The Magnificent 10 (and Diaby).

Jonjon’s view on Yesterday’s game.

I had to talk about the game as I was about to burst inside..

That was magnificent, that performance showed many aspects of the new improved 2009-10 team…

A while ago, I think it was Ave and me that talked about the fact that if we learned to finish off our chances we dont need to worry about defending…if we could learn how to finish, it wouldn’t matter if the opposition knock a few past you cos you’d hit more past them…

Thats what happened today. and its also happened a few other times this season.

I like the fact that we had 6 different goal scorers..I think Wengers told them that they need to all start chipping in seeing as though we dont have an ‘assasin’ as such..and he wants to prove everyone wrong…he’s in stubborn mode over everyone’s actions over selling Ade…the media, the fans, ex-players have all said we need a new striker….Wengers thought f**k you all, “I’ll show you we need one” and he’s had them doing nothing but shooting all summer in training…and we hit some 25-30 yard screamers….it was beautiful to watch…

But how do you get only three minutes injury time for 3 goals 6 subs and a physio on the field????????????? maybe they felt sorry for Blackburn.

Cesc was f**king amazing….his goal was excellent…and David Platt can f**k right off….he said it wasn’t the best shot and when Cesc kissed the badge Platt said it doesn’t mean anything…Cesc’s interview was just quality…could anyone imagine what Ade would of said??? well, we dont need to imagine, we all heard what he said…

Well done that man….Cesc your a legend…

I’m taping that game and I’m saving it in my collection of one of Arsenal’s greatest performances….cos I think it was…

if we can play like that all season, we’ll win the lot….

Avenell’s player ratings..

Mannone.. 6. Vito came back down off the pedestal that we all put him on with there first goal, terrible positioning got sucked in to where he couldn’t either get to a cross or make a save. made some spectacular saves after, but then against a stronger team the damage could have already been done. or if it happened later in a game. He will learn from yesterday though.

Sagna.. 7. Good defensive performance, still a little bit wooden going forwards with his interplay and his crosses but he was the man for the job against Blackburn.

Gallas.. 7.5. A good solid performance he is still our main defender even though Vermaelen is taking the headlines. Blackburn’s second goal came off his leg but he should have never been exposed one on one in that position.

Vermaelen. 8.. Wow I want to see this geezer have a go in the Midfield, I think he could be the next Patrick Vieira there, tackles, passes well and what can I say about his shooting. RvP needs to keep having lessons off this man. Still a little dodgy defensively and never won the header for Blackburns first.

Clichy 7.5. Getting back to his old self, his offensive nature helped keep Blackburn pinned back in there own half. I would like to see more end result for all his attacking. He linked up well with Arshavin and Diaby.

Song.. 7. He again had a really good game, except I would blame him for Blackburn’s second, he was trotting back without a care in the world to defend, Flamini would have bust a gut to get back into our penalty area. Some good forward passing and his dribbling is un orthodox but he seems to be making some time in his play to pick out passes rather than rushing it.

Diaby.. 5. This man needs to do better, we all know he can but doing it in flashes isn’t good enough. This was an ideal game for him to shine and with so many quality players around him it was the ideal chance. we can afford one passenger in a game but when Denilson comes back and Song is in the middle we will see the old Diaby again.

Fabregas.. 9.9. I don’t actually think Cesc is playing much better than he normally does, his game improves with the quality players he has around him and it is no coincidence that he has played his best game for a while with Arshavin and Rosicky in the team. How long have we been saying it?? Nasri in for Diaby and we probably have our strongest 11 out there.

Rosicky. 8. This is the man we have missed and he is getting stronger with every game. he is covering making himself available to Song, picking the ball up from the defenders. taking a whole bunch of weight of Cesc. skillful but can do the dirty work too.

Arshavin.8.. A real live wire can always do the unexpected. doesn’t do quite so much donkey work as Tomas but still does a bit, very direct with his breaks and moves the ball very fast, that is what we missed last season.

RvP.. 8.5.. This is one of Robins best performances in an Arsenal shirt, he still has a tendency to slow the play down as he has difficulty in controlling the ball sometimes, but a real awkward customer when he is on form. He as Jonjon said last night seems to play better when he is on the edge, a bit like another Dutchman we all knew.


Ramsey.. 7 .. played well looked very much like Cesc. sprayed the ball around. It’s a lot easier when the pressure is off though.

Walcott.. 7.. Came on and looked lively, took his goal well so that should help his confidence. needs to get that ball under control quicker so he can use it quicker and not take four touches.

Bendtner..6.5 .. tried really hard as usual, I am pleased he scored because that took some of his doubters of his back.. (for a day).

All in all fantastic entertainment,  thanks Arsene..

27 Responses to The Magnificent 10 (and Diaby).

  1. avenell says:

    Sorry if some of the stuff the Roadsters said today is repeated, but I was about to put it on this morning but WordPress went down and when I got it back London had beaten me to it.
    It was all wrote last night and this morning Guv.. honest. 😉

  2. JonJon says:

    nice one ave, you did a good job on that…

    i like the fact u raised flamini 😉

    your right about tomas as well…i remember we all laughed when London said tomas could be our DM..but it turns out its true…he a mobile player and gets stuck in..hes an excellent player weve missed him a lot….he fits our style completey…

    as for rvp..i remember when he was younger in holland he learned to play football,playing in cages…a type of street football,where you show off your trcks and flix but dirty play is allowed…hes a fiery characther and a nasty piece of work once hes out there and i think hes been trying to harness it but hes not the same player….the last few games hes got nasty again and it make him better for it…

  3. JonJon says:

    i like the look on wengers face watching him…he knows hes got a gem…

  4. avenell says:

    I haven’t got the speakers plugged in but Ace Ventura.. lol..

  5. JonJon says:

    villa v shieky on now.. this should be gud…come on villa

  6. London says:

    Hi guys

    That was definitely a post that was bursting to get out. Lol. All good fun, I chuckled when the name Flamini came up, I was thinking they are the Flamini boys 😉 the fact that you are right has got nothing to do with it. Lol. The Vermaelen for midfield campaign is gathering pace, basically he is a Flamini times two, that’s to say if you take all of Flamini’s attributes and double them, you have Vermaelen.

  7. JonJon says:

    that would be a good idea london but whats your ideal defensive partnership??? becuase the current one we have is my number one….i want tommy gun to stay at CB

  8. rico says:

    Now then, when is my next bus 😛

  9. London says:

    Perhaps he has a brother, I’m not sure. It’s possible with a Djourou/Gallas partnership, I suppose.

    I have just been watching the battle for 5th place, it all looks so familiar: one nil down and relying on Greedy, ooooh the frustration.

    Spare a thought for Richard Dunne: could there be any bigger insult that to tell him that he has to be sold to balence the books FFS. The owner lent 500 mil to Barclays Bank last October and sold the shares for 1.5 Billion in May, it would have been more polite to say “We think you’re shite” I would have celebrated my arse off if I had scored that goal

    And Toure!!! He looks like a dinasaur after watching Vermaelen.

  10. rico says:

    Great post ave JonJon 😉

    I am very much against TV being used as a CM alongside Cesc, for many seasons we have all been whinging about AW changing players positions to suit a ‘gap’ ! (Rightly so too) TV is an awesome CH, not only because of the way he plays but the way he has got Gallas back into top form – The back four isn’t really broken, so why think about changing it ??

    I am however with coadie’s views on Flamini, he left us for more money, you reap what you sow in life..

    Thats all from me folks, some may think that’s enough 😉

    night all

  11. avenell says:

    Thanks rico.. night night.

    Wengers changing position thing worked with Henry to a degree and Ralph.. TV looks a natural all rounder to me.

  12. JonJon says:

    Tv is an all rounder but all great teams have a ball playing CB…

    but is nice to know that he can play a good number of positions..

    petit was the same but wenger had good enough defenders back then to be able to push petit into the middle…currently i just dont think we have the defenders available to push TV into the middle…leave him at CB and if we need a new midfielder dip into the transfer funds and buy one…

    right im off guys..i’ll try be on later in the week…

  13. rico says:

    Morning Roosters

    What a miserable morning, sums up how I feel too knowing we have no club footie to look forward to 😦

    Citeh managed to steal a point then in the end – good for us though, the more points they drop the better 🙂

  14. rico says:

    Arsene obviously loves chocolates, the Belgium ones 😉

    Rumours are we are poised to move for Standard Liege midfielder Steven Defour who will cost around £8million…

  15. rico says:

    Defour is currently injured with a broken foot, this sure sonds like a Wenger buy 😉

  16. kelsey says:

    Good Morning,

    Haven’t been able to post for a few days due to personal circumstances.i have read both of yesterday’s posts and having now watched the game it brought a smile to my face to see the fluency and breath taking display,which we all knew was possible.

    The main difference this season is that we are not reliant on a single striker anymore, with 15 different goalscorers already on target.There is no question that the 4-3-3 with interchangable players is bemusing the opposition though this will always have the possibility of being caught on the counter attack.

    I think Cesc gave the performance of any one footbaler in the PL so far this season, as in Arshavin,Rosicky and RVP and Nasri and Eduardo to come back,he can play with truly great players who understand his thought process.

    Vermaelen is a revelation and really is an attacking defender and his one and only slip which led to the first goal was abruptly pushed aside by his wonder goal.His partnership with Gallas is now quite impressive and my only concern is that have we got sufficent cover for either of them.

    Song is still prone to the odd mistake,again mainly when tracking back, but he is improving dramatically.

    Then there is Diaby,who though he had a reasonable game showed he is not in the same class as our players mentioned above who played alongside Cesc.

    Competition for places is what we need and Bedntner,Theo and Vela now have a benchmark to really establish themselves as an alternative.

    Manonne never ever expected to play,and he is a rookie and can only give his best.

    I heard that Almunia and his wife have personal issues and she ants to go back to Spain and that Denilson may be out for the whole season.

    Finally, I think the club did not organize very well the appearance of TH14 as most who were not in their seats were caught unaware as to his presence.Nevertheless the reception he got was tremendous.

  17. rico says:

    Morning kelsey

    Has the Almunia rumour started in Spain? Its a strange one isn’t it as he has been touting himself for the England team, could explain why his chest infection has lasted so long..

    Not good for Denilson – maybe thats why AW is looking a Defour, mind you I don’t know how much truth is in that story

  18. kelsey says:

    Morning rico,

    Both are only reports,but the spanish press have mentioned domestic problems, and not all spanish players settle in England.having lived in both countries I can see that there might be difficulties i.e. reyes. but how long does a chest infection last and if one thinks logically Almunia would be first choice notVito.

    As far as Denilson is concerned,a chipped bone in

    his back is no laughing matter and shall we say that

    to be nack in two months on our website page, is at

    the least very optimistic.I don’t wish him to be

    injured but who knows,I heard from quite a reliable


    Yesteday we sid goodbye to Rocky,after 8 years as part of our family.he suffered no pain in the end but it is quite upsetting for us both.

  19. rico says:

    That is very sad kelsey, very sad 😦

  20. rico says:

    Always good to beat The Chavs, no matter which Gunners side it is 😛

    Arsenal Reserves continued their impressive start to the season with a 2-0 win over London rivals Chelsea at Underhill.

    Craig Eastmond and Sanchez Watt scored the goals in another convincing display from Neil Banfield’s young Gunners.

    Arsenal made four changes with James Shea, Armand Traore, Francis Coquelin and most notably Mikael Silvestre all coming in. Wojciech Szczesny, Ignasi Miquel, Roarie Deacon and Phillipe Senderos made way.

    For the visitors the main attraction was Joe Cole, captaining the side as he looked to improve his match fitness following a lengthy spell on the sidelines with a knee-ligament injury.

    Arsenal dominated possession early on but only had a string of half-chances to show for it. With 14 minutes played Watt turned his defender and then beat Chelsea keeper Ross Turnbull to the ball.

    With the net empty Watt knocked the ball to Kerrea Gilbert who tried his luck from a tight angle. The right-back’s shot curled at the right moment but sailed marginally over the crossbar.

    Eastmond broke the deadlock 22 minutes in, capping off a fine Arsenal move. Randall played the ball to a central Watt who knocked the ball left for Gilles Sunu. The French forward’s cross found its way through to Eastmond who tapped home at the near post.

    Chelsea could have been level four minutes later after Fabio Borini won a free-kick 25 yards out. Defender Jeffrey Bruma came forward to take it and would have been disappointed to see his placed effort hit the top of the post.

    Nacer Barazite went agonisingly close two minutes later. Randall won the ball in the midfield and slipped it through to the Dutchman but the 19-year-old fired his shot inches wide of the far post.

    With 10 minutes of the first-half remaining Watt was presented with a golden opportunity to double Arsenal’s lead. Sunu threaded through to Traore who sent a low cross into the area. Watt beat his man to the ball but fired his shot over the bar.

    Chelsea introduced Milan Lalkovic at half-time with Daniel Philliskirk making way but it was Arsenal left-back Traore who had the first chance of note in the second-half, his long-range drive crashing just wide of Turnbull’s goal.

    Watt’s trickery forced Bruma into a foul 30 yards from goal shortly afterwards. Randall took the free-kick and, though it dipped late, it always looked to be heading over.

    Eight minutes into the second period Silvestre tackled Borini just outside the area. The loose ball fell kindly for the Chelsea striker but Shea was able to intercept his backheel towards Cole.

    The visitors from west London made their second change shortly before the hour-mark with Danny Mills introduced in place of Sam Hutchinson.

    With 66 minutes played Arsenal’s lead was doubled. Barazite intercepted a cross-field ball on the right and drove forward. Cutting inside he passed the ball forward to Watt who sent the ball through the legs of Turnbull and into the back of the net.

    Arsenal were well on their way to a fourth win in four.

    Banfield made a double substitution after 73 minutes. Rhys Murphy and Emmanuel Frimpong replaced goalscorers Eastmond and Watt.

    With 10 minutes left Shea received lengthy treatment for a foot injury, but with no keeper on the bench he remained on the pitch.

    Chelsea made their final change two minutes late. Joshua McEachran came on in place of Jacopo Sala and the visitors were handed another opportunity on 83 minutes with a free-kick right on the edge of the area. Bruma struck it powerfully but the Arsenal wall did its job.

    In the last minute Sunu won a free-kick on the right edge of the area. Randall curled it around the outside of the wall but Turnbull saw it wide.

    Seeing the fourth official display five minutes of stoppage time may have given Chelsea a brief moment’s hope, but Arsenal maintained possession comfortably in the closing minutes.

    The Gunners’ 100 per cent start to the season continues.

  21. rico says:

    Talking of the Chavs, Spaghetti wants Paddy in January….

    One problem there old chaps, you are banned from buying, oh and add to that Paddy wouldn’t entertain the thought of joining you 😉

  22. rico says:

    Tee Hee – Neil Banfield really has learned a lot from Arsene Wenger…..

    When Shea got injured last night, he said :-

    “Obviously we’ve got a couple of injuries and our goalkeepers are on international duty so we were warming up Luke Ayling, who is a very good keeper by the way. He does really well so he was the ace up our sleeve I think.”


  23. rico says:

    Everyone out in the garden sunbathing ?? 😉

  24. London says:

    Top revue Kelsey, I always liked your revues, still do. Sorry to hear about your dog.

  25. Rasputin says:

    Hi Roadsters,

    Really sorry to hear about your dog kelsey – hope you’re all bearing up.

  26. rico says:

    Hi Rasp, didnt see you sneak in there, its very quiet

  27. rico says:

    NEW POST 🙂

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