It ain’t what you do; it’s the way that you do it……..

And the way Nogo did it was typical Dipper Like!!

Having watched Sky Sports yesterday, I am at a loss as to why N’gog has not been taken to task by the FA for his mid air attempt at hand gliding. That dive by him was possibly the most exaggerated I have seen in a long while, there must have been at least six inches of air space between any part of his body and the foot of Carsley when he went over. I know it is not long until Christmas but his ‘Snowman’ type fly through the air was just beyond belief. At least some of the dodgy penalties given these days are open for debate, this however was just cheating!

Our own Eduardo was charged by the authorities within 24 hours for his ‘dive’ in the Champions League! Yes he was guilty we all know that, but there were mitigating circumstances with Eduardo. I know that doesn’t make it right, but Ngog’s was dreadful.
The Dippers get a wrongly awarded penalty and salvage a point. If they make a remarkable recovery this season and end up winning the league by just one point, the team finishing second will remember this incident.

Imagine if that second team turns out to be us…… Grrrr

Ok, I know, there is more chance of snow falling here in Berkshire today than there is Liverpool winning the league!

Talking of cheats, Barca annoy me! Every week we seem to hear from one of their players, today it Xavi’s turn to comment on Cesc and how he would love our Spanish midfielder to join him at Barca – Xavi, if you want to play in the same team as Cesc, trying calling Arsene and see if he wants to bring you to Arsenal!!

That’s another Grrrrrr this morning!

Bit of news about Nikki B – he was crowned Denmark’s Player of the Year and also won Goal of the Year award at a prestigious ceremony in Copenhagen on Monday night. The striker believes he will become one of the most feared marksmen in the world.

Bendtner said after picking up the two awards: “I had three aims this year – to get into the Arsenal team, qualify for the World Cup and to be Player of the Year. I have achieved them all.

“I want to be top scorer in the Premier League, top scorer at the World Cup and, within five years, I want to be among the best strikers in the world.”

Sadly, he has only managed one goal in the Premier League so far this season and is now ruled out until the New Year.

I know I go on about him and often in not such a positive way, but I really do want him to play like he keeps saying he can…

I always want any player who wears the Arsenal shirt to excel, but Nikki, 5 years?? Can you not make that 3….. 🙂

Finally, sad news this morning that German goalkeeper Robert Enke has died at a level crossing after apparently driving into the path of an oncoming train. He took over for Germany after our own Mad Jens retired. Thoughts go to his wife and family….

Have a good day in the sunshine……


31 Responses to It ain’t what you do; it’s the way that you do it……..

  1. rico says:

    Morning All

    How long is it now until our next game…

  2. London says:

    Being the cynical old blogger that I am, very few things that I read nowadays make me spontaneously laugh but you managed it this morning and I thank you.

    “I am at a loss as to why N’gog has not been taken to task by the FA for his mid air attempt at hand gliding”

    Mid air attempt at hand gliding….top drawer.

    Superb post Rico, you deserve a larger audience, and greater recognition.

  3. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters – rico, London,

    Congratulations rico on finding something interesting and entertaining to write when in the footballing doldrums! 😛

    I didn’t even know who England were playing until someone told me this morning. My only interest (stress!) over the next week will be the fear that any of our players will be injured – otherwise I’m just not bothered (sorry Irish, maybe the France ROI game will be entertaining)

  4. Ganesh says:

    Morning Rico .. Again a nice post .. However i see most of the Arsenal fans aren’t criticising Ngog too much cos we had our own controversy .. Anyway i feel since FA initially charged us they shud do the same to Ngog .. But anyway credit to Ngog as he had the courage to accept his dive which many dont(Ref Rooney’s dive against us).. Leave tat diving thing so borin ..Anyway Rico u asked me to give an idea abt Akinfeev .. I’m not sure if i kno enuf but he looks solid in his decision makin to get out of his goal post .. Tats imp for us .. Also looks like he’s got decent reflexes .. And am sure he’ll be a gud addition to our squad .. He’s got both exp n quick feett n reflexes n we dont have someone like tat in our squad sadly ryt now .. The number of clubs chasing him suggests tat .. So i’d def like to see him in Arsenal come Jan or more realistically in May 🙂 Cant wait for Sunderland away n Chelscum at home .. Two wins n it’ll be like a dream although our current form suggests we shud do it quite easily 🙂

  5. rico says:

    Morning London, Rasputin…

    How are you both?

    You guys are kind, too kind ….

    London – My fav was the Snowman, Aled Jones gentle voice in the background as Nogo fly’s out the window….. 🙂 I am glad it bought a smile to your face 🙂

    Rasp – I think the France ROI game will be a physical game, rash tackles, sendings off….. I want ROI to win for Irish, but also so Gallas, Sagna, Diaby ( 😉 ) Clichy etc etc have a long rest next summer 🙂

  6. rico says:

    Morning Ganesh, good to see you here again, where abouts in the world are you based??

    I guess he does credit to agree, but after getting three points for my team, so would I – maybe its time for retrospective bans for such deliberate offences, The FA should follow in the footsteps of FIFA who charged Dudu..

    Will Akinfeev be playing for his country this week?

  7. rico says:

    One of Arsenal’s most well-known supporters, writer Nick Hornby, has spoken openly about the recent dearth of silverware at the north London club but maintained that the essence of being a football fan is more than chasing success.

    In an intriguing interview with, the author of best selling-novel Fever Pitch, put into perspective the current lack of success with the lengthier trophy-droughts of his youth and stressed that Arsene Wenger’s current squad were still a joy to watch.

    “I think the complaining is a measure of how spoiled we’ve become. When I started going they hadn’t won anything for 17 years, and there was nothing between 1971 and 1979, or ‘79 and 1987.”

    “Most teams don’t win anything most years. Why do West Ham fans buy season tickets? Or Everton fans? Because they love their team and they like getting out of the house of a weekend to watch a game.

    “We’ve had two finals and four or five semi-finals in those four years, and one of the finals was in the Champions League, and though losing those games was disappointing, it still meant that we had something to play for at the business end of the season,” Hornby continued.

    “In the end it’s about whether you enjoy going or not, and anyone who hasn’t enjoyed watching Arsenal in the last few years, especially at home, can’t really like football much.”

  8. rico says:

    Got to be off for a while, catch up later…

  9. Big Raddy says:

    Fine post Rico.

    Thanks to all for your kind good wishes last week.

    Fine words from Mr Hornby. Echoes my sentiments precisely, but NH is an old geezer like me. BTW he was a customer of mine and I firmly believe he based Hi-Fiidelity upon our Crouch End shop.

    After Fever Pitch and Hi-Fidelity I thought he had stolen my life !! Still, he is a fine writer, and a Gooner through and through.

  10. Rasputin says:

    Hi Raddy – hope you’re enjoying married life, very brave of you 😛

    My favourite adage about men and women is …”A woman meets a man hoping he’ll change – and he stays the same; a man meets a woman hoping she’ll stay the same – and she changes” 😆

  11. Freire says:

    Hello everyone, good morning.

    Hornby is king! I almost cryed when I read Fever Pitch, lol.

  12. Big Raddy says:

    Thanks Rasputin.

    As Samuel Johnson said “Second marriage is a triumph of hope over reason” (or something like that).

    Never trusted Samuel Johnson, he was a Spuds fan.

  13. London says:

    I did cry

  14. Freire says:

    The movie of Fever Pitch is one of the movies that changed my life. When he says ” I’ve been waiting for a title for 18 years! 18 YEARS! What were you expecting 18 years ago? Or 10? Or 5?”


  15. Freire says:

    FA is sh*t. They hate us, I don’t know why 😦

  16. Big Raddy says:

    Because they are all Mancs and Devilspawn Freire

  17. Freire says:

    Going to class now, see you all later.

  18. rico says:

    Afternoon Peeps

    Hey Raddy, how did the big day go? Hope all the snow didn’t put the mockers on anything 😦

  19. Big Raddy says:

    It went swimmingly thanks Rico. Mainly due to the torrential rain !

  20. JonJon says:

    hello raddy long time no see…how are you and congratulations…

    hello everyone..good post rico, and you showed good form in giving a mention to enke..what a tragic day for footballl…it just makes you realise that sometimes football isnt everything…

    i think its diffucult to judge the ngog penalty but because it was the same as the bent penalty, the rooney penalty, the dudu penalty…they all dived…i dont really think any off them were pens..

    yes there is contact but common sense should prevail…if that happened anywhere else on the pitch the ref would wave play on so the same rule should apply to the penalty box…there needs to be consistency as far as pen decisions go and the refs dont seem to know what there doing…

    fletchers comments make me laugh…wenger didnt even mention fletcher when he made the statement, he mentioned ‘ a certain player’ and the media jumped on fletcher cos everyone knows hes a dirty shit….and wenger said that it was bookings not fouls…in the manure game the ref kept blowing at fletchers tackles but he failed to book him after about 80…thats what wenger moaned about…

    then MOTD start bigging up fletcher as this midfield hard man and fergie says they missed him cos hes a key player…then he gives away another freekick and they conceed and they moan its all wengers fault…??? hahahahaha i thought hes supposed to be manures midfield, big bollocked, top dog but hes acting like a princess….

    gimme songs passing, ball control, vision, positioning and power over fletchers dirty fouls anyday, even though songs dirty as well…haha..

    to be honest to mr fletcher id like to say i think its more fergies fault when he said the refs were out of shape and shit…he was never going to get any big decisions again after that…so blame fergie for making the refs your enemies….

    and my last point is rafa is screwed if he doesnt make CL this season and i dont think they will…i think aston villa, mancity, spuds are better than liverpool and they are stuck in a rut and by the time they recover it may be too late….

    they remind me of us last season when we were dropping points and losing against crap teams…but we recovered in time and always had one hand on villas shirt when we were struggling.. but i dont think liverpool have a chance cos theres more competition now…

    we only had villa to compete with for fourth so it was easy…pool have alot of teams to compete with and dont forget everton either….they are doing ok and they have been playing with 2 or 3 17yr old kids at the same time….they have been crippled with injuries and when they all come back they will start to climb, they always do…everton are shit up until xmas every year then go on a mad run and finish 5th..liverpool and benitez better watch out…if everton beat pool in the table for the second time of benitez reign he’ll get the sack, especially if they dont finish for CL either….

  21. JonJon says:

    wow, didnt realise it was that long…got lost in the emotions of football,guys and just let the fingers flow…sorry..

  22. rico says:

    Bloomin heck JonJon, that is one heck of a rant 😉 😉

    I love the Song tribute – did you see the Song post a couple of days ago? i love him 😛

    I have to say this, as much as it pains me though, but I would rather see the Spuds 4th than the Dippers, but only if we finish top 🙂

    JJ, The news about Enke is just awful, especially when you read he lost a child, adopted a child and yet still obvioulsy never got over his loss – so so so very sad…

  23. JonJon says:

    it was very sad rico…such a tradgedy…

    and yes i saw the song post which is why i put alex in there…i wanna see villa or everton in there rico…

    i dont want pool, citeh or the spuds to get 4th…id rather see villa take it…

    and we will win the league…chelsea are our biggest threat and they lose all there best players for 8 games..which is when we pull away.

  24. rico says:

    Raddy, sorry to hear the rain fell on your special day 😦 But I bet it didn’t in any way dampen the occasion 🙂

  25. London says:

    Hi Jonjon

    You had me worried there, I thought the family life thing has mellowed you so much he has forgotten the rules…… someone send that man some red and white tinted glasses quickly!

    When other players dive they are cheating bastards but when one of our players is awarded a penalty it is because we deserve it, now write that out 100 times.

    Actually I knew you were all right when I read further and Fletcher got the bashing he deserves. Good to read something of yours again 😉

  26. JonJon says:

    hi london and thanks..that comment made me chuckle mate…

    i remember talking to you the other day about dudus body language and the possibility of losing rosicky at the end of the season…

    i think wenger will offer rosicky a 2 year which time he’ll be 31 and ramsey and merida will be 20..ready to break through…i think its up to rosicky to take it i feel…then it will be one year deals after that…

    as for dudu…i dont actually think hes being that disruptive..i think he is suffering from a lack of confidence in front of goal, due to the fact hes been made a fool of by uefa and the media and then hes been rotated alot this season..i think dudu was expecting a key role like rvp due to the fact he was out injured so long and was hailed our saviour…but wenger keeps his feet on the ground by using him as a squad player for the majority of the season so far…and its bothering him…

    he may feel refs are targetting him for dives and it may force him abroad..

  27. rico says:

    What a c**p evening i have had, i’m off to bed!! 😉

    You all stay safe and see you tommorow..

  28. Ganesh says:

    Morning Rico .. Im from Chennai, India .. lol its noon here .. And yup Akinfeev will play in Russia vs France .. Jus keep a close eye on him .. He shud do well , or so i guess 🙂

  29. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Hi Ganesh, noon and a tad warmer than here in the UK 🙂

    France are up against ROI in the play offs on Saturday, is the Russia game next week please?

  30. rico says:


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