Hey Big Spender!!!!!

After last season one would of thought that the Real Madrid faithful would of had nothing to smile about..with an ageing team, a president that is willing to financially cripple them and a main rival in Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, who are at the minute looking rather indestructable with or without new signings…. any Real Madrid fan could be forgiven if he wanted to hold his head in his hands and cry…..

I turned Sky Sports news on last night  and what do I see??? 50,000 Real madrid fans screaming,  shouting and dancing like all their dreams had come true…. 50,000!!!!!!!

Why??? Kaka….that’s why….Real Madrid have gone out and bought one of the hottest properties in world football and the fans despair has turned to jubilation….they haven’t won anything…they still might not…but it shows ambition and intent and the fans have reacted to it….

The atmosphere now in Madrid will be alot different to what it was a few weeks ago….Real’s fans will be confident…the players will also be on  a high, who doesn’t want to turn up for training and find Kaka is training alongside you??? There will be a whole new buzz about the place and last season will be forgotten….they will be up for it next season…players and fans….all because of one man!!!

Now cast your minds back to last summer, Gooners……we had nothing like this….O.K. I know we signed Samir, but that deal wasn’t on a mega scale, Samir wasn’t exactly a superstar, although I hope he becomes one, but it wasn’t anything to smile about after losing key players like Hleb and Flamini….I knew for one that we had come off worse in our summer tug of war with other clubs and confidence wasn’t really at a high with me…I knew we’d struggle…I bet I wasn’t the only one….and struggle we did…

With key players leaving and no real replacements coming in, I bet it wasn’t only the fans that were abit miffed at proceedings….I can just imagine Cescs face when the gaffer told him his best pals were leaving, not only his pals but 2 of the clubs best players….only to be replaced by kids…

Bottom line is we struggled and Wenger admitted we struggled when he said he underestimated what the summer did to us….

That’s two different teams, with two different summers, at two ends of the spectrum, with two different outcomes….

Now don’t get me wrong…I aren’t that foolish to think we could afford a Kaka…and I have nothing against our new signing of Thomas Vermaelen, I hope he becomes a wonderful player for us…but I think we need more…

Do you remember the buzz around the club when we signed Bergkamp?? What about Overmars and Campbell??? Even more recently AK47???

These signings were all players who were regarded in the ‘Europe’s hottest’ category….I love the days when we announce that we have signed such a player…I love the press conference and I love it when the player is stood holding his Arsenal shirt aloft and proud….it fills me with confidence going into a new season…and I’m sure it has the same impact on the players too….

The signing of Ak47 last season proved to be a masterstroke….the player himself showed his class….the fans and the players reacted and we fought our way back into 4th…

After Londons terrific, upbeat post on here a few days ago about the possibility of signing Benzema…I’ve noticed nothing but positive blogging…the excitement of such a player…regarded as one of Europe’s ‘hottest properties’ has got us all believing and drooling with anticipation…Imagine if we signed him??? Imagine the confidence that will be flowing through the club next season…the impact would be positive….

Mr Wenger, please….I’m not asking you to bankrupt the club….but there is a chance we can get such a player…please close the deal….money may be tight and it maybe a stumbling block but I’m sure we can do it….

Have a good day ,Ave’s and Avettes…today just may be the day we are signing and dancing…just like the Madrid fans…


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  1. JonJon says:

    Sorry guys…i will finish the trilogy one day…its a delayed trilogy…abit like star wars.. 🙂

  2. Irishgunner says:

    Interesting post Jon Jon.

    Also with Madrid they make such a big deal when players arrive, bringing in fans and cheering on the new superstar.

    On the other hand, Arsenal bring in our first ready made superstar in an age in Arshavin and he is virtually taken in the back door.

  3. Irishgunner says:

    I saw the Benzema to Man Utd thing Peaches – he’s over-rated anyway 😉

    Just on music..

    Last night Smooth Criminal came on the radio and I was singing along. Next thing my sister pipes up “oh, those are the lyrics”.

    I replied “yeah why, what did you think they were?”

    She said “Eddie, are you wall cake”

    What in the name of god is “wall cake?”

    However, it won’t beat the time I heard my brother sing along to the Sugababes’ “Woman in the red dress” that he thought was “Who left in the Rapist”!!!

  4. peachesgooner says:

    Thats funny Irish 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Morning JonJon – that was a jolly good read. I loved it when you’d see the photos of Arsene and a new signing sitting in the stands……….

    Lets face it we’re just a low-key club struggling to stay in the top four – we just go about our business behind closed doors – not wanting the media attention……….cos they’re always out to knock us 😦

    All said in the voice of Eeyore 😛

  5. London says:

    Great read Jonjon

    Thanks for the complement.

  6. JonJon says:

    thats a good point irish

    he did come through the back door….i think that was mainly to do with the fact we signed him after deadline day and the club wanted minimum attention as possible…

  7. Irishgunner says:

    Suppose it wouldn’t be really “Arsenal” to make such a massive fuss either, its not really an English thing either to be honest.

  8. Irishgunner says:

    Lauren has been released by Pompey

  9. JonJon says:

    i dont really want the Madrid type of fuss irish…

    i guess i was trying to say the big signings have a big impact….

    take AK47 for example…

    he came in on the quiet but still had a massive impact on the team and the club as a whole….

    a big signing always makes you feel better…whether you turn up in your thousands to greet them or whether you watch him hold his shirt aloft on TV in the middle of an enpty stadium…

    its all about the buzz…i miss it

  10. kelsey says:

    Morning JonJon and all.

    nice piece,you certainly get about.Was your favorite sport Hop,Step and Jump 😉

    Just read with all the euphoria about Kaka signing for RM, first week shirt sales where 2200.Not exactly the return Perez said they would get.

  11. JonJon says:

    Nah kelsey…

    i preferred kiss catch.. 😳

  12. Irishgunner says:

    Kelsey – I think those shirts were sold without any number on the back. He took 9 though didn’t he although Madrid wanted him in 5.

  13. JonJon says:

    i dont think the shirt sales will recoup all that money kelsey… add his wages on top of that and i dont think the shirtsales will go very far…

    they need the silverware now to justify that sort of money

  14. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    Those were the days jonjon, when Bergkamp broke the british transfer record..

    Arsenal would probably have introduced Arshavin to the crowd at the emirates, but we didn’t have a home game for weeks..

    Irish.. Kaka took Steve Mcmanamanmanaman’s no8…

  15. Irishgunner says:

    Morning Avenell,

    Number 8 seems an odd choice, suppose it doesn’t suit him to have number 9 cos he isn’t a striker.

    What is Ronaldo taking then, number 9 cos Raul has 7 doesn’t he?

  16. JonJon says:


    do you remember when we signed wrighty???

    he was one of the hottest strikers at the time and when i found out we got him from palace i was over the moon

    i knew he’d be a legend….

  17. avenell says:

    Hello Irish.. I don’t know if it has been decided on Ronnie yet.. when is he announced?

    Just had a look on the RM web.. there are a few players without no’s.. Diarra.. mmmm


  18. avenell says:

    Hi Jonjon.. yeah wrighty.. he reckons he just signed the contract.. he forgot to ask how much he was going to be paid.. lol

  19. Irishgunner says:

    Ronaldo’s signing has been completed but he hasn’t been announced like Kaka was.

    Diarra would be good but would he be off to the ACN in january?

  20. Evo in Oz says:

    benzema would be good i must say!

  21. JonJon says:

    could you imagine a 4231 evo with benzema as the one and AK47 rosicky and rvp behind him…. pardon the expression but fuck me!!!!

  22. Irishgunner says:

    What is thing story about Gallas going to Inter?

    Mourinho is there, they are hardly buddies.

  23. Evo in Oz says:

    that would be awesome to say the least!

  24. avenell says:

    Hi Evo.. 🙂

    Yeah we would lose him Irish I suppose, but we could unload two of our four players who would go out there…

  25. Irishgunner says:

    Benzema to Real Madrid apparently coming from Spain – any info Kelsey?

    Least its not the Mancs

  26. JonJon says:

    benny to madrid

    so that means villa to us?? 😉

  27. Rasputin says:

    Hi Radiators,

    Good post JonJon – The minute you walked in the joint
    I could see you were a man of distinction…..

    I wonder how many shirts Benzeeeeema would sell – I’m sure he’d go up in value after a couple of seasons with us.

    Fancy Pompei letting Lauren, Kanu and Campbels contracts expire – they hve to be favourites to go down next season.

  28. Irishgunner says:

    Villa and David Silva 😉

  29. JonJon says:

    hi rasp

    campbells contract expired??? i say lets have him back for a year…gotta be better than fishhead

    yeah irish silva too… 😉

  30. Rasputin says:

    Melo only signed a 1 year extension to his contract to pump uphis transfer value and so may still be a possibility?

  31. JonJon says:

    or maybe to up his minimum fee release clause rasp??

  32. Rasputin says:

    I’d prefer Veloso or Cana any way….. they are not as similar to Denilson..

  33. JonJon says:


    thats put that move to inter dead then…so whos going…kolo??? or are we keeping them both??

  34. JonJon says:

    still veloso for me rasp…dont like cana…

  35. Irishgunner says:

    Gallas would never have gone to Inter while Mourinho was there. He’d only accuse him of trying to score OGs again.

  36. JonJon says:

    i know irish i couldnt see that one happening anyway….i expected it to be down talked

  37. avenell says:

    Talk about fickle.. 2 years ago Gallas moans like hell about winning things and youngsters.. A year ago he is made captain and he still moans..
    Drop him as captain he is as happy as Larry.. lol and we still haven’t won Jack..

  38. JonJon says:

    hahahaha ave….

    so it isnt just the fans then??? 😉

  39. Irishgunner says:

    Why’s Cana now worth £15mil? 😯

  40. Rasputin says:

    Cana is definitely the kind of player that could assume cult status if he joined. What a shame Ronaldo wouldn’t be around so Cana could leave his calling card with him 👿

  41. avenell says:

    You can be the big I am at 29 to 30.. but when you reach 32 the career options are getting less. best keep the old gob shut.. 🙂

  42. avenell says:

    Raspno.. there’s always the champions league final..

  43. Irishgunner says:

    Evra is still around though….

    And Bentley….

    And Cashley…..

    And Martin Taylor will be back, we owe him one….

    Drogba of course…..

  44. Rasputin says:

    There is a certain player for Birmingham that cost us the league last year as well…………..

  45. Irishgunner says:

    Steven Gerrard ….

    Lucas Leiva – just for been crap ….

    Nani ….


    John Terry….

    Kevin Davies ….

    Most of the Bolton team ….

    Phil Brown …..

    I see plenty of players for Cana to leave his calling card on – lets buy him 😉

  46. Rasputin says:

    And Alonso possibly – one of the dirtiest players never to get that reputation……..

  47. Rasputin says:

    He makes Vinny Jones look like Bonny Langford 😆

  48. Irishgunner says:

    Alex McLeish …..

    Stephen Kelly for his comments on Eduardo….

    Fat Sam ….

  49. rico01 says:

    Afternoon all – not good news then, Madrid have all but signed Benzy Boy 😦

    Off to read the post and catch up 😉

  50. Irishgunner says:

    Andy Gray ….

    Jamie Redknapp ….

    Old Red Nose ….

    He can clatter them all and of course Arsene won’t see it so Cana won’t get fined by the club 😀

  51. kelsey says:



    Bonnie Langford 😉 do me a favour.

  52. JonJon says:

    when you put it like that irish

    dont forget howard webb mike riley andy gray… 😉

  53. Rasputin says:

    His nickname is “le destructeur”

    Sorry kelsey – I din’t know you still had the hots for Bonnie 😛

  54. JonJon says:

    ahhh beat me to it 😉

  55. Irishgunner says:

    I like the Silvestre to Bordeaux rumours that are arising though.

  56. Rasputin says:

    We’ll have to prepare a hitlist in order of priority for him and send it to his facebook page in the form of a petition – obviously Cashley at the top – eh JonJon

  57. Irishgunner says:

    How could I forget Ferguson’s boyfriends Webb and Riley 😯

  58. Irishgunner says:

    Rasp – No, Cashley near the end. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Let Cana maim the rest and then when we play the Chavs he gives him an icy glare for the full 90 mins as Cashley pees his pants at the thought, then 93rd minute – POW!!

    Also hope we get Newcastle in one of the cups, some of them players need sorting.

  59. JonJon says:

    I’d rather have a Willie than a C***! I’d rather have a Willie than a C***! I’d rather have a Willie I’d rather have a Willie I’d rather have a Willie than a C***!

    does that answer you rasp 😉

  60. Irishgunner says:

    This one for John Terry??

  61. London says:

    I don’t buy this Benzema to Madrid story; it smells like a negotiating ploy to reduce David Villa’s wages.
    It’s funny that when it comes to buying foreigners Madrid spare no expense but when it comes to their own they turn into Arsenal…Rayes backs this up.

  62. Rasputin says:

    I get the message JonJon 😛 – and it looks like we’re going to have a Willy next season

    Didn’t Diaby already do something similar to that to John Terry Irish?

  63. Rasputin says:

    What a complete tosser Bischoff is if this is true as reported on SSN

    “Amaury Bischoff has revealed he left Arsenal because manager Arsene Wenger could not guarantee him first-team football.”

    He could learn a thing or two from Gibbs……

  64. Irishgunner says:

  65. Rasputin says:


  66. Irishgunner says:

    Remember Bischoff went off training with Portugal when AW wanted him in the squad for a cup game, so its hard to know what he expected.

  67. Rasputin says:

    Haha Irish – you’re just too quick for me……..

  68. Irishgunner says:

    Ha ha – that was right in the kisser

  69. Irishgunner says:

    Who needs Cana when you have Eboue?

  70. London says:

    I bought the financial Times this morning and there was something on the front page that made me laugh. This is the on line version, it doesn’t quite have the same impact but you get the drift and remember this is today.


  71. Irishgunner says:

    😆 I just read the headline London ha ha ha ha

  72. Irishgunner says:

    Ramsey has signed a new “long-term” deal.

    He’s only here a year that was quick.

  73. rico01 says:

    Nice one JonJon

    Looks like it wont be Benny and his Jet then 😦

    Caught this one on NN

    Werder Bremen coach Thomas Schaaf has tipped centreback Naldo to join Premier League big boys Arsenal. The 26-year-old Brazilian international moved to the Bundesliga in 2005 having made his initial steps as a professional with Juventude but has since gone on to earn the nickname ‘the beast’ for his imposing 6ft 5inch frame.

    Known for his cannon-ball free-kicks and solidity at the back interest has risen across Europe following his role in the German side’s impressive run to the UEFA Cup final. Naldo even got on the scoresheet in the showpiece final but couldn’t prevent Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk taking the title.

    Speaking to a club insider, coach Schaaf tipped Naldo to reach the top:

    “Naldo is a great athlete and could do well at the right club, unfortunately he doesn’t fit the direction we’re planning to move in any longer.

    “We expect to move him for somewhere in the region of €10 million, and English side Arsenal is as of now the most likely destination.”

    Arsenal have already signed Belgian international Thomas Vermaelen as they look to boost their defensive options, but with clouds hanging over the future of Kolo Toure, William Gallas, Mikael Silvestre and Philippe Senderos it appears Arsene Wenger could once again dip into the market for a centre-half.

  74. rico01 says:

    Kind of makes me laugh really, he isn’t good enough for them, so why on earth does he think he is good enough for Arsenal …..

  75. rico01 says:

    All quiet so I am off – catch you later

  76. JonJon says:

    lyon have accepted a 30mil offer from madrid for benny…. 😦

    quick arsene if we sell ade now we can nip in a nab him… 😉

  77. rico01 says:

    Hi JJ – I love your post, I feel deprived having not seen us buy a big name for a long time 😦

    Never had you down as a Shirl fan though 😉

  78. JonJon says:

    hahaha rico you’d be suprised what i like im really diverse in my love fo music…

    thats exactly the point of the post though rico….the youth policy is nice and the bargain hunting is all good but one star player every now and then wont hurt….

    it will give the club a huge boost….on and of the field….

    i was well happy when we got AA….not only was it a super buy but it showed intent that we werent giving the league up without a fight….

    we dont have to buy a kaka or a ronaldo…but another AA would be nice…. ;

    i would have nothing but confidence about next season if we did…

  79. rico01 says:

    JJ – spot-on 😛

    And – I still think we will get one player that will give us all a big lift 😉

    Do I dare admit I was and always will be a huge fane of the Nolans, seen them live many many times 😉

    If we get ‘that’ player, I will definately be in the mood for dancing 😛

  80. London says:

    Well, I said he would cost 30 mil and I did say that he wouldn’t go to manu…rats…rats…rats. This is weird, I was convinced that David Villa was going to Madrid, surely they are not going to buy them both? No I don’t accept this, something is wrong.

  81. rico01 says:

    Supper time, catch you shortly

  82. JonJon says:

    theres nothing wrong with the nolans….i still get up and dance to that tune.. 😉

    london…benny seems a clever boy….he wants to guarantee his world cup place with 1st team footy…..

    are real his best option????

  83. JonJon says:

    hahaha nobody wants owen… oh dear…

  84. rico01 says:

    JJ – they are tour again this year, but nowhere near me 😦

    London – Villa doesnt want to move, and RM will be bankrupt ‘real’ soon 😉

  85. JonJon says:

    of real dont win anything next year they will be in real trouble….

    so what about sneijder then aves and avettes???? or huntelaar….

    theres gotta be room at real now for wenger to weave some magic….

    or is that what hes waiting for…until real complete the rebuild and have a firesale and wenger says i’ll have him and him for 2 mil??? 😉

  86. JonJon says:

    avenell i think ive found him… 🙂

    are you there??? what do you reckon???

  87. avenell says:

    Nah .. his IP address is manchester.. don’t sound like him..

    and he wouldn’t hang around with tossers who have never been to a footie match..

  88. rico01 says:

    I am exhausted – see you tomorrow all, when player no2 gets signed 😉

  89. JonJon says:

    true ave….maybe im wrong but it was the humour that swayed me…

    still i like him though

    seeya rico…. fingers crossed

  90. avenell says:

    I see Pennant proved Sir Arsene wrong.. out of contract.. haha..
    Now why don’t you drop Freddie and put me in the team.. lol

  91. Evo in Oz says:

    morning/evening all

  92. JonJon says:

    morning all

    so real have benny…. 😦

    oh well we still got ade….

    ave…i always got a good vibe from pennant…i saw in him what arsene seen in him when bought at a young age….

    and i thought he would do well…shame about his attitude….

    if he would have been a good boy and stuck to his kerfews and not crashed other peoples cars and not had a big head he could have done well for us…

  93. peachesgooner says:

    Morning all

    No Benny then……. 😦 😦 😦

    Who’s up next…..

  94. Rasputin says:

    Morning Risottos,

    A question to ponder…… When Diarra left he said that Arsene never spoke to him when he was at the club. I’ve read before that players have claimed that he ‘blanked them’ and now this……

    The Guardian says that ‘A rift appears to be developing between Arsène Wenger and Emmanuel Adebayor after Stephane Courbis, the striker’s agent, revealed a lack of communication regarding the 25-year-old’s future at the Emirates.’

    It is, however, something of a peculiar story, hinging on a entirely subjective interpretation of the following remark from Courbis:

    “You will have to ask Mr Wenger if there has been an offer from Milan, or any other clubs, to Arsenal because I have heard nothing about any contact or any offer that has been made, so I don’t know what the situation is. Speak to Mr Wenger.”

    Is Arsene a great communicator?

  95. JonJon says:


    thats interesting and thought provoking…

    i think wenger is a great communicator until you piss him off….he’s stubborn and likes it his way….

    i could see why diarra pissed him off so i could see why wenger didnt talk to him…

    i can see why ade’s pissed him off so ditto….

  96. rico01 says:

    Morning all

    Rasp – does Ade speak French ?? 😉

    The Naldo rumours are picking up a bit, but that could just be the old chinese whispers…

    And Gallas says he will leave on a free next year if he is not allowed to leave now – Jose wants him for 5M, deal or no deal ???

    Deal 😛

  97. JonJon says:

    oh sorry morning peaches….

    i dunno now….

    there aint any other strikers i can think of…

    unless we sign huntelaar in the madrid firesale…

    personally…id sell ade and just push AA uptop….and use the money to buy a shit hot CM and winger….

  98. JonJon says:

    morning rico….

    no deal….and i doubt gallas will play for jose again anyway…

  99. Rasputin says:

    Morning rico, JonJon, peaches……..

    Surely the time to talk to someone IS when they piss you off. Sulking / being stubborn doesn’t cure rifts or solvce problems. Again, I reckon DD would have been the ‘touchy feely’ one of the partnership when he was working with AW.

  100. JonJon says:

    you are most likely right rasp….

  101. JonJon says:

    unless you dont talkk to them because you plan to sell thenm 😉

  102. rico01 says:

    Morning peaches, JJ and Rasp and anyone else who knows me 😆

    But I would rather see the club get 5M now than another walk away for nothing next season – BUT only if that 5M is used to fund a big strapping strong tower house of a defender 😉

  103. rico01 says:

    Got to pop out for a bit 😉

  104. JonJon says:

    i totally agree rico but i dont see how we can replace a defender like gallas for 5mil….

    i think its better to keep him one more season…let him go on a free…he’ll be 32 anyway….

    let TV have a year to settle then we have a ready made replacement hopefully…

  105. peachesgooner says:

    Morning everyone who’s said good morning to me since the last time I said good morning 🙂

    Oooooh ooooooh oooooooh did someone mention that Sol Campbell swooooooooooon is available on a free – I might have to start a campaign to bring him back – can’t we just give him Gallas’ £5m 😛

  106. JonJon says:

    hahaha peaches im with you on that campaign…hes gotta have more left in him than fisheads got…

  107. peachesgooner says:

    ……now I’m all excited…… 😀

  108. JonJon says:

    and you just cant hide it.. 😉

  109. peachesgooner says:


  110. Irishgunner says:

    Morning all,

    Benzema – pah!!

    On Arsene, I would be tending to agree with Jon Jon. He tends to get rid of people that annoy him. Like Hleb probably banged on his door for two years to leave and he finally said “Zat is fine, go to Spain but you will zit on ze bench and everyone will laugh at you ha ha ha” while twirling his mustache.

  111. London says:

    Morning All

    Rico, Adebayor is more comfortable speaking French than he is speaking English.

  112. London says:

    Nice one Irish

  113. Irishgunner says:

    That’s what goes on in my head London 😉

  114. rico01 says:

    Morning London, Irish

    It was a bit of tongue in cheek about his French London, following Rasp’s comment relating to communication 😉

  115. peachesgooner says:

    I tend to agree about Arsene – that if a player p****s him off he’ll show him the door very quickly.

    Same goes for agents I reckon rasp – thats why Courbis will be whingeing now that he doesn’t know anything about Ades status……

  116. peachesgooner says:

    Hi rico – how are you

  117. Irishgunner says:

    Arsene will agree a deal with the Spuds to sell Adebayor for £40mil to piss him off 😆

  118. peachesgooner says:

    Thats no good Irish that’ll piss all of us off too, can’t bear a happy spud and they think hes fantastic

  119. Rasputin says:

    Hi peaches, Irish, rico, London……

    With SAF, the minute anyone challenges his authority they’re out the door. If AW gets rid when players piss him off, shouldn’t he try to understand the problem as well. I remember banging on last year that it was obvious Hleb and Flam were leaving before the season had ended, yet AW was releasing statements saying that he was confident that no-one was going to leave?

  120. JonJon says:

    i think ades first language is bullshit and lies…

    i can imagine that irish 😆

  121. Irishgunner says:

    We’d have the last laugh Peaches and have £40mil.

    Anyways we don’t need a new striker.

  122. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Was going to be void during the month of July coz of the frustration I have with the football press, but, here I am, again. Arsenal is a drug, I’m convinced.

  123. Irishgunner says:

    Morning (or is it evening to you?) GG9

  124. peachesgooner says:

    Hi gnarley – come and get your fix honey – we don’t mind you using with us 🙂

  125. rico01 says:

    Good thanks peaches, you ??

    Just read my last comment, sounds like a rugby side 😉 😉

    Morning George

    JJ, love Ade’s first language comment 😛

  126. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Hi girls

    Mmmmm, I’m getting this feeling of Beauties & the Beast just now 😛

  127. Rasputin says:

    Hi GG,

    Throw another prawn on the barbie for me 😛

    General point about Ade – it would appear that the major factor in our quest for success next season hinges on whether Ade goes or stays. If he stays, I can’t see it doing anything other than damaging morale, if he goes, hopefully we will use some of the money to get Veloso or Cana.

  128. London says:

    Hi Rasp

    I seems a given that Wenger knew that Hleb and Flamini were leaving but making public statements acknowledging that, why? It wouldn’t have benefited him, the club or the players, in the event that they changed their minds.

  129. Rasputin says:

    Hi London,

    I have always judged AW as a man of very high integrity. I can’t see him releasing a statement that is a ‘lie’. He made some bizarre statements last summer like “I’m taking my chequebook to the Euros”. He was insisting to the press that he wanted to keep Hleb and Flaminin, but was he insisting to the players? If he had a ‘cards on the table’ meeting with them, then it would be sorted and then it is just down to the mechanics of making the transfer. After Hleb and the ‘icecream’ affair, it was obvious he was going and if we’d have kept him that wouldn’t have been good for the squad. He had shown himself to be dishonourable so he should have been shipped out for that alone.

  130. JonJon says:

    howdy GG9….

    rasp…ade has to leave….morale was shagged last year because of him and it wont be any different next season….

    all we had all season was ade this, milan that, beyonce this, the fans that, money this, i aint gettin on no plane that, give me more money this….blah blah blah fuck off you useless lazy lying negative media creative morale sapping donkey…..

  131. London says:

    It seems to me that the success of our season depends less on Adebayor and far more on Eduardo’s fitness. If each opposition’s defence is a metaphorical lock then surely it makes sense to assume that the wider variety of keys we have the greater ease we will have in opening the broad range of locks that we will encounter.

  132. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    A day of rain and power cuts.. 😦

    I have turned the desktop on 4 times only for it to crash, so the laptop had to come out..

    As for Ade I expect mr Wenger OBE has to record the conversation then take it home and slow it down to 33 1/3 before he can understand it..

  133. Irishgunner says:

    Eduardo and Bendtner could be a top strike force.

  134. rico01 says:

    Morning ave – i do a pretty mean take off of Ade 😉

  135. Rasputin says:

    I agree Irish and London, about the strike force – I wouldn’t replace Ade with another striker, we don’t need to!

  136. rico01 says:

    And we have Simpson and Sunu lurking 😉

  137. JonJon says:


  138. Rasputin says:

    Out of those two rico, I think Sunu has the greater potential to make it at the top. Simpson is a good honest player, but I’m not sure he has sufficient ‘quality’ to make it at Arsenal.

  139. Irishgunner says:

    With the players we have(I’ll try and put in 11 this time 😉 )

    —————— Almunia ———————–

    Sagna ——– Gallas —– Vermaelen ——- Clichy

    ———————- Toure —————

    ———– Fabregas—————- Van Persie —–

    ———————- Arshavin ———————-

    ————– Eduardo ———- Bendtner ———

  140. rico01 says:

    But he is physically strong a,d shows great maturity, and is mentally there 😉 😉

  141. rico01 says:

    oh, and has ‘great spirit’ 😉

  142. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Not long to go now, less than a week.

    Evening JonJon, Avenell & London.

    Ade should go, I agree.

  143. London says:


    So we agree that Wenger knew they were going. Where we seem to differ is how it was handled. The word “lie” is too strong. The club naturally wanted to get the best price they could from the sale of Hleb so a statement was released that he was going no where. It is easily forgotten that Wenger does not handle the sale of players so he is under a certain obligation to allow the club to release statements on his behalf for the financial greater good of the club. Hleb is going nowhere. Basic business practice………not a lie. Or to use a cricket term you don’t walk in business.

  144. Rasputin says:

    You like him then rico 🙂

  145. Rasputin says:

    OK London, maybe; so are we currently telling porkies to maximise Ade’s sale value do you think?

  146. London says:


    I have to go out, I will get back to you on the Flamini thing and for the sake of clarification I do believe that we would need another striker if Adebayor left. Eduardo’s fitness it too greater a gamble

  147. JonJon says:

    irish with what we have i would go with


    bacardi—willie–germelene–gael force


    yorkie leg—superman—-rosicknote


    dont look so bad without anymore names but i still want veloso next to cesc…..

    then we mash it up next year

  148. Irishgunner says:

    Is that meeting about Usmanov’s offer on today?

  149. JonJon says:

    hey ave sorry mate didnt see ya there…your up early.. 😉

  150. Irishgunner says:

    Yorkie Leg 😆

    I’d play him and his chocolate leg on the left to be honest

  151. Rasputin says:

    I think it is Irish – I can’t see them going for it. Usamov just wants to gain control of the club one day and this is a tactic in that process.

    JonJon – yorkie leg ?

  152. Rasputin says:

    = AA ?

  153. avenell says:

    Morning/Evening Gnarley..

    Hi Irish.. I would never play RvP left wing again after that performance against chelsea..Nasri would definatly be there, or Arsh and with everyone fit Rosicky..

    I would go..


    Sagna.. Toure.. Vera Lynn.. Clichy..

    Rosicky… Fabregas.. no one is good enough… Nasri.


    No one is good enough (Dudu too small)

  154. Rasputin says:

    yorkie as in dog?

  155. JonJon says:

    yorkie as in chocolate raspno… 😉

    he crap on the left irish..play him where holland play him…

  156. Irishgunner says:

    No RvP in your team at all Avenell? 😯 He won’t like that

  157. Rasputin says:

    Rico, have you seen this 😦

    “RSPCA officers were called after the German Shepherd dogs were found dead in the police vehicle at Nottinghamshire’s force HQ on Tuesday.”

  158. avenell says:

    No I don’t think RvP fits into the system.. No strength, no headers, no link up play and seems to have gone backwards in his ability.. defenders has susssed him out now..

  159. avenell says:

    I had to go widescreen then Raspno.. 🙂

  160. Irishgunner says:

    I like RvP – think he is a top player but never quite can figure out where he should play. Think my team above hints at that.

  161. avenell says:

    We were playing better football last year because RvP wasn’t fit and Hleb was tucked in behind Ade.. I know Hleb couldn’t shoot but the link up play was better allowing others like Ade space..

    RvP is too left footed and selfish which is okay if he knew where the net was.. (about 3 feet lower than he thinks it is)

  162. Rasputin says:

    Sorry ave – that’s why I took it out…. wasn’t footie related any way 😳

  163. avenell says:

    I know I heard it on the news.. not a very nice way to die..

    The dog handler should be sacked.. and with no pay day..

  164. JonJon says:

    thats why i’d put robin where holland do ave…

  165. Rasputin says:

    I think RVP is a ‘luxury player’. His link up play and assists were better at the start of last season. He seems to be best as a No.10. He would never score 4 goals in the same way AA did. He is just coming to the age when you expect consistency from a player, and that’s the one thing he lacks. Maybe Specsavers could fit him with some glasses that make everything 3ft lower than it really is and then he’d score loads 🙂

  166. rico01 says:

    Rasp – I did see that earlier, it’s disgraceful, and I hope the idiot of a handler and the Notts force get prosecuted – those poor poor little animals 😥

  167. avenell says:

    In front of Rosicky Jonjon?

    I thought dropping RvP and sacking Theo was a bit controversial, but at least some are semi agreeing with me now.. 🙂

    Both would be great impact subs.. but very expensive ones.. and would they be happy not starting?

  168. Irishgunner says:

    I think Theo would be okay with not starting for now. He seems a decent young guy and should know he needs to work and improve to earn a place.

    RvP – whole different kettle of fish

  169. JonJon says:

    i think robin blows hot and cold….in the right team he could be amazing but try to build a team around him and it doesnt work….

    he can be a vital part of a great team but he isnt a great player….

    he cant play lone striker cos he drops too deep…he cant play LW because hes shit there…and we have a better no.10 in the side already…

    robins role should be to help AA….not the other way round….robin is only the sidekick…he aint batman…or superman for that matter… 😉

  170. JonJon says:

    ave….it his him…check it out…

  171. avenell says:

    No I don’t get it JJ.. It just don’t seem the same style (upper case)and Manchester???

  172. JonJon says:

    oh i get you now….re manchester…durrrr….

    fucking hell my hopes where up then

  173. Irishgunner says:

    I dunno what the commentator is saying but it sounds great 😀

  174. avenell says:

    Exactly Irish .. he was better 3 years ago we have changed kit 3 times since then.. 🙂

  175. avenell says:

    Jj.. that geezer has been on here..

  176. Irishgunner says:

    😆 Avenell, least RvP got to wear the new kits – poor Tomas Rosicky didn’t.

    Anyways I’m off for the day – baby nephew to be looked after.

    Till tomorrow, same time, same channel.

  177. avenell says:

    Cheers irish..

  178. JonJon says:

    i know ave…i get the manchester thing now

  179. JonJon says:

    these news headlines make me laugh….

    villa to sign 7mil quid defender

    villa to tempt 9mil gooner

    villa want 2 mil arsenal star

    villa to lure 4 mil arsenal defender….

    its all about the same sodding player……

  180. rico01 says:

    Afternoon guys, sorry had to dash…

    No new players in then 😦 I take it Villa are after Senderos, lets hope it’s the 9M offer 😉

  181. JonJon says:

    hi rico

    we should tell villa that senderos isnt leaving to join another PL club for less than 8mil….

    then we get some cash and weaken villa in one go… 😉

  182. Franchise says:

    whats up my peeps?

  183. Franchise says:

    worst come to worst my peoples come first

  184. peachesgooner says:

    Hey you Mr Franchise – how’re ya 😉

  185. rico01 says:

    Great idea JJ 😛

    Hi Fran – how you doing

  186. rico01 says:


    Arsenal prodigy Jack Wilshere has signed a long-term deal at the club, as Arsene Wenger looks to tie down some of the club’s brightest prospects.

    A day after announcing Aaron Ramsey had signed a new deal, Wilshere has followed suit and committed to Wenger’s ongoing project at the Emirates.

    Huge things are expected of Wilshere, with some perhaps prematurely labelling him the next Liam Brady.

    The 17-year-old left footer has been tipped by Arsene Wenger as a future Arsenal great, and his faith in the starlet has been rewarded with a long-term contract, warding off any interested parties

  187. Franchise says:

    im good

    enjoying life

    damn i miss the daily buzz of the premiership

  188. Rasputin says:

    Hi Franchise – what nature of bug is your avatar? – I had one very similar on my desk earlier

  189. JonJon says:

    hello franchise

  190. Franchise says:

    Rasputin its a bionic co-co-roach holding a wii numchuck

    hi JJ

  191. peachesgooner says:

    ave – forgot to ask you earlier, did you solve the question about the spring cleaning?

  192. peachesgooner says:

    rasp – you definitely had one of those – its part of the stag beetle family…… 😉

  193. JonJon says:

    i hear you franchise my saturdays arent the same…

    nice to see we are tying all our kiddies down to long term deals….hope we arent using whats left of our transfer kitty though to do it with…..if you know what i mean…

  194. Franchise says:

    on a scale of 1-10 how optimistic are u that we can challenge for the league next season?

    1-3 being very low
    3-6 an errrrrrrr…………
    7 – if we are lucky with injuries then may be
    8-10 very optimistic

  195. Rasputin says:

    Yes please – a left footed, physical midfielder with a shot like a bullet…

    “Miguel Veloso is set to leave Sporting Lisbon this summer despite recent comments made by the midfielder. At least four Premier League clubs are reported to be chasing the £13m man. The versatile star was limited to just 21 League appearances last season (15 starts) and is finally set to leave his homeland after being continually linked with moves abroad in recent seasons.

    The player himself told the Portuguese press, “I want to play and be a champion for Sporting.”However, he left the door open to a move to the Premier League when he said, “I am fine where I am, but I have the dream to play abroad and that is normal in every young player.”

  196. Rasputin says:

    It’s a 7 for me Franchise – unless we sell Ade and buy Dzeko and Veloso/Cana in which case its a 9

  197. JonJon says:



    if we have abit of 7 and we sign at least one new player of international pedigree

  198. JonJon says:

    and may that player be veloso… 😉

    nice one rasp…

  199. kelsey says:

    7 from me.

    just a quick hello,Hi Franchise you bully 😉

    Got an appointment with a man that I don’t want to meet.

  200. Franchise says:

    personally i think if we sell Ade and replace him with some proper talent, sign the much needed DM then we would be in the mix until april/may 2010

    its gonna be a tough season though

    as for now im a 6

    at the end of the window ill probably shift into a 7 or an 8-10 depending on what wenger does in the market place

  201. kelsey says:

    ethan minus 8

  202. Franchise says:

    the truth is Madrid have messed the market for everyone. unless we are ready to splash or normal x > £15m fee would get us players that are just marginally better than what we have.

    that DM is of highest priority IMO denilSong dont fill me with too much confidence

    a lot are expecting much from them next season. im more cautious about that cos players normally struggle after their breakthrough year

    Nani and Anderson spring to mind. They were fantastic in 07/08 season and mostly clueless last year 😕

  203. Rasputin says:

    OK Franchise,

    I agree we’ll only spend up to the £15m bracket, so who would you buy that is available and would want to play for us?

  204. JonJon says:

    oh yes ade has to go….if he goes and we invest that dosh then its a 10 for me guys….

    im feeling it next season…AA’s my man….. 😉

  205. Franchise says:

    * our not or

  206. Franchise says:

    Rasputin to be honest im rolling with the flow

    I like Melo but it is looking unlikely

    my other options are Alou Diarra of Bordeaux or M.Diarra of R.Madrid

    Im not a big Cana fan, I was but not after i watched him against liverpool in the CL, i would take Cana rather than nothing though

  207. London says:

    Interesting question that Franchise……I don’t share the prevailing view of this channel that Adebayor is a handicap. To me he is a potent weapon against certain defences — but not all. What went wrong last season was that he was playing in games that would have better suited Eduardo. The Crozilian is now back so I expect things to change and Adebayor to be used less frequently but more effectively…..I am, of course, going for a 10.

  208. London says:

    Afternoon Rasp

    The Real Madrid summer sale is the place to be; it is going to be a vicious as old ladies elbowing their way around a Saturday morning jumble sale.

  209. rico01 says:

    cough cough London, not all us old ladies behave in such a manner 😉

  210. Rasputin says:

    Hi again London – who would you put in your shopping trolley?

  211. London says:

    Good question lol
    As a fan I view it as being normal to want the club to strengthen the squad during transfer windows or at the very least maintain the same level, that is why if Adebayor were to leave I would definitely want to see a replacement.
    On the midfield, I favour M Diarra from Madrid but that has got more to do with the fact that I have seen him play, but I don’t see the need for a DM as being as critical as it was this time last season. The main complaint about Denilson was that he wasn’t experienced enough to hold our premiership hopes for a whole season — and so it proved but that has changed — he is now a very experienced midfield player and so I am going to try not to carry last years criticisms into the new season. In short, I think we have a squad good enough to win the league but I wouldn’t complain if more players were brought in.

  212. JonJon says:


    i agree with your real madrid jumble sale….

    i think wenger is sitting tight…waiting for everyone to spend their millions and flex their muscles then he’ll creep into real and say to perez you dont need diarra sneijder or huntelaar so i’ll take the lot for 15mil…. 😉

    sells ade to those clueless prats at milan for 25 and makes a 10mil profit…. 😉

  213. JonJon says:

    breaking news on sky sports…

    chelsea sign keeper ross turnbull on free transfer…..


  214. JonJon says:

    Wenger: “This year will be decisive” Writing – Luis Attaque – RMC on 02/07/2009
    Arsène Wenger, who turned down Real Madrid in close season to continue at Arsenal, makes no secret that his young guard is finally going to have to prove its potential this season, under penalty of large maneuvers.
    Arsène, your workforce will it evolve in the off season?
    We will start again with the same players. It has established an anti-Real. It built on a style, a term, just as Barça. There is no special need for reinforcements, it will depend on departures.

    It mentioned in particular that of Adebayor …
    If he did not want to stay, it will start but I think it will be Arsenal again this season. We have a young team, who average 22-23 years of age, starting to be more mature even if it sometimes goes through to the semi-finals of the Champions League this season.

    What’s still missing?
    We lost all our midfield at the beginning of last season with the departures of Hleb and Flamini then Rosicky’s long injury. We needed to recreate a balance. We were knocked out too early in the title race, which was extremely frustrating, but then was almost didn’t lose after the month of November.

    Do you feel extra pressure this season after mixed?
    People always ask more than what you have done before you. But the pressure I put it all alone.

    Have you given much thought before rejecting the proposal of Real Madrid?
    Obviously because I’m at a point in my career where I do not yet cause for ten. I’m at the club for twelve years and I do not want to be too many years. I refused because I have built a young team and I had the impression that they do not go after my work. I do not deny that it will be a decisive year. If it is not interfering in the fight for the title, it will rebuild everything.

    French players they interest you?
    There is one that interested me but he (Karim Benzema) left here yesterday Madrid. I never thought that Lyon would sell this year.

    Have they made a mistake?
    What will Lyonnais in recruitment and especially if they say their results were right. After the loss of Juninho and Benzema will require a major effort. What is surprising is that they did not need money. This decision is probably due to the psychological aspect and the motivation of the player.

    Marouane Chamakh you want it?
    Yes, but only if they leave.

  215. avenell says:

    Eh? Who translated that Jonjon.. ?

  216. JonJon says:

    Wenger : « Cette année sera décisive »La rédaction – Luis Attaque – RMC, le 02/07/2009
    Arsène Wenger, qui a refusé le Real Madrid à l’intersaison pour poursuivre à Arsenal, ne cache pas que sa jeune garde va enfin devoir confirmer son potentiel cette saison, sous peine de grandes manœuvres.
    Arsène, votre effectif va-t-il évoluer à l’intersaison ?
    On va repartir avec les mêmes joueurs. On a établi une politique anti-Real. On construit sur un style, une durée, un peu comme le Barça. On n’a pas spécialement besoin de renforts, cela dépendra des départs.

    On évoque notamment celui d’Adebayor…
    S’il n’a pas envie de rester, il partira mais je pense qu’il sera encore à Arsenal cette saison. On a une équipe jeune, qui a 22-23 ans de moyenne d’âge, qui commence à être plus mûre même si elle passe encore parfois à travers comme en demi-finale de Ligue des Champions cette saison.

    Qu’est-ce qui vous manque encore ?
    On perdu tout notre milieu de terrain en début de saison avec les départs de Hleb et Flamini puis la longue blessure de Rosicki. Il a fallu récréer un équilibre. Nous avons été éliminés trop tôt de la course au titre, ce qui a fait grincer les dents, mais on n’a quasiment plus perdu après le mois de novembre.

    Ressentez-vous un supplément de pression après cette saison en demi-teinte ?
    Les gens demandent toujours plus que ce que tu vous avez fait avant. Mais la pression, je me la mets tout seul.

    Avez-vous beaucoup réfléchi avant de refuser la proposition du Real Madrid ?
    Evidemment parce que je suis à un moment de ma carrière où je ne vais pas encore entraîner pendant dix. Je suis au club depuis douze ans et je n’ai pas envie de faire l’année de trop. J’ai refusé parce que j’ai construit une équipe jeune et j’aurais eu l’impression de ne pas aller au bout de mon travail. Je ne nie pas que ce sera une année décisive. Si on ne se mêle pas à la lutte pour le titre, il faudra tout reconstruire.

    Des joueurs français vous intéressent-ils ?
    Il y a un qui m’intéressait mais il (Karim Benzema) est parti hier çà Madrid. Je n’ai pas fait d’approche parce que je n’aurais jamais pensé que Lyon vendrait cette année.

    Que pensez-vous du prix du transfert ?
    Il y a aujourd’hui deux prix. Il y a un prix quand le Real Madrid achète et il y a le prix du marché. Sur le marché, 35M€ pour Benzema, c’est un très bon prix. Mais est-ce qu’il est trois fois moins bon que Ronaldo ? Je ne pense pas.
    Ont-ils commis une erreur ?
    Ce que les Lyonnais feront au niveau du recrutement et surtout leurs résultats diront s’ils avaient raison. Après la perte de Juninho et Benzema, il faudra un grand effort. Ce qui est étonnant, c’est qu’ils n’avaient pas besoin d’argent. Cette décision est sûrement dû à l’aspect psychologique et à la motivation du joueur.

    Marouane Chamakh vous intéresse-t-il ?
    Oui, mais uniquement en cas de départ.

  217. JonJon says:

    if manure sign owen then the shit has really hit the fan at old trafford…

    theyve sold ronaldo…but they cant afford tevez wages…they sign valancia when theres better targets out there for them that you would of thought 80mil could afford…

    they mis out on benzema…they arent getting ribery and owen might be going on a free….

    whats all that about??? are they skint or what??? 🙂

  218. London says:

    Their not skint, it just high-lights the lack of available talent.

    My translation of the Ade bit is: “If he fancys leaving then he will but I think he will be with us next season.” That hardly reflects a determined effort to keep him. lol

  219. rico01 says:

    May I put a new post up please – I haven’t cut and paste it, but it’s not very good either…….. 😦

  220. JonJon says:

    thankyou london….

    what about the last part where they ask him about chamkakaka-ulrikaakaakaa and he says only if theres departures…

    whats your opinion on that???

  221. JonJon says:

    thats not how you sell yourself rico…

    you should say i have a barnstormer of a post that is all rico made…. and i want it up now or you’ll regret it forever.. 😉

  222. London says:

    LMAO nice one Jonjon

  223. London says:

    Jonjon who did Juninho go to?

  224. JonJon says:

    he moved to qatar i think london….dunno the club but hes out there somewhere…

  225. rico01 says:

    NEW POST PEEPS – and please be nice 😉

  226. London says:

    Marouane Chamakh vous intéresse-t-il ?
    Oui, mais uniquement en cas de départ.

    Does Marouane Chamakh interest you?
    Yes, but only in the case of a departure.

    Usual Wenger, keeping his cards close to his chest.

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