Boring, Boring Arsenal

Before I start I’d like to send out a message to Alan’s Hansen and Shearer, Phil Thompson and any Spuds out there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

What a start to the season. The victory was not unexpected but the scoreline was. We all know that with the way we play we are bound to thump teams from time to time, but what surprised me was that it was Everton at Goodison. OK, Everton were poor,but we made them look poor. Not only did we get our passing play right, but we also got the basics right. We out fought Everton, out battled them, we worked hard for each other in our defensive and attacking play and we wore Everton down. We earned the right to play Wengerball first and although it wasn’t your typical Arsenal performance, we mixed it up well and we deserved that victory.

What amazed me was our fitness levels, Everton looked tired compared to us and our boys kept their shape, defended as a unit and attacked as a unit and it was impressive.This game sent out a message to the other clubs that they are writing us off at their own peril.

As Cesc said, lets not get carried away. Lets keep our feet firmly on the ground, we’ve got 37 games left to go but it was a fantastic start and that game has set the standard. If we play like that all season we’ll win the league.

Last season we were getting upset by the fact that when we got to the final third and the play was compressed we struggled to break teams down, we ran out of ideas and made it easy for teams to park the bus. I was delighted whenΒ  we scored our first three goals from a long shot and two set pieces. It shows we can mix it up. We are dangerous not only when we play with flair, but when that doesn’t work we showed we can go back to basics and do the job with the same amount of destruction.

For a long time we have been talking about getting the right balance in the team and yesterday we had that balance.Β  it was a pleasure to watch that game.

The first goal came after some good work from Nikki on the right. He jinked past his man like he was a natural wideman and slipped a pass into the oncoming Cesc. The Everton defence were aware of the danger and Cesc was quickly closed down and surrounded, but he picked a pass to the unmarked Denilson who smashed it into the back of the net from 25yards. Good goal, and it relaxed our boys. Everton now had to come at us and the compact midfield started to show gaps.

Our 2nd and 3rd were glorious goals. So untypically Arsenal but thats what made them all the more sweeter. Robins freekicks at goal leave alot to be desired, but his ability to cross from deadball situations is different. They are destructive and unstoppable and with Cesc able to hit the same pinpoint cross from the other side of the pitch we have an awesome weapon in our armoury. Two freekicks, two perfect headers, from two defenders who lack height and we were 3-0 up in a destructive first half.

Cesc made it 4 shortly after the break in a typical Arsenal move. We broke Everton down and countered like only Arsenal can counter. Denilson slipped a pass to Robin who took the defender away to the left leaving a gaping hole through the middle. Cesc provided support, Robin found him in the space and our captain finished the move with a low left foot shot that squirmed under the unprotected Howard.

The 5th suprised me. Cesc looked like Steven Gerrard as he took the ball inside our half and drove towards goal with only one thing on his mind, smashing another low drive from 25yards to once again beat Howard. Get in.

We rounded the game of with the joy of six when Ak47 showed quick feet inside the area and cheekily and cleverly hit a swerving left footed shot with no backlift which hit the post. Any world class fox in the box would have been following up that shot anticipating the rebound to tap it in to an open net. Good job we have Dudu then isn’t it??

Everton got one. So what. If we conceed one every game we will end up with 38 goals conceded, which will be worse than last year. Then again if we score 6 every game it wont matter will it??


Almunia..7..Didn’t have much to do. His kicking was poor at times but his distribution was generallyΒ good and he made a couple of catches from the highballs from corners. Stopped a few long shots and made a good reaction save towards the end. It was a shame the rebound resulted in a goal.

Sagna..8..The Sagna of old. Solid in defence and turning into a winger when we attacked. Solid display

Gallas..8..Strong at the back and took his goal well.

Vera Lynne..10..The nutts. Hes a rock, a leader, an organiser. He lead the Arsenal back line like he’d been with us 10 years. Constantly marshaling the others, and making some good tackles. He reads the game well and we have a defender who just wants to defend. Nothing spectacular, no flair. He just gets the basics right. It made a pleasant change to watch a defender who looks composed instead of one who runs around like a headless chicken and relies on pace to get him out of trouble. Good goal too.

Clichy..8..Same as Sagna. Looked like he’d been working on his tackling and crossing too.

Denilson..7..The silent partner in the midfield. Did nothing wrong but didn’t stand out. Scored a good goal and made some good passes.

Song..10,,Awesome. What a changed player. Along with Vera he is my joint man of the match. Cahill is dangerous and Felliani is a monster and Song stopped them both. I don’t remember Cahill touching the ball. This was is best game for us and he showed a few skills too. Good display son.

Cesc..8..In and out of the game but when he was in he was dynamite. Pulling the strings and scoring two goals. What more can you ask of your captain.

AK47..7..Quiet game by his standards but he has that ability to change the game within seconds. Tricky and explosive.

Nikki..8..Excellent game. Worked the fullback well, went on dazzling runs and came inside and won the knock down balls when needed. Ade who??

Robin..8..looked like he played with freedom. Linking up play well.


Eboue..6..did ok

Ramsey..6..did ok a poachers goal and its good to have him back.

Have a good day guys. I will.

Bring on Celtic..


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  1. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Great review JonJon, great review…

    Confidence should be sky high for Tuesday πŸ˜›

    MOTD – what rotters they are, our game on first, a shorter than usual first match, and all they say is how poor Everton were, and the Lescott affair is to blame – Knobs!!

  2. rico says:

    And why doesn’t Ade keep his mouth shut re Cesc!!

  3. JonJon says:

    good morning rico..

    and what a wonderful morning it is…

    i hate MOTD..there was 7 goals in our game and it must have been on for 5 minutes…

    then we have to sit and watch 20mins of chelsea and hull missing chance after chance…

    horsey bum dribble..

    something else that i was smiling at yesterday is when my pal said to me for all the money citeh want to give eveton for lescott you would of thought he could beat us by himself…

    its such a shame because i rate lescott but citeh have turned his head and everton seem to have an ‘adebayor’ now in their team..

  4. JonJon says:

    ade cant keep his mouth shut…he did it all the way through the last few years with us so hes not going to stop now…

    i found it interesting listening to cescs post match interview…

    he said they have a great bond at arsenal now and kolo and ade wanted to leave…and they dont need players like that at arsenal…

    he also said they were good players but the rest of that statement suggests hes glad to get rid of them and he couldnt give a toss what ade thinks…

  5. London says:

    Brilliant post Jonjon; I have read about 8 this morning and yours is head and shoulders above.

  6. London says:


    Were you with the Arsenal suporters?

  7. JonJon says:

    london.. yes… it was amazing…

    we were quiet at first but the players made it our stadium after a while…

    they were great we were really proud of them…song was getting comparisons to essien at one point…someone started signing you can shove your essein up your arse… i found it funny…

    and cheers london..

  8. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    Great match report Jonjon.. It was a better rerun of the game than MOTD showed.. (it took me longer to read anyway) πŸ˜‰

  9. JonJon says:

    i know ave motd is a piss take..

    cheers mate..

    im just hoping now we can beat pompey by the same scoreline and get that goal diference up

  10. JonJon says:

    songs gonna be young player of the season this year

  11. avenell says:

    JJ.. my phone has just this second started bleeping and three of you text messages have just this second come through, from when you was obviously at the game..

  12. avenell says:

    That should shut a few people up (experts)

  13. JonJon says:

    i hate phil thompson now…yesterday he was saying we were shit and without AA we are nothing and citeh will take our place..

    i hope everton take pools place and citeh go down..

    and what are liverpool without gerrard or torres??


  14. avenell says:

    What were Liverpool when he was manager..?

    “Shut up Pinnocchio” .. lol

  15. JonJon says:

    shearers no better…

    the saviour turned out to be a lame duck and his footalling expertise helped put the final nail in the coffin…

  16. JonJon says:

    i have to nip out for a bit..i’llbe back later

  17. avenell says:

    If he genuinely thought he could help the Geordies, why did he wait so long to be manager?

    He waited until he was in a no lose situation.. Chicken shit..

    Sorry Rico, I am sure your chickens don’t do anything as bad as that slimy tosser..

  18. rico says:

    I reckon we should go for Lescott now, Moyes must hate Hughes and would possibly rather sell him to us πŸ˜‰

    Morning ave

  19. avenell says:

    Morning Rico..

    The problem would be getting Lescott to sign on the dotted line..

    Would he sign for us for half the wages Citeh are offering him?..

    In a game of bottle, I want to see Moyesey win this.. for the sake of football, problem is no player in the future will sign for Everton because they know they cannot be walked over..

  20. London says:

    It seems to me that we have just bought a defender as good as Lescott but the height of Hangeland would still be off great benifit.

    But, the Senderos situation is very odd, I do not believe that we will buy Hangeland untill we have sold Senderos.

  21. rico says:

    Probably not ave, but I can’t see how Moyes can win this now, and I feel for him, we have had the same with Hleb, Flamini to a degree, Ade and Toure – once a players head is turned he is gone – The way Moyes can win this is to sell him, but not to Citeh πŸ˜‰

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Manure or Chelsea make a bid now

  22. London says:

    because they know they cannot be walked over.

    Ave what does this mean?

  23. rico says:

    London, on yesterdays showing I would say Vera is better πŸ™‚

  24. avenell says:

    Morning London..

    It means that if Everton make Lescott stay, and honour the contract he signed (or some of it), they are showing strength and they will not be walked over by the player or Man City.. even if it means losing out financially.

  25. rico says:

    You are right ave, not one of them have a beak as big as Thommo’s or an ego as big as Shearer…

    And at least their poop comes out of the right place, unlike those two πŸ˜‰

    I like the ESPN team, always had a soft spot for Peter Reid

  26. avenell says:

    Good player too.. made Everton tick in the mid-eighties..

  27. avenell says:

    I don’t know who I was listening to on the stream, but he never annoyed me either.. πŸ˜‰

  28. rico says:

    Did you think he looked unwell ave, or has he just lost weight

  29. rico says:

    Joe Royle was commentating

  30. rico says:

    😳 just realised what you said….

  31. avenell says:

    I never saw him Rico.. he never looked well when he was playing.. no I don’t know, hope he is okay, one of the good guys.

  32. London says:


    It is an interesting idea but the reason I cannot foresee MU or Chelsea making a bid for Lescott is because they cannot compete financially with City, this is especially true of MU so to avoid getting embarrassed they won’t even go near Lescott.

    For Lescott to go to MU, Everton would have to agree to the sale and if they do that they will want to get as much money as they can and City would jump at the chance of outbidding MU, it would be too tempting an opportunity of rubbing their noses in the dirt.

    My guess is that Moyes has told the chairman Bill Kenright, that if he sells Lescott he will leave; this has worked up until now, but nobody including Arsenal and certainly not Everton can refuse the over inflated prices that City are prepared to pay, as soon as Moyes finds someone to replace Lescott he (Lescott) will be gone.

  33. rico says:

    Remember a couple of days ago I listed the RM players who are up for sale – well, The Daily Mail reckon we could be after Rafael van der Vaart for 6M

  34. London says:

    Another, thought just struck me and that is that City are targeting fifth place; they know that the sale of Lescott will weaken Everton enough to knock them from fifth. Perhaps they thought the same of us, lets but their CB and their CF and Arsenal will be so weakened that we will get forth.

    Nah, Wenger thought if we sell them a lazy CF and a CB on his way out that will really mess their chances up lol

  35. London says:

    Van der Vaart is a good player but we have so many of that kind, this smacks of his agent getting him in the window. 1/10 of this happening.

  36. rico says:

    Ah, but London, Moyes may just be thinking outside the box, he is one of the favourites to become the next Manure manager, so if he does, he gets his defender back πŸ˜‰

    But like you, realistically, I think Citeh will end up winning the battle, with a silly offer that Everton can’t refuse.

  37. rico says:

    Thats funny London πŸ˜‰ And Ade, 25M, I think AW is still laughing πŸ™‚

  38. rico says:

    Few things to get done while the weather is good, catch you all a little later on – have a lovely day

  39. London says:


    I love your idea of Moyes thinking outside the box, your comment was like watching someone play a great chess move that had never dawned on me πŸ˜‰

  40. raif says:


    what a lovely game haha.. were also ment to be after van der Vaart

  41. avenell says:

    Hey hey.. Raif..

    How is little Elijah doing?
    Is he up on his feet now?

  42. raif says:

    hi there ave.. his doing great,, he can keep himself standing while holding onto somthing. should be to long before he starts walking..

    got him self 8 teeth aswell, more then what i can say for his cousin who is the same age (9months) just 1 day apart and shes only just come out with her first tooth.

    i got him sitting on my lap as i type this.. his making it very hard as he loves to bash the keyboard haha

  43. avenell says:

    Ah so thats the excuse for the typo’s..

    I’ll have to find one of those..

    I love looking at the sites and listening to the radio today.. I don’t think they wanted Arsenal to have the headlines.. I think they would have prefered Adebayor shows the Arsenal.. but we upstaged them haha..

  44. raif says:

    yeah i have to keep back tracking on what i was typing,,

    im glad we showd everyone we wount be just put to one said. as everyone in the sport has already given 4th spot to man shity.

    and us as cannon fodder

  45. avenell says:

    I bet Celtic cannot wait until Wednesday either.. πŸ™‚

    What game is first for you on your ticket share?

  46. London says:

    Where’s Rasputin

    I wanted to know if he is feeling a bit more reasured?

  47. rico says:

    Thanks London – I like your last comment re the chess πŸ™‚

    Hi raif, you little un sounds good fun πŸ˜›

  48. raif says:

    hi there rico.. yeah the little man is doing great. his only prblem is feeding him. he fights some times just so he dont have any food.

    other then that im looking forward to celtic i think we can go there and silents the crowd.,.

  49. rico says:

    Tuesday Ave πŸ˜‰

  50. avenell says:

    No tennis on today Rico?..

  51. raif says:

    dont you just hate the way Barcelona come out asif they already own Fabregas.

    “”Barcelona coach Josep Guardiola has ruled out signing Fabregas this season, saying the Spanish international will spend another year with the Gunners””

    since when does he decide what goes on at our club. the cheeky fucker.

  52. avenell says:

    He looked really pissed off playing for Arsenal yesterday.. lol..

  53. rico says:

    yes ave, later its on, but did see the murray replay earlier πŸ˜‰

  54. rico says:

    Headlines in the NOTW Sports pages

    Ade – ‘I fell loved at City’

    Cesc ‘We’re glad you left’

    In JJ’s words or letters…

    LMAO πŸ˜‰

  55. avenell says:

    I watched Ade in the Man City game.. he gave up running and chasing down quite early.. When you compare that to us yesterday, I am so glad he has gone.. he will soon get fed up..
    He is only opening his trap so we can bang those comments back down his throat later on.. Which will be nice.. πŸ˜‰

  56. rico says:

    I love Cesc’s comments ave, he was so cool and calculated in his i/v after the game, i loved it – dont know if you have seen it, but the commentator asked really good questions (maybe because it was a lady)

    She asked him about Ade and Toure, and Cesc said something like, ‘yes we have lost two very good players, but they had problems, wanted to leave, so, we only want players to play who are committed to the club’

  57. rico says:

    I commented earlier ave, i knew that Ade slowed our attacks down, but until yesterday I didn’t realise just to what extent. Not only did he slow us down, the other players were dreadfully affected by his style of play, yesterday was like watching the Invincibles again – the same but different if that makes sense πŸ˜‰

  58. avenell says:

    I have said before he picks up the ball then runs back towards our goal.. his next pass is normally to Gallas..

    That is another point.. Gallas looks so much better as a right centre half now that Kolo doesn’t steal his prefered position..

  59. rico says:

    Honestly ave, like JJ’s post said, I cant really find a fault with any of them yesterday, other than Almunia odd clearance, but even that didn’t cause much of a problem.

    Sagna and Clichy crossed better in that game than they did all last season, and like you say Gallas was so much better, he seemed an inch or two taller and was immense.

    Ade and Toure obviously caused more problems in the dressing room than we all knew.

    I have abandoned the gardening, until the sun goes over its about 30 degrees out there πŸ˜‰

  60. Freire says:

    Hello all

    Great victory yesterday,great team, but I’m affraid ArsΓ¨ne saying we don’t need a defender anymore.

  61. avenell says:

    Also.. we did some counter attacking with real thrust.. that is something that I never saw from us last season..

    Could be the style of play to help Theo game.. especially through the centre..

  62. rico says:

    Yo Freire – Hangeland is on his way, I reckon it will be Wednesday he signs.. We also need a midfielder, someone as good as Song was yesterday at least..

    I also think Chamakh will still sign for us πŸ˜›

  63. rico says:

    That is what I have been saying for so long about Theo ave, he is a striker, not a winger πŸ˜‰ The way we played was not suited to Theo’s game, he needs the ball through the middle of the park to run onto, one touch and shoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot πŸ˜›

    You wait and see, the real Theo will now come out of his shell πŸ˜›

  64. rico says:

    Chamakh – (how spooky) has now said he will run down his contract and leave for free next summer, well then Raymond Blanc ( πŸ˜‰ ) sort out the right fee and he wont leave for free….

    He scored 2 goals for the ‘Vine Yard’ yesterday

  65. avenell says:

    Theo will be okay, but the real thrust and the speed will come from Rosicky, Arsh and Fabregas.. theo cannot do the quick one touch link up stuff..

    He is head down headless chicken..

  66. avenell says:

    Whoops that must be like a horror film for you. 😳

  67. Freire says:

    ManU 1v0 Birmingham,

    well, I thought it would be more to ManU

  68. avenell says:

    That’s the same as last season.. just grinding out the 1-0’s until Ronaldo hit some form.. this year should be different.

  69. Freire says:

    Do you (all) think we’ll pass easily through Celtic?

  70. rico says:

    You bad man ave πŸ˜‰

    But again ave, was he affected by the lump – I think we will see a very different side to all our players, even maybe Eboue? He spent too much time learning how to dance with Ade, now maybe he will stop the amateur dramatics and play football – if he stays of course.

    I have a bet with you don’t forget, and we need an independant judge for that one… πŸ˜‰

  71. rico says:

    ave – they could and should have scored 10 !!

    Freire – I think we will go through, but it won’t be as easy as yesterday’s game….. well, actually, maybe it will πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  72. Freire says:

    Do you (all) live in London, near Emirates? And do you know each other?

  73. avenell says:

    Freire.. I live in Cornwall now 275 miles from the Emirates.. although I used to live about 20 miles away up until about 4 years ago..

    I have never met anyone else on here but I have had a few phone calls, I still like to think we are friends. But we still love all gunners coming on and we will be good friends as well..

  74. London says:


    I cycle to the Emirates, it is more difficult for the others, we only know each other from this channel. London is huge, but I know that Sao Paulo is as well, I’m not sure which is bigger.

  75. rico says:

    London – are you bragging…… ‘London is huge’ ?? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Me Freire, I live 50 miles from London, but thankfully I have been lucky enough to go to the Emirates πŸ˜›

  76. Freire says:

    Hell, how I’m jealous about you now, London.. lol … my dream is to know London and Emirates. But how can you live so close to the Temple? Hehehe

    Sao Paulo is huge, yes … I live 1 hour from the center of Sao Paulo, my city is called Sao Bernardo do Campo.

    Ave, Cornwall must be fucking nice, isn’t it? I have an uncle that would love to live there! It’s a mystical place, lol

  77. Freire says:

    Nice, Rico!
    And you and London go to the home games every week, isn’t it? Hahaha, what a DREAM!

  78. London says:


    I want everyone to try and guess the team for Tuesday, I think it is going to be one of the hardest to predict of the season.


  79. avenell says:

    Freire.. yes mate the coastline is beautiful, the biggest mystery to me is how to extract any money out of the locals.. they are about 20 years behind the way of life in London.. lol..

  80. avenell says:

    I’ll go with.. or I think Arsene Wenger OBE will go with.


    Sagna.. Gallas.. Vera Lynn.. Clichy..

    Eboue.. Fabregas.. Denilson.. Arshavin.

    ……. Bendtner.. Rvp..

  81. Freire says:

    Ave, HAHAHAHA. That must be a great place to live. People there are late, you mean? What do you work with? (sorry asking so much, you can ask me too πŸ˜› )

    Well, I’d go for:

  82. JonJon says:

    hi guys.

    london id go with the exact same team as yesterday..

  83. JonJon says:


    carraghers just nutted skrtel and now there both injured…

  84. avenell says:

    Freire .. I am self employed.. I repair cars and do signwriting, make T shirts and caps up.. I just duck and dive really..
    Down here there is a reluctance to spend money, when I give someone a price for a job, I have to call the Paramedics in to jump start their heart again.. lol.

    What do you do for a living? Have you any plans to come over and see a game?

  85. JonJon says:

    liverpool and spuds both look like they are still in preseason..

  86. rico says:

    I think he will play


    Bac Gallas Vera Clichy


    Theo Cesc Song Arshavin


  87. JonJon says:

    weve only got one song rico, πŸ˜‰

  88. rico says:

    JonJon – how’s it hanging my friend πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Have you got down from that cloud yet πŸ™‚

  89. rico says:

    That will do me JJ, he was awesome yesterday πŸ˜›

  90. JonJon says:

    slightly to the left rico. πŸ˜‰

    im still on a high…watching this tripe makes yesterday even more special..

    manure werent convincing either…

  91. JonJon says:

    yeah he was excellent rico…

    i think we’ll need him against help protect the munchkins in the middle.

  92. rico says:

    😳 JJ, I didn’t mean that literally πŸ˜‰

  93. JonJon says:

    i think it will be good for football if moyes wins his battle…

    but better for everton if he lets him go…get a shit load of cash for an unhappy player and bring in 4 or 5 players to reinforce his side…

    and the dippers are losing….

  94. rico says:

    Ha bloomin ha – the dippers are 1-0 down πŸ˜›

  95. JonJon says:

    hahaha i know my dear. πŸ˜‰

  96. rico says:

    I agree JJ, but I honestly think Moyes should sell him to a club he doesn’t want to go to…. MME, US!! πŸ˜‰

  97. JonJon says:

    i want the dippers to lose…

    the spuds can have a 5 game losing streak at any point of the season…

    i want the dippers to have the worst start possible..

    so hansen and thompson can stop creaming over the fact the citeh are taking arsenals place…

    nah fellas were winning the league…its you lot that are fighting for 4th.

  98. rico says:

    JJ, you are so naughty sometimes, remeber the cream cake adverts with Pattie Coombes – Oh, you are naughty, but your nice…. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Actually, you probably don’t 😦

  99. Freire says:

    Maybe (really maybe) I’m going to London over the next 2 years, I think, to work with my uncle. I’d love to see a game there, that’s my biggest dream.

    I’m just a student right now, I’m finishing the high school and i’ll try to pass in some universtity at the end of the year.

    But why do people there don’t pay your price?

    ( sp*rs beating LFC, bloody hell)

  100. rico says:

    Me too JonJon, I hate the B******s – deeply, I dont hate the spuds as much as I hate the dippers….

    Come on ‘Arry πŸ™‚

    Got to go and mow the grass, see you in ten minutes πŸ˜‰

  101. London says:


    You obviously realise that to whom Everton sell Lescott has got nothing to to with Moyes.

    I like your team Ave

    I hadn’t thought of that, good call.

  102. London says:

    Actually, my prediction is that MU drop out of the top four, all the journalists are too afraid to say it but they are seriously weaker. It would also be good if Arsenal supporters stopped singing the praises of the manc’s squad as well. I’m old school I seriously dislike spuds and then the mancs. I’ve got better things to do than get upset about the dippers and the chavs; they are non entities as far as I a concerned.

  103. JonJon says:

    i dont think lescotts worth 25 mil rico..

    hes worth half that at most but citeh have doubled his value… 😦 if everton sell he’ll go to citeh..

    hi freire…

  104. Freire says:

    Hey, JonJon. Do you also live in London, nearby Emirates?

  105. avenell says:

    Freire.. England is very diverse in it’s attitudes and where the money is.. near London people just buy cars because their’s is getting a couple of years old or they don’t like the colour.. down here they run the cars until they don’t go anymore.

    In London people will pay Β£100 for a Tshirt or Β£200 for a pair of jeans.

    Down here the clothes are just basic things to wear, ..

    There is also a lot of people from London etc that have moved down here and there is a lot of resentment
    because they have pushed house prices out of reach of some of the locals and they use them as second or holiday homes..

  106. rico says:

    Did I just hear Andy Gray right, he said the Spuds have taken a leaf out of Arsenal’s books

    Bassong πŸ˜›

  107. Freire says:

    nice, mate… seriously, I tell you I’d like more to live in Cornwall than in London. But I understand what you mean about where the money is the same thing. You’ve moved down there because you like the place?

  108. rico says:

    London – to be honest, I dont care where Lescott goes, we have Vera πŸ˜‰

    But – I hate the Dippers, for reasons that many would never understand, but when one person hurts you so so bad, trust me, when their one love is Liverpool, I have nothing but hatred for them….

    Mind you, I dont like manure, spuds, chavs either, but my respect for Manure is thst they do actually play attractive football… sometimes πŸ˜‰

  109. JonJon says:

    no freire…i live abit further north than london…i live in leeds..

    i dont go to many home games at the emirates…i used to go to quite a few when we were at highbury but nowadays i tend to go to just the away games when the team travel up north to places like manchester and liverpool sunderland hull etc etc…

  110. JonJon says:

    i hope that they all drop out of the top 4…

    but if i had to chose one it would be liverpool…

    then again if we win the league it wont matter where they finish…

  111. rico says:

    Here here London, I HATE the jumped up me me me me me boys πŸ˜‰

    I hope we win the league
    2nd Manure
    3rd Burnley
    4th Sunderland
    5th Stoke
    6th Wigan

    7th Villa
    8th Everton
    9th Dippers
    10th Russians
    12the Spuds

    get my drift πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  112. Freire says:

    JonJon, Leeds seems to be a great place too. But there are a lot of manufactures still as the big cities like London, Manchester etc?

  113. Freire says:

    Well, going to the girlfriend’s house now, mates… see you all tomorrow! Have a nice afternoon!

  114. rico says:

    Off for a bit too guys, looking after a few neighbours gardens, so off to do some watering…. oh, and stealing of the veggie’s πŸ˜›

  115. London says:

    I’m with Jonjon

    Spuds can easily loose five on the trot, better that the dippers lost these points.

  116. JonJon says:

    have a good evening freire.. πŸ˜‰

  117. avenell says:

    Where for art thou Alonso? haha..

    see you later Freire/ Rico..

  118. JonJon says:


    i can see alonsos loss having the same effect as what flamini and hleb did to us..

    one year we were almost there…then we lost key players and we struggled to keep momentum…

    liverpool were almost there..then they lose a key figure and they will struggle…

  119. Rasputin says:

    Hi Roadsters,

    Sorry I haven’t been about to celebrate the magnificent display yesterday….. had a lot of crap going on at home….. 😦

    Top post JonJon.

    I’m not sure AW will think we need a CB after yesterday’s performance. With JD and Song as back-up he may feel we have enough cover.

    I love it that we got 2 goals from defenders, 3 goals from midfielders and 1 goal from a striker … we have always relied on 30 plus goals a season from midfielders under Wenger, I think this season that could be more like 50!

  120. avenell says:

    Evening Rasputin..

    I have to pop out for an hour.. Catch up soon….

  121. Rasputin says:

    Hi ave,

    I’m out ’til later as well … looks like I missed all the chat πŸ˜‰

  122. avenell says:

    I will be here when you get back – no problem..

  123. rico says:

    Rasputin – come back NOW πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Please may I be excused for my language…

    Picture the scene, Sunday afternoon, all you want to do is stay in with the better one, few drinkies, watch a bit of Judge John and chill…

    No, off I go to water the neighbours greenhouse and veggie plot, they have some fancy hose system all down there garden, with the ‘lock’ connection about five miles from the tap….

    Yep, I turn the tap on, get down the garden and the connection has come loose, water everywhere!!

    Off I go, back to the tap – turn it off, sort out the connection…. THREE times later after many swear words and some heavy duty tools have been used, I water the garden and come home


  124. rico says:

    Seriously Rasp, hope all is ok, and you come back real soon 😦

  125. avenell says:

    Ah a wet t-shirt just like Sally James.. πŸ˜‰

    I might have just stopped off at the pub to test out the Stella Artois.. lol

  126. rico says:

    Ha bloomin ha ave πŸ˜‰

    Thats me done, tennis is tonight ave – Murray is playing, he has a wicked backhand πŸ˜‰

    Nighty Night all, stay safe and sleep tight πŸ˜›

  127. avenell says:

    Night Rico.. Have fun.. πŸ˜‰ 😎

  128. rico says:

    You too my friend, you too 😎

  129. PDT says:

    David James on the crisis at Portsmouth – good read on why we should spend within our means…

  130. PDT says:

    London 14:04 – Here’s my guess of the team he will play :


  131. avenell says:

    Hi PDT.. nite PDT.. i’m hitting the sack.. πŸ™‚

  132. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Great post, great win………… πŸ™‚

  133. avenell says:

    Morning all Roadsters..

    Are you about my Ricooooo?

  134. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters and Roosters,

    Can’t stick around – maybe there’ll be some news to talk about later in the day πŸ˜‰

  135. PDT says:

    Anyone home?

  136. PDT says:

    Looks like a busy day for everyone…

  137. avenell says:

    Hi PDT.. Yeah sort of.. I hate mondays, I have a crappy job on too.. 😦

  138. PDT says:

    Looks like wordpress won’t let me post this comment!

    Hi Avenell!

    I finish work around 10 am GMT, so that’s when I start looking for an Arsenal discussion I can join.

    Always helps to talk to people who are closer to my age group. Unfortunately, most of the blogs have been taken over by kids whose primary response to reason is to resort to abuse.

    I was delighted to see your blog because looks like there are still some oases of reason left. **** has so much of traffic that having a reasonable conversation has become difficult. Today’s traffic on ** has been good, though.

  139. rico says:

    Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo πŸ˜›

  140. choy says:

    afternoon everybody…

    hope alls well πŸ™‚

  141. avenell says:

    Afternoon Choy.. all is well mate .. especially after Saturday..

  142. rico says:

    Hi choy, you still smiling πŸ˜‰

  143. choy says:

    hello avenell and miss rico….m still smiling.. πŸ™‚

  144. avenell says:


    How is your homeland? The last time we spoke there was a few bad things happening.. I hope it has all died down now..

  145. choy says:


    well there is swine flu that is spreading now… so thats the new problem!

  146. avenell says:

    We was all a bit worried about that, but it isn’t as bad as we first feared..
    I think the biggest problem is the goverment rushing the vaccines through and they are not properly tested..

  147. choy says:

    yep they are starting to act on it…

  148. avenell says:

    Have you made it over to see us play, or have any plans to come over in the future?

  149. choy says:

    its like mecca.. avenell.. haven’t been there yet…but

    at least once in my life πŸ˜‰

  150. rico says:

    Me too choy, huge grin still on mine πŸ˜‰

  151. choy says:

    what do you guys reckon the team will be for morrow…

    same team?

  152. London says:

    My money is on Walcott starting, with RVP and Song on the bench.

  153. choy says:

    Song on the bench?

    why london?

  154. rico says:

    Hi London – Hope your right about Theo πŸ˜‰

  155. rico says:

    London, i hope he starts with Song, he bossed the midfield on Saturday and we need to win this one tomorrow, put the tie to bed before the home leg πŸ˜‰

  156. avenell says:

    I hope Dudu starts and scores a bucket load, makes himself first choice.. πŸ™‚

  157. London says:


    My nickname for Song and Denilson is belt and braces; Song isn’t needed against opposition like Celtic, Denilson is more than capable of acting as the defensive shield plus he offers more offensively.

    The only other person who I think may have called this right is Ave; he has the defence that everyone is agreed on:


    But then he has


    And upfront

    —-Bendtner and RVP

  158. London says:

    Afternoon Ave and Rico

    I only see Eduardo coming on as a sub when the play has been condensed in the oppositions half. This to me is no bad thing; he will still score a hat full of goals.

  159. London says:


    When you get a minute can I have your guess at the team Wenger will field? You know how I like to play this game.

  160. rico says:

    Got to pop out, later all

  161. avenell says:

    Hi London..

    I still stick with with what I think may be Arsene’s team, It’s just that I want Dudu in my starting lineup more..

    After Saturday though, we seem to have a mouth watering load of options… and Nasri and tomas would be in my starting 11 every time.. I love it.. πŸ™‚

  162. Rasputin says:

    H London,

    Can you give me som time and hopefully I’ll get back to you….

  163. London says:

    Hi Ave

    Fab has asked us to keep it real, well you are a footballer Cesc and I am a fan, you can keep it real if you want but I am going nuts with excitement.

  164. avenell says:

    When Fab has a team full of movement around him, I beleive he is the best conductor in the world..

  165. London says:


    Did you notice how Wenger switched Arshavin over to the right; it made me wonder if he is paving the way back for Rosicky to his most familiar position for Arsenal on the left. I still bet Rosicky will miraculously return as soon as this little batch of internationals is out of the way.

  166. London says:


    And as you say, with Thomas, Samir and even Wilshire around him it is going to get a lot, lot better.

    The only real flash of Wengerball we saw on Saturday was at he beginning of the second half; the passage of play that led to Cesc’s first goal: awesome.

  167. avenell says:

    I did notice he was over that side..

    We have a very interesting front line up.. instead of the two wide players switching we can shuffle ours along one.. Bendtner to centre and RvP left.. also we can bring Dudu on as the left sided player and let AA roam.. it’s getting like an advanced Wengerball.

  168. London says:

    Advanced Wengerball lol, Wengerball for professionals, Chaf is really good at these funny threads.

  169. avenell says:

    PDT.. if you are reading.. sorry mate you used a couple of words that put you in moderation..

    We just did that so we don’t get into too many rows with other sites..

    I have put your comment on now.. sorry for the delay it was slackness on my part..

  170. avenell says:

    London .. will you see Chaf and Benwell at the weekend?

    say hi and give them my regards if they don’t pop in..

  171. London says:


    I certainly will.

  172. London says:

    I’m off for a bit

  173. avenell says:

    Laters London..

  174. JonJon says:

    evening guys..

    im watching the reply of the game on espn..

    im still purring..

    im hearing rumours that theo is out for the celtic game,i feel thats no big loss..

  175. avenell says:

    Evening jonjon..

  176. avenell says:

    The passmaster is a goer.. lol

  177. JonJon says:

    hi ave…

    i hate mondays…

  178. avenell says:

    You Chapeltown Rat you..

  179. rico says:

    Evening everyone – Cesc is a major doubt for tomorrow, yeah right Arsene, you mean he is being rested already – maybe he is popping back to Spain for a funeral 😦

  180. JonJon says:

    evening rico

    wheres he going ave??

  181. avenell says:

    Oh I get it now .. no he is a goer in the team, my predict Arsene’s line up.. lol..

  182. rico says:

    Good Morning JonJon, have you wiped that ‘cheesey’ grin off your face yet πŸ˜‰

  183. rico says:

    No Theo tomorrow either, the team have arrived in Glasgow… Gosh, I could get a job with Sky πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  184. rico says:

    Sagna a doubt too 😦

    This is so far fetched, he is playing a weakened side, WHY ??

  185. avenell says:

    Theo out isn’t a weakened side.. πŸ˜‰

  186. choy says:

    rico.. i think it is just wenger an his mindgames!

  187. London says:


    So are we saying that Theo didn’t travel?

  188. JonJon says:

    cesc is out too 😦

    dont do that to me ave.. πŸ™‚

  189. London says:


    I have just read the official web site and Walcott, as you say, is definitely out. This means I am allowed to change my team selection.

  190. London says:


    How sure are you that Cesc is out?

  191. rico says:

    This is what we are saying London πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Diaby returns but trio face fitness tests

    Abou Diaby is back in the squad to face Celtic but three of his team-mates face fitness tests ahead of Tuesday night’s vital Champions League qualifier.

    The French midfielder missed the Premier League kick-off with a groin injury but he is in contention for a starting place at Parkhead. However Cesc Fabregas, Denilson and Bacary Sagna are all minor doubts for the first leg while Theo Walcott will not feature.

    ArsΓ¨ne Wenger allayed fears when he described Fabregas’ chances of playing as “much more” than 50 per cent but the manager still faces an anxious wait for news on the morning of the match.

    “Theo Walcott is not fit but Abou Diaby is with the squad here,” said Wenger at his pre-match press conference.

    “From Everton we have Sagna who has a knock, we will make a decision about him tomorrow. We have some uncertainties about Fabregas and Denilson as well but we will make a decision about them tomorrow as well.

    “It is more than 50 per cent that Cesc will play, much more. He has a tight hamstring, I took him off at Everton because of that. Denilson has a groin problem.

    “We will play the best possible team tomorrow, the team which I think has the best chance to win the game. It is a very important game for us because we know what is at stake and we know how difficult it is to play here.”

    Walcott was expected to return against Celtic but could also miss Saturday’s Premier League clash with Portsmouth after the back injury which ruled him out of England’s friendly in Holland flared up again.

    “We are not sure [if he is fit for Saturday],” said Wenger. “It is a back problem which he took with England to Holland. He had a test this morning, it was negative.

    “The injury happened before [he went on international duty] and they didn’t send him back from England because they thought it would be possible for him to play two days later. But it came back and he had to stop training when he had a test this morning.”

    Tomas Rosicky (hamstring), Samir Nasri (broken leg), Johan Djourou (knee) and Lukasz Fabianski (knee) are also sidelined for Tuesday night’s game.

    Off for my dinner – wont be long πŸ˜›

  192. JonJon says:

    hi rico…

    if my grin was a pizza it would be a quatre fromage..

    or something like that.. πŸ˜‰

    theo travels london..he travels very well…but he occasionally leaves the ball behind or travels too far..

  193. JonJon says:

    london…wenger said he was…

    im half asleep cos i hate mondays im always creamed but im sure i just seen a wenger interview on sky saying cesc and theo wont play tomorrow..

  194. JonJon says:

    ahh thats more like it cheers rico…

  195. London says:

    New season, fresh view Jonjon, we have to give Walcott and Diaby a chance, if we don’t we are no better than the place that no longer welcomes us, and that is not good.

    My grin would be pepperoni πŸ˜‰

  196. JonJon says:

    i think both players have enormous potential london…but as the seasons go on the potential has to turn into something abit more…AA said youth is no longer an excuse…its time to do it and not look for excuses…

    but i feel that theo is better from the bench when the game is stretched…and diaby is just better on the bench.. πŸ™‚

    i want them both to make it…but i think diaby will be sold next summer because his injuries are meaning that the other players are pushing him down the pecking order….and theos lack of technique will also mean he will drop down the pecking order….

    they are two separate cases…wenger will want diaby to leave…theo will ask to leave…

  197. London says:





    This is still very, very powerful

  198. JonJon says:

    oh and i think songs gonna do a flamini this year…

    hes gonna be the PL young player of the year..

  199. Freire says:

    Hello everybody, good evening

  200. avenell says:

    Evening Freire.. I’m just catching up between a bit of decorating.. 😦

  201. JonJon says:

    id go with the same back 4

    but i think it will look like a 433 again

    with song AA denilson

    and nikki rvp dudu..

  202. JonJon says:

    good evening freire…

  203. Freire says:

    OMG, if we lose Fabregas, we’re f*ck’d, cuz it’s a posibility of he’s getting out, isn’t it?

  204. avenell says:

    Freire.. do you mean Cesc leaving? If so I think Barca have give that idea up for this year..

    Is Theo actually injured? Or resting?.. Or punishment for not turning England down.?.

  205. JonJon says:

    thats a good observation freire but i dont think cesc is going anywhere…

    wenger took him off early against everton when he was on a hatrick and he had plenty of time to get it..

    when one of your best players has two goals against a team whos there for the taking, if hes fit you leave him on to get his third… you dont bring him off with 20 minutes to go unless theres something wrong with him and you have an important match in 3 days time…

    cescs got a knock..nothing else..i hope.. πŸ˜‰

  206. JonJon says:

    ave it wouldnt surprise me if you were correct about theo…

  207. Freire says:

    Yeah, I think BarΓ§a gave up on this idea. But if he goes to the game, he won’t be able to play for BarΓ§a anymore in the UCL. Wenger MUST put him on even if he gets a broken leg, lol …

    Avenell, I think Theo is with a back injury, innit? That’s what we’ve been told here in Brazil, lol

  208. JonJon says:

    theo went against wengers wishes in the summer freire…just after signing a new bumper deal…it wouldnt surprise me if there is some truth to what ave said and wenger is showing him whos boss and keeping his feet on the ground

  209. Freire says:

    Well, sorry guys, I don’t understand what you mean :S

  210. raif says:

    hello people.. hoe are you all..

  211. Freire says:

    Hey Raif!

    JonJon, do you mean Theo is being a rebel or something like that? Disciplinary problems?

  212. avenell says:

    Hey oop Raif.. What team do you think Mr Wenger will play tomorrow?

    Freire.. Arsene had the hump in the summer that Theo was playing for England plus England U21’s and thought he needed a break.. So is he injured or is this a punishment?

  213. JonJon says:

    haha sorry freire…

    we are trying to say that there is more to players not playing than just being out through injury..

    during the summer theo was offered a new shiney contract with arsenal..making him among some of the highest paid players at the club, especially for his age…

    during that time the under 21 championships were on and wenger made it clear to theo he didnt want him playing in both the england full national side and the under 21 side…he wanted him to rest over the summer and be ready for the start of the season…

    theo went against wengers wishes and played….

    now we have a situation were theo isnt ready for the start of the new season so its possible that when theo signed the contract he got abit cockey about himself…and deliberatley contradicted wenger..

    so its possible that wenger has dropped him…declaring he isnt the same time telling the public he has a knock so it doesnt look like theos in trouble…

    so basically theos been naughty and wengers put him in detention.. πŸ˜‰

    we like to think of conspiracy theories on this site.. πŸ˜‰

    hi raify…

  214. raif says:

    Ave, Freire.. hello lads..

    i got a feeling wenger will play the same team he put out against everton tomorrow

  215. Freire says:

    Wow, how could he play for England & England U21’s ?? It’s confusing me πŸ˜›

  216. avenell says:

    The England U21’s had a tournament.. so he played in that, then the full team had some games was it Andorra and someone I cannot remember..

    He can of course play in both because of his age..

  217. raif says:


    England U21 can only play players from under the age of 21 years of age yes..

    Senior England Team can have any player they want no matter what age they are.

  218. Freire says:

    Aaah, thank you JonJon, thanks for the explanation! Now I understand… I didn’t know that!
    Personally, I think it’s not a punishment πŸ˜› Maybe he’s really injured

  219. rico says:

    raif, lads, what about the lassies πŸ˜‰ And no ave and JJ, not the fairytale from many years ago – sorry, not been around much this evening but have gardens and animals to sort out, and thats bove and beyond ours 😦

    Now I need to go and watch Corrie to calm down, be back tomorrow, i promise πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Stay safe eberyone, sleep well, can’t wait for tomorrows game…

    Nighty Night πŸ˜›

  220. avenell says:

    Raif that isn’t strictly true.. Milner is well into being 23 and has only just stopped playing for the U21’s..
    Which is out of order imo..

  221. JonJon says:


    i said the same yesterday but with a few players carying knocks i think he’l change it..


    theos 21…he qualifies to play for both the full national side and the baby side…so they can pick him for both…which they did…

  222. avenell says:

    Nite Rico.. πŸ™‚

  223. JonJon says:

    when theres a tournament on a team can pick three players in their squad who is over 21 but under 23…its the reason why players like barry and milner have about 100 caps for the under21 team…

  224. Freire says:

    I see, I see … here in Brazil players don’y play for both. I don’t know if they CAN’T play, but they don’t usually do that.

    Theo is a little bit ambitious, lol

  225. JonJon says:

    night night rico

  226. raif says:

    hi rico… bye rico …

    Yeah ave i knew about the odd player who is over the 21 years of age mark and is still plays for them.. it was like when Nigel Reo-Coker was playing for them.

  227. avenell says:

    I always wonder what Theo thinks of the crap England players compared to the quality that he plays with week in week out.. He must see the difference ..

  228. JonJon says:

    what made it worse freire was that theo was the highest paid player at the tournament…

    and he was rubbish…he made a fool of himself playing against players who werent even first teamers for their clubs and still on youth player wages…they put him to shame

    it was a big mistake…it made him and arsenal look rather silly…

    what do people make of denilson in brazil freire???

    is he an under21??? is he on the verge of the full national side???

  229. Freire says:

    people here don’t even know Denilson. He’s far far away from the national side. Dunga (brazillian coach) has no eyes for him.

    People knew Denilson when he played for Sao Paulo FC youngsters…now they don’t know anything about him.

    A very small part of Brazil supports english teams, they prefer Real, BarΓ§a, ManU … you know, that teams with overseas-marketing. (sorry for my poor english)

  230. JonJon says:

    i can understand that about the marketing freire…

    as far as marketing is concerned we are miles behind the other top clubs…hopefully gazidis is making strides to put that right in the next few years…

    and it doesnt surprise me about denilson either…hes a decent player but hes not a great player…i cant see him breaking into the national side anytime soon….

    ive had several arguements with other gooners over past months about denilsons ability…i think hes a decent squad player but you get certain sections of the fanbase who reckon denilsons the best midfielder in the PL and he will be wearing full brazialian colours within the year…

    do you think hes better than melo and gilberto????

    and dont worry about your from england and my english is rubbish..

  231. JonJon says:

    raif..i used to like reo coker…but hes the one englishman that has gone downhill under o neill…

    o neill plays him at RB, LB in the dressing room and orange slicer..

    he had huge potential but hes hit a brick wall at villa..

  232. Freire says:

    I’ve had some arguments with others brazillian gooners about Denilson as well. I think he’s far far away of being the best midfielder in the PL. Neither he’s getting into the national team.

    Gilberto is, still, a great player. Nowadays, he would be perfect for us. But that’s my personal opinion…Wenger doesn’t think the same, unfortunately. And Melo is not what media says…you’ll see, he’s not even 1/3 what people say about him. He made a ‘7-rated’ Confederations Cup for Brazil,
    but football here is based on speculation, mate … when the media wants a team to go down, they do, noticing bad news and making the supporters believe someone is too good or too bad, you know?

    Same works with the players. Sometimes rubbish players appear on the media and they turn him a NEW KAKA and people believe he’s fucking good as media says.

    That’s why I FUCKING hate Brazillian football.

  233. avenell says:

    The pressure is already starting on o’Neill from the Villa fans.. the same ones who gave the gooners so much stick last year when we was playing badly..

  234. avenell says:

    Freire do you hate the Brazil national team?

  235. Freire says:

    Yes, avenell. I use to support England πŸ˜› ( don’t kill me please, lol )

  236. avenell says:

    Friere.. so did I but I got sick of our press bigging up Kevin Keegan and that tosser Bryan “Captain Marvel” Robson..
    May be a bit before your time there Freire.. lol

  237. avenell says:

    Oh and don’t worry about your english.. It’s an Arsenal blog not an exam mate.. πŸ™‚

  238. Freire says:

    Hahah, thanks. I try to talk as right as I can, even in an Arsenal blog. And don’t even tell me about exams, I have a lot, lol…

    Sorry, but what are your names, mates? May I know them? Mine is Hendrix, my surname is Freire.

  239. JonJon says:

    its ok freire..i used to support brazil…then holland…then brazil…then france….now spain.. πŸ˜‰


    the media work the same way over here mate….

    they love teams like chelsea and the mancs and liverpool cos of players like rooney, rio,lampard, gerrard, terry etc etc…

    they never have a good word to say about us but we are too good to go down… πŸ˜‰

  240. avenell says:

    Hendrix how did you get that name is it popular in Brazil?

    I will email my name if you want Freire, there are too many hitmen after me on here.. πŸ˜‰

  241. JonJon says:

    hendrix..good name.. πŸ˜‰

    the clue to my name is in my name.. πŸ˜‰

  242. avenell says:

    Call me Mr Road if you want to be formal.. πŸ™‚

  243. JonJon says:


  244. Freire says:

    Haha, ok Ave, I don’t mind.
    My dad loved ( and still loves) Jimmy Hendrix, that’s why he put that name on me. I like it, and I’m 17 and I’ve never met someone with the same name πŸ˜› It’s strange for a brazilian name, but I don’t mind.

    Well, i guess you’re John, JonJon? Lol.

  245. JonJon says:

    this article is very interesting…do we think wenger is planning even more into the future than what we think by using the current principles he has set in place at the club…

  246. JonJon says:

    close.. Jon πŸ˜‰ but my nickname at home is JonJon…or i use it as my blog name..

    hendrix is a quality name…

  247. avenell says:

    I think that is something that Mr Wenger and.. DD believed in JJ..

  248. avenell says:

    Hendrix sounds like it could be a name for a quality nightclub..

    His music is just a row to me.. but each to there own..

  249. JonJon says:

    i like guitar solos ave….i never understood the words or what he was trying to say but his solos were top notch….

  250. avenell says:

    His music always comes over like the kings new clothes..
    If you are brainwashed enough and people tell you it’s good you will believe it..

  251. Freire says:

    HAhaha, Jimi Hendrix was amazing. I like him too.

    But why for a quality nightclub? Is it funny? Hahaha..

  252. avenell says:

    Freire.. no over here nightclubs are sometimes nemed after famous stylish singers etc.. like Sinatra’s

  253. Freire says:

    Oh, i see, Ave

  254. JonJon says:

    and over in spain they name them after footballers with big ears… like linekars..

  255. avenell says:

    Have you any friends over there who are fellow Gooners.. or do they support any other english clubs ?..

  256. avenell says:

    haha jonjon.. and I don’t mean in Leeds either when I say over there..

  257. JonJon says:

    i was just about to ask the same type of question…

    i can understand why teams like madrid…roberto carlos, ronaldo, and barca..ronaldinho romario rivaldo and milan…kaka, rivaldo,

    etc etc

    get alot of brazilian support but why arsenal??? gilberto and edu????

    not saying that our brazilians were rubbish..although i prefered edu…but the others mentions sold shirts and were superstars…

    why arsenal??

  258. avenell says:

    Jonjon what are Arsenal’s odds on the Prem now? Were they cut after Saturday coz I forgot to put me score on..?

  259. JonJon says:

    we support arsenal cos the majority of people from leeds hate leeds…when they were spending all that money everyone was coming out of the woodwork but when they went down you saw the real support…

    about 13thousand….

    alot of people either support the mancs or the dippers suprisingly enough…

    i was just lucky i guess…or was it fate??? πŸ˜‰

  260. Freire says:

    Ave, some friends are Gooners, but I just know them by internet. They live far away from me, that’s why we’re trying to establish a official supporter club in Brazil.

    Some friends near me, they watch some Chelsea’s and ManU’s games, but they don’t support them as I support Arsenal, I just live for Arsenal, they don’t live for their teams.

    Jon, i didn’t understand the question πŸ˜›

  261. JonJon says:

    weve come in to 6-1..

    liverpool are at 5’s the mancs are at 9-4 and chelsea are the favs at 2’s

    and citheh are at 14’s…

    id put that score on now mate..while we still at outside odds

  262. JonJon says:

    sorry freire….

    blame my rubbish english πŸ˜‰

    how did you become a gooner mate??

  263. Freire says:

    I don’t know, Jon … I watch Arsenal games since 2001, I think, and Arsenal surprisingly made my heart beat stronger. I was just a 11 years-old boy, and my friends didn

  264. Freire says:

    * and my friends didn’t want to talk about football with me, cuz they don’t give a shit for english football.

    Football here is poor, mates, it’s sad to support a brazilian team.

    Arsenal runs into my veins.

  265. JonJon says:

    thats just love mate. you were born to be a gooner…welcome to the club…

  266. Freire says:

    Hahaha, thanks. Glad to talk to you all, you’re the nicest english ppl I’ve met since then.

    I presume you all are 20~30 years old, arent u?

  267. avenell says:

    Er no.. 😳

  268. avenell says:

    I went to my first game at Highbury in March 1971..

  269. Freire says:

    Wow, nice year, hahaha… The Double. Then you had to wait for 18 years to celebrate a title again :S that’s sad =\

  270. avenell says:

    That’s why I appreciate where we are today.. one of the top 10 in europe..

    We were only just about in the top 10 in England back then..

    You have to go through the bad times to appreciate the good..

  271. Freire says:

    You’re the master, Ave!
    Great words!

  272. avenell says:

    Haha no London is too.. he has been going since 67′ I think along with Chaf..

    They have been privilaged to have been season ticket holders for many years..
    I was just a scumbag who stood at the Clockend for a decade and a bit..

  273. Freire says:

    Yeah, please mates, tell me about the Clockend… what was it? I hear a lot about it, but I don’t know what it is… tell me something about the old Highbury and the old times, pls πŸ˜›

  274. avenell says:

    The home support used to mainly be at the famous North Bank, behind the goal.. At the other end with no stand until the late eighties was the end with the clock (bought in by Herbert Chapman in the thirties)..

    This was divided into half home support and half away support so it was always a bit livelier down that end..

    On a good night I think I have been in there when there have been 60,000 plus.. Even in winter it gets so hot with the jumping up and down..

    And when we score and it settles down you have to search for your mate who can be 20 to 30 feet away..

  275. raif says:


    i just read that link you posted.. very intresting. there was talk about it many years back.

    back when they had the G8 or what ever it was called back then..

  276. JonJon says:

    sorry guys i lost connection for a bit…

    im 30 one of the babies on here…but its one of the reasons why i like blogging with people like Ave because they hold so much knowledge of our past…you learn alot if you blog with them long enough…

  277. Freire says:

    Hahahaha, that must be fucking nice.

    The North Bank was expensive? How much did it cost?

  278. avenell says:

    Creep arse.. πŸ˜‰

  279. avenell says:

    Freire it was a pound to get in the Clock end or the North bank in 1978..

    That was the budget standing..

    Then they built the new North bank and I can remember you put a deposit down like a few grand and they held your seat, you then paid a season ticket on top..

  280. JonJon says:


    it may come true sooner than expected if fifa try to curb clubs spending…teams like citeh and real can just turn round and say sod it we’ll start our own league…but that would go against all wengers principles so i cant see us joining on their terms…

  281. avenell says:

    It will be funny if Man City arn’t eligable to join though. haha .. Top 4 from each country over the last 10 years say.

  282. raif says:

    exactly. as we would have the muscle to out spend them.. so we would stay in the CL and win that year in year out lol

  283. Freire says:

    Has anyone here gone to Anfield on that night of 1989? If yes, can you tell me how was it? πŸ˜›

  284. avenell says:

    No I have never been Freire, I watched that game on the TV..
    I did however go to watch the cup being paraded from Highbury to Islington town hall in 89′ on the open top bus..
    and in 91′ and 98′..

  285. JonJon says:

    i would piss myself if citeh finished in the top four and blatter said next year is the start of the spending within your means thing and they werent aloud in CL as punishment…

    i was sat at home freire with my grandad and we watched it together…i was old enough to understand what we had won but i didnt understand how we had won it…

    as i got older i started to realise just what we had done that night and it made it all more magical..

  286. raif says:

    i was to young to be there.. i would have been 8 years old back then..

  287. Freire says:

    Wow, Ave, you’re the Arsenal Museum, mate! With all respect, of course!

    I’m glad for talking to you, I have so much to learn with you all!

  288. raif says:

    Avenell has a new Jedi Apprentice.

    trust in the Arsenal Force

  289. Freire says:

    I think I know what you mean … I felt that when Corinthians won the World Cup against Vasco, beating Real Madrid in semi-finals in 2000. That was amazing, whole Brazil was stopped.

  290. JonJon says:

    hahaha raif…the force is strong with this one.

    ave all this sounds familiar…you must have that x factor mate cos the last time you had these kind of conversations you ended up starting a blog with them. πŸ˜‰

  291. Freire says:

    I have no good histories to talk to you. In front of all these knowledge, I feel I’m shit to the Club :\

  292. JonJon says:

    you get moments like that in football mate….its a passion thats deep down inside and only comes out to play when something magical happens…

    theres been so many magical memories with arsenal…

    and you have to cherish them either it be post wenger or pre wenger because its what makes the club what it is…

    we are going through a barran spell at the minute regarding trophies but its nothing compared to other eras…and when we do win something it will taste so sweet knowing we have done it the right way…and not bought the title like chelsea did…

    it will be one of those moments you cherish..

  293. avenell says:

    Freire the Arsenal needs all it’s supporters to survive against this new threat of money from outside football..

    You are the future my friend.. As is Raifs little boy and I hope Jonjon welcomes a gooner into the world soon too..

  294. JonJon says:

    freire your still young…arsenal have a good future and im sure your moments will come…

    fulham made a good deal with bullard didnt they…

    5mil and then out 5 years.. πŸ˜‰

  295. raif says:

    the junior gunner today is the season ticket holder tomorrow

  296. Freire says:

    hey mates, i’m going to bed now… school tomorrow!

    Good luck for Arsenal tomorrow, good match for you all.

    C’mon u gooners!

  297. raif says:

    see you later freire

  298. avenell says:

    Speak tomorrow Freire night mate..

  299. avenell says:

    I’m off too night chaps..

    Morning Rico.. πŸ™‚

  300. raif says:

    night ave.. i might get a move on aswell actully..

    till next time sports fans

  301. JonJon says:

    night ave.. night raif.

  302. avenell says:

    Try and get on during tomorrows game Raif.. nighty night..

  303. raif says:

    ill try im finishing work at 7pm 😦

  304. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Le Gaffer must read this site coz this is what I said a couple of days ago on here. I’m going to have to put a copyright on some of my comments πŸ™‚

    Arsene Wenger believes financial demands will mean there will be no Champions League in a decade because there will be a European Super League.

    The Arsenal manager is preparing for Tuesday’s first leg of the Champions League play-off against Celtic, with the winners going to the group stages.

    Wenger said: “Maybe in 10 years you will have a European league.

  305. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Are you going to sue him george πŸ˜‰

    Are we going to guess the score’s this season, or shall we not play that ‘tempting fate’ game…

    1-3 for me

  306. rico says:

    I have put a new one up, strangely enough its a bit of a cheat post, but for those who don’t get his email, I thought you might like to read it πŸ˜›

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