Two ‘new’ signings in – just maybe….

Ok, we just dropped two points at home against Everton, a team we thought, or rather I thought we would put to bed early on in the game, a team who hasn’t been firing on all cylinders this season but recently have a bit of change in fortune.

Saturday wasn’t a change in fortune for them; maybe they were even robbed of three points, certainly David Moyes thinks they were!

A couple of seasons ago, maybe even last season we would have lost that kind of a game, we wouldn’t have fought to the bitter end the way we did on Saturday, we would have skulked off, heads down and wonder where it all went wrong.

Then we would have heard the usual comments about how we were not mentally strong, maybe a little be short, even maybe tired, but we kept our heads up and right until the final whistle we could have even stolen a win.

Even the boss came out after the game and said we were lucky to get a point, well shiver me old timbers, haven’t heard him say that before 😉

Mind you, he couldn’t blame the weather could he, he been saying the games have been called off a bit to quickly around the country! I digress…

Saturday was more about picking up a point when a loss was on the cards, thanks Tomas! It was also more about the morale of the team after grabbing the point. Imagine how out team must have felt in the dressing room after the game, imagine how Arsene Wenger would have praised them for fighting until the end – and finally, just imagine what a difference that draw could make to the minds of all those players rather than having trudged off with nothing!!

Think back to when Everton scored to go 2-1 up, how many of you were desperate for a draw?? I was!

We weren’t good, we weren’t organised and considering we were playing at home, I thought at times we were shocking – but we got a point, a point that may just turn out to be a very valuable one!

The Mancs drew, and the Chavs will still drop points so we are ok, but what we can’t afford to do is play like we did against Everton again, especially not at home.

Moving on, the players from Togo are home, and I don’t blame them. If I was there, regardless of which country I played for, I too would be on the first flight out of there. One thing you don’t dice with, and that’s life!

Other Premiership managers are calling for their players to leave the completion and return home, but Arsene Wenger says he won’t be recalling Song and Eboue!!

Why Arsene? Just pick up the phone, get them home and then tell us their return will be like having two new January signings…

All I hope that if certain players/counties start to withdraw then the authorities call the whole tournament off, I would hate to think Eboue and Song would be sat out there on their own. Seriously, I think it should be one out, all out!

But while the competition carries on The Chavs have no Essien and Drogba and that is the reason I think we are still in with a bloody good chance for the Premiership. Drogba is their goal machine and Essien is brick in the midfield wall – a bit like our Song, but not as good 😉

There are a few teams out there who on their day can nick points off of any side, so there’s a long way to go before any big lady starts singing..

But for us to make our own lives a little easier I still think the boss needs to dip into the transfer market – ideally three players, but two would be a good start.

I don’t care if they are just loans until the end of the season, just as long as they are not drawing a pension, not still in nappies and are not already injured.

Denilson is now out so who is going to play in the ‘Song’ role – Stephen Appiah even sounds a good signing right now – ok, I am joking but wouldn’t you like to see a fit healthy Appiah kind of a player signed????
Our forwards still can’t score, there are plenty of darn good strikers out there for sale, even Torres at the right price is up for grabs according to Rafa – so is Stevie ‘Meeee’ Gerrard –We all want cover for TV and Gallas, I think we are all pretty convinced Sol will be the one, oh dear!

So, on Day 11 of the transfer window, in a week where we don’t play until Sunday, Arsene, this is a good time to sort what us fans all want to see…. Go on, you know you want to and Ivan has told us you have a dollar or two!!

There is not a lot of gossip around, other that Big Phil is not going anywhere, according to Arsene Wenger.
The boss has also had a word with Denilson “I said to Denilson afterwards, ‘if that happens you have to commit a handball.’ I’m very serious,” he said.

“If you go down, and there hasn’t been a foul, you cannot ask Everton to stop their counter-attack and not to score
“So, if you go down like that, at least put your hand on the ball and it’s a free-kick.”

Denilson has said he doesn’t know what happened but he should be back for Sunday!

Little bit of news to add, Arsene Wenger has told the players that they decide his future, play well and he is here for life… They have the next 18 months to convince him!!

That’s it folks, enjoy another day in the snow!


107 Responses to Two ‘new’ signings in – just maybe….

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    I know the ACON is up and running, but……..

  2. johnny hoy says:

    Are you mad – Essien’s not as good as Song?

  3. W.A.T.H says:

    Mornin rico 😉

  4. rico says:

    Morning johnny, welcome to Avenell Road –

    It’s a bit of humour!!

  5. alfamilano says:

    johnny hoy, good morning. Essien is proven but right now I’d rather have Song I think. He screens the back four fantastically well whereas Essien is better at those forward runs. But we don’t need Song to push forward all the time right now, not with the so many scoring midfields and Gallas and Vermaelen going forward (too) often. What do you reckon?

  6. Lewyd24 says:

    We should just sign Fernando Torres. He is for sale now. Wenger always says he will only sign an exceptional talent and Torres is definately that. We need a striker. Offer 30m cos he is worth it.

  7. JonJon says:

    morning all 😉

    nice one rico…good read..

    song pisses all over essien IMO

  8. rico says:

    Morning alfa, JJ

    How about both 🙂

    But Song is only 22, how old is Essien?

    We have him for many years now and just one day soon he will be one of the best DM’s in the world imho

  9. rico says:

    Morning WATH 🙂

  10. Irishgunner says:

    Morning all – thanks for the birthday wishes the other day 🙂

    Arsene never bought me by birthday present 😦 where is our 30 goals a season striker?

  11. rico says:

    Morning Lewyd, welcome to Avenell Road

    I think many of us would agree with you, Rafa has said he can go to, good time to test the dippers..

  12. JonJon says:

    exactly rico,

    esseins a machine…and i wouldnt say no…but songs a far better footballer and along with cesc song has to be in the top 5 PL midfielders this season..

    if essiens worth 25mil how much is song worth…??

    not far off i reckon

  13. Lewyd24 says:

    Morning Rico, Thanks

    It will neva happen I know but its good to have a dream.

  14. rico says:

    priceless to us JJ, We would have beaten Everton at the weekend with him in the side..

  15. JonJon says:

    hello irish…hope you enjoyed your bday.. 😉 x

  16. Irishgunner says:

    I think there is only one anti-Song man out there and even I think, no I know, he’s a Song fan, that supposed hate is all love.

    That boy has courage to be honest – after the Fulham game I thought he was done. Takes a lot to come back like he has done. Far from the finished article but hell is he getting there.

  17. rico says:

    The only problem with him though Lewyd is he is a bit of a crock – 30M is a lot of money for a plyer who will possibly only play half a season – especially if its the same half that Robin is injured 😉

  18. rico says:

    Morning Irish, hope you had a great day 🙂

  19. Irishgunner says:

    Cheers JJ

  20. JonJon says:


    25mil plus theo should do it.. 😉

  21. Irishgunner says:

    Morning Rico – thanks, how them chickens holding up in the big freeze?

  22. rico says:

    They hate it Irish, one has had to be seperated as she has plucked loads of feathers out of two others – bloody nightmare!She may be off real soon if we can’t stop it. We have found her a home with a cockrel,that should sort her out 😉

    How are all your animals back home?

    JJ, 5M plus Theo 😉

  23. Irishgunner says:

    Ha ha all the animals are being well looked after – water being checked that it isn’t freezing and warm milk for the cats.

    I must be off again, talk soon.

  24. alfamilano says:

    Morning Rico, Lewyd,
    I agree Torres would be a dream buy.

    What about Saha?

  25. W.A.T.H says:

    I’d pay 40mil for Torres and not blink an eyelid…! he is the dogs round ones….! As for always injured only cos Rafa rushes him back all the time cos he knows the dippers are in the crap house without him…!. Won’t ever happen though cos AW is far to tight…! we always shopping in the bargain basement even though the wallet is full of cash…! extremely irritating…!

  26. Lewyd24 says:

    Alfa , Saha is a top striker. Great goal scorer but that guy is never not injured. But I woudnt mind him right now. He has just come back from injury and he probably could do a job for us this season.

  27. rico says:

    I am beginning to see logic in signing Saha, with the chances we create he would get a good number of goals, but again, he is often injured – we have too many prone to injury alfa 😦

  28. rico says:

    See you soon Irish…

  29. alfamilano says:

    He is out a lot; I don’t suppose Moyes would let him go.

  30. goonerjay says:

    Good read. Seems to be a lot of bloggers with the same mentality this year.

    Rico… not blogging on Le Grove any more?

  31. rico says:

    Angola 4-4 Mali in ACON

    Angola were 4-0 up with eleven minutes to go….

    Incredible …

  32. rico says:

    They are strapped for cash alfa, he might..

    Maybe we should be looking to the USA for a loan deal, like Becks and Jason Donovan 😉

  33. alfamilano says:


    almost unbelievable. I wonder if this really was straight. The goals seemed legit.

  34. arsenal4ever says:

    @ Lewyd24: we should even offer liverfool for him 50 mill. he is all the money worth. would love to see him playing alongside cesc. we would destroy defences for fun in every game. 🙂

  35. alfamilano says:

    Donovan looked pretty good for Everton, first time out.

    And we do have an American commercial manager now don’t we?

  36. rico says:

    mme, and an american share holder 😉 😉

  37. rico says:

    Morning GJ and A4E, Welcome 🙂

    sorry you were stuck in moderation…

    GJ, haven’t been on LG for a couple of days, but still a regular visitor though 🙂

  38. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All

    GJ !

    Not seen you around for some time.

    Anyone will do……. Saha, K Jones, Santa Cruz, Villa, etc etc. What is becoming abundantly clear is that we need a CF. Nik B was hardly prolific when fit, and despite having enormous potential, he is nowhere near the man to carry us over the line.

    That said, I wonder why AW isn’t trying Vela & Dudu at the same time and allow AA to play a deeper role-

  39. rico says:

    Morning Raddy

    Santa Cruz is rumoured to be on his way of Citeh..

  40. rico says:

    Citeh’s new signing is out of their first game – injured!!

  41. rico says:

    Kaka is joing Fulham on loan…………

    Yes it is true, but its O’Kaka from Rome 😉

  42. W.A.T.H says:

    are you still sick rico…? It seems so……….. lol….!

  43. rico says:

    WATH 😆 Yes I am actually… 😦

  44. W.A.T.H says:

    Think u def need a litte “jungle juice’ in your hot lemon n honey…..!

  45. rico says:

    I don’t like it though WATH 😦

    Have you seen the news on Sky Sports about Manure…

    £509M in debt!!

  46. W.A.T.H says:

    I also think thats “under” what the actual debt is as well, by all accounts it’s closer to 700million.

    Well hold ur nose and just swollow rico…. It’ll do you good…!

  47. rico says:

    WATH – they are in deep do do 🙂

    You being naughty again 😳

  48. Paulin says:

    I know dat Wenger doesn’t want 2 buy a striker,but 2 b honest arsenal need a killer up front 4 now if da manager want 2 keep his dream alive about winning da league. A good goalkeeper as well,bcoz Almunia 4 now I can say dat he’s da weakest link in team.

  49. W.A.T.H says:

    I wasn’t being norti at all but you def got a norti mind… I am def NOT to blame for that 🙂 Yep they def in lots n lots of dung…. Least our debt is a construction debt theirs is purely on the back of new owners using the club to secure bebts which is a bad practice hence the dippers massive problems as well.

  50. rico says:

    Welcome to Avenell Road Paulin, sorry your comment was in moderation, you are free to blog now

  51. rico says:

    Its good to read they are in poop, me, a naughty mind – i must do better 😉

  52. rico says:

    Sky are showing a lot of the grounds who cancelled their matches – I am sure that many did so because big players were missing!!

  53. W.A.T.H says:

    Yeh I think the mind is the root of ur problems… its wishful thinking… :p lol….! The more games called off the more games the rest gotta catch up as well so least its not just us playing catch up…!

  54. Eddie K says:

    I like this. Guys, those Managers who are calling back their African players are afraid that they will drop points in their absence. I totally agree with our own wiseman, Wenger.

  55. rico says:

    Welcome to Avenell Road Eddie, and thanks

    I feel the same with Song missing, I think against Everton he would have made a diffence to the result

  56. rico says:

    WATH – We can only hope they all get fixture pile ups and injuries 😉

  57. W.A.T.H says:

    See now thats your spiteful and sadistic side coming through rico 😉

  58. rico says:

    Thats my optimistic side WATH 😉

  59. W.A.T.H says:

    hmmmmmmmmm I don’t wanna see your nasty side then 😛

  60. rico says:

    I haven’t got one really 😉

  61. W.A.T.H says:

    I must admit getting a little peeved with the fact AW said yet again that same old chestnut didnt want Vieira as he would only get in the way of Song and we don’t need anyone in that area….. Are his glasses out of date or something or is someone drugging his morning coffee…?

  62. W.A.T.H says:

    Ok then stick to the optimistic norti side I prefer that 😉

  63. rico says:

    I just hope its rubbish to feed the paps and behind the scenes he has a cunning plan – but I know that just isn’t going to be the case…

    Why does he keep saying he will buy, but then doesn’t …

    Denilson is just not good enough to cover for Song imho

  64. rico says:

    Breaks the day up, eh 😉

    Very quiet here today…

  65. W.A.T.H says:

    Anything to stimulate the mind is good for breaking the day up… 😉

    He always says about balancing the book but what about keeping them even and spending some of all that money he’s made from sales etc and from all the money we pay to get in that concrete bowl…? thats what we were promised from the board… to be able to compete and buy the best we need to move…. We’ll ain’t seen it so far and we all know it’s only a few players and we can rule the roost and yet he won’t do it… Does he think 2 players would ruin his master plan of being able to say ok I have won the league with kids all brought up by the club…? No one says go buy ten players but as said before we been in this position 3 yrs running and he does nothing…!.

  66. Eddie K says:

    I agree with you we need another striker (finisher)but do think we are ok in goals.

  67. Keith says:

    Interesting to see in the Daily Mail where they showed the Opta stats (and I know stats can always be read in different ways) but Fellani made more tackles than the entire Arsenal midfield put together.

    Just shows the work I think Song has done in previous games and we missed his strength against Everton as Denilson was on occasions easily brushed off the ball.

    Denilson cannot be risked against Bolton though so am expecting Diaby/Fab and maybe Nasri there??

  68. W.A.T.H says:

    Eddie K, think Almunia is a joke, the defence don’t trust him and I’d take any other keeper in the league over him…! He’s been awful all season and has never been much better ever since we got him. He makes the odd decent save but thats what he’s there for, most important player on the pitch is the goalie if the team has no faith in their number 1 then that’s bad news. I’ve said it before he’s a liability and we will win nothing with him in goal.

  69. rico says:

    WATH – What I don’t also understand is why Gazidis and Stan don’t force him a bit, they are the ones telling us he has money – Stan won’t settle for being second, he’s a septic 😉

    Fabianski should be our No 1 – simples 😉

  70. Eddie K says:


    We will get Song’s deputy from the AFCON.

  71. W.A.T.H says:

    rico from what I have been told the goalie they all rate as the best is Szczesny the younger polish kid but there is no way AW will put and 18yr old in goal as number one…! Fabianski still far to unpredictable for me BUT saying that is he any worse than the spanish waiter… I think not…!

    I can’t see AW taking kindly to being told by Stan or Gazidis to go buy 2 players to win the league… He’ll ask em who’s manager and when they repyl you are he will tell them to let him mange then and go do their own jobs….!.

  72. Eddie K says:

    Guys, will you allow me to go and watch my team, Flames of Malawi versus Algeria in AFCON. We are already leading by a goal. 30 minutes played.

  73. W.A.T.H says:

    Enjoy Eddie…

  74. London says:

    Afternoon Roadsters

    I have a mate who is a Brentford season ticket holder and he is raving about Szczesny (He is on loan there for those who didn’t know)

  75. rico says:

    No Eddie, get back here 😉

    WATH Szczesny – aka Chesney is doing really well right now on loan, Brentford I think – like you say he is one day tipped to be our main man, Wenger wouldn’t spend on a keeper as will ‘kill his chances’ 😉

    I see what you are saying about Stan and Ivan, but untimately AW is their employee, he should go and do as he is told, I had to when I was at work 😉 😉

  76. rico says:

    Eddie, interesting point, maybe he will be from one of the teams that get knocked out early, but he’s no good to us right now 😉

    Afternoon London, I knew, brownie points for me 🙂

  77. rico says:

    Hi keith, welcome to Avenell Road

  78. rico says:

    Sorry for the delay keith, first comments always go into moderation, you are free to blog now

  79. rico says:

    Hope so Eddie, enjoy the game, good luck to your team

  80. W.A.T.H says:

    rico u lay about……! 😉

    Yep Chesney has been great playing for the bee’s have a good mate who follow’s em and I used to go there when we were not playing loved the pubs on each corner of the ground and the half time walk out have a pint and go back in but since they stopped that I ain’t been………. 🙂

    Ur right London yet another excuse for AW not to buy cos he got 3 15yr olds who are coming through with great potential……….. yawn………. gets to the point where the same drivel over n over is just to much to put up with.

  81. rico says:

    I am a very busy bee WATH I’ll have you know 😉

  82. W.A.T.H says:

    If that chicken keep playing up just send it over to me I’ll serve it up nicely 😉

    Busy bee………. hmmm bites tongue n shakes head, refuses to comment……………………..

  83. rico says:

    Oh, go on 😉

    And our chicken is getting nowhere near your dinner plate 😉

  84. W.A.T.H says:

    I’ll be very nice to it and give it the perfect send off…..! I’ll cremate it gently with a wondeful gravy topping 😉

    As for the comment… nope shakes head refuses to budge…!

    I wonder how far Stan would go in telling the board/AW that we need to win silverware to be a hit in the states with all those yanks who just love to associate with winners… That in itself has mega drawbacks do we need anymore jcl’s…. BUT do we settle for 3rd or 4th or do we really wanna win something… It’s about being a big club or about wanting to be a BIG club….! all about attitude and mentality…!

  85. rico says:

    You terror 😉

    Did you listen to the Stan live i/v WATH (wish you would shorten that 😉 ) those who spoke about him said he is a winner and doesn’t ‘do second’…

    I wish he would get the big stick out and start waving it about 😉

  86. W.A.T.H says:

    Well just 4 u babe u can put wath no caps is that easier for you seeing as ur a busy bee 😛 A terror she says…. how’d you know…? All that experience is it 😉

    Well as I always got told you get nothing for coming second so if that’s how Stan is then great BUT let’s see how he imposes that mentality on someone as stubborn as AW….!

  87. rico says:

    You gent, thats easier wath, its difficult too though as he doesn’t own the club outright, and yes, Wenger is as stubborn as a mule ….

  88. W.A.T.H says:

    Well as good as AW is his bad points are really bad and the stubborn thing is what’s given us the biggest problems the last 3yrs…! Aw is a genius but there are times I wanna smash his head off a brick wall and ask him WTF he’s doing….?? Suppose we all the same in that respect…!

    Of course I am a gent, would you like a seat madam 😉 Always look after the elderly…! 😛

  89. rico says:

    Typical man, always having the last word 😉

    I wonder why he suddenly changed his ways – one year Paddy, Henry, Petit, Anelka, Overmars, Freddie, Campbell, Reyes etc, the next……. kids 😦

    But yes, I have the greatest respect for our manager..

  90. W.A.T.H says:

    The year he brought 5 players in we went on to win the double in 98….. does that not tell him all he needs to know…? Back to being Mr Stubborn….!. The kids are fine and nearly good enough the last piece of the puzzle is a couple of older heads ready made players we can all see it why doesnt he act on it cos as sure as eggs are eggs if we can see it so can he…!

    I don’t do typical………. 😉

  91. rico says:

    3 players wath, two players, like i said in the post, not oap’s, not who are in nappies, but two players who could bring experience and that get us ‘over the line’ mentality….

    We won’t get a keeper, so a CH, HM and a big hit man, and we are sorted…

    Get rid of a few as well…

  92. W.A.T.H says:

    The spine of the team is where it’s needed….! I agree 2/3 players and we’re sorted but who are we to tell AW what we need……. As said he know’s full well… WHY doesn’t he do something about it…..???????????????????

  93. rico says:

    I would love to know the answer, as would we all 😦

  94. rico says:

    On Fran Merida

    He told the London Evening Standard: ‘At the moment I am in talks with the boss. I told him I needed a bit of time – the first thing in my mind is definitely to stay here but I have to look at a few things first and we’ll see how we progress.

    ‘My agent and I are only talking to Arsenal at the moment, though, and nobody else – first of all I want to see how my situation looks here and then I’ll decide what to do.’

    Manager Arsene Wenger is keen to keep the young Spaniard but said: ‘We’ve not progressed and I’m concerned.’

  95. rico says:

    Well, no-one else wants to chit chat so off to get dinner….

  96. rico says:

    Oh well, no-one around still so I am off for the night…

    I could have sworn I saw London and his pyjamas 😉

    Night all, stay safe

  97. London says:

    Good night Rico

  98. JB says:

    No longer reading blogs – just adding the same post everywhere and hope others do so too –


  99. W.A.T.H says:

    Nite rico sweet dreams….! Hmmm a world class goalie that really is a dream…!

  100. W.A.T.H says:

    London, pls don’t tell me u wear pj’s…. 🙂

  101. […] Two ‘new’ signings in – just maybe…. Ok, we just dropped two points at home against Everton, a team we thought, or rather I thought we would put to bed […] […]

  102. DebbieDoesGallas says:

    Is it just me, or can you not take anyone who says “da” instead of “the” seriously???

    Ruud on loan for 6 months
    Van Persie back for next season

    Lloris in goal

    Buy Cahill + that’ll give Coyle some transfer funds…

  103. Get a striker and a centreback to ease our worries should either tv or gallas get injured.

  104. London says:

    Wath, I was definitely wears pj’s

  105. rico says:

    Morning All

    New post up

  106. Eddie K says:

    Hi guys, are you there today?

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