High time he got the sack…………….

Last week after the fantastic win in the Carling Cup, Fran Merida told afc.com that he wanted to stay at Arsenal and that he hoped his contract would be sorted out very soon. Sadly for Fran, his agent Joseba Diaz hasn’t seen the interview or possibly not even bothered to speak to Merida. Diaz has said he has an illness, well a love for Atletico Madrid which all started when he slept on red and white sheets when he was young!!

Firstly, what a load of b***x, secondly, the boy was born in Barcelona so I doubt if he would have adopted a love for any Madrid side, and finally maybe the love is for us, we play in red and white!! So Diaz, you muppet, I think it’s time that Fran Merida followed in Cesc’s footsteps again, this time though by giving you the sack!!

Diaby has decided to speak to the newspapers; he has suggested we can win the Champions League and the Premiership this season. I agree with you Diaby, we can, sadly though with you playing the way you are right now that chance is slimmer!! May I suggest he goes and tells the boss he needs a rest, we get to see Nasri, Ramsey, Rosicky, Merida or Wilshere instead and our chances to win those titles increase!

Another player who has spoken out AGAIN, is Arshavin, this time though the word ‘tax’ and ‘money’ are nowhere to be seen! No, he has finally seen sense and started to talk about Arsenal and football, he also has belief that this season will be our season. He even says he is really happy at Arsenal, good man! Every season I think that, but this season I really believe we are going to win something, as well as the Carling Cup.

We are right up there in the premiership heading towards the crucial stage of the season. Arsene says December is the month where we can push on towards winning things or can absolutely destroy any chance we have. Well, that kind of makes sense really, the good thing is that many of our sickies will be back or very near to be coming back, I just hope we don’t keep adding to the list.

Clichy is now out for a stretch as he has a stress fracture to his lower back, but Rosicky and Nasri were training yesterday so that’s good news.
The Clichy injury is bad news, but also spooky; remember the last season we lost our previous left back for a long period??
Me too, so maybe the same will happen, this time though, no sendings off in the final, and we come away with the trophy in our cabinet.

Talking of which, tonight we play AZ Alkmaar at home. Win this game and we secured qualification so I hope Arsene selects the strongest eleven to start the game, get the game put to bed early on and give a few subs a good run out!

The Mancs and The Russians both secured their places in the next round last night, let’s now make sure we do the same, only by winning and not by having to scramble back for a 3-3 draw having been 3-1 down, and what a lucky goal the third was!

Tonight could and should be a night for celebration in my house, not only because we are going to win, and win well, but instead of Coronation Street on ITV, a different soap, well I rather hope a drama will be shown – yep it will be Liverpool in France being knocked out of the Champions League, eeee’ and I can’t wait!! Have I ever mentioned that I don’t like Liverpool? 😛

AZ will be confident; we will need to be focused. The goal they scored two weeks ago will give them belief, belief that they can come to us and attack from the start. That will be good for us, the game will open and we will able to play ‘our way’.

Almunia needs to be on form, they have said he is our weakness, but I don’t think so tonight. He did pretty well against the Spuds, especially after a long break and having suffered what he has. Tonight Almunia will show us all what he can do, why he is our No1 keeper.

Sagna TV Gallas Gibbs
Nasri Cesc Song Rosicky
Van Persie Arshavin
Subs – Merida, Eboue, Senderos, Vela, Eduardo, Wilshere, Mannone

That’s mine, but I know Arsene will have Diaby in there 🙂

Have a great footie day, I can’t wait!!

94 Responses to High time he got the sack…………….

  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    4-1 for me tonight 😛

  2. London says:

    Morning Rico

    What a great post, I am now convinced that you are taking great post pills.

    I think you mentioned yesterday that you would like to have a go at the report tonight…please go ahead, don’t take any notice of me. I look forward to reading it.

    3-1 for me tonight.

  3. rico says:

    Morning London,

    Its ammended – just checking you read it 😉 😉

    Match reports and me don’t go together 😦

  4. rico says:

    Thanks for you kind words London, glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂

  5. rico says:

    Something to mull over and maybe have a giggle at 😉 😉

    Arsène Wenger admits that it is difficult to curb Abou Diaby’s attacking instincts.

    The French midfielder has been a regular in the Arsenal side this season, starting 13 games in all competitions. That in itself is a notable achievement for a player whose career has been punctuated by injuries but Diaby’s most productive position still seems to be up for debate.

    Many tipped him to succeed Gilberto and Mathieu Flamini as the defensive foil to Cesc Fabregas but Alex Song has grown into that role while Diaby has been stationed on the left flank, behind the strikers or as a forward-thinking third of a midfield trio.

    According to Wenger, the 23-year-old’s penchant for attack will ultimately lead him into an advanced role in the team. However the manager wants Diaby to marry his natural instincts with the discipline to do his defensive duties when required.

    “I must say he is attracted like a magnet by the opponent’s goal,” said Wenger.

    “You do not want to take that out of the players when they are at such a young age but what we can be as well is a little bit more controlled. We do not need to have seven players running forward when you are 1-0 or 2-1 up with five minutes to go. That is something I have told him to take responsibility for in the team.

    “He likes to play up front just behind the strikers and in time going on he will want to play there. But he is such a strong player in the challenge that I think he will play later in his career a bit deeper in front of the defenders. He is very quick and when he wins the ball he can accelerate the game and I can see him playing deeper.

    “I think he has done extremely well since he came in. He gives us a good mixture because he is a player who is very strong in the challenge and we have been before a little bit criticised for being capable of being intimidated.

    He is very strong in the challenge, good in the air, has a work rate and gives us good balance in midfield.”

    Arsene – Maybe you should go to SpecSavers !!!

  6. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Great post rico 😉

    Typical Arsene …… starts bigging up Diaby when he knows the fans aren’t impressed and persists with him despite numerous poor performances …. but leaves Merida to rot in the reserves and then plays him when it’s too late and he’s refusing to sign a new contract. Merida will be twice the player Diaby is – unfortunately that potential looks likely to be realised elsewhere …. this is the sort of scenario where DD would have stepped in and man-managed the man manager 😦

  7. London says:

    We just know that Diaby is going to be the first name on the team sheet tonight.

    By the way, I like your team selection for tonight, if you think about it, that is the best team in the world, I know I am biased but it really is the team that everyone wants to see, you could even take Song out and play Walcott next to RVP and Arshavin in a 4.3.3 I would be very confident if that team was chosen to face Barcelona.

  8. rico says:

    Morning Rasp – and glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    I agree, Dein would not be sat back waiting for Merida, he would be pursuing him and getting things sorted. Maybe Diaz is just trying to gee them up a bit. I sure hope so as I would be so sad to see him go – Diaby will never be as good as Merida is already…

  9. peachesgooner says:

    Morning all

    The Times has devoted more inches to the new purchase of shares by Kroenke than to our game tonight.

    I’m looking forward to proper cold autumn football this evening – no rain I hope though. Champions League nights are fantastic 🙂

    Great post rico – I hope you’ll be flicking and not glued to the pool game 😀

  10. peachesgooner says:

    rasp – you’ve still got pink boots – what happened to Arshavin?

  11. London says:

    Morning Rasp

    I know it is a bit early for a difference of opinion but you know what I am like.
    It is worth remembering that the halo that is forming, as we speak, over Saint David Dien is not without blemishes: he was responsible for the Edu deal going ashtray as well the Ashley Cole embarrassment; that was the worst piece of football man management I have ever seen.
    We should be clear, if Wenger wants Merida to stay then he will stay in the same way that Fabregas stays, but if Merida goes it will be with Wenger’s tacit approval.

  12. Rasputin says:

    Morning rico / peaches …..

    rico, I predict that Merida will be a regular in the Spanish national team alongside Cesc in 3 years time. I’m afraid that he is going. I thought Eastmond did brilliantly, but it must have p’d Fran off that he just walked into the CC side when he has been knocking on the first team door for a while now and his appearances have been minimal.

    peaches – I’m AA on my monitor, are you in google or Firefix?

  13. peachesgooner says:

    Morning London

    Hadn’t Ashley Cole already been tapped up by the chavs before he swerved his car on hearing that he was going to be offered £5,000 less than he thought…..

    Agree about Edu though and don’t mention Vieira going within rasps earshot ……

    The thing about David Dein is/was that after he left Arsene had to do a lot of the work that would have been done by him as the club didn’t replace him. Does Ivan fit the bill…..only time will tell

  14. peachesgooner says:

    I’m in Firefox – what are you in?

  15. Rasputin says:

    Morning London,

    It’s not too early … I’m up for it 😛

    No-one’s career is without blemishes. I don’t see DD with a halo! It is ironic in the extreme that the man he wanted to bring in to the club and was banished over, is now about to make a takeover bid and is the Board’s preferred option.

    What evidence do you have that DD was responsible for the A’Cole debacle? My understanding was that he tried to keep him and made the original offer of £60K but the Board dug their heels in and reduced the figure when it came to the contract. I don’t think it would have made any difference any way as the little toerag had been seduced by the supposed bright lights and russian millions and would have gone whatever figure we offered.

  16. rico says:

    All the time he is with us Rasp and telling us he wants to stay, I will hope and pray 😦 Arsene stopped him going on loan as he wants him to be part of the first team, so keep fingers and toes crossed.

    Your prediction for him and Spain, spot-on, why oh why do they not get it sorted.

    Morning peaches, and thanks 🙂

    I won’t be flicking or watching the Dippers peaches, just keeping my eyes on the tab bar with the scores on screen 😉

  17. Rasputin says:

    It wasn’t DD’s decision to let Vieira go, Arsene sanctioned it … he has stated publicly that he let him go because he didn’t want to hamper Cesc’s and other emerging players development.

  18. peachesgooner says:

    I’ve just switched to google and your ying yang is still on there ❓

  19. London says:

    I have just realised that I accidently moved into the Cashley affair: a dull, tedious piece of history, so I will move on.

  20. Rasputin says:

    I think you need a new laptop peaches – I’m suffering from multiple personality syndrome … I’ll be Henry 8th next 😆

  21. peachesgooner says:

    Well its nice to see your ying yang shining brightly out of the screen but I’m going back to firefox now maybe Arshavin will come alive later 😆

  22. rico says:

    Sky Sports have picked up on the Merida/Atletico story today…

    That has to be good news, now the club or Merida will have a comment to make – they usually do 😉

    Guess we will have to ‘watch this space’

  23. peachesgooner says:

    Didn’t Merida already do an interview last week to say that he wanted to stay but that he had turned down a recent 5 year offer and that contract negotiations were taking place……

  24. London says:

    I hadn’t seen your 9.38 when I commented.

    To answer, I, of course, have no evidence as I was not there but my view has been formed by the much commented on £5000 difference between what Cole wanted and what we offered. I believe that to let an, as important player as he was, go over a difference of £5000 only high lights Dien’s arrogance in his refusal to find a compromise; I don’t accept the idea that the board would not sanction the extra £5000, Dien had all the power he needed to sanction it himself but chose not to and as a result we lost him, this to me is bad man management.

  25. rico says:

    He did peaches, just after the Liverpool game,

    Merida – I hope to get a new Arsenal contract

    By Nick Teale

    Fran Merida is hopeful of securing a new contract at Arsenal and says the team has nobody to fear in the hunt for Carling Cup glory.

    The midfielder scored his first Gunners goal on Wednesday night with a fearsome shot into the top corner to help Arsenal defeat Liverpool 2-1.

    The 19-year-old’s contract expires at the end of the season but the Spaniard has revealed he is looking to get a new deal after opening discussions with the Club.

    “At the moment I am talking to the Club so I don’t know what is going to happen,” he said.

    “I am really happy here so hopefully everything is going to be OK. We are going to sit down and talk about [a new contract].”

    Merida was delighted with the victory over Liverpool and is now looking ahead to the Quarter-Final draw, suggesting Arsenal are ready to take on anyone.

    “I scored my first goal for the Club so I am really happy and also because the team won against a really tough side,” he said.

    “The Carling Cup is really important for young players. We have to show what we can do and also enjoy it because we don’t get many first-team games.

    “We know that it will be a really tough cup because there are some strong teams left in the competition.

    “There is no-one to fear because we can beat anyone.

    “Last year we lost away so maybe people think we are not as strong away but I think we can win at home or away.”

    [Thursday, October 29, 2009]

  26. Rasputin says:

    London – thanks for your reply, but that is pure speculation … you have no evidence….

  27. rico says:

    I think the club would have paid it, however, after the little runt went and met Chelsea behind the clubs back, he was history…..

    Who cares now – we have Gibbs 😛

  28. London says:


    I didn’t mean it to be anything other than speculation. My aim was to explain how my view was formed.

  29. Rasputin says:

    London, OK – let’s move on as you said 😉

  30. London says:

    Yep I agree

    I am looking forward to seeing Gibbs playing tonight, I was very impressed with his against Liverpool. This spell could be the making of him.

  31. peachesgooner says:

    I thought thats what he said………

  32. London says:

    What is going on?

    Delete comments relating to who?

  33. London says:

    I’m confused

  34. rico says:

    Me too London, Gibbs will grow and grow now if he is going to be as good as we think he will. It may just be fate..

  35. rico says:


    Relating to me – so I deleted it 😉

  36. Freire says:

    Hello everybody. Good morning!.

    I’ll go with a !2-0! victory tonight.

    Great post, Rico… I laughed when you wrote our chances would be smaller if Diaby plays. LOL.

  37. rico says:

    Morning Freire

    Glad it made you chuckle…. 🙂

  38. Freire says:

    Sorry asking, rico, i don’t remember…where do you live? England ?

  39. rico says:

    Well, Well Well…..

    Arsenal: Stan Kroenke set for massive cash windfall04 November 2009

    Kroenke, the American billionaire who is the majority shareholder in English soccer club Arsenal, is set for a major cash windfall from the sale of the St Louis Rams.

    Kroenke, who also owns the Colorado Rapids, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, owns 40 per cent of the Rams, valued as the world’s 58th most valuable property in a SportsPro special report earlier this year. Kroenke invested US$200 million for his 40 per cent stake, and would expect a sizeable profit if the franchise owners do, as expected, agree to sell the club.

    Whether Kroenke would use that cash to help fund a full takeover of Arsenal remains to be seen. Kroenke and fellow shareholder Alisher Usmanov have spent tens of millions adding to their stakes in the club in 2009, with Kroenke recently making a number of small investments whenever shares become available.

    However, while the American’s steady approach to the 29.9 per cent mark that would oblige him to make an offer for the remaining shares in the team worries some, Arsenal chief executive Gazidis believes it is not a tactic he would take if he wanted to complete a buy-out.

    •Kroenke moves within touching distance of Arsenal takeover
    •Arsenal chief executive Gazidis delighted with club’s financial strength
    “I don’t know that it [a takeover] is inevitable. I think, again, the club has been very public about its desire to operate a self-sustaining business model, and I think all of our owners, those on the board and those outside the board, have subscribed to that philosophy. Certainly anyone that’s been buying shares understands that this is a self-sustaining business model that they’re buying into,” Gazidis was quoted as saying by The Leader, the news service provided by the Leaders in Football conference.

    “Whether or not that turns into a takeover bid only those shareholders can ultimately speak too, but I think the fact that nobody has taken their shareholding over 30 per cent, and that 30 per cent number doesn’t seem to be a threshold that is imminently going to be crossed, indicates that we don’t see a move for a takeover at least at this point.”

  40. rico says:

    Sure do Freire – South East England

  41. peachesgooner says:

    Ooooooh look at this that someone posted on another site
    – the yummy one, hes so fantastic

  42. rico says:

    I saw that peaches, now i wonder where you have been 😉 😉 😉

  43. Freire says:

    Nice! I wonder how would be your (all) british accent. Really love to hear it from english ppl 😛

    About Kroenke, I didn’t understand: will he make a bid for the takeover or not? :S my poor english :S

  44. rico says:

    That is a million dollar question Freire, he is gradually buying more and more which suggests his intention is to bid for a takeover – at least if he does and the sale of St Louis Rams goes through he will have a bit more money to spend…

    Hopefully that money will buy us all 2/3 players we need 😉

  45. rico says:

    Off for a short while, got to go chop some wood for the fire 😉 😉

  46. Freire says:

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Arsenal to be sold :S We would have more money to spend, but not if Wenger continues with us. He will have money and will not spend it all.

  47. rico says:

    Stan and Ivan may force his hand in the transfers Freire – if there is money to spend 😉 😉

  48. Rasputin says:

    The last goal in peaches’ Vela clip was an excellent through pass/assist from Gibbs – this lad has the potential to be better than them all (AC & GC)

  49. rico says:

    I think he is faster too Rasp, and certainly crosses better than Clichy is at the moment..

    It was good to see Sagna get a few crosses in on Saturday

  50. peachesgooner says:

    I was there for that goal……it was soooooooo amazing how he chested the ball through 2 players and then chipped the goalie – what a star – tell me again why hes not playing 😦

  51. peachesgooner says:

    rico – do you see pink boots or Arshavin for rasps avatar?

  52. rico says:

    Tonight peaches, tonight 😉

    Actually he is shown as still being injured, just might have to put Sky Sports on, might be some squad news announced

  53. rico says:

    Arshavin today peaches

  54. peachesgooner says:

    😦 must be only me then 😦

  55. charybdis1966 says:

    Hello all, are you going to the S + B pre match Peaches ? I am but may be at the mercy of public transport so it may be a late call.

  56. rico says:

    Hi chary…bet you can’t wait to get there 🙂

    That’s strange then peaches, isn’t anything AR site wise that is to blame, if so and you tell me what to do I will try ….

  57. London says:

    “The Yummy One” your on a roll this week Peaches, seems like your coining a new phrase everyday “Run Cesc Run”

  58. charybdis1966 says:

    Sure can’t Rico – although it’s brass monkeys out there now and by the final whistle I will probably be one human popsicle.

  59. rico says:

    😛 chary – its raining here, hope it doesnt reach The Emirates 😦

  60. Big Raddy says:

    Snowing here !!

    I am going 3-0.

    Looking forward to seeing Gibbs have a run in the side. It is important that AA helps him out and offers advice.

  61. Freire says:

    We are cooking here in Brazil. Too much hot today … I still have a dream to see the snow once in my life :S

  62. rico says:

    Snow Raddy??? That’s a tad early in the year 😦

    Freire, you are lucky 😉

  63. peachesgooner says:

    London 😆

    I can’t take the credit for ‘Run Cesc Run’ cos mine was ‘Go Cesc Go’…….but the ‘Yummy One’ is mine through and through 😛

  64. rico says:

    peaches – I have to sit here with my halo and admit that was me who said ‘Run Cesc Run’, it was after his interview when he said he ‘started running and didn’t stop’ Forrest Gump came into my mind 😉 😉

  65. rico says:

    I have just watched a documentary on Fleetwood Mac – WOW!! 😉 What a band, and I loved them before I watched that…..

  66. peachesgooner says:

    I thought it was you rico….

    Which Fleetwood Mac the earlier or the later?

  67. rico says:

    Through the years peaches, right up until today, the drugs, the million guitar players who came and left for different reasons, the break ups, affairs and oxygen bottles on the Tusk tour 😉 😉

    I had smiles, tears and foot tapping 😉

  68. Big Raddy says:

    There are stories about FMac that are legendary (and no doubt libellous). Bet they didn’t include them !!

    Fine band until the drugs finished their creativity

  69. peachesgooner says:

    Hi Raddy – busy time for you – sweeping away the snow 😆

  70. Big Raddy says:

    Sure is Peaches.

    I am working on my speech for tomorrow 😉

    Thankfully the snow didn’t settle. Why are you still at home? Less than 2 hrs to kick off…

  71. rico says:

    It was quite open and honest Raddy, but I don’t know the stories so I can’t say whether they were included 😉

    Cant believe at one stage after they saked their manager they would all travel in seperate limo’s because of the breakups…

    £25,000 just to keep them on the road for one day, and that was yonks ago!!

  72. rico says:

    Hope it’s a winning speech Raddy 😉 😆

  73. peachesgooner says:

    I’ve got a bad foot so I’m gonna go straight to the ground and try not to do too much walking – don’t need to leave till almost 7.

    Good luck with your speech and hope its a lovely day 🙂 Are you calm, did you buy new lucky socks for tomorrow 😉

  74. rico says:

    I thought it was pants 😉 😳

  75. rico says:

    What have you done to your foot peaches ??

    You mind the crowds later 😦

  76. Big Raddy says:

    Not for tomorrow Rico…… I am getting married !!

    Peaches. I don’t need luck with this one….

  77. peachesgooner says:

    If only I knew………it hurts thats the worst part 😦

  78. peachesgooner says:

    Raddy – thats very nice to know, I’m feeling all warm for you ….. 🙂

  79. Big Raddy says:

    Thanks Peaches. Did you receive my apology?

  80. rico says:

    Wow Raddy, that is wonderful news, I truly wish you and the future Mrs Raddy all the very best in life, may you continue to be very happy together 🙂 🙂

    Just go steady peaches…

  81. Big Raddy says:

    Thanks Rico.Nice to get a cyber hug……

  82. Big Raddy says:

    Zimmer frame Peaches ?

  83. rico says:

    There is a HUGE one heading your way right now 🙂

  84. rico says:

    Off for dinner, enjoy the game all 😛

  85. peachesgooner says:

    No I didn’t Raddy so thats 2 you owe me now – Zimmer frame indeed 😦

    Right, thermals on, Chary just texted me to say its freezing and I’m of to catch a train.

    Raddy, hope you and your lovely lady have a perfect day tomorrow and forever xx

    Enjoy the game all….. 😛

  86. JonJon says:

    5-0 tonight guys..


    i think the team selection is good…new Fb’s but the old FB’s werent playing super football anyway..

    nasri in.. 😉

    i want to see tomas on for diaby at some point but otherwise good team…

  87. Freire says:

    Does anybody has a stream for the poor brazilian on the blog?

  88. Freire says:

    Does any body have* a stream?

  89. Freire says:

    ‘ve already found one. thanks anyway.

  90. Freire says:

    Cesc i love you.

  91. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters – great game, great result and dare I say it, a great performance by Diaby. Ok the latter is a bit OTT, but he was so much better.

    The down side of the night was us giving away a cheap goal, but at least we were 4-0 up and all but qualified, unlike another team who gave away a last gasp goal to draw and totally muck up their qualification 🙂 🙂

    Eboue was a tad frustrating at times, but great result.

    Rasp – hope the following pleases you as much as it does me 🙂

    FRAN MERIDA is set to thrash out a new two-year deal and stay Arsenal.
    The Spanish teenager, who scored a stunner in last week’s Carling Cup win over Liverpool, is out of contract at the end of the season.

    Boss Arsene Wenger blocked a loan move to Levante last season. But fears have been mounting that he could quit the Emirates for nothing and return to his homeland.

    Atletico Madrid are desperate to snap up Merida, 19, along with a host of other La Liga clubs.

    But his agent, Joseba Diaz, insists the young striker wants to stay a Gunner.

    Diaz said: “I am coming to London to discuss a new two-year deal with Arsenal with whom we have a very warm relationship.”

  92. rico says:

    Stuff to do 😦

    Catch you all later

  93. London says:

    Ive got a bit of a post

  94. London says:

    New Post

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