Title chances dented again as the poor get poorer and the good get injured..

After the win at the weekend you would have thought the team would be bursting with confidence. This proved not to be the case as not for the first time this season we seemed to think our opposition would roll over and let us play. Burnley have created a fortress at Turf Moor and the players must have realised it was no push over. So why they go out and play like that is a question only they can answer..It wasn’t a physical game..Burnley didnt try to kick us or bully us. If anything they played the game as it should be played and they did it better because their players were focused and committed..It was a good game to the neutral, pretty end to end stuff. Only difference being that when we got to their box we crumbled,and when they got the ball they ran through us like a knife through butter..

After a shaky opening few minutes we got our act together and found the net through Cescs good finish. The floodgates seemed to be opening and we started to play. AA hit the bar and Nasri had a one on one with the keeper in which he fluffed his lines. Then Burnley took over..For 75 mins they pounded us and when Cesc went off our only attacking threat went with it..It was always going to be a tough battle after that and the players just bottled it…

The season is long and gruelling and a draw away against Burnley who have been impressive this season at home is a decent result..Saying that, we need to start putting a few wins together at some point and after we got Liverpool out of the way we had a great opportunity to go on a Birmingham style run..who have won 5 on the trot. We slipped up last night and were very lucky not to lose.

We hit the post but so did they, they had a blatant handball by Silvestre in our box given as a freekick and an onside goal ruled offside..so we can’t argue we were unlucky.. Burnley deserved the points and we were a shambles but somehow we got a draw..We’ve now picked up four points by playing like crap in the last two games..every team needs luck on the way to a title so I’m hoping its a good omen…we just can’t play like that for the rest of the season and expect to win something because luck only lasts so long…


Almunia..3..I don’t think I’ve ever seen a GK play as badly as that. Made a good save early on to deny TV another OG,but why TV feels he has to try head the ball standing on his own 6 yard line is proof of how much confidence the defence has with our GK. I counted 4 kicks that went out into touch, he was beaten at the near post from Eagles shot and only saved by the woodwork and was very lucky that Fletcher’s tap in was ruled offside when replays showed it wasn’t..What a howler. How he let that ball squirm under him was un-real. Another clanger from a GK who’s game has gone to pot. HE needs replacing and quick. He’s dodgy and he’s going to cost us a lot of points this season.

Sagna..5..Misses Eboue playing with him on the right, he’s too inconsistent at the minute.

Gallas..7..our best player, not for the first time this season. When your CB is your best performer on the night it shows how much ‘control’we had over the game..Body language towards Almunia was obvious. When your CB prefers to take a risk and run the ball to the corner flag and smashes it of an attackers legs to win the goal kick,rather than pass it back to the GK,it shows how much confidence he has in our number 1..and i don’t blame him.

TV..5..worst game for Arsenal. Almost scored an OG and gave away a silly penalty..was too erratic..

Silvestre..5..another bad show but it’s to be expected and he wasn’t the worst player on the pitch..

Diaby..4..not good.He looked like a man who’d never kicked a ball in his life, offered nothing in defence or attack and poor first touch and control..

Cesc..7..Was running the show until he had to go off. Then we totally went downhill without his presence or brilliance..Got lucky with the goal but it was still a good finish and if he had a left foot he could of had another..Lets hope he’s back for the next game or else we are in trouble..

Nasri..5..I don’t think he’s grasped the idea yet that we play as many games away as what we do at home and he needs to start turning up to these games.

Song..5..He was poor..held on to the ball far too long, never sat back and was beat to everything..He was looking like a rock at the start of the season and he’s turning into a pebble..Lets hope it’s just a minor dip in form..

Theo..1..he is not going to the world cup,he is not a wonderkid, he isn’t even a footballer..Young man you are quickly stealing Eboues thunder as our worst player and its time you pulled your socks up and started to do the business. He’s the worst wide player in the country. How you have a player who can’t dribble or even control the ball playing on your wing is beyond me..Wenger subbed him to save further embarrassment to a boy thats quickly becoming a laughing stock to the league..How do you set off running without the ball when you have the ball at your feet?

AA..5..is playing with an injury and that shows how important he is to the team..it was a typical game from him..did nothing but the only difference is he couldn’t save us with something you only see in your dreams like he did against Liverpool..He missed Cesc badly and the rest of the players didn’t use him enough..



dudu..4..looks a different player..

In conclusion we were woeful..Burnley did a job on us big time and we were very lucky to get a draw so I see it as a point gained..We lost all the 50-50s and got beat to all the second balls and Burnley showed us how its done..We were tired, lazy and totally outclassed as we looked out of ideas..The players have to realise they need to earn the right to play Wengerball first..

It was identical to the first half at Liverpool only it went on for 80mins..You don’t win games if you play like that..The players need a shake up…

Wenger has to stop playing the out of form players..It’s like playing with 8 men right from the first whistle..

The only positive I take is that we’ve run out of steam at a good time..Its almost January so Wenger can dip into the transfer market to give the squad a much needed boost of class..

There are players out there who will improve this squad and help push is for the title..Mr Wenger,you have to go get them…


99 Responses to Title chances dented again as the poor get poorer and the good get injured..

  1. London says:

    Excellent post JJ

    There is some really clever stuff up there. Your Nasri comment made me chuckle as did your Song, I agree with the former but not the latter, although, the image of turning from a rock to a pebble is top drawer.

    The problem, as I see it, is that he has become too predictable; when he picks the ball up in the middle and drives forward, the opposition always know that he is not going to shoot; he always passes it to the LB or RB who waste it some how or another.

    That said, I doubt if he would have been playing if Denilson was fit but it struck me that it would have been better to swap him, mid way through the second half, with Vermaelen who is just as capable of breaking up the play and driving forward, the difference being that Vermaelen can shoot……and score.

  2. London says:

    Vermaelen seems wasted at the back; I can see a time when we have Djourou and Song as CBs with Vermaelen as captain in front, playing the DM role.

  3. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters, London

    I didn’t watch the game, and having read the post I am glad I didn’t.

    JJ, that must have been heart breaking to write what is reality 😦

  4. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Well writen and accurate post JonJon.

    I’d seriously like to know why our confidence is so paper thin. We have a weak spine to the team, the worst gk in the prem, some potential superstars and some hugely over-rated players.

    Put that all together and I suppose that might give the answer. Add to that a manager who is as pig headed as he is brilliant and legions of training staff who seem incapable of ironing out fundamental flaws in players’ make up and it all starts to make sense. The win against pool was lucky and down to a moment of individual brilliance that can’t be relied on game after game. Last night we got more than we deserved.

    The only answer would be to buy in January but we won’t do that and so I predict we will win nothing and scrape into the top four = the same as the last 4 years.

  5. rico says:

    Morning Rasp

    And add no Cesc ‘Mr Playmaker’ for the next few games, 4th could even be a struggle 😦

  6. Rasputin says:

    Hi rico,

    I don’t know how much longer Cesc will be able to tolerate the situation in the club. He has been a fantastic ambassador, he’s said all the right things, but he has also sent out warning signals. Two years ago he said we should sign the likes of Villa and Alonso. ecently he has said we need a ‘Drogba type’ CF. Rather like us fans, he will get fed up[ with the excuses and just like us fans he will want to win something. If I were him, I’d leave 😦

  7. rico says:

    So would I Rasp, I just hope he knocks on AW’s door and gives it to him straight!

    Sunshine, family and friends in Barca and play in a side with greats,


    Rain, snow, not many family or friends around and playing in a team with 3/4 very good players….

    I am surprised sometimes that he has stayed so long…

    I think it is maybe because he was once a ‘youth’ player and was given his chance with us, maybe he feels it would be hypocritical to demand big players…

  8. rico says:

    off for a bit..

  9. Rasputin says:

    I can understand why no-one wants to comment on here …. it’s all being said on the other sites 😦

    If anyone has another perspective, I’d like to hear it?

  10. JonJon says:

    london i like that idea..

    we should buy a new CB in jan..we will need one anyway when silvy and sendy move on…get him in early and move TV into midfield…

    put fabianski in goal and buy a decent striker..

    rico it was heartbreaking to watch…

    ive got a perspective rasp…theos shit

  11. London says:

    What’s to say really, there is the view that we are only in December, it is a long season, Chelsea will drop points and so it is stupid to suggest that we are out of the title race and then there is the view that if we do not strengthen we will continue aimlessly drifting. For me, all last night succeeding in doing was proving that Liverpool are really, really poor.

  12. Rasputin says:

    Hi JonJon,

    London’s suggestion re TV is excellent and so is the idea of buying some quality players in January ….. you know what comes next …….

  13. Rasputin says:

    Hi London,

    One or two players off form/under performing is one thing, but when the majority are under par, you have to look for other reaons.

    To simplify the equation; how much is their level of ability (shitness JJ) being undermined by a lack of form/confidence?

    Theo has never really been great for us bar a couple of periods in a couple of games. Dudu is class but way way out of form/lacking in confidence.

    Almunia at his best is an average keeper – when out of form, he is a liability.

  14. London says:

    I was in the 12 Pins in Finsbury Park last night; this is a very, very pro Arsenal pub: the sort of place where they sing there’s only one Arsene Wenger even when we lose. In short they are not a bunch of whiners: so I was very suprised at the vitriol aimed at Walcott..if there is anyone left who thinks there is still love for him they are deluding themselves.

    Wenger has got a huge problem with him.

  15. London says:

    We don’t just need a player here or a player there we need a team mentality changing player.

  16. JonJon says:

    like a flamini..

    never say die attitude

  17. Rasputin says:

    Exactly JonJon. Its a shame we’d never go for a player like James Milner. He is Ray Parlour and then some. Works his socks off, plays aggressively, seldom loses out in 50/50 situations, not scared to have a shot at goal, never playacts – always gives 100%

  18. Rasputin says:

    You have to have a blend of players in a team to create balance. We have too many similar players and not enough grit and determination. Cana’s just collected his second red of the season – but I thought he was MoM when we played Sunderland.

  19. London says:

    As far as I can see, the only difference between the never say die mentality of both Flamini and Vermaelen is that the Belgian is better.

  20. avenell says:

    Hi Roadsters..

    Good post jonjon..

    I am still so hacked off I am finding it hard to talk arsenal today..
    I watched the first half again last night and I blame Diaby for the penalty and not TV..
    TV had to leave the man he was marking to tackle the man Diaby just let run past him..
    Do you think Arsene shows the Video to the players because they make the same mistakes that cost us every game..

  21. avenell says:

    Damn I just pissed myself off by watching it again.. 😦

  22. Davi says:

    Hi guys

    Can you blame eboue for wanting to leave, when he has played 10times better than theo in all his appearances this season, and yet the boss always leaves him out when walcott comes back.
    If I were vela Id be wanting out too. Wenger mistreats some of these fringe players by not rewarding good performances or even just giving them a proper chance, but instead gives walcott everything.
    All he has to do to get into the team is not be injured. Its ridiculous

  23. avenell says:

    Hi Davi.. tbh I would rather both hit the road. Eboue fits into the team better but his diving makes him unfit to wear the great shirt of Arsenal.
    His final ball is a disgrace too.
    We could do miles better than both of those then the rest of the team would have one passenger less.

  24. JonJon says:

    davi, that one of wengers biggest problems..he thinks by playing the off form players they will spark back into life..but it doesnt happen like that…

    it was one of my biggest gripes with him last year and for some reason its happening again…

    hi ave..its hard to talk football isnt it when we dont get the necessary result..but to play like we did makes it even more unbearable…i was too embarrased to be angry…the lads at work gave me some right stick today and theo has lost more than his own support..everyone thinks he’s shit and they dont know what the hype is about…someone even said that hes worse than francis jeffers… which is true…

    london im still purring at the thought of TV playing in the midfield…

    the way i see the situation is that wenger was right to go with what he had in the summer…we are almost half way and we are potentially 5 points off the pace..which is excellent…it shows the team is good enough…but what id like to think is that wenger wanted to see where we are in january before strengthening…

    he signed AA to help secure fourth..but things are different now, we are challenging..i feel a couple of players in january will make the difference and help us push on…we are so close..i think wenger should go for it and bring in some real quality…

    i hope so…

  25. JonJon says:

    ave theres loads of players like that in our squad…the two you mentioned, diaby, almunia and they all get regular footy and are paid decent money…

    i wouldnt mind if they were backup backup backup players on a minimum wage but they arent…for the sake of those 4 id rather have 2 shit hot players on 80 a week..

    but weve been here before…

  26. avenell says:

    I wouldn’t mind eboue as a back up, but the cheating has got me down now..

    Everytime he goes near the ‘D’ he feels he needs to get down like a commando and crawl under the penalty area..

  27. JonJon says:

    thats a major issue i feel..not only is it embarrassing but it slows down our play..

    theres times when the score will be 0-0 or 1-0 to the other team..either way we need to score and eboue will fall over and roll around, have to be rescued by helicopter for a grassburn and thats 5 minutes of time wasted..and momentum…so the cheating is negative in every aspect…but he still feels the need to do it..

  28. avenell says:

    If I played against him and he started that I would give him something to roll around on the floor for..

    That’s the problem nowadays it’s all gone soft and cheating is accepted..

  29. JonJon says:

    exactley..when i used to play we used to kick the shit out of eachother and we would refuse to stay down cos it means the other guy wins..i used to go home with all sorts of injuries and id still play the full match..we all did…

  30. avenell says:

    That’s why I don’t understand that Eboue is so popular.. He wouldn’t be so liked if Keown or Adams were behind him..

  31. JonJon says:

    nope..even wrighty..if wrighty had a chance on goal and eboue went over instead of playing him in wrighty would kick his head in the the dressing room..

    it really has become a game for girls hasnt it.. 😉

  32. avenell says:

    I don’t know about that JJ.. some of the girls on here scare the life out of me.. 😉

  33. avenell says:

    I see Mark Hughes is going to buy another centre back now he has worn Lescott out..

    Welcome to the Man City subs bench when you get back Joleon.. hahaha

    No World Cup and a shagged career..

  34. avenell says:

    From a Man city blog site.. haha your hoping..

    Adebayor’s discipline:

    I have already say it but I will say it again. Adebayor plays on confidence and is a player who needs the love to do well. He has proved he can do it, but when things aren’t going his way he appears to give up. We need to back him after a few poor performances but this doesn’t excuse his showings. He was dreadful last night, he keeps drifting instead of holding the line. And when he was presented with two very good opportunities, he skied both of them, and they weren’t narrow misses I assure you.

    You never know, Adebayor leaving for the ACoN could be a blessing in disguise, he could return in brilliant form after scoring a bag of goals

  35. avenell says:

    From another..

    Gotta start on Saturday, f**k that lazy **** off! What does Hughes need to see before ade gets dropped, he’s a lazy, bone idol ducker

  36. JonJon says:

    lol it was only a matter of time wasnt it…

    we tried to tell them but they wouldnt listen..they thought they had signed the best striker in the PL…but by the looks of things we got more out of him than they have..lol

  37. JonJon says:

    what sites this ave..i wanna go have a laugh..

  38. avenell says:

    It’s a couple of different ones I just googled Lazy Ade Man City..

    Here’s one.. http://www.bluemoon-mcfc.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=152989

  39. avenell says:

    The more you pay him the worse he gets..
    Would you like to go large? 😉
    I’m lovin’ it!…

  40. JonJon says:

    we got 25mil for that tosser as well..lol

    wonder how much theo will bring us..

  41. avenell says:

    Give rafa an open chequebook.. that’s an underfunded mug..

    Spent £250 million and only needed to keep Alonso..

  42. JonJon says:

    torres is turning out to be a bargain though isnt he…

    for 8 million more we could have forgot about theo and bought him…

    best striker in the world when hes fit..

  43. JonJon says:

    even an unfit torres will get you 15 goals a season..thts the type of striker we need

  44. avenell says:

    As they say even a broken clock is right twice a day..

    If you buy enough ticket you might win the lottery..

  45. JonJon says:

    we need a boost i think..the team have been hit hard by robins injury..

    i think a 20million target man would sort them all out and win us the league for sure..

  46. avenell says:

    If we had a striker that put a good percentage of chances away.. the midfield would gain confidence and create more..

    I remember this conversation 18 months ago.. Owen would have done us .. He is the man who buries most things, that’s all we ever needed..

  47. avenell says:

    What about a punt on Hunterlaar.. there must be someone who we can hit and hold the ball up?

    I wanted Eto’o 18 months ago too as well, the man who was too injury prone for us .. you know the one with the SL and the CL medal..

  48. JonJon says:

    i would have gone for owen..he was free and hes a 1 in 2 so he would have been good…but too small still..

    etoo would have been nice but it wont happen now..

    dunno about huntelaar..i think his chance has gone and hes wondered into the unknown..a typical wenger signing though really.. 😉

    id like to see someone in the torres mould…fast strong, workrate, movement tall lethal…

    that dzekos supposed to be pretty handy but i dont know enough about him to make a full judgement.

  49. avenell says:

    I nearly forgot about Pinkie.. all our troubles will be over.. 😉

    If he’s shit too sell him. He is going to have his chance, if he don’t make it.. Golden rivet time..

  50. London says:

    Wenger is acting very strange recently….shouting at players and all…we assume it’s because of arrogance that he doesn’t change his policy….but he must be getting fed up with this…..surely there must be a part of him that is saying fuck this I’m going to spend some of that money….its not as though he doesn’t know how to do it….he’s spent plenty in the past…..bloody hell I’ve turned into Geoff….now that is a scary thought.

  51. London says:

    You were having a perfectly nice chat until I came along, weren’t you. I just had to comment on this because it made me laugh.

    Would you like to go large? 😉
    I’m lovin’ it!…

  52. London says:

    See ya

  53. JonJon says:

    haha london…never thought id see the day..

    but your right..wengers becoming increasingly impatient..and in fairness i understand his view..

    wengers developed these players, stood by them, gave them large amounts of money and taken some right stick in defence of them..

    and this is how they repay him…

  54. London says:

    Yep, there must be a part of him that is going fuck this for a game of cards, enough is enough….this is the man that gave us a midfield of Petit and Vieira…it’s not as though he doesn’t know how to do it.

  55. JonJon says:

    cheers london but threes not a crowd on here you know..stick around if you can..

    ave i think pinky will come good…at the minute we play with 3 strikers and only AA, rvp,and nikki provide the team with anything…

    the others are becoming a big dissapointment so we really need a new striker..

    if anyone goes it will be out of theo dudu and vela..ive seen enough of nikki now to think he gives us enough of what we need…the only gripe is id wish he would finish better but that may come

  56. JonJon says:

    he knows exactley how to do it but hes an innovator, hes trying to do it another way but it seems hes gathered together a group of pri madonnas who think playing for the arsenal is a their god given right..and that attitude shows away from home..

    take them away from the emirates and they arent all that..

    theres only a handful of players who i think love the badge and will fight for it..the rest are just happy to turn up..if it happens it happens if it doesnt who cares..they get paid shit loads…and then write kiddies books 😉

  57. avenell says:

    Hi London.. no probs we was just keeping the blog warm for you to join us.. 😉

  58. JonJon says:

    ooooo matron…

  59. JonJon says:

    what about david villa?? 😉

  60. avenell says:

    I have an idea.. but it may be better for a post.. so I will keep it for a bit.. .

    I’m off for the night, we have poorly little girl so I may need to get up in the night.. cheers guys..

  61. JonJon says:

    yeah night ave..catch you all tomorrow guys

  62. rico says:

    Morning all

    Fancy that, snow everywhere 🙂

    Ribery wants to join us over the chavs 🙂

    Citeh are after Hiddink to replace Hughes and all the managers tell Arson to stop whinging….

    Happy Days 😉

  63. rico says:

    Oh another manager Citeh are said to be after is our very own Arsene Wenger….

    Now that post could interest Arsene, he must be thinking…

    ‘I know how to make £25M straight away, I can sell Lardybayor!!’ 😆

  64. rico says:

    Didn’t realise it is the CL draw today at 10.45am, wonder who Liverpool will draw – oops forgot, they will be in draw that follows the CL 😉 😉

  65. rico says:

    Madness hits, I am talking to myself… 😳

  66. peachesgooner says:

    Morning rico

  67. rico says:

    Morning peaches, do you have much snow?

  68. peachesgooner says:

    Hiya – yes we have lots and lots, how about you?

  69. rico says:

    Just a little, not deep yet peaches, the pups love it 🙂

  70. rico says:

    CL draw about to start peaches… Wonder who we will get, I reckon Moscow

  71. JonJon says:

    keep us updated rico..

  72. peachesgooner says:

    Ooooo Inter v Chelsea

  73. peachesgooner says:

    We’ve got Porto

    Man U have AC Milan

  74. rico says:

    That is a really good draw for us, last time we played them in the CL we lost away 2-0 and then thrashed them at home 4-0….

    Becks back to OT 🙂

  75. rico says:

    I got to go, stuff and more stuff to do 😦 😦

    Catch you later

  76. rico says:

    Ok rico, see you later 😉

  77. peachesgooner says:

    Buy rico see you later 🙂

  78. Rasputin says:

    Morning roadsters,

    Excellent draw so far.. 3 out of inter, chavs, manure, lyon , RM and AC guaranteed to go out 😉

    peaches – you have mail

  79. Rasputin says:

    How much does rico cost?

  80. avenell says:

    Porto Rico??

    Sorry I couldn’t resist it..

    Hi Roadsters.. It seems good but not when I think of the team we have available tomorrow and the form we are in..
    We need some players back and fast..

  81. Rasputin says:

    Pools luck continues – Unirea in the No-hopa league 😉

  82. rico says:

    See, as soon as I say I am off, out of the woodwork you all come 😉


    Hi Rasp and ave…

    Porto and Costa Rico – 😛 😛

  83. peachesgooner says:

    Oooooh did I make a joke – thats not like me 😉

  84. avenell says:

    Sorry rico .. we had a bit of a rough night, little one stopped (you don’t want to know) at 5oclock this morning.
    4 lots of clean bedding and pj’s.. we’re all knackered..:(

    Hi Rasp and Peaches if you are about.. Who’s going tomorrow? Brrrrrr

  85. rico says:

    Hope liitle one is feeling a bit better today ave, sounds like a nasty bug 😦

  86. peachesgooner says:

    Hi ave – wish the small poorly one better 🙂

    I’m hoping tomorrow gets called off, its going to be extremely cold and selfishly I can’t walk fast…….

    Obviously I didn’t make a joke – just my spelling is a joke 😦 😦 😦

  87. avenell says:

    I blame Mrs Avenell’s cooking.. 🙂

    We missed out on the snow by about 10 miles where there was a light shower, but it supposed to be bad at the weekend..

    I bet Kelsey misses all this lovely weather..

  88. peachesgooner says:

    ave – did you once tell me you had experience of canal boats? The mad musical daughter has just called to ask if she can buy a canal boat to live in in Camden Town – what sort of questions do I need to ask?

  89. avenell says:

    I lived on one for 5 years..

    My ex sells them and a good friend of mine buys and sells his own inc new ones..

    They are like cars you get your Mercs and your Lada’s
    You would need to get a secure residential mooring or you would have to keep moving but that is difficult in London.
    Residental moorings can come with the sale of the boat, but check the length of the lease. Not cheap in London..
    The best site to buy or look is this one..
    If you need any help no probs..

  90. peachesgooner says:

    Thanks ave 😛

  91. JonJon says:

    evening all..any news??

  92. avenell says:

    Robbie Keane could be out the door coz he organised the Spud Christmas party to Dublin without twitcher knowing..

    They might be after Chamakkkkkhhhh ..

  93. JonJon says:

    haha i caught a glimpse of that in the red top this morning in the cafe…didnt they say they were going golfing and went out on the lash instead..

  94. JonJon says:

    does anyone think this chamkkakaka is any good..

    hes relitively unheard of and i just dont get the interest..

    although if wengers been watching him a while and hes cheapi dont see why not..we need a big strong boy uptop who runs the channels..

  95. avenell says:

    Never seen him tbh.. it would take a big bid to prize him away.. Sort of thing the spuds do.. not us..

  96. avenell says:

    Haha Robbies piss up was before the Wolves defeat.. ‘arry ain’t happy I just heard the press conference..

  97. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Typical Wenger …. after initially saying that he may have to dip into the transfer market in January, he’s now pretty much said that he won’t be buying any players, despite the fact that our injury situation has worsenened in the meantime. The ‘new players – Rosicky and Dudu, were a smokescreen…. Why does he bother? He is the most predictable manager in the prem. What is the point in making statements that raise expectation only to destroy that hope shortly afterwards?

  98. peachesgooner says:

    Rasputin – how do you always manage to post after the New Post xx

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