Who say’s size matters…………

Friday has arrived, only one day to get through until we play again.

I am just glad November 5th is now over for another year – I don’t like Fireworks!!

Sadly though, nowadays November 5th seems to go on for about a week, so I anticipate more tonight and over the weekend 😦
Few odd bits of gossip around late yesterday evening and early today……..

Juventus are reportedly after Sagna and Eboue, how greedy! They can have one, but it isn’t going to be Sagna!!!

Fran the Man has verbally agreed to sign a new deal but has yet to put pen to paper according to Arsene. Well, what is stopping him signing? Is Diaz trying to get him more money? I don’t know, I just hope it’s sorted out over the next few days and we can stop worrying. Arsene also says that Merida is now ready to be a regular – good, that means you now have Ramsey and Merida ‘ready’, so no Eboue on the right wing tomorrow please!

Back in the summer, each day there would be rumours about Chamakh, I was so desperate for our club to sign him as I just couldn’t see where our goals were going to come from. He has said that right now he is not going to sign a new contact at Bordeaux – however he does add that this does not necessarily mean he will leave next year. Well that says nothing really does it, but should it get to July 1st and he walks away on a free, well I hope he heads our way, the player is on fire right now and scoring goals for fun and I would hate him to end up ‘down the lane’!

But then I think to myself, where would he fit in? We have Arshavin, Van Persie, Eduardo, Vela, Walcott, Simpson and.. I know I have missed someone…. Oh, Nikki B! 😛

I have a cunning plan on how he could fit in, but no-one else would like it, so I will keep quiet! 🙂

Chamakh wouldn’t be prepared a sit on the bench and surely his arrival would spell the end for someone else and add to that, Arsene reckons we have a better strike force now than during the Henry years, so I cant see us getting Chamakh, or any striker unless injuries hit us hard – or should I say harder!!!!

I am not sure I agree with the statement about our current strike force, are we stronger now than when we had Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Freddie, and Vieira?? Surely not!?

I love this story in the Daily Mail about Thomas Vermaelen – I have picked out bits of the article..

Scout -Steve Rowley had drawn a blank after searching for a new CH to replace Toure. Nobody fitted the bill. Then Wenger told him to go watch Vermaelen.

The Ajax defender had so far failed to tick all the required boxes.

Arsenal’s scouts were not alone in their view. Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill twice checked on Vermaelen while Manchester City made many a visit.

Harry Redknapp said recently that Vermaelen had been recommended to him, but mediocre displays at left back and worries about his height had so far put off all concerned. Good, our gain then!

Some feared Vermaelen would be too small for the Premier League -but Wenger had a hunch and his interest had been awakened not by Vermaelen’s spat with Robin van Persie in the Amsterdam tournament two years ago, but by his display in the centre of defence under the Highbury floodlights in 2005.

Vermaelen kept Thierry Henry quiet on that rain-lashed evening, prompting Wenger to store the name of the Belgian, then 20, in his memory bank. Vermaelen remembers it well.

‘My best match against Arsenal was when Thierry Henry was playing here,’ he recalled.
‘The atmosphere at Highbury was not really normal. The crowd was so close. If you made a sliding challenge you almost flew into the spectators.’
On a bumpy pitch, playing in a three-versus-four training match, Vermaelen made Rowley realise just what Wenger had spotted.

Vermaelen gave his all: focused, aggressive and with a leap that defied his lack of height.

‘The scout told me afterwards that he had been hiding in the forest watching me, they know a lot more about me than you think’

The thought of a footie scout hiding in bushes to watch a player makes me smile!!

I just hope they warned his club !!!

I was going to add something about Stan buying Peter Hill-Woods shares taking him to very very near a takeover figure, but the writing seems to be on the wall, and I don’t understand why all the long, drawn out process. Sadly though, what we all can clearly see, is that one day very soon our prestige club will be owned by an American!! At least his name is not Tom Hicks !!

Have a nice day you all ……….


13 Responses to Who say’s size matters…………

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

  2. rico says:

    This is from Irish, left early on the last post…

    Hi Guys,

    Great win against Tottenham – got to see that one live cause it was on at a reasonable hour. Fabregas is on fire at the moment.

    Didn’t get to see the CL game but by all accounts it was a good one. Should top the group although by the way things are going there could be some very tricky ties in the next round with Barca looking in slight trouble.

    As for Kroenke, Wenger and the board seem all for him so he can’t be too bad a thing. I don’t see them selling out the club to someone who would laden us with debt.

    As for the weekend, 1-5 to the Gunners.

    Catch ye all soon.

  3. rico says:

    Morning Irish

    Hope all is good with you, and you are having a fab time.

    The CL game was pretty good, four wonderful goals, AA back near to his best, flicks and tricks back and even Diaby played a decent game, scored a very well taken goal with a finish that Henry would be proud of 😉

  4. rico says:

    Traore and Vela are ‘almost back’, call me an old cynic but I just think that will be after next weekend – the boring international weekend and me thinks Arsene doesn’t want Vela travelling half way around the world….

  5. rico says:

    A long old read, but this is in The Daily Telegraph this morning

    Stan Kroenke has reassured supporters that his involvement with Arsenal will not replicate the controversial takeovers at Manchester United and Liverpool

    With Kroenke on Thursday further upping his stake to 29.9 per cent, there are concerns from other prominent shareholders about the possibility of any future takeover being financed by placing excessive debt against the club’s assets.

    However, under questioning from the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust, Kroenke has allayed fears by pointing out that none of his existing sporting structures in the United States operate in this way.

    Alisher Usmanov offers to pay off chunk of Arsenal’s debtAlthough Kroenke’s precise long-term intentions remain unclear, he is not expected to buy the 71 shares that would trigger a takeover bid before next May at the earliest.

    This is because takeover rules state he would then have to offer the highest price at any stage over the preceding 12 months, with Kroenke paying up to £10,500 per share in a transaction with the Carr Family in May this year.

    Since then, £8,500 appears to have become the established price and he spent £1.7 million on Thursday on 200 shares to consolidate his position while remaining just below the 30 per cent threshold that would require a mandatory bid.

    Kroenke was made an Arsenal director last year and, between them, the board control almost 50 per cent of the shareholding. It means that they can afford to leave Alisher Usmanov and Lady Bracewell-Smith outside the boardroom, despite their combined shareholding in excess of 42 per cent.

    However, the decision of chairman Peter Hill-Wood to sell 100 of his 500 shares has raised eyebrows and is a further sign that the board fully support Kroenke’s emergence as the dominant shareholder.

    It is understood that Hill-Wood was motivated by personal reasons rather than any plan to relinquish his position at Arsenal and end a family history that dates back over three generations and more than 80 years.

    Even so, for Hill-Wood to help deliver Kroenke to the brink of a takeover is some turnaround from his now infamous initial response to the billionaire American in 2007 when he said, “we don’t need his money and don’t need his sort”.

    Much else has changed at Arsenal over the past 2½ years, but one constant has been the air of mystery surrounding Kroenke. It has contributed to the moniker ‘Silent’ Stan and, while that might reflect his public persona, it is an image that is contradicted by an effective strategy of quietly fostering good relationships with key figures at Arsenal.

    Having apologised for his initial remarks, Hill-Wood, for one, now regards Kroenke as “absolutely the right kind of shareholder” and he has clearly also won over Danny Fiszman, a hugely influential director.

    The AST did immediately recognise the potential value of Kroenke’s extensive experience with sports teams and has since been shown around his businesses in Denver.

    In private, Kroenke is described as “gregarious” and he attended a drinks evening for fans last Christmas while also making a point of mingling with shareholders at last month’s annual meeting.

    Most importantly, Arsène Wenger seems comfortable with his involvement. Wenger has predicted that Arsenal will eventually become majority owned and described Hill-Wood’s decision to sell shares to Kroenke as “significant”.

    However, he is confident there will be no change to his own situation and control of the football strategy. “A takeover is not inevitable,” said Wenger. “It can have both a positive and a negative influence, that is the same with every owner.

    “I have spoken with Stan and all the shareholders. I have never asked him about his plans. I believe he is interested in football and in sport in general. I care and worry about my plans. I see that the board are a floor above me and I look downwards towards the team. I take care of what is under my responsibility.”

    Big guns at the Emirates

    Stan Kroenke – Press-shy property developer who made a $2.7 billion (£1.7 billion) fortune from developing malls in US. Bought into Arsenal in April 2007, has spent an estimated £170 million.

    Danny Fiszman – Son of a Belgian couple who fled the Nazis in the Second World War. Made his fortune as a diamond dealer. Was the driving force in the move from Highbury to the Emirates. Lives in Switzerland.

    Peter Hill-Wood – Old school operator: Eton educated before serving in the Coldstream Guards. Inherited the post of chairman from his father in 1982. Excellent cricketer.

    Lady Bracewell-Smith – Born Nina Kakkarin New Delhi, to an Indian diplomat. Shereceived her shareholding from her husband, Sir Charles.

    Alisher Usmanov – Colourful character. Uzbek-born, sent to a labour camp in 1980 for extortion, pardoned in 1986. Fortune of $9.3billion (£5.6billion) from metals and telecoms.

  6. London says:

    Morning Rico

    I enjoyed the post, can you post a link for that Vermaelen interview. Thanks

  7. rico says:

    Morning London

    Secretary Rico has got it for you 😉


  8. rico says:

    Guillem Balague says


    Arsenal: Merida has had no contact with Atletico Madrid

    There has been a lot of speculation over Fran Merida`s future at Arsenal but he has been falsely linked with a move to Atletico Madrid: neither the player nor his agent, Joseba Diaz, has had any contact with the Spanish club.

    The pair have a good relationship with Arsenal and they believe that Arsene Wenger has been exceptionally good for the player.

    Merida`s contract expires at the end of this season and he is scheduled to have a meeting with the London club within a fortnight time to discuss a new deal.

    Merida features in Wenger`s plans, but he is at that vital crossroads that all young players at Arsenal must face: in limbo between nailing a first team place but too good to be playing reserve football. It`s time for Wenger to demonstrate his faith in him, and for Merida, to be patient.

  9. rico says:

    No-one around, so I’m off, later all…

  10. London says:

    “Cesc expects tough Wolves test”…………..Sky Sports Football

    Don’t you wish that once in a while they would say what they really think:

    “Cesc expects to piss on Wolves” ……………London, serial blogger.

  11. Freire says:

    Hello everybody …
    I’m going with a 3-0 to us against Wolves.

    Catch you later!

  12. London says:

    Family is everything to Arsenal star Alex Song

    Song, 22, is married to childhood sweetheart Olivia and they have two sons, Nolan, two and Kaylian, 11 months. But Song also has a staggering 17 sisters and 10 brothers.

  13. rico says:

    Morning London

    New Post is up

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