Free The ‘Arsenal One’

September 2, 2009

What’s good for the Goose isn’t always the same for the gander in Arsenals case.

Ever since the Paul Davis incident back in 1988, which I believe was the first instance of cameras being used retrospectively in a football match, we have been treated unfairly by the footballs powers that be.

The situation was similar to this Eduardo one, the media overreacted and backed the Football League into a corner, then they in turn overreact to get out off.

Apart form the slight difference that it is not in every game that someone left hooks an opposing player, but in just about every game a player dives to deceive the referee.
Paul Davis got a NINE match ban for that incident, NINE. Oh and a £3,000 fine, that was back in the day when that was a week or more wages. That’s a £100,000 fine in Chelsea wages terms.
That virtually ruined Paul’s career, he never got near the England squad again.
There was no rules in place before that happened the FA or Football League, whoever was in charge then made them up as they went.

Now the same is happening to Eduardo,  even if it wasn’t a penalty, we are getting singled out by UEFA, the sweaty socks are saying in September 2007 UEFA took action on a Lithuania player and set the precedent..
Hold up! What have UEFA and every other organization been watching for the last 2 years????

“I did not see it” and people take the piss out of Arsene..

The press and media have been misreading the quotes coming out of Arsenal.

Here is the official statement.

We have been informed that we will receive a “reasoned decision” from Uefa by Thursday of this week. Once we receive Uefa’s rationale, we will make a decision on the next steps.

We have been deeply frustrated by the perfunctory and apparently arbitrary process that Uefa has followed in this instance. We believe it is imperative that Uefa’s explanation for its decision provides clear and comprehensive standards that will be consistently enforced.  It is also critical that Uefa provides specific details of the processes it plans to adopt in reviewing all games under its jurisdiction.

Just treat us fairly as an Arsenal fan, I don’t want no more or no less, Eduardo must be wondering why the hell he decided to come to this country to earn his living. If Glenn Hoddle’s theory on reincarnation is to be believed Dudu must of done something extremely bad in a previous life.

I hope UEFA, the FA,  etc  have facilities to watch You Tube clips because there email will be full of them.

Also can anyone tell me why homophobic and racist chants are worse than being called a Paedophile?

I would say they all should be treated as bad as each other… but then again the latter is aimed at our Arsene so that means it is okay..

Yesterdays transfer window deadline was a bit of a damp squib for us, but then again there was no team setting the world alight with big signings, just Portsmouth and a few other Mickey Mouse teams picking up a few scrap players.

It’s going to be a slow week or so until the Citeh game, but I am sure Toure and Lazy Ade will help us to look forwards to that game with some classy titbits.
Have a great cold September day Roadsters.


Wenger: I will take positives from our defeat

September 1, 2009

Dear Supporter,

I think what is the most difficult thing to take from Saturday’s defeat against Manchester United is that we were the better team and we lost the game. We were in front and had a chance to score the second goal and got punished on two goals. It is beyond belief.

Overall I would like to keep the positives of the game because I believe that we can deal well with the disappointment of losing the game. We have a great future and we can be a real force. But of course, it’s difficult to accept going home from Old Trafford without any points.

Football is unpredictable but I believe in this team. We lack some calmness, maturity and experience at times because we conceded goals at a time when there was no need to panic. We assessed two situations badly.

In the first one, Wayne Rooney was in no position to score, so there was no need to panic. And on the second one as well when Abou Diaby scored an own goal. There was not one player of Man United around our players. So it’s a lack of communication and still a little bit I feel in these situations that we might be lacking a little bit of experience.

Even so we had opportunities to finish the game off. We had the chances to kill the game off at 1-0 and even had a chance to come back to 2-2.

As you would have seen, I was sent from the touchline at the end of the game because I kicked a bottle of water when Robin van Persie’s goal was disallowed. The fourth official called the referee and sent me off.

I didn’t kick the bottle because I thought William Gallas was not offside in the build-up to the goal, but because I was disappointed. I thought we had equalised.

Thanks for your continued support.

Arsène Wenger