So you want to write us off this early…..bring it on.

When I first started reading the suggestion in the press, not so long ago, that Arsenal would not be strong enough to compete for the league this season I viewed it with mild fascination, I didn’t take it too seriously, after reassuring myself that it is no bad thing to be the underdog, I certainly didn’t let it upset me but now this idea that we have no chance of winning the league is becoming flavour of the month with stories in the press starting to appear thick and fast and what’s more they are starting to add a provocative tone to them as did this morning’s dig at us from the NOTW. This little journalistic gem includes quotes like:

“The vast majority of the North London club’s supporters grudgingly accept their side is simply not equipped to compete with the big boys any more. Only Ultra-loyal Arsenal fans may argue otherwise.”

Well, I am ultra loyal and I will argue otherwise: the principal reason I would put forward is that journalists who write this nonsense have not seen Arsenal play, the people reading this are some of the most obsessed supporters and we haven’t even seen the team that will start the season play, furthermore, I don’t expect to do so until the Valencia game, so I find the idea of being written off this early as ridiculous.

Yesterday’s game against Athletico was used for no other purpose than: fitness, giving the younger players like Ramsey, Wilshire and Merida a sense of involvement, for Wenger to try out a few new ideas such as playing Bendtner on the left and to put on show the players that are either up for sale like Eboue or available for loan like Traoure. With these two players in the side nothing can or should be read into the first half. The one big plus of the first half was Rosicky who was starting to show flashes of his old self; his fitness seems to be slowly returning, he was noticeably stronger yesterday than he was against Barnet.

The second half saw the introduction of Wilshire who instantly made the difference: played on the right wing he shone, being more effective in five minutes than Eboue was able to do during the whole of the first half. The fact that he can go past people in the final 20 yards is as Wenger says what makes him special. If you think of all the games when the opposition come to the Emirates and park the bus, the result being that play is condensed into the oppositions half and with 20 minutes to go and we still haven’t found a way through, then it is at this time I expect Wilshire to be brought on to try and unlock the defence. It is his close control and his eye for the incisive pass that makes him so lethal. Theo you will have some serious competition for your place this coming season.

The game was plodding along and then up went the roar as Fabregas, Arshavin and Eduardo appeared on the half way line ready to come on. I wonder if the NOTW journalist was still at the game when this gifted trio announced their arrival, I suspect not. Having been entertained with Wishire’s short incisive passing for 20 minutes our captain quickly reminded us that he can not only do that in his sleep but he has the longer range pass as well, he sent over a few long range sighters to Eduardo to run onto but they were probably two or three inches of the mark; I am sure he will avoid such sloppiness when the season starts. I obviously jest; Fabregas will supply Eduardo with 20 goals this season. Which brings me to AK 47 (raif) I rate him as the best player we have at the club; he is breath of fresh air and he scores goals to boot. I could try and describe his goals but you have all seen them: great control for the first and an impossible angle for the second. I was reassured that Eduardo was on the goal line ready to pick up possible scraps.

All in all we are starting to show some very encouraging play, something I expect to be built on today against Rangers.

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  1. London says:

    Morning all

    I am a bit rusty, but hopefully the reports will get better.

  2. Rasputin says:

    Good assessment London. I agree with everything you’ve written. That may be because you didn’t mention the cock-up in the defence that led to them equalising 2 minutes after we went ahead. The good thing about having a genius like AA in the side is that he can get you a goal out of nowhere. Everytime he got us ahead in the game aginst pool, we conceded straight after from appalling defending and the same thing happened yesterday.

    I’m pretty happy with the midfield and strikeforce, (although I wouldn’t mind Matuidi and Huntelaar!) but the defence needs to be more solid. Whether it is to do with a lack of confidence in the keeper or because the midfielders don’t track back enough or a combination of several factors I’m not sure. But it is the area we need to work on.

  3. rico says:

    Morning all – again 😉

    Couldnt agree more with both of you – the second half oozed moments of sheer brilliance, and two stunning goals.

    I thought Sagna’s crossing was much better yesterday, especially a cross field 25 yard one into the path of… (can’t remember 😳 )

    But as you say Rasp, the defence was again dodgy and their goal was gifted to them by some under 11’s defending.

    Kolo has had a pop this morning about how we lack leaders, well I think he is spot on, albeit he should shut up, but I think he mainly refers to the defence, we don’t have a loud mouthed organiser in there, a Tony, Sol or even Jens at times – that is what we lack big time, a big CH with a mouth on him, an expericed scarey guy who knows what he is shouting is right…

    Maybe TV will in time be that man, none of us know yet.

    Arsene has now suggested he will buy no more than two players, lets hope if he is telling the truth this time one of them will definately be that CH…

    Me though, I still think he will get two, plus Paddy to lead the dressing room together with Cesc..

  4. rico says:

    I seem to have a very negative affect this morning, I arrive and you go 😦

    Hey ho – catch you later..

  5. London says:

    Morning Rico & Rasputin

    You are both, of course, right; I did leave out the problem of our defensive frailties. The only comfort I take from that was Wenger’s reaction to that goal, he was going ballistic. This display of frustration was followed by the reasuring confirmation in his post match interview that he is considering two more additions….a DM and a CB wouldn’t go a miss, Arsène.

  6. JonJon says:

    morning everyone

    nice one london…i i like to think of myself as an utlra…a defender of the team from the media and players past and present who are gits…. 😉

    re the defensive frailties….i think wenger said in the post match that there was nothing wrong with the attack…which suggests to me hes about to make a couple more signings to balance it out…

  7. rico says:

    Morning JJ, are you going today ?

    Dont we get are new players announced today 😉

  8. rico says:

    Hi London, Arsene was certainly very unhappy with the goal conceded, but then he reacted last that after the goals last season 😉

    I wish Pat Rice would turn around to him and say – ‘Arsene, you always go mad when we concede, you are the manager, go and buy a CH, someone who will stop us letting in these goals – I keep bloomin telling you’ 😉

  9. JonJon says:

    and i’ll tell you what else…

    toure can go swivel….

    since he left the club allhes done is slagged us off….

    1…mancity showed him love
    2…arsenal use you and get rid of you at 30 so he wanted to leave…
    3…arsenal had no leaders…
    4..ive wanted to join citeh for a while

    well kolo you tosser…

    1…mancity showed you money
    2…arsenal made you were supposed to be one of the leaders???
    4…good riddance

  10. rico says:

    And so say all of us JJ 😛

  11. JonJon says:

    hi rico…

    im ok…abit peeved off with toure…

  12. JonJon says:

    two new players today peaches… 😉

    bringing up londons point about jack…i think he’s better than theo is

    what a gifted young man…pure footballing talent..pleasure to watch…a joy to the eye…

    i dont wenger to wrap this one in cotton wool…i want him to play him…

  13. JonJon says:

    when i think about all the players that wenger liked to play on the wing last season…


    with that lad waiting in the wings with the skill he posseses..i’d put him out there over those lot any day of the week…

    we could sell at least 2 of them and not miss them one bit…

  14. London says:


    That was funny your idea of what Pat Rice should say.

  15. Rasputin says:

    Hi JonJon and rico,

    I presume the defence today is going to be JD and Gallas. I always get the feeling that Gallas only stretches himself for important games and is only performing at 60% for friendlies…..

  16. JonJon says:

    jack has everything theo and eboue dont…

    good 1st touch
    ability to beat a man..even two men
    ability to pick a pass…
    ability to score the sublime
    ability to change the course of the game

    theo and eboue have

    you dont win trophies with sprinters…you win the olympics with sprinters…

    footballers win you trophies…

  17. London says:

    I just want to add a bit of balance to my own comment and that is that if play is condensed then Jack is the man for the job; his close control and his incisive passes will unlock defences but if we go one up forcing the opposition onto us which will create space behind their defence then Theo’s pace remains an effective weapon to have in the amoury.

  18. peachesgooner says:

    Morning all

    Well done London, the first half was not very good but the second half had some pure Arsenal on show and LJW is almost too fabulous to describe. Hes a proper footballer, he knows what hes going to do as soon as he gets the ball, I can’t wait to see him getting behind the Stoke defence.

    Its all very well me joking about ‘we’re gonna score one more than you’ but I know it can’t always happen – come on Arsene sort out the defence!!!!!!!!!

  19. JonJon says:

    hi rasp….

    i think wenger will go with the same as yesterday…i think willy/vera will be his main partnership but with vera injured he’ll play his deputy…

    if not he’ll go with song and silvy…

    either way if senderos doesnt play then its safe to say he has been sold…

  20. JonJon says:

    i dont think theo offers the team anything really…

    is that pace of his worth the 60k a week hes on???

    i dont know about that one…

  21. London says:

    I cannot imagine at all that he will play Gallas and Djourou again, two games in two days, impossible, it’s Silvestre and Song for you guys going to the game today lol.

  22. JonJon says:

    hahahaha london…

    pour salt into the wounds why dont ya???

  23. Rasputin says:

    TV’s injured JonJon, no-one mention tweetypie or I’m going back to bed 😦

  24. London says:

    That’s the thing Jonjon, no one is sure. By the end of this season he could be worth double or he could be worth half….we have no choice but to go with it and see which way it turns out…..what we don’t want to do is get rid of him too early only for him to blosom with the dippers or something like that.

  25. JonJon says:

    i like how wenger says we have about 7 defenders so we are strong there…

    in theory yes…we are

    but when you read between the lines and see senderos and silvestre in the list it sorts of makes you wonder where the actual strength is..

  26. JonJon says:

    very true london…but wenger seems to do that with alot of the kids…and we wonder why our wage bill is so high..

    hahaha rasp…

  27. rico says:

    Thanks London 😉

    I honestly can’t see Arsene playing Jack too much, his bones are still growing, and over playing him will damage him – I think that is why he didn’t play Theo, and wont over play Ramsey and a few others…
    We don’t want Jack to be the next Thomas 😦

    I know you are all going to shout – well he played Cesc very young, I have a theory on that – Cesc will one day return to Spain, and that will be when he will be crocked from playing too young in life – will we care about Cesc’s fitness when he has left us… ??

    Morning Rasp & peaches – bet you guys cant wait to go today – you are real lucky..

    I think Theo has a big part to play, BUT he needs to learn to cross better and quicker, no longer will he have to wait for the offside lump to keep up, so maybe he will be another to get the benefit of his departure..

  28. London says:


    I agree with your take on Wenger’s post match interview: he was telling us not to expect a forward, emphasisng that Theo is still to return. Still, I can live with two more defenders.

  29. JonJon says:


    theo also needs to learn to pass and dribble.. 😉

  30. rico says:

    I know I keep rambling on about Merida, but I really like this guy, he is a split second away from being something really special imho – He is the one that will eventually take Cesc’s place, not Statman 😉

  31. rico says:

    Oh yes, sorry JJ, I missed those little bits 😉

  32. rico says:

    Dribble JJ, dribble – at his age 😉

  33. London says:


    Just before Spain’s national games, the Spanish media moan like crazy about the amount of games Fabregas plays.

    It’s a very interesting theory.

  34. JonJon says:

    yeah london…

    ive said a while back that although id like to see another striker i dont think its a problem area this season….

    i still want a CM general….maybe two because we dont have any….and that remains my priority…vieira and matuidi would do….we dont have to break the bank…

    and i wouldnt mind getting rid of senderos and silvestre and bringing in someone like hangelaand….

    i think a CB collection of


    ticks all the boxes and gives us plenty of defensive options…

  35. London says:

    Statman is hilarious did you make that up Jonjon?

  36. JonJon says:

    rico…i agree about merida…

    i thought he looked good…comfy on the ball…

  37. JonJon says:

    alas that was aves,london.. i think…

  38. rico says:

    London – seriously, I believe that those Arsene truly believes will seek pastures new overseas he will play from a young age, and game after game after game – but the young ones he believes will stay loyal, he won’t.

    That is why I believe that so many players who leave us very seldom go on and have such success at their next club. More often than not, when he sells a player he knows they are very near to burn out…

    Ade is different, he won’t burn out for two reasons, one is that he never runs enough, and the second being to burn out you have to have reached the top….. 😉

  39. rico says:

    It was ave JJ

    He wrote Na na na na na na na na Statman 🙂

  40. rico says:

    We are lucky – we have

    Statman and Robin 😉

  41. JonJon says:


    interesting theory…sort of like a rico injury…we now have the rico development.. 😉

    did anyone see ades miss yesterday when the super citeh got a late equalisor against the mighty barnsley in the “still shit” friendly campaign?????

    did you read that link london/rico????

    i was in stitches…..

  42. Rasputin says:

    Stars for the future, LJ, Ramsey, Merida … and the one everyone’s forgotten …. Coquelin who is a couple of yeras off being ‘that kind of midfielder’ we need!!!!!

  43. London says:


    What link?

  44. JonJon says:

    i think LJ and coquelin will definately be at arsenal in 5 years time…

    dunno about the other two yet rasp…

    havent seen enough of merida and dont like what i see from ramsey so far..

  45. JonJon says:

    ades miss yesterday was superb…..

    he had a one on one with the keeper and he hit the crossbar from 7 yards…

    he went for the rebound with an open goal and he couldnt control it and the keeper got it…

    ireland was stood with his hands on his head as if to say whats this weve bought…

    i hope ireland likes putting his hands on his head because hes be doing it all this season…

    thank god hes gone…

  46. London says:

    Gingers for Limpar

    Someone has got a good sense of humour.

  47. rico says:

    Rasp – Coquelin, another one who has every chance of being awesome – 3 years time, I reckon it will be a Midfield of….

    LJ, Coquelin, Merida, Barazite ?

    Life doesn’t look so doom and gloom, eh 😉

    Off to peak at the link 😛

  48. rico says:

    JJ – In your own words…
    LMAO 😛

  49. JonJon says:

    this is where the youth system is a little bit flawed rico…

    cos in 3 years time nasri cesc theo denilson ramsey song diaby still wont be over 25….

    the chances of those players breaking into the 1st in the next few years are very slim becuase the age difference between the players in the 1st team and the reserve team is marginal……

    expect some of them to be sold rico…. 😦

  50. rico says:

    JJ, But I dont mind that, Ramsey and Nasri and maybe Theo will be the only ones with us then anyway me thinks 😉

    Diaby & Denilson – they can go now 😛

  51. JonJon says:

    its the “still shit shock” headline that does it for me…

    and the way he describes the equalisor as glorious..

    it made me giggle…

  52. JonJon says:

    i dont mind it either rico…its like a production line of profit for the club….

    but i just dont get too attatched to the players cos its obvious some of them will leave…

    hopefully denilson and diaby will make way….

    i think we’ll keep cesc up until hes 28-29 as long as we are winning trophies….

    if we arent he’ll go next year or the year after.. 😦

  53. raif says:

    woop woop AK47 BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how did he manage to get that 2nd goal on.. what a player.,

    and Jackie boy is shit hot

  54. JonJon says:

    raify boy

    yeah mate we have two gems there….

    AK got that goal in becasue hes AK…why else??? 😆

  55. raif says:

    hahaha like the AK ,, Arshavin is reliable
    like the weapon and its numerous variants Arshavins abilty to play in variant attacking positions

  56. JonJon says:

    AK definately has some good furniture at his disposal.. eh raif?? 😆

    any news on Le Hunter Du Klass???

    he seems to have disspeared off the radar…

  57. raif says:

    the small team of Du-Klass reconnaissance squad report he may have advanced into a more deeper position within the wilderness,

    tactical opps have put in countermeasures to anciate once “The Box Hunter” has been spoted.

    we stand by for further details

  58. peachesgooner says:

    Sorry, someone popped in for coffee and stopped me blogging 😦

    rico – thats a very interesting theory about why Arsene would play Cesc from so young and not LJ – it makes perfect sense if a little ruthless……

  59. JonJon says:

    operation trouser snake is now in progress…

  60. peachesgooner says:

    not its not, I’m only putting on my make-up…..

  61. JonJon says:

    hello again peaches…

    coffee??? urrrggghhhhh….

    what happened to a good ol fashion cupa tea???

    wars have been won and lost on cups of tea….with milk and 2 sugars…

  62. kelsey says:

    Morning all,
    it’s my daughter’s Birthday today,a special one so I will be brief as we are taking her out for lunch.

    I agree with you london that “Theo you will have some serious competition for your place this coming season” as i had already stated that last night.
    Senderos on his way out rather than Silvestre as at least he is worth a few million.

    Still more paper talk about vela going out on loan,yet again,so regardless what we think Wenger doesn’t think he is ready yet.

    I have no worries about our attacking options,but yet again though I accept it was a training exercise,the same old frailities in defence and not for the first time we were unable to hold on to a lead with minutes left.

    let’s see what happens today,but we need reinforcements in defence quickly.

    i reckon we are down to one ambition this year,top four at best.We have no money and not enough star players to compete on 2 fronts let alone one.I hope vierra and hageland (sp) come in otherwise we are fecked.same old,same old.

  63. JonJon says:

    hahaha peaches the operation trouser snake comment was to raif… 😉

  64. peachesgooner says:

    Its a bit posh here in North London – we have coffee in the morning and tea later in the day 🙂

  65. kelsey says:

    before you ask i am a bit miffed,but i will leave it for now 🙂

  66. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    I make us favourites to win the Premier League..

    Man U have lost their best player/diver..

    Liverpools best player has just handed in a transfer request. plus the Argie wants out.

    Chelsea are only getting older and a new manager has to bed in..

  67. raif says:



  68. JonJon says:

    afternoon kelsey

    and a happy birthday to miss kelsey… 🙂

    yup agree about walcott…

    agree about the CM and the defender if sendershiney goes…

    i think wengers priority is to win the league…but obviously 4th spot is minimum…

    he showed last season that he is ready to sacrifice winning the FA cup to ensure 4th spot is closed out….which is sad…

    but if you asked wenger if he would rather finish 1st or finish 4th i dont think he’ll say 4th..

  69. avenell says:

    Peaches.. I am having a cup of Douglas Egburts finest myself.. Coffee in the morning … Then afternoon tea.. with cocky pinkie..

  70. JonJon says:

    in the words of the great Mr Churchill…

    “we will fight them on the seas, we will fight them on the beaches, and we will drink tea”… 😉

    evening ave…

    yup…i go with those ideas too…

    especially if vieira comes back…

    its so on next season….

  71. avenell says:

    I thought he said.. “oh yes”

  72. JonJon says:

    that was the man from del monty ave…

  73. avenell says:

    No he said “pick those oranges you peasants”

    “the quicker you do the quicker you can go home to little Jose Antonio”

  74. London says:

    “oh yes” LMAO

  75. JonJon says:


    looks like you were right about kolo ave…

    tosser…why put the boot in…???hes made his money he got what he wanted why try justify it…

    expect the boos to be ringing loud when the shitty come come to THOF…

    not just for ade either…

  76. avenell says:

    I wonder if Toure’s bitterness comes from the fact Wenger never chose him as captain..

  77. JonJon says:

    or from the fact he wasnt good enough to become a leader himself after all the other leaders left.??

    ive said before kolo was a weak link in the invincibles….and hes proved that by being shit the past few years after they all left and by jumping ship….

    nothing to do with the money though…it because citeh have shown him love in all the 4 days hes been there…..

  78. avenell says:

    Yeah we have lost our big guns Kolo….
    “Where was it that you came from again????”

  79. London says:

    hello Ave

    Are you ok with the post? I haven’t broken any rules or upset anyone have I? It certainly wasn’t my intention.

  80. JonJon says:

    to me thats just his way of admitting he was actually shit without the likes of sol and vieira there to make him look good…

    citeh have got another donut and wengers a genius…

  81. avenell says:

    Sorry London .. How rude of me.. Your post is as always excellent mate..
    No I don’t see a problem posting one a day at the moment now the season is starting.. even I have 2 I am working on ..
    As long as each post gets at least a day, I think everyone would agree that is fine.

  82. avenell says:

    Jonjon also his replacement was the captain of Ajax.. so that’s all bollox too.

  83. JonJon says:

    fine with me ave…ive got three im working too

  84. JonJon says:

    jack you are a star…

  85. JonJon says:

    good link up play between AA and fab…

  86. JonJon says:

    denilson diaby and theo are out for me…

    merida and jacky are in…


  87. JonJon says:

    this is some sexy stuff…

  88. raif says:

    who scored for us?

    and is it a decent line up

  89. JonJon says:

    jacky and dudu raif

    eboue willy silv clichy
    jack song cesc merida
    dudu AA

    its sexy stuff mate…apart from the defence..but we aint having to do much defending…

  90. raif says:

    and is sendaros anywere to be seen in the squad?

  91. JonJon says:

    nope…cant see him..

  92. raif says:

    ahh sounds good. i just found a link so im watching now,,,

  93. JonJon says:

    eboues garbage going foward…

    commentators words

    1 ” lovely flick on by eduardo..eboue leaves it behind”

    2 “merida….eboue…goal kick”

    says it all really

  94. raif says:

    ill sell eboue only if we can get a decent replacment.
    as his rubbish as right wing.. only good as a right back

  95. JonJon says:

    he is supposed to be playing RB raif… 😉

    another part of the commentry when rangers just had a chance

    “good chance for rangers, eboue the man playing them onside”

  96. raif says:

    also if wenger is looking to play AK47 with the striker or behind then i say we should get a Right winger. as i feel its a little light weight in that area

  97. JonJon says:

    i think we’ll be ok out wide raif…

    jack rosicky and nasri can all play either wing….wouldnt say no to eden hazard though but the money needs to go in the middle of the park 1st…

    all this looks pretty but we still look vunerable on the break…

  98. JonJon says:

    judging by almunias performance i reckon a new keeper.. 😉

  99. JonJon says:

    i love jacky…did you see that raif…

  100. raif says:

    yeah i would say a new keeper once the other areas are sorted..

    i like akinfeev..

  101. raif says:

    Jackie Boy that was bloody amazing

  102. raif says:

    AK47’S pass was fantastic aswell.

  103. rico says:

    Woop woop, no not because I am back, its because we are winning 2-0 and not a Nik in sight 😉 😉 😉

    JJ, I love the way you describe that half – sexy stuff 😛

    Who is that knob sleeping, I bet he dances the Okie Kokie…. 😉

  104. raif says:

    im looking forward to seeing Nikki Big Balls

  105. rico says:

    What I loved about LJ’s goal, he had the balls to shove Cesc out the way to get it…. 😆

  106. rico says:

    raif 😦

  107. raif says:

    he will come good Rico.. theres no ade to get in his way now

  108. rico says:

    I watch Song, he reminds me so much of me when I played football – often I got caught ball watching, and then realised, oh, I should have gone for that and tackled that player…

    The difference was I was about 10 years older than him and didnt have his locks or wages 😉

    I still love Merida – he is going to be a very very big player of sexy football 🙂

    Well done Song 😉

  109. rico says:

    raif me old mucker – just teasing you 😉 😉

  110. rico says:

    According to “The people” Arsenal are closing in on a £7million deal for Holland star Ibrahim Afellay.

    The Gunners manager has been tracking the 23-year-old PSV Eindhoven midfielder for the last year.

    Afellay is quality and not over hyped like most dutch league players.

  111. raif says:

    hehe..i know u love nikki b aswell 😉

  112. rico says:

    No new players shown off today then… 😦

    Yet……….. 😉

  113. rico says:

    Come on Fiorentina – 6M and he is yours 😛

  114. raif says:

    im hoping to have a signing or 2 by the 15th.. if we dont ill be very unhappy

  115. rico says:

    So… Rangers are now in the game….

    Arsene, make note of the players you changed, and don’t play them again !!

  116. rico says:

    I think they will be in raif, you wont be unhappy 😛

  117. raif says:

    i hope so 🙂

  118. rico says:

    Phew ….

  119. JonJon says:

    song let me down then…hes been having a good game until then…lets hope he keeps his head up…

  120. rico says:

    Hey you all, are we about to get a little bit of silverware 😉 😉 😉

  121. raif says:

    nikki big balls is comming on.. 🙂

  122. raif says:

    awwww arshavin off 😦

  123. raif says:


  124. rico says:

    raif – he should be on fire, he should come away with at least a goal – i am more excited about SW coming on 😉

  125. JonJon says:

    fabregas is a dirty player..i love it..

  126. rico says:

    Watt aint bad raif

  127. JonJon says:

    eboue is rico..


  128. rico says:

    Jack is tired now

  129. raif says:

    LOL.. his not bad.. i just like shouting out WWWAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!


  130. rico says:

    😛 raif…….

  131. rico says:

    I am repeating this as i know it will get lost

  132. rico says:

    Dunno Dunno Dunno Dunno, Dunno Dunno

    Why we play Statman …………….

  133. rico says:



  134. rico says:

    Q – Hey jack, have you been watching any player in particular to sneak a few tricks up your sleeve ?

    A – Yo rico, I have been watching a bit of Arshavin and a bit of Eduardo – I’m doing ok aren’t I?

    MMMMEEEEEE – Not bad little ‘n’, not bad 😛

  135. Evo in Oz says:

    gday all

  136. JonJon says:

    wheres ave and london…???

    guys what was your song for brady…we’ll change the words and put jacks name in instead…

    sexy football…

  137. Evo in Oz says:

    hey rico and jonjon

  138. JonJon says:


    dont be silly jackys been watching denilson eboue and theo…thats why hes so good.. 😉

  139. rico says:

    Hi Evo – good game, are you watching ??

  140. rico says:

    JJ 😛

    I think he has been watching those you list and thought F**K, I dont want to be like them 😉 😉

  141. rico says:

    Traore is so confident…

    Who is doing the post match post for tommorrow ?? 😉

  142. JonJon says:

    hey evo mate

    dont ya just love jack???

  143. JonJon says:

    dunno yet want it???

    although rasps at the game so……….?????

  144. Evo in Oz says:

    yeah im watching the cricket with the sound down. looks like a draw coming up.

    Merida and Whilshere have been great today

  145. rico says:

    Arsene – two players, two players thats all we need, please please…..

    Oh and Paddy, and maybe a cheap third and fourth 😉

  146. rico says:

    JonJon – No thank you, I am more than happy to leave to a game attending member 😉

  147. Evo in Oz says:

    maybe the cheap will be zizihno

  148. rico says:

    Is he not about 90 years old though Evo 😉

  149. Evo in Oz says:

    hahaha….nah another 17 year old

  150. raif says:

    valencia on Sat. 08th Aug

  151. raif says:

    lets hope we get some signing by then

  152. rico says:

    😳 – sorry Evo I thought you meant

    Thomaz Soares da Silva, aka Zizinho, 😉

  153. rico says:

    I am off to cook, catch you all a little later, good days work by the team, I for one can’t hear any fat lady singing 🙂

  154. raif says:

    now lets try and win a cup worth winning

  155. rico says:

    Eboue looked good in a Rangers shirt 😉 😉

  156. JonJon says:

    i cant wait for eboue to be sold….

    diaby will be injured all season and nasris gonna miss the first few months…

    jacks gonna take the league by storm next season…

  157. kelsey says:

    Evening chaps,

    only caught the last hour,but we sure have attacking options.Jack is so intelligent,by far and away better than Theo,has so many more dimensions to his game.I belive if in form play him,regardless of age,but will wenger do so.i remember a certain 16 year old scoring against us at Everton.

    Did you notice the comradship and happiness throughout the squad.okay it was only pre season and they know the trophy means nothing but it is a bonding process.Even Silvestre has a reasonable game, but the defence worries me,can’t put my finger on it but something is not right,and I know it won’t happen but we could do with a better first choice keeper.

    Eboue really is useless and couldn’t even wear a red top for the presentation.

    Jack is the new liam brady no doubt in my mind.

  158. rico says:

    kelsey – did you see my earlier re Eboue ??

  159. rico says:

    Calm down guys – we were really poor 😉 😉 😉

    Ok, I work for the News of The World 🙂

  160. JonJon says:

    almunia looks shakey….

    i go through my phases with him…

    in general id say he was a decent keeper..a good shot stopper….and good distrubution

    but when it comes to positioning….composure..decision making…high balls…and commanding the box and organising the defence hes pretty sub standard….

    we do struggle with the high ball yes…but maybe almunia has to take half the blame because he leaves the defence to deal with it 9/10 times….

    wenger has never developed a good i reckon if weve got any money left over after weve sorted out the midifeld we buy a new keeper..

  161. JonJon says:

    i have high hopes for the coming season…

    but if we sign a couple of players in the positions we lack them we will win the double..

  162. kelsey says:

    i missed that rico …honest 😉

    JojJon we had a good keeper in Manninger,but he dropped him after we won the title so Seaman could have one more year.Manninger suffered from that,he was 22 at the time.Confidence in many sports is half the battle.

  163. JonJon says:

    kelsey ive just seen the presentation where eboue was wearing a rangers top…

    hes an embarrasment…he really is..

  164. JonJon says:

    yeah true kelsey i remember manninger…shame that…he did ok…

  165. kelsey says:

    Almunia needs to command the box a lot more than he does,instead of concentrating on stupid haircuts,but I don’t think he will improve.

    Anyone see the Observer today.Apparently Wenger wanted to beak up the ANC threesome as they were causing a lot of in house trouble.So two out and one to go.

  166. JonJon says:


    its obvious the dressing room hasnt been right for a while now….

    those africans walking round like gangster rappers and the gold chains and the silly dances didnt help things…it wouldnt suprise me one bit….wengers trying to teach tactics and eboues practicing his silly dance moves with ade…

  167. London says:


    I’m not, it’s all yours

  168. JonJon says:

    ive just seen the jack interview..

    what a humble lad…

    fabio capello was here today

    “i want to get into the arsenal side”

    what was it like to be on the cusp of a hatrick

    “its about the win”

    17 year old…surrounded by all those stars and he was MOTM in both games…

    come on wenger..give it up with diaby and eboue…even theo

    just play jack…its time..

  169. JonJon says:

    evening london

    views on the game???

  170. rico says:

    London, I honestly dont wish to do one, I was only asking – I didn’t see all the game, i was busy building a cabin for our logs – when done I will email a picture for ave to put up somewhere if you all don’t mind – you may need 3D glasses 😉 😉

    Someone will have one in their head to write…. won’t they 😉

  171. London says:


    I’m still purrring, maybe something a bit more inteligent tomorrow.

  172. rico says:

    Not Theo just yet JJ, give him one more season, if he is still not good enough, ok, sell him…

    Same with Nik, The lump has been a bad influence, give them both one more season….

  173. London says:


    Peaches and Rasp were at the game maybe they will feel inspired.

  174. rico says:

    I hope so London, thanks 🙂

    JJ, just for you I have cooked and eaten pasta on a bed on cheese sauce, infused with basil, chilli and garlic. Served with a warm bruschetta….. 🙂

  175. JonJon says:

    yeah london maybe they would like to do a joint effort

    it was sexy stuff wasnt it mate…orgasmic football…


    i dont mind bringing walcott off the bench…but i dont see him as a starter….my eyes have been opened by some of these kids…not just jack but merida too…

    walcotts in trouble next season for sure..

  176. rico says:


    Also know as Macaroni Cheese with a bread roll, and thats what I have really had 😉 😉

  177. JonJon says:

    hahaha rico… 😆

    for my dinner im having whatever looks good on this chinese menu i grasp within my fingertips.. 😉

  178. rico says:

    Don’t get me wrong JJ, I would be dissapointed now to see Theo on for every game, like you Merida and LJ offer more, 30 mins off the bench to attack a tired side, that is where Theo can do well – just dont think Arson will see it like that, but you just never know 😉

    Off for a walk, back soon 😛

  179. rico says:

    You lucky bugger – I love chinese 😛

  180. JonJon says:

    i think arson will see it…but theos pace offers another dimension..if wenger can fine tune the basics into theo he will be more than an average player…

    this season is so important for theo..lets hope the extra competition makes him play like the player we thought he would become when we paid all those millions for him all those years ago….

    4 years is a long time to spend at a club like arsenal and still not know how to play the system…

    wenger has moved players on in less than 4 years for the same reasons…theos been lucky…maybe its that price tag…wenger doesnt wnat to give up hope just yet and make it luck a waste of money…although we could get at least 20mil for him if we wanted….

    difficult choices for wenger…

  181. JonJon says:

    hahahaha ive just seen that on SSN

    get in there..4th place my arse

    arrys gonna complete his hatrick of PL relegation teams… 😆

  182. rico says:

    JJ – couldn’t agree more about Theo, big season for him and a few others…
    Rumours are on NN that Chamakh has left Bordeaux due to illness – however, it is suggested he has flown to London to secure his move to us…..

  183. JonJon says:

    he better not…we dont need any more attacking players unless its a pure finisher…

    whats he looking at attacking options first for????

  184. kelsey says:

    i find this hard to swallow from one who was once one of my favorite players.

    Did it take him 4 years to think that out, or was the real reason money

  185. JonJon says:

    me and ave were chatting about that earlier kelsey

    hes trying to justify the fact he moved for the money…

    hes talking shit…

    he was supposed to be of the leaders in the squad…so hes basically admitting hes been crap the past couple of years…

  186. rico says:

    In the words of a ‘jink jink’

    Money Money Money……..

  187. kelsey says:


    you are up so late 😉 as i am, but now it’s time for bed.Goodnight everyone.

  188. avenell says:

    I just about got that one rico.. Statman and robin was 🙂

    Goodnight Kelsey..

  189. peachesgooner says:


    Do you really want a post about todays game…….didn’t everyone see it?

  190. rico says:

    Chasing chicken kelsey, nite to you

    Ha ha ave – I am done too for the night,

    You all stay safe, night night 😉

  191. London says:

    Well this is a lively start! Can we expect something from Peaches and Rasputin?

  192. rico says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Chamakh is in London then, having throw his toys out the pram in France – PV news is also gathering a bit of pace….

    This has to be the week we make our signings, one match left before the long trip up to the land of funny talks 😉

    Come Arsene, put us all out of our misery 😛

    Got to pop out for a while, really annoying!

    See you all in a couple of hours

  193. Irishgunner says:

    Morning all,

    1. Eduardo can finish. Where is Franchise and his “Eduardo through martyr eyes”? You can’t teach anyone that.

    2. Jack Wilshere is ———— (can’t find the words).

    3. I can’t wait till Jacky Boy leaves Kolo Toure on his big fat arse in the first few weeks of the EPL. Keep your big gob shut – go count your money.

  194. rico says:

    This rumour is funny, Van Bommel could be going to Spurs, is that the same Van Bommel who said a few years back…

    I would not go to Spurs, they are not a good enough team for me….. 😉

  195. rico says:

    Morning Irish,

    1 = Spot On, he is on fire

    2 = A tad good 😉

    3 = Spot On again, he has really peed me off

    Got to dash now, laters

  196. Irishgunner says:

    Hi and bye Rico 😉

  197. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsterettes..

    Feeling a bit angry about all this Wilshere talk today.. The press are going to destroy him..

    They want him to go to the world cup so he can learn off the likes of Lampard and Rodney.. I want to smash things up now!!!

  198. Irishgunner says:

    AW won’t let it happen imo. I don’t think he’ll play him enough that it would warrant a call up.

    Besides its Fabio Capello that England have as manager, he is someone I really respect. Wilshere will not be in any World Cup squad Avenell rest assured.

    Those Italian managers do their own thing and don’t listen to the meeja – see it here with Trapattoni.

  199. avenell says:

    There were rumours that it was Wengers idea to take Theo, he put it in Svens head.. Also Brady was on TS this morning and he never ruled it out..

  200. Irishgunner says:

    It’d be a bad idea – unless of course unlike Theo he actually played.

  201. Rasputin says:

    Hi Roadsters….

    Sorry I haven’t come up with a match report … in truth you were probably better able to get an overview watching on the TV.

    Just some thoughts….

    Tweetypie did OK … doh … but won’t against a top prem team
    LJ … it’s all been said!
    Song is as good as any CB we have… I much prefer him in that position, he was assured and efficient
    AA .. good
    Cesc … good
    EE at RB … good
    Dudu … clinical finish
    Tom ran around and was effective when he came on
    Ramsey produced a great chip to set up LJ for the 3rd goal
    Denilson was nothing special when he came on
    Bendtner showed that he is a No. 10
    S. Watt is surprisingly good and composed on the ball.

    A word about Eboue. I now see why he is so popular amongst the squad. It was brilliant when he swapped shirts and ran to the supporters holding the trophy as if it was the world cup. He was saying goodbye to the fans and the Emirates .. good luck to him (if he plays abroad)

  202. avenell says:

    Morning Rasputin..

    I want Eboue gone he has been an embarresment to the shirt.. He started acting like a pillock on Saturday again..

  203. Rasputin says:

    It looks like we’re close to signing Chamakh 😦 I don’t like the way he’s come out in the press and is criticizing the club that are still paying his wages – reminds me of a certain other player…. He’ll be half the price of Huntelaar so I assume thta’s why we’re going for him … and perhaps because Le Boss thinks he’s gonna be the next TH 😕 – but he’s 25!!!!!

  204. Rasputin says:

    I think we can relax ave .. I’m sure he’s going after yesterday’s post match pantomime…..

    I don’t want him, I don’t want Diaby and I don’t want Chamakh … but I think I’ll only get my wish on one of those three….

  205. London says:

    Being the contrairey bastard that I am, can I add a reason why it could be good for our young maestro to go to the world cup. It’s all based why his progress seems to have accelerated at Arsenal. Over the weekend Wenger explained that he felt his conscious decision last season to have Wilshire in the changing room on match days, even as an unused sub was extremely beneficial in helping him acclimatise to the surroundings of the first team; the tangible benefit being his huge leap forward over the weekend: that boy is not scared of anything. I see exactly the same advantages for Wilshire going to the World Cup, it is unlikely that he will play a huge part but the following world cup when he could conceivably be captain of England he will not be intimidated by the World Cup surroundings.

  206. Rasputin says:

    Wilshire poses a greater threat to opposing defences than Theo on recent evidence. Theo is great when supplied with the ball to run onto at pace .. he is ineffective when the opposition park the bus. LJ on the other hand has the trickery to beat players and get into the box and would be the ideal sub to bring on when we need to score against a defensive team.

  207. avenell says:

    There were stories about the African players disrupting the dressing room yesterday and Brady sort of said it this morning again..
    I bet Man City’s dressing room will be fun.. Hughes had a reputation as a player for pinning his manager up against the wall when he was dropped.. I cannot wait for Adebayor to start playing up

    I doubt Eboue was disruptive in the dressing room.. Which is what made me say..

  208. Irishgunner says:

    London – I honestly don’t see how Wilshere been in the dressing room after England are knocked out of the World Cup on penalties by the Germans will help him. 😆 😉

  209. avenell says:

    Morning London…

    I would rather he followed Paul Scholes’s example and retires from England ..(but at 18 years old)

  210. London says:

    Morning Ave

    Point taken

  211. London says:

    Morning Irish

    I am not about to defend England over Arsenal 😉

  212. Irishgunner says:

    In all fairness to Chamakh it seems that Bordeaux are reneging on a promise they made to him, saying he could leave for the EPL this summer.

    Not excusing him but that’s how it sounds.

  213. Rasputin says:

    Hi Irish,

    I see you have disowned Ray Houghton 😆

    LJ will be an England star. He is hungry for success and so will want to be in the England set-up. Paradoxically, the farce of calling Theo into the England world cup squad will probably work against him as it made a mockery of the squad and he never got on the pitch.

  214. Irishgunner says:

    😆 London

  215. Irishgunner says:

    No, I love Ray Houghton – he was a great wee player.

    Just disowned Tony Cascarino cos he’s a complete muppet 😉

  216. Irishgunner says:

  217. kelsey says:

    Morning all,

    Wenger is the manager not me,but I wouldn’t wrap Jack up in cotton wool,I would play him,maybe not every game,but he is the most exciting,intelligent player I have seen at his age since Brady.he is tough as nails as well.

    OK the weekend matches were friendlies,but both teams we played went in hard.

    What we have now are players like Cesc,Edwardo,Arshavin,Rosicky and Jack, who are way above the rest in football intelligence.Ramsey is learning.

    Almunia was a bit arrogant for me yesterday,sort of couldn’t care less if he conceded a goal or not.

    Set pieces are still our achilles heel and we really need a couple of defenders before the 15th.

  218. Rasputin says:

    Sincere apologies Irish 😕

    Oops got my Irishmen mixed up! … 😳

    Cascarino isn’t a very Irish sounding name although I thought that there was an injection of Spanish blood into the Irish gene pool when the Armada got blown off course and scuttled off your shores……

  219. Rasputin says:

    All the England players are pure Anglo Saxon of course 🙄

  220. Irishgunner says:

    😆 Rasputin

    Cascarino is English and qualified for Ireland through the granny rule but then a few years back he decided he shouldn’t have played for Ireland because he was adopted but he only said that to sell books.

    Houghton wasn’t Irish either, he was Scottish but he’s a fully fledged Irish man now 😉

    We rob players from wherever we can, no harm in it as long as they play for the shirt.

  221. Rasputin says:

    Hi kelsey,

    I think Almunia is an average premiership goalkeeper. I’d like to think that our quest for improvement would mean we were on the look out for a GK at the top level…..

  222. Irishgunner says:

    Weren’t there rumours earlier on in the summer that we had bid for Akinfeev but it was turned down?

    We missed out on Shay Given big time imo.

  223. Rasputin says:

    Very true Irish…. I’d be a grade A hypocrite as an Arsenal supporter if I insisted on home grown talent! .. although it is good to have LJ (he got the biggest cheer when the player’s names were announced).

    I agree with ave .. we don’t want all the hype that surrounded Theo … but I’m afraid it’s inevitable. Hopefully he’ll just let the football do the talking to trot out a well worn cliché.

  224. Rasputin says:

    Dunno about that Irish. I’d have been more than happy to have signed Shay Given … and a couple of years ago Brad Friedel could have done a job for us. Almunia’s hair style has gone a bit whacky … I hope he’s keeping his feet on the ground!

  225. Irishgunner says:

    Rasp – Well obviously I’d love if they were all fully fledged Irishmen born and bred here but we don’t have that luxury so if we want to compete we need to nab some. Even at the moment our best player born here won’t play for us – Stephen Ireland.

    Our best up and coming prospect is James McCarthy who just signed for Wigan and he’s Scottish but needs must.

    Back to Wilshere – I think he and Walcott are two different players though – not in terms of ability but in terms of mentality. Wilshere looks like he craves the big stadium and just getting out there to play. He also has massive confidence in his ability which i doubt Theo has.

  226. Irishgunner says:

    Lansbury back to Scunthorpe on loan perhaps.

  227. Rasputin says:

    I agree Irish,

    Theo is very composed and intelligent when interviewed by the press, Jack on th other hand (rather like Rooney) doesn’t seem that comfortable… but with the ball at his feet he is totally in his comfort zone. If Liam Brady is saying that LJ is a fantastic talent, that’s good enough for me….

  228. London says:


    Do you want a bit of a new post conected to yesterday’s game, it’s no biggy if you would prefer not to but the one above is out of date?

  229. Irishgunner says:

    Sometimes age doesn’t really matter although it sounds silly but some are just ready.

    Fabregas, Messi, Rooney etc

  230. Rasputin says:

    Haha Irish … I had to let you out of moderation for mentioning ‘that place’ … I think its a euphamism for where all the spuds come from….

  231. kelsey says:

    Theo is on 60k Jack is on 10 or 15K. Long term jack will be king.

    By the way rico,if you are there,United play valencia this week,before we do.Any theories.

  232. Irishgunner says:

    Ha ha I was wondering why it disappeared

  233. avenell says:

    London… if everyone has finished this conversation.. That would be good ..

  234. kelsey says:

    I agrre irish,we have so many offensive options,I would play Jack now,even for half a game.He is not fazed otherwise he would never have tried that chip.But why let him watch from the bench or put him back in the reserves.Pointless.

    given was available for 3 million a few months before he left Newcastle.

  235. London says:

    Guys, I am going to put something up, if there is anything that is important to you copy and paste it on the new post.

  236. Rasputin says:

    I am surprised no-one took issue with my statement earlier that Song is as good as any CB we have and it is his best position..

  237. Irishgunner says:

    Exactly Kelsey,

    I certainly would be tempted to throw Wilshere in the last 20 minutes of most games and give him a few starts as well. I think he is ready for more of a squad role this season, he has bulked up too.

    Given was asking to be bought, he has been a top keeper for a few years for Ireland and Newcastle and we still pass up on him….

  238. Irishgunner says:

    That’s because Rasp he is better than Silvestre and Senderos and on par with Djourou in my opinion at CB.

  239. London says:

    New post

  240. kelsey says:


    you are not allowed to agree with me 😉

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