Portsmouth Will Come Onto Us. Lol. There Is More Chance of Scarlett Johansson Coming Onto Me.

I think it is safe to say that Wenger chose the team he did to play Everton because he expected them to come onto us; and, for the first twenty minutes, this is exactly what they did, until, as we all know, not only did their effort stall — it crashed and burnt.

Anticipating a typical high energy charge from the Scots; Wenger, logically stuck with the same team selection, this is also exactly what happened, although, in the case of Celtic they did manage to hold out for forty minutes before they too succumbed to the realisation that they were playing a far superior side.

But Portsmouth will be different, if ever there was going to be a game in which our opponents attempt to “Park the Bus” this will be it. I can only assume the rationale for employing this system is that they believe it gives them a remote chance of getting a draw; whereas, if they attempt to play football the score line could end up making Everton away look like a close run thing.

“Parking the Bus” is, of course, typically what all the lesser teams try to do when they come to the Emirates. This happened so often last season and we, equally typically, struggled to find a way through. The congestion that this strategy causes renders Walcott’s speed useless. Robbed of his principal asset and lacking in the close control needed to operate in tight areas Theo’s only attempt at a solution was to send in high balls for Adebayor and Bendtner. The problem with this is that the lesser teams usually have strong tall defenders whose speciality, if they have one, is dealing with an aerial threat. The result being that all too often we failed to break the opponents down. We were, of course, desperately missing one man:

Eduardo Alves da Silva

Well now he is back, our fox in the box has returned, raring to go and already with one goal under his belt. But, ironically I don’t expect him to start; in fact I don’t expect him to start most games. Eduardo is the man to bring on when the play gets congested; he isn’t fast but he has an eye for goal the likes of which we haven’t seen for years.

My guess is that Wenger will go with the following:


Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy

–Fabregas, Song, Diaby

—Bendtner, RVP, Arshavin

And I will go for a 4-0 with Eduardo on the score sheet.


233 Responses to Portsmouth Will Come Onto Us. Lol. There Is More Chance of Scarlett Johansson Coming Onto Me.

  1. London says:

    Good Evening Roadsters

  2. avenell says:

    Who’s Scarlett Johansson?

    Off now to read the title.. 😉

  3. JonJon says:

    shes well sexy..

    nice post and i agree..pompey are going down this season along with hull and they will be the whipping boys…

    i like that line up…i think diaby will be ok against a team like pompey…

    and i think it will be 5-0.. 😉 to the good guys of course..

  4. London says:

    Who is Scarlett Johansson? I take it you don’t get out much nowadays 😉

  5. avenell says:

    Good post London thanks, saved me a job I was thinking about doing one tonight..

    I haven’t watched a film since 1990 ish..
    I am assuming she is an actress..
    I only watch Fever Pitch.. 😉

    I reckon Arshavin is going to be the difference tomorrow, with his quick feet.

  6. JonJon says:

    so no hanglider..??

    ok…so i take it we will be signing a new CB next year when three of the current CB’s leave..

  7. avenell says:

    We have got two Songs.. The DM Song and the CH Song..

    Not the Perry Groves thing again.. 😉

  8. JonJon says:

    i prefer the CH song…

    i was flirting with the CH song last season but he’s become my no.1 partner for cesc…

    still though..it leaves only song JD and Vermy as our CB’s next season so were gonna need another at some point..

  9. London says:

    Evening Jonjon

    What’s your guess at the team selection?

  10. JonJon says:

    i’ll go with what youve guessed london…

    he might be tempted to rest cesc and AA but i reckon he should strike whilest the irons hot and play his best team….

    maybe jacky instead of diaby…but the rest stay the same..

  11. London says:

    Is it my imagination or has Arsenal.com changed its policy to dealing with news? This time last year I could never imagine them making public that we will not be buying a player, the idea of them doing so, would be almost unthinkable and yet now we are very thoughtfully informed that we will not be buying Brede Hangeland? I think I was happier when I thought there was a chance that we would.

  12. London says:

    Next time I will use Sally James for you Ave 😉

  13. Freire says:

    hello all, back from school now 😛

  14. Big Raddy says:

    I think Ebway will get a run out, perhaps in place of Sagna.

    With Weds in mind, I would not be surprised to see more changes ´maybe Gibbs for Clichy, Dudu ahead of Nik. or RvP.

    We have so many options, and of course I would like to see Ramsey, JW or Merida get some pitch time in the 2nd half.

    When Mozart and Nasri return, and we have signed the cover for Song …….

  15. Freire says:

    Do we need to bet every match? 😛
    What do we win at the end?

  16. avenell says:

    London.. The fact that we are not buying Hangeland came out of Arsene’s mouth on an interview on SSN, he also copped the right hump with the future president of Barca and said if any deal was done for Fab or any player a year in advance he (Arsene) would not be there..

    Sally James.. 😉

    Hi Freire.. Schools are on holidays over here mate..

  17. JonJon says:

    hi freire/raddy

    i agree raddy i think wenger will be temtped to rest player…

    the upcoming matches will need our best team..pompey is wengers chance to rest a few but id like us to get that goal difference up and play a full strength side against pompey and smash them…

    i think its too early to be resting players anyways..

    london i think gazidis has been stamping his authority and using his experiences elsewhere to boost the clubs image…ive heard weve employed 5 assistants to ivan,including marketing men…

  18. JonJon says:

    its just for fun freire..yes we do it every match… 😉

  19. avenell says:

    I am throwing my Perry Groves book in to the winner JJ.. 🙂

  20. Freire says:

    OK, Jon 😛
    I bet 2-1 to us… RvP twice

  21. Big Raddy says:

    Evening JJ.

    I agree about the goal diff, but we should score 3+ with the CC side.

  22. Big Raddy says:

    Such generosity Ave !

  23. avenell says:

    Haha Raddy, I have to finish it first though.. I started to read it 2 years ago ..

    You going for 1-1 or are you changing your prediction?..

  24. Big Raddy says:

    It’s worked for us so far Ave :-).

    Yeah – I am going 1-1.

  25. avenell says:

    Kin ell Raddy, I have just seen the cricket score.. The Aussies were 67-0 when I last looked.. 🙂

  26. Freire says:

    ( I’ve never seen a cricket game, how is it played?) lol

  27. avenell says:

    Freire.. That could be a long reply.. if you want to know try this..


  28. London says:

    I think the Barça president is right to say that if any deal is done for Fabregas then Wenger would not be involved…..the reason being is that he would have walked. If the Arsenal board tried to do a deal for Fabregas without Wenger he would be straight out that door and the board know it. They also know that they will never find another manager ever again that would save them, and therefore make them, so much money. Wenger is every chairman’s dream.

    In short the Catalan tosser is talking out of his arse.

  29. avenell says:

    I think that is what Mr Wenger OBE was saying in a round about way.. 🙂

  30. avenell says:

    Freire.. I need to thank you too perhaps for something.. I haven’t got it yet but in the hunt for your shirt I have found something that I have been searching for, I have tried to find one for nearly 3 years.. 🙂

  31. JonJon says:

    there is not a chance on gods green earth that the board would sell a player, especially cesc, without wenger being involved….

    i agree the day that happens is the day wenger walks…

  32. Freire says:

    Oh, and what was it, Ave?

  33. avenell says:

    I’ll let you know in a few days Freire.. 🙂

    It’s still on ebay for a tenner at the moment..

  34. Freire says:

    Well, don’t worry, I won’t try to buy it too, Ave, if that’s your fear 😛 Please, tell me

  35. avenell says:

    Freire we have 3 other readers of this blog ..lol..

  36. London says:


    That story has been on the official site, the club are very proud of these people they have managed to get involved.

    It has been met with resistance in Blogshere, one side have criticised it for wanting to make us too American and the other have tried to say that the wages that they are getting paid should have been spent on new players.

    To me, this is the only way forward; Arsenal has to become a more global brand in order to stay in the game.

  37. avenell says:

    Are we a “soccer team” now then?.. 😉

  38. London says:

    Are you getting argumentative again 😉

  39. avenell says:

    So Walcotts injury is a .. You ain’t playing for the under 21’s and the first team again injury..


  40. London says:

    Actually talking of arguments, where is Rasputin? It’s too quiet without him.

  41. avenell says:

    What colour is your kettle?.. 😉

  42. JonJon says:

    lol ave..

    london..i agree..

    ive said for a while now that we need to make our selves a global brand and if we do it in america then we have cracked it… we cant get no more global than that 😉

    freire raised a point the other night that we are relatively unknown in places like brazil…they swing more towards the manures and the madrids of the world and i feel this is where we let ourselves down as a club…

    we are so far behind on the marketing side and ive always said i hoped gazidis will change that…his experience in the states gives him and us a distinct advantage….

    i know we are probably amongst the top teams supported in africa but in all fairness the revenue gained from that is peanuts when teams like manure and chelsea are more popular in asia and the state…we need to be where we deserve and thats where all the money is…

    i agree its a huge step in the right direction..both as a club and as a businesss…

  43. Freire says:

    Well, you know, Ave. Now I want to know what it is, tell me when you buy it, pls.

  44. avenell says:

    Rasp .. is probably getting tanked up celebrating the England crickets teams day.. 🙂

  45. London says:


    It looks like that kind of injury. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wenger doesn’t play him until the CC.

  46. JonJon says:

    yeah…theos in detention…

    did you read ave’s link freire on theo…???

    this is what we were explaining to you the other night..

  47. London says:

    What colour is your kettle? Moi (In a Miss Piggy voice)

  48. Freire says:

    Yep. i’ve read it, Jon…

  49. Freire says:

    I’ll make a post to my website talking about Theo .. great idea. Thanks, mates,lol

  50. London says:

    There is a royalty payment involved here Freire? 😉

  51. JonJon says:

    i did that quiz as well freire…the one you posted…

    i dont have facebook but mrs jonjon does so i borrowed 😉

    how many questions are there??? i was still answering them after 200…i gave up in the end…

    i got 78% right though out of all the ones i answered..

    troll… 😉

  52. JonJon says:

    his name is rio and his sniffs on the white sand…

    he out for a month…manure are gonna struggle…and we get to play them in that month.. 😉

    no rio, no ronaldo,no tevez…

    its like us last year losing rosicky,dudu and gallas…

    lets see how they cope.. 😉

  53. London says:

    This might seem like I am being a bit of pain but do you think you could change the title to ” The Avenell Road Soccer Blog” what do you reckon? Does that sit well with you guys?

  54. avenell says:

    Tim Rice..could write a tune to that JJ.. 😉

  55. London says:

    Old Trafford……it’s pay back time, be afraid mancs, be very afraid.

  56. Freire says:

    LOL, don’t wait for that, London 😛

    May I get an opinion about that? I’m too new for the blog 😛 I don’t think I can give my opinion on it 😛

  57. JonJon says:

    oh yes london…

    van der sar we will out too…maybe vidic still… 😉

  58. JonJon says:

    london was joking freire…

    i hope.. 😉

  59. Freire says:

    Why that notice about Theo x Wenger is ” August 22″ ?? :O

  60. London says:


    This might be the equivalent of me telling you that grass is green (I’m using this one alot) but we hate the name soccer here.

  61. Freire says:

    He was joking or was he making a critic? 😛

  62. avenell says:

    A’soccer’ation football..

    London.. tell Freire when you first went to Highbury..

    You old git.. 😉

  63. Freire says:

    Why do you hate it? Too ‘american-way’ of talking about football?

  64. London says:

    “The Avenell Road Soccer Blog” with the U.S. stars and strips flag as the back ground.

    I’m laughing at my own jokes again.

  65. London says:


    I don’t want to scare him,

  66. JonJon says:

    football’s football freire…

    its just football..nothing else…

    soccer doesnt sound right…it doesnt feel right…

    we are arsenal fc…arsenal football club 😉

  67. Freire says:

    I’d give my life to have one of this:

  68. Freire says:

    LOL, nice Jon!
    But tell me, please, London.

  69. JonJon says:

    i think freire would be interested london…

    he had ave going down memory lane the other night…

    he was enthused when ave started talking about the clockend and the northbank….

  70. avenell says:

    Freire it was to do with the public schools over here . they called their game football too “Rugby football”.

    They called football “assosiation football” and the Americans picked up on it..”soccer”..

    We generally don’t like american sports or public schools.. (rich schools)….

  71. London says:


    Imagine a cats claws being dragged down a blackboard…..can you imagine it? Well that is the effect the word “soccer” has on us.

  72. avenell says:

    London.. Freire would be interested in when you started going to Arsenal .. in all seriousness.. and how long you have held a season.. even if that winds me up..lol.. 😉

  73. Freire says:

    I’d love to have one of your Highbury memories, London, if you dont mind.

    I understand that effect, mates. I also hate when my English teacher corrects me when i speak “football” instead “soccer”. (Brazilians are fucking stupid)

    Ave, i didn’t understand what you talked about public schools. sorry

  74. avenell says:

    I am living a single life for a week .. haha I love it..a few beers and blogging..

    Not had a bath or my dinner yet.. 🙂

    Sorry Nita.. 😦

  75. avenell says:

    Freire a public school .. is one you have to pay a lot of money to attend .. like Rugby, Eaton etc..

    Where the upper class kids go to.. rich.. like Jonjon..

  76. Freire says:

    Wow, the public schools are payed there???????? :O
    Is there some non-payed scholl over there?

    That surprises me

  77. JonJon says:

    lol ave..

    yeah the majority of schools over here are non paid…

    my school was a shit hole…the best thing about it was the football and the girls.. 😉

  78. Freire says:

    Here in Brazil the public schools are not payed, the Government pays for the children. But don’t think the Government is cool, the public schools are all shit, with drugs and lot of violence.

    it must be difficult to study in England, innit, mates?

    I’d like to enter in an english University on day. Would you (someone) tell me how des it cost and what do I need to do?

  79. Freire says:

    *I’d like to enter in an english University someday. – i mean.

  80. JonJon says:

    as far as education goes in england we have some of the best universities in the world…

    oxford,cambridge and hull 😉

    but generally they cost alot of money..

    my sisters just been accepted into nottingham, the government are going to fund her but by the time she leaves she will be 27 grand in debt… its abit of a double edged sword but education is key to prosperity…only a handful make it in life without an eduction…like richard branson or musicians or footballers… 😉

  81. JonJon says:

    i wasnt doing too badly at school myself until i discovered girls, beer and money then education sort of went out of the window…

    ive worked since i was 11 so im one of those who wants it now rather than go the long route and get the big payday at the end…

    i was always better with my hands than with my head anyway…

  82. Freire says:

    Does anyone here watch Lost?

  83. Freire says:

    I think London doesn’t really want to tell me about Highbury :\

  84. Freire says:

    Well, think everyone has gone.
    Good night for you all, luck for us tomorrow!

  85. JonJon says:

    he does…he’ll be writing you an interesting comment that will capture your imagination…he’ll get back to you at some point…

    im off to bed i gotta be up early in the morning…putting in some extra shifts at work…but i’ll be around for the match.. 😉

  86. JonJon says:

    night guys…

    catch you tomorrow..

  87. PDT says:

    Scarlett Johannson man, are you, London? A bit too full figured for me….

    Nice team you have there. We have two good dribblers in there – Arshavin and Diaby. Nik B is also getting to be quite dexterous with his feet, as seen against Everton.

    I’d like to dispense with Song and a DM completely in this game and bring in Wilshere instead. I would have liked Vela also, but he’s injured.

    I also suspect we will see Merida and Gibbs at some point in time today.

  88. PDT says:

    Was very happy to see Arsene’s comments this morning. I’ve been saying we won’t know which way the season is going till the end of October. Arsene evidently thinks the same way.


  89. PDT says:

    Also happy to see he is still talking about bringing in a defender…

  90. PDT says:

    I am dithering between a 2-0 and a 4-1. I’ll wait to see what some of the other predictions before deciding. Maybe a 3-0. Or even a 3-1. Maybe a 1-0.

    The scars of last season are still too fresh. These were the fixtures where we screwed up.

  91. rico says:

    Good Morning All,

    Great heading London, and an enjoyable read, will you be wearing those PJ’s 😉

    I am going for a big score today, 7-0!!

  92. London says:

    Hello PDT

    I like the call on Wilshire. I am not totally convinced either that in a game like this we need Song. Maybe if we get far enough ahead, Wenger will give him a rest and bring on Jacky Boy.

    I think the reason we screwed up so often last season in games like this was because we didn’t have the right tools for the job but with Eduardo, Arshavin and Wilshire who can certainly make a defence splitting pass in a tightly congested penalty box, we are so much more better equipped to deal with teams like Portsmouth who we would have made hard work of last season.

    You have probably been asked this a thousand times but are you based outside England or are you just a night owl?

  93. London says:

    Morning Rico

    Are you really going for 7-0

  94. rico says:

    Morning London – I sure am, I think our strikers will have a wonderful game –

    Robin – 1
    Nik – 2
    AA – 2
    Dudu – 1
    Diaby or Song – 1


  95. rico says:

    I totally agree about the precision passing – last couple of seasons we have spent too much time trying to hoof the ball to an offside Ade, in attempt to bypass the ten in defence. It worked when when used a similar tactic with Henry, but he had the ability to stay onside, control the ball and then accelerate with great pace passed any defence.

    Now we have gone back to playing the ball along the ground and our passing has improved such a great deal. We are happier with that tactic and already it shows

  96. rico says:

    The ‘Paddy’ stories are back, suggestion is AW wants him in a player/coach role…

  97. rico says:

    Another rumour that is going around, we are in the running for Stephen (Steven?) Taylor, I have harped on all summer about how we should try and get him, yes he is a thug, but he is also a bloomin hard nutt, just what we could do with.. Hope this has some truth in it

  98. rico says:

    Fulham are interested in Big Phil, but not in any deal for Brede Hangeland – we are not after him anyway now according to the boss…

  99. rico says:

    I think that is all the gossip, saves you all hunting around this fine sunny morning 😉

  100. JonJon says:

    morning roadsters.. 😉

    rico…i like your 7-0…

    im sitcking to my 5-0 but i’ll put a couple of quid on the 7-0 at the bookies… 😉

  101. JonJon says:

    sod it im gonna put a fiver on double figures…

  102. rico says:

    Morning JonJon – You keep your money where it’s safe… In your pocket 😉

  103. rico says:

    Did you guys read that Alan Hansen reckon’s that our own TV is a cracking signing 😉 There was me thinking he knew nothing….

  104. JonJon says:

    its ok rico…i know what im doing… 😉

    hansens a worm…a right bum licker…

    one minute hes saying our defence is the worst thing since the square wheel and its as useless as a solar powered torch and the next hes bigging up our verminator…


  105. rico says:

    I believe you JJ, honest I do 😛

    Don’t care for the geezer much myself JJ 😉

    Got to pop out for a while, annoying as it is as I wanted to see the cricket! Catch you all a little later

  106. raif says:

    hey roadsters 🙂

  107. PDT says:

    Good morning, London!

    I have lived in Singapore for the past seven years, which is seven hours ahead of the UK. Hence the posts at weird hours of the night.

  108. PDT says:

    Everyone seems tobe going for a tennis score today…..

  109. PDT says:

    OK, official prediction – 2-nil. One apiece for Arshavin and RvP.

  110. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters .. I will put your score predictions up.. back in a bit..

  111. PDT says:

    Morning, Avenell!

    Looks like you’re always the only one around!

  112. avenell says:

    Morning PDT..

    As always mate.. I need to get up earlier..

  113. JonJon says:

    hello again…im back 😉

    im at work today so i be popping in and out when ive got 5 minutes..

    im really optimistic today pDT…i think we’ll smash them all over the place…

  114. avenell says:

    Morning Jonjon..

    If we score early the floodgates will open..
    and they don’t have Sol no more to play a blinder.. 🙂

  115. JonJon says:

    i feel quite sorry for pompey…i admired them after we smasged them at their place that time and their fans were singing can we play you every week…

    top top fans….such a shame ‘arry took the helm and spent 100’s of millions just to win the FA cup and then jumped ship when the banks asked for it all back…

    i think they’ll struggle to win a single game this season….

  116. avenell says:

    I reckon their fans are half hooligans who like to kick the crap out of the Saints coz of a strike that happened in their grandads lifetime… and the other half are a load of old grannies who used to go to watch the old style wrestling and boo Jackie Pallow..

    “Play up Pompey” Pompey play up” knobs..

  117. JonJon says:

    haha yeah that chants abit cheesey aint it..

  118. London says:

    Morning again Roadsters

    I went back to bed, but hay ho, I’m up again now. There is so much about how Wenger is unhappy with Theo playing for the under 21 in what was it? Oh yeah the Under 21 European Cup, hardly insignificant is it? I’m sure you have all read it; the main criticism being that it interrupted his pre season preparation……..it’s funny how Wenger wasn’t critical about Cesc playing in hummm, what competition did he play in? The World Cup? No, the European Cup? No. Fabregas played in a completely meaningless Tin Pot Cup for Spain and it’s also funny how it didn’t affect his pre-season preparation.

  119. London says:

    My gran used to love watching Jackie Pallow; I remember her taking it all so seriously.

  120. PDT says:

    Hi London, to be fair, Cesc played part of five games in the confederations cup and he was done by June end. Walcott trained for a lot more games through May and June and played several 90 minute games (I don’t remember how many).

    Also, Theo covers a lot more ground in a typical game compared to Cesc.

  121. PDT says:

    Hi Jonjon! I, too, hope we get a big score. It will break the fear we have in our minds about playing teams which “park the bus”.

    It is definitely a smaller bus without Sol.

  122. avenell says:

    Morning London..

    I think what wound Arsene was Theo decided to play in the full and the under 21’s.. On top of that he was playing for England when he done his shoulder in and he had a few months out..

  123. avenell says:

    PDT.. I would think that Cesc covers more ground as he is central midfield and he was always up there with Flamini when they used to give the stats out in european games on SS..

  124. avenell says:

    Is there a site that could give us those stats? I would be interested to know ..

  125. JonJon says:

    haha PDT yeah sols a big big loss….

    if we score early the park the bus theory goes out of the window….we could romp home…

    and even if we dont i cant see pompey holding out for 90 minutes with the players weve got…

    90 mins defending??? it would take a miracle not to conceed..

    ive just been reading up players speeds in the PL

    the benchmark is ussain bolt who runs at 24.04mph

    walcott comes top of the pile with 22.72 but in the top 5 comes sol campbell with 22.50… beating both torres and drogba 22.27.. wow…go sol

  126. avenell says:

    What a load of crap those figures must be.. Fabregas..lol..

  127. avenell says:

    Every Loser Wins.. I am going to Wick’s lol..

    I bet you are the only one who gets that one Rico.. 😉

  128. PDT says:

    Not surprised by the Sol speed…though that must be when he was younger. Do you now how fast Keown used to be?

    That’s why Sol could play Wengerball. We haven’t had another defensive player with his speed, though TV probably comes close.

  129. PDT says:

    Bye for now…hope we get this one in the bag without too many surprises.

  130. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Arsenal 4-0 Portsmouth

  131. avenell says:

    Hi Gnarley.. we are all a bit confident on this one..

  132. rico says:

    Yo Ho all 😉

    I sure do ave, Nick Berry, aka Simon Wicks, also had a hit with….

    Every loser wins, and Heartbeat 😛 😛

  133. rico says:

    London – I think the gripe AW has is that Theo played in both under 21’s and for the big boys – Theo was stupid imho, he should have picked one and stuck with that team only – and now his is in the very naughty corner 😉

  134. rico says:

    I love Jeff Stelling and Le Tiss

    Le Tiss just said the sooner Alan Hansen shuts up the better……

    Ha bloomon Ha

  135. Freire says:

    Heeeey rico, Ave, Jon, PDT, London, gnarley … morning sirs.

  136. avenell says:

    Hi Freire..

    Psst.. Rico is a lady.. well.. 😉

  137. Freire says:

    😛 I know, Ave…LOL…sorry, i didnt remember 😛

  138. rico says:

    Don’t you worry Freire 😉

    You stirring trouble ave ?? – did you see my earlier 🙂

  139. rico says:

    Eboue, Gibbs, Dudu and Diaby all start, can I change my 7-0 ave 😉

  140. rico says:

    England are 405 runs in the lead – are we going to do it, well are we 😛

  141. Freire says:

    Does anyone have any stream? The Tv won’t pass the game here

  142. rico says:

    ArsenalManuel Almunia
    Emmanuel Eboue
    Thomas Vermaelen
    William Gallas
    Kieran Gibbs
    Cesc Fabregas (c)
    Abou Diaby
    Andrey Arshavin
    Robin Van Persie

  143. rico says:

    Select channel 5 Freire

  144. Freire says:

    Thank you rico, althought it doesn’t work for me :\

  145. avenell says:

    Interesting team.. 🙂

  146. Freire says:

    I still don’t understand the post title 😛

  147. rico says:

    Nor me, i keep getting a silly tv screen 😦

  148. rico says:

    I think I will just give up 😦

  149. Freire says:

    Little bit better, but not so much.. thanks, Ave

  150. Freire says:

    Me too, rico.

  151. avenell says:

    I never know how good a stream is I have never seen anyone elses computer to compare it to.

  152. Freire says:

    Why Song has been put on the bench ?

  153. avenell says:

    clap, clap c’mon you reds.. 🙂 corner..

  154. avenell says:

    Great stuff Dudu, 1-0 DDDiiiaaabbYYYY!!

  155. Freire says:



  156. avenell says:

    Me and Jonjon have been saying Diaby is a better support striker..

  157. avenell says:

    Hey,hey diaby whoa whoa o.. 🙂 2-0..

  158. Freire says:




  159. avenell says:

    Should shut the new Spud fans up.. now other teams have played 2 games as well..

  160. Freire says:

    I bet 2-1 only :S Think it will be more

  161. avenell says:

    Jonjon was going to put a bet on for 10..lol.. He may be nearer..

  162. Freire says:

    LOL, yeah… i think we won’t conceed

  163. rico says:

    Cough Cough ave, can you think of anyone else who said that about Diaby 😦

  164. avenell says:

    Haha I forgot about you.. 🙂

  165. avenell says:

    Diaby thinks he is in training.. he is playing well..

  166. rico says:

    It is against Pompey ave, he should play well 😉

    Trouble is, AW will now think we don’t need a midfielder 😦

  167. rico says:

    Blimey, where did that goal come from 😦

  168. Freire says:

    Woooow! I see Freire wining the bet again! LOL 2-1

  169. rico says:

    Off again guys, and today is the last day of looking after the whole streets animals and plants – and boy how glad will i be ….

    Catch you sometime later – 7-1 then i guess 😉

  170. avenell says:

    Bollox.. I’m out of it I said 3-0.. 😦

  171. Freire says:

    Adeba has scored for ManCity again… traitor

  172. avenell says:

    Gallas for the golden boot.. 🙂

  173. Freire says:

    Shit, wrong bet for me

  174. Freire says:

    I knew Almunia would fail… that’s natural to him ¬¬

  175. Freire says:

    Is cesc injured??

  176. avenell says:

    As long as he is back for Man U..

  177. avenell says:

    Yes, yes.. Sir Alf.. 🙂

  178. Freire says:

    AW is a genius…

  179. avenell says:

    Man U 3-0 up.. they will be knackered if Rodney gets injured..

  180. JonJon says:

    im finally home and finally got connection…no stream works 😦 but following the game on ssn…get wait for FF…sod MoTD…it will be an hour of the mancs smashing wigan followed by 20 mins of hull…

    we’ll get a 3 minute highlight clip at the end…so its FF for me.. 😉

  181. avenell says:

    This one is on but the game has a min left..


  182. avenell says:

    4-1 I feel a lttle dissapointed lol..

    Mr Wenger is spoiling us.. Wenger out, Wenger out.. not good enough..

  183. JonJon says:

    cheers guys but my connection is rubbered so i’ll just wait for FF..

    change of subject…ipswich are losing again…how long before roy gets the boot????

  184. Irishgunner says:

    Only 4-1 tut tut Mr Wenger 😉

  185. avenell says:

    Hi Irish.. yeah we scored one goal below our average.. 😦

    Save a couple for next week .. 😉

  186. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya Avenell,

    Hopefully Cesc will be okay. We can do without him against Celtic but we need him for next weekend.

    Bad form about Davenport of West Ham isn’t it?

  187. avenell says:

    I don’t know Irish.. I have been decorating, what happened?

  188. Irishgunner says:

    He and his mother got stabbed last night in their house.

    He is meant to be in a bad way. 19 and 25 yr olds have been arrested.

    Original reports said he got stabbed in the legs.

  189. avenell says:

    Bit nasty… It’s a shocking country to live in sometimes..

  190. Irishgunner says:

    It seems a row broke out because they went for his legs probably knowing he was a footballer.

    Not trying to jump the gun but typically people aim for the torso area, been stabbed in the legs is an odd one.

    Didn’t he suffer a broken bone in his neck last year of the season before?

  191. Irishgunner says:

    Jaysus this is worse:

    A girl of five who is battling cancer is recovering after two boys sprayed an aerosol in her face and tried to set her alight. Skip related content

    Cruel attack on cancer girl, five
    Scarlett Hellewell had to be rescued by neighbours when the boys pinned her down and sprayed the deodorant in her face in Halifax, West Yorks.

    She escaped with just bruises after the deodorant failed to ignite.

    A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: “It is reported the girl was playing when she was approached by two young boys who kicked and punched her before spraying an aerosol in her face and attempting to set her alight. The match did not ignite.”

    The two young boys, believed to be only 10 and seven, ran off when someone came to Scarlett’s help on Tuesday evening. Officers are appealing for witnesses.

    Scarlett’s mother Paula, 38, a home support worker, said she was hoping to move away from the estate where they live.

    She told the Yorkshire Post: “The sooner we move from here the better. I was disgusted when I heard what these boys had done, though this is not the first time they have attacked her.

    “Scarlett’s brain tumour is getting bigger and this was the last thing we needed to happen.”

    Neighbour Adele Brearley, 30, told the Yorkshire Post: “Scarlett was really upset and her eyes were sore where they had sprayed deodorant. If they had managed to light the matches it would have been a lot worse.”

    Scarlett is suffering from a tumour which has left her blind in one eye and with marginal sight in the other.


    Too many feral children in society imo.

  192. avenell says:

    There is some weirdo’s about..

  193. Irishgunner says:

    I suppose if they weren’t about we wouldn’t feel “normal” 😉

  194. David says:

    So this is where u lot are hiding.

  195. avenell says:

    True ..

    Where is everyone?

  196. avenell says:

    Hi David.. welcome to Avenell Road mate..

    Your.. well you know the score.. 😉

    It’s been a while, not a bad start to the season eh..

  197. David says:

    thanks for havin me on Ave..

    Fantastic stuff…i am overjoyed for words at our display….your thoughts on the game?

  198. avenell says:

    I only watched it on a stream.. I am going to watch it again on football first..

    We should have put the game to bed when we were 2 goals up, but we always step off the gas, one silly mistake and the pressure was back on us..

    I didn’t see the Gallas thing, but it could have easily been 2-2 on another day and down to 10 which worries me a bit..

    I also wish Arsene would only make a couple of changes to the starting XI, then at 60 mins when we are 3 up, then give 3 or 4 more a rest..

  199. David says:

    What sort of changes?

    The only one i didnt like was playing Bendy ahead of Wilshere.

    Id have loved to see Jack clicking on the right.

    Id suggest you go with Sopcast Ave…as far as streams go…they never break.

    I still have my question marks over the team i am not fully convinced yet….

    It worries me that AFTER the sales of BOTH kolo and Ade…Arsene says there are still 10 players he cannot afford….welll….how many of them are defensive players?

    I want Chamakh and M. Diarra.

    And i fully expect some signings before or immediately after next saturday.

  200. JonJon says:

    evening peeps…

    had to nip out to get some tinnies for tonight footy and got chatting…

  201. avenell says:

    I don’t get this playing Bendtner on the wing thing.. he dribbles okay for a 6’4″ guy but he isn’t suited there. and he takes a while to get going.

    What did you think of RvP today??.. I would much rather have Dudu as the striker playing off Bendtner..

    Mr Wenger just teases us with Jack.. The last 20 mins would have been ideal for him..

    I would get Diarra, I have never seen Chamakh..

  202. JonJon says:

    i think we need one more player…a CM..and we are set for the season..

  203. David says:

    Hi Jon Jon

    Our midfield is scoring all the goals….Arsene says Diaby is like Patrick Vieira…and that is abit worrying…sure there is the potential…but….*sigh*….

    What are youre thoughts on the 4-3-3?

  204. avenell says:

    You and AK47 JJ.. he is a funny bloke.. no wonder he has settled in so fast..


  205. avenell says:

    I would like 4-5-1.. with Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri, Cesc and Song making up the 5.. (if poss)

    All interchanging.. but I would have Bentner as the 1..As I think we need a bit of presence..
    But that alienates Eduardo and RvP.. so I cannot see this happening..

    I like the 4-3-3 as long as we are winning and playing half decent football.

  206. JonJon says:

    i dont mind the 433…

    its set out more of a xmas tree formation like the ones the french used to use with zidane in the team

    when we played everton and celtic it looked like






    i dont mind that at all cos it means clichy and sagna are covered by den and song when they bomb forward

    only problem i see with it is that id like to see nikki as the front man with dudu and AA playing off him…and when eboue plays it must be as RB cos he doesnt fit anywhere else into that system…i dont mind diaby in the team either but against the stronger teams id put him in the ‘two’ behind the striker cos hes abit of a liability in the middle of the park…hes better as a support striker…

    also nikki covers alot of the wide areas when he plays where he plays and i dont think it suits…i think your 6 foot + striker should be a striker..but as long as the workrate continues like it has when we dont have the ball and as long as wenger doesnt try to fit square pegs in round holes in certain positions i dont see it failing… it suits us..

  207. David says:

    Ave…we dont have a forward that can play in the lone striker role imo….VP gets raped…and Nikki B loses the ball too often.

    So i dont like Nikki B as a front man as well.

  208. JonJon says:

    im done for the night chaps im kicking back and relaxing and getting drunk and watching the footy in peace and quiet…

    catch ya tomorrow if your about…

  209. avenell says:

    Cheers jonjon..

    A year ago I hated Nikki. it came to a head when he got the kids knocked out of the Carling cup with his poor finishing against Burnley..
    But since then I have seen him improve and work hard.. Although he may not be the best player in that position we may be strong enough with the way we play and with AA to compensate for his weaknesses, I think he still may come good..

  210. David says:

    It is no secret i dont like Nikk B. But i am willing to give him a chance as he does wear the colors…I am not fully convinced.

    Today was more of a training game…and it almost seemed like a wasted saturday…we got on with the business and carried the points.

    That article of Arshy is a fantastic read. Thanks for sharing!

  211. avenell says:

    David I am going to eat now and watch the footie.. I will be on later if I haven’t dozed off..

    please pop in now and again I enjoyed talking to you and if you hit the blog at the right time there are some good discussions on here.. imo .. of course..lol.

  212. PDT says:

    Ave, you beat me to the Time story on AA23. I love the guy – he is very talented and is always looking to do something incredible.

    He seemed very disinterested yesterday, for some reason. He didn’t celebrate the goals the way he normally does (just a perfunctory pat on the back for Diaby etc.), didn’t chase the ball after the second goal, and finally got substituted. Wonder what happened…

  213. PDT says:


  214. PDT says:

    Was replaying the videos I took at the Emirates Cup game against Atletico. The announcer was going “Vito Mannone, Bacary Sagna, etc. etc.” and then he said “Number 7” and the roar that went up was incredible. It was like the meoment Eduardo came back and scored last season.

    I can’t wait for Tomas to come back to the team. I want to see us play Barca and/or RM in the CL with a midfield of Cesc, Rosicky and Arshavin with Nasri and Diaby in the holding roles and Eduardo up front. BTW, that was some turn of pace Dudu put on for the first goal.

  215. PDT says:

    Those of you who get to go to the Emirates every week, especially those of you who get to go with your kids – you don’t know how good you have it!

  216. PDT says:

    David, are you the same David I am chatting with elsewhere in the blogosphere?

  217. PDT says:

    Subotic, Matuidi, Chamakh, van der Vaart – if I repeat it often enough, it will come true!
    Subotic, Matuidi, Chamakh, van der Vaart – if I repeat it often enough, it will come true!
    Subotic, Matuidi, Chamakh, van der Vaart – if I repeat it often enough, it will come true!
    Subotic, Matuidi, Chamakh, van der Vaart – if I repeat it often enough, it will come true!

  218. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters.. yawn.. I’m knackered.. lol.

  219. rico says:

    Morning All – know how you feel ave 😦

    PDT – you keep repeating those lines….

  220. rico says:

    Rumours are that we are going to ‘sort’ Cesc’s contract out – I thought he was already signed up until 2040 😉

  221. London says:

    New post

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