A Standard Performance.. and the Sales of Aerial Boosters to Increase on Merseyside..

There seems to be two types of match report to do these days. We played well but we lacked concentration and we let in a late equalizer or we simply just played well.
Last nights game was an example of just what a fine line it is between the two.
We started really brightly full of training ground flicks culminating in an unbelievable passage of play on fifteen minutes when the Standard goal was comparable to an Iraqi stronghold with a Cobra gunship peppering it with shots on the first day of the Gulf war. Thanks AA (your forgiven)..

But as the half wore on Liege managed a shot that cannoned of Almunia’s bar.. Then we went into sadism mode.. Gallas nutting Arshavin meant we went down to nine men at one stage.
Then when Gallas came back  on he looked as if he had a session with Paul McKenna and looked well out of it, “When I click my fingers give a penalty away” luckily the ref wasn’t a Lilly Livered Pansy and you had to get a death certificate to get a penalty.

Somehow in all the melee Nasri broke through and put us one up. It won’t be this easy against the Chavs.

Just before half time Denilson must have remembered what country it states on his birth certificate (I know two certificates) and tried a Jairzinho type shot that swerved back and forth and totally lost the keeper.. 2-0 to the Arsenal..

The second half was similar except we created a few chances and they just crept the wrong side of the woodwork.
The highlight was when after getting his shirt half removed and falling to a tackle from behind Captain Cesc went to have a quiet word with Carcela-Gonzalez.  Cesc didn’t turn into Ole Gunnar Solskjar and stayed on his feet. The opposing player got sent off. But Cesc got booked, why??

Anyway 2-0 was the result.. but the funniest thing of the night was, the cash strapped Bindippers crash out of the Champions League.. The press’s darlings.. But we didn’t have Torres.. we didn’t have Alonso… haha good.. Their wasn’t much to watch on a Thursday night, now we can watch you lot get beaten.

Almunia.. 6.5 Strange night for him, sort of just watched any decent shots fly by and hit the woodwork.

Eboue.. 6.5.. I suppose he did okay, never had much defending to do, the diving and sprawling on the deck is getting boring and embarrassing now.

Gallas.. 7.5 Was leading by example, didn’t look well when he came back on after the head injury. Hope he is okay for Sunday.. I like a man who wants revenge.

Vermaelen .. 7.. Done as good as he needed to, he worries me slightly when we was two on two and he didn’t mark the spare man.

Gibbs.. 7.5 .. Nice one Gibbsy.. you are going to make the left back position yours soon.
But as I am writing I have read that he has fractured his foot and will have a operation today (Wednesday)..  2 months out ffs.

Song.. .. 9.. WOW!

Denilson. 7.. Looked okay for his first game back.. Super goal, dare I say a bit like that ex Man U cheating scum bag.. more of please.

Fabregas.. 7 .. Yeah not bad, bit wayward on some of his passes but that could be the new guys coming in, perhaps they need to read Cesc better.

Nasri..7.5 . He did okay, I would like to see him step up a gear soon,  hopefully he has settled into the way of life in England. Good finish for his goal, very cool.

Arshavin.. 7.. A pretty good performance, but a lot of his tricks were not going his way. Had a great chance whistle past the post.

Vela.. 6..very similar to Eduardo, lacks that physical presence that we need to lead the line.. Went missing a bit during periods of the game that Nikki B  doesn’t seem to do.

Silvestre.. 7.. There is hope, isn’t there??

Walcott.. 6.. Failed to shine, he should be running the show.

Rosicky.. Came on a bit late to judge him..

I don’t feel that great after a night when we qualify for the knockout stages  top of our CL group, Sunday will be the decider for me. if we win then I will be ecstatic or ..  well we will win..

Have a good day Roadsters..


131 Responses to A Standard Performance.. and the Sales of Aerial Boosters to Increase on Merseyside..

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Nice one ave, and Wow indeed for Song, he was awesome. I watched him more last night, he may not have that crunching tackle, the Paddy pace going forward or the shot on him like some strong midfielders have but…

    How many times does he get a toe in here, a tackle in there, a shielding of ball coming out of defence to calm things and last night some of his passing was spot on…

    This guy is going to be a massive loss in January/February..

    I also thought Denilson was a lot better that he was before he got injured. He appears stronger which is just what we will need.

    Vela does remind me of Robin a tad, the Robin before he found his shooting boots. It won’t be long though before he finds the net once and and his confidence will grow. Lets not forget how long he has been out and not be to hard on him, even if his shot did go off for a throw-in 😉

    Cant believe Gibbs, I really feel sorry for him, he looks so confident and now gone again for lord knows how long 😦

  2. kelsey says:

    Morning Rico and Ave.

    pretty good summing up,but I agree with London’s comments last night.

    The positives are that we are through,top of the group,whatever happens in the last game and another 20 = million in the kitty.

    SL reminded me of a poor PL team bereft of ideas,but extremely physical.I agree that it was strange that Cesc got a yellow, and we were fortunate not to concede what amounted to a stone wall penalty, via Gallas.

    Nasri has also been out for two months but as usual his home form is far superior to his away form,like wine he doesn’t travel well. Vela and Walcott both disappointed,even allowing for their lack of matches, and Rosicky is tip toeing his way back to form.

    Almunia’s body language still looks wrong,can’t really put my finger on it,he just looks disinterested.I thought Song,Eboue and nasri were our best players,and the feeling is that we need to up our game big time against Chelsea.

    As Ave stated,we bombarded their goal for the first half hour,but I am beginning to get frustrated with this”keep trying to walk the ball in” especially against a suspect keeper.He should have saved denilson’s shot,but at least he had a pop from outside the area.All in all an OK result.

  3. rico says:

    Morning kelsey, don’t let the post make you believe ave is up, he is still snoring I expect, knowing i would put up his fine post this morning 😉

    I know we are far from hitting the dizzy heights kelsey, but we need to be in the next round to have a chance and we are there. The next round in after Christmas and who knows what players will be back, injured or even bought in the transfer window.

    Walcott, Vela and Rosicky will all come good.

  4. rico says:

    kelsey, did you see we are being linked with Arda Turan, the same player I raved about during the last Euro competition, This is one I hope turns out to have substance..

  5. ganesh says:

    Morning all .. Nice result although the injury concerns jus take the smile off .. I tot we shud’ve rested gallas n given Senderos a chance .. The lad deserves one plus he’s got the height factor n sadly now Gallas is a doutful for sunday .. Hope he recovers .. N i’m afraid who our lone striker shud be .. Edu n Vela have not impressed me .. I used to think Bendtner was ok n even he’s injured .. So i myt fancy even AA to do it wit Edu on left n Rosicky on ryt but i doubt it .. Anyway hoping we manage to get three pts n our title race will be back on track .. Hopeful 🙂

  6. rico says:

    Morning ganesh

    Good result but at a cost again, I am with you on your view that Gallas should have been rested, he must have been really tired after the French/ROI game.

    He is expected to be ok for Chelsea on Sunday.

    LB position is the one that is a real concern 😦

  7. ganesh says:

    Plus Rico can u explain how Liverpool are out of uefa .. Lyon 10 pts n if they lose last game they end up in 10 .. Liv 7 n if they win last they’ll end up 10 .. So howz it they’re eliminated .. I cant understand mate .. Jus enlighten me 🙂

  8. rico says:

    1 Fiorentina 5 4 0 1 12 6 6 12
    2 Lyon 5 3 1 1 8 3 5 10
    3 Liverpool 5 2 1 2 4 5 -1 7
    4 Debrecen 5 0 0 5 5 15 -10 0

    The only team Liverpool can draw level on points with is Lyon. Lyon have already beaten Liverpool and drawn so Lyon would go through with better results against Liverpool (i think that is how it works)

  9. rico says:


    Sadly Tribal football is no more reliable than a dream 😦

  10. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Good post ave 😛

    I agree with you rico, I thought Denilson did really well considering it was his first game back and looked a better player than before the lay-off. I was disappointed at how poor his English was when interviewed, he’s been over here for 3+ years – he should have made more of an effort to learn the lingo.

    I also agree that Gallas shouldn’t ave played. I don’t know if Senderos is injured, but I wouldn’t have minded seeing Tweety start to give Gallas a break.

    Cesc is not at the top of his game – an uncahracteristic number of his passes failed to hit the target although the team’s pass success was fanastic.

    Song was very goood (MoM as well as WoW!)

    Vela worked hard and but actually didn’t receive the ball from the other 5 midfielders as often as he should so had to drop back deeper to collect the ball which I’m sure wasn’t his instruction.

    I agree with ave. Cesc’s corners are rubbish. RVP is the best corner taker, but there has to be someone else who can deliver a decent corner – whipped in, not floated! … but then when you look at some of our crossing maybe not 😦

  11. rico says:

    Morning Rasp

    We certainly need a plan c for our corners, I think Rosicky, Sagna or Eboue if he is playing would be better options. They need pace to give the power, if we can get someone to jump high enough to head it 😉

    Otherwise, why don’t they look more often to a short corner or the player just outside the box to have a pop at goal. Ours are just a waste at the moment!

    I dont understand what is going on with Senderos, he is not on the injury list on afc.com, my bet is that he is off in January. Maybe he has peed off the boss..

  12. ganesh says:

    Hmmm so i think its more like away goals in deciding Liverpool’s case .. Lyon scored two away n Liverpool jus one .. So maybe tats the case .. N hope tat shit in tribal football is true .. Also if tat guy Remy comes in then how much strikers do we have..Even i don think he’ll buy him unless he sells any .. N morning Rasp .. Ya cesc cud’ve been rested .. But anyway still 4 days to go for Chelsea tats enuf time to recover for anyone .. So no probs for me in playin him .. Atleast this uefa group stages is done wit 🙂

  13. rico says:

    Sky keep showing the ‘Pool players watching the final minutes of the Lyon game, oh how I love seeing Stevie Me me me look like he is about to cry!!

  14. rico says:


    its done by results against each other rather than goals in the group stages.

  15. Edmond Dantes says:

    Morning guys.

    We’ve taken care of Liege as expected. Now for the serious business of Sunday.

    I would have liked to have Bendtner around for Sunday. He has physical presence upfront. Something we seemed to lack against Sunderland. Also, theres something reassuring about him been around the team. By all accounts, he’s a confident lad. He’s quite a loss I must say. Lets not even mention RvP.

    In some games its important to play with two defence-minded players in midfield so that the more creative players can get on the ball more often. In this respect, Denilson may complement Song quite well. He is better defensively than some of the others.

  16. London says:

    Good Post Ave

    It keeps things fresh when the reports are written by different people.

    I would like to add a bit in defence of Silvestre and Vela both played well in my opinion for two players who have not started a game this season. The fact that both Clichy and Gibbs are out highlights the importance of having Silvestre: as I have always maintained, he is an inexpensive insurance policy that will be used on Sunday to great effect. He may not be as good as Traore going forward but when it comes to defending I would take Silvestre every day against the Chavs. We are also lucky that he got a run out last night which should put him in good stead for Sunday.

    Vela: first start, don’t expect too much, he made some good runs last night which drew defenders with him, allowing Fabregas to run through, which is exactly what RVP does and it is also the reason why RVP doesn’t score as many goals a traditional number 9. The other thing I liked about him last night is that he sends a message to Eduardo that he is not going to have it all his own way: he is going to have to fight for his place.

    Denilson did look stronger; he returned to a position that he is now familiar with and it showed, the other thing that may not have been apparent on the TV was that Song seemed to have so much more confidence going forward in the knowledge that Denilson had his back covered.

    Song’s new found barrelling runs forward put him in a new position: he is going to have to learn to shoot……..and if he starts scoring then we really will have the complete player.

  17. rico says:

    The paps have us in for Gabriel Agbonlahor in January, you couldn’t dream up such a silly story

    Could you? 😉

  18. ganesh says:

    Oh k mate i get it .. Maybe i tried to think too much 🙂
    N ya luv Stevie G n liverpool gettin out of uefa .. How i wish it’ll happen to Chelshit or Manure someday 🙂

  19. rico says:

    Morning London and Ed

    London, you are spot on about Song, last night he had a couple of good opportunities to shoot but opted to pass. He is strong and may even surprise himself if he could learn to unleash a few from the edge of the box

  20. ganesh says:

    Ya London i do think Silvestre will do decent in LB cos he’s struggling to get chances n myt want to impress .. Traore is too attack minded ..
    And @ Edmond .. Ya Denilson will do well but don u think it’ll get too defensive .. Wat do u say The Count of Monte Cristo !! 😛

  21. ganesh says:

    Like Essien maybe .. Ya then Song will be a double WOW then .. He’s bettr defensive than Essien in ma view n if he develops his long shots he’ll be one of the best in the world 🙂

  22. rico says:

    I am all for Silvestre playing LB against Chelsea 🙂

  23. ganesh says:

    Agreed Silvestre has to .. Tat’ll make Traore to up his game or else he has to switch clubs honestly .. Don see him come above the pecking order of Clichy, gibbs n silvestre but Wenger likes to give chances to youngsters .. So maybe ther myt be a surprise in store for us on sunday 🙂

  24. Edmond Dantes says:


    I agree with you about Silvestre playing at LB. I was surprised to see Traore start against Sunderland. I thought Silvestre could have been better defensively and hes more experienced.

    I dont think the team will become too defensive with 2 in there. There will be a better balance in midfield with 2 DMs. They will make more short passes to the creative players and the game will continue to flow well. Most modern systems have 2 in midfield that focus on breaking up play.

    You can call me “Count” if you like. I like the sound of it.

  25. Davi says:

    I *really* disagree on vela. His link up play was excellent, and people would say the same of rvp (that he would go missing) before he left.
    He should have scored a goal, and needs to work on his right foot, but he was always moving, and he’s the only player besides vp with the quality 1st touch to play that role for arsenal imo.
    Bendtner could play the role pretty well too (although in a very different way), but he’s inconsistent, and i disagree he doesnt seem to go missing in matches – in a number of matches iv seen this season, he has gone missing for periods.
    The thing with vela is that he’s hardly played with most these players in a match before, and his role in the team is almost like a 2nd playmaker in a way – so he did very well, and you know he will improve. Honestly I really think hes capable of replacing van persie over the next few weeks. We know he can finish 1-on-1 as well.. Id definitely have him in the team against chelsea. He has the stomach for a fight as well a bit.
    He reminds me a lot of tevez in style, except he’s a lot better technically, and can finish chances better – tevez just has a bit of strength over him I guess

  26. Rasputin says:

    I have no problem with Sylvestre playing LB against the chavs. He won’t go forward and has TV inside him with reasonable pace. What I still can’t accept is giving him a 2 year contract and not the likes of DB. It sounds like Gallas is asking for a 2 year extension – it will be a travesty if we we don’t offer him that when Sylvestre got 2 years past the age of thirty.

  27. London says:

    Morning Rico

    Sometimes the smiley faces say so much, the one you used on your 9:28 made me howl.

  28. rico says:

    Morning Davi

    I think its harsh to critisise Vela, his first game for a long time all players find it hard to come back and take a couple of games, he will soon find top form I am sure..

    Traore isn’t a true LB, Arson says is not defensive enough, the Sunderland game was won before the players turned up, well in their minds! But a rude awakening took place, hopefully for the manager as well as the players.
    Why fill a position with a winger when we have a LB in the squad, even if it is a ageing old Silvestre 😉

    Rasp – exactly, i put that in a post either yesterday or before, AW needs to break his stoopid rule, give a player a contract if he is fit, healthy and playing well, not just because he is cheap 😦

    London, that smiley was just for you following the other day 😉

  29. Rasputin says:

    Hi Davi,

    I agree that Vela played well and as London said, he made good runs and created space for other players. Once or twice we pumped long balls up to him when he was surrounded by defenders and of course they won the battle; whereas Nik would have got a head to them and maybe been able to hold the ball up. He worked very hard and didn’t really receive the right kind of service from the midfield.

  30. ganesh says:

    lol i wont call u Count hereaftr since u like it 😛 😀

  31. London says:


    I know it was that was part of what was making me laugh.

  32. London says:

    Morning Davi

    It is good to read your comments again on AR…..but who has criticised Vela…..hasn’t the general consensus been that he was a bit rusty although with so few first team opportunities that is understandable.

  33. Davi says:

    Hi guys,

    That’s true, I see your point (I guess that’s why he seems to work so well with bendtner) – but I suppose it’s up to the midfielders to adapt a bit to that. I dont think we tend to get much of our success through the high balls, but I agree it’s a useful option.
    Vela is the best forward we have for getting these passing moves going like we were with van persie though.
    I think you’re right, yday he didnt get fantastic service, and a couple of times he was let down by players receiving passes from him imo. He also had to peel right, rather than to the left as he normally does in the carling cup (I suppose because arshavin was coming in from the left), and that prevented him from having a couple more shots from good positions – I guess this is a weakness on vela’s part (not being able to shoot with his right), but still, it shows we can get more out of him.

  34. London says:


    I have a theory as to why DB wasn’t given a 2 year contract and how and why it was resolved but I will save it for a no news day….it’s all about the quid pro quo of being offered the biggest, the best and the safest banker of a testimonial any Arsenal player has ever had.

  35. rico says:


    Robin is the same, not much of a right foot 😉

    London, I knew you spot that 😛

  36. London says:


    What would your front three be for Sunday?

  37. rico says:

    A couple of days ago I asked the question about Ramsey and Denilson..

    Last night Denilson really grew on me, its like he has been away, grown into a man and come back like a different player. I don’t think I have ever seen him so confident with the ball, the quality passing instead of the safe sideways pass..

    Last night as ave said, you could finally see he was from Brazil..

  38. Davi says:

    I wouldnt call it a criticism so much, but I thought he did better than a 6 yesterday (7), and that he played much better than eduardo did on saturday.
    I’m probably a bit over-excited about it, but he really looked the part to me. Not quite as good as van persie but really not far away.
    I wouldnt call him rusty though btw. His control and movement were excellent, it was just at times a slight lack of understanding between him and his teammates, and I thought a couple of times he was let down by them when he played a pass.

  39. Davi says:

    ric0 – i disagree actually on rvp. He definitely was like that when he was younger, but hes scored plenty of excellent goals with his right now.

    London – to be honest, I might be tempted to pick the same front 3. We definitely seem to have the right balance with a striker (vela/eduardo/rvp), a real attacking winger (arshavin/eduardo/walcott) and a central playmaker type (rosicky/nasri) up front.
    Nasri’s goal will give him more confidence, and I just dont think u can leave arshavin out of a big game. I think I’ve made myself clear about my thoughts on vela, lol.

  40. rico says:


    I think its unfair to compare Vela with VP, VP is a lot older and far more experienced.

    I don’t think the team as a whole played the best football ever last night, but did what was asked of them.

    You could clearly see that Vela has what it takes, but sometimes it was clear to see he was rusty. Especially when his shot from inside the penalty area went for a throw in, level with the half way line 😉

    All we are saying is that give him a few more games and he will be on fire, you never no that fire could just be lit on Sunday 🙂

  41. rico says:


    I must have missed them then 😉

  42. Davi says:

    rico- cool, good points

  43. Davi says:

    rico – the one against liverpool last season is a great example off the top of my head. He has scored a quite a few more though

  44. London says:


    I would go for the same front line: Arshavin, Eduardo and Walcott. It looks certain that the middle will be Fabregas, Denilson and Song with Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen and Sylvestre behind. This won’t be a high scoring game. Anything other than a loss we can deal with.

  45. Davi says:

    I’ll be unhappy if walcott walks into the team again. Did he play well yesterday? I couldnt see the end of the game, but I heard he wasn’t great.
    Saying that, I know he will come good evenutally, and the thought of having vela and walcott either-side of bendtner or rvp in the future is pretty exciting to be honest.

  46. Rasputin says:

    The way I see it is that apart from Gallas, TV (mostly) RVP (now missing) and Song, none of our players are really on top form.

    We need big performances against the chavs and 5 or 6 players to raise their game to the levels we know they can achieve. Almunia still worries me. Kelsey made a good point abput him still looking troubled. There were at least 2 occassions last night when a defender expected him to come out and claim the ball and he stayed back on his line.

  47. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    I would play Traore at LB on Sunday.. Silvestre offers little in attack and him against joe Cole or Anelka frightens the life out of me.

    We could play TV there, and drop Song into the CH position now that Denilson is back, but Sundays game is not one to start experementing on.

  48. rico says:


    I now believe Almunia should be sold, I used to rate him but now I think he has had his chance and his day.

    All our keepers are average, maybe Reina will get fed up at the dippers 😉 😉

  49. Davi says:

    rico – i dont think hes as bad as people make out, but who could we realistically replace almunia with?
    Basically Id recommend hugo lloris or akinfeev but they would be incredibly expensive.
    I think we’re just waiting for Szczesny to get a bit of experience – from the looks of it he will dwarf all the other keepers we have in quality. Every match ive seen him Ive been very impressed, and from the sounds of it hes playing well for brentford now as well

  50. Rasputin says:

    rico (hi ave by the way 😉 ),

    I should have done some research about him, but the young french keeper that played aginst Ireland was fantastic. I know he’s highly rated – brave, safe hands, knew when to come out and very commanding – he’s got the right passport, I’d love to see him at the Arsenal

  51. Rasputin says:

    Haha Davi, Lloris – that’s the guy…. who does he play for?

  52. Rasputin says:

    Olympique Lyonnais – they’re not a big club …

  53. Davi says:

    lol, I didnt see your previous comment rasp
    yeh, lloris would cost well over 20m I think.

  54. Rasputin says:

    Never trust Wikipedia – Lyon, you’re right. They are a big club in terms of european football.

  55. Rasputin says:

    We’re out of the picture if that’s his value Davi, although I could see manure or the chavs being interested.

  56. Davi says:

    Rasp – they got big money out of essien and malouda. Lyon aren’t stupid and have shown they will hold out for the price they want

  57. London says:

    Morning Ave

    I liked the aerial booster joke…..and I agree, no time for experimenting on Sunday.

  58. ganesh says:

    Hugo Lloris is from Lyon n look at wat Wenger told of him a fortnight back !!

  59. Edmond Dantes says:

    This is what I would go for on Sunday:
    Almunia, Sagna, Gallas (if fit, else no choice but Phil), Vermaelen, Silvestre, Song, Fabregas, Denilson, Nasri, Arshavin, Eduardo. I would play 4-2-3-1. Arsenal’s formations are not very rigid and theres so much of interchanging that goes on.

  60. ganesh says:

    Nice one Ed but wat abt Walcot .. Again impact sub ?!?!?

  61. ganesh says:

    And Rosicky myt start as he’s got a bit of exp!

  62. rico says:

    Morning ave… just 😉

    I wouldn’t go with Traore, not against Chelsea, this is where experience has to come into play, and as much as it pains me to say this, but Silvestre has bucket loads of experience 😉

    Rasp – love the ‘he’s got the right passport’ comment 😛
    You are right though, what French player doesn’t want to play under Arson?? Bet there aren’t many…

  63. ganesh says:

    Gtg guys catch u later wit all u r comments 🙂

  64. Davi says:

    The thing with the keeper situation is, as I said before, Szczesny looks very likely to be a top keeper in the making, and fabianski and mannone have shown promise and will probably become excellent keepers in the future.
    A lot of people still really dont like almunia, and I suppose I understand it. I always look back to the 07/08 season where he was probably the best in the league, but was also protected by a stronger defensive team than we have now. NOW we arguably have better defenders and a lineup that allows one of the midfielders to devote most of his time to defending, but the way we play still allows us to be countered on and almunia gets exposed more often.
    Id still rather have almunia than cech and van der sar who I think are much less consistent and make more glaring errors, but this year I must say our keeper has been a bit more eratic than usual.

  65. Edmond Dantes says:


    Walcott will be on the bench along with Rosicky, Vela, Ramsey and the others. I dont think Theo is ready to start consistently for Arsenal. The competition for attacking midfield players at Arsenal is quite intense.

  66. rico says:

    As already said, last night secured us £20M, well why not spend it on a keeper ?

    Stan isn’t going to sit back and watch us not keep up, on Silent Stan i/v, those close said that he is someone who goes into ‘things’ to win and he will invest in what he believes in…

    Usually I just want to believe we will buy big players, since Stan has bought up all his shares I am truly believing we will spend, starting January…

    Cant wait for all the guessing games to begin, its like wondering what’s under the Christmas Tree when your’e a kid… 🙂

  67. avenell says:

    Morning.. Rasp.. London.. rico01.. Davi.. Kelsey.. Edmond.. Ganesh.. crikey it’s getting like the Waltons..
    I hope I haven’t missed anyone out.

  68. rico says:


    The good thing with Chesney is that he has now gone on loan and is playing regularly, During his first match he saved a penalty 🙂

  69. Davi says:

    rico – 20m is a bare minimum for lloris btw, I think the competition from particularly united and whoever else would push that figure way up. he really looks like the next big thing in keepers lol

  70. rico says:

    Oi avenell, drop the 01 you bad man 😉

  71. rico says:

    Davi, fair point, but we have an advantage over them, we have Arson Wenger 🙂

  72. avenell says:

    Fabianski could be our No1 keeper now, but he was unlucky to be injured when Almunia had his problems.. The jump was too big for Mannone at the moment.

    I don’t see us buying a keeper, Arsene has invested too much time and faith into the 4 we have got.

  73. avenell says:

    01 always reminds me of the General Lee.. with Daisy washing it.. 😉

  74. charybdis1966 says:

    Morning all, having been at the game you can notice things off the ball that the TV camera won’t pick up so I’ll try and give you my impression of things that don’t appear so on TV.
    Overall I thought there were at least 3 or 4 players biting into the tackle more than we tend to do, namely Denilson, Song and Cesc. There was definitely more harrying of the opposition when we didn’t have the ball. Song repeatedly mopped up attempted Liege attacks after having broken them down,
    I also noticed Almunia is still largely silent, especially worrying when it comes to arranging walls for free kicks or for positioning the defenders for corners. He seemed happier to leave the ball to float in rather than going for the cross and claiming it.
    I liked the huge Arsenal flag being carried backwards and forwards in the Red Action section just before kickoff – very continental and atmospheric, it felt like watching one of the Milanese giants crowds in the heyday of Italian football.
    I also noticed they’re playing Queen’s “We will rock you” just before the teams come out to gee the crowd up, although some of that frenzied feeling died away when the Elvis came on. I’m sure I noticed the volume go up on the Elvis as the Liege fans tried to drown it out, with their whistles and cat calls – the cheeky buggers !
    Fish heads made a few boo-boos but on the whole he seemed tidy enough although now we know Drogbreath will be coming to Ashburton Grove on Sunday I’m a little alarmed if we don’t have Gallas available.
    Gibbs had a great game, but of course the last he’ll have till next spring sadly, but you could tell the Liege midfield were making sure they left their foot in after tackle s and followed through just to test his previous injury.
    It’s a shame quite a few flicks Arshavin tried last night didn’t come off and I noticed at least 3 occasions where he misread where the pass was going to be placed or he was rocked on his heels expecting to go one direction when the pas was placed in a different one.
    He is still quality(and a leg end) and I’d have him starting whenever he can.

  75. London says:

    To play Theo, or not to play Theo that is the question.

  76. avenell says:

    re Theo: I say no.. No point in having a one dimensional winger with no tall centre forwards..

    Play him up front if anywhere..

  77. Davi says:

    charybdis1966 – interesting observations. I really think denilson makes a huge difference to the side. He’s got a bit more aggression to his game than people realise.
    Did you think he was playing behind song yesterday btw? I wasn’t sure at times, but I was only watching on tv. I thought wenger might have been trying to prepare him a bit for when song leaves for the ACN

  78. Davi says:

    London – definitely not.

  79. ganesh says:

    Hmmm hi avennel .. Even i wont be surprised if Fabianski is starting for us next season if we dont buy any keepers .. Tat guy has gud reflexes n nice positioning except for experience .. If he gets tat he wont make mistakes like he did last year.. Also don mind Lloris or Akinfeev coming in .. I wan this keeper situation to be solved fast:)

  80. London says:

    Morning Chary

    The people I sit with in the ground came to the conclusion that the DJ must have got Air Guitar II for Christmas. Lol

    I agree with the harrying, that part was impressive and something that is unlikely to have been realised from viewing the game on TV.

  81. avenell says:

    I just think he needs to calm down a bit.. he is like a cat on a hot tin roof and doesn’t have that feel of confidence..

  82. avenell says:

    The hurrying probably came about from the poor start we made in the away game when we went 2 down in 10 minutes and Mr Wenger OBE gave a lecture before the game.

  83. Benwell says:

    I feel against the Chavs we have got to be mobile and fluid up front as we haven’t got the power option at present, he should go with Walcott, AA and Eduardo and they should all be inter changing let Theo have a run at JT and Cava down the middle as they will not be comfortable.
    Lets hope and pray WG is fit along side TV because I don’t think Drog and Nic will have it their way if those two are at the top of their games. It’s a shame we haven’t got a top keeper, but that’s another story which I’ve never been able to fathom.
    As for Song he just gets better and better, he had a nice curling effort towards the end, filled in at left/right and centre back when needed and covered every blade of grass, where are those boo boys now?!

  84. charybdis1966 says:

    Davi – to me Denilson seemed to be only slightly behind Song(who did cover quite a lot of ground – he didn’t just close down the central mid field areas). If Denilson can continue in this way then he can deputise for Song against less taller opposition. Incidentally where I was sitting, behind the south goal, a lot of us shouted “Shoot !” when Denilson picked up the ball outside the area, he listened to us and 2 nil up, or at least I like to think so!
    Morning London – there was definitely a determination to stick to the tackle till possession was regained, rather than in the past where a nominal attempt is made at a tackle then if it fails we would just chase the player.
    Avenell – I only hope that this new attitude to closing the oppo down stays although it droip off slightly in the second half – we can’t afford to let that happen against the Chavs.
    Ganesh – nice name, he’s supposed to be my most important demi-god.

  85. London says:

    Morning Benwell

    Top comment there, I’m with you on the attack formation for Sunday.

  86. rico says:

    Hi chary,

    How did you manage to remember all that? Especially at your ripe old age 😉

    Re Theo – Against the Chavs I think I would start him as CF, keep Terry on the back foot. One against one, Theo will always out pace Terry.

  87. rico says:

    Hi Benwell, great minds…

  88. rico says:

    Arson says Denilson has short ankles, just like all Brazilians ??? 😉

    Thats why he has a good shot!

  89. charybdis1966 says:

    Yeah, I am an old git Rico. Being sober helps you to remember lots of detail though – for example Isaw the scuffle between one Liege fan on the edge of 23 where they faced the Arsenal fans. He started on one of the stewards and I’m quite sure he got ejected.
    Eboue, bless him, made a big show of picking objects off the field after the Liege sending off- just to make sure the ref saw the 4 or 5 items thrown onto the pitch.
    I also thought Cesc was quite feisty in the challenge and there’s definitely a bit of an edge to his game nowadays, which is good(I also like the way he always looks up to see his options for the next pass as he’s about to receive the ball – no wonder his vision is so good) . The Premier League is no place for shrinking violets.
    On the Denilson shot, it was quite gusty at the ground last night so I reckon one of those gust helped the swerve on the shot – he consciously sliced at the ball when he hit it to get the swerve and dip I reckon.

  90. Rasputin says:

    Just a silly thought about the defensive line-up against the chavs …. it won’t happen so don’t bother to lambast me….

    ….why not play TV at left back and bring in Senderos next to Gallas. Drogba (we now know he will be playing) is widely credited as having destroyed Big Phil’s confidence, he’s not getting much football and must be really frustrated….. what an opportunity to lay the ghost of Drogba and bust a gut in the cause of Arsenal and his future in football. We could give him 20 mins to see how he does and bring on Tweety if he’s not cutting it.

    Sometimes people can surprise you … it may just be worth a punt ….

    By the way the little fella to the right of this will show his class and put 2 into the chav net … trust me 😛

  91. Rasputin says:

    I’m guessing my last post may flush peaches out 😆

  92. rico says:

    Chary, I recall going to Highbury after being to O’neils, biggest mistake ever, it snowed, i got frozen through to the bones! And yes, the next day the game was very difficult to recall 😉 😉

    Never again 🙂

    Rasp – I am in total shock after your suggestion 😉

  93. rico says:

    Not the AA bit of course 🙂

  94. rico says:

    Alex Song signs new long-term contract

    As confirmed on Tuesday night in Arsène Wenger’s post-match press conference, Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce that Alex Song has signed a new long-term contract with the Club.

    Song (22), who joined Arsenal from French side Bastia in July 2006, is now a first team regular in the heart of the Club’s midfield, after enjoying his most productive and eye-catching season last campaign – playing 48 times in all competitions during 2008/09.

    Alex (full name Alexandre Song Billong), who has also played often at centre-half for the Club, has now made a total of 96 appearances for Arsenal. Song is also an established Cameroon International, making a total of 15 appearances for his country, helping them qualify for the Africa Cup of Nations in January, and next summer’s World Cup.

    Song was named in the Africa Cup of Nations All Star Squad in 2008, when he helped Cameroon to the tournament’s final. He was also Arsenal’s only player at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Football Tournament.

    Alex joins Eduardo and Sanchez Watt, who have both also signed long-term contract extensions with the Club in the past week.

    Everyone at Arsenal Football Club is looking forward to Alex’s continued contribution in the forthcoming years.

  95. rico says:

    Its hard to believe that Song is still only 22 years old, I have a sneaky feeling that in the not to distant future, all fans will see just what a good player he is, not just a few…

  96. Rasputin says:

    Its not such a stupid idea rico 🙄 – just risky … he can head the ball, he’s a big lump and he’d be sandwiched between TV and Gallas (I pray Gallas is going to be fit) Tweety is probably slower than BP and AT is probably not such a good defender?

  97. peachesgooner says:

    Morning all

    Won’t happen rasp – Tweety will play at LB and Phillipe will be on the bench IMO…… 😦

    I don’t think we always need an overlapping LB and if Vermaelen wants to go on a marrauding run Tweety can cover.

    I hope Gallas will be fit for sunday too

  98. avenell says:

    Rasp.. I agree.. from a post back in August..

    Back in 2005/06 Phillipe was a part of the back 4 that has the record for games without conceding a goal, so there may be a solution.

    Keep him. With this new system that we are deploying with a holding midfielder, that keeps our defensive numbers up when the full backs are attacking, play him next to Gallas against the smaller teams who are an aerial threat to us we could even play Vera Lynn as a left back.. Gallas to his right, Vermaelen to his left, build up his confidence again.

    I would have given this a go in pre season if I was Arsene, the worst that could have happened is it would have put him in the shop window so the likes of Everton would have had more confidence in buying him as their system would suit our dinosaur more.

    No other team in the Premiership has a better set of centre halves than us. Gallas, Vermaelen, Djourou and Senderos.. Can Chelsea or Man U boast a better four than that?

    Just don’t play him against Chelsea..

  99. avenell says:

    I don’t have anything against silvestre.. but he is an accident waiting to happen.. and if he plays sunday it will. 😦

  100. charybdis1966 says:

    That is the worry Avenell, and as I said earlier it looks like that cheating, diving, play-acting, bully boy “It’s a disgrace” shouting chav will be there on Sunday.
    I mean Drog the Dog breath.
    We need Johnny Evans on our side to karate kick the cnut and break a few more of his miserable ribs.

  101. avenell says:

    Haha.. I take it the “Breath” has recovered from that now.

  102. rico says:


    I have been thinking about your idea, whilst hoovering might I add 😦

    What about TV alongside Phil and Gallas at LB? I only say that because TV has bought the best out of Gallas, maybe Phil would have more confidence alongside him too?

    Also, Gallas does have a history of shouting at players if they are not in the right place etc etc, which could shatter Big Phil again…

  103. rico says:

    Hi peaches..

    Wonder why Big Phil didn’t make the bench last night, I know I am repeating myself but has he peed Arson off, or is he just soon off??

  104. rico says:

    Don’t wish ill on people ever, but….. I hope a few of the Chavs join their injury list, just enough to keep them out this weekend 😉

  105. charybdis1966 says:

    Yes he has Avenell, I heard on ManUreSports News(i.e. Sky Sports News) that he was in the squad for tonight – you’d almost think he exaggerated the seriousness of the injury at the time.
    Perish the thought!

  106. rico says:

    chary, I bet he did too, karma, I believe in karma, it will bite him on that big fat butt of his tonight 😉

  107. charybdis1966 says:

    The trouble is Rico, too often the karmic link with cause and effect is not always so direct. I wish it were though, the mug deserves a worse injury than poor Eddy got.

  108. Rasputin says:

    I agree with all the comments regarding Drog Breath – usually, the pivotal battles take place in midfield, but with him, they can launch the ball forward with confidence that he is (it pains me to say so) the best target man in the prem. We are devoid of all our ‘target men’ (only got 2!) and we are at home, we have to go out with the mentality of winning the game.

    They can play 4:5:1 effectively with Drogba in the side – what system will we employ? It will be a true test of Arsene’s tactical nouse – unfortunately that is one area where he is sometimes left wanting 😦

  109. rico says:

    chary, how could I disagree, he is nothing but a cheat!!

  110. kelsey says:


    sorry i didn’t intend to be rude by not answering you,but i just left my comment and have been out all day.

  111. rico says:

    Rasp, what did you think on my suggestion 2.39??

  112. rico says:

    kelsey, no worries – I guessed you had gone

  113. Rasputin says:


    It might work? I put TV at LB because he plays left CD with Gallas as right CD – I assumed that this was because they were their best sides – I still prefer my suggestion 😉

    Maybe Arsene didn’t play BP last night because he would have been cup-tied if anyone comes in to buy him?

  114. rico says:

    Good point about BP Rasp, I didn’t think of that..

    Didn’t Gallas play LB for the chavs? and he used to moan moan moan about it 😉

    Ok, you win and we all know that men are always rig… oops, sorry, women are always right 😛 😉

  115. Rasputin says:

    Hi kelsey … how long have you had the new avatar?

  116. peachesgooner says:

    Good point about Philippe not playing last night incase he was cup-tied……..

  117. avenell says:

    Evening all.. Good Breath and anelka playing.. fingers crossed.. 😉

  118. rico says:

    Manure losing, hope Drog the Dog twists his knees and Anelka gets flu for a week… 😉

    Im off for tonight, night all

  119. London says:

    Who spotted that? The Senderos up tied idea? Very clever.

  120. avenell says:

    Senderos is tied up? kinky..

  121. London says:

    I walked into that one.

  122. London says:

    That should, of course, read “Cup-tied” lol

  123. London says:

    Which is the Kinky Swiss version

  124. avenell says:

    Aah.. :).. What game you watching London?..

    I’m trying to watch the chavs but I do like to see Man U lose.. 25 games unbeaten at home may end tonight.

    Their reserves arn’t a patch on ours.. still they always have the trusted chequebook..

  125. avenell says:

    Chelsea have got more fans in portugal than they used to have at home games in the eighties..

  126. London says:

    I didn’t watch any if them, I couldn’t find one worth the effort.

  127. avenell says:

    Spoken like a true gooner…

    But Fergusons face was worth the effort to watch.. lol..

    laters all.

  128. rico says:

    New Post

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