the only trouble is that he appears to be as injury prone as the strikers we already have.

  47. avenell says:

    Man City or Chelsea will not be able to buy big soon Kevin when Platini evens up the playing field..

    THe difference between Arsenal and Liverpools debts is we invested in bricks and mortar Liverpool invested in the likes of Babel..

  48. RafaTheRed says:

    Arsenal could sign Torres!!! But only on Championship Manager….

    Get a grip you clown!!!
    His armband proved he was a red Torres Torres
    You’ll never walk alone it said Torres Torres
    We bought the lad from sunny spain
    he gets the ball he scores again
    Fernando Torres Liverpools number 9

    (everyone bounces)na na na na na na na na na na na na
    na na na na na na na na na na na na
    na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
    Fernando Torres Liverpools number 9

  49. avenell says:

    Welcome RafatheRed… keep the slagging down and we can all chat nicely.. thanks buddy..

  50. Dublin Gunner!!! says:

    Yea Rasputin, reason why I said James is cause we could get him for free an he is better that al! But we really should off went for given 8million

  51. Rasputin says:

    Morning ave,

    Are you and rico going to invoice London for all your time slaving over a hot spam filter this morning? 🙄

    The trouble is, we all know where London is coming from as he adds ‘that side of the balance’ to the site, whereas anyone reading for the first time will quite logically judge us on the post which is typically Londonesque in its optimistic fantasy – but we love him for it 😆

  52. Woody says:

    Morning Rico,

    As a liverpool fan I do believe that (as stated by Purslow)that there’s no chance of him leaving in the near future. But football’s a funny old game and who knows what could happen a few years down the line (just ask leeds fans). To answer your question about who I’d like in our side from your team, for me it really is a no brainer. Arshavin is definately a world class player who would be a revelation for us.(could you imagine what it would be like with him, Gerrard and Torres in the same team). I read shortly after he’d signed for you boys that his agent was quoted as saying that we came in for him after he’d agreed to sign for you and if we’d have come in earlier he would have chosen us. Don’t know if there is any truth in that, but if it is true I bet Rafa must have been kicking himself.
    As our title chances seem to be now nothing but a mathematical possibility i would like to see you boys go on and win the premiership (anything has to be better than the Mancs or the Chavs winning it), so good luck for the rest of the season. YNWA

  53. avenell says:

    Exactly Rasp… if anyone bothers to read the post London clearly says we have no chance.. but eh ho..

  54. Lewyd24 says:

    Rico, From what Iv read the deal is for him to arrive in the summer. So he will stay in France for the remainder of the season. I stand to be corrected.

  55. Mustang says:

    What about signing Jermain Beckford…….?

  56. avenell says:

    Hi woody welcome to Avenell Road..

  57. London says:

    Morning again Roadsters

    I have been looking for that button on my keyboard but for the life of me I cannot find it 😉

    To me the post is about Wenger’s statement making top strikers aware that if they unhappy where they are there is a home for them at Arsenal.

    It’s a case of if you do not ask you will never get.

  58. Rasputin says:

    Nice comment Woody, good to have you on the site.

    DG, you’re dead right. We’ve bemoaned the fact that we didn’t go for Given many times on here .. he’d save us upwards of 9 points a season compared to Coco – and that could be tghe difference between winning the prem or not.

  59. London says:

    I’m doing about three hundred things at once here so I can’t give it my full attention yet…..I forgot that title would attract a load of scallys as well.

  60. Goonersan says:

    If we could buy Torres at whatever price. What odds that some numpty would clatter him and he’d be out injured for the rest of the season !

  61. rico says:

    Blimey, I only went for a qucik shower 😉

    Rasp, I read about your car, nasty, but just glad you are ok, metal is worth nothing!

    Morning woody, ave, and all those who have joined us since I left..

    RSC – he is unhappy since the Hughes treatment, he is more of a possiblity… 🙂

    London, I heard the same as you re Chamakh

  62. avenell says:

    Hi Goonersan.. welcome aboard…haha good point..

  63. avenell says:

    Except Eduardo da Silva rico.. 😉

  64. rico says:

    You bad man London 😉 😉

  65. rico says:

    mme ave 😉

    I hope the weather you are having is on its way here…

  66. rico says:

    Actually ave, he must have more metal than me 😉

  67. avenell says:

    You get a sunny day sunday …

  68. rico says:

    Hoorah 🙂

  69. London, the next article you run…. mention Man Utd primed for a Leeds Utd style collapse

    record hits and comments that day 🙂

  70. rico says:

    SW – thats real funny, i lkie that 😉

    ave – got to pop out – its all yours for an hour 😦

  71. Rasputin says:

    It’s been reported that a dewal was almost signed and sealed to sell BP to Everton in the summer but we pulled the plug at the last moment due to JD’s injury ….. if true, this must rank along with some of the worst decisions we’ve ever made 👿 …. has Arsene only realised subsequently that he didn’t like the player after having him all these years?

    WE should have just bought a back-up CB and let BP go. The only justification I can think of may be that his injury happened subsequently and that is why he hasn’t played. His comments now make it clear that he is desparate to leave, but he was desparate to leave in the summer … I would never forcibly hoild on to a player that wants to go except to wait to get the best price.

  72. Eddie K says:

    Hello good people.

    Torres, for what? We need players who would come to stay at Arsenal and not someone who will give us tough by the end next season wanting to join Madrid. I dont think if he came he would be stable. He is a good player yes, and he would easily pick up his form if he joined us and score more goals for us. However, I would not be comfortable to have him at Arsenal for sure.

    I feel sorry for Chamakh if he has really signed for Loserpool. That will be the end of him. He better go and ask Babel the best team he would opt for if given another chance to go back to 2007/2008. I have problems with most players when it comes to decision making. Their agents are somehow misleading.

  73. Eddie K says:

    I think it will do PS good if he goes to Everton. The boy really needs to play though I feel he will struggle to pick up his form.

    How about Saha? Do we need him?

  74. Marinello says:

    Err, yes Torres would be fantastic for us, ticks all the boxes in terms of age, pace, technique, ability to lead the line single-handedly, genuine aerial threat..now we only have to find the £80m required for his transfer fee. Or we could look at another player who ticks the box in terms of age, pace, technique..he’s even french and is not first choice at his club so we might be able to pick him up for the price they paid: €35m for Benzema.

  75. Rasputin says:

    BP = Big Phil = Phillipe Phollop

  76. Eddie K says:

    We expect you to be back by now

  77. Rasputin says:

    Hi Eddie,

    Personally I don’t think Saha would be a good buy for us for 2 reasons; I don’t think he’s better than Dudu, and not a lot better than Vela who will definitely improve if he is given games and also he is injury prone. The plus would be that he is strong and tall (6ft 1) and at 31 we could get him on a 2 year contract.

  78. avenell says:

    Hi Marinello welcome to Avenell Road your comments will go straight on now..

  79. ok thanks rasp, i would not be against a senderos / saha swap of some kind.

  80. rico says:

    Hi Eddie, I’m back now 🙂

    Did you miss me 😉

  81. he is not better as an overall stiker.. than say dudu.. vela is still a better winger than a striker.. and therefore i feel as a lone striker, saha would be better than what we have available right now.

    i strongly feel dudu won’t prosper in this new 4-3-3 system.. he is the type that excels in a 4-4-2 with a big man alongside him doing the donkey work and providing flicks ons/knock downs for him to sweep up and finish.

    he was at his optimum alongside ade 2 seasons ago, the game at city where he score a class goal from a ade flick on was dudu to a tee.

  82. alfamilano says:


    good piece of dreaming; sometimes dreams can reveal unexpected insights. Like:

    There is a real shortage of top quality ‘name’ strikers, otherwise we wouldn’t keep spinning round the same names

    The Liverpool fans (good to have them on here) are terrified of Torres leaving, quite rightly.

    Not everyone thinks that Charlie Nicholas was great (actually I don’t either)

    I think that Arsene is going to announce a signing of someone we have never heard of, probably playing at the ACN at the moment.

  83. Pritpal says:

    why doesn’t wenger bring thierry back? we need a striker and he’s not wanted at barca, so i would say sign him. you know he’ll never reject us!

  84. rico says:

    Pritpal, now you’re talking 🙂

  85. rico says:

    Barca the B’****ds would probably want Cesc to be part of any deal though ….

  86. Rasputin says:

    I actually think Dudu was at his best when he was playing alongside Bendtner – they seemed to strike up an almost instant understanding. He does play better beside a big guy. I observed many times that Ade’s headers from goalkicks seldom found another Arsenal player whereas Nik would be far more productive. I wish we had a target man with the chest control of Zidane or Drogba.

    As far as 4:4:2 or any other formation goes, I think in our case it is erroneous as our fluid style can be just about anything – lately it’s looked more like a 4:6 to me – certainly a 4:5:1/4:3:3 with AA up front is not effective and a waste of his talents

  87. rico says:

    And who could finish like them both too Rasp 😦

    I also think Nik is at his best when alongside Dudu ….

  88. Rasputin says:

    Sad but true rico 😦 I know he’s just beginning to regain form, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen the best of Dudu. Nik has impropved this season and we don’t know how good he can really be .. he needs to be more composed in front of goal – but then so does RVP.

    Often managers will set up a team to expoit the strengths of their best player – we can’t do that as we have so many talented players and so we waste/sacrifice some players talent for a system that may suit others in the team. Ideally, our play has to revolve around Cesc, but in other teams, players like Dudu, RVP, AA, Tomas would be the kingpin.

  89. Mustang says:

    You guys didn’t take the bait then when I mentioned Jermaine Beckford?

    But seriously I am expecting Wenger to say “having super Nick back is like a new signing” so I am not holding my breat on any new signing other than Sol. Alternatively he will promote Watt or JET from the reserves.

  90. rico says:

    Rasp, all our strikers and I include Walcott, AA and Vela need to be more composed – we create chance after chance but so many shots are off target 😦

    Mustang, I think we will soon see both JET and Watt..

  91. Eddie K says:

    Aaaaah! now I see, you there. I reaally missed you. I went out to the bank, now am back.

  92. rico says:

    Eddie – you haven’t missed anything, Arsene Wenger still has millions of dollars burning a hole in his pocket – tight old geezer 😦

  93. raif says:

    Torres would be a great signing.. but it wont happen even if liverpool was begging to offload him to make cash.. wenger just wont sign him. 😦

  94. Eddie K says:

    I agree with Rasp, Saha would not reaaly do us proud. However, for the short term as we hear, yes it would the better alternative but not the best. If I had a chance of bringing Tiery back, I would be relieved.

  95. raif says:

    i just cant see Wenger buying Torres, he will come out with his current strikers are good enough and the fact we have to many strikers already.. (When Fit

    plus he wont spend so much in one go

  96. Eddie K says:

    £80M for Torres. AW can buy 11 good players with that guys. Its just too much.

  97. raif says:

    with the transfer fee.. signing on fee bonuses, wages. ect.. it wont happen

  98. Eddie K says:

    Its 5:10pm here, time to knock off. Will chat tomorrow.

    Good night to all of you.

  99. W.A.T.H says:

    Nice article London…………..!! Did I say I’d only pay 40million for him……..! Make that 80… No problem…! Splash the cash I say help the dippers out with some badly needed cash……….. 🙂

  100. rico says:

    Hi wath, how did Sol play last night ??

  101. it would wholly depend upon his transfer fee, cannot see wenger paying 50M/60M

    but if he were to fetch around £40M… and still only 25?

    would he be seen as a value signing? tbf, if he came on the market, barca/real/chelski would battle it out as they could give him the wages and the CL footy he needs.

    he would be awesome in the current barca side.

  102. Rasputin says:

    If we do sign a striker … top of the most likely list is the Ivorian skyscraper…..

  103. Rasputin says:

    He’d cost about £3m …..

  104. Rasputin says:

    Torres is bottom of the ‘most likely list’ 😦

  105. Rasputin says:

    Villa is second bottom rico 🙄

  106. rico says:

    😦 Rasp, but I understand ….

    The skyscraper it is then, to be fair, that would probably make me happy right now 😉

  107. W.A.T.H says:

    Sorry rico in n out at the mo……….. No idea how he played was waiting for you with the vodka but u were a no show so just went and found some other drinking mates 😉

  108. Rasputin says:

    I’d settle for that too rico. Like I said yesterday, any player of that age can’t be a huge risk at under £5m – we just need to reduce the wage bill by letting some of the ‘less likely’s’ go.

  109. Coadsi says:

    Good day Roadsters, anyone watching the ACN?

  110. rico says:

    Rasp – not when you compare it to what we paid for Theo – don’t get me wrong though, I still think he could come good…

    I did a widget Rasp over Christmas about ‘who would you like to see stuffed’ but, until you and peaches mentioned about ‘adding stuff’ yesterday, i realised it was a silly idea of mine 😉

    There are a few I think we should sell, maybe it would make a headline…..?

  111. rico says:

    Hi Coadsi, all a bit hectic at home with the weather, haven’t seen any of the ACON yet 😦 😦

  112. peachesgooner says:

    Hi all

    Lovely Fantasy Land post London – can we add Thierry on loan till the end of the season to our wish list please 😀

    rico – I see our girlie bits have gone, the widgets are good but only the admin can get into them ….. 😦

  113. Coadsi says:

    Hi Rico Cameroon playing Gabon at the moment, I am busy with other things so although its on i am not watching. however Gabon is now leading 1-0. hope it stays this way and Cameroon makes an early exit. If no Denilson on the weekend what do you think le boss will do?

  114. song is totally dictating things for cameroon in midfield… boy has this lad come on.

    and he is still only 22 :0

  115. jeez, just broke up play nicely and sent eto racing away with a perfect long ball into his stride

  116. peachesgooner says:

    Sol and Gallas as CB’s could be a laugh with Vermaelen as HM …….. runs for cover 😆

  117. London says:

    Afternoon Roadsters

    I have a moment at last; I have read some of the comments but not all. A few brought a smile to my face.

    I still find it interesting how people value Torres.

    Let me pose this question: if Real Madrid did not exist, how much do you think Ronaldo would have been sold for? My guess would be a lot less than 80 million because without Real Madrid the next club in line would know that they would not have to go so high.

    So how much do you think Ronaldo would have been sold for if both Real Madrid and Barcelona did not exist? My guess would be much less.

    Now how much do you think Ronaldo would have been sold for if Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea did not exist? An awful lot less because the only remaining buyers would be Man City and Arsenal.

    In actual fact when it comes to signing strikers Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea do not exist because they already have all the strikers they need: Ronaldo/Benzema, Ibrahimavic/Messi and Drogba/Anelka respectively so with those out of the picture how much do you think Torres is worth?

    Arsenal would go as far as Forty million, Man City, of course, could go further but there would be little point going too much further than Arsenal.

    So we arrive at a very logical scenario in which Torres is worth forty million.

    Lastly for those Arsenal supporters who are obviously getting a bit old and are having a bit of trouble with their memories, let me remind you of this: before Charlie Nicholas arrived at Arsenal he played for Celtic and while there he was regarded as the most exciting strikers in Britain. This is the context in which I used his name above, when he arrived at Arsenal he was very disappointing but that has got nothing to do with the context in which I used his name.

  118. London says:

    With all those dippers around I better go and check my hub caps.

  119. i tell you, africa is a long way away from having a world cup winner.

  120. peachesgooner says:

    Good point London about if Real Madrid et al didn’t exist – the value of players is totally out of sync and basic economics of supply and demand don’t apply. Some clubs are more ruthless than others – if Torres were available and Man City wanted him they would offload one of their other stars.

    If Torres were available and wanted to come to Arsenal would Arsene drop Robin or Nikki to make way – I don’t think so…….same applies to David Villa if he were available.

    Now if Thierry came on loan for the rest of the season that wouldn’t upset our apple-cart – have I mentioned this before 😀 😛 😆

  121. peachesgooner says:

    London – you wrote a very good post in the summer about players being bought to sit on the bench or being put straight into the first team thereby relegating a first teamer to the bench.

    If Djourou hadn’t been injured what part would he have played this season with Vermaelen arriving?

  122. London says:

    Hi Peaches

    I think I would get rid of Walcott to make space for someone of Torres or Villa’s stature before I got rid of Van Persie or Bendtner.

    Re the Djourou question: very little I would imagine, I can only assume the reason for his patience is that Wenger has pulled him aside and reasured him that he is next in line when Gallas leaves which should give him a 10 year career at the top with Arsenal.

  123. London says:


    Did you mean Vermaelen as DM? I don’t know what HM so I am guessing you do , in which case I totally agree, Vermaelen in front of Gallas and Sol sound good to me.
    I am working on the basis that Sol is fit, I certainly expect hi to be faster than Senderos so if we would entertain the idea of Vermaelen in front of Gallas and Swiss Phil why not Vermaelen in front of Gallas and Sol.

  124. peachesgooner says:

    Yes London some call Songs role more of a Holding than Defensive Midfielder maybe because Song does like to join in an attack too 😉

    Good point about Djourou being here for life and yes I did mean Vermealen in that role in front Sol and Gallas.

  125. London says:

    I think your discription of HM is more accurate. That will learn me 😉

  126. London says:

    That’s a bit of a result: Camaroon losing to Gambon 0-1. We may have Song home quicker than we expected.

    Seville v Barça tonight should be good, I love watching a game in which the Catalans might lose, except against Real, that’s touch and go who I dislike more.

  127. should be a cracker with barca 2-1 down from the first leg.

    seville are a wonderful team to watch.

    fabiano is a striker nobody has linked with us? he is top notch, as is negredo.

    fancy seville nicking this tonight on agg… maybe getting a score draw.

  128. avenell says:

    Charlie scored 48 goal in 73 apperances for Celtic before he joined us London..
    He never really fitted in to the old Arsenal game sadly, brilliant in flashes though..

  129. champagne charlie was immensely gifted, but more than not fitting into the old arsenal… he fitted TOO well into the london playboy scene.

  130. avenell says:

    He fitted into Suzanne Dando quite well.. 😉

  131. London says:

    Hi Ave how are you doing?

  132. London says:

    Hi again SFH

  133. avenell says:

    Er I’m okay.. why?

  134. London says:

    No reason

    I am in an unusually friendly mood, don’t worry it won’t last.

  135. London says:

    Actually, the reason is that I got cained in the markets yesterday but they have come back today…so I am a bit calmer.

  136. avenell says:

    Yes I saw that down 1.7% yesterday… hows my poxy lloyds shares doing?

  137. london, how do you trade the markets?

    and what do you trade? equities? fx? etc

  138. avenell says:

    I never got further than looking to set up a trading account.. 😦

  139. blimey.. 2 posts in one day

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