Should We Sacrifice This Mickey Mouse Cup?

Is there any credibility  left in winning the FA Cup anymore, I mean the FA  told Man U it didn’t matter and go and play in the World Club Championship instead, they started it not us.

There is no glory in the competition anymore,  When we won it last time we couldn’t even be bothered to get the open top Routemaster out of the garage.

I’d love a bit of silverware, but I want the Champions League..  I know a lot of people want the Premiership, but we want to be a truly super club and that to me means winning the biggest club tournament in the world.

As a kid the FA cup mean’t everything  we could see the Arsenal live on the TV, only the cup final and the England v Scotland game were  the only 2 live games shown..  how things change we see nearly every game now and this  has watered down my love of this great competition too..

We have our best chance of winning the Premiership for a couple of years, We don’t have anything to fear from Roonchester United and the Chav’s invincibility is slipping away.. We are also in with a good shout at the Champions League, although that might be more hampered by injuries than the Prem if we sign a player who is cup tied.

So is it worth risking the FA Cup for the two Big Boys, It’s easy to say we should have tried harder to win the Cup’s when we get knocked out of the CL or we drift away in the Prem.. But we are right up there in the mix this time around.

It’s not like last year when we reached the semi final of the cup we were miles away from the Premiership and we needed a trophy and for some strange reason Mr Wenger OBE dropped AA even though he wasn’t cup tied in the CL to rest him .. If we are going to blow the cup.. do it NOW not when we are in touching distance of Wembley.

The squad is seriously depleted with injury’s anyway and it looks like West Ham will field a weakened side too, which I wouldn’t understand if I was a “iron” I would just want to win something , But staying in the Premiership is like winning a cup nowadays, which is a sad state of affairs.. The FA should up the stakes in the Cup and either give out far greater prize money or a Europa spot, I cannot see them giving a CL place away as it would perhaps weaken our position in Europe if teams like Portsmouth took the place of Liverpool in that competition, but that shouldn’t happen if all the clubs take it seriously anyway,  although the Premiership is throwing out some rogue one-off results this year.

So in short..  If you are going to blow it Arsene.. blow it Early and don’t build our hopes of a trip to Wembley in the final..

Yesterday was the most amazing day we have had on Avenell Road, Flamini coming back wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea and we had a lot of new Roadsters come on.. Thanks to all of you who took the effort to comment, please feel free to come back. Thanks also to the record number of readers.. and mainly thanks to the usual mob of bloggers who have kept us in business for nearly a year..

I also promised the results of the poll that we did on New Years Day. We had just under 200 hits on each question Cheers for that.

The results are..

The Arsenal Under performer of the year..

Theo. 58%

Almunia 34%

Arshavin 4%

Denilson  3%

Eboue 0

Arsenal Player of the Year so far

Song 43%

Cesc 30%

Vermaelen 23%

Gallas 3%

RvP 2%

Who Has Been Arsenal’s Best Manager of the Decade?

Mr Wenger OBE 62%

Arsene 23%

Wenger 15%

What TV pundit makes you want to kick the telly in?

Jamie Redknapp  36%

Alan Hanson 21%

Andy Gray 21%

Mark Lawrenson 14%

Alan Shearer 8%

Position Wenger needs to strengthen the most?

Goalkeeper 36%

Striker 33%

Defender 28%

Midfielder 3%

Who has been the worst Spud manager over the last decade?

Juande Ramos 34%

Jacques Santini 33%

‘arry 16%

Glenn Hoddle 12%

Martin Jol 6%

Most Improved Arsenal player of the season?

Song 80%

Diaby 13%

Ramsey 5%

Eboue 2%

Denilson 1%

The Manager you would most like to see a pigeon poo on?

Phil Brown 45%

Sam Alladyce 21%

Fergiescum 21%

‘arry 10%

Rafa Benitez 3%

Who is your Arsenal player of the decade?

Thierry Henry 57%

Dennis Bergkamp 33%

Cesc Fabregas  6%

Patrick Vieira  4%

Denilson  0%

Most annoying player that plays for an opposing team in the last decade?

Adebayor 42%

Ashley Cole 30%

Robbie Savage 24%

Alan Shearer 5%…..

Let’s rip it up today 4-1 to the mighty Arsenal..


316 Responses to Should We Sacrifice This Mickey Mouse Cup?

  1. rico says:

    Morning All

  2. rico says:

    I am not sure about sacrificing the FA Cup, its a good old English competition that I love us winning – look at 2005 when we won after being hammered for 90 minutes – I smiled for weeks after…

    But in reality, AW has made it clear that he will be resting players, so if the Hammers ‘turn up’ I think we could lose anyway 😦

  3. chris says:

    I think the stiffs should be good enough to win, even away – but if you don’t like the FA Cup then surely you lve the developmental aspect of the Carling Cup, seeing how good the nearly there players are?

    Either way you have to want a cup run – That stuff about going out early so we are spared the heartbreak of going out in the semi – sorry but that’s nonsense you can’t win a trophy without running the risk of nearly missing out. In fact by defintion more teams will get close than will win things, it’s just the maths.

  4. rico says:

    Morning chris, welcome to Avenell Road, you are free to blog away…

    I am greedy, I want us to be in all competitions and win them all, the Mancs achieved it, why can’t we – it may just shut all the critics up along the way 🙂

  5. W.A.T.H says:

    Interesting to now be calling the FA Cup mickey mouse…! Suppose the only thing this highlights is that with our injuries we don’t have a big enough squad to cope with trying to win the remaining 3 trophies on offer. If everyone was fit different story but yet again they’re not…!. Still makes a bit of a mockery of the fans paying to see their team and AW puts out a 2nd string…!

  6. rico says:

    Welcome to Avenell Road WATH

  7. rico says:

    That’s a good point, maybe if the club were to make it clear about who would be playing from the off it would be better, but to be fair todays team is forced by injuries and some who need a rest, if we go through today, maybe it will be different

  8. chris says:

    Team lineup is 10x more interesting than normal –

    If Clichy isn’t back for a bit I’d ave thought maybe rest him possibly play Sylvestre then Song and Senderos and possibly rest the whole back 4 with Gilbert tipped up to be RB (I still don’t understand why Coquelin doesn’t play if Gilbert is going) Then whoever is the chosen internal DM unless it’s Diaby in which case go for Eastmond who came on against Pompey, Ramsay and Rosicky – Vela, Eduardo, Wilshere, Merida, everyone’s got a claim but it’s already too many changes (although Everton is the key game for me)

  9. W.A.T.H says:

    It’s an age old argument but noone needed a rest 15/20yrs ago…. Pro athletes and they need a break… ah shame…! We should have our best possible team out and tired legs are never that tired when your winning week in week out… look what getting thumped 4-0 at OT did to us the other year…. totally unacceptable in my book and totally disrespected the 9,000 fans we took up there.

  10. Pat says:

    Wenger basically said that it was not a priority, but said he would put out a “strong team” (his analogy for reserves!.
    I personally think that this Arsenal team are just not quite good enough this year to win the Champions League. They beat teams outside the top four quite easily, but until they start winning big games i can’t have confidence that they will beat the Barcelona’s or Chelsea’s of this world.
    Therefore I would make the FA Cup the NUMBER ONE chance of a trophy!

  11. rico says:

    Bolton for me chris, we win that and we are right in the faces of the chavs, then all we have to do is win all of our games and the PL is ours 😉

    I hope we see Coquelin and Merida, maybe Senderos and Silvestre in the defence, Traore at LB..

    Coq could be RB and Fab in goal

    Song Ramsey Jack and Rosicky/Merida in the middle with Vela and Dudu up top

  12. rico says:

    Welcom Pat, first comment goes into moderation, but you are free to blog away now

  13. rico says:

    WATH, I don’t think there were quite as many games to play 20 years ago…

    I would hate TV or Gallas to play and get injured through a tired tackle, its all about balance..

  14. rico says:

    Saying that, I would prefer it to be a home game and against Oxford 😉

  15. kelsey says:

    Good Morning,,my team would be stronger than the usual CC team.

    Sagna Senderos vermaelen Traore
    Merida Ramsey Nasri Diaby,Arshavin,Rosicky

    subs Manone,Watt,Eastmond,Silvestre,Vela.

    Teams fighting relegation often have a good cup run, and it will be a tricky match.I am old fashioned,or just old, but the FA Cup is still for me the best Cup competition in the World.

    We have discussed numerous times that we don’t have the squad to challenge on 3 let alone 4 fronts, yet the way AW has changed the way the whole club play wengerball,one would have thought after 13 years we would have achieved that elusive European Trophy.Itdoesn’t really make sense but unfortunately we have to face it bar The Paris final(and thanks to lehmann) we usually lose out to premiership teams in the games that matter be it by being unlucky or not good enough on the day.

    So for that reason maybe the priorities are wrong and a Cup Final with the right result would be a huge boost for the players as opposed to being knocked out by Chelsea or United in the later stages of the Champions league.

  16. W.A.T.H says:

    Rico, didn’t we play 68 games 79 season and roughly the same teh double yr 71 and in 71 with just 16 players. This lot are pampered beyond belief and then we have to listen that they need a rest as they are tired. Winning cures all tireness and loosing is bad for everyone and then becomes a habit. Just a thought…!

  17. London says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Nice one Chris

    “You have got to want a cup run” too right but not in any way at the expence of the CL or the EPL. So give those kids and play the more experienced members of the squad who are coming back from injury, like Rosicky a game.

  18. W.A.T.H says:

    I like that team Kelsey that’s 12 we got on the pitch… Nice one 🙂

  19. rico says:

    Morning kelsey – I want us to win this cup, I love it – maybe its just because we are old 😉

    WATH – Fair comment, but the game was a lot slower and a few more hoofs up the pitch, unlike todays game full of athletes 🙂

  20. rico says:

    kelsey, TV alongside Senderos, now that could be the best thing for BP – play him alonside someone who isn’t going to get in a strop and he may just do well..

  21. rico says:

    Morning London

  22. London says:

    Morning Kelsey

    Do you really believe that: the FA cup is the best competition in the world…..surely you want to live to see the day we win the Champions League?

  23. rico says:


    While he admits the Premier League is his priority this week, Sunday’s FA Cup Third Round tie at West Ham is no afterthought for Arsène Wenger.

    The Frenchman has hauled his side back into the title race during December thanks to 16 points from a possible 18. If Arsenal win Wednesday’s clash with currently managerless Bolton they will be just one point behind leaders Chelsea. With mid-table Everton arriving at Emirates Stadium on Saturday, Wenger knows his side are in prime position to test the resolution of the Stamford Bridge outfit, Manchester United and other contenders in the New Year.

    However, despite that, he is not prepared to neglect the world’s oldest cup competition.

    “We want to win this game, it is as simple as that,” said Wenger ahead of the trip to Upton Park. “We want to get into the Fourth Round and therefore we will just try to combine two things – to protect our other challenges and be competitive in the FA Cup.

    “That’s where my target lies, to combine all these challenges together without affecting the results of the team.

    “Yes, the Premier League is always more important [than the FA Cup]. But we are looking after trophies in the eyes of the fans, so the Cup is important to me as well.

    “However the Premier League is so hard that you want to take care of your position. And maybe West Ham are in a bit of a similar situation to us in that sense right now.”

    That is true but, crucially, Gianfranco Zola’s side are juggling a relegation battle with a cup run. They also have an Arsenalesque injury list. Mark Noble, Scott Parker, Danny Gabbidon and Herita Ilunga are all struggling for Sunday’s game because of hamstring problems. Carlton Cole and Kieron Dyer are already out while Guillermo Franco is suspended.

    Wenger has eight out himself and said that others in his squad were “on the edge” of picking up injuries at Portsmouth. Tomas Rosicky is likely to start after coming off the bench at Fratton Park meanwhile Wenger mentioned that Philippe Senderos (foot) may figure if he comes through a fitness test. It would be the Swiss international’s first game for the Club, outside the Carling Cup, in 19 months. You would fully expect William Gallas or Thomas Vermaelen to drop out if Senderos makes it.

    However while Wenger admitted the FA Cup was certainly his third priority, he added that his team at Upton Park would not represent that of his fourth-ranked competition.

    “I will have to rest some players because there were some knocks against Portsmouth [on Wednesday],” he said. “Bolton is a very important game for us, so we want to keep our momentum going.

    “I will change some players that is for sure. But while the Carling Cup is, for us, exclusively for young players, the FA Cup is one to win.

    “A Cup is a Cup and we want to do well. A season is judged on the overall achievement. People look to who has won the trophies but I look as well at how we have done and how consistently we have played.

    “This team is enjoyable to watch but also to manage because they just want to win every game.”

  24. rico says:

    Its the best English Cup London 😉

  25. W.A.T.H says:

    In all honesty rico think TV is the one player I wouldn’t risk although fair point in him being good for Sendy….! I would like to see Watt up front with Vela and maybe Wilshire…? Rosicky Diaby Song in midfield thats solid enough although then where do I play Ramsey…? Diaby up front with Vela and Watt, Ramsey in midfield with Song n Rosicky..?

  26. kit says:

    If everyone didn’t rest (like in the old times) then it would be a roughly level playing field.

    But if your opponents rests and you don’t, do you think you can play as well as they do?

  27. rico says:

    Eduardo needs games though WATH, his confidence is really low

  28. kit says:

    Besides, Arsenal’s second-string is actually quite decent.

  29. London says:

    I completely forgot to include Song in my guess at Wenger’s team today.

    So we should have


  30. rico says:

    Morning kit, welcome to Avenell Road

  31. W.A.T.H says:

    Very true rico but him and Vela being so left footed just thought we may need better balance up front..? Watt is quick and a big lad def worth seeing if he can lead the line and have Eduardo and Vela playing off him..?

  32. rico says:

    Oi London, Good Morning 😉

  33. rico says:

    Agree re Watt, he is going to be something…

  34. W.A.T.H says:

    Diaby right wing London…..? interesting….! least better than ur mate who has now been banned from having his name mentioned on here 😉

  35. London says:

    Morning Rico

    I was team dreaming 😉 That’s like day dreaming but about the team, I’m sure you didn’t need the explanation.

  36. rico says:

    who has been banned…?

  37. rico says:

    🙂 London, no i know you are off on the Arsenal clouds today 😉

  38. W.A.T.H says:

    the name of the person who used to wear an Arsenal shirt last year and swopped it 4 a sky blu colour…! he who shall remain nameless from now on….!

  39. rico says:

    Ah, i thought you were talking about a blogger, you mean Lardy ;)thanks WATH

  40. W.A.T.H says:

    Thoughts on the Saha rumour………………??

  41. rico says:

    WATH, he would be a typical Arsene signing, just like Silvestre, how old is he now?

  42. rico says:

    I hope its full of nothing though, I hope for Carlton Cole, or Jones 🙂

  43. W.A.T.H says:

    Think he 30/31…???????

  44. London says:

    Is the Saha rumour gathering pace? I suppose, if it strengthens the squad why not?

  45. W.A.T.H says:

    Cole is still injured though and for how much longer…? Jones not bad just bit erratic….?!?! Saha ticks all the right boxes including always injured…. lol

  46. London says:

    30/31……never going to happen.

  47. W.A.T.H says:

    But isnt an older player who not a threat 2 the young ones exactly what we want London…?

  48. rico says:

    😆 WATH, always injured…

    Jones just needs the right management, Cole is due back any day I think…

    I dont think Saha either London, but he is cheap… and Ebenezer loves that word 😉

  49. W.A.T.H says:

    Saha, Vieira and Puyol that should sort things out til the end of the season 🙂

  50. rico says:

    Cheap, second only to Free I mean 😉

  51. rico says:

    They are Lewin signings…. 😉

  52. W.A.T.H says:

    He likes to be kept busy by all accounts…!

  53. rico says:

    Runs in the family too…..

  54. rico says:

    Let me impress you all, I am making marmalade, breakfast and watching the dashboard… 😆

    peaches is the only other blogger here to know what that means ;);)

  55. W.A.T.H says:

    hardly need 2b einstein to work it out rico 🙂 although don’t burn ya toast……..

  56. W.A.T.H says:

    Now u tweaked the dashboard and removed ur post…! cheating… 😛

  57. rico says:

    WATH, cheeky tinker, the marmalade is the bit that burns, my comment has gone 😦

    Hey ho…

  58. W.A.T.H says:

    Now mine sound daft so best remove my 2 as well….. 🙂

  59. rico says:

    Its back, bloomin wordpress….

  60. W.A.T.H says:

    hey rico stop playing merlin tricks…. now it’s back

  61. rico says:

    The key is WATH, a laptop sat by the cooker 😉

  62. rico says:

    Its not me… 😦

  63. W.A.T.H says:

    So seems the laptop could get toasted then………..

  64. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters 😉

    CC = Mickey Mouse Cup
    FA Cup = as English as warm beer and should be cherished and respected as part of our heritage….

  65. rico says:

    Morning Rasp, warm beer 😆

  66. beck says:

    winning the double is a prestigious thing and part of that double is the fa cup.i want to win everything and so should manager fans and players alike.we all have a chance to show how important the league is to are on general sale for wednesdays home game with bolton now.come and show how unlike some of those salt of the earth northerners we can fill a stadium because we have the best supporters in the world

  67. Rasputin says:

    Morning rico, warm beer and marmalade on toast 😛 (must be the chunky variety with loads of peal in it!!!)

  68. rico says:

    I was making the marmalade Rasp, its got lots of chunky bits and not too sweet either – don’t like really sweet marmy 😉

  69. rico says:

    Warm beer – any time of day, especially London Pride 🙂

  70. rico says:

    Who do you hope plays today Rasp?

  71. rico says:

    Morning Beck, Welcome to Avenell Road, sorry you were in moderation as its your first comment, you are free to blog away now

  72. Rasputin says:

    Adnams for me rico, followed by Marstons Pedigree and Green King IPA 🙄

    I’d be more than happy with kelsey’s team selection.
    I want to see Coquelin and Merida play more games.

  73. rico says:

    Most pubs around me are Green King, I tried IPA once and couldn’t get on with it, but Pedigree is not so bad 😉 I like the weaker ones 😉

    With you on the Coq and Merida playing more, all has quiet re Merida’s contract, I had hoped for good news the other day when Diaby and JET contract extensions were announced…

    Sunu is out of contract too I think in the summer…

  74. rico says:

    I like kelsey’s team to but without Diaby or Nasri..
    Prob Nasri as he is always poor away 🙄

  75. peachesgooner says:

    Morning all

    Not a Mickey Mouse cup for me – I love the FA cup. I think we should win it every year, going to Wembley, cars with ribbons, spuds looking miserable, watched all around the world on a warm May afternoon…….wheres the romance gone 😉

  76. Rasputin says:

    And don’t forget the song peaches … “In the merry month of May …… “

  77. rico says:

    Morning peaches

    I think us oldies all want to win it but the youth of today see things differently 😉 😉

  78. rico says:

    I shall also being cheering on Watford, would love our next Henri to get one over the chavs….

  79. rico says:

    Rasp did you see the Aussies got bowled out for 127 runs – Asif got six wickets 😆 😆

  80. rico says:

    Malouda is again saying he wants out of Chelsea, after all the stuff last summer, just maybe he is going to move this month….

    Could he be coming our way? Would we want him to come our way??

  81. Rasputin says:

    Yea rico – who’d have though it? – they are no better than anyone else these days and the windies have really gone down hill

    SA 51 for 2 at lunch

    FA cup as English as warm beer, queuing and cricket I should have said…….

  82. rico says:

    Just watched a bit of Valencia, I say lets go get that 6′ 8″ striker of theirs, Zigic 😆

  83. peachesgooner says:

    Exactly rasp, the FA cup final is legendary 🙂

    Maybe its because we look like we throw the Carling Cup every year that newer supporters think its ok to choose which cup to go for……. you can only win it if you’re in it…..

    Hi rico – agree about Watford and our new Henri 😉

  84. rico says:

    Swann dropped a sitter too Rasp, and we have wasted a review yet again!!

  85. Rasputin says:

    Malouda is a very powerful player – I’d take him but I’m not sure whose place he’d take in the team, he is a genuine winger and might give us the width we are lacking. I’d still like to see Traore given a go mat left midfield.

  86. rico says:

    Another midfielder in a squad full of midfielders – is he a left sided player? He is throwing his toys out because Lumpard is playing more than him, I just assumed he was a central player 😳

  87. rico says:

    I know you are about ave, come on down 😉

  88. Rasputin says:

    He generally plays wide left – similar player to Milner in some aspects….. quick and strong

  89. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters… 😦

  90. rico says:

    mme, and he scores a fair few 🙂

    51-3 Rasp

  91. rico says:

    Why the sulky face ave…. ?

  92. peachesgooner says:

    Have a look at NN – yesterdays post is the top story in the last 24hrs…..

  93. Rasputin says:

    The only answer that I gave in the poll that wasn’t the top was that I chose Vermaelen as player of the year so far (because of consistency, commitment, lack of injuries and the bonus of 5 goals)

  94. rico says:

    Trouble is Rasp, we have Rosicky, Merida, AA, Nasri, Barazite, Traore even Diaby has played on the left…

    Forget that thought of him joining us i think 😉

  95. rico says:

    Thought AW said no way to this….

    Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh has reportedly claimed that Arsenal are “pressurising” him into joining in the January transfer window, but has insisted he will stay in France until the end of the season.

    The 25-year-old has long been linked with a move to the Emirates to act as cover for the injured Robin van Persie, however manager Arsene Wenger recently admitted he expects the Moroccan to stay with Bordeaux until the summer.

    Yet, according to the player himself, the north Londoners are still trying to sign him but he insists he won’t be rushed into a decision about joining the Premier League.

    “Even though Arsenal are pressurising me to join them this month, I will take my time and I am going to finish my season with Bordeaux,” he told the Sunday People.

    “There is also interest from Sevilla and Inter Milan.”

  96. London says:

    Morning Ave

    Good Post

    I agree Rico, it is the oldens that are still in love with the FA Cup, its the CL for us youngens 😉

  97. avenell says:

    I’m cold and I need to go outside and do some work before the footie.. and my mouse has just broke, it don’t left click no more..

  98. avenell says:

    CL for me London 😉

  99. Anonymous says:

    just want to know who is ‘arry

  100. rico says:

    I am neither young nor old, both for me and the PL to go with it 🙂

  101. avenell says:

    Hi anonymous welcome aboard..

    I voted for ‘arry in the polls because he has won the most with the Spuds in the last 10 years..

    That made him the worst spud manager in my book..

  102. rico says:

    Harry Redknapp Anon

  103. Rasputin says:

    Redknapp – AKA scrotumface

  104. peachesgooner says:

    I’m forever Young 😉 and I just love a celebration 😛

  105. peachesgooner says:

    Morning ave – sorry about your mouse, thats really sad 😦

  106. peachesgooner says:

    I wish I was going to Upton Park this afternoon…..

  107. avenell says:

    Morning Peaches.. anything for a drinkie.. eh.

    I don’t see the point of a getting all the way to the semi finals with half first team players and half reserves to be knocked out by Man U or Citeh..

    We may as well rest all the first team or go for it like Chelsea do.. no inbetweens..

  108. Rasputin says:

    I take it you won’t be going to the FA Cup Final to watch us beat Manure this year then London and ave?

  109. W.A.T.H says:

    Your spot on Avenell put your strongest team out or just play the kids full stop and don’t try cheat the fans…!

  110. London says:

    I suppose I could drag myself there…..if I have to 😉

  111. peachesgooner says:

    Anything can happen in a cup game – its ridiculous to say that we’ll always get beaten by the mancs or the chavs in the final, thats not having any faith in our team at all………

  112. peachesgooner says:

    It hurts when we lose but what would be the point in not taking part…….

  113. avenell says:

    Rasp.. Man City will play there strongest team, so will Chelsea, Villa and the Spuds..
    We will come up against them with a defence including Silvestre, Senderos and perhaps Eboue.. and a midfield that won’t include Cesc but a few players that are out of there depth..

    We won’t be going to Wembley..

  114. Rasputin says:

    That’s the spirit London! 😛

  115. peachesgooner says:

    …..and while I’m having a rant…….the tickets for the game on Wednesday against Bolton have gone on General Sale…..whats that all about!!!!!…..its our game in hand……we’ll go 2nd if we win it, one point behind the chavs…….I don’t understand our supporters sometimes…………

  116. Rasputin says:

    Hold on ave – I thought the idea of the post was whether we should try or not. You are predicting that we won’t try … some of us are suggesting that we should try and therefpore play the strongest team that circumstances will allow.

  117. avenell says:

    We always get beaten in the semi’s or the final by Man U or Chelsea though..

    It’s not about having faith in our team.. there all on the bench watching the game too..

  118. W.A.T.H says:

    The game is against Bolton peaches hence half the jcl’s won’t wanna go as its not a big game…!

  119. rico says:

    Bloomin heck ave, that’s a bit negative even for you 😉

  120. avenell says:

    I’m saying yes or no.. no point in risking our top players if the play within a weakened team..

    If you are going to make them play 6 extra games we might as well try to win it..

  121. peachesgooner says:

    The manchavs, villa and the spuds have no chance of winning the league thats why they’re happy to play a full squad and they don’t have a game mid-week…..

  122. Rasputin says:

    ‘Marmalade Supporters’ peaches – they like it sweet and pithless, the rest of us like it sharp and chunky 😉

  123. rico says:

    I would go if i could peaches, i cant believe that some who can won’t, win that and cheer us being one point off the chavs…

  124. avenell says:

    Peaches .. exactly the point of the post..

    We are in a super position to win the 2 big cups.. The other teams mentioned are not..
    so why do it by halves.. Chuck it or win it..

  125. peachesgooner says:

    Exactly rasp – sweet and pithless 😉

    Who are the supporters that go to watch the opposition – We are the Arsenal….I go to watch the Arsenal play…

  126. London says:

    ‘Marmalade Supporters’ That’s funny

  127. peachesgooner says:

    Its only January ave – we aren’t in a super position to win the 2 big cups – we are in with a shout along with the other clubs that are still in the competition and up there at the top of the league.

  128. JonJon says:

    bonjourno meine compadres.. 😉

    nice ave..

    the way i see it is that you should field your strongest team every game…winning breeds momentum and confidence and it helps you to keep winning…

    i also love the FA cup…right from the early stages…the cold afternoons.. the muddy pitches at some run down shit hole club(like spurs) and it still has a sense of magic to me…goes back to my youth..

    BUT….although i wouldnt mind us winning the FA cup id much prefer us to win the league or the CL…last year i did my nut in at wenger for what he did in the semi against chelsea…if your going to rest players do it in the early rounds..not when you get to the latter stages…also. we were nowhere near winning the league and we were about 6 points in front of aston villa so 4th was secured..and the CL was a dream with the team we had last season…so we should have gone for the cup instead…

    this year is slightly different…we have our pinky on the league,with a good chance we could grab it at the end of the season and we actually have a chance this year at the CL with AA and TV being in the i see no reason why we should start an all out assault for the FA cup…lets just play the kids and se how far we go,if we get to the semis again then maybe start to think about playing the big boys…but id hate to think of a situation were wenger played TV and AA at this stage and they got injured..badly injured…then we’ll be saying we need 4 players in january… 😉

  129. JonJon says:

    and its only wham..i think the kids could have em

  130. Rasputin says:

    You just argued with yourself there jonJon 😉
    It’s like saying “I’m for capital puinishment – as long as no-one gets killed”

  131. avenell says:

    Peaches… You cannot be in a much better position than 2/3 rd in the prem and still in the CL in January..

    But we could play AA, Cesc or TV today alongside 4 or 5 youngsters and they could suffer an injury or burn out..
    Only to find that Arsene won’t field our strongest side in the Semi’s against Man U again.

    So why risk the first team players.. if we are going to throw the semi anyway?
    We cannot win the Prem in January.. but we could lose it..

  132. peachesgooner says:

    Irish has asked me if Billy Millen ever played for Arsenal – he was from Northern Ireland and mates with George Best and Pat Rice

  133. JonJon says:

    i know rasp… 🙂 or im up for capital punishment as long as i dont get killed.. 😉

    im a fence sitter on this one…i like the FA cup like i like my sunday roast…but if i had to chose id sacrifice it for the CL..or the PL..

    manure won the treble when they had a good squad and the rest of the league was piss poor besides us…so it was easy…its not so easy now..the PL is so competitive and we just dont have the squad to compete on all fronts…not with the injuries we get…

    so lets just use the kids…

  134. Rasputin says:

    I hate to say it, but although going a season unbeaten is undoubtedly the greatest footballing achievement, manure getting the CL, Prem and FA Cup treble (yes FA CUP, that’s the FA Cup – you know that legendary cup competition revered around the world!!) comes a close second.

    Having said that, in order of preference I’d go CL (because we haven’t won it), Prem and FA Cup … I’m with you JonJon 😆

  135. Rasputin says:

    I don’t believe it – you must ahve typed that at exactly the same tiime as me JonJon …. spooky 🙄

  136. Rasputin says:

    It’s a shame our young Brazillian friend isn’t around any more – I know he’d want to win it….. 😉

  137. peachesgooner says:

    In Jan 2008 we were top of the league – and had been consistently – with a much stronger squad and in the champs league. Its nonsense to think we’re in a better position this season……

  138. London says:

    “I’d go CL (because we haven’t won it), Prem and FA Cup”

    Then aren’t we all agreed on the same order?

  139. JonJon says:

    thats the way i see it rasp..if you are going to launch an all out assault do it in the competition you look the strongest in…

    we look good so far in the CL..weve got porto next so theres a good chance we are going to the next round there…and we are looking good in the league…

    if we were in the dippers position then id say yes lts go for it..the FA cup is the one we want..but we look good this season..

    its hard enough to win the double its logical to think that two of the four cups we go for will be used to rotate the squad…and those two are obvious..

  140. W.A.T.H says:

    How was the jan 08 squad much stronger than this one peaches ? an horrific injury and a few bad results and the wheels came flying off…!

  141. avenell says:

    Peaches.. So why risk our best players in the FA cup if the squad is weaker? That’s the point.

  142. London says:

    I think I barked a bit too loud at him after we had lost against I can’t remember who. It is also a shame Freire isn’t around because he could tell us about these new Brazilians.

  143. avenell says:

    W.A.T.H We was okay in the Jan, strength wise I think Rosicky was the big loss.. .. It went titso in the Feb when Dudu and dare I say the “Flamster” got injured..

  144. London says:

    Where’s Herdsman today….maybe he is stuck in the dreaded moderation.

  145. avenell says:

    lol.. London.. check the Avatar’s 🙂

  146. rico says:

    Mentioned the manure treble earlier Rasp, like you I think we should go for the lot and get them… Right players in in Jan and we are in with a great shout…

    Upson could be on the move …..

  147. W.A.T.H says:

    So the perception that the jan 08 squad is stronger is misleading Ave seeing as this squad has had bad injuries since Aug and are still doing pretty good… IF and yes it’s a big IF we can get a few players back we should get much stronger from now on…?

  148. avenell says:

    So you would have the defecter Upson back but not Flamini.. 😉

  149. London says:

    I like a bit of symmetry

  150. rico says:

    I would ave, he didn’t walk out on a freebie did he, having lead the boss to believe he was going to stay??


    Thank goodness the dashboard wasn’t a bad this morning as yesterday 🙄 you must have slept well, exhausted…

  151. W.A.T.H says:

    I don’t like symmetry especially when it’s a horrible blue colour….! I don’t like blue reminds me of far to many teams I despise…!

  152. avenell says:

    He refused to fight for his place behind Toure and Campball though..
    He never wanted to just be a squad player so he left..

    No it’s a bit quieter.. today..

    A good post tomorrow when the office bods go back to work could liven it back up though..

  153. peachesgooner says:

    The 2008 squad were much stronger because they had constently been top of the league for many many many weeks and weren’t up there because the other top teams had all dropped points.

    They were largely very young and inexperienced and when Eduardo had his horrific injury this group of young men were psychologically affected by what they had seen. Although they didn’t go on to win the league they gave the mancs and chavs a very good run and if either of the other 2 had dropped points would have been there to steal the prize.

  154. rico says:

    Lets hope we win then 😉

  155. avenell says:

    W.A.T.H If you join wordpress you can choose your avatar.. or in some cases avatars.. 😉

  156. rico says:

    There is plenty of time today yet ave, its a good topic

  157. avenell says:

    Peaches… Or as W.A.T.H says we have just had the injuries earlier this season..

  158. W.A.T.H says:

    Thing is Peaches they were consistent without any injuries so bit harsh to compare the two especially first week in Jan and secondly when for 5 months this lot been plagued with injuries…! You can only really judge come end of May..!

  159. W.A.T.H says:

    Thanx Av…..!

  160. JonJon says:

    just had a thought…imagine if we won the FA cup with the kids and won one of the CL or PL with the bigger kids.. 😉

    talk about a successful youth system..that would piss on everyones bonfires…

    well not our own bonfire, but you know what i mean

  161. avenell says:

    But Mr Wenger OBE.. won’t just play the kids will he?

    He will mix it up.. so we won’t win anyway and risk the first team..

  162. JonJon says:

    durr..just caught on..

    hi W.A.T.H.. 😉

  163. JonJon says:

    kids and squad players…

    but still kids..

  164. W.A.T.H says:

    Afternoon j-j 🙂

  165. London says:

    The mancs are fielding both Rooney and Berbatov, oh how I would love to see Rooney pick up a major injury today.

  166. rico says:

    Hi JJ

    ave, going back to Upson, I don’t blame him for wanting to play football, BP is in the same position right now and that’s why he wants to go…

  167. kelsey says:

    sorry for the late reply,london.
    yes the f.a. cup is the best cup in the world, the c.l. is exaxctly that in part. first a league then a knockout stage.if it were knockout from day one you could compare it to the f.a.cup but in it’s present format you can’t.

  168. avenell says:

    Flamini was in the same position in the summer of 2007 too. Wasn’t getting picked for the first team behind Gilberto and Diaby.
    He never wanted to play for Brum so he left too same thing..

    I have the solution to the FA cup dillema, I think.

  169. Rasputin says:

    Hi kelsey,

    London … yes, of course we agree, some of us are just greedy and want it all!

    Seriously, I am a bit of a traditionalist, next thing you know and some radical will suggest we leave Highbury 🙄

  170. rico says:

    Behind Diaby ave, is that true?

  171. rico says:

    That is not a cheeky comment, I didnt know ayone had ever been behind Diaby 😉

  172. Rasputin says:

    To be a top footballer you have to be highly competitive – therefore your aim is to play in the first team. Being ‘patient’ is a virtue that level headed young players must possess, but if they watch players who are clearly inferior playing ahead of them, it is understandable that they will decide to look elsewhere. I hope LJ will look upon his potential laon spell as part of his learning curve. I can’t criticise Matty Upson for moving on. He has had first team football and made England teams.

  173. rico says:

    Upson had also been injured a lot, I could understand why he didnt walk straight into the defence..

  174. JonJon says:

    hi rico…

    im caught in a dilemma guys…

    manure or leeds????…mmmmmmm

    i hate the pair of em..

  175. rico says:

    Leeds JJ, then we can beat the at home in the next round 🙂

  176. avenell says:

    Diaby was in line to take over from Gilberto who was away at the south american tournament with Brazil.. but he got injured.. that’s when flamini was called upon..

    All Matty’s are defecters..

  177. JonJon says:

    i’ll take that rico 😉

  178. avenell says:

    Go for a replay JJ.. More chance of injuries.. 😉

  179. JonJon says:

    i said that to a mate last night..i wouldnt mind a draw…and then manure to go through…cos it gives them more fixtures towards the end…

    no way..beckfords

  180. Rasputin says:

    Oh, I see Mr SAADS!! (Smart Arse Ave Double Standards)

    If you leave a club that doesn’t let you play to further your career, you’re a disloyal defector….. but when you’re a fan who doesn’t want your club to win a trophy , you’re dyed in the wool ….. ha ave – get out of that one 😛

  181. JonJon says:

    we need a about

    20 goals this season…quick and strong…just abit of a lazy prat but hes got 6 months left on his contract

  182. avenell says:

    Where have I said I don’t want us to win a trophy?

  183. Rasputin says:

    Just joshing ave 😉

  184. Rasputin says:

    I take it you all know Leeds are 1 nil up at half time???

  185. avenell says:

    Brown should have been off then… Old trafford refereeing.. He would then miss the next game.. 😉

    No defenders boo hoo..

  186. rico says:

    How the heck is Brown still on the pitch???

  187. rico says:

    Leeds remind me of the football in the ‘Old Days’….

  188. Rasputin says:

    I always see brown all over the pitch when manure are playing …….

  189. rico says:

    😆 Rasp, naughty…

  190. avenell says:

    Well no treble this year.. lol..

  191. rico says:

    Bloomin heck, well done Leeds – and against the first team in the end 🙂

    Come on you Gooners 🙂

  192. rico says:

    Not for them ave, but us??? Maybe 😉

  193. London says:

    Wow that was nail biting…..the only thing it lacked was a serious injury…..shame

  194. rico says:

    Are they not still in CC?

  195. rico says:

    just remembered they got beat on pens didnt they in the CC?

  196. W.A.T.H says:

    Not that happy about that… means the mancs got less games to play now…!

  197. avenell says:

    If Leeds can beat those tossers at OT.. why couldn’t Wolves have given them a game.. out of order..

  198. rico says:

    ave, its a one off, many teams raise their game for a one off, survival in the PL is very different…

  199. rico says:

    That Leeds team is better than Wolves, imho 😉

  200. avenell says:

    Man U are over-rated there was no need for wolves to fear them..

  201. rico says:

    ave – i have learned to accept over the last few months that you just always disagree with me…. Hey ho 😉 😉

  202. avenell says:

    I have to accept you are rarely right.. 😉

    What’s the team news.. any idea?

  203. rico says:

    I have also realised that men always think they are right, regardless!! Well some, and you are one of them 😉

    Haven’t seen any team news yet…

  204. JonJon says:

    i knew leeds would win…theyve been up for this game for weeks…theyve waited for it for years…only 8 thousand were allowed to go but they could have sold 25 thousand…

    manutd had a game from the first whistle and they took it for granted and got beat…

    but i agree with WATH..theyve got less games now and aves right too why did wolves give them the points…manutd are wobbling and are getting by on reputation and teams like wolves are fucking giving them the title

  205. avenell says:

    Sky don’t want to tell us much as they ain’t covering the game..

    No interview from Red nose.. haha.

  206. W.A.T.H says:

    Lets hope Vidic has broken his make up bag as well and is out for another 6 weeks 🙂

  207. rico says:

    Let them continue to wobble in the League JJ 🙂

    Im off to get a few things done before the game…

    Catch you soon

  208. avenell says:

    and the FA have a look at Brown in the bust up.. 2 game ban..

  209. London says:

    Mancs have now got less games to play….hmmmm…I hadn’t thought of that……they looked pretty upset about being beaten…..I bet they wished that they played their first team…..oh wait a minute, they did. Lol

  210. avenell says:

    What’s Fergie on saying Owen won’t get games as he is too similar to Rooney?

  211. W.A.T.H says:

    How crap woz Owen when he came on….! A shadow of his former self.

  212. Rasputin says:

    ….. and Mickael Owen’s been taking divimng lessons from England colleague Woon Rayney

  213. London says:

    The mancs are soley surviving on their reputation…..a serious injury to Rooney and they won’t even finish top four.

  214. W.A.T.H says:

    More like Gerrard Rasp……………..

  215. avenell says:

    Dowie.. said that Rooney was a proper player, when he went down he never made a fuss.

  216. London says:

    Dowie…..I always thought that man was thick but I didn’t realise he was that thick.

  217. W.A.T.H says:

    Went down on what Av……….? 🙂

  218. JonJon says:

    lol london they had 60 million worth of players just in the strikeforce and they couldnt score against a team two divisions below…at home..

    thats gotta hurt…

  219. Bluebeanie says:

    Re Peachesgooner’s guestion about Billy Millen – please tell Irish that Billy trained with Pat Rice and Charlie George in the Youth team from from 1966 to the end of 1967. For personal reasons he decided to go home to Belfast. Played for Linfield for a few years over there til he emigrated to Australia. Carried on playing then went into coaching. He’s also my dad!!

  220. Rasputin says:

    Hi Bluebeanie,

    Peaches is not near a PC at the moment, I have texted her and she has asked me to thank you on her behalf.

    Irish was in a bar in Sydney and the barman (who was obviously Irish) asked her the question.

    Its great to hear from you and impressive that you happened to read thye blog and be in a position to reply …. wonders of the internet eh?

    All the best for the future. It’d be nice to have you on here again if you’re a gooner too 😉

  221. JonJon says:

    wow bluebeanie..thanks for that..great stuff
    are you are gooner???

  222. avenell says:

    Thanks Bluebeanie..

    I feel quite honoured you came on.. The person Peaches asked the question for is in Austraiia so there may be more to come from the story.. Whereabouts in Oz did he go?

  223. rico says:

    What a team – this should be awesome to watch 🙂 🙂

  224. rico says:


    Sagn TV Gallas Silly

    Jack Song Ramsey

    Eduardo Vela Merida

  225. avenell says:

    Plenty of right chocolate legs among that lot…

  226. rico says:

    Lukasz Fabianski
    Bacary Sagna
    William Gallas
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Mikael Silvestre
    Fran Merida
    Aaron Ramsey
    Alex Song
    Jack Wilshere
    Carlos Vela


    Vito Mannone
    Armand Traore
    Kerrea Gilbert
    Abou Diaby
    Samir Nasri
    Craig Eastmond
    Jay Emmanuel-Thomas

  227. W.A.T.H says:

    Thats 3 left footed forwards……….!

  228. JonJon says:

    im not suprised about sagna but im shocked about TV and gallas…

    maybe wenger does want this cup??

  229. Rasputin says:

    I’m surprised we’re playing both CB’s

  230. Rasputin says:

    JonJon – shall we take it in turns to comment? 😉

  231. W.A.T.H says:

    Merida midfield Jack up front with Vela and Ed…!

  232. JonJon says:

    6 left footers in the team…now thats balance…

    im not bothered about 3 left footed forwards WATH…

    nobody would bat an eyelid if it was 3 right footed forwards…

  233. avenell says:

    Fergie is on… haha

  234. avenell says:

    5 mins injury time isn’t enough.. lol..

  235. JonJon says:

    great minds rasp..great minds.. 😉

  236. Rasputin says:

    Looks to me like AW really wants to win this one … I agree with rico, a very exciting looking team…

  237. Bluebeanie says:

    We are indeed a gooner household! Married to one and have 3 juniors.

    Daddy Billy was back for a family funeral and then spent christmas and New Year before heading back home, to Sydney. The reason I happened to see your blog was all due to fact he took over my 10 year old sons footie training session yesterday morning and the coach had emailed me, wanting to know more about him. His techniques to get the kids involved were very different to the norm but they loved him!! I was just googling him to see if there were any links I could send and Peaches’ question popped up. Very small world eh?

  238. JonJon says:

    fergie looked pissed..this could really damage their momentum.. lol

  239. Rasputin says:

    Apparently Jon Hartson is in the studio? … he wasn’t great for us, but its fantastic that he is looking well again.

  240. avenell says:

    Lucky kids to have a grandad with such great Arsenal connections..

  241. avenell says:

    He scored a few good goals for us Rasp.. but he looks well..

  242. avenell says:

    Let’s see how good Green is.. worse than our no1.

  243. Rasputin says:

    Let’s hope Merida never has his shooting instinct ‘trained out of him’ – the sweetest left foot since Brady

  244. Rasputin says:

    About time we had a decent defensive coach 😦

  245. avenell says:

    It would have been interesting to have seen theo today, with his close tight control.. in a game with such little space.

  246. avenell says:

    As I said Silvestre is an accident waiting to happen..

    Why not just play our strongest team?

  247. rico says:

    Anyone who didn’t care about today, do you feel the same now??

  248. W.A.T.H says:

    Be nice if someone tells Merida how to take a corner…!

  249. kelsey says:

    a game too early for wilshere.all west ham’s chances are through our mistakes.diamente is the only one who would have scored. sagna looks uncomfortable, and eduardo and vela aren’t playing like strikers.expect merida to up his game as with ramsey. most probably a draw will be the best we might get.

  250. kelsey says:

    we miss senderos,denilson and theo 😉 ha,ha, ha.

  251. rico says:

    spot on kelsey…

  252. avenell says:

    rico.. I always care.. but the team is a mish mash of first team and reserves.. no point..

    Surely someone else could take a corner..Jack or Ramsey..even Dudu?

  253. W.A.T.H says:

    Ed playing to deep and we need to play Vela off the last defender and through the middle more. Not enough bite up front. Our left back looks good though………. lol

  254. avenell says:

    He looks alright sitting on his recaro.. 😉

  255. kelsey says:

    we will now within 15 minutes if wenger wants this game by his decision to use subs or not.

  256. avenell says:

    So who are diaby and traore coming on for? Jack no doubt is one..

  257. avenell says:

    Oh and Nasri..

  258. JonJon says:

    this isnt going well but id rather we go out now so we can concentrate on other things than go out in the semis and have our season knocked for 6..

    we dont risk a knock on affect this way..

    although i wish someone would shoot..or at least try to create a chance..

  259. avenell says:

    Same old thing though jonjon.. the confidence that we had built up has been knocked out of the players now..

  260. avenell says:

    Nasri is already creating time and space..

  261. avenell says:

    Why are we playing so fast? there is ages to go.. we are just panicing..

  262. JonJon says:

    twinkled toed presicion…purrrrrrrr

  263. avenell says:

    Phew.. cheers Sir alf..

  264. avenell says:

    Why do arsenal always try to walk it in? lol.. make your minds up..

  265. JonJon says:

    only arsenal..only arsenal…

    but we need to settle down and not panick…we have the momentum..lets use it naturally and not try force it

  266. JonJon says:

    na na na na na na na na na na…

    big header

  267. JonJon says:


  268. avenell says:

    Why are we still flying forwards?

  269. rico says:

    Just a girls view…

    We don’t need a keeper, we have one in Fabianski

    Second half, Vela, Song and Ramsey stepped up their game…

    Diaby did make a difference, not so much his play but the fear factor for WH

    That blonde haired WH player who ran, tackled, ran and then tackled again, go get him and Upson Arsene, they won’t break your budget and they may just win us the league….

    Fabianski made two saves that I very much doubt Almunia could have…

    And Billabong Song, come home soon, uninjured….

    Have to go now, but if we hold out and win, I will be a very happy bunny, we were outclassed for 60 minutes, and this game proved that a few who we all think are ready – are not, kelsey is right….

    Nighty night…

  270. rico says:

    Ah, well done Gooners, I am very pleased……..

  271. avenell says:

    Upson is crap.. he let Dudu outjump him.. never trust a player with a beard..

  272. JonJon says:

    leeds at home please

  273. avenell says:

    or plymouth.. 😉 are they in it?

  274. avenell says:

    Delap City it is …

  275. JonJon says:

    yeah dudu is 7 inch tidgier and he out leaped him…cant see gallas or tv getting out jumped by a 5 foot and a tab end player..leave upson where he is…

    away at stoke

  276. JonJon says:

    is that three on the trot now for eddie??

  277. avenell says:

    nah he didn’t score against Villa..

  278. avenell says:

    You can imagine the side that will play stoke… we have AV, Chelsea, Man U and the Dippers straight after..

    Then the next game is FAcup round 5 if we get through..

  279. JonJon says:

    3 in 4 aint bad

  280. JonJon says:

    bloody hell..we could have really done with an easy home game couldnt we?

  281. avenell says:

    I wouldn’t be learning the words to que sara sara just

  282. JonJon says:

    wat pisses me off is that now leeds are playing the spuds i’ll have to support leeds…and i hate them with a passion..but i hate the spuds its the lesser of two evils.. 😉

  283. W.A.T.H says:

    Big few weeks in the transfer market me thinks…..! Lets hope Le Boss is busy…! Thought Ramsey got better n better as the game went on…. Boy is class, who said he wasn’t ready…?

  284. W.A.T.H says:

    Swamp dwellers v Dirty Leeds… Could be fun…..! 😉

  285. kelsey says:

    The positives for me :

    Fabianski has to be number one sooner rather than later

    Wenger made the right subs at the right time,therefore Vela looked much better on the wing.

    Eduardo actually smiled and I have noted before that he is the best header of a ball in our attack.Slowly he is coming back.

    Diaby powered his way through to take a grip on the game and the addition of nasri boosted the others plus Ramsey who is a real find.

    Gallas the unsung hero, a very solid game.

    We didn’t hang back at 2-1 and never let WH back in the game

    Silvestre is just of no importance in the team

    Appears Senderos is off,which IMO is not a negative unless he is replaced

    Wilshere is not ready yet and most probably merida as well.
    Where was rosicky, (injured again,surely not.)Yesterday Wenger made a point that he was in the squad.

    At least no replay and watch out Stoke.

  286. JonJon says:

    haha..yeah WATH he scored another good goal…played well in the second half and even better after he scored…

  287. peachesgooner says:

    Bluebeanie – hope you pop back on……

    Thankyou so much for your responses – I’ve forwarded the info to Irish.

    What an amazing coincedence 🙂

  288. eboue says:

    this site is just like le grove

  289. JonJon says:

    nothing like it…

  290. Wrighty7 says:

    Good evening Roadsters.

    Is it me or does anyone else reckon that Carlos Vela is a much bigger threat on the left wing instead of in the middle at this stage of his career.

    He looked mustard there when he switched wide. Hugged the line and seemed very at ease.

    We don’t have many natural wingers in the squad, if any, and I believe he could create and score so many goals from there.

  291. Rasputin says:

    Evening Roadsters,

    Eboue – you are not qualified to make that remark – go back and read the comments over the last two years and then deliver your verdict….

  292. JonJon says:

    hi wrighty..yeah he looked sharp out there…whipped a few good balls in too..his ball for dudu was a peach

  293. Rasputin says:

    Fabianski must be staking his claim for number one by now, but I’m disheartened when I look at Arsene’s choices for captain – Almunia last week and Sylvestre today – our worst player on the pitch 😦

  294. London says:

    Hey Rasp

    Are you in the mood to do the player ratings, I have a bit of a post and it will work without them but if you are feeling inspired, it is always better with them.

  295. London says:

    Hey Eboue come back and explain that to us, I for one would really like to know why.

  296. London says:

    Hi Kelsey

    Can you give us the link to where you read that Senderos is off. Thanks

  297. Rasputin says:

    Hi London,

    I’m not qualified, I was at work today and have only seen highlights and spoken to other gooners which isn’t a fair basis to judge the players.

  298. London says:

    Fair enough Rasp, another time. I always start of enthusiastically: goal keepers are easy but then comes Sagna and I drop.

  299. London says:

    Perhaps Eboue’s point is that we all support Arsenal, no, wait a minute, that’s not true.

  300. Rasputin says:

    It doesn’t sound like Sagna’s crossing has improved, but maybe we’ve stumbled on the best position for Carlos?

  301. JonJon says:

    id of offered london but i didnt get all of the game..i fell asleep in the 1st half (i know im a terrible fan) but i was so tired…and then i only woke up to a phone call…

    all in all i watched the first 20mins and then caught the last 20… 😦

  302. London says:


    I’ve got it now but thanks, damn Sagna what do you say, crosses crap as usual but put in a good shift, not exactly going to win me a Nobel prize for literature

  303. London says:

    Ok. I’m off see y’all tomorrow

  304. London says:

    Actually, there is one last thing, if any of you insomniacs can think of a title just write it down.

  305. London says:

    Mrs London is watching Warlander and I am most certainly not.

    How about Arsenal come from behind and shaft the Irons….you can probably see why I might need some help Lol.

  306. London says:

    How about: Where the bloody hell was Rosicky this time?

  307. London says:

    Thank you very much and I am going to delete that as well so no one else can use it…..the blog has ears

  308. Rasputin says:

    No worries – I have others if you want, but that is the most punchy 😉

  309. London says:

    I have never deleted a comment before. Thanks Rasp, I think that aweful tv programme has finished so I am off see you tomorrow.

  310. Rasputin says:

    G’night London

  311. Irishgunner says:

    Hey folks.

    Peaches – cheers for asking the question, very small world eh?!

    Bluebeanie – if you come back, I was in the Porterhouse in Surrey Hills and got chatting, turned out the guy was a Gunner and it came down about your dad. Small, small world.

    I must also take the time to do this: 😆 at Manky Utd – the old red nose has had his day this time.

    Avenell – very much don’t agree that the FA Cup is mickey mouse, it has to be taken seriously.

  312. avenell says:

    I didn’t say that Irish.. I used Mickey mouse cup as a generic term ..I said if we are going to play in it we need to win it, play the best team..
    Not risk injury and burn out only to field a weakened team in the semi’s and then blow it..

  313. avenell says:

    Anyway I am off to bed .. stay safe..

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