Moving On………………..

I am not going to mention our blip at the weekend, what’s the point? Let’s do what the team should do and move on – I hope they all take it as a kick in the doo daa’s and use it to our advantage.

We have another game tomorrow night, win that one and I am sure we will not only qualify, but also secure top spot in our group.

Only when we have done that can we start thinking about our biggest game of the season so far. The Chavs come to The Emirates, and we don’t to give them anything.

Little bit of sad news in the press this morning, this relates to Cheryl Cole. Apparently her husband is a bit of a k**b and a split is on the cards. I don’t dislike Cheryl Cole, she seemed really sincere on Children in Need and she is always good for a laugh on X Factor. Shame for the girl!

Old King Kolo, now referred to as Toure the T****r has followed in the footsteps of his over paid team mate. Having realised that life is not so good up north and has decided to speak out about his previous employer.
He has suggested that our own Little Willy used to tell tales on him behind his back, encouraging Arson to leave him out of the team!!

Why is it that some players can’t just accept they are past it and that’s why they don’t get in the first team?
Move on Toure, go and cheque your bank balance and stop looking back!!

Back to our team and poor old Robin’s doctor has allegedly done a bunk, so I don’t know where that leaves him with his treatment and recovery; it’s all about tax evasion and dodgy credentials according to the papers.

Hopefully we will know more later!

Arson has started talking about contracts with William Gallas, Tomas Rosicky and Carlos Vela..

Gallas and Rosicky will both be out of contract at the end of the season and Arson wants Vela to sign a long-term deal with the Gunners.

He told The People: “I am optimistic to find a solution for both of them. We’ve had no offers for Carlos, and we are extending his contract at the moment.”

What are you doing talking to The People Arson; you should have had those boys in for a good talking to after the weekend!

Gallas wants a two year contract and the suggestion is that the typical over 30 rule will apply and he will only be offered a one year extension.

Why? Gallas is playing the best he possibly ever has done for us why can’t we just break the rules and give him the two years? Add another top class CH to the squad then we have three great defenders. Oh, and we still have Djourou to come back!

I just have a sneaky feeling that a club in France will come calling and he will be off!

That’s about it folks apart from another player from Barca expressing his desire to play alongside Cesc. Well Mr Messi, have a word with Arson….

I am sure he could fit you into the Arsenal team, somewhere!!!



34 Responses to Moving On………………..

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

  2. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    A post full of sunshine on a rainy day rico 😉

    The problem on saturday was that we had no cutting edge up front. AW must use the game on tuesday to find a combination/formation that will enable us to score against the chavs. I think the players let us down against Sunderland, but Arsene (as has been said before) didn’t activate a plan B as far as I could see. AA perhaps should have come on sooner and been played in the middle. There were strains of the Hleb era when we faffed about being too clever in midfield rather than getting it in their box before they’ve had a chance to get 10 men behind the ball……

    Oh, and apart from Cesc, no-one had a shot from outside the box – whatever happened to those thunderbolts Tomas used to produce?

  3. rico says:

    Morning Rasp

    I only listened on Sky to the commentator, he said the same as you, pass pass pass, and trying to walk the ball in – maybe it was windy up there and tried to keep the ball on the ground 😉

  4. rico says:

    Arson’s comment ‘ we have had no offers for Carlos’ That almost implies he wanted an offer for him…!

    Maybe though if the time for contract talks Ivan will get Franny sorted out…

  5. rico says:

    I would start Theo tomorrow night and Vela, I think we will see big changes for the team.

  6. rico says:

    Have to pop out for a couple of hours 😦

  7. Carlos says:

    Its almost astonishing that we actually missed Diaby. Its now clear why Wenger prefers Diaby. Because of his propensity to almost always show up in the opposing teams penalty area he thus creates more options for attack and likewise keeps the defenders more occupied.
    Unfortunately many Gooners have picked on Diaby as the weak link in our play. Some gooners even wished Diaby to get injured so that more “worthy” players could don the Arsenal shirt. Well you got your wish and it is now clear why Wenger will continue using Diaby. Despite his weaknesses he dopes have the best tackling rate in the PL atm and his ability to turn defense into attack and even join in the the attack gives us more options upfront, something which we desperately lacked on Saturday.

  8. Edmond Dantes says:

    Commiserations to all the Gooners out there. But never fear, when Wenger is near. So come Sunday, expect a far better performance.

  9. avenell says:

    Afternoon Roadsters..

    Edmond and Carlos welcome to Avenell Road.. sorry for the delay in getting you on, you can blog freely now..

  10. Rasputin says:

    Hi Edmond – nice to see you on AR

    The team played badly as a whole against Sunderland and it is too easy to explain that simply by Diaby’s absence. I think RVP missing (and possibly Nik) was a much bigger blow. For all Diaby creates for us, he creates an equal number of chances for the opposition (and even scores for them!)

    We needed to change things around after half an hour, not just wait for them to tire or for one of our clever flicks to come off. I’m sure the Sunderland players were fresher than ours – Sagna looked tired as you’d expect after 120 mins against Ireland…..

  11. Rasputin says:

    Apologies to Edmond, I was responding to Carlos’ comment

  12. peachesgooner says:

    Morning all

    Irish has surfaced – she’s been a tad unhappy since wednesday night but has put her Arsenal face on and is back in communication.

    Whats this ‘no-one has come in for him’ in relation to Carlos!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like the sound of that at all 😦 😦 😦

  13. peachesgooner says:

    Diaby is not who we were missing on Saturday……we were missing the work-rate of Robin or Nikki…..

    We need someone in the middle who is gonna run around has excellent ball skills will terrify the opposition with his cunning and perception and can play others in AND KNOWS HOW TO FIND THE BACK OF THE NET…..

  14. peachesgooner says:

    I think there is only one that has all those qualities


    Arsh might work if he wants to and Theo possibly could do the job too but Carlos would do it with a smile on his face ……


  15. peachesgooner says:

    Irish posted this on my facebook page

    “I’m over my Henry anger if still upset, he didn’t need to do that. Roy Keane is a proper prat. tell JJ I will talk to him when I can a bit limited at the moment to the internet.”

  16. London says:

    Hello Edmond

    I have always enjoyed reading your comments. It is good to be able to communicate with you on this site.

    What would your line up be for tomorrow?

  17. rico says:

    Afternoon everyone, anyone 😉

  18. rico says:

    Carlos Vela’s time has come.

    Injuries to Nicklas Bendtner and Robin Van Persie have presented the Mexican with a chance to stake a real claim a first-team spot over the next month or so. In the meantime, the 20-year-old will be talking to Arsène Wenger about a new deal at Arsenal.

    Vela has shown immense potential since joining from Guadalajara in 2008 and Wenger likens him to former Liverpool poacher Robbie Fowler. Even though top-flight chances have been limited, the manager clearly values the youngster.

    “We are extending his contract at the moment,” said the Frenchman. “We are in a situation where we get these players in at 15 or16 and work very hard for five years with them. After that we do not want to give them away.

    “At the moment we have very good young players but the players in front of them are young as well, so it is a bit harder for this generation than it was for the generation of Denilson and Fabregas.

    “Vela is a fantastic talent and he is 20-years-old. We have invested a lot of time for him because we put him in Spain for two years, got him back and now we work with him every day.

    “I believe he is a Robbie Fowler-type. He needs very little time to make a decision in the box. He is relaxed when he finishes and he has very short backlift. He is aswell left-footed and he is a similar size.”

    However perhaps the most telling praise was Wenger’s final word on the matter.

    He was asked whether Vela’s talent was the single reason he decided not to replace Emmanuel Adebayor in summer.

    The manager replied: “Yes.”

  19. kelsey says:

    Having read all the above comments I think there is an element of truth in many of them.Remember Eduardo was only just establishing himself in the first team when he had that horrid injury and it will take time for him to regain his mental and physical fitness and awareness.Same could be said of Rosicky,nearly two years out and is now 29, will he be the player he was,no one knows as yet.

    Now add the physical strength and height of RVP,Diaby and Bedtner,all missing,which again reduces our options.No one knew all three would be out at the same time.

    With regards to Walcott, I am in the minority.he flatters to deceive when he comes on with twenty or so minutes with his speed,which he has always possessed but in nearly 4 years he hasn’t progressed much in football terms bar the odd good game for England or us, and at 60k a week I feel he is a luxury.

    All in all we are too lightweight as a team,and that maybe our undoing in the long term, yet on our day we are wonderful to watch and have had some outstanding moments this season already.

    Vermaelen has to be the buy of the season,and Cesc has been outstanding this season,back to his very best.

    Arshavin worries me.he is a fine footballer with an intelligent brain, yet always appears to lack stamina,and his interview today about having to strengthen the team in january goes completely opposite to the thoughts of our manager.I see him as a short stay player at the Emiratew.he has already mentioned he is unhappy about the taxes he has to pay in the UK, and last Summer his preferred club was Barcelona.I hope I am wrong about him,it’s just a feeling I get.

    I have seen Sunderland described on other sites as a crap team,well at home they have been pretty impressive and they had players out as well,and in the post match interview one could see a side to Wenger that is often hidden,that he was extremely angry at the performance overall and said it was a massive hole to our title credentials Yet what he meant when he said it would have been a different result had we played at home,was a rather strange comment..

    When the much berated Song is our star player,it shows how fickle some fans are,but hopefully things can be addressed on Tuesday night against Standard Liege.

  20. Rasputin says:

    Hi Kelsey,

    Smaller players don’t necessarily have to be weaker, Diara looked like the strongest player on the pitch against Ireland …. its that ‘terrier’ type of mentality that Mascerano has, the I’ll always win a 50/50 attitude that we need. Rosicky and Dudu in particular were lacking in that department.

    Dudu can only function as a No.9 in a 4:4:2, he can’t be a lone striker or hold the ball up as RVP or Nik and needs players to ‘playoff’ around him I think.

  21. rico says:

    Hi kelsey

    I think it’s good that many are changing their minds on Song. I don’t see it as being fickle, I see it as people being open minded and having the balls to change their mind.

    Bit like me and Nik B, I don’t rate him, but most others do, I hope real soon I see things differently and when I do I shall be the first to say so…

  22. London says:

    There is only a tiny minority who do not realise just how much Song brings to the team, that minority is getting smaller and smaller to the point where people are now starting to laugh at them.

  23. London says:

    In general, I agree with most comments above, Rasp’s view that we lacked a cutting edge is succinctly put as well as the view that Eduardo can’t play as a lone striker. This comment, although, I wouldn’t disagree, there is still a small part of me that still thinks that it might be a bit early to write that in stone.

    Of all the comments that I have read on Saturday’s game there was one view that I hadn’t crossed my mind and I really like finding views like that.

    Someone suggested that is that it might have been better to keep Eduardo on when Vela and Walcott entered the fray. They immediately gave the team width, something that Nasri and Rosicky had failed to do for 75 minutes or what ever it is and starting sending in low crosses that were tailor made for Eduardo to get on the end of.

  24. rico says:

    How about this starting eleven for tomorrow ??


    Eboue Senderos TV Gibbs

    Ramsey Song Rosicky

    Walcott, Eduardo, Vela

  25. London says:


    Is Gallas injured or something?

  26. London says:

    My ideal team for tomorrow would be


  27. rico says:

    No London, but he needs a rest as does Sagna after the France game…

    I would also rest Cesc in this game..

    Chelsea is a huge game now, play it with eleven fit and fresh players and we will win.

    Tomorrow we only need a point to go through..

  28. London says:

    That makes sense Rico

  29. rico says:

    London, i always make sense 😉 😉

  30. Rasputin says:

    Hi London,

    I think Dudu could still be a fantastic player for us. He always plays well for Croatia. I guess the inconsistency in Ramsey when he starts games is explained as part of his ‘learning curve’ although it does seem that his best performances are when he plays for Wales … I wonder why? He also seems to play better when he comes on as a sub (as long as it’s not 5 mins to go and we are trailing) Often when he stats games for us he is usually a bit shaky for the first 20 mins.

  31. JonJon says:

    hey guys

    i seen the wenger interview and i seen something different to last year…i think kelsey has touhed on it already, but wenger seemed angry..last year he was all excuses but this year he seems to be getting tough with them..

    i seen him earlier today saying how theo must put club before country as they pay his wages..he seemed berated at the idea that theo had eyes on the world cup already…

    and thanks peaches for speaking to irish…

  32. rico says:

    Hi JJ, the Theo stuff is my post for tomorrow 😉

    Oh, and the match tomorrow of course 🙂

  33. rico says:

    Time to say goodbye……

    Night all

  34. rico says:


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