How good are the Arsenal memories?

Fair enough the future is in our hands as they say, or perhaps it is in the Bosses – Wenger, or the board with the kitty of cash to spend?
The best and worst times all roll into one when you are so passionate about something you love so dearly – especially The Arsenal.

Some of the worst times are when your favourite player eventually retires (insert Bergkamp or your own favourite retiree here) or leaves the club, or the fans favourite leaves – Henry, Vieira, Pires, etc.  Other indifferent and supremely frustrating times are the off-season/transfer window times of the year when there is no football to give you the weekly or bi-weekly fix. I think back to all those testing times in previous years during the off-season and the how the speculation always went into overdrive about Vieira going, or Henry perhaps going and the heartache I felt at that time. Does the press, etc. not realise how much pain and anguish the fans feel during these times of uncertainty?

I was so confident the year that Vieira went that he wouldn’t be going – I recall that he was used in the marketing campaign for the new kit for that new upcoming season and I felt a sense of relief that he would stay – yet the rumours of him leaving continued and sure enough, he was off to Juve! Gone, never to play for The Arsenal again!

I had my old cheese purchase me an Inter Milan kit with Vieira on the back on her last European holiday a couple of years ago whilst in Milan, just so I could have my own slice of memorabilia of the great man! I don’t wear it that often, but it helps me to keep fresh the memories of the big fella – born in Senegal and plays for Arsenal – Vieeeeeeeeirrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – woaahh! I love that great fans song by the way, a few mates and I still crank it up in the pub every now and then, just to get the juices flowing.

So, inevitably there is also Henry to speak about – the memory bank here is infinite or overflowing so to speak! I’m sure I and you all could list down all our favourite Henry goals and plays and that would probably fill up the rest of the blogs until the end of the new season…what a wonderful Arsenal legend, long may his goal scoring record stand in the history of the clubs record books!
I might just list down a couple of wee memories of mine, not necessarily the best goals, but certainly some of the most enjoyable and memorable recollections I’ve kept in the back of my brain:-

1. 2-1 win against Valencia in the CL QF 1st leg of the 00-01 season. Henry scores the equalising goal to make it 1-1 after Valencia had gone ahead. Ray Parlour bangs in a wonder strike from what seemed like 25-30 yards out at the time – I just looked it up on you-tube before and it surely was – absolute gold my friends! I was the equal drunkest man in London that night – my best mate – Johno – and I were in a pub in Victoria near where he lived at the time and we must have had about 20 pints each in celebration of winning that game and giving us a reasonable chance to progress.

2. 4-2 win against Wigan in the EPL at the end of the 04-05 season – Henry bags a hat-trick in the last ever game at Highbury. He kisses the hallowed turf after slotting his third goal – the penalty kick to seal the 4-2 win. I was in my local pub back in Melbourne, Australia and that game didn’t kick off until 1am our time from memory? There was around 5-6 other Gooner supporters in this pub who I had never met before, they had also brought with them 2 of their poor Spud mates. We seconded 2 TVs as close to each other as possible and all huddled around to simultaneously watch our game and the Spuds vs. West Ham game. What a rollercoaster night of emotions of football that was?! How polarising is football, it brings together all kinds of people with the same passions! By the time we looked doomed to finish 5th and to also lose to Wigan, no sooner we had come back to win our game 4-2 and Benayoun had slotted the winner for the Hammers with only 10 minutes to spare with the prior penalty save of Paul Robinson’s on Sherringham fresh in the Spuds minds. I was the drunkest man in Australia that night – dancing on tables in my local pub at 4am in the morning with a bunch of blokes that I didn’t even know? Glory days!

3. 1-0 win against Man Yoo at Old Trafford in the EPL at the end of the 01-02 season. I lived in Glasgow at the time and was dating a Scottish bird who unfortunately was a scum supporter along with her brother and dad. We all travelled down on the Man United Glasgow Supporters bus to the game. Wait to you hear the rest of this story! Of course the tickets for the game were in the scum supporters section, so I was heading right into the lion’s den so to speak. So afraid was I that I would make a muppet of myself and get thrown out or killed if we scored a goal or that I jumped up from my seat in excitement – I actually wore a Man United strip in order to blend in and feel safe! In the build up to Wiltord’s goal, I made sure to put my hands firmly under my legs so they were strapped down securely. Bang – the goal went in and across the other side of the ground – the Gooner supporters went mad! I simply bowed my head down and kept my arms firmly secured under my legs. I remember yelling in my mind with glee my face nearly exploded from the joy and excitement! After the brief bowing of the head I somehow managed to fire off a quick few photos of the goal celebration by the team without any of the scum supporters around me catching wind. Supreme Glory Days!

4. 7-0 win against Everton in the 2nd last EPL game of the 04-05 season! Dennis Bergkamp – one of my hero’s and probably one of nearly everyone else’s hero’s – scores a goal himself and plays a part in nearly all of the other 6 goals to show everyone why he was considered to be one of the best modern day maestros of his era. I also watched this game in my local pub in Melbourne and revelled in amazement at the skill, technique, tenacity and sublime prowess of the man to dominate that game and many other games prior. I think everyone thought he would retire, however it was probably the fans at that game showing their appreciation of Dennis and the result that managed to allow us 1 more season after that of his grace on the football pitch!

Well there you go, a trip down memory lane of some modern day memories from a bloke born and bred in Australia, but having also lived in the UK and experienced the best football league in the world, first hand! I felt like delving further down into the memory banks and listing down hundreds of other experiences of where I was or how I felt when The Arsenal were playing, but there are way too many as you would all presume.

I’ll be 35 this year; I’ve probably supported the Gooners since 1999, so only 10 years, but 10 good years and some of our glorious times during that period. I lived in the UK for a few years from that time, but before that in Australia football wasn’t a mainstream thing to follow, we called it soccer  and loved our cricket, swimming and Aussie rules football! I luckily think I was destined to support Arsenal, as my best mate – Johno- his old man has supported the team for nearly 40 years, so I have always known of them and wondered a lot when I was a young bloke why his Dad stayed up late at night back in the 80’s to watch this FA cup thing on ABC TV? He also had the scarves from family trips to England in his closet and sticker books and cards of players he had collected. I always remember seeing the crest and the cannon emblem.

For me, I always want to win and it can become all-consuming when you invest such a lot of energy, passion and time into supporting your team, even if you don’t live in the same town, city, state or country of where they play. You feel on such a downer on Monday when you realise you went through the weekend and your team lost! I know we want to win more trophies at The Arsenal and quickly – I want it just as much as the next true supporter. Yet when I reminisce about all the glorious memories of the past 10 years (and also listen to the older supporters muse over the glory years before), I realise how lucky I have been to have been allowed to support such a great team and share it with a good mate and other supporters in the pub, at the game or online. Trophies are the number 1 aim; however, I personally have had immense joy in locking in key occurrences of our great club into my memory banks forever!

Friends on the fringe of following football or supporting, sometimes ask me – which club do you hate the most, or despise or love beating, etc?

Rivalry and history suggests Tottenham of course – and we have the other 3 big clubs as well. It such a hard one! I often get so immersed and passionate in developing an answer to give at the time of asking, when I think of times such as Van Nistelrooy hitting Lehmann’s crossbar with a penalty take allowing us to secure a 0-0 draw and not lose the game. Keown was a man possessed that day! I was so pumped for the draw and hated Man Yoo and Van Nistelrooy so much that day (and every other day before and after)! John Terry shits me as well and it was glory days in the FA Cup replay in 02-03 when he scored at both ends to contribute to us winning the game 3-1 with only 10 men for the last 30 minutes of the game. Henry was hit by a missile thrown from the crowd which made me hate Chelsea even more!

And finally – Liverpool! One of my longest serving senses of disappointment and rivalry comes from the FA Cup final in the 00-01 season when with only around 10 minutes to go, I was so happy and nervous that we would probably win, yet Michael Owen pops up with 2 goals and steals the trophy from under our noses. I’ll never forgive him for that and I love every time we play Liverpool and beat them from that day since! I just wished we could have held on recently for a 4-3 win with the Arshavin extravaganza! A 4-3 result in that game would have kept its memories in the stratosphere for years to come!

Cheers – Evo In Oz..

( from Avenell) ..I hope this is okay…..sorry but it didn’t paste in very well for some reason ..  thanks Evo!!!!


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  1. avenell says:

    Thanks Evo.. much apreciated.. sorry if there are any cock up’s.. blame me.. off to bed now.. 🙂

  2. Evo in Oz says:

    Nice one Ave, came out pretty much perfectly. I see which word was left out, so no worries on that, still reads nicely.

    Cant wait to hear the feedback!

  3. peachesgooner says:

    Morning roadsters

    Great post Evo – the Vieira song brought tears to my eyes, I also spent the whole of that summer in denial……. 😦

    I also have so many cherished memeories but I think my favourite one is of – also a game against ‘pool, in the 01-02 season (i think). This game was on Good Friday and it came at the end of a week where we’d gone out of the FA Cup and Champs Lge ( to the chavs at home aaarrrggghhh ). I was desperate to be at that game – I needed to be there to support the team after such a traumatic week!!!!! A friend gave me 2 tickets and I took my friends son ( a ‘pool supporter ).

    The noise we made when the teams emerged was amazing – Arsenal Arsenal Arsenal we roared – of course it made me cry – other girls watch weepy fims, I go to football!!!!

    Theirry Henry was carrying an injury and we went in at half-time 2-1 down………the second half was a fabulous fight-back……..Henry scored a hat-trick and we won 4-2 – never in any doubt really 🙂

    I realised that day that I wasn’t alone in the passion I felt for Arsenal – I had lots of friends who were gooners but being part of that team-lifting roar was something I’ll never forget.

    I’m going to spend the day thinking about my team now – actually I have to inspire my boys to shift 5 tons of shingle in this heat…….. 😦

    Hope you all have a lovely day, catch up later 🙂

  4. rico01 says:

    Morning Roadsters

    Evo that’s a great piece, and love some of your memories….

    One game that sticks in my mind is the home match against ‘Boro – I was so confident that we would tear them apart and score a mass of goals..
    Not long into the second half and we were 3-1 down…and at home!!

    Add to that I think Merse was playing against us…

    Thankfully though, calm restored and we stole the game 5-3

    A strange result, a dreadful showing by us, but a result I loved was the FA Cup in 05 – outplayed for 120 minutes, but Paddy secured the penalty shoot….

    And the Everton 7-0 Evo, I remeber that one so well, I was basking in the St Lucian sunshine, it was about 5pm there and I called my mother to find out the result.

    She said ‘7-0 to Arsenal’ –

    I said ‘ No, who scored then Mum?’

    She replied – ‘Everyone’ – I just sat and laughed, full of joy 😛

  5. rico01 says:

    So Ade’s agent has started, he says there has been contact from an important club, but not Milan or Chelsea – Here we go again then 😉

  6. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    That is the longest post on here, I think, but well worth the read. Top stuff evo 🙂

  7. Big Raddy says:

    Great read Evo.

    My most cherished Arsenal memory is from 1969. A 2-2 home draw with Man Utd. George Graham scored a superb scissor kick goal in front of the Clock End. And if my memory serves me well, George Best scored a superb equaliser.

    Oh, and of course, Tony Adams scoring in the sun at THOF v Everton.

  8. Big Raddy says:


    Note the dig about our economy !!

  9. Evo in Oz says:

    gday all,

    thanks for the nice feedback, greatly appreciated. It was so enjoyable to get the bit between the teeth the other day and just start typing it all down. Once you remember one memory, the all start flooding back!

  10. Evo in Oz says:

    whoever Ade goes to as long as we get 25-30 mil, thats all i ask!

  11. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    Evo.. I really enjoyed reading your post.. and I had a sneak preview.. 😉

    I love the way you have such a passion and affinity to something so far away. It seems a football fan falls in love with a club, sometimes for the smallest and bizzare reason, maybe because of a player they admire or they like the colour red and it becomes a lifelong relationship. (I mean generally)

  12. bops says:

    good post bro.. some great memories indeed..

  13. avenell says:

    Morning Bops.. Welcome aboard.. you won’t be held up any more..

  14. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    evo, a day, or night as you would appreciate, that sticks in my mind was the 1979 F A Cup. After coasting threw the 1st half 2-0 man united equalised close to full time. Then Sunderland scored the winner. Pity the 78 & 80 were both losses tho 😉

  15. avenell says:

    I remember the Everton game well.. I went out for a beer with a good mate who is a Spud season ticket holder to watch the footie,, and another spud mate of ours came in that night too as the pub he drinks at was quiet.
    They sat on a sofa facing the TV and I sat side on to it, but It gave me a chance to see there faces every time we scored.
    I’m not sure what I enjoyed the most, the game or there faces squirming.. hehe.
    Then it gave me a chance to explain why we don’t care about them no more as we are in a league above them..

  16. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    ….ofcourse my most favourite memory was ’89. After watching on the tele, we caught the bus to Wood Green, got the tube to Finsbury Park, then waltzed down St Thomas Lane (apt name @ the time) to Highbury to find thousands had the same idea.

  17. Evo in Oz says:

    yep that Everton game was a corker also! i wish we could push one of those results out every now and then, it seems the best we can do is score 4 goals – but concede 1 or more at the same time!

    cant wait for the season to start!

  18. Evo in Oz says:

    it certainly seems like the adebayor thing may now become the catalyst for our remaining transfers.

    I like the fact that Wenger has mentioned he has 1 or 2 targets, so that sounds promising, i guess if we sign 1 or 2 more, the only negative could be is the squad quota remains the same as ade and 1 of toure or gallas go out at the same time?

  19. avenell says:

    Arsene seems pretty confident that no one is leaving.
    if Ade left for nothing, I still feel that that would be benificial to the team and save £15 mill in wages over the next 3 years.

  20. Evo in Oz says:

    my main aim is that we bring players in, but not at the expense of others going, i want the squad to increase in size – and if necessary send some of the fringe guys on loan in compensation of getting a larger squad!

  21. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Happy daze

  22. Evo in Oz says:

    awesome that 250,000 lined the streets to cheer the team !

  23. London says:

    Great post Evo, really enjoyed it, in fact I enjoyed it so much I’m off to read it again. Loved the bit about you wearing a manc shirt. Lol. Later

  24. Evo in Oz says:

    yeah that was super dangerous and i hope to never wear that shitty shirt again, i probably should buy one and burn it to purge the scum from having touched my skin! lol

  25. Evo in Oz says:

    only 7 days till we kick it into july, so hopefully that means from a Wenger perspective the next signing is around the corner?

    I believe we start back training on the 6th ive heard and the Barnet game is the 18th, so time is starting to move quickly which is good!

  26. Evo in Oz says:

    well, bed for me, ill leave you all to it for now and catch you in around 8-9 hours when i wake up for an iced coffee and some toast!

  27. Rasputin says:

    Hi Evo and the ever growing contingent from down under …. a super article that brings you back to what supporting Arsenal is all about.

    Its timely too that Arsene has spoken out and said that of course he hasn’t had £100m to spend otherwise he would have bought more players recently.

  28. Rasputin says:

    Vieira is my favourite Arsenal player ….. the song I liked the best was “When the ball hits the net like a big jumbo jet it’s….Vieirrrraaaa” (I think the tune is Amore)

  29. avenell says:

    I have just remembered a good reason for not living “down under”.. I don’t like snakes.. i have just moved a plastic sack in the garden and there were 2 12″ long adders sunbathing underneath it.. 😦

  30. Rasputin says:

    You’re lucky ave to have such exotic wildlife honouring you with their presence.

    I’ve found great crested newts in my garden and Red Kites, Buzzards, Sparrowhawks, Kestrels, Merlins as well as all species of owls and woodpeckers now reside around my hills. Adders pretty much are harmless although people often mistake grass snakes for adders. If there is a lot of Heathland around you it is ideal for adders. There are probably Viviparous lizards in your area – have you seen any?

  31. avenell says:

    No lizards mate.. We have a Barn Owl and Buzzards in the garden every day..

    As for the adders the friend that I used to go to most Arsenal most games with decided to stroke one that was on a cliff near Great Yarmouth it bit him on the finger and his arm swelled up like a balloon and was in a sling for about a week.. you could see like a poison line going up his arm..
    me I’m allergic to wasp stings mossie bites everything.. 😦

  32. Rasputin says:

    Sounds like you’re living in the wrong place ave – 250 miles from the Emirates 😛

  33. avenell says:

    I have just had that great match day experience for lunch.. I bought some hot dogs last night from the coop and I just BBQ’d them with some onions outside the workshop..
    It was like walking down St Thomas’s Road all over again.. “burp” 🙂

  34. avenell says:

    As we are supposed to be an Arsenal site.. I’ve had a look on newsnow for the latest and..


  35. Rasputin says:

    I said all along that the ‘spitgate’ nonsense was just to deflect attention away from Brown and Hull’s plight. He was also inciting the fans and making gestures not befitting of a manager once his team were behind. I was sitting 20 yards from him and he was acting like a big baby….. I hope he doesn’t get MO – he’s too much of a gent to play for that rabble.

  36. JonJon says:

    what a super post…very heartwarming and it makes you fill with pride….

    i was on holiday at the time we sold vieira…and it was my mate who said he seen the vieira news in the newspaper in the hotel….i thought it was a wind up and i rang home to double check…ive never felt so low on holiday… 😦

    my memories in the eighties are vague, my earliest real memory was when we beat the dippers at anfield in 89….i was only 10 at the time so i didnt really understand what was happening…of corse i knew we’d won and we won the league…but i didnt understand how or why…i just remember my grandad going nuts and doing somersaults….i just copied him… 😉

    the nineties are where it all began for me…good memories and bad…selling rocky in 92’…yet winning two cups in 93…beating wednesday twice with morrow breaking his arm after adams dropped him celebrating…

    europe 94…wrighty was suspended and we were wondering were the goals would come from against a strong parma side…but our old guard held firm and smithy hit a sweet volley to win us it…

    europe 95…that bloody nahim lob…

    im at work so im struggling for time so i’ll chat about my strongest arsenal memories under wenger when i get home…

    thanks for the post evo…

  37. kelsey says:


    What a nice well thought out post, and I purposely didn’t want to hog the forum,as I thought it better to let others have their “favorie moments”

    I am in year 52 since I first saw the Gunners play,and every era had its players and wonderful goals,it is hard for me to have a favorite,although winning the league at Spurs on the final day of the season in 1971 takes some beating and doing the double a few days later was the icing on the cake.

  38. Big Raddy says:


    That’s amazing, I walked to the ground after the whistle in ’89. The atmosphere was electric. One the the best nights of my life. Everyone was a friend, people shared bottles of champagne with strangers, unkown women hugged me, and the noise…. incredible.

    And then the parade. I got there a couple of hours early and got into a building opposite the Town Hall. A great view, and what a day that was. I got home totally shitfaced sometime the next morning.

    Happy, happy days.

    One day I will write a post on my experiences during the game…..

  39. Big Raddy says:

    Oh you guys….

    My first trip to CPH with the mighty Arsenal, sitting by Jonny Jensen as Seaman won us the Cup playing with broken ribs.

    Paris. Tear gas in the stadium just because we wanted to get out. Dreadful French police. And of all people it had to be Nayim.

    ’71. Bunking of school to get to the ground early. Not getting in and listening to the crowd outside the Shithole. Kelsey was in there. Dancing up 7 Sisters Rd after the game .

    The 71 Cup Final. L’pool had never lost when Heighway had scored first. We did them, and I walked home from Wembley.

    Seeing Johan Cruyff rip us apart at Highbury.

    Anderlecht, and the whole of Highbury celebrating on the pitch (the only time I have stood on the hallowed turf.

    Iain Wright’s goal at the North Bank v Everton. The man was just the dogs. And the sunny afternoon when he became the record goal scorer, running from the Clock End in the vest …..

    DB10’s first AFC goal. All my Sp*rsmates telling me he was a waste of money, then in one sensational strike, he showed what a genius he was.

    Vieira’s debut. Within 10 minutes we knew that here was the man to take us to the next level.

    This could take all day ……….

  40. Irishgunner says:

    Great read Evo – I really enjoyed it.

    I feel a bit odd sometimes supporting Arsenal so vigorously as I live in a different country and have absolutely no ties to the club at all but yet my life nearly revolves around the club.

    They win and I am on cloud nine, they lose and I’m not a nice person to be around till I cool down.

    Worst memory is probably Nayim’s goal in the UEFA Cup Final. It has stuck with me all these years, I can still see the bloody ball sail over Seaman.

    Best memory is December 6th 2008 – Finally got to see the Arsenal play for the first time. Got bloody ruined by the Eboue incident though so maybe the Bolton game was better – I really enjoyed Bendtner’s goal, such a relief.

  41. peachesgooner says:

    Evening all

    I know the weather is fab but its much nicer being a Garden Designer when its not roasting…… 😦

    Mustn’t complain but its so hot and the plants really don’t like it……and I’m hot and dusty and gonna treat myself to a large glass……..

    Talk soon xx

  42. JonJon says:

    Raddy…interesting point you make…about everyone being everyones friend….thats football at its best..when everything goes to plan theres nothing better…theres no higher high…and your right mate i think we best leave this post up a few days because this is going to take ages… 😉

    irish you do have ties…you support the great club…no matter race, age, sex, occupation, country of origin…there is one thing that binds us all and thats the arsenal…your love for the club is the only tie you need…thats enough…

    the 2001 fa cup final was a real low point for me…it was the one where rockys son was mascot for us that day and that little shit owen broke our hearts…

    the 2001 final made up for it though when we trashed the chavs…i went to the game and it was brilliant…the feeling and camoradery (spelling) between us all as we left the stadium was amazing…
    it was the game where parlour hit that screamer…and my pal taped the game on telly and i watched it back the next day….the chav fan on fanzone said famously ‘its ok its only parlour ‘ hahahahaha then smash from 30 yards…classic…

    like raddy i remember wrighty breaking bastins record…

    i remember coming back from 12 points down and smashing manutd at OT and we never looked back…thumping everton on the last day to seal it…sweet…

    bergkamps hatrick of goal of the season….i think against leicester…

    kanus goals in the comeback against chelsea…

    vieiras fights with keane

    pires and pennant hatricks against southampton in same game…

    henrys goal against real madrid

    henrys goal against charlton

    henrys goal against manure

    henrys goals 😉

    lehmanns pen save against villareal

    ahhhhhhh where doe it end hheheheheheeh.. 😉

  43. Wrighty7 says:

    Evening all!

    Good trip down memory lane there!

    Can’t believe that Rico’s lawyer has got in touch! Ha ha

  44. avenell says:

    Jonjon you only want to leave this post on because you haven’t finished your trilogy.. where’s the strikers? 😉

    As for wrighty remember he took his outer shirt off one goal too early lol..

  45. avenell says:

    oi oi Wrighty..

  46. Wrighty7 says:

    Oy oy oy oyo oy oy oy yo yo yo yo Ave!

  47. avenell says:

    What’s happening Wrighty.. doing any 5 a side stuff in the summer?… Holiday perhaps?

  48. Evo in Oz says:

    yep there’s a couple of snakes around here somewhere in Australia, maybe more than a couple…

    thanks for the lovely comments lads and ladies, it was a treat to be able to type up that little diddy!

    So many memories and not enough space to put them all down on paper, but that ’06 champions league run to the final was amazing thinking back on it. Beating Real and Juve and then having Lehmann make that pen save on Riquelme, that doesnt happen every year hey?

    For the final it was a 4.45am kick off for us, so my kiwi mate and i went to bed the night before and then met at a pub in Melbourne at 4am for the game. Upon pushing open the door to walk into the pub, we find it packed to the hilt. Bit strange to wake up at 4am and start drinking booze, but even better once Campbell nodded that header home in the first half, we were ecstatic. I honestly was so nervous and then so crushed all in one foul swoop when Henrik Larrson came on and changed the course of history!

  49. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    Where is everyone today?

    Has Cesc been a naughty boy, he has made the national radio stations with some comments or something?

  50. rico01 says:

    Morning all

    ave – he has talked about going to Madrid, and about how he feels AFC are impotatant as they don’t win anything… I expect its all out of context and he will deny it later

  51. avenell says:

    Morning rico.. I am just reading it now. it could be read 2 ways. he is angry because he is ambitious and wants to win things with Arsenal, plus a couple of misleading questions.. (would your family support you?)

    He should know that the reason we didn’t do so well last season was 2 of his best mates defected and he didn’t help himself when he went away with Barcelona and should have been with Arsenal pre-season..

    It’s like RvP blames everyone else except himself..

  52. JonJon says:

    its probably the papers stirring shit again but if its true would anyone blame him

  53. Big Raddy says:

    TA’s header in the sun at Wembley in the FACSF v Sp*rs. Great drive round the North Circular home …. much better than after the Gazza debacle.

    Those 3 dreadful Wembley games against Sheffield Weds. (where are they now!!)

    The surge on the North Bank when we scored.

    The final day of the North Bank. Singing for at least an hour after the final whistle. Leaving to see all the scarves tied to the barriers.

    ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’

    Signing SuperMac.

    TH14’s ‘Maradona’ goal v Spurs

    Platty’s v MU.

    Keown at OT.

    Merson’s lobs.

    Anelka v Newcastle at Wembley

    Theo’s set up for Ade at Anfield.

    More to come…..

  54. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters and Roosters,

    I don’t reckon much of this new Cesc story. Spain’s 2 nil defeat to the USA won’t have put him in a better mood 😦

  55. JonJon says:

    hi rasp…

    old news me thinks mate…

    new interview maybe…but same old twists and spin…

    no doubt cesc will have to deny it agian..

  56. rico01 says:

    Hi Rasp & JJ – He won’t be too bad, he is used to being beaten in the semi’s 😦

  57. Rasputin says:

    Hi JonJon, rico,

    Don’t you think that Ade is unusually quiet at the moment?

    Stuart Pearce has said that the reports of a bust up with Theo are nonsense. Taliking as a cricketer who is sometimes dropped, I don’t know how any player can complain to the manager when he is dropped – its inviting the response “you’re not good enough”

  58. avenell says:

    Rasp.. is it that you arn’t good enough?

    or that you don’t drink in the pub with the bloke who picks the team.. thet’s how the village football thing used to work when I played..

  59. avenell says:

    Even Cesc wouldn’t get a game for Braughing, coz he doesn’t drink in the Axe.. 😉

  60. rico01 says:

    Rasp – Ade’s agent has been talking though, he has said ‘an important team’ wants to buy him….

    Or thinking about what Cesc has said, maybe he means ‘an impotent club’ 😉

  61. Rasputin says:

    No ave – its just because they favour younger players when available to encourage them and I can’t argue with that! I’ve carried my bat three times this season if 5 games so I’m untapped potential 🙂

  62. avenell says:

    I will call you raspno then.. 🙂

  63. Big Raddy says:


    yet another non-story. Of course it is crap. Who in the England camp would tell the press about Theo’s relationship with Pearce (or any other player).

    That Theo is not a starter is an indication of Pearce’s managerial skills. Did well at MC didn’t he?

    I could have got this England u-21 team to the semi’s.

  64. avenell says:

    In fairness to Pearce .. Theo was crap in the game before he was dropped..

  65. Rasputin says:

    We’re all in agreement then! 😉

    Do you think that AW will buy another striker if Ade goes? He’s been bigging up Nik and may prefer the ‘holding midfielder’ option.

  66. Big Raddy says:

    Ave. I am rarely fair, particularly when it comes to the Arsenal 🙂

    But …. as an AFC as opposed to an England fan, I delighted that he is getting less game-time. Hopefully, he will be dropped from the full England squad as well.

    No, I don’t think AW will buy another striker.

  67. Evo in Oz says:

    gday all,

    whats this cesc business then?

  68. avenell says:

    I agree raddy.. but what worries me he is playing against players of his own age and he should be ripping them apart.. But he is getting outshone by the likes of Milner..
    Gibbs looks good though..

  69. Evo in Oz says:

    i dont remember us nearly signing melo in the january window, where did that rumour come from?

  70. Evo in Oz says:


    The differences between Spain and Arsenal: “It’s difficult to explain how good the camaraderie is in the Spain team. I am now at Arsenal, where there isn’t this social group which is so human, so friendly, a group of normal people like my friends and we don’t talk about things too much.

  71. Evo in Oz says:

    laptop’s running low on battery, so gonna have to hit the sack. catch u all later on

    great win by the USA

  72. JonJon says:

    hi guys

    rasp…ive always stated although i would like to see villa in an arsenal shirt…. if we sold ade i dont think we need another striker…we could lose the lazy git and we would be a better force without him…and without having to replace him too…we have the replacements in house….

  73. London says:

    A couple of thoughts: I think these England games are doing Theo the world of good, the boy needs experience and the more variety of games he gets the more experienced he will become and the best bit about this is that Theo has worked this out for himself and that is the reason he insisted on making himself available for both the first team and the under 21’s.

    And, if Adebayor stays I hope he returns to his 30 goal a season form.

  74. London says:

    The Fabregas statement is about as obvious and innocent as saying that grass is green, how on earth do journalists read into that that he wants to go to Real Madrid? They are a bunch of banned words.

  75. Irishgunner says:

    “They are a bunch of banned words.” 😆

  76. Rasputin says:


    I don’t even allow myself to fantasise about players like Villa, Benzema, Torres etc. they are out of our league. The likes of RSC (sadly now at citeh), Dzeko, Melo etc are just about in budget – but are they Arsene style signings? Someone else made the good point that Melo looked quite good for Brazil but was overshadowed by his midfield partner – a certain Mr Gilberto 😦

  77. JonJon says:

    hi london…i like that… lol

    rasp..exactly my way of thinking…we arent going to get villa so lets just sell ade…reinforce the middle with somebody more established then melo (veloso) 😉 and give more playing time to vela and theo up front…even push AK47 up front and buy a CM and a winger….

    there are so many options we could have if we sell ade and we wouldnt need a new striker and we’d be a stronger team all round for it..

  78. kelsey says:

    I have just scanned through the main spanish sports tabloids,and there is nothing i can see that resembles The Sun report about Cesc.

    Most probably months old,taken out of context and is a load of ollocks.

  79. JonJon says:

    thats one of the reasons why cesc is adored by so many fans….every time there is speculation the man comes out..speaks to the fans and says its aload of shit….

    i honestly dont know why he bothers anymore…im sure the day he leaves he will tell us first….

    this is the reason why i hate ade so much….if it was ade…he would say he is uncertain of his future…have his agent bang on wengers door and ask for a bumper payrise to make him stay….

    cesc is a player i want at the club…ade isnt and the differance not only is personality and comittment, but quality and class too…

    cesc your a class act and a real gent….ade your a waste of space and a constant soap opera…fuck off..

  80. peachesgooner says:

    OMG – so much has happened while i’ve been toiling the soil – I heard this morning that cesc was off to Real Madrid and then that hes made a statement on……and here am I chatting to Darren Bents mum about changing the planting in Darrens garden……its a good thing I know that they’re both gooners…….. anyone about?

  81. avenell says:

    Hi Peaches.. I see you have got your slaves working whilst you are nattering all day.. 😉

  82. London says:

    I have just finished watching the Brazil-South Africa game.
    About a week ago I was getting over excited about the idea that if we sign Melo we would have all the squad we needed and would be able to close the cheque book. I realise now that that I fell into the classic trap of believing that if a footballer plays for Brazil he must be good and therefore we should sign him. I should have known better, Melo is not the player we want, we already have maybe three of that kind of player who are equally as good if not better. Having a DM for the sake of having a DM is a step backwards we need someone who can defend and come forward.
    I couldn’t believe what a crap team selection Brazil put out. I mean, why on earth would you need two DM’s who cannot carry the ball forward which is exactly what Gilberto and Melo are. Did you know that the name Dunga means daft in Brazil, I kid you not, it actually means daft. Brazil were crying out for someone to help Kaka out; talking of which, the fifty million pound man wasn’t as impressive as I remember. If you give him space, he will run rings around the opponents but if you keep it tight as South Africa did he was largely ineffective, the same applies to Robinho who looked as ordinary as he does for City almost every week. It all changed when Alves came on; there was the extra person to link the defence to the attack. It took him about five minutes to win the game. After watching that performance, Veloso has moved back to the top of my wish list.

  83. rico01 says:

    Morning all,

    What sad and very tragic news to wake up to – The music world and the world in general has lost a very talented man…

    RIP Michael Jackson

  84. Big Raddy says:

    Morning Rico.

    yes, what shocking and sad news.

  85. London says:

    Morning Rico

    I hadn’t heard the news until I read your post…I’m stunned.

  86. Rasputin says:

    Morning Roadsters,

    Very sad about Michael Jackson . Yet another flawed genius who has died young.

  87. Big Raddy says:

    Whatever his faults MJ was one of the few true icons.

    The first bars of Billy Jean are guaranteed to put a smile on my face, his music was special.

    That his death will be shrouded in mystery only adds to his magic.

  88. peachesgooner says:

    Morning all

    Such sad news – he certainly knew how to put on a show, I was lucky enough to see him live 5 times – I even took my girls when they were 6 and 7. He was the music of my life, strangely my singing daughter told me he was the music of her life too…….

    His music will live forever – I just can’t decide what to listen to first……

  89. Big Raddy says:

    I watched the Brazil game last night and concur with each word that London wrote. In particular that Silva was every bit as good as Melo.

    What was very noticeable was the state of the pitch – dreadful. It didn’t augur well for the WC.

  90. rico01 says:

    Back again, just been out driving through the floods of rain in Newbury, strangely enough though, not a drop here at home…

    5live played ‘One day in your life’ and I didn’t have a tissue in my pocket!

  91. rico01 says:

    I didnt realise Farrah Fawcett had died too – Blimey

  92. peachesgooner says:

    Oh rico – poor you xx

    I expect the singing daughter is in pieces – shes at Glastonbury for the weekend – me and my girls really loved MJ 😦

    I’m off out for a meeting – catch up in a while.

    Capital radio just playing ‘I want you back’ – what a star, not gonna be much good at this meeting am I……

  93. peachesgooner says:

    rico – I think the boys might have left us…..too much open grief for their liking……. 🙂

    Its good to cry ……. releases something thats good for the heart ……

  94. rico01 says:

    Catch you later peaches – I hope the rain hasnt and doesn’t reach Glastonbury 😦

  95. Rasputin says:

    Hi avettes,

    It just doesn’t seem right to talk about football this morning………

  96. rico01 says:

    Morning Rasp – you have hit the nail on the head there, it kind of takes a back seat when something like this happen

    What deeply saddens me is the many comments already coming out about the great man. I grew up watching The Jackson Five and The Partridge Family on a Saturday morning, and I am stunned and so very sad today…

  97. Rasputin says:

    Good luck today Peaches…

    Rico – I know how much you relate to music, so this must be hitting you really hard – give the guinea pigs a cuddle….

  98. rico01 says:

    Rasp – They are due a clean out today so I think I will, thanks x

  99. avenell says:

    Morning Roadsters..

    I’m not the greatest MJ fan, I could cope with him before he made Bad, but since then not for me at all..
    He was a product of abuse and too much money a disasterous mix..
    I just happened to turn sky news on at about 11 last night as the story was breaking, it was a bit of a shock..

  100. rico01 says:

    Morning ave

  101. avenell says:

    Morning rico.. have you been busy? You haven’t frequented the blog much..

    I am going to be a bit absent too.. I have friends coming down at the weekend and a stack of work has come in 😦

  102. Rasputin says:

    Morning ave – is there a queue for posts to go up?

  103. avenell says:

    Morning Rasp.. As far as I know you are at the start of the queue.. oh and at the end of it.. we have a queue of one.. 😉

  104. rico01 says:

    Just a busy couple of days ave, a few appoint’s I had to make – friends ave, you ?? 😉

  105. avenell says:

    Yeah i know.. a friend in need is a ponce.. 😉

    and he is a Spud and partner.. Best not let him see Avenell Road.. 😎

  106. rico01 says:

    Oh go on, we will be nice to him 😉

  107. avenell says:

    Right I’m back any signings on the horizon?

  108. rico01 says:

    Citeh have signed a defender called Gael Givet, I saw the Gael bit and panicked for a second 😉

  109. peachesgooner says:

    Hiya, I’m back too, seriously in need of a cuddle – that was one sh***y meeting 😦

    Michael Jackson everywhere and not a dry eye in the house……….

  110. peachesgooner says:

    Thats sweet rico 😉

    How many teams can citeh put out now?

  111. rico01 says:

    That does not sound so good peaches, best you stay blogging all day 🙂

    I still don’t think MH is the man to take them to high places – he will be sacked by Christmas 😉

    I had to turn Sky News off peaches, I don’t understand why they want to talk so much about his court case, medication, black/white…..

    For goodness sake he was a human being with an immense talent, can’t they talk about him for that… 😦

  112. Evo in Oz says:

    greetings all,

    no fresh transfer rumours?

  113. Evo in Oz says:

    yeah i read that, glad he is getting rid of that scum bag….

  114. avenell says:

    He was good in Silence of the Lambs.. 😉

  115. Big Raddy says:

    What I like best in this nonsense is the idea that the Chavs would prefer a 30+ y.o. Pirlo to a 26yo Essien !

    & the Fab story is total nonsense – of course AC want him, so do 10,000 other clubs.

  116. kelsey says:


    just a quick pop in.Having scanned the headlines on a few sites,I think we can claim a first of having a musical connection to the headline of the day .many are doing the same thing 😉

  117. Rasputin says:

    I plan to continue the trend tomorrow kelsey 😛

    Evo’s post was so good it is not easy to follow!! – so I’ve gone off on a tangent as per usual 😉

  118. kelsey says:

    Let me guess Rasp

    “MacArthur Park” 🙂

  119. kelsey says:


    The Green Green Grass of Home

  120. Rasputin says:

    kelsey 😆

  121. rico01 says:

    And there was me thinking it would be about Russia’s greatest love machine…..

    Ra Ra 😉

  122. rico01 says:

    I am off all, nighty night, stay safe

  123. avenell says:

    Goodnight Rico..

  124. London says:

    I like tangents…looking forward to reading it

  125. chaf says:

    Good whatever the time it is.

    Finally reached being old. Nowadays I spend friday night on my own, curry, alcohol, drop of by ten, and wake up at two in the morning and wonder where my son is. Then he comes in, dog barks, can’t get back to sleep, finish off said curry, and half a pint of whatever it is. I used to come in from a great night out with the birds singing, and go to bed. Now I wake up with them…

    On a blog note, I loved the post.

    Me… Anderlecht at Highbury in 69. I think was my best. I’d been watching for a few years and we won something. I too was on the turf, and again, first and last time… Spuds in 71, on the pitch, bunking off school. Brady, Rix, Sunderland. 3-2. And in 1989, the night before I got married into a Spuds family, wedding reception at Martin Chivers Hotel, what more. My son’s first match was Wrighty beating the record. Adams scoring the fourth against Everton.

    On the Vieira sale, that was the first big sale we never recovered from, and its happened a lot since.

    Good night or good morning….

  126. London says:

    Great read Chaf

    I bumped into Debra Armstrong in Covent Garden last night. Small world.

  127. London says:

    By the way, where had Charlie been?

  128. chaf says:

    Hi London

    Charlie’s just finished his Art/Design course and got a merit (first time, but obvious given the dyslexia) he’s off to Sri Lanka for a year, his Mum’s husband working for UN (marine economist etc) Taking a year out but he’s going on the 8th July. Gonna be weird around here, just me and the animals. But thats until around October when I fly the nest!!

  129. Big Raddy says:

    Great read Chaf.

    Liam Brady at the Shithole, and Brian Moore’s commentary (or was it Mottie?)

    Kennedy’s header at the Shithole ’71

    Rocky at the Shithole in the semi.

    Seaman’s save at OT in the FACSF v Sheff Utd

    Red Hair in Cardiff for Freddie’s Final

    Losing to Derby and drawing with Wimbledon prior to winning the title in ’89. A serious low before the high.

    Losing to the Chavs at THOF in the CLQF. The only time I have left Highbury early.

    Anders Limpar on the wing.

    Geordie Armstrong.

    Stroller…. (GG to you youngsters)

    Charlie ‘King of Highbury’ George

    Paul Davis’s punch on Cotterill.


    more to come …..

  130. chaf says:

    Oh!! Just realised, where had he been!! Sorry. Out with his mates at The Snooker Club!!!

    Why say six words when three thousand will do…

  131. Rasputin says:

    New post…..

  132. chaf says:

    Hi BR

    My first goal of course, was Big Raddy in the North Bank, towering header, 2-1 October 1967 against Sunderland. I was behind the goal, about four foot one, and this monster of a man seemed like a jumbo jet coming at me. He was number 7 then, and thats what I made my Mum stitch on my shirt

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