Well: We can’t blame Diaby this time..

After 2 weeks wait our team failed us, what went wrong?  I don’t really know, a slight attitude problem I would guess. We need more desire to win.  We need to believe..

If we still need to find a scapegoat  we cannot for a change point the finger at our favourite villains Diaby, Eboue or Bendtner.
If we were the darling buds of  the media we could blame it on our massive injury list.. But only Liverpool have top players out.. Instead we are just bottlers in their eyes.

I think the finger of blame should go to, well at least to some extent to Mr Wenger OBE, it wasn’t fair on Eduardo to be leading a line with Nasri and Rosicky as his strike partners. Now I love all three of these players but to expect them to lead the line was asking too much.
All three are still trying to recover their pre injury form.

Also with Dudu he is not a traditional no 9 type striker and to have him up top on his own is never his natural position, as I said when he was starting to comeback from his leg break, don’t expect too much from him, he wasn’t a world beater before the injury, but we made him up to be the greatest player on earth because we all wanted him to make a full recovery, but perhaps he became better than he really was in our eyes. Or could the media reaction to his definate penalty against Celtic affected him? He was shaping up okay until then..  I would have liked to have seen AA start even if he was a bit tired, just to take some of the scoring burden away from Dudu’s shoulders.

The other disappointment for me was Aaron Ramsey, we all saw the highlights of him playing for Wales against Scotland last week, he ran the game, but we never see him do the same for Arsenal, wouldn’t it be easier to fit into Arsenal’s sleek system rather than the longer ball way of Wales?  Is it that the Premiership is of a far higher level than the international scene or is he overwhelmed by playing next to such quality players?.. Who knows..

One thing is for sure we cannot keep losing games like this.. This is a squad of players that come around every four or five years and we have to make the most of it before they start an exodus one by one, leaving us to rebuild again like we had to when Hleb and Flamini left a few years ago.

But in fairness we were in such control in the first 30 minutes we should have put a chance or two away, the best one going to Eduardo but the ball was too far underneath him and he could not get a clean strike on the bit. But as usual we allowed the opposition to gain confidence and Sunderland were a half decent side in the second half.
Have we heard that before?

Almunia.. 6.. Never had much to do in reality, perhaps he could have come for the corner that lead to the goal, but I doubt if he would have got to it as it was curling away.

Sagna.. 7.. Was our main attacking threat from the flanks, I just wish he would cut inside now and again and do a give and go, his crossing is too predictable.

Gallas 7.5 Our best defender yesterday and he also has the winning mentality, it’s a pity some of our attackers don’t have the same desire.

Vermaelen 6.. A pretty average performance from him for a change, at fault for the goal. He lost a header to Darren Bent then failed to recover when the ball came back in the box.

Traore. 6.5 .. Without knowing it I think he may of put in a transfer request yesterday (Saturday) he isn’t as good as either Clichy or Gibbs so he is probably third in the pecking order unless either of the other two go. He wasn’t terrible (better than Silvestre) but he made some terrible cross field passes in front of our penalty area.

Song.. 7.5.. Played pretty well, The ref didn’t like his style of defending unless the boot was on the other foot and a Sunderland player did the same thing.  Done well not to be booked..

Fabregas.. 7.. Tried to play the captains role but frustratingly started to settle for long-range shots at goal…

Nasri.. 6.5 Tidy, but never really got into the game. He should have been fresh as a daisy after a rest, and with a few matches behind him, looked a little lethargic.

Rosicky.. 6.5.. Same as Nasri.. Never really got into the game as well as he can.

Ramsey. 6.. Forgot he was playing in some parts of the game, it was obvious he was going to be the one coming off first.

Eduardo.. 6. As I said earlier, I don’t think the role suits him leading the line as the sole striker.


Arshavin 6.5.. Never really looked too interested after he got dumped on his arse a couple of times, surely it isn’t too cold for him..

Walcott.. 6.5.. Looked lively, but just went through the motions, did a very good ball across the six yard box that no one latched on to.

Vela. 6.. Didn’t really look any different from Eduardo, left footed and a bit lightweight. Sky never managed to show a replay of the penalty shout mmmm.

So all in all a bit of a piss off, I just  hope normal service will be resumed next week.

33 Responses to Well: We can’t blame Diaby this time..

  1. rico says:

    Hi ave,

    Good to see a post 😉

    I cant comment on the game as I didnt watch it and now can’t bring myself to watch it either…

    From reading the press reports and the comments from those here it seems Sunderland were more focused than us, and we just all had a bad day at the same time..

    But if ever a kick up the bottom is needed, maybe as suggested it’s come at a good time…

  2. avenell says:

    Haha.. evening rico.. I thought I had better enter with a post and not just turn up after all the effort you have put in lately. Well done!!

  3. rico says:

    Well blow me old socks…..

    Drum roll, fanfare, trumpets 😛 😛 😛

    He is back, just bloody make sure its for good you old git!! 😉

  4. rico says:

    Still can’t believe the Spuds won 9-1…..

    What will they do now, thats their usual goal tally for the season 😉 😉

  5. avenell says:

    I was never intending to spend this much time out, but time just flies.. I was hoping to come back at a happier time.

    And watch the game.. I had to.. 😉 I watched it on sky footie first after I watched it on about 3 streams that kept breaking down.. But they still showed me more than sky..
    I wanted to see the penalty decision again if anyone has a link..

  6. avenell says:

    Blimey I never knew that.. They was 1-0 up so I never looked again..

  7. rico says:

    No ave, I cannot watch it, I cant 😦

    Roll on Tuesday, then hopefully we will all have reason to smile again…

    You have missed so much ave, new bloggers as well as some good debate, London, rasp, JJ and peaches have been on good form…

    Now you are back, stay back, you have a lot of catching up to do with the posts 😉 😉

    Oh, and poor peaches has a crocked ankle 😦 😦

  8. rico says:

    Have you seen the new tidy side bar ave ?? 😉

  9. avenell says:

    A N K L E
    I hope she is okay..

    I did read bits and bobs, but I as much as I wanted to join in, I managed to resist.
    I will be on tomorrow I promise.. 🙂

  10. London says:

    Hi Ave

    Where have you been? What happened? Are you ok?

  11. London says:

    Why did you resist? What do you mean?

  12. avenell says:

    Hi London..
    Apart from I had a bad cold I am okay.
    I just wanted a month away to see what it was like..
    It had become a bit of a way of life after 2 years solid, it was a bit weird..

  13. rico says:

    Hi London

    Sorry your post shelf life got cut short, but seeing as ave has been absent without our leave for so long, if we had ignored him he wouldnt have been back until 2010 had his post not gone up…

    On second thoughts….. 😉 😉

  14. rico says:

    Bloody hell

    Sunderland ladies 2 Arsenal Ladies 1

    Now that is spooky, this is definately our season…

    And Chelesea Ladies lost to Donnie Belles….

  15. rico says:

    Me done all, hopefully be up for a bright and early post…

    Got to make the most of it while I can, this Saturday our two new arrivals will be in their new home and I can’t wait.. Time will be precious for a few weeks 😉

    Nighty night all….

  16. avenell says:

    Night rico.. 🙂

  17. rico says:

    Night ave …..

    See you tomorrow …???!!!???????

  18. Biggy says:

    I most certainly fell that we should blame Diaby! He wasnt on the field of play, so where was he?

  19. peachesgooner says:

    Mucked that up didn’t I 😳 – heres another

    Hi ave sweetie 😀

    …………V E R Y
    ….S M A R T A S S

  20. peachesgooner says:

    Still didn’t work 😳 😳 😳

    Have you dropped the jewels 😛

  21. avenell says:

    Peaches.. I will.. promise.. hows that foot of yours are you mobile? 😉

  22. London says:

    No probs Rico

    I suspect it is back to you tomorrow

    Fair enough Ave

    I think it is called Man Flu, women just do not realise how lucky they are to avoid this in life. Any way it is good to read one of you posts again.

  23. peachesgooner says:

    ave – my foot really really hurts, I don’t think men realise how much something hurts when a girl says it does 😦 😦 😦

    Hows the toothache London ……

  24. peachesgooner says:

    ave – can you work some magic on my comment so that the letters line up and then delete one please 😀

  25. London says:

    I’m feeling a bit better Peaches, thank you for asking. About three this afternoon when I was asking myself where the pliers were because I was in so much pain but then Mrs London gave me something called Cuprofen which made the swelling go down after an hour. I’m not perfect but I feel better and the idea of tearing the tooth out with pair of pliers has fortunately gone from my mind….night, night.

  26. peachesgooner says:

    Night night – hope it lets you sleep …..

  27. London says:

    That’s the best I could do, I hope that was what you were trying to say.

  28. avenell says:

    Hi welcome Biggy.. You maybe right I was going to go down that route.

  29. avenell says:

    He had a calf injury I believe..

    Anyway.. goodnight to you all and I will look forward to rico’s morning post..

  30. London says:

    Nice one Biggy

  31. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Hi London, hope the teeth are a lot better this morning, a good soak overnight usually does the trick 😉 😉

    I can’t do a post this morning as I have to go out, only just found out.

    I will do one a little later, all being well I should be back by lunchtime..


  32. rico says:

    Change of plan now, off to do a bit of reading and writing 😉

  33. rico says:


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