I hate it when Arsenal lose even in friendly games.

This was an intelligently arranged fixture, a stiff challenge, obviously organised a while ago in the knowledge that we not only had the first game of the season to follow but the probably more important Champions League qualifier three days later. We drew Celtic but it could just as easily have been Athletico Madrid and that would have invoved us playing them on a day when they meant business rather than on the training game mode that we witnessed during the Emirates Cup.

Valencia was an opportunity for Wenger to try out what he must have viewed as his starting eleven against Everton; an opportunity to jolt the defence out of the comfort zone that they had been cruising in during the recent friendly games.

It would have been just as easy to have played more cannon fodder from north of the border only to run rings around and tell ourselves that there is nothing to worry about but Valencia are not cannon fodder, this is an extremely skilful, mobile unit, capable of beating any team in Europe on their day. My surprise was only how a club in such dire straights financially so as to make Newcastle seem positively flush seem to have managed to keep hold of so many top quality players and top they are; I suspect that if we had their squad at the Emirates not too many of us would be complaining.

If one of the principle reasons for this fixture was to give the defence a wake up call then that is exactly what they got — and there was nothing gentle about it, playing Valencia was the equivalent of being woken up by an electric cattle prod.

Our defence took to the field still with sleep in their eyes, all of them looked slow and slovenly by contrast to the Valencia attack who looked rapier sharp and that was without David Villa whose absence I can only explain by the suggestion that his sale is imminent and that the coach wanted to try and prove to the rest of the team that they are capable of winning without him – remember that one? Anyway, with David Villa or without him Valencia were going through our defence like a hot knife through butter; I feared a rout but we steadied ourselves. Gallas was first to spring back to life, followed shortly after by Clichy, then Djourou, as best he could, and finally Song wiped the sleep from his eyes and started to position himself better.

To describe the whole of the defence as slow starters would be unfair as Eboue came out of the traps and hit the ground running and running well to boot: playing in his most suited role as right back he showed us once again just how good he is in that position to the point where I unashamidly give him my man of the match award. I can only assume the reason for his selection ahead of Sagna was because he is the only player who is for sale and has yet to find a club that wants to buy him; if only he didn’t panic when he got into the opponents 18 yard box he would have suitors such as Milan rather than Fiorentina as every other part of his right back game is impressive.

Fabregas moved his world class dial from six, which it had been set on for previous friendly games, up to eight, there is still more to come should he wish but he is impressive enough in a game like this when it is set at eight.

Arshavin was the other contender for man of the match: gone was the ear to ear smile of last week’s jolly and on was the look of determined concentration; he was moving the ball around with the world class dial set at nine.

Well they are the easy players to assess, I like Bendtner out on the right and I expect him to do very well next week against Everton but yesterday his age and lack of experience showed and I found myself wondering what our team would be like with David Silver in that position.

RVP: I am a fan, so I am always going to give the Boy Wonder the benefit of the doubt but number nine? Really! Time will tell…ok,ok…I admit it, I was wondering what it would be like with David Villa there.

And so to Diaby, this is his make or break season, it looks like Wenger is going to bring things to ahead by prioritising him and I will reserve judgment until I see more. The good thing that sprang to mind was that the system that Wenger seems as though he is going to favour is easily changed: Edurado could play along side RVP in a 4.4.2 formation or Rosicky could replace Diaby, so could Nasri, so still plenty of options.

The second half was just a training ground kick about so I don’t see too much can be learnt from it or needs to be said about it. A couple of points of interest are that if Walcott has made Wenger unhappy about playing for the England under 21’s then this could lead to Wenger picking him on merit rather than the priority he has been given to date for being the token Englishman: this I view as an improvement. The other thing was the noticeable absence of Denilson?


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  1. London says:

    Afternoon Roadsters

    A little something to keep us going

  2. JonJon says:

    i just posted this on the last post… 🙂

    hi everyone…

    what was last night about?? i know friendlies are just friendlies….but the are part of our preparation…

    when we were trashing rangers with our kids we were waxing lyrical and having kittens….

    so are we just gonna ignore last nights performance??

    i only saw 40mins of the 1st half…

    we were poor….i just dont see what the likes of eboue and diaby bring to the party….

    we have to play as a team in order for our game to work properly….like we did against rangers..that was perfect….

    any weak links in the chain and we are just not that effective and spend most of the game largely on the back foot

    so why does wenger continue with the weak links????

    now im off to read the post… 😉

  3. JonJon says:

    good post…

    disagree about eboue’s perfomance…agree he might be sold

    but well said on the rest….

    all in all the friendlies have shown that we are still weak at our defensive game….

    when we come up against other teams who play well as a unit we get ripped apart….and our attacking game suffers…

    we need to earn the right to play wengerball first…we have to learn to stop these teams from playing….

  4. London says:


    The second half was irrelevant, so work on the basis that you missed 5 minutes.

  5. JonJon says:


    did you notice wenger going potty on the sideline every five minutes….

    what does that suggest to you??

    cos to me it suggests he was unhappy with certain players in the team…

    as a manager…if certain players cant follow instructions….why play them again and again…if all your seeing is mistake after mistake from the same players…why persist with them….

    dont change the system to accomadate those players weaknesses…

    change the players to accomadate the teams strengths…

  6. Irishgunner says:

    I didn’t see the game – did Diaby play? was he any good?

  7. JonJon says:

    not that i seen irish…same old same old…

  8. London says:


    I regard Wenger getting annoyed on the sideline as a good thing, everyone would have learnt alot from yesterday’s first half and I hope thay can improve upon it.

    Hello Irish

    Diaby looked leggy, still searching for fitness.

  9. Irishgunner says:

    In excerpts to be serialised in the Guardian Anelka reveals:

    “My career at Arsenal was going from strength to strength until the day I crossed Vieira, who was better known in the Arsenal dressing room as ‘Le Long.’ I was playing against Fulham at Highbury and I remember receiving a ball from Bergkamp, then rounding the keeper with ease and, with the goal wide open, somehow managing to screw the ball wide at the last minute. It only happened because the sun was in my eyes. It wasn’t my fault! Anyway Vieira gave me a glare and I knew I was in trouble, afterwards in the showers he tore into me and I just snapped, I knew I shouldn’t have, but I called him a ‘lanky limbed boombaclart.’

    At first he just stared at me with his hollow eyes. Then…..WHAM!

    Just like that he slapped me across the face with his penis. Just once. But it knocked me back a few steps. It was like being struck by a wet kipper. No one could believe what they saw! Can you imagine how embarrassing it is to be smacked across the face with a 14″ pork sword in front of your team mates? It was the worst moment of my life. No one said anything for what seemed like an eternity, the silence was only broken when Ashley Cole asked “Is it my turn?” It was then I knew I had to leave. When Wenger found out what he’d done he merely high fived him and shouted “And that’s why he’s the captain. POW! Look at that thing!”


  10. JonJon says:

    i feel the same london…

    he should of learned alot about some of his players…but saying that he had all last season to figure that out…

  11. Irishgunner says:

    Some people have weird imaginations … and he claims to be an Arsenal fan 🙄

  12. London says:


    You know what I’m like; I will always find a way of defending Wenger and the team. It was a preseason friendly and I didn’t expect grade “A” Wengerball. I was encouraged how the team steadied itself and started to take the game to Valencia. Wenger will have some work to do in the week on the training pitch but apart from that as far as I can see we are set for the Everton game.

  13. JonJon says:

    LMAO irish…

    king ding a ling…

    Le grande sausage…

    King dong


    ashley cole: is it my turn… PMSL..

  14. London says:


    I don’t think that Wenger was annoyed with Diaby he was tearing his hair out over the defence.

  15. JonJon says:

    i think we are better set than last season london…

    we will be alot closer than 20 points anyway…

    but im still worried about a certain aspect of our game that just doesnt seem to get sorted…

  16. JonJon says:

    so if we are only counting the 1st half it was a 0-0 really 🙂

  17. Rasputin says:

    Whichever way you look at it, we were beaten by a better side yesterday. They were better balanced and played better football. We are 1 week away from our first premiership game and we looked far from ready.

    I don’t think AW knows his best 11 or even the best players for particular positions. If we do buy late for a cheap deal there will not be time to integrate the new players into the team .. in short it looks like we will be experimenting with lineups and formations well into the season. This is not good. It is not professional.

  18. London says:

    That’s exactly it Jonjon. It was 45 minutes to give us a look at the team that will almost certainly start next week.

  19. avenell says:

    Afternoon Roadsters..

    I don’t think that line up yesterday will be our starting lineup…or anything like it.

    Also it is difficult to judge how we played as we don’t know how hard the training has been in the past week.

    Rasp I agree with you that players are played out of position.. I think we have the players though.. I cannot see Bendtner starting right midfield ahead of walcott. RvP is never the no9 and Diaby had his best game for Arsenal playing behind the striker..

    Good balanced post London.. Thanks.. I want eboue gone though..

  20. JonJon says:

    hey ave/rasp

    i think wenger needs to stop tinkering with the players out of position thing…

    we did it all last season and got nowhere….

    if we need a player for that position lets just go out and buy one…

  21. Rasputin says:

    Hi ave, JonJon,

    I don’t know what he will have learned from that ‘experimental lineup’ yesterday. Also, if he played a team weakened by the lack of AA for the FA cup semi so as to improve morale for the forthcoming CL game .. how did yesterday’s performance do anything to increase team morale for playing Everton away?. It was not good preparation. Manure beat the same team 2 nil reasonably comfortably and you could have picked the team SAF chose in advance and got most players right.

    We don’t have a clue what our most effective lineup is. We don’t have the personnel to play a target man who will hold the ball up. We need to break swiftly through the midfield.

  22. London says:

    Hello Rasp

    Can you explain to me what the second half had to do with anything? Because I see not other reason than fitness and acclimistation of the younger players. We should judge ourselves on the first half and on the eleven players who are likely to start next week. So unless you are about to reveal something I missed I don’t agree with the statement of anyway you look at it we were beaten by a better side.

  23. avenell says:

    I don’t understand having a 6’4″ winger and a centre forward who I have only seen head a ball twice in 5 years.

    I would have used Bendtner in a CF position and fed him aginst the lesser teams to build his confidence up..

  24. JonJon says:

    exactly ave…

    why use bendter as a winger???


    i think they were the better side in the 1st half too….

  25. Irishgunner says:

    Where is RvP’S best position?

  26. Irishgunner says:

    Ha ha doubt it on his wages

    I reckon its on the right of a 4-3-3, he’s not really a target man or a number 10 so what is he?

  27. Franchise says:

    having fun guys???

  28. JonJon says:

    he doesnt have one irish…

    hes not a target man,hes not a main striker, hes too individual to be a linkup striker, but hes not skilful enough to be a left winger

    i guess thats the reason why the dutch national side put him out on the right wing…

    it keeps him out of the way and gives them an extra goal threat when he comes inside on his left foot…

    hes better on the bench…

  29. Rasputin says:

    Hi Irish,

    RVP an sometimes be a ‘luxury’ player. You’d think he would be a No.10 ala his idol DB. He is not strong enough to hold the ball up.

    He played Eboue as right back in the first half. He played players out of position throughout the game and threw away the game in the second half. Valencia were the better settled,balanced and prepared team.

    If you think that was good preparation for the coming season then I’m astonished. I would be very surprised if he doesn’t think that RVP and Bendtner is his best striking partnership – so why play Bendtner out wide right where he hardly saw the ball.

    I have to go out for a while so can’t continue the debate for now… there is optimism and there is delusion … the two should not be confused.

  30. JonJon says:

    ave.. 😉

    hey franchise…

  31. London says:

    Hello Francise

    We have missed you, it has been far too quiet without you.

  32. Irishgunner says:

    That’s what I think too in a way.

    I really like RVP, think he is skilled and has a wicked shot when he’s not injured but where do put him, he’s not really a player suited to one particular position.

  33. JonJon says:

    seeya rasp..

    we should take it game by game and i still think we’ll beat celtic…last night was experimental and was a mess so i dont want to see that kind of experiment in the proper games like we saw last season..

    wenger had all last season to experiment so no more..

    looking forward we need to buy some new players before the season starts…

    if we play diaby in CM and nikki out on the wing against an organised team like everton at goodison….we’ll get beat…

  34. avenell says:

    I would partner Bendtner up front with Arshavin.. if not Eduardo..

    Rosicky left, Nasri right. Cesc and a.n.other in midfield.. best we have is Song at the moment..

    With Rosicky out have Arsh on the left.. with Nasri out have RvP on the right..

  35. rico says:

    Hello everyone, nice one London – but 😉

    I am amazed, disapointed and pretty peed off…

    We have one week left until the start of the season, why did Arsene not play his team that will be playing against Everton, last night? The last time they can really play together in a ‘match day’ fixture?

    You can run around all day long on a training field but yesterday for me was the biggest test of our pre-season, and all that we have done is walk away being a loser, great boost mentally, eh…

  36. JonJon says:

    the thing with robin is that he his very technical…and on his day he can be unplayable….

    but hes a luxury player because he doesnt do it game in game out..

    and his free kicks a terrible.. corners and deadball crosses are lethal but freekicks at goal hes shit at…

    i dont know why we let him take them anymore…

    hes our first choice freekick taker and hasnt scored from one in three years….

  37. rico says:

    And please don’t anyone suggest the players need a rest…….. !! 😉 😉

  38. Irishgunner says:

    I’d play Nikki and Eduardo up front with Arshavin floating behind them

  39. rico says:

    My upront two would be Eduardo and Arshavin – every game…

    back soon

  40. Rasputin says:

    That makes three of us … Dudu and Bendy for me too, which means RVP on the bench … never gonna happen!

  41. Franchise says:

    lol london

  42. London says:


    It seems to me the point of your 2:43 is that there are plenty of options.

  43. London says:

    Seriously Francise

    I know I speak for everyone, you are welcome.

  44. JonJon says:

    dudu and nikki with AA floating…

  45. London says:

    Why are people focusing on the second half? Whole sale changes where made at half time; Valencia visible dropped down two gears, it was a meaningless kick around.

  46. Rasputin says:

    Surely we don’t want options at this point, we want to see a well organised stable first team with good quality replacements for every position.

  47. avenell says:

    London. but only one choice as a target man.. Bendtner..

    I think Dudu, Rosicky, Nasri, Vela, Arshavin, can all do a job in a 4-5-1.. but they need a player who can hold the ball up..

  48. London says:


    Wenger played Eboue in the first half because at a value to the club of nine million pounds this piece of business has to be attended to and what’s more we all know what Sagna can do, most of all Wenger….so your Eboue jibe is weak.

    We played our CC side in the second half and I don’t understand what is gained from emphasising so your criticism of throwing the game away in the second half is also weak.

    I know we have diametrically opposing views to supporting Arsenal but don’t you ever have anything good to say about the club?

  49. JonJon says:


    i think when we play the right players our attacking options are excellent….

    its our defensive options that are weak and when we dont play our best players in their best positions it makes defending harder because it messes up our attacking game…

    evry attack breaks down and we end up on the back foot…we dont have the players to defend properly and its visible every time we play players out of position…

    i agree that the second half was just a run out…

    but if the first half was anything to go by we’d of got beat still even if the same team went out in the 2nd half…

  50. Irishgunner says:

    London – I think what Rasp is saying is that generally speaking the last warm up games are used for what will be the first starting XI of the season so they can get used to each other and gel.

    However, we haven’t exactly got a whole load of new players so what gelling needs to be done and secondly AW may have an eye on the internationals midweek?

  51. avenell says:


    I think that Rasp has a point that, our settled side needs to be playing in their correct positions and building confidence.
    Against Everton next week could be the first ever time those eleven players may have played together..

    But with Theo rested during the close season, and with injuries to two or three key players that is a difficult thing to acheive..

  52. JonJon says:

    at the end of the day it was just a friendly….so experiments are expected…

    i just hope its made wenger realise the faults in the team…and although we are stronger than last year we are not ready yet…

    not without those two players he says he’ll buy…

    and the attacks not the problem…its the midfield…just as it was last season…

  53. Rasputin says:


    My Eboue point was well made. The last game before the season starts should be an opportunity to let your first choice side have a run out. It was not a jibe .. it was my opinion.

    My criticsim is only weak in your opinion. I care deeply about Arsenal and I’m worried at the moment. Neither your optimism or my reservations will affect any outcome. I have plenty of good things to say about our club … but they are not constructive in terms of critique. I don’t like what I’m seeing at the moment.

  54. Rasputin says:

    Hi JonJon,

    Even the wildest optimist could expect 2 late purchases (if they happen) to integrate into the side … we are not well prepared for the coming season.

  55. avenell says:

    I think JD would have been better playing next to Clichy too.. they need to build an understanding..

    I don’t agree with the Eboue either, The first choice back four should be playing as a unit to get used to offsides etc..

    No club will buy Eboue on his performance in a friendly.. he should have come on second half..

  56. rico says:

    London – Rasp usually has good things to say about our club – but right now with the squad we have, even Mrs Positive rico is full of doom and gloom 😦

    I agree with his views on last night’s game – if the club are going to treat the match as a kick about, why bother ? They can do that on the training ground, and think of all the money they would save travelling 😉

    As I said earlier, winning breeds winning, all that result has done is make me negative, and no doubt some of the squad feel the same…

    Losing ?? There is no place for it in sport at any level 😦

  57. rico says:

    Rasp – re your 3.03, please take a peek at my 2.44 😉

  58. JonJon says:


    this is why i wanted the new players i before pre season…i understand the theory wenger has in the 11th hour buying but i wanted the squad ready and settled and getting used to each other in the preseason games….

    the thing is..now we have rosicky and nasri out… so we are facing the prospect of the same midfield as last season…which i dont want….

    if wenger buys the real deal like AA then i dont see the problem in the late arrivals because they will settle in straight away….but the chances of the real deal signings are unlikely…therefore the new players will need time….

    either way we are looking at a midfield including song denilson and diaby for the start of the season and we all know how hard our start is….

    im still confident…but we need those players now so they have at least a weeks training with the squad and not on aug 31 at 11;59;59…

  59. JonJon says:

    hi rico.. 😉

  60. Irishgunner says:

    By Aug 31 11:59:59 it all could be a little late.

    Celtic aren’t going to be the walk in the park some expect although we should get past them.

  61. rico says:

    JonJon, I have beem here ages, it took you so long to say hello 😉 I have missed you 😥

  62. rico says:

    Irish – couldn’t agree more, Celtic are going to be up for this game – last night we lost, if we do the same against Everton, confidence will be rock bottom early and Celtic will love it… 😦

  63. rico says:

    And while I am on a grumpy roll, neither Denilson or Diaby are good enough to play alongside Cesc imho, Song right now I think is the strongest option, and I don’t think he is up to a season there… Gosh I am an old grump…

  64. Irishgunner says:

    The thing is while Mowbary is the gaffer that likes to play football, the majority of the players are still Strachan’s and there hasn’t been much change there this season.

    Also Parkhead will be a new experience for many of the Arsenal players.

    Celtic just seem to be able to produce European miracles from time to time that come out of nowhere.

    We do have the beatings of them of course but we could have got an easier draw. We all know how much the Old Firm like to stuff one of the “Big Four”

  65. JonJon says:

    oh im sorry rico… 🙂

    i think we have enough for now to beat celtic…not a problem….if wenger picks the right team…we got a decent draw there

    its everton thats the problem….

  66. JonJon says:

    if the old firm played in the PL they wouldnt even finish in the top half….

    the scottish league is pants…celtic and rangers look good in the same way wigan or sunderland or pompey would look good playing in the SPL…

  67. Irishgunner says:

    Not the point though Jon Jon

    Its a one off tie, we laughed at the thought of Hull beating us at home last season too.

    Of course we can and should beat them but Celtic are a decent team with a lot of European Pedigree.

  68. avenell says:

    Rico.. your not a grump..

  69. Irishgunner says:

    By the by Rangers and Celtic can only beat what’s in front of them in the SPL, if they moved to the EPL I’m sure they would change what players they brought in etc.

  70. rico says:

    Ave – trust me, I am 😉

    Irish – spot – on, they are not going to be a walk in the park, no matter how much JonJon try’s to convince us 😉 😉

  71. JonJon says:

    true irish…

    but we have more pedigree….12 years of consecutive CL pedigree…

    celitc may look good in europa or uefa or whatever…and of course theyre a decent team…

    but rangers are a decent team…the cream of scottish football…and our kids made them feel ‘outnumbered’

    the environment will be different of course….but the result will be the same…

  72. Irishgunner says:

    I hope they are a walk in the park though 😉

  73. JonJon says:

    i dont think they could afford to irish…

    rangers for example are skint…

  74. JonJon says:

    a walk in the park 😆

  75. London says:

    I shall make my way to the Emirates on the 22nd of August with my season ticket in my hand and optimism in my heart.

    See y’all tomorrow

  76. JonJon says:

    keep that magic london… 😉

  77. Irishgunner says:

    Not arguing any of that at all Jon Jon, all I’m saying is we should be wary of Celtic, they’ve ran Manchester United and AC Milan close in recent seasons.

  78. Irishgunner says:

    Liverpool are skint too – when did been skint stop anyone ha ha

  79. Irishgunner says:

    Apart from us of course 😉

  80. JonJon says:

    were not skint…we just like to keep it competitive.. 😉

  81. rico says:

    We are just tight 😉

  82. Irishgunner says:

    Ozyakup – He is meant to be a good player

  83. rico says:

    Dont know much about him Irish, but any team that beats the Spuds….. 😛

    Chelsea beat Manure on penalties for their only silverware this season 😉

  84. rico says:

    Is it just me who is getting fed up with Theo keep talking the talk, that boy needs to learn to walk the walk aswell ….!

    Off for a very very late lunch 😛

  85. JonJon says:

    it aint just you rico…theo needs to let his football do the talking…

    and to be honsest it aint just theo….alot of the players have been doing it recently…

    “we have to do this”
    “we have to do that”

    thats very nice…so what they waiting for????

  86. raif says:

    woop woop. whats cracking people. 🙂

  87. JonJon says:

    TONY ADAMS is pleading with Arsene Wenger to turn Arsenal into serious title contenders – by signing a couple of wise men before deadline day.

    The Gunners boss says his squad is already good enough to win the Premier League – and end the club’s worrying four-year trophy drought.

    But Adams reckons the Gunners are two experienced players short after the exit of Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure to Man City.

    He said: “I think they are missing a couple of players, I really do, if they are going to challenge.

    “They need experience right down the spine of the team – which would give them the platform and that bit of stability to get the right balance.”

    Not that Adams has lost total faith in his long-time mentor.

    He added: “What I do know is that Arsene has a fantastic team of people out there working hard. More often than not, Wenger gets it right!”

    what would tony adams know about what it takes to be a successful side…what a thicky…

  88. raif says:

    i think last nights game was down to poor team selection, why oh why play Nikki B on the right

  89. JonJon says:

    alright raif…

    hows it hanging…le hunter du klass has gone…

    abort operation trouser snake..

  90. JonJon says:

    yeah i agree raif…

    i think wenger needs to play his best players in their best positions….

    having your target man out on the wing does nothing for our style….it does nothing for nikki and its practically making two key positions innefective….

    its like playing with nine men…

  91. JonJon says:

    how many times did we say that last season though…
    wengers tactics and lineups where leaving us scratching our heads..

  92. raif says:

    Operation “Empty Klass” has been orborted JonJ. 😦

    cant beleive we didnt even try to sign him. im so sad about that. but deep down i think we all knew we wouldnt have gone for him so i guess it was a pipe dream. so lets just wait and see when “Chamakh” signs for us for peanuts. or Salomon Kalou.

    who is actully better? Kalou or Chamakh

  93. raif says:

    i just checked wiki..

    Career Total

    Chamakh: 165 Aps – 53 Goals

    Kalou: 165 Aps – 58 Goals

  94. raif says:

    sorry i mean Chamakh 223 Aps

  95. JonJon says:

    i dont know raif…

    kalou hasnt really impressed me ever…i think hes like chelseas version of eboue… 😉

    and this chamakaka geezer dont fill me with confidence either…

    i dont see why a strikers our main subject of transfer business when its obvious we need a new midfeilder…

  96. JonJon says:


    those goalscoring stats…..

    thats my point….

    why are we after players who are not finishers….we have enough attacking players like kalou and chamkaka in the team already so why are we after another???

    if we are going to strngthen our attacking game then we need a real finisher…which those too are not…so i dont see what they will bring to strengthen a team that is top heavy with attacking players already….

  97. raif says:

    and a Center Back,

    im going to raise the Defensive desperate level to Death Con 2,

    the highest level Yet.. come season starts and we get injurys and our other Center Backs start flufing every set piece that goes against us we will soon be at Death Con 1 and then it will be to late and begging for the Jan Trans

  98. Rasputin says:

    Hi Roadsters,

    Just back from A&E getting my son’s finger snapped back in after a cricketing injury.

    rico … sorry I’ve just read your 2:44 and see that, as usual, you made the point better before I did 😳

    I’d take Kalou now or Chamakh .. but neither of them are target men or can hold the ball up particularly so I don’t see what they’ll bring that our existing players can’t supply.

    Let’s face it – same as last season, the money’s going to be spent elsewhere. AW did say some time ago that we’d have to sell players every season…. it feels like we’ve been relegated to a feeder club 😦

  99. raif says:

    Defensive Desperate Level (DDL)Death Con 2

    Medfield Desperate Level (MDL)Death Con 2

    Attacker Desperate Level (ADL)Death Con 3

    thats my thoughts on the level of our Needs

  100. Rasputin says:

    Hi raif,

    A CB would be top of my wants list, followed by a strong midfielder, I can live without another striker mainly because I don’t know of any available that would offer us something different. Dzeko or Hangeland would have been good, but apparently out of our league.

  101. JonJon says:

    heres the blue prints raif…

    finishers- dudu,vela



    FB-clichy, traore, gibbs, sagna, eboue



    where will kalou/chamkaka fit in there and why are we going for them in the first place when the CM position is about as forceful as a babys fart…

    going by the blue prints i reckon we need a new CM first…maybe 2….

    we could do with a better option at CB as well..

    for 6mil we probably cant go wrong with either chamakkakaakak or kalou seeing as though nasri and rosicky are crocked but its not a priority…it should be the last area we look at…

  102. raif says:

    hi there Rasp.. hope ur sons finger is in good nick

    i agree, we really need a CB. and Now along with that Monster Midfielder. but i just dont see us getting either at the mo.

    all i see is wenger getting is some young prospect

  103. JonJon says:

    hi rasp…

    shit hope the sons fingers ok…

    im getting a feeling we all concur on what this team is lacking…

  104. JonJon says:

    id like a new finisher too but the best ones in the world all cost 20-30mil quid and the one we could of afforded we let go to milan…. 😦

  105. Rasputin says:

    True raif … its not that different to last season really. We all feel an enormous sense of relief that Ade’s gone and Kolo’s made it easy for us to bear now he’s gone and is slagging us off.

    I’ve got to be honest, I was left totally baffled by some of Arsene’s team selections and player positioning last season, and I see no evidence that he won’t continue in that same vein. He shouts at Pat Rice and waves his arms around when he sees something he doesn’t like – why doesn’t he do something about it?

  106. raif says:

    hmmm im worried he will do the same and play silly formations with even sillier player selections. its killing some of the players and there progress i feel.

    also whats the deal with wenger and pat rice. pat rice just sits there on the touch line and says nothing all game.

    one of my mates told me once that Pat rice stuck his hand out to say somthing to one of the players and Wenger slaped his hand away. i wish i could have seen that

  107. Rasputin says:

    Hi JonJon,

    He dislocated it stopping a powerful cover drive … like you do 😳 The doc was good, he just distracted him with some friendly chat and yanked it back in place. I scraped him off the ceiling and brought him home for some TLC.


    You’re right about PR. I’ve chatted to him a bit – he comes into my work. Lovely guy, but he’s not employed as assistant manager….. he’s more of a punchbag it seems. His knees aren’t so good these days so it seems pretty unfair to keep sending him out to warm up the players pre-match. I once heard AW describe him as one of the backroom staff – not very flattering 😦

  108. JonJon says:

    it hurts when you dislocate things….

    especially fingers…ive done it a few times i know…
    once it happens once it tends to do it over and over…

    i dislocated my thumb years ago…and ive learned to pop it back in myself after years of practice..

    rasp…what does a sone mean???

  109. Rasputin says:

    sorry .. multiple typo JonJon – I’ve corrected it = as one 😉

  110. JonJon says:

    oh… hahaha…

    caught me offguard for a minute then mate..i thought you were using a clever word and i felt abit dumb asking….feel abit dumber now…hahaha

    yeah thats not a great way to describe him…one of the backroom staff can mean anyone…the water boy, the orange slicer the tea lady…anyone….

  111. rico says:

    Hi all, sorry I have been a bit busy today 😦

    Rasp, Please don’t think I was trying to point out anything other tha I agreed with your every word, sorry if it came across differently 😦

    JJ, agree, i am fed up with them all talking about what they should be doing, why not shut up and show us all on the pitch 😉

  112. rico says:

    sorry Rasp, hope your son’s finger heals real soon …

  113. rico says:

    early start for me tomorrow, so early night, take care all, stay safe, nighty night

  114. JonJon says:

    hi rico…

    bye rico.. 😉

  115. Rasputin says:

    No worries rico 😉 nite nite, sleep well

  116. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters and Roosters 😉

    So The striker who plays for a ‘vintage’ football club scored last night, said he is losing sleep and is desperate to join us. Well his goal was nothing out of the ‘special’ book, but it was a goal from a player who hit the ball first time, no faffing, no dragging it on to the other foot, no one, two, three more touches – no, he just hit it and scored. Come on Arsene, sort this deal out today and get the lad in a red shirt 😛

  117. Rasputin says:

    Morning rico,

    I agree about Chamakh, I think the club/team needs something to lift their spirits and a new signing could give them a boost. Chamakh isn’t going to shore up the defence though so I’m not sure how much his signing will improve our chances this season….

  118. London says:

    Morning All

    I think we can safely say that this player is where we want him.

    PARIS (AP) – Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh is so desperate to join Arsenal that he is losing sleep over the move.

    This is the week Arsène, time to put a pound in the shopping trolley to release it from the long line and then wheel it around the shopping aisles of Europe filling it to the brim, don’t forget to pick up the duty free in Fulham.

    Remember your promise Arsène: two players before the start of the season.

  119. rico says:

    Morning Rasp, I know, and it’s our defence that should be being looked at before attack options – My thought is that he is waiting to see what happens with Senderos, surely though he will go because of having only one year left on his contract? Lets just hope the next 2/3 days sees one out and three in 😉

  120. rico says:

    Morning London – he also says there are other clubs if not Arsenal, he wants out of where he is for sure, and we are the best out of a bunch who are interested in him..

    Wonder what would happen if say Barca or Madrid showed an interest in him ?

  121. Rasputin says:

    I hope you’re right rico. Citeh are considering Upson as Lescott seems to be staying where he is, and so that may be what has caused the lack of interest in Phil from the prem. It does make it look like we are on a shoestring budget when we have desperate need for a defender and we have to wait to sell a player who is on relatively low wages before we can buy.

  122. London says:


    Senderos is waiting until nearer the end of the transfer window to see if any one else shows an interest before making his decision, after all this is a very important move for him. There is also the possibility that he is waiting until after we have played Everton to avoid the embarrassment of having to play for them against us. But to me, the first is the most likely.

  123. chas says:

    IF Eboue didn’t panic in the final third, surely we’d keep him ourselves?

  124. London says:

    Good call Chas, I like that a lot.

  125. rico says:

    Are Everton still after Senderos, if so its a strange one, most people really rate Moyes as a manager so what does he see in Senderos I wonder – sometimes I wonder about the likes of Senderos and Djourou, whether its just the lack of playing week in week out that holds up their progression – as soon as they make mistakes they are back on the bench.

    Look at what happened to Song, I know he is not perfect, but he improved so much as the season went on and that can only be from playing each game, cant it ?

    It does make us look a bit tight Rasp, but I can understand the principle of waiting until the last couple of weeks – as long as we get the players in the end, but if he then says we lost out then the waiting game is all very wrong

    Transfers in general have been very slow, other than RM and Citeh of course, I think this has had an influence in the way the club are working

  126. London says:


    Give us a few more thoughts, these are interesting.

  127. rico says:

    Morning chas – Eboue is a clown though, he dives, cheats, fake injury and is a complete embarrassment some times 😦

  128. London says:

    He is also growing up and growing out of many of his immature ways.

  129. Rasputin says:

    Hi chas,

    Do you think that past 25 any player can improve his game that much. Eboue is a typical African player. Very athletic, loads of energy, very excitable and the tendency to run round like a headless chicken.

  130. rico says:

    I must have missed that game Eboue played 😉 😉

  131. Rasputin says:

    When Eboue got sent off against Totnum, the TV commentators saw it coming, the radio commentators saw it coming, I put a post on here saying he was about to get sent off, everyone in the ground could see it was going to happen….unfortunately AW apparently didn’t. Ironically, going down to 10 men actually made us more resilient and we got a well earned draw.

    That was less than a year ago … he’s not going to change that much. His clowning at the end of the Emirates cup shows that it is just in his nature. Probably a very nice guy but he has not got the temperament for top class football.

  132. chas says:

    Personally, I don’t think he should have ever been allowed to put on an Arsenal shirt again after his disgraceful performance at WHL last season.(but I do tend to see things in black and white!)
    The reason Arsene’s trying to sell him is because he has no composure and therefore, no end product.

  133. London says:

    Eboue learnt a lot from the spud game. You want to see bad in Arsenal players and I want to see good, we will never agree. (Rasp)

  134. London says:

    I think people wrongly put Senderos and Djourou in the same category, maybe this happens because they are both Swiss. But to me they are completely different; one is slow and immobile and the other is very fast indeed; a trait that Wenger values highly. I see no reason that Djourou will not to become an accomplished central defender but I am worried that so much of hope of winning the league this season is resting on his shoulders.

  135. London says:


    I agree with your last sentence.

    “The reason Arsene’s trying to sell him is because he has no composure and therefore, no end product”

  136. Rasputin says:

    London 9:39

    I assume your comment was directed at me… “you want to see bad in Arsenal players” … that’s the second time in two days you’ve made an accusation about my support for the club.

    I don’t want to see the bad in Arsenal players … I want to see good players at the Arsenal….. simples

  137. rico says:

    London, I only put them together because they are the two waiting in the wings – I dont count Silvestre as for me he is passed it and shouldn’t be in our squad. It is nothing to do with their nationality..

  138. rico says:


    It is not seeing bad in players, its seeing them how you see them, and in Eboue’s case I think its how he is too – we all see players differently, only the glaringly obvious good or bad are clear to see.

    You see Eboue differently, I respect that, so just agree to disagree

  139. rico says:

    Rasp the meerkat – simples 😉

  140. London says:


    I am not questioning your support of Arsenal. I am acknowledging that we are poles apart. That is not to suggest that I am a better supporter than you; I am saying that we are different. Given a choice you always seem to find the negative in anything Arsenal and I try and find the positive. You are a Doomer and I am an AKB. That’s what makes this channel so good, we can both coexist together.

    I challenge you to point out one positive thing you have said about Arsenal this morning.

  141. Rasputin says:

    Firstly I don’t like to be described in terminology used on other sites where name calling and insults are the norm. Secondly I prefer to consider myself as objective and that is completely different from being negative. Criticism can be positive and optimism can be negative.

    Just deciding that you are going to be positive because that makes you look like a good supporter is self indulgence. Being positive when things are not going well doesn’t encourage change – it perpetuates problems.

    Advancements in all walks of life, in science, in technology all arise because individuals ask questions. If Newton had admired the beautiful shiny apple and complimented it on the way it fell to the ground, he would never have hypothesized the theory of gravity.

  142. rico says:

    London, you are as I say often to folk, a little tinker this morning, we are discussing Eboue, what is there that’s positive about him? –

    If he concentrated on playing football instead of bring all the ‘cheating’ aspects of his character into his game, he could be a good squad member, but so often he lets the club down. I rant at the antics of Drogba, Ronaldo and others, to then support Eboue’s similar tactic’s would make me a hypocrite. The sooner he goes the better imho..

  143. rico says:

    Bye chas 😦

  144. Rasputin says:

    Apologies chas .. hope you come on again 😉

  145. rico says:

    Bloody hell Rasp, thats a bit too intelligent for me 😉

  146. Rasputin says:

    Haha rico … I don’t think so …. 😛

  147. rico says:

    I thought he was the man who put toffee on the apples 😉 😉

    Have to pop out for a while – back after lunch 😛

  148. London says:


    The thing to be positive about Eboue is that he is good cover at right back and in certain games I would play him ahead of Sagna as his crossing is superior……..ohh, I almost forgot, the other little thing that often sways it for me is that he plays for Arsenal.

    I regard this as a positive view moving forward, where as dragging up the spud game from last year is a negative view looking back.

  149. London says:

    It seems as though a comment has gone missing, I shall have to try again.


    “Just deciding that you are going to be positive because that makes you look like a good supporter is self indulgence”.

    This comment suggests to me that by taking a positive view I see myself as a good supporter and thereby some how better. I would like to make it absolutely clear that I do not regard myself as a better supporter than you. As hard as you are trying to make yourself the victim, you are not.

    Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider the idea of comparing yourself to Isaac Newton? lol

  150. Irishgunner says:

    Morning all,

    Jacky Boy in the England U-21’s, he’ll upstage Theo or else they will both play wonderfully.

    Anyway else insulted that Barcelona/the meeja think they can get Cesc for £25mil? We sold that donkey for £25mil, do people every stop and think? Adebayor and Cesc worth the same – I think not!

  151. Irishgunner says:

    A lot of typos there 😳

  152. Rasputin says:

    Hi Irish,

    Its really strange about these Cesc reports … they’re making it look like we’ve said you can have him for £40m and they’re bargaining the price down? Have the club definitively said he’s not for sale? A price of £25m is laughable, I can’t understand why the media are talikng it seriously…..

  153. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya Rasp,

    Can Arsenal not sue or get Barcelona to shut up? Surely this is akin to tapping up, they are unsettling our player through the media even though the club have said “not for sale.”

    I hate the way most continental clubs can get away with virtual murder while one whiff of trouble from an English club and there is war.

    For example, St.Pats are an Irish team playing in the last qualifying round of the Europa Cup against Steau
    Bucharest and the game is behind closed doors away because of racism and trouble at Bucharest’s last game. This is like their 7th offence in 2 years and yet all they get is a slap on the wrist.

    Its the same with Italian and Spanish clubs. Kick Racism Out my eye.

  154. Rasputin says:

    Good point Irish … I think its generally accepted that there is a bias towards the big Spanish and Italian clubs at UEFA.

    Platini hates the prem. Spanish clubs are notoriously racist. If the ultras were supporters of an English side they’d probably be banned from Europe.

    Perhaps the FA should try to get better representation in UEFA – but I assume it is a ‘closed sect’

  155. Irishgunner says:

    Its a bit strange isn’t it?

    I presume it dates back to Heysel but I’m sure there were a lot of Italian and Spanish fans naughty back then.

    Poland League matches are meant to be a war zone.

    I’ve been to three Arsenal matches and always felt safe even with the Irish accent, a bit too safe ha ha its more frightening going to a Limerick League match.

  156. rico says:

    Afternoon Guys and Gals 😛

    Just want to say, I support any player who wears our fine shirt, always have done.

    For me there are two things in life that have no part in sport, losing and cheating.

    When Eboue plays up, he is cheating, and I cannot condone his behaviour…

    Moving on…..

    How you two doing ?

  157. Irishgunner says:

    Hiya Rico,

    To be honest Eboue is no worse a cheater than Steven Gerrard, Gerrard just happens to be a better player.

    Anywho, I’m bored….

  158. rico says:

    Hi Irish, agree, and Drogba, Rooney, Ronaldo, Terry,….. the list goes on, but when its one of your own 😉 😉

    No news is…… bad news 😦

    Got to dash again, just popped in to say hi, I reckon ave must be having a sleep in 😉 😉

  159. London says:

    Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere set for England under-21 debut

    I think it was quit clever of whoever came up with the idea at the club to compare Wilshire with Rooney; it sought of steers the press in that direction rather than letting them set the bar even higher and creating an ideal almost impossible for him to live up to.

    A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to a group of spuds who I have known for ages, if you can imagine Rasp going “Oh no Londons on here again”, well, you should see their faces when they see me; anyway, last time I spoke to them I was gently chatting away slowly gaining their confidence when I steered the conversation to our youth team and then just at the right moment I said in hushed tones with all sincerity “There is a kid at Arsenal only 17 (then I looked around as if I didn’t want to be overheard) he is so good we think we’ve got the next Maradona” try it and watch their faces drop….priceless.

  160. rico says:

    London, sometimes you are like a dog with a bone ! 😦

  161. rico says:

    Can’t believe the latest rumours that Wenger is ‘happy with his squad’ – is he having a laugh or what ??

  162. London says:


    Dog with a bone? You have lost me. My last comment was about Jack Wishire, not about Eboue, the subject of our discussion this morning.

  163. London says:

    I don’t think the “happy with the squad” comment is meant to be believed but it will add fuel to the fire for all those who want to write Arsenal off before the season has started.

  164. rico says:

    London, it mentioned Rasp yet again, leave the poor man alone 😉

  165. rico says:

    I am beginning to think that way too London 😦

  166. London says:


    I was supposed to be making fun of myself not him, but anyway I will tone it down.

    Come on Raspo, come out to play, you are missed and it’s boring without you.

  167. rico says:

    Good on you London 😉

  168. Rasputin says:

    Hi rico, London,

    I’ve not been in hiding, just doing stuff in the garden and for the kids.

    I’m not happy with the squad 😦

  169. rico says:

    Yo Rasp – have you not had all the rain? You lucky thing..

    Our squad is at least two players short… mme, now have we said that before 😉

  170. Rasputin says:

    We’ve been lucky rico, its looked threatening, but we got away with just a few spots here and there!!!

    You summed up my feelings perfectly, I have a terrible ‘deja vu’ type sinking feeling about the season to come. I think the commentators will see it as confirmation that we are really under the financial cosh if we don’t spend some of the money on its way from the players sold to reinforce the squad.

  171. JonJon says:

    evening guys,

    im left rather bemused by wengers comments..is he taking the piss or what???

  172. rico says:

    Sadly Rasp, I think you could be very near the truth, however, I have just seen that JonJon has appeared, he will get our hopes up 😛

    JonJon, good evening fine fella – my thoughts exactly 😦

    However, faith must remain, we did make a £1 offer for the fine wine striker 😉

  173. Rasputin says:

    Evening JonJon,

    Your guess is as good as anybody’s 😕

    Positive view … he’s just saying that to push down the price of the players he’s trying to buy… 😛

    Negative view … he means it …. 😦

  174. rico says:

    Raspno 😉

    I reckon the positive … I have to for my own sanity 😦

  175. Rasputin says:

    Good on ya rico 🙂

  176. JonJon says:

    negative view

    he means it
    we are skint

    positive view


    this team is far from ready…ive been confident all summer on the basis he’d sign new players like he said he would….he made 40mil FFS…..

    wheres it gone??? why arent we spending it??? whats he playing at???

  177. rico says:

    JonJon, that is like asking for the magical six numbers for a Saturday or Wednesday 😉

  178. Rasputin says:

    Hangeland seems a very good guy. He’s said that Fulham are a great club and he’d be happy to play for them next season … AW has apparently ‘looked at the player’ – what does that mean ????, but apparently we haven’t put in a bid…… Confused to f***.com 😦

  179. peachesgooner says:

    It would seem that he’s playing at saying he’s gonna sign a couple of players and then not signing them……..

  180. Rasputin says:

    Sorry about the asterisk language rico … 😳

  181. Rasputin says:

    Hi peaches ….

    I see, its the managerial okey cokey …. you put a rumour in… a rumour out … in out…in out … you f*** the fans about!! – sorry again rico 😉

  182. peachesgooner says:

    Hi rasp – we can become the ‘Asterisks’ we’re going to be using a lot of them.

    I’m a bit worried by this Cesc to Barca for £25m story and Arsene saying if we don’t qualify for the champs lge then Cesc can go now…….read it somewhere else this morning…….

    If Cesc goes then he goes but to flag it up is a bit defeatist IMO

  183. JonJon says:

    well i’ll say this now so you all know what im going to say next may

    if we do no better this season..and we see a repeat performance….there are no excuses….

    he knew what we lacked last season…he hasnt fixed it..we were a CB short and he bought one and then sold one/maybe two…we were a CM short and he hasnt bought one
    he said we were unlucky with injuries..but he knew we were two key players down from the start…just like this season..he hasnt fixed it…just like last season
    hes got 40mil….he hasnt spent it…not a penny…

    there are no excuses…not one…

    manure are weaker….
    liverpool are weaker
    chelsea are aging and have a new manager….they wont be as strong
    we are 2 players away from being a complete side and hes resting on his laurels and relying on the fact that the other teams are weaker…we should be taking advantage of that….AND BUYING SOME PLAYERS..

    im not happy…

  184. peachesgooner says:

    JonJon – agree with everything you’ve said. Why shouldn’t we strengthen when we’ve sold players thats what I don’t understand. This time last year we didn’t know if there was really any money to spend but now we know that we’ve sold players and created a kitty – why not spend some??????

  185. Rasputin says:

    Peaches, JonJon,

    I am suspicious of this Cesc thing .. it seems to have some credence 😦 worst case scenario would be that Cesc has said “I’ll stay as long as you buy some quality players and reinforce the squad” – AW reassures him and asks him to be patient … and now, like us, Cesc is beginning to fear the worst.

    Cesc is sadly deluded, he came out publicly and said that he wanted us to sign Villa (as he had done with Alonso), and even the most optimistic of us would have known that was never going to happen…

  186. peachesgooner says:

    rasp – I’m with you on this one……cesc could decide to go to Barca now if noooooone is coming…….

    The thing is we’ve obviously said something to keep Robin happy cos he signed…….

  187. Rasputin says:

    No, I’m wrong… worst case scenario would be that Cesc has no say in the matter, and the club sell him to raise revenue (but not to buy players)

  188. JonJon says:

    the thing last year peaches is that fiszmann said that wenger could have 30mil if he wanted it…

    but we didnt spend it so we knew then something was wrong….then wenger comes out with all the excuse under the sun about injuries and refs and pitches and what direction the wind was blowing and the rain was too wet…

    like you say..now we no for sure he has the money….he knows we know he has it…
    theres no excuses this time…none…

    the mans taking a big big risk going into the new season with what he has and if it doesnt pay off they’ll be uproar…

    if he thought last years reactions from the fans was bad he better prepare himself for next may if it all goes tits up.

  189. Rasputin says:

    Maybe boy wonder’s been guaranteed first team football but with a buyout clause for something like £20m if one of the big clubs come in for him…. or maybe they’re giving him Ade’s wages?

  190. JonJon says:

    if we dont sign anyone and we have the same start as last year cesc will be gone at xmas…

    and robin will go next year as well….he was promised ambition as part of his contract talks…

    unless wenger said sign a new deal, up your value for us and i’ll let you leave next year…

  191. rico says:

    Rasp, dont you dare worry about the ******** 😉

    Hi peaches, long time and all that, hope all is good..

    If I were Cesc, I would go now!!

  192. Rasputin says:

    Contracts aren’t worth diddly squat it seems until they enter their last year at which time the power passes from the club in ownership to the player and the interested parties….

  193. rico says:

    JJ, that sounds the real deal 😦

  194. Rasputin says:

    I have to go out for an hour to drop off one ‘dustbin lid’ and collect another. Hope you’re all still around to chat when I ******** return (rico 😉 )

  195. JonJon says:

    alli wanted wenger to do was to sell the deadwood and reinforce the side…

    things got off to a fantastic start when we bought TV and sold Ade…i was over the moon…

    but what since???

    same team apart from one defender…

    rosicky and nasri out so diaby and eboue maybe starters again…alomg with denilson….

    the midfield was shite last season…and it will be the same midfield again for the first few weeks…

    oh my days…

  196. rico says:

    Ha Ha Rasp 😛

    Exactly JJ, Tv came in and I thought, right we are off to a good start in the silly window, the dross out and………….. NOTHING!! 😦 😦

  197. London says:

    Being the most optimistic

    I cannot sit back any longer. If a journalist sticks a mike in front of Cesc and asks “Would you like it if David Villa were playing for Arsenal? What is he supposed to say? Villa is his mate. Next days news paper says that Cesc wants Arsenal to sign Villa.

    Come on guys, I’m trying to be on my best behaviour here.

  198. rico says:

    Good London, glad to hear it 😉

    We all know one day he will return to the City he loves, I just wish our club would show a little more effort to keep him – not in money terms, but in player terms…

  199. rico says:

    Another early start for me, 5am !!

    You all stay safe, be nice and catch you tomorrow..

  200. JonJon says:

    hi london…;)

    maybe a voice of reason will calm me down…

    but dont you feel that if wenger doesnt start being pro active in the market we face the possibility of losig our main man…quicker than expected…

    talk to me london.. 😉

  201. Rasputin says:

    Nite rico, sweet dreams 😛

  202. peachesgooner says:

    JJ – that ficticious £30m was only if Arsene wanted it – it wasn’t really sitting there on the table waiting for Arsene to spend it so I’ve taken it out of the equation entirely as if it wasn’t there at all……..

    Now there actually is money to spend on players as players have been sold but if it doesn’t get spent it will go into the stadium fund…………

  203. Rasputin says:

    Cesc is an ambitious young man. He wants to play with the best players and win trophies. He’d like to do that at Arsenal, but he will run out of patience if the club’s ambition does not match his own.

    He expressed his opinion that Villa was a very good player and he would like to play alongside him at Arsenal …. absolute fact…

  204. peachesgooner says:

    London – I am hopefull that this team of players that Arsene has assembled will do wonderful things for our club and sweep all before them and go on to be Premiership winners and Champions Lge winners and FA cup winners – in order for that to happen I feel we need to sign a CB and a strong DM ………

    I hope they will because I am a supporter but I’m not optimistic that they will as I can see there are missing links and I’m not optimistic that these will be filled.

  205. JonJon says:

    guys…theres not only cesc…

    do we all actually think a player like AA left russia to join one of europes top clubs to win naff all???

    nope….he will also leave if we fail to pick up silverware…

  206. London says:

    Evening Jonjon

    I had to go out for a while but to answer your question; Wenger is being pro active in the market, the latest little dig at us is courtesy of the Daily Mail. It stems from an interview he gave after the Valencia game in which he was being grilled about possible signings, he gave smile from ear to ear and said I cannot talk about those things now. The implication was clear, he has things up his sleeve but he is not going to make them public as to do so would hand the negotiating advantage to the club’s opposite number.


    I don’t doubt that Cesc said when asked that he would like David Villa and Alonso to play at Arsenal; I am trying to point out that he was so obviously manipulated by the journalist asking the questions. This doesn’t make Cesc sadly deluded as you suggest it makes the journalist a banned word.


    Good evening

    Our views are very similar, you would like to see a CB and a DM brought in and Wenger has said that he will buy two new players before the start of the season, my guess is that he will do just that. As you can see I am setting myself up for a big fall if this doesn’t happen but in the mean time I remain confident.

  207. raif says:

    hey hey lads so if we did sell for Cesc for 25 mill. Piss money to be honest… but what Fringe players do you think they will offer us..

    lets face it Cesc will leave after this season after we fuck all…

  208. raif says:

    after we WIN fuck all i mean..

    your welcome to edit my comment 😉

  209. Rasputin says:

    Hi raif,

    Its past the watershed … I’m not offended 😉

    Hopefully we will all feel better when we see how the team perform against Everton. God help us if we play poorly and lose with no new signings on the horizon.

  210. raif says:

    i agree Rasp.. once we get the first and Second games out the way. we will know if we are going to relax or get bloodthirsty.. i know i will 😛 lol

    im getting also getting very pissed off with wengers
    “i believe in this squad talk”

  211. peachesgooner says:

    Hi raif. rasp

    We should all be used the ‘I believe in this squad’ talk shouldn’t we???????

  212. Rasputin says:

    That’s exactly what I mean by deja vu … it feels just as desperate as it did this time last season 😦

    What was the most relevant performance … the win against Rangers in the Emirates Cup or the loss to Valencia? .. you could view it as a draw after the first half … that many changes was bound to unsettle the side.

  213. peachesgooner says:


  214. PDT says:

    I am pretty sure we are getting a CB plus Chamakh on deadline day.

    Unlikely to be Hangeland, though.

    We might even get Paddy back, despite all the naysaying going on!

  215. Rasputin says:

    Hi PDT,

    Nice to have your company. You’re always optimistic on the transfer front I recall.

  216. raif says:

    I hope we sign a few players PDT. on deadline day if we dont sign anyone sooner then dead line day that is

  217. PDT says:

    I have not been an Arsene fan over the last two years, but after seeing Wilshere and Rosicky play, I have become a believer.

    I am going to form an opinion only at the end of September.

    If we qualify for the CL group phase and close August with 7 points, I think we’ll have done well. 5 points or less will be bad, but not disastrous.

    I want to see if he gives Wilshere a fair chance. I also want to see what happens when Nasri and Rosicky are back.

  218. Rasputin says:

    I really can’t see us getting that many games out of Rosicky this season, I expect him to keep picking up niggling injuries as is often the case after a long lay-off

  219. PDT says:

    Raif, yes, I am always optimistic till we start leaving our best player on the bench in the FA Cup semis! 🙂

  220. peachesgooner says:

    Am i invisible tonight……

  221. PDT says:

    Hi Rasputin, the previous comment was actually meant in response to your comment.

  222. Rasputin says:

    Hi peaches, not at all, come join us 😉

  223. PDT says:

    Rasp 11:28, based on how AW has approached the first few games of the EPL in the past, I think he won’t throw his first team into the thick of battle till the game against the mancs. So I don’t think we will see the “real” Arsenal till September after the break.

  224. peachesgooner says:

    If everyone starts raving about Jack Wilshire does that mean Arsene will play him more or less do we think………

  225. PDT says:

    I will be happy if we can get 20 odd games from Rosicky.

    We have a manic midfield with Cesc, Arshavin, Wilshere, Nasri, Rosicky, Vela, Theo, Denilson and even Diaby, when he is on song. So, so long as we get Rosicky for 20 odd games, we should be all right.

    Can you imagine a midfield of Wilshere, Cesc, Rosicky and Nasri playing behind Arshavin and Dudu?

  226. PDT says:

    I don’t think AW is influenced in the least by what he reads. He is like George W, in that respect.

  227. Rasputin says:


    That assumes that he knows what his best team is … or that he will have worked it out in the first few weeks. His best team last season included EE in midfield and Bendtner out wide right.

  228. PDT says:

    Haha! Pat Rice as Dick Cheney!

  229. Benwell says:

    Hi all

    Back again now the season is nearly upon us.

    The squad looks quite balanced, but we still need an out and out ball wining centre half and an experienced battling midfielder that can motivate the others when the going gets tough.

    All in all bring it on, and let all the others write us off at their peril!


  230. PDT says:

    Nah, Rasp, the pre-season is just a time for AW to get his team match fit.

  231. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Morning peaches/PDT/Ras

    Le Gaffer does the complete opposite to what other people think. I’m sure you are right there peaches. He is pig headed. A good coach, but won’t do a deal if he can’t make it @ a knock down price that suits him. Having an economics degree or whatever is about the only thing he has over SAF.

  232. PDT says:

    With the wealth of talent we have on the offensive side, it will be difficult for AW to screw up.

    On the other hand, if he does screw up, he is toast.

    Given our fixture list, I don’t think we should judge him or the team till the end of September. We’ll see his real “best team” against the mancs. He’ll play a safe 4-5-1 against Celtic away and if we come back with a lead, then he will stick with that in the return leg.

  233. PDT says:

    Morning, GG9!

    He will get Chamakh at his price. He can get Paddy, if he wants, at a knock down price. That leaves the CB. Subotic will be available at probably the smae price that he will get for Senderos. Matuidi will be more expensive and he will not pay the Hangeland fee. So, I think we are likely to see Subotic come across. Have no idea of whether he will be any good, though.

  234. Rasputin says:

    Morning GG,

    I had a ‘lightbulb moment’ earlier this evening! Ever since we have seemingly been struggling to put out consistently quality teams I have been asking why can’t we have the old AW back … and then it occurred to me that this is the AW we’ve always had.

    The difference in the early (more successful) years was that he had DD by his side. A peer, someone he admired and looked up to, a great communicator and someone who understood Arsene’s strenghts and weaknesses and complimented him perfectly.

  235. PDT says:

    Gentlemen and Peaches, good to see the old gooners here! I need to go and earn my keep…will see you later!

  236. PDT says:

    Sorry, Peaches – young gooner, in your case…

  237. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Re Celtic

    They will be totally up for the CL tie with The Arsenal. It won’t be a walk in the park for the goons.

  238. peachesgooner says:

    Hi gnarley – bye PDT

  239. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Cheers PDT, I’m off to do some graft now. See you all later.

    P.S Bring back Paddy V 🙂

  240. peachesgooner says:

    Gnarley – we love being under the cosh, we thrive in an atmosphere of adversity…..we have strength of character and team spirit 😛

    Only kidding – we’ll be fine……

  241. Rasputin says:

    No, you’re probably right GG, but we often surprise ourselves in europe, having said that, we’re playing a team that is more akin to Bolton than Valencia!!

    Hopefully they’ll try to play football against us being as it is the home leg for them and we’ll be able to get an away goal or two.

  242. Rasputin says:

    Hi Benwell, sorry I missed you earlier 😉

  243. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Looking around other blogs, it would appear that Le Gaffer’s stubborness to spend is causing Gooners to turn on each other, more so than normal.

  244. London says:

    Morning Roadsters

    What a great evening session you guys had, I have just read through all the comments; there were some very interesting ideas, it was refreshing to read PDT’s views as we don’t usually have the pleasure of his company.

    We won’t see the best Aresnal until we play United….makes complete sense.

    Neven Subotic…never heard of him before…..I do know.

  245. London says:

    Hello Benwell

    Good to have you back and even more pleased to find out that you have renewed your season ticket.

    I think we have a team — right now — that can win the league but not the squad; we need, as everyone agrees, another CB and ball winning midfielder but I think we also need another striker. My guess is that we will get the striker and the centre back but not the midfielder. Still, no matter what happens it won’t stop me from believing that we are going to win the league as I take my seat on the 22nd against Portsmouth.

  246. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    No Vieira then he is staying at inter..

    Hangeland never said no in the interview I saw last night on Sky.. He speaks english brilliant.. I think we will get him if we offer £12 million..

  247. London says:

    Question: Brede, would you like to continue getting a £40 Christmas gift voucher at Harrods, or do you want to play Champions League football at least once in your career?

    Hangeland is a gooner, he may as well be given a shirt number now.

  248. avenell says:

    I got the impression that he would be happy to stay at Fulham, and he was very diplomatic..
    But he knows that Fulham are trying to sell him and was playing the nice guy.. A bit like Cesc does for us..

  249. London says:


    I didn’t see the interview, my guess was that Hangeland was covering himself with the Fulham fans just in case the deal didin’t go through.

    Arsenal are not trying to sell Cesc so all sides are acting in unison there.

  250. avenell says:

    I wasn’t suggesting we was trying to sell Cesc.. just that hangeland was very diplomatic.. from a PR view he would be very good for Arsenal..

    I believe he is playing against Scotland tomorrow, I may have to try to watch that.

    A lot of people are saying he isn’t suited to Arsenal’s style of play and is another Senderos, he must have more confidence ..
    I’m not sure if any CB is going to be perfect for us.. another David o’Leary type would be good.

  251. London says:

    O’leary’s positioning was excellent but he couldn’t play out from the back or at least that is how I remember it.

    It seems to me that Hangeland is at the top of so many peoples wish list because he romantically reminds them of a stopper in the vain of Adams and Bould but neither of those two had speed or could play out from the back: we may have done better in Europe if they could have.

    Wenger has tried to find a balance, and for a while it looked like we had it with Senderos but his injury during the World Cup, I think it was, and his subsequent lose of pace put paid to that idea.

    Wenger is still searching for the solution. Gallas and Toure should have worked together but didn’t quiet, so now we have Vermaelen and it still seems likely that Hangeland will join, he will acclimatise himself and then replace Gallas fully next season.

  252. rico says:

    Hi all, West Ham are going to sneak in and sign Chamakh so it seems, another one soon to be missed out on..

  253. rico says:

    Eboue has decided to stay, now that imho is bad news, he has held talks with the boss who no doubt has assured him of more football – move over Theo, Eboue has just secured your place…

  254. PDT says:

    Hi Roadsters!

    Rico, Eboue is a very nice young man. He keeps the dressing room spirits up, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a poet. In fact, the day of the Atletico game, I saw a young man at Southwark Cathedral at the BBC Festival of Poetry who looked just like Eboue. Read out some really powerful poetry too!

    Theo should be more worried about Jack. I worry about Theo every day. He’s another nice young man whose career is heading in the wrong direction through no fault of his.

  255. Rasputin says:

    Hi Roadsters,

    Someone wake me up from this nightmare … I’ve just had a vision of us taking to the pitch with Eboue, Diaby and Denilson all in the side 😦

  256. PDT says:

    Rasputin, have this nightmare instead.


  257. avenell says:

    PDT.. how you doing mate? I have had fears for Theo for two years now but I got slated when i said anything bad about him..
    Hi Rico/ Rasp.. Are you watching Jack tonight?..

  258. PDT says:

    Hi Avenell! Was wonderful to see your blog.

    I remember arguing with you when you said Theo had no future.

    I still believe he has a future, except it seems to me that he is a lion who has been taken out of his natural habitat in the centre and has been told to hunt sparrows instead of antelope. He hasn’t mastered hunting sparrows, and he has forgotten how to hunt antelope too. He just needs more time.

  259. avenell says:

    Haha that sounds like me..

    I would love to see Theo make it up front, but when I remember what a 19 year old Anelka was like in front of goal compared to a 20 year old Theo, I am afraid there is no comparison..

    The blog is okay it has it’s moments, we all sort of share it and help out..

  260. Rasputin says:

    Hi ave,

    Do you know what channel the game is on this evening?

  261. peachesgooner says:

    Hi rasp

    I can’t find it on anywhere I’m afraid……hope I’m wrong though……

  262. Rasputin says:

    Thanks any way peaches 😉

  263. avenell says:

    I think it is stream only.. sorry..

  264. London says:

    Can I ask what game you are all talking about? Outside of Arsenal I’m lost.

  265. avenell says:

    England U21’s lil Jack is making his debut..

  266. London says:

    This is top drawer blogging

    “I still believe he has a future, except it seems to me that he is a lion who has been taken out of his natural habitat in the centre and has been told to hunt sparrows instead of antelope. He hasn’t mastered hunting sparrows, and he has forgotten how to hunt antelope too. He just needs more time.”

  267. London says:

    The invincibles


    How many of them did Wenger pay top dollar for?

    Lehman = Bargain
    Lauren = Bargain
    Cambell = Free
    Toure = Bargain
    Pires = market value
    Vieira = Bargain
    Gilbero = Bargain
    Ljunberg = Bargain
    Henry = Bargain
    Bergkamp = Rioch

    It still seems that Wenger and Gazidis were buying mostly bargains even then.

  268. rico says:

    Hi all

    Rasp, your 3.21 comment made me chuckle, nightmare indeed 😦

  269. rico says:

    Real Madrid quartet Arjen Robben, Wesley Sneijder, Rafael Van der Vaart and Alvaro Negredo will all be sold this summer to help the Madridistas balance their books, according to reports in Spain.

    Reckon Arsene would go for any of them ??

  270. London says:

    Afternoon Rico

    I can’t see that Wenger needs to go for any of those.

    I am surprised that Madrid’s summer sales list isn’t longer because there are others that are more attractive.

  271. rico says:

    Hi London, fair enough, I dont know much about any of them – just wondered what peoples views were

  272. JonJon says:

    evening all…

    whats new??

  273. rico says:

    Hi JonJon, Eboue is staying, thats the only real news 😉

  274. rico says:

    And John Hartson has been discharged from hospital, now that’s good news…

  275. JonJon says:

    john hartson is definately good news….well done that man…

    so eboue stays does he…well he was wanting first team football so thats fantastic news…another lame duck in the squad hampering jacks progress…

  276. rico says:

    Personally, I think him staying really means that no-one out there wants him 😉

  277. Rasputin says:

    Evening Roadsters 😉

    Hartson good news, Eboue bad news!

    Sylvestre is such a gentleman, did you see the way he politely stepped to one side to allow Villa to breeze past him to score for Valencia. I bet he helps old ladies across the road too 😕

  278. rico says:

    Hi Rasp, are your sure the old ladies don’t help him 😉 😉

  279. Rasputin says:

    Ha ha rico .. you’ve trumped me again!! 😆

  280. JonJon says:

    personally,i think your right about eboue rico…

    rasp… 😆

  281. rico says:

    Rasp, me – trump, never 😉 😳

  282. rico says:

    It’s funny isn’t it, I know that I for one am full of gloom right now, but RvP signing, Theo signing
    ( 😉 Ave)and now Nikki hot pants wants ‘an extension’ – ( 😳 ) something must be going on behind the scenes….

    Nicklas Bendtner has held talks with Arsenal regarding a new deal and expects an agreement to be reached.

    The Danish striker has been with the Gunners for the past four years, although he did spend a season on loan at Birmingham in 2006/7.

    Arsene Wenger has a lot of faith in Bendtner and gave him plenty of opportunities to impress last term.

    He is likely to play an even more important role over the coming 12 months following Emmanuel Adebayor’s departure to Manchester City.

    The 21-year-old was linked with Italian giants AC Milan earlier this summer but stressed that he was committed to Arsenal.

    Contract negotiations have now begun and Bendtner is keen for everything to be finalised as quickly as possible.

    “We are still talking and I hope that we can reach an agreement,” he told Danish TV2.

    “There are at least no obstacles in the way.

    “Since I was 16 my ambition has been to play for the first team.”

  283. Rasputin says:

    Rico, JonJon 😉

    Highlights of the summer – selling Ade and buying TV

    Lowlights – everything after that.

    The fat lady has had her supper followed by some chamomile tea, slipped into her evening dress and is clearing her throat as she climbs the steps onto the stage…..

  284. rico says:

    Rasp, is the TV you bought a colour one 😉

  285. rico says:

    Not quite over then Rasp, well not until she opens her mouth 😉 😉

  286. rico says:

    I am off to find a cork 😉

  287. rico says:

    Off for some supper…

  288. Rasputin says:

    Precisely rico….. I live in hope!!

    I think we will buy before the window closes. Whether we get the two we need I’m not so sure. At this point I’d certainly settle for Matuidi and Hangeland.

  289. JonJon says:

    me too rasp…

    definately a midfielder…

  290. Rasputin says:

    If we don’t get Hangeland JonJon, what do you reckon to Distin? He’s 31 but considerably better than tweetypie and wouldn’t cost too much – although we’d only get a couple of seasons out of him and very little resale value..

  291. JonJon says:

    i dont know about distin rasp…

    why should we be looking for the basement deals still when weve just made 40mil..???

  292. Rasputin says:

    I dunno JonJon, is it Arsene’s way, or the Board’s way?

    AW and the Board should sit down and watch the video of the defeat to manure in the CL semi again I think!

  293. JonJon says:

    the way i see it is that if we need new players we need the best players possible…

    we need a CB with good experience and with time on his side…

    we cant buy the best defenders in the league becuase they are already at the best clubs but teams like everton and fulham who were the best of the rest have defenders like lescott and hangelaand who are good defenders who both have time on there side and who both could make it at a top team if they were given the chance…

    but they will cost abit of money…

    i find it unacceptable that wenger will fork out 5 mil for a 17 year old and 9 mil on an unknown and make 40mil in the market but wont pay that little bit extra on the real thing…

    distin would just be another silvestre and would be papering over the cracks….another stop gap

    we cant get lescott so lets give fulham what they want and buy one of the best defenders in the league who could go on to be the best if he was playing with other top players…

    chelsea and manure dont need him or im sure they would have gone for him…

    liverpool are too busy blowing money on crocks

    it leaves the door wide open for us to get a player who would definatley improve us and would be with us for more than 2 seasons and hes the right side of 30..

    it will cost 12-15 i reckon but we sold toure for 16 and maybe phil for 7 so i dont see buying someone like distin for a few quid as a step forward….not when hangelaand is the best option and im sure he wouldnt say no if fulham let us speak to him….

  294. JonJon says:

    if its arsenes way rasp then we need to give our manager a kick up the arse which i thought we did last year before he sulked and flirted with real to test us…

    if its the boards way then we need a new board….

  295. Rasputin says:

    Hangeland is my No.1 choice too Jonjon, The trouble is, the closer we get to the transfer deadline, the more I lower my expectations. Reading between the lines, we will only buy Hangeland if Senderos goes and then only if we can get the price down. We should stop pussyfooting around and tell Senderos that he will not play and give him a deadline to accept any offers on the table. Obviously if there are no offers we don’t have that option.

  296. Rasputin says:

    As I pointed out last night (and London backed up today), Arsene has always liked a bargain. Unfortunately some of his earlier big buys were his least successful so maybe that has coloured his thinking. The trouble is that the speed at which the big money clubs assemble squads is much quicker than the ‘build a team’ process of a few years ago.

  297. avenell says:

    Jonjon list the Top teams in Europe for me…

    Then tell me how they are funded.. or in Debt or if they have there own stadium..

    How are you going to sack the board when they own 60% of the club? ..
    And they are working closely with Arsene on the clubs finances..

  298. JonJon says:

    i see where your going with that ave and i cant disagree with any of it…

    but my thinking is that weve been told on several occasions,especially last year when it was convienient, that our finances were secure and under control….even secure enough to withstand the financial burden that not playing CL football would bring…we would cope…unlike teams like leeds…

    now if we are financially secure enough to make us immune to not having to play CL…then why when we make 40mil in the transfer window are we still trying to save every penny we can and haggle until the last minute like delboy….

    we have the money…we apperantly didnt need the extra 35mil a year the CL would bring and now we have 40 extra…and we need the players….so whats the hold up????

    unless someone is lying.. and lying really badly…

  299. JonJon says:

    i like us the way we are…i like to keep it a fair playing field and theres nothing wrong with self sustaining…

    but ive said all along if we cant afford the players we need we sell the crap in the squad and put the money back into the squad..not into peoples pocket which seems to be happening…

    we sold the duds….so weres the scuds???

  300. avenell says:

    But do we need players who are no better than we already have? Also will they sit on the bench waiting there turn?

    Wenger also got slated when he said “it would not surprise me if we went through a season unbeaten” Then the next year is history..
    So if he says we are strong enough are we? Finishing 4th and spending £200 million Man City will be happy.. Finishing fourth and doing it properly we are not..

    Also everyone is prejudging we are not buying anymore players.. perhaps we won’t until the January transfer window..

    Surely every club cannot gamble on making the top 4 it is never a certainty.. so a little bit tucked in reserve doesn’t hurt. That’s where dear old Leeds cocked up..

  301. Rasputin says:

    Sorry to butt into your conversation ave and JonJon, but all businesses have a degree of risk. Speculate to accumulate etc. Surely if we buy a top player for £20m (Huntelaar) and he makes the difference to us getting into the CL = + £40m then that’s a gamble worth taking. If we don’t, he’d still be worth £20m and we could sell him if we wanted/needed to….

  302. London says:

    I can’t believe that nobody has picked up on my deliberate mistake in my Invincibles comment above. Come on Roadsters where is it?

  303. Rasputin says:

    DD not Gazidis….

  304. avenell says:

    I saw that London, but I was too polite..

    Rasp, but if Arsene believes that RvP, Eduardo, Bendtner. Walcott, Vela are better players or he is going for a 3-5-1 formation then in his opinion Hunterlaar is not worth buying..

    Tbh I have only seen Hunterlaar at the Bergkamp testimonial so I really don’t know how good he is..

    Also we have the best youth system that allows players to progress, if we do a Chelsea and block the youth with big buys we may never see the likes of Wilshere or Fabregas come to us..
    We don’t really know if it Wengers ideas work or not yet, they are to some extent..

  305. JonJon says:

    sorry guys i keep losing connection…


    theres downsides to not taking the risk and spending extra…

    players we were interested in but missed out on

    ronaldo..bought for 12 sold for 80
    alonso..was going for 16 went for 30
    berbtov..11mil for 30mil

    ave i dont think we’ll drop out of the top 4…i think we are still strong enough to fight of those midtable demons….

    but is 4th really our aim??? shouldnt it be 1st??

  306. JonJon says:

    huntelaars a diffent attacker to those you mentioned ave…hes a finsher…

    also wenger has never developed a strong central defender from his academy…he doesnt do defenders or goalkeepers for that matter…he needs to buy one…

    i think hangelaands alot better than JD song silvestre and phil and hes more proven than TV so we cant go wrong with that one…

    and the player i want most is a strong CM…i dont see diaby or denilson ever doing that role…

    alot of people said the same about flamini but i knew he would because he was that type of player from the word go…he had the agression and the energy….

    buying a strong CM would not hamper the progress of any of our good young players becuase all our good young players are attackers…

  307. avenell says:

    Jonjon.. since Arshavin has joined Song has dropped back to a more traditional DM, Our progress from Christmas until now was good enough to win the league.
    Perhaps Arsene believes in this new system and we all need to get used to it.

    Also this strong central defender isn’t as easy to find Jonjon.. at a young age they are not fully grown and natural talent is easier to spot..
    So buying Gallas, Campbell, etc is an easier soloution in that position.

  308. avenell says:

    As for this resale thing.. you mention a Spurs player, a Manc and a scouser.. they must have bought 20 players and lost on 19 to make the profit you mention on one..

    Also there are a lot of clubs out there, why do we always think that they all want to sign for Arsenal, just because we support them..

  309. avenell says:

    Jonjon are you saying Eduardo isn’t a finisher?

  310. JonJon says:

    ahh yes of course i didnt see dudu ave…yes hes a finisher but fitness doubts…good player though rather have him in the side than robin..

    the thing with most players linked to arsenal ave is that wenger pisses about for weeks trying to get the price down to the lowest decimal place which in that time another team just comes in and pays the money offers him a contract and the rest is history…

    just ask ronaldo…

  311. JonJon says:

    i know a CB isnt easy to find…thats why if we need one we should buy one…hangelaands perfect…

    you know my feelings anyway on this side…i reckon we still need a CM more than anything…

    i thought you wanted one too…or do you want to see the same midfield as last year???

  312. avenell says:

    But Man U are the biggest club in the world.. and that Queeriz geezer works for them, and they have some sort of a deal with Man U so why would he come to Arsenal?
    Just because Wenger knew about him a deal wasn’t as clear cut as everyone probably thinks it is..

    If it was your money tied up in Arsenal would you rather see Arsene spunk it on players that if he waits a week or two he can buy half the asking price?

  313. avenell says:

    On one hand we are all proud of the fact we only paid £7 mill for sagna, £12 mill for dudu and £16mill for arshavin we could have easily paid double that on those players.. would you rather we paid a lot more.. or should we have paid £15 or so for our great 30 goal a year striker Ade?
    We want it all ways..

  314. JonJon says:

    the thing with ronaldo is that manure didnt even know about him…

    we were chasing him for months and wenger even had him over for tea and gave him a shirt and the deal was practically agreed…but was haggling with sporting for the price all summer….

    during the preseason manure played sporting and ronaldo tore manure a new arsehole and fergie and queereze did their stuff and got him….

    if wenger would of paid what they wanted we would of had him weeks before manu even knew about him…

    weve just made 40mil on transfers…its money out of the team so the money has to go back into the team…not all of it but half of it would do..half on the team half on the stadium is fair enough

    and the only player we would get for half price would be chamkaka…but if anything buying chamkaka would be hindering the progress of the players you mentioned…

    just because hes half price doesnt mean we have to buy him..we dont need him…so why bother…

    he did the same last year,he waited until the last minute to get his targets and he was told to shove it…

    if he is after hangalaand…hodgson is going to want to replace him with the money…what chance does he have to replace him if he sells him at 23;59 on deadline day….

    he doesnt…its alonso all over again…he either pays the money now or he waits and gets told no..

    i dont want us to fork out millions on one player..

    wenger got sagna, dudu, rosicky all for under 10mil

    so lets save 20…and spend 20… make a profit and strengthen the team..

  315. avenell says:

    I don’t see how you can be so definate we could have got ronaldo.. if I was one of his parents I would not have signed on the first dotted line.. I would have looked at all the deals on the table.

    Half of the £40 million has already gone back into the team.. if you consider Arshavin and Vermulin so there is £28 of the £40 million.. also we have given extended contracts to RvP, Theo, Wilshere.. It’s okay backing this youth but they will leave if they are not given a updated deal.

  316. London says:

    Evening Roadsters

    The point about the deliberate mistake was that Saint David Dein was in charge during the reign of the Invicibles and as you can see he was just as bad when it came to looking for a bargain.

    And what’s more, just having read Jonjon’s piece he was in charge when we let Ronaldo slip through our fingers. There is no way Wenger was ultimately in charge of that deal.

    I have been drinking, I should stop here, speak to you tomorrow.

  317. avenell says:

    Nice one London.. I hope you have enjoyed it mate..

  318. JonJon says:

    well ive shot myself in the foot there becuase ive said all along that wenger would balance the books with AA so i cant disagree with that…

    so i retract my statement….

  319. JonJon says:

    and change it to we should spend the lot 😉

  320. JonJon says:

    no..we still have 2 mil… 😉

    so if we sell senderlump we could still buy matuidi and have enough for a bag of chips and a bus ride home…

  321. JonJon says:

    or we could tell eboue and diaby to naff off and get hangelaand too 😉

  322. JonJon says:

    night london…sorry i missed the deliberate mistake…

    ave was busy shouting at me….

  323. avenell says:

    The thing is jonjon I cannot win the Ronaldo argument because you have the benifit of hindsight.. would you be happy if we took the gamble on £20 million for Nani?
    That must be the equivalent of what Man u paid for him at todays inflated prices..

    We were trying to buy a new stadium would £12 million on Ronaldo been a decent gamble if he had flopped?.. he makes Ramsey look like a dead cert..

  324. JonJon says:

    so is JD injured or not…

    or is it another rosicky injury to stop him playing in the crappy internationals??

  325. avenell says:

    JD was in Switzerland and was sent home by them, so I would say it is real..

  326. JonJon says:

    but it aint just hindsight though is it…

    its a fact that we wait and wait and stall and try to bring the price down on players…

    i was using the example of ronaldo as to what happens if you wait too long

    just like we can use the alonso arguement as an example as to what happens when you leave it until the last minute and give the club no chance to replace the player….alonsos contract wasnt running low so they didnt have to sell him…we didnt give them enough cash or time to get barry so they said naff off…we’ll just keep him…

    hindsights irrelevant…

    in hindsight we could say wenger did an amazing job in creating the invincibles for peanuts but also in hindsight whatever hes done since to emmulate that hasnt worked….

    and thats another thing…people say wenger doesnt pay over the odds but what was ramsey and theo…

    or was that becuase they were 12 at the time we bought them…ronaldo was 2 years older than theo and the same price….

    i dont get it…we can fork out over the odds for babies but when it comes to the real thing we have to be shrewd….

  327. JonJon says:

    how longs he out for??? cos if its serious it could mean senderos stays….

  328. avenell says:

    I don’t agree the hindsight thing is very relevant.. You can take any player from 5 years ago and say he was a flop or not..
    As I said earlier we was in for Ronaldo but we don’t really know all the details of why we never got him.. Don’t forge t there was 90 other League managers in this country that never signed him either or god knows how many from other countries so Arsene is not alone in that.. He does get his fair share of bargains..

    We have a budget and Arsene gives each player a price and what he is prepared to pay in wages..

    We haven’t lost a penny on Theo or Ramsey we should get as you said the other day £20 plus for Theo and ramsey should be worth at least what we paid for him.

  329. avenell says:

    How can you say that what Wenger is doing hasn’t worked since the invincibles?
    We are a bigger and better team in Europe now, than they ever were..

    It’s just the standard of the Premiership has gone up that is clouding your judgement..

    We are as i have said earlier probably the best team in the world that is playing on a fair playing field..

    Italian clubs are backed by the likes of Fiat.. Spanish clubs get unfair tax breaks for their players and backed by the Spanish goverment.. ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool are either in debt or backed by an outside source so is Wenger making that bad a job?..

  330. JonJon says:

    i didnt really say what hes doing isnt working…but it isnt as successful as what it was….if it was we’d be clearing up….as a business its great…as a football team it isnt…

    times are changing…wengers scouting network isnt as stand outish as it once was because all the other top clubs now do the same…whereas before wenger could get a player on the cheap it makes it harder now becasue other clubs are aware of them too and with the emmergance of the demon agent, money now talks more in football now than ever…but we aint prepared to part with any…unless its on a kid…

    wengers using the same techniques and strategies as before but not getting the same quality because they are going to the other clubs for more money…

    hes got some bargains over the years but hes bought some donuts as well thats balanced it out…

    and yeah your right about theo and ramsey..they will be worth more but it will be the same reason for him buying chamkaka… they are not players that will win trophies they are players that more likely will be sold on for a profit…

    its like we are turning into ajax more and more everyday..

    ive defended him all summer on the basis that he’ll spend some money and get the players he said he was going to buy…so where are they???

    he had no hesitation on giving southampton 12 mil for a 16 who had played a handful of games…or giving cardiff 5 million for a 17yr old who had barely kicked a ball in the first team…

    yet when it comes to a fully fledged international who would be ready in 5 minutes and not 5 years he has to think about it and spend all summer pratting about with the club over a transfer fee…

  331. Rasputin says:

    Evening ave… it all depends what you measure success by … we haven’t won a trophy for 4 years but statistically we’ve been more successful in the CL

    The fact that we are doing business differently than other teams (most of which have won more than us recently) doesn’t necessarily mean we are doing it right and they are all wrong

  332. avenell says:

    Depends on your principles..

    We can all support a club with the most money or have a sugar daddy.. but the day it happens to arsenal will be the day I have to relinquish my support for our club..
    I have always been proud of the way we have been run and we try to do it in the correct way without cheating.

  333. Rasputin says:

    I agree entirely with your sentiment, but consider this…… Usamov has enough money to buy the club 10 times over. How would we feel if we spent many years balancing the books as we are now and one day he buys a majority share and launches a successful takeover bid. He gets the club and can then do whatever he pleases and all those years of ‘careful management’ will be down the drain … we’ll be just like the chavs and manu

  334. avenell says:

    I get on my horse and ride out of town!

  335. Rasputin says:

    Do you think you could really walk away and stop supporting Arsenal? Surely its the club we love, not the owners or the board. We couldn’t take so much pride in the ethics and decency that sets us apart, but it would still be the Arsenal, just dragged down to the level of the others….

  336. avenell says:

    Rasp.. I struggle with why I support a football club anyway.. they never do anything for me really.. so that would help to me to finally decide.. I may support football at grass roots level, or support Arsenal youth. or channel my time into something else..

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