Everybody knocks the “Sendersaur”

What the hell has gone wrong with Phillipe Senderos?.. Once he was going to be a future Arsenal captain, the next Tony Adams. Now no one wants to entertain the man.
I like the guy, he is a very good defender he just lacks a bit of pace. But so does John Terry. So why is John Terry so good and Phillipe Senderos so bad? I would say Phillipe is an unfortunate victim of Wengerball, We need Centre Halves who can recover quickly, they need to not only cover their own position they also have to cover the full back who has gone charging down the wing and are struggling to get back. Where as Chelsea just sit back and counter attack, not as pretty as us but very efficient.
So Senderos has been turned and cannot recover mainly by Drogba.. Once this has happened a few times, Phillipe’s confidence has dropped and he is a sensitive chap, so he will suffer from that more than most.

Back in 2005/06 Phillipe was a part of the back 4 that has the record for games without conceding a goal, so there may be a solution.

Keep him. With this new system that we are deploying with a holding midfielder, that keeps our defensive numbers up when the full backs are attacking, play him next to Gallas against the smaller teams who are an aerial threat to us we could even play Vera Lynn as a left back.. Gallas to his right, Vermaelen to his left, build up his confidence again.

I would have given this a go in pre season if I was Arsene, the worst that could have happened is it would have put him in the shop window so the likes of Everton would have had more confidence in buying him as their system would suit our dinosaur more.

No other team in the Premiership has a better set of centre halves than us. Gallas, Vermaelen, Djourou and Senderos.. Can Chelsea or Man U boast a better four than that?

Just don’t play him against Chelsea..

As I was editing this I noticed London was doing one too.. I am going to post this anyway because it was a pure coincidence and I am interested if London has similar points.. so go ahead and post yours too London no problem mate..

Please read the previous post too.



312 Responses to Everybody knocks the “Sendersaur”

  1. rico says:

    Afternoon peeps, out with Big Phil and in with a TV kind of defender, maybe a little taller

  2. Freire says:

    You all everybody!
    Fucking rain over here in Sao Paulo right now, but let’s try to watch the game as it’s possible 😛

    good afternoon!

  3. Freire says:

    oh hell, i fucking commited a mistake! I thought the game was this afternoon … LOL … laughing at myself…

  4. London says:


    Can I give you a polite tip. The word “Fucking” doesn’t sound very nice to us. That’s not to say we don’t use the word; I am, in fact, one of the worst offenders. It is all a question of when and where. For example, if we lose on Saturday it will be completely acceptable to use it in every sentence for the following two days; however, as that is unlikely to happen it is best to keep it to a minimum. The other reason is that we do have ladies on the site.

  5. avenell says:

    London.. what’s going on at Upton Park.. there is carnage?

  6. London says:

    The good old days Ave

  7. JonJon says:

    evening guys…

    sorry havent been about…been working alot of hours…need the pennies.. 😉

    nice double joint post guys….great minds eh???

    the west ham game is a war zone…wish i was there.. 😉

  8. JonJon says:

    on a serious note…its a bad advertisement for english football…

    stabbings and such dont happen at games here anymore…we leave that to the italians and the turks…

  9. JonJon says:

    back to arsenal..whats the latest???

    ive been out of the mix for two days…no news no internet ive had withdrawal symtoms…

  10. avenell says:

    Evening JJ .. just going to have a valet back in 10.. 😉

  11. avenell says:

    Lets hope that Uefa take one of our Champions League places away because of this violence.. And the Spuds come 4th. haha.

  12. JonJon says:

    haha…u know summat mate…it wouldnt surprise me if they did…

    good result for the dippers last night… 😉

  13. avenell says:

    Yeah Benetez has only spent £200 million. and he still wants more.. lol..

    Brilliant tactician though..

  14. JonJon says:

    yeah..hes got the best pencil and notepad in the land..

    whats this ive been reading about mozart?? how true???

  15. avenell says:

    He is faster than he was.. better than he was.. More skillful than he was..

    Could be on the bench saturday.. 🙂

  16. JonJon says:

    is that wengers words???

  17. avenell says:

    No I made it up lol..

    I think he is back in training.

  18. JonJon says:


    good news anyway..lets hope its quick and he lasts longer than half a game this time…we’ll need him now cescs out a few weeks..

  19. avenell says:

    Cesc will be playing saturday..

  20. avenell says:

    Only 6,000 at fratton Park tonight.. Great supporters them.. “Play up Pompey”.. Sorry I cannot hear you!!

  21. JonJon says:

    interesting points you and london make about phil…

    hes not a bad defender..hes just not that brilliant against the top teams with quick strikers..

    we’ll be ok playing him against stoke and hull and pompey but would he be happy playing 6 games a season cos hes way way down the pecking order???

  22. avenell says:

    The funniest thing that I hear from our supporters is … Wenger (who lives breathes football) cannot pick a decent defender or organise a defence..

    Wenger is a bit thick isn’t he?

  23. JonJon says:

    yeah….really thick…like tony adams.. 😉

    i still dont think phils staying…i think wengers ready to give him another year and let his contract run down…but i dont think phil wants to stay

  24. avenell says:

    It is a shame about Senderos.. but then again he is set up for life..

    I know money isn’t everything.. but it is a good basis to have a good life if you can handle it.. and Phillipe isn’t thick..

  25. avenell says:

    Unlike Arsene.. 😉

  26. JonJon says:

    phil could make it though at a smaller club…

    i think the pressure of playing for arsenal is too much for him….he could become a fantastic defender for an everton or a villa…..away from the spot light a little….

    its up to him….

  27. JonJon says:

    im off to bed…only been home from work a couple of hours….up early in the morning….i’ll be around for the match though….theres no chance of getting me to work when the lads are on..

  28. avenell says:

    Good lad JJ speak tomorrow.. 🙂

  29. Freire says:

    Really sorry, London and everybody.
    I’m ashamed. That won’t happen anymore, I promise.
    Sorry for messing your blog.

  30. London says:


    Don’t take it to heart, think of it more as help translating a word.

  31. London says:

    Morning Roadsters

    It’s a match day and you know how much I love playing guess the team. I have only got one out of three so far but I am feeling quite confident that I will improve my ratio tonight.


    And a score of 2-1

  32. peachesgooner says:

    Morning London

    I loved both your and Aves posts about Senderos – I’m upset for the guy that Drogba destroyed him, I’ve watched him marshall the defence and he could have been really great for us.

    Ave makes a good point – ‘Don’t play him against Chelsea’

    I like your team for tonight. Are you resting Eboue for Saturday 🙂

  33. London says:

    Morning Peaches

    I don’t think Eboue will play tonight to ensure that he isn’t cup tied in Europe on the off chance that someone like Fiorentina for example might still want to buy him.

    I just went on Newsnow and opened the Westham page to try and find a few bloggs that might have some first hand information on what went on last night….but nothing. Can’t those people write?

  34. peachesgooner says:

    London – those two groups of fans just like fighting don’t they – I don’t think they need anything special to kick it off. They’ll probably both be claiming some sort of victory – they should grow up…….

  35. rico says:


    Quiet morning in the news, Jeffers has just made an apology on Sky for his head butt last night !

    I’m going for a 3-0 victory.

  36. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    I just saw that Rico.. good headbutt though. 😉

  37. London says:

    Has anyone got a link for it?

  38. avenell says:

    It’s on SSN every now and again..

  39. rico says:

    Hi ave, best header he has ever done 😉

    The apology was live on Sky Sport London, Sheffield Wednesday game I think

  40. avenell says:

    Hi Rico.. that Swansea game was a bit lively too wasn’t it? they ran out of players..

  41. rico says:

    Must have been a full moon last night ave, it was a crazy evening – still can’t believe what went on at West Ham, so sad for football

  42. avenell says:

    Considering the pictures on Sky, it is a miracle that there were only 14 arrests and one stabbing.

  43. PDT says:

    Morning, all! What happened in the Swansea game?

  44. Irishgunner says:

    Morning all,

    Mozart to score the winner against the Mancs?

    West Ham and Millwall are well ‘ard aren’t they? 🙄

  45. avenell says:

    Morning PDT.. 3 red cards and another player was taken off injured.. no subs left.. so they had to send the injured player back on or the game would have been abandoned..

  46. avenell says:

    Morning Irish.. was quite a “tear up” with a slight lisp.. as Nigel Benn used to say..

  47. avenell says:

    I feel a bit sorry for WH at the moment.. one player stabbed, one players dad gets killed going to the match on saturday and now all this..

  48. PDT says:

    Wow! Three red cards…sounds like a team coached by an Irishman….sorry, that’s Ipswich.

  49. Irishgunner says:

    Its just all a bit silly Avenell isn’t it? Anyway let them at it …

    Wouldn’t be shocked though if it had a major impact on England’s World Cup bid considering Platini and Blatter don’t seem to like English football anyway.

    To more important things, I reckon Ramsey is a starter tonight – thought so the minute Cesc got injured.

  50. PDT says:

    I like Zola, but he’s going through a period of incredible bad luck….

  51. rico says:

    Morning PDT and Irish –

    I feel sorry for them too ave, maybe its a good time to put an offer in for Upson 😉 😉

  52. PDT says:

    Any chance Rosicky could be on the bench tonight?

  53. Irishgunner says:

    PDT – Ipswich lost again last night didn’t they? Keane us finding it tough.

  54. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya Rico.

    I doubt it PDT, he only went back training yesterday I think.

  55. PDT says:

    Wenger won’t start Rosicky without giving him a sub appearance. If he doesn’t play tonight, he won’t start on Saturday…

  56. PDT says:

    I don’t think they’ll let Upson go, now that they are a defender short…

  57. Irishgunner says:

    I doubt he’d start Saturday.

    He’ll come on as a sub on 70 mins and score the winner with a 30 yard screamer – FACT!

  58. PDT says:

    I like your confidence, Irish!

  59. avenell says:

    Lescott never joined Man City for the money either..lol..

    Well give your extra earnings to the charity of your choice, Lescott you liar..

  60. avenell says:

    West Ham encourage violence, they named one of there stands after a pair of bovver boots..

  61. Irishgunner says:

    I think its more me as a Romantic than been confident PDT 🙂

  62. Irishgunner says:

    Toure (he’s not Kolo anymore) is said to be named Captain so Dunne is on his way out.

    Its hard to understand why he is so good for Ireland and so bad for City lately.

  63. PDT says:

    Ave, Lescott just barely covers his expenses with his wages (don’t forget he plays for a Sheik now)…he has nothing extra!

  64. PDT says:

    Rosicky can have the same impact on us that Arshavin had last season. Plus, Nasri hasn’t really shown us the form he is capable of, yet.

    Add Wilshere, Ramsey, Theo, Merida, etc….I can’t see Arsene making a bid for another midfielder, defensive or not.

  65. Irishgunner says:

    Team for tonight?


    Sagna ——– Gallas —- Vermaelen ——- Clichy

    —————– Song ———————–

    ——— Ramsey ——— Denilson ———-

    Van Persie ——- Eduardo ————- Arshavin

    Eboue, Silvestre and Bendtner to come on as subs

  66. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Arsenal 1-0 Celtic

  67. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya GG9

    It’ll be a higher score than that – Celtic will have to come at us which should give us plenty room.

  68. rico says:

    Hi george, you out of hiding now 😉

    3-0 for me, I reckon you could be spot-on with line up Irish, he may though go for Diaby alongside statman 😉

  69. Irishgunner says:

    I reckon Ramsay cos he said with Fabregas out its a chance for Ramsay – Arsene wouldn’t lie would he? 😉

  70. rico says:

    Old Jose is after ‘The Beast’ – wow!

  71. rico says:

    Ah, sorry, I didn’t hear that, or should that be I didn’t see that 😉 Too right, of course he wouldn’t lie 🙄

  72. rico says:

    Thanks Irish

  73. Irishgunner says:

    I’ll be disgusted if Ramsay doesn’t play tonight 😆

    I think he deserves a shot.

  74. rico says:

    He does say, we still have Song, Denilson and Diaby 😉

    I would like to see Ramsey too, with Diaby on the bench if it goes horribly wrong in the midfield. However, Song is too good right now to let Celtic have much room 😛

  75. rico says:

    The transfer market seems to be kicking into action today –

    Warnock to Villa
    Chimonda to Blackburn
    Smith to Pompey
    Pompey have been taken over
    Pavlyenckenkko wants out of the bag of spuds

  76. rico says:

    Newcastle are also on the verge of being taken over by an American group

  77. avenell says:

    The harder that tosser Hughes tries not to be smug, the more he does..

  78. rico says:

    I can’t take to the man anymore ave, he is building a pretty strong side though 😦

  79. rico says:

    Are you putting the predictions up ave ?

  80. rico says:

    Everton are now looking at Hangeland

  81. avenell says:

    Done it Rico.. have I missed anyone out?

  82. rico says:

    Don’t think so ave, mine is the most important 😉

  83. Irishgunner says:

    Arsenal 4 – 1 Celtic

    Why not? 😀

  84. rico says:

    Irish, how can you believe we will concede 😉 😉

  85. Irishgunner says:

    Because we generally do 😉

  86. Irishgunner says:

    The waiting for matches to start is the worst 😕

  87. rico says:

    Irish 😛 But not tonight 😉

    I hate the waiting, it’s cruel – I am off to get dinner cooked, eaten and get the chickens in bed, all before KO – can’t wait 🙂

  88. Irishgunner says:

    I have to catch the kittens before KO – they are leaving for their new home later 😦

  89. Irishgunner says:

    P.S. how do you get the chickens in at 7:45pm? Ours refuse, they go in when it gets dark and I’m never much in the mood for chasing them.

  90. rico says:

    We have an Eglu Irish – a handful of sultanas thrown into the run gets them in, door shut 😉 Then they are safe, we secure them when they go up to roost as and when they feel like it 😉

    Two weeks ago, we were in the same position as you, little buggers would stay up very late 😦

    I feel for you Irish, give them kittens a big kiss and wish them well in their new homes – I am sure they will be spoilt rotten, just don’t let them see your tears 😦

  91. Irishgunner says:

    We let them wander around the field and they wander in when it gets dark but then you need a torch to count them all ha ha

    I wouldn’t mine but we gave up looking for a home for the kittens last week and named them, Mario & Luigi ;), and once you name them that should be that.

    Then someone saw them and said their neighbours were looking for some. They are going to a young boy that’s mad about cats and has just survived a cancer scare so they’ll be well looked after 😀

  92. avenell says:

    Any more score predictions?

  93. avenell says:

    Vera lynn.

  94. Irishgunner says:

    pretty average midfield imo

  95. JonJon says:


    and eboues in the side…he isnt going anywhere…damn..

  96. avenell says:

    £30 million quid resting on Eboue, Statman, Diaby and Song.. gulp.. 😦

  97. avenell says:

    Hi Freire.. how you doing mate?

    Can you see the match okay?

  98. Freire says:

    Hey, ave..i’m nice, and u?
    i’m watching the match today! The TV resolved to broadcast it 😛

  99. avenell says:

    Good man..
    Who’s captain?

  100. avenell says:

    Statman started well… not..

  101. avenell says:

    Ah Almunia is captain..
    this knob on commentry is winding me up now.. It’s a year ago nearly that Gallas hasn’t been captain..ffs

  102. rico says:

    Unlucky Eboue – do I dare say he is one of our finer players…. 😉

  103. rico says:

    Ave – couldn’t agree more, leave Gallas alone, its f-in history 😦

  104. avenell says:

    Have you seen there white away kit with a kilt as shorts?..lol

  105. rico says:

    I am not sure on that pen 😦 naughty Dudu

  106. avenell says:

    It was the intent.. that’s what they say when Gerrard goes down..

  107. rico says:

    I don’t like that, not one bit!!!!

  108. rico says:

    But we are better than that bunch of cheats ave, I am surprised the ref gave it…

  109. rico says:

    And won’t the paps have a field day….

  110. rico says:

    Just seen that again, that stinks!!!!

  111. avenell says:

    I’m not arguing with you rico.. we don’t need to win like that..

    Let’s see Dudu wind them up though. 😉

  112. rico says:

    ave – I know you are not out for a fight 😉 😉

    I would take him off – he could get a good kicking now!!

  113. avenell says:

    It will test his mental strength.. or ours..

  114. avenell says:

    Only took 38 mins before they mention the Spuds on top of the league.. not bad..

  115. PDT says:

    Sorry, folks, Ithought that was a penalty. Distinct contact between Dudu and Boruc abdomen. Boruc clutches his middle as he gets up.

    You can argue that Dud had the option of jumping over, but Boruc did not get the ball, so….

  116. PDT says:

    Sorry, folks, Ithought that was a penalty. Distinct contact between Dudu and Boruc abdomen. Boruc clutches his middle as he gets up.

    You can argue that Dudu had the option of jumping over, but Boruc did not get the ball, so….

  117. avenell says:

    Hi PDT.. no doubt we will see it a million times more..

  118. avenell says:

    Oh no Kenny Dal”mumble”glish!

  119. PDT says:

    Hi Ave! Pity we don’t have an uncontroversial goal in this tie yet.

    Maybe in the second half….

    BTW, Eduardo is showing why he should always be played in the centre instead of RvP!

  120. JonJon says:

    im not bothered about the ‘dive’…we scored from it..

    gerrard does it all the time….

    pires did it against pompey to get the draw at home in the unbeaten season…

    kuyt did it to knock us out in the CL two year back…

    i hate it when the commentators keep harping on about how we arent playing well cos our passing game isnt their today and its all down to celtic being great…oh really..????

    nothing to do with having three of our best players in rosicky, AA and cesc out then is it…and we are still winning…


  121. avenell says:

    We agree on that one mate.. Denilson and Diaby are looking average again..

  122. avenell says:

    Who’s Borridge?

  123. JonJon says:

    has eboue got a free role or what??? it does my head in when wenger plays him anywhere but a right back…

    he has the speed and the determination and those runs are very direct and storming but hes shit…theres no end to it…

  124. avenell says:

    Did Borridge’s thigh catch Dudu?

  125. Evo in Oz says:

    greetings and salutations, how are we all?

  126. PDT says:

    Eboue is having a good game! Maybe he can be our backup DM!

  127. JonJon says:

    vermys and gallas have been awesome again…

    gallas finally has a partner that compliments his game and vermys got metal plates in his head cos those headers go for miles….

  128. avenell says:

    Hi Evo..

    PDT I thought that might have worked but nah..

  129. Evo in Oz says:

    Eboue is playing a corker, very pacey tonight! im loving Wengers new set up, i wonder who will start on saturday?

  130. PDT says:

    Metal plates!! Lol!!

  131. avenell says:

    Not Diaby or Denilson hopefully..

  132. JonJon says:

    hes very energetic and he knows how to get there but when hes there he doesnt know what to do… hes a headless chicken…

    the one thing the commentator said that i laughed at was when eboue tripped up when he was trying a step over and the commentator said ‘and eboue beats himself’

    PMSL…ive been saying that years…..

  133. PDT says:

    Evo, based on the first half, I’d play the same team on Saturday!

  134. JonJon says:

    yeah diabys been a let down….

    lets see how they come out in the 2nd half cos i reckon wengers having a few words with a few of them…

    nikkis been poor….its the games like this that make me want to ring his neck..like the burnley game…

    but the back 4 and song have been good…

  135. JonJon says:


    honestly?? youd play this team on saturday against the mancs???

    song and the back 4 yes but everyne else is playing for their place because AA and RVP would walk straight back into the team for me…

  136. avenell says:

    The problem with Nikki, he seems to go off form if he doesn’t play much.

  137. Evo in Oz says:

    wonder if cesc will get up for the game, surely we would prefer him in there and Arsewaxin?

  138. avenell says:

    I think he’s okay evo.. and too right..

  139. JonJon says:

    if hes fit then yes evo i agree…add cesc to that list…

    i think nikkis a confidence player…if he starts well he plays well but if he makes a mistake early itlays on his mind the rest of the game..

  140. avenell says:

    When they say clichy, they sound like they are taking the piss..

  141. Evo in Oz says:


  142. rico says:

    I don’t want us to be like Gerrard etc, I dont want us to us to feed the press..

    The back line are really solid, but the rest ???

    Eboue is the best of the rest- good on him

    Hi JJ, PDT, Evo

    Am I chuffed for Eboue or what 😛

  143. avenell says:

    Sell him quick.. £10 mill he’s all yours..

  144. JonJon says:

    i remember last year when liverpool where playing marseilles and were getting beat and gerrard dived doing a triple somersault in the 96th minute and liverpool got a pen and went on to qualify…he was heralded captain marvel…

    gerrard the great…wonderful player…

    dudu does it and its out of order.. whatever…

    nice goal eboue…eyes closed and smash… 😉

  145. Evo in Oz says:

    hey Rico, have you got your bendtner strip on tonight?

  146. JonJon says:

    tonight proves one thing..

    eboue is the best player in the SPL… 😉

  147. avenell says:

    I wondered what that new number meant.. 😉

  148. rico says:

    Yo Evo – NO 😉 😉 I don’t and never will own one 😉

  149. avenell says:

    Don’t rest Diaby for saturday..

  150. JonJon says:

    im worried now…

    willow flood is on….its a tactical change to score 5 goals…

    watch out lads..celtic are ace if the score an early goal now they have a chance..

  151. rico says:

    So you all, what do you see in Nikki B, the real Nikki has turned out again tonight…. and don’t say he is in a different position, please….

  152. avenell says:

    I bet he scores now.

  153. Evo in Oz says:

    you secretly love him Rico

  154. JonJon says:

    this makes me laugh..

    apart from the GK and the back four and song this is our B team and celtic are still getting hammered…

    but their playing really well.. 😉

  155. rico says:

    JonJon – you do make me smile 😉

  156. avenell says:

    It’s because we have more money than them..

  157. JonJon says:

    cesc,rosick,AK,RVP, nasri all out but celic have give us a good game and we dont look as crisp tonight..


  158. rico says:

    Evo – ah, is that what it is 😉 😉

  159. Evo in Oz says:


  160. avenell says:

    Ramsey should go up to Ferguscum and give him the “Gareth Hunt”..

  161. avenell says:

    Brilliant shot.. just 90 degrees off target..lol..

  162. rico says:

    Guys and Gals, I am offski

    4.30 CL draw tomorrow, so unless there is a severe disaster, I will look forward to seeing who we draw..

    Stay safe all
    Nighty night…

  163. JonJon says:

    yeah ave….the gulf in class is extraordinary….

    it would take a team like celtic 200mil to catch arsenal and its not fair…

    although the best player on the pitch in the 1st leg was cesc and hes the type of player only big money can buy…

    yeah..he cost us shit loads….and we got 500 volunteers to get a few bricks together and knock up a new stadium on the cheap cos of cescs transfer fee…

    bunch of tossers..

  164. avenell says:

    Night rico..

    Dudu definatly got his leg caught by Borriges thigh..

  165. avenell says:

    They couldn’t afford Arshavin though… unless the sell a Lazy bones for twice as much.. hahaha

  166. Evo in Oz says:

    the smiling assassin is back! Finally!

  167. rico says:

    woop woop you russian gem you 🙂

  168. JonJon says:

    ‘i wonder if wenger will take dudu to one side and say dont do that again’

    commentators make me laugh….i’ll remember that the next time gerrard does a triple axel 10/10

    ‘the capacity to buy the best players in the world’

    hahahahaha,i’ll remember that when we make a profit of 40mil a season on transfers….

    sorry to the ladies but what aload of bollox….

    they talk such shite….

  169. avenell says:

    It’s knock the Arsenal time again..

  170. JonJon says:

    i like it though ave…its us against the world and they can go swivel

  171. avenell says:

    Super vision Denilson.. Still unless you go to games you cannot tell how good the Statman really is.hahaha

  172. avenell says:

    Statman is the paying Arsenal supporters player of the year.

  173. avenell says:

    Tell him how much you earn Denilson..

  174. avenell says:

    If you go to games live Denilson never misses a pass..

  175. Evo in Oz says:

    commentators love arsenal = not

  176. avenell says:

    Our goalkeeper Arshavin cocked that up..

  177. avenell says:

    Well his name began with an “A” lol..

  178. JonJon says:


    denilsons worth 30mil

  179. JonJon says:

    i remember when AK held his hand up and said it wasnt a pen and the panel and the commentators said i wonder if wenger would of been happy with him if they didnt win?????


  180. avenell says:

    Liverpool done so well last year .. they won jack..

  181. PDT says:

    Jonjon, it was a comment on how well the team was playing…

  182. JonJon says:

    i get you PDT…they did well..

    i feel we’ll need a stronger line up against the mancs though

  183. London says:

    Super vision Denilson.. Still unless you go to games you cannot tell how good the Statman really is.hahaha

    This is becoming more and more true.

  184. avenell says:

    He would be better passing to a player in a red shirt though.. not on saturday..
    Oh and forwards now and again..

  185. London says:

    Night, night

  186. avenell says:

    Night mate.. i’m staying up to watch a re run of the Neves Denilson show.. 😉

  187. Freire says:

    did you buy that thing you said few days ago?

  188. avenell says:

    Yes mate.. I am waiting for it to be delivered..

  189. Freire says:

    And can you tell me what was it?

  190. avenell says:

    Okay.. it was a adidas managers coat like Georgie Graham used to wear in 89′..
    I lost mine when I moved house a few years back..

  191. Freire says:

    Do you have a pic of it?

  192. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    That penalty was a bit soft, but, how about The Pass Master. Since that dickhead adebayor has left, he now seems to be concentrating more on his footy, than being a dancing bandit. Well played EE27.

    Does anyone else get that feeling that Denny15 is getting the look about him that he belongs out there now. I thought Little Nicky 😈 was a bit off his previous performances this season, but he is still young.

    Overall, pretty solid but we let in our standard goal, which is irritating IMO.

  193. raif says:

    Hello everyone.. im late to the pary but hey,,
    i bring you all..

    Thomas the Verm Engine

  194. London says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Is the draw for the CL today? If so does anyone know at what time?

  195. peachesgooner says:

    Hi London

    The draw is at 4.30 this afternoon on sky – a couple of juicy ties in there for us…..

  196. London says:

    It was such an aggressive lunge from Boruc that Eduardo was understandably forced to get out of the way by any means possible for fear of having his ankle broken again. The Celtic keeper should have got a yellow at least.

  197. rico says:

    Morning Roasters

    Poor old Dudu is getting some stick on Sky and in the paps….

    Guess our transfers will all start being bought now 😉

  198. London says:

    Morning Rico

    The transfers are going to be coming in so thick and fast we are going to have trouble keeping up 😉

  199. rico says:

    Morning London

    I like your optimism this morning 😉

    Do you think AW may wait and see who we get in the group stages? Easy group – no transfers, difficult group and he will buy ?

    I didn’t think we were as good last night as we have been so far, but it’s good to get such a result when we are not flying. I thought Eboue was really good – shock horror for me to admit that eh 😉

  200. London says:

    Eboue is growing up Rico as I have suggested.

    I would describe last night’s selection as an FA Cup side, better than a CC side but not as good as CL side. Wenger paid the same lip service, before the game, as he would to FA cup team from the lower divisions assuring everyone how important it is to take the tie seriously and then leaving out half of the A team players: it worked, he knew it would and he should have the exact team in exactly the right state of mind that he needs for Saturday. I’m feeling very confident about it as I cannot see that we have anything to fear.

  201. rico says:

    The departure’s have given several players more confidence, Eboue, Gallas and Nik just to same a few –
    I think we will get something at Old Trafford, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 3 points..

  202. London says:


    You do realise that it was only me and you who had the confidence to say before the season started that we would win the league this year. Three points on Saturday is not that outlandish.

  203. rico says:

    I think that every season London 😉

    But seriously, I dont think we are far off a terrific squad, we have the first eleven, but just need a bit more strenght/depth – personally I would cringe to see Silvestre being used in a match like this weekend, or even Senderos –

  204. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    London..I’m glad I never wrote this post trying to explain to peeps that I think we have a good a chance as anyone this year..


  205. London says:

    Morning Ave

    I feel a lot of passion radiating from that post.

  206. London says:


    I know what you mean. If Gallas got injured in training today which ruled him out for a month we would all be throwing our heads in our hands.

  207. rico says:

    Or TV London, he has made such a diffence, especially to Gallas – and in fact the whole of the defence 😛

    Morning ave …

    Got to pop off for a while

  208. avenell says:

    If Gallas or TV got injured I would like Song to play CH and not Silvestre.. Then we should be okay..

  209. avenell says:

    Or Senderos, if he doesn’t go of course.. anyone but Silvestre..

  210. Irishgunner says:

    Morning all,

    I don’t like what Eddie did but as I said to Peaches last night everyone else does it…. What a raving xenophobe Daglish is – bloody muppet!!

    MOTM ………. Eboue 😯

  211. avenell says:

    Morning Irish..

    It makes me feel quite aggresive the way the media treat Arsenal.. but then again it reminds me of the George Graham days when they hated us more..Like when we got docked 2 points in 91′ yet we still stuck it up ’em. brilliant..

  212. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya Avenell,

    I have given up blogging but Daglish pissed me off so much last night I had to do an article. I will link it when i’m finished.

  213. avenell says:

    Okay.. I will no doubt agree..

  214. Irishgunner says:

    Be warned, I’m a bit upset at Eddie – I’m trying to be fair in my assessment.

    Nearly finished

  215. avenell says:

    Hahaha I have just been watching SSN and in 3 years time football clubs may have to live on the income they generate within football.. Oh dear Chelsea, Man Citeh, Man United.. your fooked.. ..

    We will rule the world with Mr wenger obe.. 🙂

  216. avenell says:

    A nice piece of writing Irish.. I agree with just about everything.. I may have to save some comments for an Avenell Road post.. 😉

  217. Irishgunner says:

    Cheers Avenell,

    Its not anti-English or anything cos that would be just plain odd but how can the English media think that things will change when people with influence in the game like Daglish keep blaming the “foreigners”?

  218. avenell says:

    France is nearer the Emirates than Scotland.. bloody foreigners..

  219. Irishgunner says:


    If Eddie gets banned can we go back and ban Babel for his dive two seasons ago, and Gerrard?

  220. Irishgunner says:

    Did you hear Daglish last night Avenell? It was awful.

    Might be on youtube.

  221. avenell says:

    I heard a lot of it Irish.. I expected it really.. he has never got over the 2-0 stuffing we gave him at Anfield in 89′ lol..

  222. Irishgunner says:

    ha ha and he never will

  223. avenell says:

    I will never forget that face .. and he seems to have had it frozen in time, every time I see him and wait for his mumbling.. I picture him and Mcmahon holding up that one finger.

  224. rico says:

    Afternoon everyone 😛

  225. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya Rico.

    What is your take on events?

  226. rico says:

    Simpson has gone to QPR for the season 😦

  227. rico says:

    Hi Irish

    I am dissapointed with Dudu, I don’t like cheats, and always moan about Gerrard, Drogba, Ronaldo etc etc, and if UEFA decide to take action, which they will as its us, then he deserves the ban that looms..

    As for Dalglish – he is a knob ! 😉

  228. Irishgunner says:

    He won’t come back imo

  229. Irishgunner says:

    I agree with you Rico but what annoys me so much is why is Eduardo been so publicly hanged for something that has gone on for ages?

  230. Irishgunner says:

    Thank goodness it was Mowbary that was Celtic manager last night and not some gobshite like Brown or Red Nose.

    Celtic manager Tony Mowbray admitted that the penalty was not a key factor in the overall result.
    “The referee has given it. But, if the TV pictures show it should not have been given, so be it,” he said.
    “Over the two legs, Arsenal had more quality and deserved to go through.”

  231. rico says:

    I don’t think he will either Irish, but he has been told that he is very much in the clubs plans, so time will tell I guess.

    It annoys me too Irish – but it’s Arsenal and we bega the foreign import did’t we, according to every one other than an Arsenal fan that is.
    We are to blame for the England team being rubbish for years, we were targetted by ref’s in the Nik Nak days, especially when Manure were involved. Remember the outragous dive RvN took when he was about two feet away from anyone… But no, that was a deserved red card for Paddy!! Yeah right!!

    Last week I watched the Everton game on ESPN, the commentator was Joe Royle – he was so neutral, it was a refreshing change. he commentated on the game, critised and complemented both teams!

    The likes of Rednapp, Dalglish, Strachan and the MOTD clan all hate us and love every other team. Your report is spot on – The likes of Rooney can behave like a thug on the field and its ok, but anything we do… It makes me grrrrrrr

  232. rico says:

    He is a real gent isn’t he – and he is right of course. Even AW has said it wasn’t a penalty, but he won’t accept that Dudu is a diver. To be fair I haven’t seen him take a tumble before, I reckon he tripped over his on feet 😉

  233. Irishgunner says:

    Rico – It was so refreshing to watch RTE last night – honestly it was.

    Houghton is a Celtic fan all his life and he just basically said what Eddie did was embarrassing for him, hasn’t a place in the game but as long as UEFA/FIFA do nothing about it, it will remain.

    Never once did it come up where Eduardo was from.

    Its not even anti-Arsenal, its anti-Drogba, anti-Ronaldo etc.

  234. Irishgunner says:

    Rico – Its unbelievable though and dominating the news.

    It was the conversation at our dinner table an hour ago. my brother wants to know who exactly it was he killed….

    My Dad wouldn’t be too fond of Arsenal and follows Celtic a bit and said Eduardo should be given a punishment for what he did so he won’t do it again.

    I asked him “why isn’t Gerrard or Rooney ever punished?”

    He replied “they are English”.

    Strange thing is, I don’t think Lampard gets left off as much as the above too.

  235. rico says:

    That’s exactly how it should be too Irish – Dont we live in a world that the ‘leaders’ spout about how there is no place for Racism? Well what the heck is the ‘Foreigner’ comments?

    Maybe Eduardo should make a complaint – that might open a few eyes

    But it all began with us Irish, we have had to listen to this for so long – A cheat is a cheat, but Iunderstand what you are saying, honest I do, and I agree totally. But its only the ‘England Team’ players who are juded to be heroes by saving their clubs, go outside the top six teams in the EPL and they get a bit of a hard time

  236. rico says:

    Saint Gerrard, Saint Carrigher, Saint Cashley, Saint Rooney..


  237. rico says:

    Your Dad hit the nail on the head, and your brother’s comment is top notch – it has all been blown out of proportion

  238. rico says:

    Seems Cesc is out for Saturday’s game 😦

  239. Irishgunner says:

    Its so odd Rico.

    As I said about Lampard – he seems to get a hard time when Gerrard doesn’t and I personally think Lampard is the better player so should he not be the English Golden boy?

    And as you said, some of the players playing for smaller clubs are called “thugs”.

    It doesn’t help the game at all.

  240. Irishgunner says:

    That’s not good 😦

    but he has been included in the Spain squad 😕

  241. rico says:

    That’s a good view Irish, and how apt some are dated 1st April – that clip really highlights what a cheat he is, maybe that should be sent into MOTD or Sky Sports News – or in fact to Kenny Dalglish himself!!

  242. rico says:

    Thomas is in the Czech squad…..

  243. Irishgunner says:

    I wonder will he start Saturday?

  244. rico says:

    I think he is scheduled to start Irish 🙂

  245. Irishgunner says:

    Woohoo – hope he can last the pace and have a good game ….. and score the winner 😉

  246. rico says:

    It will be just awesome to see him back Irish – can’t wait 🙂

  247. Irishgunner says:

    This Eduardo thing is going to go on and on…..

  248. rico says:

    It’s getting boring now isn’t it Irish 😦

  249. Irishgunner says:

    Yep it is.

    Platini has to throw in his two cents – bleedin hell it wouldn’t be cos he hates Wenger would it? Jealousy is an awful thing!

  250. rico says:

    Got to pop out for a while, hope the draw favours us 😉

  251. Irishgunner says:

    We’re in the same half as Liverpool so won’t get any games shown on freebie tele as usual… 😦

    Not that I’ll really be around 😆

  252. rico says:

    All ok so far then 😉

  253. Irishgunner says:

    Woohhhhhhhhhhooo we got AZ 😀

  254. Irishgunner says:

    It takes so long 😕

  255. rico says:

    Irish, the way the dippers have started, we may get preference over them 😉

  256. Irishgunner says:

    Ha ha what would Dalglish say? 😉

  257. Irishgunner says:

    Olympiakos – eeemh alright, they’ll be tough enough.

  258. rico says:

    Bet we get Apeol FC 😛

  259. rico says:

    Irish 😛 I would love to hear his view 😉

  260. rico says:

    Ah, Standard De Leige – I know nowt much about them…

    Not a bad group really, at least we avoided Meelan and the two Madrids 😛

  261. Irishgunner says:

    A ha ha aha Standard Leige 😀

    As good a group as we could have hoped for. They have some good players but nothing to worry about, happy happy 😀

  262. rico says:

    Bloody jammy Manure yet again, they have got Oxford, Maidenhead and Swindon 😉 😉

  263. Irishgunner says:

    Liege have Defour and Witsel don’t they? Have been linked with Arsenal a bit.

  264. Irishgunner says:

    Ha ha The groups with the English teams are pretty boring to be honest

  265. Irishgunner says:

    Unirea Urziceni – Who ?????

  266. London says:

    We’ve got a better draw than the mancs

  267. Irishgunner says:

    Group A: Bayern Munich, Juventus, Bordeaux, Maccabi Haifa
    Group B: MANCHESTER UNITED, CSKA Moscow, Besiktas, Wolfsburg
    Group C: AC Milan, Real Madrid, Marseille, FC Zurich
    Group D: CHELSEA, FC Porto, Atletico Madrid, APOEL
    Group E: LIVERPOOL, Lyon, Fiorentina, Debrecen
    Group F: FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Dinamo Kiev, FC Rubin Kazan
    Group G: Sevilla, RANGERS, Stuttgart, Unirea
    Group H: ARSENAL, AZ Alkmaar, Olympiakos, Standard

  268. London says:

    Can someone tell me why when the name of Athletico Madrid came out that it had to go in the Chelsea pot D. I’m not complaining but why couldn’t it have gone in our pot H

  269. rico says:

    But we haven’t bought them Irish, so they can’t be that good 😉 😉 😉

  270. rico says:

    I didn’t understand that one either London, it can only be that otherpossible groups had Spanish teams in them

  271. rico says:

    Champagne Charlie reckons we have a great group 😛

  272. rico says:

    Holland, Greece and Belgium to travel to, that is good, no long distance matches 😛

  273. Irishgunner says:

    Maybe we should buy them now Rico – weaken the opposition 😉

  274. Irishgunner says:

    When are the fixtures out?

  275. rico says:

    Nick Collins needs a boot up his bottom, he won’t drop the Eduardo thing, good on Kenyon not to add his pennies worth, mind you how could he, he has Drogba 😉

  276. rico says:

    I like that idea Irish 😛 😛

  277. Irishgunner says:

    Who is Nick Collins?

  278. avenell says:

    Just got this from another site.. Dudu does it once..

  279. rico says:

    Sorry Irish – he is the Sky Sports Football Chief reporter – aka W****R 😉

  280. Irishgunner says:

    I’ve been searching London and I still can’t figure out the Madrid thing.

  281. Irishgunner says:

    Say no more Rico 😉 United fan then???

  282. London says:

    So is our first game against Alkmaar? Do we know if it is at home or away?

  283. rico says:

    Hi ave – nice clip 😉

    You had the home coming safe and sound, please say hi 😛

  284. rico says:

    Has anyone got a few words for a new post? This one is so slow 😦

    I promise I will try harder with my cutting and pasting next week 😉

    Irish – Nick Collins and United = Manure (there is another word for that 😉 )

    London, haven’t seen the fixtures yet, but Ivan was i/v’d and said we were at home for our first game – he also said if Arsene wants a player who will strenghten our squad, we will buy…

    The dipper man i/v’d said he wouldn’t bank on them buying anyone…

  285. rico says:


  286. Irishgunner says:

    Weds 16/09 Leige ( away )

    Tues 29/09 Olympiakos ( H)

    Tues 20/10 Alkmaar ( A)

    Weds 4/11 Alkmaar (H)

    Tues 24/11 Leige (H)

    Weds 9/12 Olympiakos (A)

  287. Irishgunner says:

    Our first game is at home Rico?

    Then my info is wrong 😕

  288. Irishgunner says:

    Nope we are away first game, from Arsenal.com

    The fixtures will take place on the following dates:

    Wednesday September 16, 2009 – Standard Liege v Arsenal

    Tuesday September 29, 2009 – Arsenal v Olympiakos

    Tuesday October 20, 2009 – AZ Alkmaar v Arsenal

    Wednesday November, 4 2009 – Arsenal v AZ Alkmaar

    Tuesday November 24, 2009 – Arsenal v Standard de Liege

    Wednesday December 9, 2009 – Olympiakos v Arsenal

  289. rico says:

    Right Guys and Gals, off for my dinner… be back soon ..

  290. rico says:

    Blimey, my comment has just appeared – I have eaten and cleared up now 😉

    Ivan is not well informed Irish 😉

  291. Irishgunner says:

    I’m watching Villa vs Vienna – yawn!

    United are already complaining about travelling and it hasn’t even started yet ha ha

  292. Irishgunner says:

    I’m going google-eyed, night all 🙂

  293. avenell says:

    Not the same United that travels to china for pre season and nips off to the UAE when they get a weekend off..

  294. JonJon says:

    evening kids…

    just seen the draw… 😉 whoop whoop..

    we can field the kids for those teams and we dont have far to travel… excellent.. 😉

  295. JonJon says:

    and if dudu gets a ban its an outrage cos gerrard, ronaldo, drogba, etc etc have done it week in week out for the past god knows how long…dudu does it once after over a year out with a quadruple triple multiple fracture and break in about 12 places and they are talking about bans…feck off…

    also..it wasnt like it was a game changer either…the game was won already…

    how many times has ronaldo et all dived in the pen box in the 99th minute and earned their team some points?????

    they cant start banning for dives anyway cos it would mean all the players i just mentioned would always be suspended and we cant have that know can we….????

  296. JonJon says:

    im off back to work..i’ll speak to you all later.. 😉

  297. rico says:

    Evening JonJon – I think UEFAwill make a rod for their own back if they try and ‘do’ Dudu – it will be interesting…

    Cant believe it, the better half in the house has just been diagnosed with Swine Flu !! Shit I say 😦
    Got to pick up some Anti Viral treatment tomorrow 😦

  298. rico says:

    I have to go guys and gals – catch you all tomorrow at some stage – sleep well and stay safe

    Nighty night all ..

  299. rico says:

    Last out and first in this morning – now that’s a new one for me 😉

    Morning Roadsters

  300. rico says:

    I cant believe that Sky Sports are STILL going on about the ‘dive’ – haven’t they got any new gossip to report!!

  301. rico says:

    Friday morning, big game against Manure tomorrow and no-one around… 😦

  302. JonJon says:

    im here rico…morning

    im writing a post as ive got the morning off to attend mrs jonjons scan at 10..if nobody minds i’ll put it up shortly…but i wont be around as im off back to work at 12..

  303. rico says:

    Morning JonJon – what an exciting morning for you both, hope everything goes well 😛

  304. JonJon says:

    Thankyou rico… 🙂

    im really giddy to be honest…

    i havent been around much as ive been working alot recently..theres alot overtime so im taking it..the extra pennies will come in handy.

    New Post. 😉

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