All for Nothing……….!!!

I am sure I am not the only one left fuming this morning after the news broke about Robin van Persie!
During a ‘friendly’ between Holland and Italy and following a ‘heavy challenge’ by Juve’s Giorgio Chiellini, Robin was stretchered off!

It is suspected and greatly feared that Robin has torn his ligaments in his right ankle.

Well Thank You Mr Chiellini, our potent striker is crocked and could be out for months! A scan will hopefully reveal better news today but I fear the worst.

Just what impact this could have on our season is hard to tell right now but with no Nikki B to call on we are left very short up front. Vela & Walcott are due to train this week so we are left with Eduardo and Arshavin.

Never fear though, we have Diaby and Eboue!

If only Chamakh had signed, maybe now Arsene will get a deal for him sorted out before the January transfer window opens. If Robin has torn his ligaments, he won’t be back until mid January at the earliest!

Yesterday I wrote about Sunu wanting to go on loan, today maybe things will change and he will be drafted into the first team squad!

If the game was a WC qualifier I could accept it easier, but a worthless, meaningless friendly? Robin’s injury was for what? Nothing!

I love the Sunday Newspapers, reading the tit bits on transfers is quite comical, today it’s all about Liverpool are going to ,make a £10M offer in January for Eduardo…. Mmme, yeah right, Go away Rafa!
But that is an interesting piece as Eduardo has yet to be offered a contract extension and he is grumpy because he is not playing enough! That of course may now change..

We plan to bid £5million for Brazilian ace Maicosuel, a 23yrs old midfielder who has been earning rave reviews in the Bundesliga at TSG Hoffenheim!

Hoffenheim – That sounds too much Tottenham when they were sponsored by Holsten to me!! 😉
Another paper says that Big Phil is ‘looking for a way out’ and hopes to go in January.

Marca the good old Spanish Rag took the opportunity to fire silly question time at Fran Merida – well that backfired as he quite clearly told them that he isn’t returning to Spain, he is committed to Arsenal and he is now enjoying training and being part of the first team squad!

Arron Ramsey played last night for Wales v Scotland, the boy was awesome apparently, scored a top class solo goal and set up the other two. If he can do it for his country Arsene, then you keep on playing him. Please though, not at the expense of Song, that doesn’t work!

Today we sit and wait, sit and wait to find out the extent of Robin’s injury, an injury that has ruined my day already!



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  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    I’m gutted over Robin’s injury!

  2. kelsey says:

    Good morning,
    The ineviatable has sadly happened with RVP having ligament damage to his ankles,which appears to rule him out for about three months.Having lost Bedntner as well,who will lead the attack.The options are limited and the natural choice could be Eduardo,but he is still regaing his fitness.furthermore Arshavin will have to play on Wednesday,and Gallas and Sagna will also be required by France.Both vital games and will the recovery time of under three days be enough before we play Sunderland.Wenger will have a lot of thinking to do before Saturday,allowing for players who are currently injured but may not be ready by Saturday.On a brighter note Ramsey,is really showing his class and I was mightily impressed with him, yet thankful that he didn’t have to play a full game.Forget about the chelsea game, this coming match against Sunderland could prove mighty tricky

  3. rico says:

    Morning kelsey, long time etc….

  4. Davi says:

    “Never fear though, we have Diaby and Eboue”
    Wtf? Why take cheap shots at your own team? Seriously, grow up.

    Terrible news about van persie but chielini’s challenge was fair, it’s just one of those things unfortunately.

    Eduardo can cover the loss to some degree, I really hope vela finally gets his chance now though. If wenger doesnt play him as the main striker when he gets fit, he might as well give up and leave.

  5. rico says:

    Davi – you have a choice….

    Come here and be polite and put accross your view with respect to others, or take your name elsewhere!!

  6. Davi says:

    the writer wasn’t being polite! (is that you btw)
    I’m always polite and respectful when others are, but that Was a cheap shot. If you want to be disparaging about people, you have to expect the same back.

  7. rico says:


    Yes the writer is me, and had you have been here a while you would have seen the constructive comments about why Eboue and Diaby fall victim to comments like in the post.

    We have better players than them, who in my opinion should be played before both in midfield.

    Put your opinion on why you think they should start a game for us, that gets a debate, not slating the post without substance to your comment…

    The choice is yours

  8. JonJon says:

    eboue and diaby are shit..

  9. rico says:

    Morning JonJon 🙂

  10. JonJon says:

    i dont think robins absence will affect us at much…yes he has 7 goals and 7 assists but i feel we have the strikers to cope with injuries….its the midfield and defence we need to stay injury free…

    interesting to read about dudu..i mentioned the other day dudu doesnt look happy cos of rotation..but as you say rico looks like he’ll get more games now..

  11. JonJon says:

    morning rico..hopefully robins injury might not be as bad as feared but its not a disaster if it is a lengthy layoff..

  12. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    This is disasterous news! At first I thouhgt – typiocal Arsenal luck … Arsene is not a lucky manager when it comes to these things, but then I thought no, he should wise up and play the game like the other top managers and use phantom injuries to protect our most important players in meaningless friendlies.

    I didn’t see a single important player for pool, the chavs or manure playing yesterday. its our own bloody stupid fault. RVP and TV are the two players we cannot afford to lose.

  13. Davi says:

    Still my point stands – if you want to speak that way about others, expect the same back.

    I agree we have a couple of better players than diaby given the current state of the squad in ramsey and nasri, but if he starts concentrating on the defensive side of his game a bit, as he did against AZ last week, I can understand completely why wenger would pick him. He adds something no-one else in the squad besides song can add – real strength in midfield. Still, ramsey is looking like a more complete player than diaby.

    We have no-one better than eboue at RW following the injury that I can think of (unless rosicky regains his full fitness). Walcott is not as good as eboue currently, he’s too inconsistent and when he’s off-form hes really awful, whereas at least eboue runs about and tackles a bit.
    I dont think wenger actually likes eboue that much. If I were in charge I’d be playing him more often for his physical presence and his direct running, which often opens up the weaker opposition.

    – The thing is, while both have their faults, eboue is a fantastic squad player, and diaby is not the finished article but does have a vast amount of talent. I don’t understand why there is this need to get in the cheap shots at every opportunity.

  14. JonJon says:

    hi rasp..

    i understand your concerns, robin has been on fire..

    what would be you lineup now?

  15. JonJon says:

    we have a whole squad better at RW than eboue..hes a average one at best…he never scores and he never assists and the best you can expect from an eboue run is a foul when he dives…he’s not a RW and never has been..

  16. Davi says:

    Average RB? eboue was the top RB in the champions league in his first season.
    If you take into account every game hes played at RW, fair enough, not that great, but now when he plays he really makes a difference.He scores the odd goal now, and, well I guess doesnt get that many assists.

    Against the small teams he runs at opponents, and even if he doesnt get the through ball himself, he opens things up, causes opponents to move from the guy theyr marking, wins freekicks (yes, sometimes through diving, but so does cesc btw) and overall helps the team. Against the big teams, he puts himself about, makes tackles and his attacking isnt poor either.

  17. rico says:

    Sorry, had to de-poop the chickens….

    Davi, the difference is I am not speaking about you in such a way, if Diaby or Eboue want to defend themselves then fine, but it is not your place to do so!

    I thought Eboue was an able deputy as a RB, but his antics haven’t left him and that is the bad side to his game, and I don’t like cheats!

    Morning Rasp,

    I agree, so many times we have said that players shouldn’t be permitted to travel, not for stupid friendlies!

  18. JonJon says:

    he WAS top RB in CL.. FOUR years ago…and he wasnt a RB, he was a WB…wenger bought sagna because eboue couldnt defend…

    he may have pace but he has no final ball whatsoever…so it doesnt matter how many gaps he opens or who he pulls away here and there he never finds the pass to go with it…

  19. Rasputin says:

    Hi jonJon,

    I can’t agree with Davi, we have at least 3 better options than EE at RM assuming they are all fit.

    My squad lineup would be the obvious back 4, Cesc, Nasri, AA, Song always in midfield with a choice of either Theo, Ramsey, Diaby, Ramsey, Vela or EE to make up, the 5th midfielder if that’s the system (or 4:1:4:1) and Dudu up front. Use plenty of pace and width but stop floating balls into an empty box and either fire the ball in low or cut into the box and play to feet. We have to play to our own strengths – particularly now RVP is out of the picture.

  20. Rasputin says:

    Morning rico,

    Its nice to have a passionate debate on here – good luck to Davi championing EE in midfield 😉

    He is all excitable energy and little end product but he does try to dribble the ball into the box which I wish more of the ‘better’ players would do – we should win many more penalties with the clever ball players we have in the side.

  21. JonJon says:

    interesting rasp…

    id stick with the 433

    same back four…gibbs in for clichy though

    nasri song cesc

    tomas dudu AK

  22. rico says:

    No I don’t expect them to Davi, but you can be rude on your own site, not this one….

  23. Davi says:

    Rasp – when everyone is fit I agree there are better options at RW. Depending on whether they are needed in CM, nasri and rosicky are better and maybe dudu. Id personally chose vela over him, but realistically that’s not going to happen at the moment, and would be experimental.

    Walcott I wouldnt however pick over eboue. He only seems to play well when returning from injury, and then settles into an average run of form. I think eventually he will get that consistency and become a really devastating player, but at the moment when he either plays brilliantly or really very poorly.

  24. Rasputin says:


    I think you’re missing the point. It is admirable to defend Arsenal players if you think they are being attacked unfairly, but to support the policy of playing EE in midfield and Diaby when we have better players available for those positions does not support the more deserving players – how do you think they must feel?

  25. Davi says:

    rico, why are u being so sensitive? you feel its ok to talk down to me and about players, but cant take anything back…
    Im not even being particularly rude, im trying to be truthful

  26. Rasputin says:


    Wow – we have so many fantastic midfielders (excluding EE 😉 ), I had forgotten Tomas – he’d have to fit in there somewhere. Its obvious from the players we have that for most games we don’t need EE in midfield against ‘footballing’ opposition – he could be useful against the thugs….

  27. Davi says:

    Rasp – it’s not that i take offence at the opinion that there are better players (I apparently share that view), its the disparaging tone people seem to think is ok to take against the players.

  28. Davi says:


    Will you put the comment to rasputin up at least?

    I’m sorry that I’ve offended you, but I have tried to be truthful and unemotional in my responses
    It’s fair enough if you dont want all of my posts to be shown if you find them personally offensive

  29. Davi says:

    “he could be useful against the thugs” – and what league are we in?

  30. rico says:

    Thats exactly it Rasp

    Thomas, Theo, Arshavin, Ramsey, Lansbury, Nasri, Merida, Wilshere…..

    Any of them would be better options than Diaby or Eboue in midfield…

  31. rico says:

    I was beginning to think the ghost of ave was back, but I know he doesnt rate Diaby or Eboue that high…

  32. rico says:

    Ok Davi, you are back on, keep it nice though 🙂

  33. Rasputin says:

    Davi – I don’t inderstand your question? EE adds more defensive muscle when he plays in midfield compared to some of the more effective/creative options, so playing him against physical teams (anyone managed by Allardice) makes sense.

    By all means debate, but don’t descend to cryptic posts please.

  34. rico says:

    I honestly dont think in midfield Eboue gives us anything, he gets lost… What he does have sometimes is a good cross though 😉

  35. rico says:


    Wait until Saturday when we play Sunderland and Cana inparticular, then you will see what is meant by thugs….

  36. Davi says:

    Rico – cool, we’ll just agree to disagree on this
    I think its a bit harsh to claim wilshere, lansbury or merida would be better options given their very limited experience (although Id really like to see merida in particular given the chance)

    Rasp – Sure your point made sense, my point is that almost Every team in this league tries to bully us, so players like eboue are beneficial full-stop.

  37. Rasputin says:


    It’s inescapable that one of the regrettable by-products of wengerball is that we concede silly goals. In simplistic terms, we just need to score more goals than the opposition, and we have the players to do that. I think we often fall down when we pick players based on size in an attempt to negate the strengths of the opposition (Stoke was a classic example last season). Barca and indeed Spain, have the confidence/belief to trust their football will prevail – we should do the same.

  38. rico says:

    Its all about opinions Davi, I personally would honestly rather see a player like Lansbury be given a chance.

    Diaby could be a good player, but he takes too long to pass the ball in our attacking game and often ends up losing it. Players like Jack and Merida are ready, and for me its time they were given the opportunity.

  39. rico says:

    The other thing is that Diaby is clearly an attacking midfielder, as is Lansbury, Merida and Ramsey – but the latter three have a better defensive game too – imho

  40. JonJon says:

    the midfield is were we tick..if we keep those key midfielders like cesc, AK, rosicky, nasri fit we’ll be ok…

    for sure rvp has been important for us this season and has done really well…hes been the PL best skriker so far this season…but i know we are stronger still than chelsea or liverpool…

    you see, if chelsea lose drogba they dont play as well, the same if liverpool lose torres or if manure lose rooney…but i think we wont miss rvp due to the fact we have so many good players that one man doesnt make a team…we have such a great variety of squad depth that we’ll be ok…

    my only concern is for when song goes away…i still dont think we are covered in the midfield area…

    and as for cheats, everyone cheats. some of the english players are the worst, but all playres cheat in football…the difference is that players like cesc and dudu turn it on game after game banging in goals and getting assists so for me they can drop their trousers and shit in the pen box…as long as they turn it on i dont care what they do to win…this is where eboue differs from other players…his cheating is so frustrating…sometimes he’ll win you a penalty or a free kick, which is good..but then he’ll dive when we have a 3 on 1 counter attack and all he needs to do is pass it and he’ll fall over instead..chance gone…

    or when we are nil-nil or one-nil down with 10 minutes to go and your egging your team to push on and eboue will be rolling round on the floor and wanting a stretcher for a grass burn…momentum gone…its just wasting time and you just think stop pissing about you big div and get on with it…

    hes ok at RB i dont mind him there but as far as our attacking options go i dont think we need him…we have better players…why play a defensive player in an attacking role???

  41. rico says:

    ‘hes ok at RB i dont mind him there but as far as our attacking options go i dont think we need him…we have better players…why play a defensive player in an attacking role???’

    Spot-on, also JJ, when he plays there he gets caught bewteen the two positions, not know where he really fits in…

  42. JonJon says:

    davi, im interested to know what your first team line up would look like?

  43. Davi says:

    Rico – Ive been impressed with what little Ive seen of lansbury also, but merida has done done a bit more while playing for arsenal against better opposition imo.
    I dont know that jack IS ready yet. He sometimes looks too light, like walcott did when he first joined, and his form for the u21s for example has been a bit inconsistent i think. Merida on the other hand always looks at the *very least* comfortable.
    I wouldnt say he has a better defensive game than diaby though – i agree ramsey certainly does, and lansbury I think has a similar engine to ramsey although I havent seen enough of him tbh.
    Ramsey is an early bloomer, and has probably overtaken diaby in terms of development already. Both have amazing potential though imo

  44. Davi says:

    Rasputin – That’s a good point. I remember against spurs bendtner got injured and I was really hoping wenger’d bring on eboue to help get a bit of control over the midfield as we were being overrun, but he brought on eduardo, who plays a more intelligent attacking game, obviously, and the substitution paid off.
    It depends a bit though. If a player is being put in purely for their size, like diaby seems to be sometimes, without really adding anything to the defensive side of the game, thats wrong, but eboue really puts a bit of energy into our play, and that is often very useful. He is also technically superb btw, hes not a poor footballer in that respect, its just decision-making that he has trouble with – although i think hes vastly improved in that respect.

  45. Davi says:

    JonJon – my 1st choice team would probably be very similar to yours:

    Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
    Nasri Fabregas
    Rosicky RVP Arshavin

    That might change to suit the opposition. Eduardo or bendtner would offer something that rosicky couldnt up front, or ramsey’s engine might make him more useful than nasri against certain teams
    Our only real disagreement is probably over the quality of the other players in the squad.

  46. Rasputin says:

    Nice one Davi – I like the look of that team …. and they have the footballing skills to beat any side no matter how physical or thuggish!

    Let the ball do the work. A pass can travel faster than any player can run and chasing shadows is tiring and dispiriting for the opposition….

  47. Richard says:

    While I’m gutted at Robin’s injury, these things are part of the game we love. Supoorting such a big club ar Arsenal at least leaves us with the knowledge we have adequate cover.

    While being without Bentner as things stand isn’t great eiter, we still have the following who I feel can play the role… Eduardo, Vela (when fit), Walcott (when fit), and even possble the likes of Roicky or Arshavin if needs be.

    Unless sad events like Persies’ injury happen, the likes of Eddy wouldn’t get game time. Let’s have faith in the back-up players… and as Davi says, we shouldn’t be bringing down our own. Poke fun at Huddlestone, or Carick , or (not so) Fat Man Lampard, but lay of our own. I’d much rather have Eboue and Diaby than most others. Keep on pushing them away, and they will leave. Eboue has been lining up a move to PSG (at least I think it was them) recently. It happens gain and again and it pisses me right off!

  48. JonJon says:

    that would be my team mate..

    what would you do now robins injured..what would be your team for chelsea?

    id go with the team i put earlier..with dudu coming in for rvp and gibbs coming in for clichy..

  49. Rasputin says:

    I’ve stopped panicking over RVP now … you’re right JonJon, we do have plenty of cover. 15 different goalscorers and Cesc banging them in too means that we can adapt and not lose any of our potency…..

  50. Davi says:

    To be honest, as soon as vela gets back fit, I’d concentrate on working him into the team. If not now, then when? But yeh, in the mean time I’d have dudu up front in rvp’s place – I just dont know how many games he can play in a row.
    Agree on gibbs, he’s really starting to look top class. Im not sure he’s better than clichy yet, but he’s very close and nowhere near finished developing.
    He should have played against brazil yesterday considering bridge was so poor at the weekend by all accounts.
    Against chelsea I might be tempted to play nasri wide right and ramsey in the middle depending on rosicky’s fitness as well

  51. rico says:

    Fair point Davi, we won’t know about any of them really until they get a run, Merida is one of my fav’s right now, he is more cute than Cesc too 😉

    I would try Theo in for RvP 🙂

  52. rico says:

    Just on a Spain thing re Merida v’s Cesc 🙂

    Anyway, i should get back to football…. 😉

  53. Davi says:

    rico – nooooo
    This is one thing I really dont like, walcott manages to walk back into the arsenal side while all the others have to wait on the sidelines
    Imo he hasn’t proven himself yet because he cant seem to play well for more than 3 or 4 games in a row – and certainly hasnt been as consistently good as vela
    Id have him on the bench in every game though, I cant think of a better impact sub

  54. rico says:

    What about the Phil to leave rumours again??

    He wants football so is looking to leave in January

  55. Rasputin says:

    Gibbs looks great coming forward and luckily he has enough pace to track back and often makes a recovering tackle, but when he’s playing I often see a gaping hole in that left back area because he’s gone scampering forward and if we lose possession the oppositions RM has acres of space to exploit.

    I think he will not only be Arsenal’s, but England’s first choice LB in a couple of years.

  56. rico says:

    Oh No Davi, we are going to have to agree to differ again 😉

    I just want him to have a run and show what he is made of, if he poop then maybe AW needs to have a long think…..

    Personally, I see him having a massive impact on our season and the EPL Trophy at the ned of it…

  57. rico says:

    He needs time in the gym too Rasp, he gets brushed off the ball a little too easy, but he is still growing and soon Cashley will be England’s No2….

    In every other aspect he is a number two!! 😳

  58. Davi says:

    Senderos should leave. Hes a good defender but wont peak for a few more years. In the meantime we should let him find 1st team football. He will be a top defender tho I think

  59. rico says:

    Morning Richard,

    I didnt see you sneak in, welcome to AR

  60. rico says:

    Davi, trouble is if he leaves we are left with Silvestre for cover…. 😦

  61. Davi says:

    rico – I know but theo has had plenty of free shots at making the side, plenty of runs in the team, its about time he was made to work for it imo. I mean, he got that huge contract without actually doing very much – a few of flashes of brilliance is really all hes done, but so have many of the other youngsters having had less opportunity.

    hes also the only one who seems to avoid criticism for bad performances.
    he has the talent but always fizzles out after a few promising matches

    For me, vela is true world class talent. I actually believe he can be up there in the same league as messi, but for some reason he doesn’t get many chances to impress. Hes the one who should be given a run imo

  62. Davi says:

    rico – re senderos, yes we would probably need another defender.
    its a shame djourou got injured, I think he would have seen this year as an opportunity to stake a claim. He could have been very useful cover while song is away as well. Another player with fantastic talent.

  63. rico says:

    He has been critisised here Davi, but constructively 😉

    He is a striker being played as a winger, he needs a run as our ‘CF’, then lets see how good or bad he is…

  64. rico says:

    Have to agree on Vela, he should be playing, even if its off the bench…

    I am also starting to worry less about Robin’s injury now, we have so many options…

  65. rico says:

    Have to go for a couple of hours, catch up with you all later

    be nice 😉

  66. JonJon says:

    some very good points here…

    and i agree with davi on theo and vela..

    i disagree with richard on his second point, although his first was spot on…

  67. Davi says:

    rico – Fair enough, but I still dont see why he got that huge contract. and why he keeps getting into the side at RM over other players. (And why it’s not considered a bad thing for him to be played there as it is with eboue)
    And I dont see why he should be considered as a forward over vela

    I’ll be honest, I think he gets more of a pass with fans and with arsenal because he’s english, and he represents something to them.

  68. Davi says:

    See you rico

  69. JonJon says:

    its interesting to see if the team keep momentum after this injury..they shouldnt let their heads drop..they are talented enough to be able to cope….

    we can beat sunderland without robin…

    and for the chelsea match they have both FBs out and drogba and they are there for the taking..

    if we win those two games then i think we are title favorites..we have to be..

  70. rico says:


    Ok, I will be honest, he went to the same school as me and went out with my neice once – maybe that’s why I ‘hope’ he will do well – but there is something there that makes me believe he will come good.

    Def off now

  71. Rasputin says:

    Theo is a potent weapon when used in the right way. He should stand on the halfway line whenever we the opposition takes a corner. He’d make them very nervous and probably take at least one of their players out of the box. He should be fed the ball early to run on to instead of receiving a pass when surrounded by defenders.

    He is very composed in his finishing and has the potential to improve. He needs to develop more trickery for when he cannot use his pace…. having said that, to bring him on for the last 20 minutes against a tiring defence is a fantastic option. Vela is a better all-round footballer at the moment and like the rest of you, I cannot understand why he hasn’t been given more chances.

  72. rico says:

    Oh, i wouldn’t play Theo as RM, striker or nothing for me… As you say we have better options to fill the RM, and those players are true midfielders…

  73. Davi says:

    lol, I agree he will come good, but I just think he should wait his turn
    See u

  74. Davi says:

    Rasp – vela is almost as quick as walcott too, and much stronger. Hes probably stronger than any of our other forwards, including bendtner! (maybe im exagerating)

    Every time ive seen walcott come off the bench, hes really changed the game in our favour, I cant think of a better sub to have tbh – but when hes started games, hes been inconsistent. Id use him as a super sub, and start him occasionally when other players are tired etc. In the current system he should play RW as well.

  75. Rasputin says:

    Can’t disagree with that Davi. I think sometimes we undersetimate the strength of our players. Cesc is a tough little nut and the likes of Nasri, AA and Tomas all shield the ball really well and are seldom dispossessed. I don’t actually see Diaby as being that much stronger – just taller and he is a bit too ponderous. The really clever players sense a tackle coming in and wait a miilisecond before it arrives so they can turn and leave the tackler for dead – unfortunately that policy had dire consequences for Dudu 😦

  76. Davi says:

    Mmm, I think diaby and bendtner are actually far stronger than they let on. Ive seen diaby turn and hold off 3 players in one move, but then so often he just seems to allow people to bully him. Its weird. Looks like he doesnt want to fight too hard for possession.
    Arshavin is deceptively very strong I think, whereas I’ve noticed as well cesc, nasri and rosicky are all good at shielding and holding off opponents, but if they were running for a 50-50 ball,they normally wouldnt be able to shake off a marker like diaby or bendtner could (although they dont always do it)

    I think the shielding ability is to do with ball manipulation and using ur body well rather than having massive strength. The opponent cant use excessive force, so they have to go around the shielding player somehow. If you know how to use ur body so the player cant get too close to the ball I dont think you need to be that strong. You can also have enourmous strength but if you dont know how to shield a smaller opponent can nip in and take the ball away (as nasri, rosicky and cesc often do I think)

  77. Davi says:

    vela on the other hand can bully defenders. I remember he played last year in the CL against kiev I think, and they had a huge african defender and there were times vela was practically manhandling him. He almost injured gallas doing it once!

  78. London says:

    I can’t believe it; I pop out for the morning and miss all the fun. I feel it’s been a bit like the advert for Kit Kat. Click on this link and you will see me.

    Walcott is going to suprise us all this season, and this is from a Walcott sceptic. This 4.3.3 system is made for him.

  79. London says:

    I do not share this calm attitude to the loss of RVP, just when he hits top form we lose him, there is no doubt in my mind that he will be missed.

  80. rico says:

    Afternoon London, nice Panda’s, are you on the left or right 😉

  81. rico says:

    London – the one player I don’t think has enough in him right now is Eduardo. Both Walcott and Vela are just returning to fitness so I guess it will be who’s fit first plays’

    Can they both not play in a front three?


    Sagna Gallas TV Gibbs

    Rosicky/Nasri Song Cesc Arshavin

    AA Walcott Vela

  82. London says:

    Hi Rico

    You certainly got the traffic

  83. London says:


    It’s been interesting reading your views and there is a small part of me that admires your defence and your desire to see our players do well but there is a far larger part of me that wants to see the club be successful.
    Eboue’s surging runs have improved, in as much that he is getting further and it should be said that if he scored or made an incisive pass then your defence would be completely justified — but he doesn’t — because, simply put, he is not a winger and when we have better options I see his inclusion as hindrance rather than a help in what should be our principal aim and that is to win the league.

  84. London says:

    I like this one Rico


  85. Davi says:

    London – I agree when we have better options of course the better players should play.
    Walcott isnt particularly one of those players though imo. Depending on who is available in other positions, Id have rosicky, nasri, eduardo, arshavin and vela ahead of eboue as wingers on either side – but of course nasri and rosicky can also play CM.
    After that Id say eboue should play for reasons discussed earlier. He also has uses as a tactical subsitute.

  86. rico says:

    London, just realised that my team has twelve – for sure we would win with that one 😛 😛

    I had AA in twice 🙂

    I like your team too – I think the difference would be, AA and Theo could interchange, but at some stage Vela has to be given a chance too. He is about to sign a new contract so that suggests that Arsene has told him his time is very near.

    I have started to doubt Eduardo, not sure whether that is because of the easy chances he missed last week, or because he has said he is unhappy with not playing..

    I wouldn’t be happy not playing, but I would also understand that an injury he suffered takes time…

    Sometimes I just get so confused with it all 😉

  87. rico says:


    Out of interest, how did you find us here on AR?

  88. Davi says:
    I’ve been here before, duno if Ive commented though..

  89. peachesgooner says:

    Afternoon all

    Been in too much of a shock to blog – I also can’t really be calm about losing van Persie…..

    But this really made me laugh from London

    Eboue’s surging runs have improved, in as much that he is getting further

    in addition to the Pandas that is….. 😛

  90. peachesgooner says:

    …..and whats the point in me flashing Senderos all over the place if he wants to go 😦

  91. rico says:

    Its tough now that Nik and Robin are out, I am sure I am right in saying that we all want our players to play in their true positions. have our strikers listed, and with injuries we are left with Theo, Vela and Eduardo as our front men.

    That is where I want AW to play them to, not as wingers etc, but let them play in their true position.

    That is why many get on Eboue’s back, he plays RW and gets slated, but he shouldn’t be there in the first place…. simples 😉

  92. rico says:

    Thanks Davi…

    Hi peaches, how’s tricks?

    Have you heard from Irish? Bet she is down after yesterday 😦

    I’m gutted about Robin too, but fingers crossed the news we soon hear will be not so bad as we think it may be…

  93. Davi says:

    I dont understand why you think eboue’s been bad this year. From what Ive seen hes been mostly excellent at LM, RM or RB, particularly in europe

  94. peachesgooner says:

    Hi rico – you stirred it up a bit this morning, well done 😀

    The 4-3-3 should work with any and all of the slighter players in the three up front shouldn’t it ………..

  95. rico says:

    Davi – RB he is good, RM he often appears like a cat in headlamps 😉

    🙂 peaches.. It will certainly be very interesting to see AW’s squad for the Sunderland game. What really worries me is Song v Cana. Cana is an animal and I just hope he doesn’t get Song booked or worse still, any of our players injured…

    We need Song for the Chelsea game

  96. rico says:

    Breaking News….

    Robin has torn ligaments in ankle, could even be a break… He is out for F-IN ages 😦 😦

    Break yet to be confirmed !!!

  97. rico says:

    The above has been announced by the Dutch FA – I am gutted, sad and gutted 😥

  98. rico says:

    I once tore my ligaments in my ankle, the consultant I saw said I would have been better off breaking the ankle as it heals better…

    Eight weeks before I went back to work, and I had the luxury of a convalescence home 😦

    Robin is going to be out until March I reckon… 😦 😦

  99. rico says:

    The last defender Robin had a spat with over a hard tackle was TV, maybe Chiellini will follow suit…..

    How happy would we all be 😉

  100. peachesgooner says:

    Thats really bad news rico – we were just ticking along nicely with dreams of being at the summit sometime soon…….not that I don’t have faith but any more injuries to key players and we will be threadbare 😦

  101. London says:

    Right now I want to kill Chiellini

  102. rico says:

    It is just dreadful peaches, just dreadful… Just as Robin was hitting form aswell, its so sad….

  103. rico says:

    London, join the queue….

  104. London says:

    This may seem a small point but do we know if it was his left or his right ankle?

  105. rico says:

    Have you seen the tackle, still looks a bit dodgy to me…

  106. rico says:

    It is his right ankle London

  107. London says:

    Small mercies

  108. London says:

    Have you got a link for the tackle? I still haven’t seen it.

  109. rico says:

    Indeed London…

  110. London says:

    Here’s the link, but I cannot understand how it happened because Chiellini doesn’t seem to touch him.

  111. Rasputin says:

    Hi London,

    I’ve just watched your clip and it is clear in the slomo that Chiellini stamps down on RVP’s ankle … its a very a nasty challenge – that kind of tackle shouldn’t happen in a ‘friendly’…… as I said earlier, we have ourselves to blame, RVP was the only important player from a top 4 side who was playing in such a meaningless friendly 😦

    I feel very sory for VP as its not his fault, this certainly doesn’t come under the heading of being injury prone any more than Theo’s injury – in both cases theye were assaulted!

  112. rico says:

    I thought the tackle was over the top of the ball on to Robin’s ankle – some think though that Robin caught his studs in the ground and his foot twisted, causing the injury …

  113. Rasputin says:

    Hi rico,

    Either way, it couldn’t have happened if he wsn’t on the pitch. They really have to look at the timing of friendlies in relation to domestic seasons. I think the prem should be reduced to 16 teams to reduce the physical strain on our players. It comes to something when sides are happy to be knocked out of the Europa League because their squads aren’t strong enough

  114. rico says:

    Hi Rasp

    It really cheese’s me off that we let our players participate in worthless international matches. And why the heck when the QL games are still going on are there friendlies in any case??

    When it comes to club v country we are pathetic, Ivan needs to tell the players – we pay your wages, you play when we say’ simples 😉

  115. rico says:

    Cut it down to 16 Rasp 😦 😦

    I struggle to get through the long summer without Arsenal, that would be even worse 😦

    Oh, unless its an Ashes summer of course 😉

  116. Rasputin says:

    If the prem was cut down to 16 rico, it would still be stretched across the same period, we just wouldn’t get the 4 games in 11 days scenario when we’re still in all 4 competitions etc. I think that the physical strain has a lot to do with the injury toll, and the players may even have shortened careers. TH14 has never been the player he was since the mysterious ‘back injury’ – I think his lack of fitness had something to do with why we sold him ….tho at £14m he was still too cheap!!

  117. London says:

    I have just seen the challenge on Sky, unsurprisingly they have chosen the angle that looks the worst to give maximum effect; although, that said, if you look at the link that I posted above the first two replays in normal time, taken from distance, also look damning; but, the third, in slow motion, shows that Chiellini’s out stretched leg went towards RVP’s left foot (his shooting foot) rather than his right ankle that got injured. I know I’m on dodgy ground here but I still cannot see how Chiellini caught him.

  118. London says:

    Or, we could do away with International f…..g breaks

  119. Rasputin says:

    You may be right London … but we’re all right that the idea of friendlies at this stage of the season is ludicrous ….. and FIFA/UEFA must know this otherwise they’d try to do something about the mystery injuries that always occur to protect players from certain clubs.

  120. London says:

    Well, I certainly agree with you here.

  121. rico says:

    Phew Rasp, I didnt think of that, stoopid me thought the season would be cut short 😳

    London, keep an eye on Chiellini’s trailing leg, I think that is when the damage occured, same happened to Theo, the trailing leg did the harm

    Rasp, that and his breakup with his wife 😦 That hit him hard, he told me 😉

  122. rico says:

    Euro, WC, ACON are all fine, but bloomin friendly’s……

  123. London says:

    Rico, yes that was what I was thinking; it was his trailing leg that made contact. For some reason I feel slightly better that it wasn’t an intentional Eduardo kind of challenge. Not sure why, we will still lose him for ages.

  124. London says:

    Good blog today Rico, I’m glad you resisted binning any of comments, somehow the spice livens the place up.

  125. London says:

    I’m off, speak tomorrow.

  126. Rasputin says:

    Good news is that Dudu scored 2 and Ramsey scored 1 and made 2. If Dudu can return to his best we may not feel RVP’s loss so heavily. It will be interesting to see who (if anyone) Arsene plays as his central (lone?) striker. Dudu is the only natural No.9. RVP himself stated that he prefers to play behind a striker and that he is not a CF…..

  127. London says:

    Arshavin was superb when RVP went off the other week and he played the number 9

  128. JonJon says:

    good evening guys..

    hi london, i understand your concerns about robin..but i think we have enough talented players left in the team to cope….cesc, rosicky, nasri, AA,

    if we take chelsea for example if drogbas injured they have to change their gameplan, if torres gets injured liverpool struggle..

    yet we still have players like AA , dudu who can play striker and we have nikki and theo to return real soon..

    robin wasnt the only player scoring goals..everyones chipping in…

    i think we can still pick up results with him out of the team and when he comes back he’ll be like a new player 😉 for the business end of the season..

  129. London says:

    It’s going to be interesting anyway, but RVP would have been my first choice to play number 9 against the chavs

  130. London says:

    Hi Jonjon

    That’s the glass half full view, and one I prefer to have in life but I haven’t got there yet with this one, I’m still pouring.

  131. rico says:

    Thanks London, nighty night

  132. rico says:

    Rasp, I just have a funny feeling Diaby will be used as the second striker….

    JJ, I so hope you are right, but as you say players all over are scoring, as long as that remains we will be ok… hopefully..

    But I still wish Robin was playing, other teams now fear him big time…

  133. JonJon says:

    he doesnt need long do ruptured ligaments take to heal?

  134. rico says:

    JJ, it took me eight weeks when i did mine years ago, and i had the best after care i could have had…

    Mind you it cost a bucket load of money…. 😦

  135. rico says:

    Right Guys and Gals – I have had a fab day, great to see everyone again, and lovely to see a couple of newbees, hope they both come back…

    I have to say nighty night….

    five days to go until we play… soon be here..

    Stay safe all

  136. London says:

    One day chicken, next day feathers

  137. rico says:

    Morning London

    Only just got on to the computer 😦

    Going to have a scout around for any news

  138. rico says:


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