Looking forward to Christmas? I am……

That’s when Robin van Persie says he will be back, and just in case it’s my chimney he selects then there will be a great big cushion in the grate to make sure he gets a soft landing! 🙂

I will miss our Robin, big time! For so many season’s he has had a niggle here or there, but finally this year it seemed as if the boy wonder was going to send us all a bit crazy….

I know we discussed this yesterday but AFC need to stop allowing players to play for their country in worthless friendly’s – as Rasp said, had Robin not played, he wouldn’t be injured would he. Arsenal pays the wages of the players not the country for whom they play for and its about time they let the players know that!!

Added to that, why the bloomin heck are friendly matches being played during a WC qualification period…

Beggars belief doesn’t it!

Anyway Robin is out and I am curious as to who Arsene Wenger will play next Saturday against Sunderland.
Both Vela and Walcott are only just back into post injury training, so they won’t be ready, unless of course they were ‘kept back’. That leaves us with one ‘striker’, yes I am right, I checked the first team on afc.com!! 😉

That striker is Eduardo.

So Eduardo, are you ready to fill the boots of Rocky Robin…??

Nah, I don’t think so, I would like to think so, but I don’t! But on the bright side he scored two for his country so maybe that form will come back to his club and he proves me wrong.

Enough of me going on about how much I will miss Robin, better news comes from an old man who now manages England under 21s – Stuart Pearce reckons Gibbs will be a super star… Well Pearcey, play him at LB and he will get there sooner!!
It’s not rocket science, he is not a left sided midfielder, he is a LB!!

Capello thinks Gibbs could go to South Africa as cover for Cole, and Pearce plays him in midfield… Arrrggggg

Maybe on Tuesday he will get to play in his natural position.

Chamakh is being linked to all the big clubs now, with van Persie out I can see us getting involved in the January sales regardless of his festive return. Even if that prediction is right he will take a while to find his feet again and maybe Chamakh would be the right man to try and fill the void. I am hoping and even expecting us to still be in both of the domestic cups as well as the title chase and Champions League. Chamakh can play in the cups leaving the players we have to fight for the CL as he will be cup tied.

Jose Reyes has joined in the Cesc debate, but good on him for doing so. He has said that Cesc will not be leaving Arsenal –

“People talk about Cesc Fabregas as if his move back to Spain is imminent but I can’t see him leaving Arsenal now or in the foreseeable future,” Reyes told The Sunday Mirror.

What does he know eh, but on that note…..

Have a good day – we are back into a week where we can look forward to Arsenal playing football on Saturday 😛


31 Responses to Looking forward to Christmas? I am……

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Bit of a rushed one this morning as I am running late and have to go out for a couple of hours, back at lunchtime..

  2. Freire says:

    Hello, everyone. Good morning.

    For how many time will RVP be out? I’m lost in the news.

  3. rico says:

    Morning Freire

    Robin says he will be out for six weeks, back for Christmas – hence the title of the post 😛 😛

  4. ganesh says:

    Morning Rico n morning all .. Ya it was France vs ROI .. N Russia played wit slovakia i guess .. Not sure .. It was a 2-1 result to the Russians .. So i guess they’ll be thro .. Anyway Akinfeev wudve done well no dout .. Also the Lazio keeper was awesome against AC Milan .. Pls try to wach his saves somehow.. He was also linked wit us last summer .. So either Akinfeev or this Lazio Gk will do for me .. lol I’m always complainin abt our GK .. Anyway Almunia has to be replaced n i’ll stick to tat any day .. Now RVP is injured n he himself has said he’ll b back in 6 weeks max altho othr reports said its 8 weeks .. So anyway im pretty sure Edu will replace him quite well n Vela can cover .. We’ll miss RVP for sure but he’s not irreplaceable .. So cheer up Gunners .. Wat do u say Rico n my fello Gunners !!!

  5. Freire says:

    Thanks, rico.

    But let’s remember the dates in Arsenal are not so serious. Rosicky stayed out more than he needed to be, so I’m not so happy with these ‘six weeks’. Well, let’s hope Lewis make a good job this time.

  6. London says:

    Hi Rico

    When you said you were going for a scout around, the image of trying to find water in a desert came to mind; congratulations on putting something together today.

  7. Luka says:

    Eduardo will replace him just fine. He is a great player. Even with a limited play time this season he has managed to score few goals and make some great assists.

  8. rico says:

    Afternoon peeps

    Welcome to Avenell Road Luka, sorry you were stuck in moderation for a while.

    I am guessing you are a Spurs fan with the name Luka?

    We are friendly, so no naughtiness please 😉

  9. rico says:

    London, you are right, its hard to find ‘stuff’ to write a post on, but thankfully not long now until the debate about who will fill the void left by Robin..

  10. rico says:

    Hi ganesh

    I didn’t get to see any of the international football so still cant comment about the keepers, The No1 at Lazio is Albano Benjamín Bizzarri, is this the same one you are referring to?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Roadsters,

    Nice post rico 😉

    There may be some plusses to losing RVP! – he is identified as our most dangerous player by most opposition and so the man-marking may stop; he seldom scores with his head whereas Dudu is a good header of the ball despite his height and lastly we may get the chance to see Theo playing centrally or AA and he has already shown that he can be very effective in that role – you never know we may even see Vela on the left if AA is brought into the centre?

  12. rico says:

    Is that you Rasp, you forgot to fill in your stuff again 😉 😉

  13. rico says:

    Diaby is out of the French squad for the 2nd leg against ROI, reports are that Arsene Wenger wrote him off for three weeks after the Wolves match. That means he won’t be fit for the trip to Sunderland!

    At this rate we won’t even have eleven fit players, let alone any substitutes…. 😦

    I make that ten players on our injury list…!!

  14. Rasputin says:

    Hi rico …. guilty I’m afraid! 😳

    Good news that Diaby isn’t going to be available, if Ramsey can perform half as well as he did against Scotland, we’ll be fine. Incidentally, Cana has been predicted to be back for the black cats for the game….

  15. rico says:

    Ha ha Rasp, just knew it was you 😛

    Its not good news Rasp, how can you say that 😉

    Saw that about Cana, that means another injury for us then, and as for Ramsey, dare I say I agree, he and Song did so well together in the Wolves game….

  16. Rasputin says:

    Surely not …….

    ………..”Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is reportedly contemplating a £10 million January move for Arsenal striker Eduardo.

    The Croatian forward is thought to be becoming increasingly agitated at the Emirates with his lack of first team football, although that could soon change after the weekend international injury picked up by Robin van Persie.

    Rafael Benitez is desperate to add some strike power to his struggling Reds side, and the News of the World reports that the 26-year-old striker is at the top of Benitez’s wish list to make a possible partnership with Spanish superstar Fernando Torres.

    The Brazilian-born star has made a commendable recovery from his horrific injury, a leg break picked up against Birmingham City in the summer of 2008. Back to full fitness, Eduardo is eager to play more football after missing out for so long during his recovery.

    After making only 25 appearances for the Gunners since signing in 2007, Benitez will need to persuade the striker that there will be more starting minutes on the table at Anfield if he is to have any chance of signing the striker on a £10 million deal.”

  17. Rasputin says:

    😛 rico – obviously I’m not pleased RVP got injured 😆 just trying to look on the bright side ….. if Dudu is unhappy at not getting enough games, here’s his chance to stake his claim ….

  18. rico says:


    I cant believe I have caught you out, that story about Rafa was in my post yesterday 😉

    And there was me thinking you read every word I wrote 😦 😦


  19. Rasputin says:

    I did read it rico ….. honest 🙄 , its just that I had a ‘senior moment’ and its up in NewsNow as the latest story …..

  20. Rasputin says:

    Here’s the latest news….. “RVP is on his way to see Doctor Von Frankenstein in Transylvania to have a placenta transplanted onto his ankle”……

  21. rico says:

    😛 😛 Rasp, just pulling your leg..

    How can you get senior moments at 30?? 😉

  22. rico says:

    You are now of course taking the p** I hope 😉 🙂

  23. Rasputin says:

    I jest not …. Haven’t you read/heard about him flying to europe for this radical new treatment involving massaging placenta juice into his damaged ankle?

  24. Rasputin says:

    ……”Crocked Arsenal striker Robin van Persie has resorted to an unorthodox treatment in order to rush him back into action – rubbing placenta fluid into his injured ankle.

    Van Persie was stretchered off in agony after only 10 minutes of Holland’s 0-0 friendly draw with Italy on Saturday after a robust challenge from defender Giorgio Chiellini.
    It was initially feared that the Dutchman could be ruled out for the rest of the season but the Gunners have confirmed he will be out for “approximately six weeks” after suffering ankle ligament damage.
    Ouch: Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini (left) challenges Robin van Persie, leaving the Arsenal star in agony on the ground clutching his badly injured ankle (below)

    But the in-form front-man has opted to undergo the bizarre treatment in a bid to come back even sooner – and has the permission of his club to do so. Van Persie revealed he learned of the unusual remedy from PSV Eindhoven captain Danko Lazovic.
    He said: ‘I will fly to the Balkans to meet with a female doctor who helped Lazovic. She is vague about her methods but I know she massages you using fluid from a placenta.
    ‘I’m going to try. It cannot hurt and if it helps, it helps. I’ve been in contact with Arsenal physiotherapists and they have let me do it.’
    The Dutchman added that he did not blame Italian defender Chiellini for his injury. He said: ‘A scan showed that my ankle ligament was almost completely torn off where Chiellini caught me. But it was not intentional. I was lucky, it could be worse.'”……

  25. rico says:

    Blimey Rasp……

    I actually hope he stays in Holland for his treament and after care, we don’t want our ‘lot’ anywhere near him, he recover quicker then 😉

  26. rico says:

    Rasp –

    this comment I made earlier, ‘Its not good news Rasp, how can you say that’ that was in relation to Diaby, not Robin…..


  27. rico says:

    I have to go all, so enjoy your evening…

    See you tomorrow

  28. Freire says:

    Hello again, fellas.

    I HOPE you all read my post and help me to write something I’m writing nowadays. It talks about ‘modern football’ and the sh*ts we are obliged to watch and discuss.

    To start, I prefered to talk about the ULTRAS supporters. That’s when I realized that England had no ULTRA supporters clubs. Well, if you don’t know what it is, Ultras are (organized) groups that doesn’t match with the ‘modern football’ and sometimes they might be a little violent.

    Well, all I want to know is what YOU all know about the ULTRAS, and, if you don’t mind, tell me some ULTRA supporter club in England – cuz I haven’t found one yet. I’d be very very happy with you all if you help me with this.

    I know we have here some ‘stands-legends’, well-known supporters that watch Arsenal FC since many years ago. Please, mates, I need your help at the moment, and, as you know, I’m stablishing a new supporters club here in Brazil, and it would be a great help for me and my friends.

    Have a great night! And, please, help me with these informations. Thank you!

  29. London says:


    We grew out of that stuff years ago

  30. ganesh says:

    Ya mate tats the keeper im referring to .. Anyway enuf of keepers hope he buys tats it .. Ryt now am afraid at our injuries list n hope we beat sunderland n chelski .. N speakin of chelsea Terry askin them to buy more players in Jan .. lol .. They have atleast 10 quality midfielders in the squad n wen the sitution comes for these guys to play they’re goin to buy again .. Wat do u think abt those twats .. Funny management .. Buyin n buying .. Tats all they kno 😛 😀 🙂

  31. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Hi ganesh, I will take your comment to the new post


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