The Adebayor Show Continues-From Gooner to Goner..

July 17, 2009

Since last summer I’ve firmly believed that Ade would be sold on this summer. I wrote a post back in April explaining my reasons why I thought he was off…

For those of you who cant remember here’s the link;

When Ade first signed for Arsenal, Wenger knew what he was buying. He was buying a raw, physical, hardworking talent that if polished correctly, could become a gem. Arsenal were desperately in need of a Plan B striker. Ade’s physique, natural pace and work ethic made him a perfect candidate and although his finishing was abit suspect, he was young enough for Wenger to mould into the next superstar…

All these things aside, another attribute that Adebayor brought to the Arsenal party was his poor attitude. He was known at Monaco for being abit of a trouble maker. Regularly opening his mouth at the wrong times, saying the wrong things and ending up keeping the Monaco bench warm as a consequence. So why didn’t we see this part of his persona when he was settling into the side??? The answer is easy…

Thierry Henry!!!!

Adebayor was in awe of the talent he was playing with at Arsenal. He knew he wasn’t the best player in the squad, he knew he couldn’t make demands and strut his stuff in a team containing Thierry. Adebayor was a sidekick. A yes man, who kept his mouth shut and worked hard on the pitch to impress the man he was playing with. This was a hungry Adebayor, with everything to prove and he used his attributes on the pitch to make him one of the PL’s most feared strikers. Although his finishing was still leaving alot to be desired, his constant harassing, hounding and physical one on ones with defenders, left gaping holes for the other players in the squad to work their magic. Adebayor played as part of a team, he was a team man and he knew it and he was quickly becoming a fans favorite.

He finally got his chance when Thierry left. We needed someone to step up and with injuries to our other strikers, Ade played a whole season. With doubts about his finishing still hanging over his head he just stuck to what he knew best. Smashing into defenders, helping to create the gaps and due to his hard work more than his natural ability, he earned himself 30 goals and high praise from several quarters of the Gooner faithful.

So where did it all go wrong??? That ones easy too. No more Thierry Henry.

For some reason, Adebayor felt that he was the best player at our club. No longer was he a team man. In his eyes, he was the team. He was top dog.  His feet left the ground quicker than quick and his ego inflated at the same rate. His attitude changed from then on. He was no longer the young, hungry Adebayor in awe of the players around him with a point to prove. He became the Monaco Adebayor. The Adebayor who Wenger hoped he could control and use that cocky attitude to its most lethal potential on the pitch. How wrong Wenger was..

Ade’s attitude hasn’t only stopped with Monaco and Arsenal. We see it with the national side too. Adebayor repeatedly falls out with players and coaches and its all because of one reason. Adebayor fully believes he is untouchable.

Its such a shame because a more humble, more dedicated Adebayor with a mind set to keep on improving, could go on to become a truly lethal striker. That chance has gone.

One of Wengers motto’s is that you need to keep on believing you can improve, or you will never make a top player.

Ade seems to believe he has made it. He has proved how good he is by ‘that’ season, he doesn’t need to work as hard anymore, he has nothing left to prove and he couldn’t be more wrong…

Henry didn’t manage to score 30 goals and get 20 assists season after season because he thought he had made it after the first. He kept on improving, he kept on beleiving he could improve and he reached the same high standards season after season. Thats what made him so special, he knew he was the King, but he proved he was the King time and time again. Leading us to glory on several occasions..

Ade’ s 30 goals was a good personal achievement. Yet it wasn’t a good team achievement. There was no silverware at the end of it all. That’s exactly Ade’s problem. He is no longer a team player. He’s a ‘Team Adebayor’ player. And he’s lost touch with the fans because of it. The people who pay his wages? He no longer cares about and  I think Wenger realises this….

So the current transfer saga doesn’t surprise me, but why is it taking so long???

I have a couple of theories…

1…Wenger wants him out and Ade wants to leave, but he was hoping the constant flirting with Milan would mean they would be in for him this summer. They haven’t.. So ‘Team Adebayor’ has tried to force their hand by manufacturing a move to Citeh…with the terms and the fee agreed, the medical and the work permit completed, there is nothing else for Ade to do but to sign on the dots. Yet where are Milan??? Still no sign..Ade knows there is no way back now. So he’s delaying the move hoping and praying that Milan come in for him…

2…the rumours about how it will be perceived in Africa maybe true..but its a smokescreen..Ade is taking time out to make it look like he’s thinking carefully over the issue and when he makes the decision he will make out it was the fans that forced him out and he had no choice but to sign for Citeh..Besides, he wants to be part of the revolution and the opportunity is too good to turn down…its purely a football decision and its not about the money at all!!!!!!!!

Either way Adebayor is as good as gone and we have 25mil in the back burner. So what do we do with it?

25mil is alot of cash, it is for Wenger anyway..Wenger could buy the title for 25mil such is the genius of the man we have at our helm.

I think its fair to say that the majority of Gooners would like to see another striker brought in..Two names that are being branded about are Chamkaka and Huntelaar..From what I can gather, Chamkaka is another striker in the mould of Adebayor. Hes likes to run the channels and he likes to put himself about yet he misses alot of chances..We don’t need another striker like this..Huntelaar, although lacking in pace, makes up for it by his deadly finishing..Huntelaars a finisher and what this team needs is an assassin…Personally I don’t think we need another striker, we have enough and in Vela and Dudu we have our finishers..I’d question myself on the fact that Vela is still too young, and Dudu’s fitness still has to be proved over an entire season. They are risks..At a time where we are going into a 5th year without silverware, we could do without the i would be happy if Wenger paid that little bit extra and got Huntelaar..

The main part of the team for me that needs a good look at (and a good player) is the midfield…

A good footballing team has to have good individuals…but a great football team relies heavily on partnerships and combinations….

The GK has to have a good relationshipwith his defenders…The CB’s have to have a good partnership. The FB’s need a good partnership with the widemen. The CM’s need to have a good partnership and lastly the CF’s need to play well together…

I don’t see too much of a problem with the GK. Kolo and Gallas have looked abit rocky at times but Wengers moved swiftly to rectify that with the signing of Vera Lynne. The FB/wideman combo looks solid with Clichy/Rosicky and Sagna/Nasri. With Ade gone, we have several available partnerships upfront which look dangerous. AK47/anyone else would do me…The problem is the CM. Cesc is a vital and fundamental part of the way we play. So Cesc needs a partner..Someone who can play box to box. So the 25mil needs to go into the midfield…


1..Sell Ade

2..Buy a midfield warrior..

One down, one to go..

Have a great day peeps. Fingers crossed for the confirmation we’ve been hoping for…


In Anticipation

July 15, 2009

Of JonJon’s Post

And the old one was so so slow…….

SenderBramble to be the next to leave/Traore to be put in the shop window/Flamini unhappy/Robin loves us!

July 12, 2009

In whats been a slow news week there has been a flood of stories surrounding our club over the weekend.

Big Phil, Swiss Tony or Senderlump, whatever you want to call him has now become a target for Steve Bruce’s Sunderland. Senderslug has never really made the CB spot his own in his time at Arsenal and Wenger’s decision to let him leave to join Milan on loan with a view to make the deal permanent,  gave the impression Sir Arsene didn’t really see a future for him at the Emirates. But has that decision now changed? The fact that the Sendersaurous is still with us and the fact that we will lose 3 defenders for the frustratingly inconvienient ACN, suggests to me Wenger wont let Senderslow leave. Not this year anyway.

A player he may let leave on the other hand is our young, French explosive Fullback/Left Winger, Armand Traore. Birmingham has reportedly looked into the possibility of signing Traore on loan for next season. Troare his highly regarded at the Emirates, but with left backs at the club seemingly to be growing on trees recently, its hard to see how he fits in. With Clichy, Gibbs and now Thomas “The Verminator” Vera Lynne at the club, young Armand looks like he wont see the LB position his own for the entire duration of his career. Especially given the ages of Clichy and Gibbs,  Traore could be waiting for the next 10 years. So that leaves the LW position. Yet Wenger doesn’t do out and out wingers. Wenger likes that position to be filled by mobile, attacking, creative midfielders. With Rosicky, AK47, Nasri, Jacky, Merida, Vela, and Walcott all fighting for those positions where does that leave Troare. Plus, lets not forget what happened the last time Wenger tried to turn a decent Full Back into a winger???

I beleive Wenger is putting Traore in the shop window by repeatedly sending him out on loan. The youth academy is set up not only to provide us with our own talent who play the Arsenal way from a young age, but its also designed to make the club a profit.

Arsenal have much talent ranging from the 1st team all the way down towards the under 16’s. Yet the age difference between all the squads is less than 4 years in some positions. They all wont make it. They all cant make the spot their own. So what do we do? We pick the best ones, the cream of the crop and we sell the others on for profit. It’s the perfect business model and its what the system was designed to do.

Troare will have a few seasons on loan to gain experience obviously, but if he cant break his way into the 1st team, he will be sold. He’s in the shop window.

Fromer Arsenal dynamo Matty Flamini has reportedly spoke of his unhappiness at Milan. Flamini was on the bench for long spells last season and when was called upon, spent much of his time playing FB. He doesnt want to be in the same situation this season.  He’s on record as saying:

“I don’t want to play as a full-back, I am a midfielder. This year Milan will be strong in defence.”

We all know that Flamini misses us, and we miss Flamini. So maybe, just maybe, there’s a huge opportunity here for us to take him back.

Our very own chocolate-legged Boy Wonder has finally spoken about his decision to stay with Arsenal after a long and much protracted contract saga. According to some sections of the media, Robin turned down the chance to join clubs such as Juventus, Inter Milan, Chelsea and Man Shitty City. Turning down offers well over 100k a week to stay with us. Robin talked about his decision to stay with us and turn down the chance of more money.

“I made a list. I wrote on one side what I had. And I wrote down what was lacking. At Arsenal, Arsene Wenger values my contribution to the team, my fellow players show the same appreciation and everyone who works in the club is wonderful and so warm to me. Apart from all that I have a great connection with the supporters. I find it fascinating how they show their love for me as a player. My heart says that I cannot play in the shirt of another club for the next four years. Money has never been an issue in my career. When I signed my first contract at Arsenal, I was not on big money at all. Now the club have shown their appreciation. But it is not the money-side why I signed a new deal. All I want to feel is a bit of respect and a good relationship with everyone at the club. And that’s what I have here.”

Well played Robin. There is no doubt you are talented and you still have a long way to go , but I for one will support you in the hope you achieve your dream of the best player in the world. In a day in age where football is all about the money and loyalty is hard to come by, you have proved to me that you are Arsenal through and through. Unlike your dozy, lazy, greedy ,big mouth, whore, strike partner.

Have a good day Ave’s and Avette’s. Fingers crossed for some important announcements.

Since you’ve been Gone…………

July 9, 2009

I am going on from Kelsey’s post – It’s Now or Never, and forgive me for the repeating of the goals for and against

I have been thinking a lot about our season just gone. The boss has said we have scored as many as the clubs around us, but the defence, and the fact that we have conceded more goals is our real problem.

It has been clear for us all to see that we have let in the odd goal or ten after woeful defending, but equally we have missed so very many ‘simple’ chances to score.

2008/2009 Season

Goals scored
We scored 68 goals
Manure scored 68 goals
Dippers 77 goals
The Russians 68 goals

So yes Arsene you are right, we did in fact score as many as the other teams in the top four, apart from the Stevie Me Me Me clan!

Goals conceded
We conceded 37
Manure 24
Dippers 27
Russians 24

Again Arsene, you are right, we did concede more than those around us, but I say let’s look a bit further into this, and compare Arsenal against Arsenal, and not against the other sides, as they don’t really interest me any more than they interest you! I have looked at the seasons we won the Premier League under Arsene Wenger.

1997/98 – pre Henry

Scored 68 goals
Conceded 33 goals


Scored 79 goals
Conceded 36 goals


Scored 73 goals
Conceded 26 goals

1997/1998 season we scored the same amount of goals as last season and conceded only four fewer.

2001/2002 season we scored 12 more goals that the season we have just finished, but we conceded pretty much the same.

2003/2004 season we scored only five more that last season, but we did concede eleven less.

Henry scored 30 goals
Freddie – 4
Reyes – 2
Gilberto – 4
Dennis – 4
Kanu – 1

(from wiki)

And Sir Bobby scored 14 goals which has blow my figures all over the place. See stats are just no good sometimes 🙂

I know I have picked the one season we all loved, The Invincible season, but this is for a valid reason.

I think it shows we lack a quality centre forward, and a 15-20 goal contribution from midfield – Freddie and Bobby spring to mind.
We don’t have a player who can score the quantity of goals that Henry. If we could get that kind quality striker it won’t matter if we concede a few more goals than other clubs because then we will score more than them. We also know that if we are attacking and scoring, the opposition won’t be, so the goals conceded will naturally decrease.

Last season all the other teams around found it hard to score, and if you look back over the years Manure float around 75-80 GPS – and that is how many we should be scoring too.

I still don’t have faith in any of our forwards – l I hope is that Arshavin plays in his proper position to bolster the front line, and just maybe Ade will go and the boss gets someone who can get us 25-30 goals a season. For me the most threatening strikers are Arshavin and Eduardo, but they are both 2’6” tall so if Ade goes we need another 6’ plus striker. I know most of you have a lot of faith in Nik, well time will tell – but I personally don’t think he offers much more than Ade does and if the latter could stay onside, and stay in the middle every now and again, you just never know how many goals he could get this coming season.

The defence – we have added a quality player in that department and hopefully things will be more organized, but if anyone goes like Kolo, Silvestre or Senderos, then we should be buying one more player in that area.

So Thierry Henry, it seems that we don’t score so many goals anymore – and it’s only ‘Since you’ve been gone’

Its Now or Never………….

July 8, 2009


Speculation is rife at the moment as to who maybe leaving as well if any additions are needed to our squad. There are countless rumours doing the rounds, but without actually berating our current players (for a moment)  let’s look back at the final table for last season.

Interestingly, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United all scored exactly the same amount of goals, that is 68, but when one looks at the goals conceded it is a completely different story.

Manchester United and Chelsea both conceded 24 goals, Liverpool 27 and Arsenal 37. So that in itself shows where the real problem lies.

One can argue that we must have had the worst season for injuries for many a year and at some stage at the latter part of the season, our entire first choice back four were missing.

All teams that aim to win the league, must first and foremost have a dogged defence with a physical presence, which I feel is one of the most important foundations that is missing. It has been apparent now for a couple of seasons and hopefully Mr.Wenger will address this problem, otherwise the top four could well become the top three.

Our Manager gets things right more often than not, but with the unrealistic transfer figures being met by clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester City, it is harder now than perhaps 6 years ago to find the right player at a price that equates to our funds available and a player who really wants to play for The Arsenal at the going rate. I don’t envy our manager, but nevertheless lessons have to be learnt from last season, that our squad in not big enough and some of the youth players are being paid extortionate amounts based on a gamble that they will become regulars in the next three years or so.

We have to act now, hopefully RVP is extending his contract this week and that both Eduardo and even Rosicky make at least a reasonable contribution to the coming season.

Remember the players are not a year older when this season starts, just a couple of months at the very most.

I still believe that overall we did better than I thought we would do at around the turn of the year, but I truly believe this coming season is the most defining one for Arsene in his tenure at the club.

Karim Benzema? Pah! Arsenal already have a striker who next season won’t stop ‘till he gets enough.

July 6, 2009

By Irishgooner.

I’ll be honest – I never thought Arsenal would sign Karim Benzema but when I heard the rumours I wanted to believe them.

Benzema is a name everyone will hear about for years to come regardless of him starting out in Ligue 1 – so too did Zinedine Zidane.

Anyway, I digress, he not signing for Arsenal is like a bullet through my heart so I resort to my default mode for anyone who doesn’t sign for the most wonderful of clubs – “He’s not good enough anyway”, so he can just beat it.

Regardless of whether Arsene Wenger sells or keeps Emmanuel “Beyonce” Adebayor, Arsenal don’t need a new striker. The attacking threat of Arsenal is perhaps the best of any in the English league – should they all remain fit.

Remember the time we had Henry, Pires, Ljungberg, Wiltord and co. barrelling down on goal? Next season can just be as good.

What other team can boast the options of Cesc Fabregas, Tomas Rosicky, Samir Nasri, Robin van Persie, Theo Walcott, Eduardo, Carlos Vela and, for the time being, Emmanuel Adebayor?

I didn’t even list the stranger from Moscow, Andrey Arshavin.

However, none of them next season will be Arsenal’s top scorer – not through injury, or bad fate, or Arsenal been rubbish – no, simply they will be outshone by one man.

Nicklas Bendtner!

You are not alone in thinking I have lost it. Bendtner is one of those marmite players who you either love or hate – however it isn’t that black or white.

At the start of last season, Bendtner started out as fourth choice for the club, not even knowing whether he had a career in North London. His performances reflected this – they were inconsistent and at times he was lazy.

Then there was a change – Adebayor angered the fans and then he got injured. Around the same time it seemed Bendtner had a long, hard look at the man in the mirror. He knew and admitted that he wasn’t good enough. With Adebayor out he took his chance.

Pulling his socks up Bendtner gave it his all on the field – chasing down lost causes, something Adebayor didn’t.

He stayed onside – something Adebayor didn’t.

He found himself in great positions in and around the box – something Adebayor didn’t.

The one thing he didn’t do too often was find that finishing ball – the goal. But they are in him, his finishes against Dynamo Kiev, West Brom and Bolton can’t be learned.

The one against Dynamo showed off his control (that is often lacking), West Brom showed his heading abilities while against Bolton at the Emirates he showed his heart to get in at the back post at a time when Arsenal couldn’t buy a goal.

What Bendtner needs is a cool head, not to panic when things aren’t going right. He needs Eduardo da Silva to be beside him – the Crozilian oozes patience and coolness that’ll rub off on those around him.

Mark my words, coming into World Cup year, Nicklas Bendtner will want to prove himself for a high flying Denmark. He will be dangerous next season.

It may sound off the wall but Arsenal’s pink boot wearing forward could be the second highest scorer in next season’s EPL when you take into account the talent he has giving him service and indeed the talent he himself possesses.

Do We Really Need Another Midfield Player?

July 4, 2009

I wouldn’t say no if another joined the ranks but do our Premiership hopes really depend on the arrival of a defensive midfielder. The question that springs to my mind is when will he play?

Ninety per cent of teams that come to the Emirates park the proverbial bus and only venture into our half when a break is on; so, it seems to me that a team geared to breaking down a defence using fast interplay is more effective than the addition of a more defensive player.

If we are playing Fulham at home what better midfield could we wish for other than Rosicky, Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin. The task in hand that day, like so many others, would be to find a way past the crowd of bodies gathered around the eighteen yard line, a job that this midfield combination was born for, so where, and more importantly, why would you put a DM in there?

If we look at it another way there seems to be little point in buying a DM unless he is an established, high profile name and if that were the case he would inevitably expect to get first team football every week and this, using the example above, would be more of a hindrance than a help.

There will of course be those games when we will need a bit more steel, someone to shield the defence, but what makes this requirement difficult to fulfil is that this player will have to be prepared to sit on the bench for the long periods only stepping in for this kind of game or when there is an injury.

So we need a couple or three versatile players that can come in when needed but are also prepared to wait on the bench….and with that job requirement in mind Denilson, Song and even Diaby seem absolutely perfect.

When writing this, it struck me just how awesome the midfield combination of Rosicky, Fabregas, Nasri, Arshavin, really is. The more I look at it the more I convince myself that I don’t think I have ever seen a more skilful Arsenal midfield.