Get fit Theo, It could be a fun day out……………

What a miserable Tuesday morning, it’s dark, raining and just…. miserable!

On top of that we have no club football to look forward to until the 21st November – that’s eleven days by my calculations..

Had a little peep around for some news, but there is very little. Suppose there won’t be for the next week or so, well not until after the first batch of international friendly’s, then it will be fingers crossed that none of our players pick up any injuries… We have enough already!

After Sunderland on the 21st, the following weekend we take on The Chavs on home soil. News this morning is that Cashley is crocked and could be out for the match against us. It’s always sad to hear that a player is injured, but it Cashley’s case I will be laughing all the way, no doubt with many others too…

Mr Lewin needs to work his hardest on young Theo Walcott and get him fit for the Chelsea match, even if it means he only comes on for 20-30 minutes. No Bridge to cover for Cole so their left side will be very weak and Theo could just have a field day.. Mind you so could Diaby 😉

Cole has some kind of a break, just hope it is not spin and all he has is an ‘international break’!!

Who cares you say…

(Of course, in between the two league games we have a little CL match to play which should secure our place in the play off stages.)

The Mancs are whinging again, well Darren Fletcher to be precise. The ref’s are in the middle of their’ pay back Fergie time’ and are giving free kicks against them that maybe just maybe a few weeks ago wouldn’t have been given. Old Fletcher, the persistent offender thinks that our fine manager is to blame following his comments after the Old Trafford farce!

Get real Fletch, if you commit a foul you give away a free kick, we have had to play by those rules for years, now you have to, get used to it!

Onto a little bit of injury news -poor old Nikki B is off to see a specialist today and it is more than likely that tomorrow he faces the knife for a groin operation, that’s him out for an extra couple of weeks then… I promise I am not smiling as I write that, we don’t need him on the injury list. If Robin picks up an injury we are suddenly struggling up front.

Chamakh, the player I really wanted us to sign has been linked with Manure, please don’t let this be for real, that man should be in red and white come the summer, but not with any hint of black to be seen!

Finally, to leave you all with a smile as big as mine, The Dippers managed a draw at home against Birmingham. Things are picking up then Rafa?

Here’s the top three!! Nice eh ??

Premier League Table – November 9 2009

Pos Team P Pts

1 Chelsea 12 30
2 Arsenal 11 25
3 Manure 12 25

Have a good day, enjoy the rain!


12 Responses to Get fit Theo, It could be a fun day out……………

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Not much of a post Im afraid 😦

  2. rico says:

    I was going to put the top four up, but you know who would have been in there 😉

  3. rico says:

    Its all very quiet here 😦

  4. rico says:

    John Terry says….

    “Liverpool have slipped away a bit and it’s going to be difficult for them to get back in the frame the way the top three are playing. But Arsenal are definitely contenders. They are looking good, playing freeflowing football and scoring lots of goals.

    “It will be interesting to see how they cope if they pick up injuries and lose key players.”

    What a pillock, has he not seen our injury list!!!

  5. rico says:

    AFC have confirmed that Nikki B has to have minor surgery on his groin, lets hope nothing gets in the way 😉 😳

  6. rico says:

    Lansbury – Watford loan is another step up

    By Chris Harris

    Henri Lansbury is relishing the “intensity” of his loan spell with Watford.

    The Arsenal midfielder joined the Hornets in August and is due to stay at Vicarage Road until the end of the year. Lansbury has impressed too, scoring twice in 14 appearances to leave Watford within striking distance of a play-off place in the Championship.

    The 19-year-old had the option of staying at Emirates Stadium for the first half of the season but opted for the cut-and-thrust of English football’s second tier and a regular dose of first-team football. It’s a step up for Lansbury, who spent time on loan in League One last term, and he is clearly enjoying himself.

    “It’s going very well,” he told “We’ve played some good teams and I think we have held our own. It’s another step up for me and it’s another challenge to go in there and play well and show what I can do. The Watford lads have made me feel welcome and I like it there.

    “I definitely notice the intensity at that level. It is a major step-up and when you go to League football, it’s a different level to the Reserves. You go there and you’ve got to win because the players are fighting for their bonuses, they don’t want to lose. It’s a good challenge.

    “I started playing off the front man but now I’ve dropped into central midfield and I think I prefer playing in central midfield and getting involved. I scored my first goals against Sheffield Wednesday and that was a good feeling. I want to press on now and score more.”

    Helping Watford is Lansbury’s number one priority until December 31 but Arsenal is never far from his mind. And that’s hardly surprising when Watford train within a stone’s throw of Arsenal’s own training ground in London Colney.

    “You can hear the Arsenal boys just over the fence!” chuckled Lansbury. “You can hear everyone and [Kieran] Gibbsy says he can always hear me shouting but I’m not sure I’m that loud!”

  7. rico says:

    This bit is quite funny from the above i/v

    “You can hear the Arsenal boys just over the fence!” chuckled Lansbury. “You can hear everyone and [Kieran] Gibbsy says he can always hear me shouting but I’m not sure I’m that loud!”

  8. London says:

    Hello Rico

    I have been a bit busy this morning so I haven’t been able to pitch in but you have been doing a sterling job there.

    I would have thought that it would be a bit intimidating for the Watford players to be training in ear shot of Arsenal.

  9. rico says:

    Hi London, no worries 😉

    I remember Ade Bothroyd saying his first job when he was manager at Watford was to throw all the balls back over the fence – he said that our players needed to get more shooting practice 🙂 he was of course teasing…

    I think the two clubs have a great rapport and a lot of ‘fun’ bewtween eachother.

    Seems Lansbury has his head down and focused on doing well, he went a little astray a few years ago but now he is right back on track…

  10. rico says:

    What a slow old day, well I am out of here for the night, stuff to get done …..

  11. Freire says:

    thanks for the comments.
    Talk to you later!

  12. rico says:

    New Post up

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